The Blitzkrieg was a Sokovian zeppelin that served as a strategic Adhesive X bomber and a transporter for heavy loads of European supplies delivered to the Ottoman Empire that was owned by Heinrich Zemo. It was destroyed over Kun L'un in a massive inferno after it took large amounts of damage from the blitzing biplanes of the Invaders, and from the chi-powered punch of Orson Rend'ul.



The airship was created in 1910 as a luxury cruiser for Heinrich Zemo. However, in late 1917, it was modified into a war zeppelin and was fitted with flack guns, AA guns, and bombing compartments to drop shells of Adhesive X.

Attacking on Estonia

The Blitzkrieg attacked a fleet of British Royal Marine vessels in 1917 in Estonia during Operation Albion- a joint German-Sokovian naval and ariel invasion of Estonia, held by Russia and Britain. The assault was a final straw in knocking Russia out of the war, and the Royal Marines suffered heavy losses. It was the main incident that pushed The Invaders into being deployed by the Allies.

Battle on the Blitzkrieg

Zemo paid Austo-Hungary officials to allow the Blitzkrieg to pose as a passenger zeppelin for one flight- risk free. Zemo offered huge amounts of money, and the airship was allowed to be used for commercial purposes- once. The AA guns were temporally removed and of the passengers was Robert Frank and Hugh Dare- both American soldiers who had ties to the Invaders. Markus Ettlinger and Heinrich Zemo kidnapped them on the zeppelin and beat them. Robert and Hugh fought back and Robert revealed his Inhuman powers of super-speed and in the chaos, Markus was killed. Zemo still managed to prevail and locked the two in a locked room, while the airship turned around and touched down back in Vienna to let off passengers, while it took off again to head to Berlin to take Robert and Hugh to Zemo's chemical plant as hostages.

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