Jacques Fortian Roux, a.k.a The French, is a character from the James Bond franchise. He appears in Blood From Above. The French is portrayed by Joel Bissonette.


Blood From Above

The French is the henchmen of Clement Blanchard. When he was young, his parents were killed by Blanchard and he was trained by him to become his henchmen. Blanchard did the same with Mylene Landrieu.

One day, Blanchard hears that James Bond has destroyed one of his buildings in Ukraine. He sends Landrieu and Roux to kill Bond. They know Bond will come to them.

They already attack Bond when he is in a taxy with Rose Purdy. Bond kills some men of him, but The French smashes him knock out. They bring him to Clement Blanchard. They put him in a cage.

The next day, M comes and frees Bond. The French and Mylene Landrieu are send to get Bond back. They fight against him, but Bond escapes in a helicopter of MI6.

Later that day, The French goes with Clement Blanchard and Mylene Landrieu on a Cruise Ship to New Zealand. James Bond follows them. The French is walking on the cruise ship till he sees Bond sitting. He attacks him and they start fighting. Bond uses a gadget and goes on a waterski off the cruise ship. The French picks up a boat and follows him. He is faster and James Bond jumps in his boat. The waterski crashes and explodes. Bond smashes The French out of the boat. He stays behind and later takes another boat to New Zealand.

The French is seen again in Serbia, where he waits till James Bond and Rose Purdy come out of the cave. Outside the cave, they defeat Bond and bring him to France.

In France, The French is seen again at the breakfast. He shoots Purdy through the head. Later when Bond escapes, The French and he start a fight and go outside Blanchard's house. They climb in a tree. James Bond uses a gadget to burn a stick. The French falls out of the tree into a spear. He dies and hangs death on it, killing to him.




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