The Berenstain Bears is a 1982 American animated drama musical film Directed and Produced by Ray Patterson.



  • Brian Cummings as Papa Bear
  • Russi Taylor as Mama Bear, Sister Bear
  • Sean Marshall as Brother Bear
  • Hal Smith as Yogi Bear
  • Don Messick as Boo-Boo Bear, Ranger Smith
  • Julie Bennett as Cindy Bear
  • Daws Butler as Huckleberry Hound, Huckleberry's Father
  • Betty Lou Gerson as Huckleberry's Mother
  • Peter Cullen as Palace Bear
  • Frank Welker as Big Paw, Nasty Bear
  • Mel Blanc as Showdown Bear, Money Bear, Money Bear's Goons



By the early 1970's, several of Hanna-Barbera's senior animators had died or retired, but the continuous success of their animated features convinced studio executives that the animation department was still lucrative but in desperate need for new talent. Veteran animator Eric Larson was selected to head the training program, in which he selected and trained graduates from colleges and art schools across the United States. Eventually, twenty-five new artists were hired from 1970 and 1977.

The idea of The Berenstain Bears originated from story trainee Pete Young who found the book among optioned properties at the studio library. He developed the initial storyboards at home, and pitched it to Ron Miller who claimed it to be a story with heart. To help polish the storyboard, Miller brought on veteran Hanna-Barbera storyboard artist Vance Gerry to collaborate with young. Larson had assumed he would be directing the film and brought Burny Mattinson to help re-board the story, as well as veteran animator Cliff Nordberg to help assist on the animation. According to Mattinson, the team left on Friday for the weekend, and returned on Monday to have their work tossed out because studio management had decided to give the project to Ray Patterson to direct. Then-animator Betsy Baytos claimed Larson, in reaction to the news, just sister bear was something I directed to get the crew busy until Pete's Dragon...[Larson] might have [been involved] in the storyboard area. [But he] didn't get the direction. I think he elected to [teach]. Given the allotted production budget, Patterson composed five songs himself with the sixth song composed by assistant director Richard Rich, and recycled animation of Baloo from The Jungle Book (1967 film).


  • Running Time: 78 Minutes
  • G-Rated for
  • Papa dressed up into Popeye.
  • Sister dressed up into Olive Oyl.
  • Nasty dressed up into Bluto.


  • April 22, 1982


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