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The Batman is the first new addition to the DCCU- created by Valeyard6282. It serves as an origin movie for the DCCU Batman so viewers slowly see his transformation into a dark and brooding killer throughout this trilogy, the Joker Trilogy, and throughout the arrival of Superman and the Justice League era. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Bruce Wayne, however; if Gyllenhaal is cast as Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home, I will consider re-casting him. I do actually hope Gyllenhaal doesn't enter the MCU as I would much prefer Aiden Gillian in the role of Mysterio. While Ben Affleck portrays my favorite Bruce Wayne, I don't see him returning to DC movies, so therefore the recast. Like most of the DCCU, The Batman is rated R. The main villain is Thomas Elliot, portrayed by James McAvoy, as well as Ra's al Ghul who is portrayed by Saif Ali Khan. Enjoy!

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The parents of Bruce Wayne were murdered by a mugger in deals with the French mafia. Bruce inherited his family's wealth which set a fire within his best friend Tommy Elliot. When Bruce betrayed Tommy for something truly horrific, Bruce's last bridge was burned. Bruce left the US in favor of Tibet where he trained as a shinobi under the watchful eye of the ones under the moniker Ra's al Ghul. When he returns to Gotham City, Bruce will become something else entirely.



  • Bruce Wayne- Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Thomas Elliot- James McAvoy
  • Alfred Pennyworth- Jeremy Irons
  • Oliver Queen- Matt Damon
  • Dick Grayson- Brenton Thwaites
  • Ra's al Ghul- Ali Suliman
  • Slade Wilson- Joe Manganiello
  • Thomas Wayne- Jeffery Dean Morgan
  • Martha Wayne- Lauren Cohan
  • Henri Ducard- Jean Dujardin
  • Joe Chill- Luke Treadaway
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