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The Batman 3: Arkham Wars is animated DC movie based on the comics of the same name.


After Harley Quinn, with Bane and Killer Croc destroys Arkham Asylum and lets all its inmates out. Batman, Robin and James Gordon's daughter, Barbara, have to figure out how to deal with the Asylum's prisoners rampaging Gotham City.


The movie starts in a prison, Belle Reve, where all of the Task Force X or Suicide Squad members are held. Some heavily armored guards are going to a room with a plate of food. They open the door to a very dark green room with algae all over and the floor is a soggy puddle. A dark, monstrous figure arises from the puddle. It's Killer Croc. He eats the food furiously and the guards leave. However one of them has a note in the back. Killer Croc takes it and it reads "Big B-Baby needs our help <3".

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