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When Lori Loud decides to put new house rules for their home while their mom and dad are gone for 3 months. Lincoln and the rest of her sisters decide to place her in another country to avoid her rules. But then things get out of control.


The film starts out with Lincoln Loud explaining how he and her sisters were born. After the memories were shown, Lori wakes up and tells everyone their new house rules while Rita Loud (Jill Talley) and Lynn Loud Sr. (Brian Stepanek) are gone for 3 months. After the rules have been layed out, It goes on for 5 days. A title card reads "5 Days Later." while it shows the house of the louds. Lynn Loud goes over to Lincoln saying that he is tired of the new rules, Lincoln Loud says "Me Too, Hey, I know something we could do!" All of Lincoln's sisters except Lori ran over to lincoln saying, "WHAT IS IT?" Lincoln tells them that they should send Lori to another country. Lincoln and his sisters cheered softly because they didn't want to wake lori up. So they go into Lori's room and they actually carry her into an RV. They tilt the car so lori can be gone forever. They put lori into a bed of the RV, And the vehicle runs by itself. Lincoln's sisters give the rule list to Lincoln and he throws it to the man who likes reading rule lists. Lincoln and his sisters throw a party by theirselves. More TBA (Feel free to add more details if you want)


"Lincoln, You are so grounded when mom and dad come home!" Says Lori Loud

Deleted Scenes





  • Collin Dean as Lincoln Loud
  • Catherine Taber as Lori Loud
  • Cristina Pucelli as Luan Loud
  • Jessica Dicicco as Lucy Loud and Lynn Loud
  • Lara Jill Miller as Lisa Loud
  • Grey Delisle as Lola Loud, Lana Loud, and Lily Loud
  • Nika Futterman as Luna Loud
  • Liliana Mumy as Leni Loud
  • Brian Stepanek as Lynn Loud Sr. 
  • Jill Talley as Rita Loud
  • Bill Hader as Steven Wilholms
  • F Murray Abraham as The Eviler
  • Makiko Ohmoto as Maisy Elephant
  • Additional Voices TBA


  • Rated PG for: Thematic Elements
  • Cool Movie! Must See  
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