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Surly And Buddy: The Movie is an upcoming 2020 American animated feature film produced by DreamWorks Animation, Gulfstream Pictures, Open Road Films, Red Rover International, ToonBox Entertainment, and Universal Pictures; and distributed by Owen Laramore Studios, Robyn Stewart Studios, Wyattjoshusa, and Xander Shelton Studios Motion Pictures. Directed by Cal Brunker, alongside Karey Kirkpatrick and Tim Johnson.


The Film Begins, TBA...


Surly And Buddy: The Movie/Transcript

Teaser Trailer, Trailers & TV Spot Transcripts

Surly And Buddy: The Movie Official Teaser Trailer/Transcript

Surly And Buddy: The Movie Official Trailer 1/Transcript

Surly And Buddy: The Movie Official Trailer 2/Transcript

Surly And Buddy: The Movie TV Spot 1/Transcript

Surly And Buddy: The Movie TV Spot 2/Transcript

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Deleted Scenes

  1. Mr. Feng's Origin
  2. Andie's Mind


  • Surly: Hey Buddy, wanna work together?
  • Buddy: Yes! Yes, I Am.
  • Hammy: Alright, Let's GO!
  • Andie: Okay, here's the plan. Surly and Buddy will go and get Dwayne. Precious, Frankie and I will find a way. And Hammy, Redline, Mr. Feng And Stella, you will come to Surly and Buddy. Is that a good plan?
  • Dwayne LaFontant: Well Well Well, Look who finally showed up. So, I like to introduce myself, Dwayne LaFontant is here. And i want to destroy both of you stupid furry friends.
  • Stella: Whatever you do, don't make a sound.
  • Mr. Feng: Uh-oh, this is not good.
  • Redline: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!


Will Arnett as Surly

Tom Kenny as Buddy

Maya Rudolph as Precious

Jackie Chan as Mr. Feng

Katherine Heigl as Andie

Steve Carrell as Hammy

Avril Lavigne as Heather

Robert Tinkler as Redline

Bobby Cannavale as Frankie

Thomas Haden Church as Dwayne LaFontant

Brian Stepanek as Nugent

Cast (Flashback On Deleted Scene #1)

Greg Chun as Mouse Henchmen #1

Dave Fennoy as Mouse Henchmen #2

Justin Felbinger as Young Surly


Chapters 1-4

1. Opening Credits (Main Titles)

2. Party Time

3. Portals

4. The First Adventure!

Chapters 5-8

5. Dwayne's Return

6. Buddy's Mind

7. We're All Gonna Die!/Dog Chase

8. Andie breaks up Surly/Sad Scene

Chapters 9-12

9. Plan Meeting/Surly's Apology/Plan Montage

10. Final Battle/Surly vs. Dwayne

11. Dwayne's Defeat/Happy Ending

12. End Credits

Bonus Features

The Making Of Surly And Buddy: The Movie

Surly And Buddy: The Movie Outtakes

Behind The Nuts

Deleted Scenes

"Buddy's Mind" Short Film

Trailers & TV Spots




86 Minutes

DVD Case Front, Spine, Back & Disc + DVD Menu Gallery


On September 17, 2019, Redrover announced a feature length Surly And Buddy movie is coming up with a scheduled release year of 2020. The Movie was referred as Surly And Buddy: The Movie. 

Character Gallery


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Character Posters

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Imagine Dragons Cover Art


  1. YUNGBLUD - Time In A Bottle
  2. PSY - Gentleman
  3. Heitor Pereria - Surly And Buddy Meets Hammy and Heather
  4. Rubert-Gregson Williams - Leaving Home
  5. Ben Folds - Come Along With Me (Adventure Time Edition)
  6. Heitor Pereria - Dwayne's Return
  7. Rubert-Gregson Williams - Flashback
  8. Heitor Pereria - Don't Make That Sound
  9. Rubert-Gregson Williams - Play?
  10. Heitor Pereria - Argument
  11. Ben Folds - Still
  12. Imagine Dragons - Believer
  13. Heitor Pereria - Final Battle (Part 1)
  14. Heitor Pereria - Final Battle (Part 2)
  15. Rubert-Gregson Williams - Happy Ending
  16. Imagine Dragons - Best Friend (From The Original Motion Picture "Surly And Buddy: The Movie")

Trailers And TV Spots Music

Imagine Dragons - Best Friend (From The Original Motion Picture "Surly And Buddy: The Movie") (Official Trailer 1 And TV Spots Music)

Alan Silvestri - The Real Hero (TV Spot 3 Music)

Imagine Dragons - Birds (Official Trailer 2 Music)

Release Date

March 16, 2020

Opening Logos

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Movie Clips

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DVD Menu Music

Imagine Dragons - Best Friend (From Surly And Buddy: The Movie)

Scene Selection Music

Paul Intson - Buddy's March

Bonus Features Music

Alan Silvestri - Portals

Setup Music

Ben Folds - Still (Instrumental)

"Best Friend" by Imagine Dragons (from Surly And Buddy: The Movie)

Imagine Dragons - Best Friend/Lyrics

Deleted Scenes (Transcript)

Mr. Feng's Origin (Deleted Scene)/Transcript

Andie's Mind (Deleted Scene)/Transcript

Behind The Nuts (Surly And Buddy: The Movie)

Behind The Nuts (Surly And Buddy: The Movie)/Transcript

Surly And Buddy: The Movie Outtakes

Surly And Buddy: The Movie Outtakes/Transcript

Buddy's Mind (Short Film)

Buddy's Mind/Transcript

Featurette (Surly And Buddy: The Movie)



McDonalds Commercial/Transcript

Super Bowl Commercial/Transcript

Plush Commercial/Transcript

Trailers & TV Spots

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

"Return" TV Spot

"Mind" TV Spot

"Origin" TV Spot

"Play?" TV Spot

"Journey" TV Spot

"Not Stupid" TV Spot



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