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The Killer in the Woods is a new movie idea created by SwitzerlandDormammu. It is his second Original idea and his 16th movie idea. The main focus of this movie will be outside in a wood.


After they succeeded to pass College, Jacob and his friends decide to camp in the summer holiday. But when they got there everything doesn't go as planned. A lot goes wrong and overall that one of them dissapears. Jacob and his best friend Daniel knew they have to find Tom, the boy who dissapeared. Charlie, another boy of the group isn't agreed and opposes. But at last they find out that there is much more in the woods than they expected.


Two cars arrive at the parking of the Nashville international airport. One of the car doors opens. Jacob steps out it. Daniel was sitting left of him and he also steps out of the car. “Finally we are there” Daniel says. “Yes, I was getting sick of sitting in that car for so long” Adeline, another person in the car, says. Charlie, the co-driver also steps out of the car and says: “Bothered already Adeline?” “No of course not yet” Adeline says. “I will probably get bothered first by you” Adeline says. “No, no, no” Charlie says and he embraces her. Jacob watches to the other car and sees the other people stepping out. He sees a girl he knows. “Nova? You didn’t tell me she also came along” Jacob says surprised. “Surprise!” Daniel says. Jacob doesn’t know what to say. Nova walks to Daniel and Charlie and is glad to see them. Tom and Ryan also come out of the other car and go to them. “So will we go to the airport?” Daniel says. “Yes!” All the others say glad. They walk inside and Charlie says: “What is our gate?” “Gate 3” Daniel says. They go past all the checks and other stuff. 20 minutes later they are done and they put their baggage on the carousel. Jacob, Charlie and Daniel look to how big the baggage of Nova and Adeline are. “girls, yeah, right?” Jacob says. “Yeah” Charlie says. After they are done, Daniel and Jacob go to the toilet. At the toilets, suddenly Jacob sees somebody he knows. “Hey Jacob” He says. “Oh yeah you’re from Chemistry, aren’t you?” Jacob says. “Yes Austin is my name” Austin says. “Oh where are you going?” Jacob says. “I am going to Seattle to see my dad” Austin says. “Oh yeah he lives there” Jacob says. “And what are you going to do?” Austin says. “I am going with my friends camp in Montana” Jacob says. “What friends?” Austin says. “Daniel, Charlie, Adeline and some more” Jacob says. “Adeline from history?” Austin says. “Yes” Jacob says. “Oh you have luck” Austin says. “Yeah I guess so” Jacob says. “Well I have to go now” Jacob says. “Ok good luck on your holiday” Austin says. “Thank you, for you the same” Jacob says. Outside the toilet, Charlie, Nova, Adeline, Tom and Ryan are waiting. “How long until we can enter the plane?” Charlie says. “15 minutes” Tom says. “Great” Adeline says. “Will it be cold in Montana?” Nova says. “Probably not but I can keep you warm” Ryan says. “Very funny” Nova says. Daniel and Jacob walk back out of the toilet and see the others waiting for them. “Was it Cosy at the toilet” Charlie laughable says. “Of course” Daniel says. “Yeah it was” Jacob says. “Great!” Charlie says. “But please don’t do that in the tent” Charlies says. Charlie, Daniel and Jacob start laughing. The others don’t know what to think about it. “Well let’s go to the gate” Tom says. “Perfect idea” Adeline says. The others agree and they walk away.

They walk inside the plane. There are 7 places for them. Tom goes sitting with Charlie and Adelina at the first three seats. Before them, there are 4 other places, Daniel and Jacob go sitting on the first two from the 4 places. Nova and Ryan have to take the other two places. Later they go in the air. When they are in the air, Ryan says: “So who are you exactly?” to Jacob. “He is a friend of mine” Daniel says to him. “My name is Jacob” Jacob says. “Oh okay nice to meet you” Ryan says. “I know you from somewhere” Nova says. “We were in same Science class previous year” Jacob says. “Oh yeah now I remember it” Nova says. “My name is Nova btw.” Nova says. “I already know that” Jacob says. “Oh” Nova says. “We were in same class for last 2 years, that’s how we know each other” Daniel says. “I didn’t even know you three would come with us” Jacob says. “Really didn’t you tell him that?” Nova says to Daniel. “I forgot too” Daniel says. “Oh yeah we aren’t important” Ryan says. “No I forgot okay!” Daniel says. “Easy you two” Nova says. “All right of course I do everything you say” Ryan says. Nova is getting sick of him and ignores him.

Two hours later they step out of the plane. They walk to the left luggage office. Tom goes to the toilet first. They grab their baggage and walk away. “We have to hurry, the bus is waiting for us” Daniel says. They walk as fast as possible to the bus. “Jacob will you go find Jacob?” Adeline says. “Allright” Jacob says and he goes to the toilet. At the toilets he doesn’t see him. He waits, and later he comes out of one of the toilets. “We have to hurry, the bus is waiting for us” Jacob says to him. “Wow easy, we have all the time” Tom says. “Not it is leaving in 5 minutes” Jacob says. “Oh ok allright” Tom says and they both walk outside to the bus and step inside of it. Daniel, Charlie, Adeline, Nova and Ryan are already sitting inside. 1 minute later the bus drives away. But nobody has thought of Tom’s baggage, it stays behind at the airport.

Inside they see the landscape of Montana. “It is great here” Daniel says. “Yes it is” Jacob says. “50 miles and we are there” Ryan says. “That isn’t even far” Ryan says. “No indeed it is” Charlie says. Later the bus stops and they know they have to step out. Tom looks around him and doesn’t see his baggage. “Charlie do you have my baggage?” Tom says. “Your baggage? What should I do with your baggage?” Charlie says. “What is wrong?” Jacob says. “I don’t see it, please don’t say you are making a joke” Tom says. “Where was the last place you had it?” Nova says. “The airport……….” Tom says. “Idiot, you didn’t pick it up when we landed!” Ryan says. Tom becomes sad and knows he is right. “What was in your baggage?” Jacob says. “A tent, food and some other stuff” Tom says very sad. “Hey don’t bother, you can sleep at us” Nova says to Tom. “Yes and there is probably here a store we can buy food” Jacob says. Ryan, Charlie and Adeline already walk away. Daniel waits for them. They walk further to search for a store. “Shouldn’t we go back to the airport?” Daniel says. “Not very needed” Nova says. “No but my camera is also in there” Tom says. “Your camera?” Daniel says. “I will wait for the first bus back with you and go” Daniel says. “What about us?” Jacob says. “Try to find the others, we keep in contact” Daniel says and he and Tom walk back to the bus station. “So any ideas what to do?” Jacob says. “They can’t be far” Nova says. They walk further inside the city but don’t see any track of the others. “There is a store, maybe there are inside?” Jacob says .”Good idea” Nova says and she and Jacob walk to the store. It is a small store. Inside, Charlie, Adeline and Ryan are standing. “Finally there you are” Charlie says. “Where are Daniel and Tom?” Adeline says. “They went back to the airport” Nova says. “And what about us? We have to wait for them for like 2 hours!” Charlie says mad. “Charlie Behave normally!” Adeline says. “I do” Charlie says. “She is right, if it was for you, you would also go back” Jacob says. “Selfish idiots” Charlie says and he walks angry away. “What is with him?” Jacob says. The others look to him like he said something not special. “Oh you probably know him longer than I do” Jacob says. “You never went with him on holiday” Nova says. “And what do you think Ryan?” Adeline says. “I don’t really care, we have time enough” Ryan says. “I think exactly the same” Jacob says.

Later, Daniel and Tom arrive at the airport. They immediately walk to the left luggage office. They wait, but they don’t see the backpack of Tom. After waiting for five minutes, they walk to the service office. “I landed here for like a hour ago, but I forgot my backpack and now I am back but it isn’t here, any idea where it is?” Tom says. “What is your name?” the woman says. “Tom Maloney” Tom says. The woman looks through the files and finds him. “From Tennessee?” She says. “Yes” Tom says. “It says that you already took your backpack away” The woman says. “What? That’s not possible” Tom says. “That has to be a mistake!” Daniel says. “No it is not, don’t you have anybody you know living here?” The woman says. “No definitely not, we are on holiday here” Tom says. “I believe I can’t help you, I can advise you to go to the management” The woman says. “Okay thank you for your time” Daniel says. Tom is really angry and ignores her. They walk away from the desk. “A map of our route is inside of that back, my camera, my stuff, everything!” Tom says. “Come on easy, we will find it for sure” Daniel says.

Jacob, Charlie, Adeline, Nova and Ryan are sitting and waiting. “Almost it is six p.m., normally we would have a dinner now, that idiot Tom has ruined everything!” Charlie says. The others ignore him, except Adeline. She tries to calm down her boyfriend. Ryan, Nova and Jacob are also sitting together. “How long are they away?” Ryan says. “More than two hours” Jacob says while he looks on his watch. “Can’t we go to a hotel? I am very tired” Nova says. “Do we have enough money for that? No!” Charlie says mad. “My mom gave me money in need for emergencies, I guess this is one” Jacob says. “Great, thank you” Nova says and she steps on to search for a hotel. Ryan follows her. “Why do you do this Jacob?” Charlie says to him. “You really need to calm down” Jacob says. “Please Charlie, when we are in the hotel, you can sleep or I can give you something you want” Adeline says. “The only thing I want right now is those idiots to come back!” Charlie says. Nova walks to another street and sees hotel. Ryan also sees it. “This one looks good, right?” Nova says. “Yes of course darling” Ryan says. “Darling?” Nova says. “I am sorry Nova” Ryan says. “It is just……” Ryan says. “Quiet” Nova says. “I will pay everything all right? Then you can sleep for one night in a good bed” Jacob says. “All right then, we don’t have many other options right now” Charlie says. They walk to the same direction as Nova and Ryan went and see them later again. “Found anything?” Jacob says. “Yes we did” Nova says. They follow her and see the hotel. “Okay it looks all right” Jacob says. “You agree Charlie?” Nova says. “Yes I do” Charlie says. “Wait here, I will talk with them” Jacob says and he walks inside. They wait, and don’t say anything, until Nova says: “We should be glad he went with us” “True” Adeline says. Later Jacob walks outside with three keys. “We have three three-bedded rooms, they only got three-bedded rooms.” Jacob says. “And there is a shower and toilet in the room.” Jacob says. The others are glad and they walk inside. They walks up the stairs and later see their rooms. “So who will sleep in which room?” Ryan says. “It would be easier to let one room empty for Tom and Daniel” Ryan says. “Good idea” Jacob says. “Then it is obvious” Charlie grabs Adeline and they go inside the first room and close the room. “Well I want to know what will happen inside there” Ryan says. “I don’t” Nova says. Jacob opens the second door and they walk inside. They see three beds standing next to each other. “Let’s make it cosy” Ryan says and he pushes the beds to each other. Nova looks further in the room and says: “I have reserved the shower” She pulls of her clothes, grabs a towel and goes in the shower. Ryan and Jacob look to her. “Shall we do a challenge?” Ryan says. “Okay what challenge?” Jacob says. “Who will get her first?” Ryan says. “She is very hot, I would give it a try” Jacob says. “Good, I immediately like you” Ryan says. “And the winner gets?” Jacob says. “Her of course” Ryan says. Nova tries to hear what they say, but she can’t hear it because of the shower. Jacob puts his stuff on the bed in the middle. “Jacob! That isn’t fair, that means you can sleep alongside her” Ryan says. “All right I agree” Jacob says. Ryan goes with his ear at the wall. “Charlie has luck, he already got one for himself” Ryan says. “Right” Jacob says laughable. Daniel and Tom go to the management. “What is the problem?” The man askes. Tom explains the whole story again. “Okay walk with us to another room” The man says. “You can stay outside” The man says to Daniel. He has to be agreed with it. Daniel waits outside for half an hour, but Tom never returns. He is gone forever.

Inside the room, Tom and the management are making some notices about what happened. They are watching on cameras, but don’t see anything. “If you see your backpack, let me know” The guy of the management guy says. “All right” Tom says. Some minutes later, suddenly they see something. It is a guy with a hoodie picking up Tom’s backpack. “How the hell is this possible?” Tom says mad. “We probably thought he was you” The management guy says. They follow the guy on the airport, but suddenly he is gone. “Where did he go?” Tom says. On the same moment as he said that, suddenly all lights go out. “And what is this?” Tom says. “Death……………Death…………” another person in the room says. “Who the hell are you?” The management guy says, but then he is grabbed and he screams. “What? What is that?” Tom says. But then something comes from the back grabbing Tom. “Nooooooo!” Tom screams and he disappears in the darkness.

Daniel tries to open the door, but it fails. He calls the security, they use their key on the door, but it fails. “What the….” The security guy says. They use their weapons to open it. It opens and they walk inside. It is still dark inside, the lights are destroyed. They grab flashlights and looks inside. Inside the only thing they see is a dead body. It is the management guy. They call the police. Daniel is still waiting outside. Later the security informs him about it. Half a day later, Daniel arrives at the hotel, which Jacob informed him about. He sees Jacob, Charlie, Adeline, Nova and Ryan sitting in the lobby. The others are surprised to see him. “Where is Tom?” Ryan says. “He is gone” Daniel says. “How do you mean he is gone?” Charlie says. “At the airport there was an incident. One victim and Tom is gone” Daniel says. “What happened?” Jacob says. “We have to find him” Nova says. “I don’t know, I was not with him when it happened and there is nothing on the cameras.” Daniel says. “I don’t know what to do, they have tried everything to find him, but he hasn’t been found yet” Daniel says. “We have to inform his parents about this” Adeline says. “No, we don’t have to do that” Charlie says. “Why not?” Adeline says. “Maybe he just went ago, he can take care of himself” Charlie says. “Have you tried to call him?” Nova says. “Yes he doesn’t open the phone call” Daniel says. “But so, shall we go?” Charlie says. “What?” Daniel says. “Come on, we have waited enough, we lost 2 days because of that idiot!” Charlie says. “And maybe he is already there, waiting for us” Charlie says. “You don’t know that!” Jacob says. “I think he is right” Adeline says. “Who?” Jacob says. “Charlie, we have already lost enough time and I want to go, And maybe he wasn’t ready for this holiday” Adeline says. Charlie steps on and walks away, Adeline follows him. “Well I am not agreed with this, but there is nothing for us to stay and wait here” Nova says and he also walks outside. “What do you think?” Daniel says to Jacob. “Staying here has no point I agree, he know the route, maybe he is already ahead of us” Jacob says. Daniel has to agree and they also follow the others.

They walk inside the woods, which is only one mile outside the city. Daniel grabs his map and looks to the route. “Don’t you know the route?” Charlie says. “No only Tom knew it, since he made it” Daniel says. Charlie becomes angry because he said that. Adeline tries to calm him down again. Behind them, Ryan and Jacob are walking with Nova. “I would be so annoyed if he was my boyfriend” Nova says. “I understand” Jacob says. “I don’t even see what she sees in him” Ryan says. “Well he is my friend, but I agree he is so mad all the time” Jacob says. They walk further inside the woods, it becomes more dark and the trees are getting higher. “It says here that we would have made here a small stop, but we better skip that and go further” Daniel says. “What do we miss when we don’t stop?” Adeline says. “A waterfall or something like that I guess, Tom really likes them” Daniel says. Charlie walks further and the others know they have follow him.

Two hours of walking later, it start getting dark. They lay down their tents on the ground. “So we only have two tents for 6 men?” Charlie says. “Yes true, Tom had the third tent in his baggage” Daniel says. “Stop saying that name” Charlie says. “We could still sleep in this tent and the others in the bigger one” Adeline says to Charlie. “Good idea” Charlie says. “Wait what?” Nova says. “I thought we would sleep together?” Nova says to Adeline. “Plans changed, I am sorry Nova” Adeline says and they go in their tent. Ryan and Jacob look to each other. “I don’t care that much” Daniel says and he grabs the air mattresses and puts it in the tent. “It is so narrow inside and where can I dress?” Nova says. “Don’t bother so much, if you want to look like a princess, you shouldn’t have come with” Daniel says to her. She becomes angry of it and walks away. Daniel and Ryan pump up the air mattresses. Charlie and Adeline are inside their tent. Jacob walks away to look where Nova is. He sees her sitting at a small pool. He goes sitting beside her. “Hey are you all right?” Jacob says to her. “No” Nova says. “What is wrong?” Jacob says and he tries to make her happy. “Everybody is doing really idiotic” Nova says. “True” Jacob says. “Only Ryan and you are doing nice to me” Nova says. “The others will be fine again I think, they are anxious and angry because of Tom” Jacob says. “I hope so. If not, I really would like to go back home” Nova says. Inside the tent of Charlie starts kissing Adeline. “Stop” Adeline says. “What?” Charlie says. “First I want to know what is wrong with you” Adeline says. “Nothing is wrong with me” Charlie says and he tries to remove her clothes, but she doesn’t want it. “Liar” Adeline says. “Come on, there is nothing wrong with me!” Charlie yells. Ryan and Daniel outside hear it. They look to each other like he is a real asshole. Ryan looks around him and says: “Where is Jacob?” “I don’t know” Daniel says. “Hmm, maybe he went to search for Nova” Ryan says. “Maybe” Daniel says. “What are you actually doing here?” Nova says. “Trying to make you happy again” Jacob says. “I have an uncle, who is a cook and he learned me to make a delicious dish, would you like to try it?” Jacob says. “Okay sure” Nova says. He grabs something out of his backpack and he gives it to her. “Thank you it is really delicious” Nova says. Ryan sees them sitting and he is really jealous. He walks to them. “Cozy here?” Ryan says. “Oh yeah join us” Nova, which is happy again, says. Ryan goes sitting along them. “Were you also sick of the others, Ryan?” Nova says. “Yes I was” Ryan says. “I have an idea, shall we kick Daniel out of our tent, so we can have a really great night tonight” Ryan says. “Sounds great” Jacob says. “What do you mean with ‘great’?” Nova says. “I don’t know either, lets find it out” Ryan says. “That sounds really seductive” Nova says. “Yeah maybe” Ryan says and he grabs a bottle of wine and another one with beer. “Do you want some?” Ryan says. “Yes with pleasure” Nova says and they start drinking.

At the tents, Daniel is sitting outside eating. Inside, Charlie has pulled off Adeline’s clothes and he is kissing her. “You are a real asshole” Adeline says. “Maybe, but a good one” Charlie says and he kisses her again. Daniel hears it, but he doesn’t care much. But later he sees something moving in the woods. He grabs his flashlight and walks towards it. Some minutes later, Jacob, Ryan and Nova are back at the tent. “Where is Daniel?” Jacob says. “Do you care?” Nova says. Jacob looks to them and says: “Not really” “Me neither” Nova says. They go inside the tent. Ryan closes the tent. “Of course we don’t want to be disturbed” Ryan says. Nova doesn’t understand but they go sitting on their beds. “So what will we do?” Nova says. Jacob looks inside his backpack and grabs a game. “Maybe play a game?” Jacob says. “Pretty boring” Ryan says. “So what do you want then?” Jacob says. Ryan grabs Nova’s leg. “Ryan?” Nova says. But on that moment he grabs her and kisses her. “I am sorry, I waited all my life for this” Ryan says and he tries to pull of her clothes. Nova pulls him away and says: “I am sorry Ryan, but I wasn’t expecting this” “Please, give me what I want” Ryan says. Nova looks in his eyes and he kisses him. Jacob doesn’t know what to do and watches to them. Ryan pulls of her clothes and he removes his own clothes. Ryan looks to Jacob. “Come on take your chance, join us” Ryan says. Nova doesn’t know what is happening, but she lets it happen, there has to be something in the drink. Jacob walks to them and looks to what Ryan has done. Ryan pulls him down and he also falls on the bed. Nova starts kissing him too.

Outside, Daniel follows a path. He sees blood on the ground. He follows it. “What the hell is this?” Daniel says. Somewhere further, the blood path stops. “Where is it further?” Daniel says. Then he does his flashlight in the air and he sees something which is the biggest shock of his whole life. It is the death body of Tom hanging in a tree.

Daniel runs as fast as he can back to their camp to tell it to the others. He sees both tents are closes. He opens the where he sleeps. He also can’t believe what he sees inside of there. “What the hell are you doing?” Daniel says. Daniel sees Jacob, Ryan and Nova lying on the same Air Mattress. “Never mind I don’t even want to know it” Daniel says. Jacob steps on back on his feet, not knowing what he has done and says: “What is wrong Daniel? You look very scared?” “I found Tom” Daniel says. “What?” Nova says and she also steps out of the bed. She pulls on her clothes and they walk outside. Ryan follows them. “Where is he?” Ryan says. “Come with me” Daniel says. “I will tell it to Charlie and Adeline” Nova says. “What is wrong Daniel? Why aren’t you happy that you found Tom” Jacob says. “He is death you idiot!” Daniel angrily walks away. Ryan and Jacob are very shocked by his words and they follow him to the body. Nova opens the tent of Charlie and Adeline and sees them lying on each other. “We found Tom” Nova says. “You found what?” Charlie says. “We have no time right now, give us some privacy” Charlie says. Adeline wants to come with them, but Charlie is lying on her. “What is wrong with you?” Nova says. “I don’t want to see that idiot ever anymore in my life!” Charlie says. “Fine!” Nova says and she walks away. “Can I go with her?” Adeline says. “No you will stay with me, my love” Charlie says and he kisses her again. Jacob and Ryan follow Daniel and are shocked to what they see. “Who the hell has done this! He will pay for this!” Ryan says. Jacob goes sitting on the ground. “We must find the perpetrator of this!” Daniel says. “Agreed” Ryan says. “And what will you do?” Jacob says. “Let him pay for this!” Ryan says. They walk back to the camp and see Nova sitting and waiting. “I didn’t know where you were going? Where is Tom?” Nova says, when they arrive. Jacob goes to her and says: “You don’t want to see that” Jacob says. “What?” Nova says. “He is death, we are very sorry” Ryan says. “There is nothing we can do, take some sleep tonight, we will leave tomorrow” Daniel says. “How did you actually found him?” Jacob says. “I saw a light in the woods and walked towards it” Daniel says. They go back in their tent and talk a little bit. “Did you tell Charlie and Adeline?” Daniel says. “No they didn’t even want to come out of the tent” Nova says. “Idiots” Ryan says. Nova goes lying on her mattress. Ryan goes lying beside her. He whispers in her ear: “I can protect you if you want” “Thank you” Nova says. Daniel and Jacob go in their bed and sleep.

The next day: Daniel is the first who has awakened. He makes a breakfast. Later, Charlie comes out of their tent. “What the hell happened last night?” Charlie says to Daniel. “Tom, he is death” Charlie says. “Death?” Charlie says. “Yes” Daniel says sad. “Well he was an idiot, and killing is a bit harsh” Charlie says. “You’re an idiot” Nova, which walks out of their tent says. “Good morning Nova, grumpy?” Charlie says. “Yes I am when I see you” Nova says. “But so, how later are we leaving?” Charlie says. “As soon as possible I guess” Jacob says. Later they are all back at the hike. They don’t say very much. “So you think we are all going to die?” Charlie says to Daniel. “I don’t know, but Tom’s death can’t be coincidence” Daniel says. “Really? Tom probably got himself killed” Charlie says. Later they see a bridge. “I don’t think it is safe to travel over that bridge” Adeline says. “Why not?” Daniel says. “It looks like a bridge from the 12th century” Adeline says. “It is the only way over this cliff” Daniel says. “You sure?” Jacob says. “Yes I am” Daniel says. “After all what happened, I also think we’d better not cross this bridge” Nova says. “Girls….. why did you even came with us?” Charlie says. “What did you say?” Nova says. “Okay you are only good for 1 thing” Charlie says. “What is wrong with you?” Jacob says. “Wrong with me? They don’t want to cross a simple bridge” Charlie says. “You are mad and pissed off this whole holiday!” Jacob says. “And that is all because of you” Charlie says. “You are all idiots and are nagging about everything” Charlie says. “You are the one that is always defying us!” Ryan says. “Calm down everybody!” Nova yells. After she said they are all quiet. “Never mind about what I said” Adeline says. “All right” Daniel says. They step on the bridge one to one. Charlie is moving in front and Daniel at the back. Jacob walks before Daniel and Adeline and Nova before him. Ryan walks between Nova and Adeline. When they are in the middle of the bridge, Charlie says: “Look sweet Adeline, there is nothing to be afraid of” “Don’t say that” Adeline says. “Are you all right?” Jacob says to Nova. “No I am pretty scared” Nova says. “Weird… I couldn’t see that” Jacob says sarcastic. “There is nothing to be scared about” Daniel behind them says. But later one of the ropes starts breaking. Nobody of them sees, until they hear a sound. “What the hell was that?” Daniel says. 2 second later the bridge falls down. Charlie grabs Adeline and they come to the other side. Ryan jumps very fast and reaches the opposite side. Nova falls but Jacob grabs her and he holds on the side. Daniel can’t grab the side and falls down on the rocks. Jacob sees it and is very sad. Daniel is injured but still alive. Jacob helps Nova to get up. They step back on the side. “Where is Daniel?” Adeline says. “He fell down” Jacob says. “What?” Adeline says. “I will go down to him” Jacob says. “No that is not a good idea!” Nova says. “There must be another way!” Nova says. “She is right” Ryan says and he points to a way down. They go as fast as possible down, but there is no sign of Daniel. “Where is he?” Jacob says. Nova and Ryan see his tracks on the floor. “But he must have broken his both feet if he fell all the way down” Nova says. “True, somebody must have taken him away” Ryan says. “Oh no” Jacob says. “What?” Adeline says. “Somebody has his eyes on us and probably wants all of us death!” Jacob says.

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  • Max Lloyd-Jones as Jacob
  • Leo Howard as Daniel
  • Alberto Rosende as Charlie
  • Caitlin Stasey as Nova
  • Thomas Dekker as Ryan
  • Zoë Belkin as Adeline
  • Kenton Duty as Tom
  • Dylan Minnette as Austin
  • Alexander Flores as Caleb
  • Ashley Greene as Sophia
  • Linden Ashby as Max
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