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Transformers the rise of Unicron is an upcoming American movie based on the toys of the same name made by Hasbro and Takara Tomy directed by James Cameron and produced by Michael Bay. The movie will be the finale for the Bayverse. and will feature many famous actors and others returning for the grand finale.


5 years after the events of The Last Knight, Cade and the others will meet Optimus and the other autobots together with old friends where they must look for the fragments of the cube and save the universe from Unicron, Quintessa, Megatron, and the Decepticons revived by the dark energon.



  • Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager A single father and inventor who helped the Autobots during the events of Age of Extinction.
  • Josh Duhamel as Col. William Lennox A former NEST commander and U.S. Army Ranger who partnered with the Autobots prior to the events of Age of Extinction, and now a U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel and Ex reluctant member of the Transformers Reaction Force (TRF).
  • Stanley Tucci as Joshua Joyce, An ex ambitious businessman and the formely head of KSI who wants build his own Transformers.
  • Laura Haddock as Viviane Wembly

A Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford and a polo player, who turns out to be a descendant of Merlin. Minti Gorne portrays a younger Viviane.

  • Isabela Moner as Izabella A street-wise tomboy who was orphaned by the Battle of Chicago in Dark of the Moon and now lives in the city ruins with Sqweeks and Canopy, her only friends, until meeting Cade, in this movie she have 17 years old.
  • John Turturro as Seymour Simmons A former government agent of sector seven and NEST turned successful writer who hides out in Cuba, and was allied with the Autobots prior to the events of Age of Extinction.


Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, The leader of the Autobots, who transforms into a blue and red 2014 Western Star 5700 Custom semi-trailer truck.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Ultra Magnus, The Autobots Second in Command and the leader of the Elite guard, who transforms into a Nikola Hydrogen Electric Semi truck, he sacrifices himself to weaken Unicron.

Erik Aadahl as Bumblebee, An Autobot scout, who transforms into a custom-built yellow and black 2016 Chevrolet Camaro with a body kit.

Omar Sy as Hot Rod, An Autobot who transforms into a 2016 Lamborghini Centenario LP770-4. He is brother-in-arms with Bumblebee and speaks in a thick French accent which he detests and wishes to eliminate,besides being jealous of Dino.

Ken Watanabe as Drift, A Samurai-motif Autobot tactician and former Decepticon who transforms into a black and red 2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R.

John DiMaggio as Crosshairs, A cocky Autobot paratrooper and sniper who transforms into a green and black 2016 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray, equipped with a custom split-spoiler.

John Goodman as Hound, A trigger-happy Autobot commando and field medic who transforms into an olive green Mercedes-Benz Unimog military tactical ambulance.

Jim Carter voices Cogman, A polite sociopathic, human-sized robot. He served as the faithful butler to Sir Edmund Burton, and while despite not having a larger robot mode.

Reno Wilson as Sqweeks, A small Autobot and Izabella's closest friend who can't transform and only says "Chihuahua" due to prior damage.

Brett Dalton as Prowl, An Autobot Warrior who transforms into a 2019 Dodge Charger Police car.

James Remar as Sideswipe, the Autobot combat instructor who transforms into a silver 2018 Chevy Corvette.

Dave Wittenberg as Mirage, the Autobot spy who transforms into a red 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia.

Scarlet Johanson as Elita 1 a Arcee sister knight who transform into a Ducati V4 Superleggera.

Erin Naas as Chromia a Arcee sister who transform in a Suzuki B-King Sport Bike.

Peter Marinker as Sunstreaker, An Autobot Warrior who transforms into a Yellow Lamborghini Veneno.

Billy Brown as Cliffjumper, An Autobot warrior who transforms into a red 2020 Chevy Camaro

Steven Barr as Topspin, An Autobot Wrecker who resides in Cuba with Simmons that once transformed into a #48 Hendrick Motorsports Lowe's/Kobalt car.

Ron Bottitta as Roadbuster, an Autobot Wrecker who transforms into Dale Earnhardt, Jr's Hendrick Motorsports No. 88 AMP Energy/National Guard Chevrolet Impala.

Tom Kenny as Wheelie, A former Decepticon turned Autobot who transforms into a remote-controlled monster truck.

Robert Foxworth as Ratchet a medical autobot who Transform into a Hummer H2, He was revived by an robotic creator but has a flaw. He does not remember who he was before, but as the film progresses he begins to recover his memory.

Jess Harnell as Ironhide a weapons expert autobot who transform into a GMC Topick, whose like Ratchet was revived but lost his memory.

Darius McCrary as Jazz a happy-go-lucky autobot and Optimus Prime's first lieutenant who can transform into a Pontiac Solstice, whose like Ratchet and Ironhide was revived but lost his memory.

Julia Roberts as Arcee a field commanding autobot who can transform into a Ducati 848 Sport Bike, whose like Ratchet, Ironhide and Jazz was revived but lost her memory.

Vin Diesel as Omega Supreme an Autobot Transport & Guardian who transforms into the Ark. He was reawakened by the Autobots after they fixed him from when Cybertron arrived, fought Trypticon before the Autobots & Decepticons teamed up & he & Trypticon carried the surviving humans off Earth as Unicron was waking up.

Jennifer Lawrence as Windblade, the Optimus' third-in-command who was a Cityspeaker that became Ultra Magnus' lieutenant until now who puts truth & duty first & transforms into a Red/Black Eurofighter Typhoon Fighter Jet. She arrived to Earth to help fix Cybertron & to stop Quintessa & Unicron & bonds with Izabelle.

Nolan North as Metroplex a titan that transforms into the city of Kiev, Ukraine and has a gigantic size that can make the bravest decepticon tremble.


Grimlock: The leader of Dinobots, He transforms into fire breathing Tyrannosaurus.

Strafe: A Dinobot who transforms into a two-headed Pteranodon.

Slug: A Dinobot who transforms into a mechanical spiked Triceratops.

Scorn: A Dinobot as a nickname "Spike" who transforms into a mechanical sailed Spinosaurus.


Frank Welker as Megatron, The leader of the Decepticons, who transforms into a Cybertronian jet.

Charlie Adler as Starscream a revived decepticon by dark energon and Megatron's second-in-command who transforms into a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

Hugo Weaving as Shockwave a killer Decepticon revived by dark enegon who transform into a Cybertronian tank, Weaving also voiced Soundwave, a decepticon revived that transforms into a Mercedes: 2020 SLS AMG.

Jess Harnell as Barricade, A Decepticon scout who transforms into a 2016 Ford Mustang police car.

Harry Lennox as Cyclonus, A Decepticon who transforms into a Cybertronian jet

Liam Neeson as Scourge, A Decepticon hunter who transforms into a Cybertronian Cruiser.

James Horan as Thundercracker, A Decepticon who transforms into a blue JAS 39 Gripen Fighter Jet.

Dee Bradley Baker as Skywarp, a Decepticon who transforms into a black and purple Dassault Rafale fighter jet.

Sean Hayes as Vortex, A Decepticon who transforms into a Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter.

Steven Barr as Berserker, A monstrous Decepticon commando who transforms into a Chevy Tahoe emergency vehicle.

Hooligan, A Decepticon Dread who transforms into a silver Nissan Rogue.

Giancarlo Esposito as Motormaster, A Decepticon muscle that transforms into a black Western Star 4900 SF Trailer truck

Keith David as Tarn the leader of The Division of Justice Decepticon who transforms into a Cybertronian tank.

Jim Wood as Bonecrusher, the Decepticon mine sweeper who transforms into a Buffalo H Mine-Protected vehicle.

Reno Wilson as Frenzy, the Decepticon hacker and Barricade's minion, who transforms into a PGX Boombox, and later a Nokia 8800.

Sideways, a Decepticon surveillance agent who transforms into a silver Audi R8; he hides out in Shanghai alongside Demolishor.

Scorponok, a scorpion-like Decepticon who was a minion of Blackout in the previous film.

Ravage, a feline-like beast sent down by Soundwave to steal the spark from the NEST HQ in order to revive Megatron.

Crankcase, a Decepticon Dread who transforms into a black Police Chevrolet Suburban.

Devcon, a quadruped Decepticon who participates in the Battle of Chicago and transforms into a MAZ-543P 8x8 Soviet missile launcher

Loader, a Decepticon who transforms into a Superfund hazardous substances truck and who transports the Pillars in Chicago.

Hatchet, a quadruped Decepticon Dread who transforms into a black Police Chevrolet Suburban

Jim Wood as Crowbar, the Leader of the Dreads who transforms into a black Police Chevrolet Suburban.

Mark Ryan as Lockdown An extremely powerful, relentless, heavily enhanced, ruthless Cybertronian bounty hunter who transforms into a grey 2013.

Junkheap: A human-made KSI prototype.

Stinger: A human-made KSI drone who works for Galvatron and is a remake of Bumblebee. He transforms into a Pagani Huayra sports car.

Reuben Langdon as Onslaught A Decepticon tactician who transforms into a green Western Star 4900SF tow truck.

Reno Wilson as Mohawk A talkative and psychotic Decepticon foot soldier who transforms into a Confederate P51 Combat Fighter Motorcycle.

Dreadbot A Decepticon thug who transforms into a rusty Volkswagen Type 2.

Infernocons Quintessa's demonic guardians who combine to form Infernocus.

Fred Tatasciore as Tripticon, a decepticon Transport who transforms into the Nemesis. Like Omega Supreme, he was reawakened by the Decepticons after they fixed him from when Cybertron arrived, fought Omega Supreme before the Autobots & Decepticons teamed up & he & Omega Supreme carried the surviving humans off Earth as Unicron was waking up.


Patrick Stewart as Primus the god and creator of all. Primus is the Lord of Light and Order. He created the World to save the universe and defeat Unicron.

Josh Brolin as Unicron An ancient & powerful Transformer & the film's primary antagonist. Finding Earth too unstable, he posseses Megatron in hopes to reawaken in a new body, but to do so, needs the Matrix of Leadership.

Gemma Chan as Quinntessa a mysterious and powerful space sorceress. The self-described "Prime of Life", she claims to have created the Cybertronian species and considers Cybertron to be hers to command.


Frank Welker as Devastator, a combined Decepticon formed by the Constructicons:

Scavenger - Transforms into a Terex O&K RH 400 Hydraulic Mining Excavator in red and forms the torso of Devastator.

Mixmaster - Transforms into a black and gray Mack Concrete Mixer, and forms the head.

Long Haul - Transforms into a green Caterpillar 773B Dump Truck and forms the right leg of the Devastator. He's one of those who pull Megatron out of the water.

Scrapper - Transforms into a Caterpillar 992G scoop loader and forms the right arm.

Hightower - Transforms into a yellow Kobelco CK2500 Truss Crane and forms the left arm. In its robot form it is similar to a scorpion.

Overload - Transforms into a Caterpillar Articulated Dump Truck in red and forms the back.

Rampage - Transforms into a Caterpillar D9 bulldozer and forms the left leg.


After the failure of The Last Knight (2017) and the salvation of Bumblebee (2018), Bay decided to leave the franchise and decided to make the films as a producer and let James Cameron take charge of the last Bayverse movie and decided to make the movie in the city of Kiev, Ukraine for some Battle scenes and the decisions were made by Hasbro and Takara for the movie.

Video Game

Transformers: the rise of Unicron The Game is an upcoming third person shooter that is heavily based on the movie of same name . It will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Like the aforementioned games, the campaign mode will have three members per chapter. There will be a wider selection of playable characters. The game will also offer character customization, upgrades, and even creating your own transformer outside of online mode. The options will include many more choices to choose from, for example, creating your own dialogue for the character or giving it a biography. Weapons and abilities are also fully customizable as well. Even creating your very own firearm or ability from scratch for your custom character. Afterwards, you can use your own transformer on Campaign, Co op Story Mode, and Escalation. Furthermore, you can go on training mode, or making up your own missions on story creator. Able to choose any character to use and even NPCs to take part of.


It was originally scheduled for July 26, 2022 but for unknown reasons it was delayed to August 15 2024


Box office

the film raised 997,000,000,000,000 dollars in its first weekend being the highest grossing movie of the year and putting it in the highest grossing movies in history beating Avengers Endgame.

Critical response

Trnasformers The rise of Unicron received positive reviews, with critics praising the film's action set pieces, performances and incredible action. The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported an approval rating of 98% with an average score of 9.88/10, based on 895 reviews. The website's critical consensus reads, "Serving up a fresh round of over-the-top thrills while adding unexpected dramatic heft, Transformers The rise of Unicron is Now the best Movie from The Franchise." Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned the film a score of 79 out of 100 based on 257 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews". Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "A" on an A+ to F scale.

The film received highly positive reviews upon release at a secret screening at the 2024 SXSW Film Festival on July 16, 2024. Ramin Setoodeh of Variety noted that fans started lining up outside four hours before the film was scheduled to start. The film closed with the legendary sentence "Till are all one", which left many in the theater "feeling inspired and holding back tears". Critic Dave Palmer gave the film 7/10, saying, "Transformers The Rise of Unicron is the type of movie Michael Bay has spent his entire career trying to make: filled with shots of scantily clad women, emocionant action, fast cars, a good history, and clever one liners" The film received 10 Oscars, 8 Emmy Awards, 7 nominations, and was the winner of the best movie of the year. making it the best movie of the franchise.


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