It's the first installment in "The Legends of Kolaris" franchise.

The main protagonist is Ambrose Floris whereas the main antagonist is Hanorexus.


In 2023, Ambrose Floris is 16 years old and is brought into the kingdom of Kolaris by Dryadalis, the Elven Mage Supreme, and his apprentice, Adonis, a human, in order to save the Elven people from the treacherous Goblins who commit numerous attacks and capture of hostage to steal the mysterious Moonstone. These are led by Nelok who has allied with other belligerent races : the Nagas (men and women snakes) led by Sasilia, the Vampires led by Gralek, the Trolls led by Illoris, the Nocturnals (living shadows) led by Nox and the Sirens (female snakes that can change their appearance) led by Anok.

But Ambrose discovers a fact long hidden by the Elves : their priest Hanorexus, brother of Dryadalis, organized the genocide of the Goblins many years before, which explains the behavior of the Goblins. When Hanorexus finds out, he sends his close guard, the Schierascelto, to track him down.

Ambrose takes refuge in the Lycans Forest where he meets the feline bounty hunter Leyana who protects him from the latter led by Lupus but they are in fact only in search of the stone and do not want any harm to Ambrose.

Returning to Vorbanas, the city of the Elves, in company of Leyana and joined by Adonis, they confront Hanorexus when suddenly Nelok and his allies storm the city which was celebrating the 2500 years of the Elven People.

Later, Hanorexus is defeated, Gralek, Sasilia, Illoris and Anok are killed while Nelok flees.

At the end, Ambrose and Adonis begin to get closer ...

On the Dragon Island, a creature with two heads is informed of the Battle of Vorbanas and declares that in any case the Scarlet Flame is safe.


The film will have made $ 753 million at the world box-office and was critically acclaimed for its highly successful special effects and the fact that this is the first installment of a promising new franchise.


There will be a sequel named "The Lights of Kolaris II : The Wrath of the Dragon", the main antagonist will be Ydralernis Draconis.

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