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The Legends: War for Dimensions is an 2019 epic science-fiction comedy-drama space adventure war film directed by Steven Spielberg, RaymanLover 2018 and Mic Graves, This is the 4th and last installment of the Legends series, This film is set in 2036, an dystopian future that every country except Canada gets low temperature with 18 degrees from a global cold storm but Canada got very hot cause of a dust storm, the story means why the film is all filtred blue and some scenes are orange filtred, This film was released on 3,532 theatres with features like IMAX, IMAX 3D, 3D, Auro 11.1, D-Box seats, 4DX, Cinepolis Macro XE, Cinepolis VIP, Cinemark XD 11.1, and 2D, This is also RaymanLover 2018's first 60fps film in his channel, the film in his channel isn't actually 60fps, but he putted the film to download in MediaFire, which is the 60fps file, the extended ediditon will either be on download on MediaFire, MEGA or Google Drive.






After a severe rant of Wrath of the Legends, RaymanLover 2018 decided to make a tag called "#StopTheDislikes" he putted it in the Rayman: The Hero film on YouTube, RaymanLover 2018 also decided to make a decent Legends film, He posted the teaser poster in the start of 2019 in DeviantArt, He also pulled out a title poll in the same website, but he decided to choose the title himself for the trailer, The teaser trailer was released in January 4th, 2019, RaymanLover 2018 confirmed that this film will be the longest film on his channel, it's confirmed to be 3-hours long, the trailer was RaymanLover 2019's first ever 60fps video, The film is confirmed to be 4K 60fps, This film uses soundtrack from Interstellar, Blade Runner 2049 and more.

RaymanLover 2018 confirmed there will be a extended edition of the film, plus post-credits scene in the edition.

Miramax entering the Legends series

RaymanLover 2018 decided that Miramax employees should make the Legends film production with Miramax, Dimension Films, then later Screem Gems should have entered, but it scratched cause Dimension Films had arguement to Screen Gems cause Screem Gems make their films a failure.

Post-credits scene confirmed for Extended Edition

RaymanLover 2018 confirmed there will be a post-credits once, but he had no idea what to use for a post-credits, so he scratched the post-credits scene idea, but the idea came back for extended edition.


  • RaymanLover 2018 was gonna make it 1080p 60fps, but he changed back the 4K 60fps idea.
  • This film was gonna be originally named Annihilation of the Legends before production.
  • This film was originally gonna be produced by Legendary Pictures, until the logo clip glitched.
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