swords and Sausages is an animated furry fantasy comedy by Columbia Pictures, Point Grey, A24 productions and Gkids.

It is from the producers of Neighbors and This Is The End and from the writers of Sausage Party and Superbad.

It is based on the popular webcomic of the same name.


"Two troublemakers travel to a kingdom and cause mayhem.


  • Zac Eferon - Tor
  • Mindy Kaling - Silver
  • Timothy Spall - The King
  • Julie Andrews - The Queen
  • Maya Roudolph - Kiela
  • Danny McBride - The Chief
  • Kristen Bell - Captain of the Guard
  • Chris Evens - Cess
  • Amy Adams - Terese
  • Nick Kroll - the kangaroo fighter with Cess
  • Jordan Peele - The fox fighter with Cess


This film got a rated R rating for nudity, sexuality, language and violence/peril

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