The Jungle Book is a 2023 American computer-animated musical film produced by Owen Laramore Productions, and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is a computer-animated remake of Disney's 1967 traditionally animated film of the same name and the 4th Owen Laramore Entertainment feature film. The film was directed by Back To The Future director Robert Zemeckis, and features the voices of Jack Dylan Grazer, Tom Hanks, Zak Orth, Jonathan Pryce, Andy Serkis, Toby Jones, Harrison Ford, Karen Gillan, Stanley Tucci, and Barry Humphries. In the film, Bagheera the panther and Baloo the bear have a hard time trying to convince a man cub named Mowgli to head to the man-village following the return of the evil tiger, Shere Khan.

After mixed critical reaction to Disney Continental Drift, Owen Laramore Entertainment was tasked with creating an CGI feature based on one of Walt Disney's works. The technical team and animators found new ways to render fur and cloth realistically for the film. Alan Silvestri, who contributes to many films directed by Zemeckis, composed the music for the film.

Released theatrically in the United States on January 21, 2023, The Jungle Book earned $443 million on a $95 million budget, and received generally positive reviews, with praise aimed at its animation, music, voice acting, and heartwarming message. The film's success prompted Christopher K. Gee to direct a CGI remake of Bambi.


  • Jack Dylan Grazer as Mowgli
  • Tom Hanks as Baloo
  • Zak Orth as Bagheera
  • Jonathan Pryce as Shere Khan
  • Andy Serkis as Kaa
  • Toby Jones as King Louie
  • Barry Humphries as Colonel Hathi
  • Jacki Weaver as Winifred
  • Pierce Gagnon as Hathi Jr.
  • Harrison Ford as Akela
  • Karen Gillan as Mother Wolf
  • Stanley Tucci as Father Wolf
  • Jim Hanks, Tim Roth, Michael C. Hall, and Scott Eastwood as vultures
  • Peter Cullen as gloomy elephant
  • Mike White as Slob elephant
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Flunkey the Langur
  • Carlos Alazraqui, Eric Bauza, Nolan North, Harland Williams, and Roger Craig Smith as monkeys
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