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This article is rated R, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for readers under 17. This may contain strong sexual references, violence, language, or drug use, so readers are strongly cautioned.

Terror from the Castle of London is the upcoming American, computer animated, fantasy, adventure, supernatural horror film. It will be the 2nd computer animated film to be rated R. It'll be rated R for strong violence, blood & gore, terror, some sex-related scenes, some drug uses, and 51 uses of d**mns, 7 b**ch, and 6 uses of s**ts. It will be distributed by 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios.


In the 1780's of London, the people from many villages are scared of an unknown creature that killed many innocent villagers. The hunters have been sent out to hunt the elusive creature that's been killing mankind in London, and they discovered it is none other than the Vampire named Count Morguba. This vampire has been planning to kill and transform all humans on earth into vampires. The vampire hunters must stop him or it'll be too late.


  • Jim Belushi as Count Morguba
  • Nathan O’Brien as Phil the Knight, a hero of the movie

Behind The Scenes

  • It will be directed by the same person who did The Cabin In The Woods.
  • It'll also be made by the same people who did Rio and Rio 2.
  • It'll be the first ever R-rated Blue Sky Studios film.
  • It'll have dark tone to this movie to make the movie frightening, much like many horror films.
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