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The Animal Patrol Team in Space: A Nicktoons Movie is a 2020 American 3D/2D Animated Comedy Crossover Adventure Film based on Nickelodeon Shows. The Film is scheduled to be Released on April 30, 2021.




The Animal Patrol Team 

A Group of 6 Anthropomorphic Insect Feral Animals (They look alike Nicktoons Characters (Except Carlie Mcgill) who helps the Mighty Bug 5 Team on their Missions. They are the Main Protagonists of the Movie The 6 Main Members Included:

Jesse Eisenberg as Audryck: A Moth Duckling who is a Aquatic Water animal to become the Leader member of the Team. His Power is Diving and Swiming.

Sandra Bullock as Danjhely: A Robotic Firefly Dingo who is a Australian Daredevil Animal and a Co-Leader to Audryck. Her power is Howling.

Bill Hader as Carlito: A Cricket Cheetah Cub who is a really shy Savannah Animal. His power is Speeding.

Amandla Stenberg as Carlie Mcgill: A Blue-Violet Cockroach Fennec Fox who is a North African Animal and Carlito's Best Friend Pal. Her Power is Dancing.

Mona Marshall as Eva: A Fly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is Danjhely's cousin as a Pilot Canine Animal who loves making beauty stuff. Her Power is Flying.

Jack Black as Kendryck: A Wingless Dragonfly Cat who is always to be a Athletic ghost as a Feline Animal. His Power is Doing Exercises.

The Yarldey Children

Kathy Najimy as Sneakers: A little Torch Key Raccoon who is Rattz's Sister and Hummy JewelFeather's Best Friend. She is befriends with The Animal Patrol Team and The Super Critters.

Amy Adams as Swifti: A Ring-Tailed Possum who is Sneakers's Companion.

Tim Allen as Bluesy Beaverton: A Mid-Size Light Blue Louse Beaver who is a Referee of the game and a Leader of his Group.

Sarah Hyland as Dania Beaverton: A little Tan Louse Beaver who is a Cheerleader of the game and Bluesy's Sister.

Christina Hendricks as Trinna: A Pink Blattodea Tree Squirrel who is a Student.

Claire Foy as Sparkle Splash: Trinna's pet Animatronic Sea Otter who helped Trinna to put Animal Patrol Team in Action.

Cole Caplan as Feather Wood: A Mosquito Woodpecker who is a Flight Pilot member of Bluesy's Team. He is a Leader of the Super Critters.

Sofía Vergara as Princess Razzberries: A Older Thrips Gray Fox Kit who is a Majesty Mammal and the Second-In-Command to Feather Wood.

Penny Marshall as Lil' Stinky: A little Purple Stinkbug Skunk who greets Bluecorn, even the Animal Patrol Team.

Evan Kishiyama as Bradie Bonester: A Tan Collie Pup who is a Playful Friend.

Pierce Gagnon as Rattz: A little Light-Gray Bush Cricket Raccoon who is Lil' Stinky's Best Friend and the Bandit member.

Lacy Phillips as Bluecorn: A little Blue Earwig Long-Eared Chipmunk who is very playful, even meeting the Animal Patrol Team and the Playful Member.

Bettie Brown as Mira Surrey: A Bright Blue Meerkat who is a Play Kid.

The Nicktoons Characters

Tom Kenny as SpongeBob Squarepants

Bill Fagerbakke as Patrick Star

Doug Lawrence as Plankton

Tara Strong as Timmy Turner and Poof

Kari Wahlgren as Chole Carmichael

Darren Norris as Comso

Sussane Blankslee as Wanda

David Kaurman as Danny Fenton/Phantom

Grey DeLisle as Samantha Manson (A.K.A Sam)

Debi DerryBerry as Jimmy Neutron

Hal Sparks as Tak

Richard Steven Horvitz as Invader Zim

Rikki Simons as GIR

Alanna Ubach as Manny Rivera/El Tigre

Amy Poehler as Bessie Higgenbottom

Janice Kawaye as Jenny Wakeman/X-J9

Rob Paulsen as Gordon Quid

Kevin McDonald as Waffle

Wayne Knight as Mr. Blik

Michael Cera as Todd

Collin Dean as Lincoln Loud

Jessica DiCicco as Lynn and Lucy Loud

Breanna Yde as Ronnie Anne Santiago

Ross Bagdasarian Jr. as Alvin and Simon

Tom Cawte as Alvin (Singing)

Janice Karman as Theodore, Brittany and Jeanette

Vanessa Chambers as Eleanor



Film Modified Screen Content 

The Film has been modified from its Original and Newest Shows. It has been formatted to fit this Screen and Editied for Content.



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