The Giraffe that Wasn't President is an upcoming American Presidential comedy film, directed by Bill Hader and screenplay by Nathan O'Brien, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg. The film will be made by Apatow Productions, Sandblast Pictures, and Blue Sky Studios, released by Columbia Pictures, and distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The film will be scheduled to be released on June 23, 2019.


The movie begins with Edward Clinton telling the American General that the Giraffe has arrived at Washington, D.C. The General doesn't want the Giraffe here, and Edward States that he's right about the Giraffe.


  1. Nathan O'Brien as Edward Clinton - The hero of the movie, a Democrat, and son of Hillary Clinton.
  2. Olivia Daylor as Savannah Jones - A Democrat.
  3. Bill Hader as Steve Jenkins - A Democrat who warns Edward Clinton about the Giraffe.
  4. Julia Miller as Kayla Clinton - A Democrat, and Edward Clinton's love interest.
  5. Seth Rogen as Thomas Baldwin - A Democrat, and friend of Steve Jenkins.
  6. Emma Stone as Rebecca Jones - A republican who works for Donald Trump.
  7. Sienna Rucka as Judge Jules Stone - The Judge who runs the Supreme Court.
  8. David Tennant as the American General - the leader of the American army.
  9. Keegan-Michael Key as the Giraffe.
  10. Donald Trump as Himself.
  11. Hillary Clinton as Herself.
  12. Bill Clinton as Himself.
  13. Chelsea Clinton as Herself, and Edward Clinton's sister.


The Music will be scored by Nathan O'Brien, with a Soundtrack of 25 new songs.

# Song Title Performed By TIme Length
1 Giraffe's Arrival Nathan O'Brien's Orchestra 1:45
2 At the Park Nathan O'Brien's Orchestra 2:23
3 Great Presidential Day Nathan O'Brien's Orchestra 1:58
4 Rough Night Ringo Starr 3:25


The film is rated R for Strong Violence, Pervasive Language, and Drug Use, being the second R-Rated Blue Sky Studios film, after Terror from the Castle of London.


  • First Blue Sky Studios film to be directed by Bill Hader.
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