Telos is of the secondary antagonist of "The Lights of Kolaris III : The Rise of Darkness" and "The Lights of Kolaris VIII : The Song of the Phoenix" and the main antagonist of "The Princess of Kolaris : The Endless War" and "The Lights of Kolaris XVI : The End of the Story".

He was supposed to be the main antagonist of the "The Legends of Kolaris" franchise and is responsible for many events with very significant repercussions such as the extinction of the human people of Kolaris and the metamorphosis of Kali into Lika but it will later be revealed that he had been manipulated by his half-brother, Apocryphis.

Telos means "end" in Greek.

He is the son of the God-Light Kolaris and the goddess of death, Persephone. He is so the half- brother of Kali, Oneiros and Apocryphis.

He is the nephew of Anyparxia.

He is the father of Erebos, Nyx and Nox.

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