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The Abomination is a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He appears in The Incredible Hulk 2 and The Incredible Hulk 3. The Abomination is portrayed by Tim Roth.


The Incredible Hulk 2

The Abomination is trapped in a cage on the bottom of the Indian Ocean. He is there for more than 10 years till The Leader destroys his cage and brings him to his lab. The Abomination awakes and doesn't know what all happened. The Leader wants to get full control over him, so he does a few things with him.

Later he sends the Abomination to attack New York. Fastly after he came there, Hulk and Black Widow are sent to stop him. Hulk and The Abomination fight against each other. But suddenly Thaddeus Ross comes and The Abomination laughs because he can't stop him. However, he doesn't know that Thaddeus Ross becomes Red Hulk and fights with Hulk against him. After some fighting, the Abomination goes away.

Back at The Leader's lab, The Leader is angry that the Abomination has failed and gives him more gamna redition to make him stronger. Out of nowhere, Red Hulk, Hulk and Black Widow come inside their base and The Abomination goes fight against Red Hulk. He is stronger than him, but Hulk helps Red Hulk to defeat him. The Leader uses his telepathic to push the 2 Hulks and Black Widow away. He steals all the gamma redition of The Abomination, so he turns back into Emil Blonsky. And that kills him.

Later, Sharon Carter says that The Abomination is sure death and they will look at Blonsky's body.

The Incredible Hulk 3

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