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The Land Before Time XVI: Return to Big Water is an upcoming official direct-to-video animated family adventure feature film and the sixteenth film in The Land Before Time series. The film will be directed by and Davis Doi. Like all other Land Before Time movies, it is traditionally-animated.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

  • Owen Vaccaro as Littlefoot
  • Anndi McAfee as Cera
  • Aria Curzon as Ducky
  • Jeff Bennett as Petrie / Mutt
  • Rob Paulsen as Spike / Guido / Mo / Mo's Water Kin
  • Jackson Scott as Chomper
  • Meghan Strange as Ruby
  • Nika Futterman as Ali / Rocky
  • E.G. Daily as Rhett / Shorty
  • Leigh Kelly as Skitter
  • Cree Summer as Lizzie / Tippy
  • Sam Lavagnino as Bally
  • Ashley Rose Orr as Dusty
  • Sam Elliot as Big Daddy
  • Michael Kelley as Hyp
  • Scott Menville as Nod
  • Damon Wayans Jr. as Wild Arms
  • Reba McEntire as Etta
  • Ralph Fiennes as Pterano
  • Scott Whyte as Bron
  • Jim Cummings as Grandpa Longneck
  • Miriam Flynn as Grandma Longneck / Diplodocus Mom
  • Richard McGonagle as Topsy
  • Jessica Gee as Tria
  • Mia Talerico as Tricia
  • Tress MacNeille as Mama Swimmer / Mama Flyer
  • Kath Soucie as Elsie the Elasmosaurus
  • Jay Baruchel as Max, a Troodon
  • Zack Pearlman as Uta, a friendly Deinonychus fast-biter who speaks flatteeth language
  • Frank Welker as Sharptooth Swimmer
  • Patrick Stewart as the Narrator
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