The Great Layton Detective is a 2018 animated adventure mystery comedy film that is loosely based on the Disney classic, The Great Mouse Detective and Xilam Animation's Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Movie with the characters from the Professor Layton series. The film focuses on Katirelle Layton, who is a daughter of the late Professor Hershel Layton, as she must solve a big puzzle of two mysteries that connects into one plan made by her arch-enemy, Professor Toadigan.


Set in the 19th century of Mobius, the film takes place in a London-like city and will focus on Katrielle Layton and her compansions, Sanlock Homles and Dr. Teals Watson, as she tackles a big puzzle that she has never solved before.


English dub

French dub



  • This is the first B-Master Animation film to have the Professor Layton series in the Powerpuff Hedge-Girls universe.
  • The film is based on Disney's The Great Mouse Detective and the third part of Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Movie as it focuses on a Sherlock Holmes parody.
  • This will have a character from Batman: The Animated Series as a nod to Yesenia’s spoofs, the Great Bat Detective.


A sequel is in the works as the studio wants the sequel to have Aurora from the Arzan Legacy in it.


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