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The Awakening: Jurassic World Is An American Science Fiction Thriller Film directed by Colin Trevorow. It Is The Sixth Installment Of The Jurassic Park Franchise. Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Isabella Sermon, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neil, Laura Dern, Omar Sy, Daniella Pineda, Justice Smith, Joseph Mazzello, Ariana Richards, And BD Wong Return As There Characters, With Idris Elba, Millie Bobby Brown, Keri Russell, Erin Kellyman, Lupita Nyong'o, Mike Vogel, Jean Reno, Ruby Rose, Naomie Harris, John Lithgow, Willem Dafoe, Kate Mara, Andrew-Lee Potts, Stephen Lang, Deon Richmond, David Lennie, Danny Glover, Sela Ward, Sophie Marceau, Ayelet Zurer, Mamodou Athie, Dewanda Wise, And Samuel E. Wright Join The Cast As New Characters. The Film Was Released On June 11, 2021 With A Mixed Reception Of Mostly Positive Reviews. It Currently Has 79% On Rotten Tomatoes, (93% For The Audience Score) And 9/10 On IMdb. The Film Is The Final Film In The Main Trilogy Of Jurassic Park Films. The Film Is About When Mankind Must Fight For Survival When Dinosaurs Dominated The Earth And The DX Viris Wiped Out 50% Of Mankind. A Couple Of Years After The Wake Of The Apocalypse, Two Groups And The Dinosaurs Start To Have A Harsh Conflict. One Group, Including Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Alan Grant, Maisie Lockwood, Ellie Sattler, Etc. Are Wanting To Save The Dinosaurs And Give Them Peace, While The Other Group, Consisting Of Ian Malcolm And Anti-Dinosaur Conspiracy Group "Extinction Now!" Are Obsessed With Killing The Dinosaurs. However, As The Fight For And Against Dinosaurs Wakes, A Third Group Forms, And That Group Consists Of The Dinosaurs, Including Blue And The Velociraptor Colony She Lives, Join The War And Run Amok, The Red Wants To Be Leader, Since Blue Is Social To People. Now During The War, Owen And Co Must Save Blue From The Chaos That Insues In The War.



In The Aftermath Of The Dinosaur Outbreak Of 2018, Dinosaurs Rule The World Again, They Attack Cities, Attack People And Animals For Territory, And Spread A Disease That Makes Humans Weaker, And Dinosaurs Stronger And Smarter. One Group Of Survivors, Including Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Maisie Lockwood, Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, And Many Other Survivors Must Save The Dinosaurs, While Another Group, Including Ian Malcolm And The Extinction Now Group Want To Kill All Dinosaurs, The Two Groups Fight For The Fate Of The World As We Know It. As Blue And Her Raptor Tribe Join The Epic Battle, And The Dinosaurs Start To Run Amok Some More, The Fate Of The Planet, And The Fate Of One Dominant Species Will Be Decided.


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