It's the sequel of "The Lights of Kolaris : The Secret of the Moonstone".

It's the second installment of "The Legends of Kolaris" franchise.


In 2024, six months after the events of the first part, Ambrose is now 17 years old and is taken by force to Kolaris because since his departure Inferno the Dragon Renegade sows terror there.

Ambrose will manage to kill him but the dragons will take him as a declaration of war and the revenge will be terrible : Ydralernis Draconis, the parents of Inferno and two-headed dragon, promises to burn the entire kingdom thanks to the Scarlet Flame, an artifact ancient and very powerful. But it will be stolen by Lilith, a masked warrior, who turns out to be a former lover of Leyana who will be robbed in turn by Nelok, on the run, and his new ally Batwayn. Dragons also want revenge on the Elves who enslaved them for years before.

But in truth, it is not a weapon but a newborn : a phoenix boy named Kali, son of the god Kolaris and the elven prophetess Nirvana, sister of Dryadalis and Hanorexus.

The battle will rage between dragons, elves and outlaws to recover the child. But the latter is growing visibly and will end the conflict by showing a phenomenal power.

Far away from there, in a cave, an evil creature prowls and proclaims that it is time for him to return.


The film made $ 956 million worldwide at the box office and was critically acclaimed as was its predecessor.


There will be a sequel named "The Lights of Kolaris III : The Rise of Darkness", the main antagonist will be Telos.

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