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The Giant Claw Strikes Back is a live action computer generated film made by Columbia Pictures and Legendary Pictures that will be released August 27,2020.It follows 63 years after the events of The Giant Claw,when another bird,the possible offspring to the original La Carcagne that appeared in 1957.It introduces the grandson of test pilot Mitchell McAfee, Richard McAfee. Richard will have to solve the mystery why La Carcagne came back from the dead.


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It has been 63 years since Mitchell McAfee and Sally Caldwell defeated the antimatter bird,La Carcagne.In 2020,the skeleton of the deceased bird has been discovered in an underwater cave in an air pocket. But a new bird similar to the one seen in 1957 has been sighted over Russia. Now it's up to the McAfee family and the Caldwell family to find out why this bird is here yet again.

Movie Plot

Will be revealed when movie comes out.


Micheal Caine as Mitchell McAfee

Patton Oswald as Richard McAfee

Jennifer Lopez as Jessica "Jess" Caldwell

Maggie Smith as Sally Caldwell

David Strathairn as General Bakersfeld

James Woods as Colonel Adams

Micheal J Fox as Commander Roberts

Denis Leary as Luke Roberts (son of Commander Roberts)

Dwayne Johnson as Paul Clarence

Bryan Cranston as Martin Brody


The trailer for the film was released on May 16,2020 with the trailer stating the rating KA for Kaiju Action.It was later confirmed by Bryan Cranston and Imdb it was PG. A TV spot for the movie was released during the Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. Toys released by Hasbro and Jakks Pacific portray the bird to be a mix of red and brown like a turkey.

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