The Legend Of Rudolph II: The 11th Reindeer Is An Upcoming 2021 Fantasy Drama Christmas Movie Made By Waner Bros Heyday Films And Walden Media It's The Sequel To The Legend Of Rudolph It Will Be Relesed On December 13th.

      It Will Be Starring Emliy Blunt Anya Kooke And James Kirk.


The New Reindeer Is Diffrent To The Others, She's White, Her Nose Is Blue And She Must Find Her Purpose


Snowdrop Is A Diffrent Reindeer, So She And Her Friends Must Find The True Meaning Of Her.


(An Instrumental Version Of Jingle Bells Plays Through The Logos)

(A Blue Book Titled The Legend Of Rudolph II Is Sawn)

Text: Warner Bros Present A Heyday Films And Walden Media Production

Narroter: Laughs* You Heard The Story Of Rudolph And Jenna And Santa and more Well In This Adventure Something Is Diffrent

(The Book Opens To A Snowy Forest Like In The First Movie, Squirrels And More Animals Run Around The Forest)

Logo: The Legend Of Rudolph II: The Eleventh Reindeer

Deleted Scenes



Kallan Holley As Jenna Hope/ Whisper The Artic Fox Cub

Danny DeVito As Santa Clause

Cathy Welsuck As Mrs. Clause

Gabriel Gateman As Kevin The Elf

Lily Bartlam As Lisa The Elf

Anya Cooke As Eve The Elf (Snowdrop's New Friend)

Annie Potts As Mrs. Hope

Tara Strong As Squeaks The Mouse

Emliy Blunt As Queen Allen

James Kirik As Julian The Artic Fox

Andrea Limbman As Whisper's Siblings

Jim Carrey As Frosty The Snowman

Characters Who Don't Talk:



Peppa The Puffin

Buddy (Jenna's Dog)

Santa's Reindeer's

Benerd The Polar Bear

Belle (Rudolph's Love Inrest)

Liquorice (A Reindeer Agtangonist)

Pia The Baby Penguin



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