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This movie is a crossover of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures and Thomas and Friends (Which was based on the Railway Series by the Rev W Awdry).


In this amazing musical, crossover adventure told by Daniel Rigby, Strawberry Shortcake and Thomas the Tank Engine are in for the ride of their lives. When Gordon and James cause an accident for Henry, it's up to Strawberry and Thomas to save the day.


The scene opens up at Berry Breezy Bay. Strawberry Shortcake and her friends were returning home from a vacation there, but the Berry Scooters broke down just as they started them up.

"Oh no!" They all cried. "How are we going to get home now?" Lemon Meringue asked.

Cherry Jam spotted a train station nearby and said, "We could probably catch a train."

But Blueberry Muffin thought that there wasn't a train that goes to Berry Bitty City.

Orange Blossom and Apple Dumplin then asked a ticket seller at the station if they did tickets to Berry Bitty City.

"We not long started making tickets for that location." replied the ticket seller with a cheery smile!

The girls were very happy to hear that. "And what's more," he added "it's part of the new branch-line."

The girls all oohed. Raspberry Torte was just as surprised as Blueberry about this. Strawberry asked when the train was going to come.

The ticket seller said that the Branch-Line Local was said to arrive at 9:30 AM.

Strawberry and her friends were okay with that. So they bought their tickets, put them where only they could remember where they were and sat down to wait for the train, and an intro played.


Elsewhere in the yards of Mulberry Station (Which was part of the Berry Big Railway), coaches and freight cars were moving out of sidings and into the station.

Among the bigger coaches, were to small ones called Annie and Clarabel, who were from the island of Sodor, and they were watching the big coaches being moved out of the yards while waiting to be picked up.

Then a blue tank engine came along to take Annie and Clarabel to the station to pick up some passengers. The engine had six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler and a short stumpy dome. As well as blue paint, the engine had red stripes and lining, and in the middle of the extended water tanks, was a bright yellow number one with a red lining. The engine was none other than Thomas the Tank Engine.

He coupled up to Annie and Clarabel and happily blew his whistle twice, then, Thomas pulled the two coaches to a two platform conductor colleting station before the main station, while singing a little song with Annie and Clarabel.

Then a red engine appeared out of nowhere. The engine had 14 wheels (Six of them being driving wheels), a tender, and a whistle built on his cab. The engine was called James. He did not sound happy.

James was cross because he had to wait ages for Rosie to clear the line, and he muttered as he entered platform 2.

Thomas was backing up onto platform 1.

The two platforms were for a conductor collection station before Mulberry Station (The main station).

Through song, Thomas said good morning to James and asked him if it was a lovely day. James said it was for Thomas, but not for himself, for he had to wait for Rosie to move some coaches that were bigger than Gordon's.

The music paused and Thomas told James that things would only get better, and then gave a peep, peep of his whistle as he headed for the main station.

James just basically scoffed and didn't care, then he gave a peep, peep of his whistle and went for the same station as Thomas.

Then, Percy the Small Engine gave them a friendly hello.

Thomas and James said hello to him back in two different moods (Thomas was happy, but James was still grumpy)

Soon, they went to the bigger station at the junction, that was where Thomas managed to finish his song.


Then there was a vision of Gordon, Sodor's famous express engine, thundering down the line with his coaches.

After some time, it revealed that in reality, Gordon was waiting at the same station as Strawberry and her friends. He was not a very happy engine. His fireman was with him because his driver was grabbing a schedule. He was singing a little about himself. Strawberry and her friends found it to be unusual that a train talked or sang. When Gordon was finished with his song, James came along.

James was surprised that Gordon wasn't pulling the express.

Gordon explained that Sir Topham Hatt had given him another job by his orders.

James tried teasing him about it, but Gordon cut it short.

James said that Rosie caused the problem, along with waiting for a horse to clear the track, and needing more coal.

Just as he was about to say something, a cheery worker came along and told him he had to work with Gordon, and the shared job was collecting some containers from the docks.

Now Gordon was laughing as he set off from the station.

James was pulled back a bit by his coaches when he tried to leave, which was why he decided that everyone should get off.

Unfortunately, Emily was about to pull in... But when she stopped in front of James's coaches, he was already gone (Oh dear).


(Scene opens up at Berry Breezy Bay at 7:20 AM)

Narrator: Strawberry Shortcake and her friends were returning to Berry Bitty City after a wonderful vacation at Berry Breezy Bay.

Strawberry: I'm looking forward to going home!

Sweet: It was nice.

Sour: But all good things must come to an end.

(All ten girls activate their Berry Scooters)

Narrator (Over the sound of gears grinding): Then suddenly, their Berry Scooters ground to a malfunction.

(Berry Scooters power down with a loud bang)

Berry Bitty Girls: Oh no!

Lemon: How are we going to get home now?

Narrator: They tried to find another way back to Berry Bitty City, when Cherry Jam noticed something that might be of help.

Cherry: We could probably catch a train.

Blueberry: Ummmm, I don't think there are trains to Berry Bitty City.

Narrator: Orange Blossom and Apple Dumplin went to see if getting a train home was possible.

(Orange and Apple go to the ticket booth)

Orange: Excuse us, sir...

Ticket seller: Can I help you two?

Apple: We were wondering if there was a train to Berry Bitty City.

Ticket seller (In a cheery fashion): We've not long started making tickets for that location.

(The girls cheer)

Narrator: Strawberry's friends were berry happy to hear that.

Ticket seller: And what's more, it's part of the new branch-line.

Girls: Oooh!

Blueberry: Branch-line?

Raspberry: Our home part of the railway?

Strawberry: We're glad to hear that! When does the train come?

Ticket seller: Ah, the Branch-Line Local, that will be here at 9:30 AM.

Strawberry: We can handle that, can't we?

(The girls agree amongst themselves)

Narrator: The girls were alright with waiting until 9:30 for the Branch-Line Local. (Throughout doing the following description in the montage): So they bought their tickets, put them where only they could remember where they were and sat down to wait for the train.


(Music plays (In the style of Really Useful Engine) for an animated intro of train silhouettes that make puffing noises and blow whistles when the cross the screen)

Mattel, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures and American Greetings present.

A Thomas and Friends and Strawberry Shortcake production.

Thomas and Friends is based on the Railway Series by the Rev W Awdry and created for television by Britt Allcroft.

Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures is based on the Strawberry Shortcake franchise.

Told by Daniel Rigby.

Directed by Bob Hathcock and Dianna Basso.

(The full title card comes up, but the narrator reads out "Thomas's Mighty Rescue")


(Scene changes to a busy yard at 7:27 AM)

Narrator: Meanwhile on the Berry Busy Railway, coaches and freight cars were being moved out of the Mulberry Junction yards and into the platforms of Mulberry Station. The coaches went there for passengers to board, while the freight cars were being shunted so that the workmen on the freight platforms would be able to load them up to take the freight around the railway. (As we cut to Annie and Clarabel): Among some of the bigger coaches, were two branch-line coaches called Annie and Clarabel. They were waiting for an engine to pick them up and take them to the platform.

(A peep, peep is heard in the distance)

Annie and Clarabel: We know that whistle! (Chuckle)

Narrator (As Thomas appears into the yards): A little blue tank engine came to pick the two coaches up. (As we get a shot of Thomas's wheels, funnel, boiler and dome in order): The engine had six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler and a short stumpy dome.

(Thomas couples up to Annie and Clarabel)

Narrator (As we cut to one of Thomas's water tanks): As well as being painted blue, the stripes and lining was red and it had a number 1 on the sides of the water tanks. (As Thomas is fully revealed): The engine was no other, than Thomas the Tank Engine.

Thomas (To Annie and Clarabel cheerfully): # Come along, we've got a job to do! Come along, we've got a job to do! #

Annie and Clarabel (As Thomas takes them to the conductor collection station): # We're coming along! We're coming along! #

(Music begins to play)

Thomas: Such a lovely day to be out and about.

Annie: Sure is, Thomas.

Clarabel: I look forward to our run today!

Thomas: Yeah! I feel like bursting into song. (Breathes in, then out) Here we go! 1... 2.. 1, 2, 3, 4! # Up and about, ready to go. #

Annie and Clarabel: # We're ready to, go with the flow. #

Thomas: # A job to be done, in the sunshine! Getting ready to go down the line! #

All three: # Oooh! There is a job, that needs to be done! Oooh! #

Thomas: # And when I'm ready, that is when I can say, the journey has begun! #

Annie and Clarabel: # (Journey has begun!) #

James (In background as he backs down to his coaches): I can't believe this!

Thomas: Oh, that sounds like James.

Narrator (As James is revealed): James loved nothing more than showing off his splendid red paint, but this morning, he wasn't complaining about it being dirty, he was complaining about another engine needing to clear the line.

James: (Mumbles for a bit) Rosie should of sped up a bit!

Rosie (As she passes by): I heard that, James!

James: You were meant to hear it, Rosie.

(James enters platform 2, followed by Thomas backing into platform 1 of a conductor collection station)

Thomas: # Good morning, James! Isn't it a lovely day? I'm getting ready to be on my way! #

James: # For you, Thomas, but not for me! And before you ask, I had to wait for Rosie to move the coaches she was arranging, which were bigger than Gordon's coaches, you see! #

(Music pauses)

Thomas: Ah don't worry, James. Things can only get better. (Peep, peep, peep) (Heads for the bigger station)

James: (Scoffs) Whatever, Thomas! (Peep, peep) (Heads for the bigger station)

Percy (As he passes by): Hello, you two! (Peep, peep, peep)

Thomas (Happily)/James (Grumpily): Hello Percy! (Peep, peep)

Thomas (As the scene changes to showing his passengers were on board at the bigger station and he was off when the music resumes): # Sorry James, can't stop because this job needs to be done! #

Annie and Clarabel: # (Needs to be done!) #

Thomas: # Now I can say, that my journey has begun! #

Annie and Clarabel: # Ooooooh! His journey has begun! #

James: # Whatever, see you around. Although, your singing was not a bad sound. #

Thomas (As we cut to him calling to James): # Thank you for that comment as I prepared to depart, but for now, time for my journey to start! # (Peep, peep)

(Music ends)


(Scene changes to (A vision of) Gordon the big Blue, Express Engine thundering down the line with his express coaches, with music in the style of his season 8 theme playing)

Narrator: Gordon is a proud engine who preferred nothing more than to thunder down the line with the express.

Gordon's vision: EXPRESS COMING THROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUGH!!! (Toot, toot, toot)

(Music stops at the record scratch and reveals that Gordon is actually at the station (Where Strawberry and her friends were waiting) at 8:45 AM)

Narrator: But he wasn't doing that today, in fact, he was waiting at the station where Strawberry and her friends were to catch the Branch-Line Local. Gordon had to wait for his driver to come back with a schedule for a different job.

Gordon: (Groans) The indignity, disgrace and shame of it all! The disgrace of being placed with another job!

Strawberry (Off-screen): What's going on over there?

Orange: (Off-screen): Sounds as if somebody's grumbling.

(Music begins to play)

Gordon: You know what I don't get driver? # Why some of the other engines have a better job than me. I wanted to be one that people would see! #

Gordon's fireman: # I don't know, but I'm sure your driver will be along soon so you can stretch your wheels. The others know how that feels! #

Blueberry: # Does anyone else feel like this is the first time you heard a train talk or sing?

Cherry: # Yep, I'm surprised that this is becoming a thing. #

Apple: Defiantly.

Sweet: Oh yeah.

Sour: # This is kind of new to us all. #

Gordon (To the girls): # You should know, that the express is MY wake-up call! #

Strawberry: # What's going on? # (Sees Gordon) # Wow! #

Gordon: # I should be flying down the line right now! #

Gordon's fireman (To Strawberry and her friends): # Oh, hi there. Wondering what's going on? The explanation would hopefully not be long. My engine just wants to show he's fastest and best. #

Gordon: # That's what I am when I pull the express. # (Sighs) How do I put this? (Rapping): # Fastest engine on Sodor, that's me! Being an express engine's what would always be! #

Gordon's fireman: # Wow, good rapping skills there! #

Gordon: Thanks!

Gordon's fireman: # We'll be ready to work soon, so that's probably fair. #

Gordon: # Yeah! Soon I'll be ready to go, go, go! # (As Chuffing is heard): # I hear chuffing, that I think I really know! #

(Chuffing gets a little bit louder)

Gordon: # Here it comes, I better finish my song, because I'm bored of waiting so long! #

(Music ends)

(James's whistle goes off with a peep, peep)

Gordon: (Groans) I know that engine's whistle!

(A ditty for James plays)

James (As he screeches into the station): Here's James! (Peep, peep, peep)

Gordon: Ugh! I knew it!

James (To Gordon): Oh, hi Gordon. What are you doing here? I thought you'd be pulling the express.

Gordon (To James): I know James, but I've been placed with another job! Sir Topham Hatt's orders.

James (To Gordon): Ah, okay! I suppose it sounds like something...

Gordon (Interrupting James as he thunders at him): DON'T EVEN START THAT, JAMES! Not like YOU were late by five minutes!

James (To Gordon... crossly): That wasn't my fault, Gordon! Rosie caused the problem! (Sounding a little less cross): I also had to stop when there was a horse on the track, and I needed more coal! (As a workmen in a brightly colored uniform walks along side the platform): Look, the point is...

Workman (To James): Ah, what luck! James I need to talk to you. Sir Topham Hatt wants you to head to the docks to help Gordon with collecting some container wagons.

(James splutters)

(Workman walks away)

James: B-B-But I... (Splutters a bit) WHAT?! Why would I be rescheduled to do something that doesn't let me show off my splendid red paint?

Gordon: Weren't you saying something to me earlier? (As his driver starts him up): PFFFFT, HAHAHAHAHA!! (Toot, toot)

James: (Groans as he starts up) (Lifts up a bit) Huh? (Groans as he bumps his coaches from jolting back) What the...? (Groans as he uncouples his coaches) You know what... (Starts up again) THAT'S IT!!! EVERYONE OFF!!! (Peep, peep)

Narrator: But James had made a mistake by abandoning his coaches and passengers!

(Emily comes close to the station with a toot, toot of her whistle while James and Gordon leave the station)

Narrator: Then, Emily came along!

Emily: (Hits the brakes and stops in front of James's coaches) Who... WHA...? JAAAAAAMES!!!

Workman (As he comes back): (Gasps) JAMES, COME BACK!!!

Narrator: But it was too late, James was already gone.

Emily (Crossly): Bother, now I'm stuck here until someone moves these coaches!

(Music plays)

Workman: Unbelievable! I mean... # Why did he just plainly do that? This will not please Sir Topham Hatt. #

Emily: # Why am I stuck so close to the platform? That was a bad act that James managed to perform! #

Station announcer: # Attention shunters, an engine's left his coaches on platform 2. I mean, that was such a bad thing to do! Someone clear the line and don't delay! That's what I have to say! #

All three: # We've got a problem, a problem on the track, and I don't think that engine's coming back. Oh no. #

Emily: # Those people have places to go! #

Station announcer: # Attention shunters, an engine's left his coaches on platform 2. I mean, that was such a bad thing to do! Someone clear the line and don't delay! That's what I have to say! #

(Cherry plays a 19 second guitar solo)

Emily: # Such a disaster that has happened on the track! I feel like... fuming through my smokestack! #

Station announcer: # Please shunters, that engine won't come back! Not even in a clickty clack! #

Emily/Station announcer: # Attention shunters, an engine's left his coaches on platform 2. I mean, that was such a bad thing to do! Someone clear the line and don't DELA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-AY!! (After 4 extra seconds) That's all we have to say! Yeah, yeah, all we have to say! #

Station announcer: # All we have... to SA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-AY!!! #

(Music ends)

Narrator: Emily, the station announcer and the workman were very cross with James. Even his passengers were outraged.

(James's passengers grumble as they climb off the coaches)

Passenger #1: What's that engine's problem?

Passenger #2: I think he doesn't want his paint dirty!

Passenger #3: We're probably gonna have to take the 09:30 Branch-Line Local in order to get to the next station!

Passenger #4 (To his boss on the phone): Yeah, boss, it seems our engine has stranded us at Berry Breezy Station and my only way to get to work is by taking the Branch-Line Local.

Passenger #5: This is unacceptable!

Passenger #6: I hope the driver can understand the emergency.

Strawberry (When we cut back to her and her friends): I take it that red engine wasn't happy about being rescheduled by this Sir Topham Hatt guy.

Raspberry: Whoever he is.


(When the clock says 9:30 AM...)

Narrator (As Thomas arrives): Soon, Thomas arrived.

Cherry: (Points to Thomas) That little engine over there's mighty amazing!

(Thomas pulls in with a smile on his face)

Thomas (To Cherry): Thank you!

Cherry (To Thomas): Aw, no problem.

Orange: Wow, look at his coaches. (Points to Annie and Clarabel)

Narrator: The girls wanted to know Thomas and his coaches a lot.

Annie: We've got a busy day ahead of us.

Clarabel (As she notices James's coaches): I think James left his coaches at the platform.

Thomas (To Clarabel): What makes you think that?

Clarabel (As James's coaches are coupled up): Because some of his passengers are coming towards us and his coaches are coupled up to me...

(Passengers board Thomas's train, including Strawberry and her friends)

Passenger #1: Could you help us get to the next station?

Thomas: Of course I can, I'm headed there anyways.

Passenger #4: I need to be at work in twenty minutes.

Thomas: If I pick up the pace, I'll probably get you there in under that time.

(Honk, honk)

Narrator: Thomas knew that horn. (As Bertie the Bus is revealed): It was Bertie the Bus.

Bertie (Calling to Thomas): Hello, Thomas, I needed to pick up the pace after having a flat tire.

Thomas: James left some of his passengers behind and one has work in twenty minutes, which is how long the journey takes, I need to get a move on.

Narrator: Then, Thomas had an idea.

Thomas (To Bertie): See you when you get there! (Hears a conductor whistle) Here I go! (Peep, peep)

Bertie (As Thomas starts up): I knew you'd challenge me to a race! (Honk, honk) Last one there puffs hot air! (Starts with a roar when his passengers had finished boarding)

Narrator: The race was on.



(The scene changes over to in the countryside with a montage of Thomas and Bertie racing about)

Thomas (To James's passengers): For the extra passengers, I promise you that I'll get you there early!

Bertie (From a small distance): (Honk, honk) Here I come, expecting to take the lead!

Thomas: (Sees a crossing and the gates are open for him) Coming through! (Peep, peep)

Narrator (As Bertie takes the lead for a bit): Bertie then roared in front. (As Bertie spots the crossing): But not for long.

Bertie: (Splutters a bit) Oh dear! W-W-W-W-WOAH!!

(Bertie skids to a stop at the crossing and Thomas thunders through)

Narrator: Thomas stormed through the crossing and into the lead.

Thomas (To Bertie): You said last one there puffs hot air from what I heard! (Laughs)

Bertie (As the gates open up for him): Oh, come on! (Picks up the pace again) I really need to step things up here!

(The montage shows some quick shots and some long shots of Thomas and Bertie racing through the countryside)

Narrator: The two friends rumbled and roared through the countryside at their fastest.

(A scene shows Gordon and James grumbling as they turn onto a set of sidings to collect their flatbeds)


James: Worst... day... EVER!!! (Hears a peep, peep from Thomas) Is... Is that, Thomas?

Thomas (As he storms through): HI, GORDON AND JAMES! BYE, GORDON AND JAMES!!! (Peep, peep)

Gordon/James (As they get covered in dust): THOMAS!!!


(The scene is now at Honey-Glaze Halt (The station that some of James's passengers had to go to)

Narrator (As Thomas glides in): Gliding smoothly in, Thomas realised that he had won the race.

Bertie (To Thomas as he pulls up): Looks like you win!

Thomas: (Looks at the clock) Okay, the clock says 10:45.

Passenger #4: Aha! Five minutes to spare! Luckily for me, my office is only two minutes away.

(A blue car arrives into the car park)

Narrator: Thomas heard a car arrive in the car park. (As Sir Topham Hatt steps out): There stood, Sir Topham Hatt, the manager of Thomas's home railway on the island of Sodor.

Sir Topham Hatt (To Thomas): Hello Thomas.

Thomas (To Sir Topham Hatt): Hello, sir!

Sir Topham Hatt (To Thomas): I heard James had abandoned his passengers back there and you used your usual racing game to get them here.

Thomas (To Sir Topham Hatt): Oh.

Sir Topham Hatt (To Thomas): I've already asked Duck to take the rest of James's passengers for him. I will have a word with James later on, but other than that, I am very proud of you, Thomas.

Thomas (To Sir Topham Hatt): Thank you, sir!

(Percy takes James's coaches away)

Thomas (To Sir Topham Hatt when he hears a conductor's whistle): I have to go now! Lots of work to do! (His whistle goes off with a peep, peep when the passengers for his train are on board) Bye, sir!

(Sir Topham Hatt waves goodbye to Thomas)

Narrator: Sir Topham Hatt watched Thomas leave the station with his coaches before heading back to the top station to get ready for lunch.

(Sir Topham Hatt returns into his car)


(We return to the station near Berry Breezy Bay)

Narrator (As Henry and Edward arrive at the station in platforms 3 and 4): Back at the station near Berry Breezy Bay, Henry and Edward met up.

Edward (To Henry as he stops): Hello Henry!

Henry (To Edward as he stops): Hey Edward. I'm just waiting for one of the shunters to fetch my freight train for me to take with me across the mainline!

Edward: I've just come back from a morning run to Honey-Glaze Halt.

Henry: I heard from Sir Topham Hatt that James left his coaches this morning.

Edward: He would never do that!

Henry: It was because Sir Topham Hatt had him rescheduled to help Gordon with picking up some containers.

Edward: Oh dear, it sounds like James has really done it now...

Station Announcer: Your attention please, Henry needs his freight cars! Rosie, if you'd please!

(Rosie shunts Henry's cars over to him)

Henry: Thanks Rosie!

Rosie: You're welcome! (Peep, peep, peep)

Henry (To Edward as Rosie reverses back to a shunting yard): I'd better be on my way. (Toot, toot) Bye Edward! (Starts up)

Edward (To Henry): Okay, bye Henry! (Toot, toot)


(The scene is of Thomas travelling down the line (To the music in the style of Thomas's season 1 Branch-Line theme) making great time)

Narrator (While the camera follows Thomas): Thomas had made good time and was also in a column for the Berry Big Newspaper. The column was called "The number one in my heart."

Blueberry (As we get a shot of the paper column): Wow, I've gotta admit, that engine may be little, but he's never slow!

Raspberry (Reading the column): The railway manageress has talked to the engine's railway controller, who says that the engine has really made him proud, even though he was racing about.

Apple (As we cut to all ten girls inside Annie): And to think, we're with that engine right now!

Thomas (Off-screen): (Peep, peep) Attention passengers, we're approaching a long tunnel, please close any windows that are open.

(Everyone closes the windows)

Narrator (As we follow Thomas into the tunnel): With that quick announcement and a quick set of reactions, everyone, even Strawberry and her friends closed the doors as Thomas clattered into the tunnel.

(Thomas blows his whistle long and loud through the tunnel)

Narrator (During Thomas's journey through the tunnel): He peeped loud and long as he rattle through. (As Thomas comes out of the other end of the tunnel): Soon, Thomas reached the end of the tunnel and was back into the open. Annie and Clarabel were glad that it was a sunny day.

(The scene recreates the classic scene of Thomas passing a windmill)

Thomas: Station approaching. (Slows down)

Narrator (Over Thomas announcing that he's pulling into Berry Gate Grove): As soon as Thomas pulled into the station, the sooner he was ready to collect more passengers.

(Thomas stops at the station with a peep, peep)


Narrator (As passengers climb on and off of Thomas's train): Then, Toby the Tram Engine came along.

Thomas (To Toby): Hello Toby!

Toby (To Thomas): Morning, Thomas, how's your day been so far?

Thomas (To Toby): Pretty good. Did you hear about James leaving his passengers behind?

Toby (To Thomas): All the other Sodor engines are talking about it!

Donald (To Thomas as he passes by): (Toot, toot) Ay, ye wouldnae believe it Thomas!

Douglas (To Thomas as he passes by): (Toot, toot) James didnae think aboot thon, did he?

Thomas (To the Scottish twins): No he didn't.

Narrator (When Donald and Douglas have left and Annie and Clarabel's doors were closed): After Donald and Douglas left, Thomas's train was ready to go.

(Conductor's whistle blows and Thomas departs from the station with a peep, peep)


(Scene changes to Gordon and James slowly trundling for the dockyard)

Narrator: Elsewhere, Gordon and James were puffing slowly along the line to get to the docks.

Gordon: (Groans) I can't believe we have to pull filthy flatbeds!

James: HMPH!! My paint's ruined because of Thomas!

Gordon (To James): Would you stop going on about your paint for five minutes?

James (To Gordon): Probably not.

(Both engines grumble as they head for the docks)


(Scene changes to Thomas arriving at Berry Bitty Dale station)

Narrator: Thomas had made good time throughout the day and becoming popular with passengers.

Station master (To Thomas's driver): There's supposed to be a freight train coming through. Please clear the line.

Thomas's driver (To the station master): Sure thing! (To Thomas): C'mon Thomas, we need to clear the line for that train.

Thomas: Sure thing driver! (Peep, peep)

(Thomas's scene changed from being on the platform, to in a siding)

Narrator: Soon, Thomas had cleared the platform for the freight train, but then there was trouble.

Rosie (As she thunders past): (Peep, peep, peep) GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! LOOK OUT!!! RUNAWAY COAL TRAIN!!!!

(Everyone gasps)

Narrator (As we pan and zoom on Rosie's coal cars): The coal cars thundered down the track at a tremendous rate.

Thomas (In his thoughts): Cinders and ashes! What do I do?

Thomas's driver: Oh no! (As Thomas uncouples from Annie and Clarabel and then starts up with a peep, peep): Wait, what's going on? (To Thomas): Thomas? THOMAS?!?

Thomas: CLEAR THE WAY!!! (Peep, peep)

Narrator (As Thomas switches track): Thomas planned to stop the cars before they derailed at the bend! (As Thomas backs up, ready for the wagon buffers to hit his): He raced back down to the other end of the platform. (As the cars bump him and Thomas skids with his brakes): When the cars gave Thomas a mighty bump, he made sure his brakes were hard on.

(Thomas strains as he slides through the station)

Thomas (Straining): MUST... STOP... COAL CARS!!! (Strains)

Strawberry: I don't fancy the chances of a crash...

Cherry: Me either.

(Thomas and the coal cars stop on the platform)

Narrator (As Thomas gasps for breath): Thomas had done it! He had stopped the coal cars before they even got to the points.

(Passengers cheer)

Raspberry: Are they cheering for him?

Plum: It seems like it! Besides, that little engine stopped a heavy coal train.

Thomas's driver (To Thomas): Wow, for a little tank engine, you sure do have some strength inside your boiler.

(Scene changes to the cars being gone and Thomas being able to carry on with his work)

Narrator: Soon when the line was cleared and new passengers were on board, Thomas was able to carry on with pulling the Branch-Line Local.

Thomas: (Peep, peep) Make way please! (Sets off from the station)


(Scene changes to Berry Busy Docks, where Gordon and James were crossly waiting for their flatbeds to be loaded up)

Narrator: Meanwhile at Berry Busy Docks, Gordon and James crossly sat on the loading balcony, awaiting for their containers to deliver.


James (To Gordon): Yeesh, no need to shout Gordon, besides the whole dockyard might hear you.

Gordon (To Berrykin Jane): HURRY UP JANE, I NEED TO GET TO MY COACHES!!!

James (To Berrykin Jane): YEAH, I WANNA GET OUTTA HERE AS WELL!!!

Berrykin Jane (To Gordon and James as we cut to her): KEEP YOUR SMOKESTACKS ON YOU TWO, I'M DOING THE BEST THAT I CAN DO!!!

Gordon (To Berrykin Jane as we cut back to them): WELL, GET A MOVE ON THEN!!!

James (To Gordon): Agreed. (Looks around) So... (To Berrykin Jane): COULD I HAVE MY CONTAINERS LOADED ONTO MY FLATBEDS FIRST?



(Gordon looks at James in shock)

Narrator (As James makes angry breathing sounds): That shut Gordon up at once. (As Salty comes onto the scene): Then, along came Salty, who was a dockyard diesel.

Salty (To Gordon and James): YARRGH!! Don't burn all yer coal by shoutin' lads! Wha' were ye thinkin'?

(Gordon and James look at Salty)

Narrator (As the two engines wheesh steam): Gordon and James both said nothing.

Salty: Can nah a hard workin' dockyard diesel get a job done without someone shoutin' in me engine? (While reversing): I'll be back soon with the last of yer cars.

(Salty backs up and is off the screen)

Narrator: Then there was trouble. (As James starts off): James said he heard a conductor's whistle, while Gordon claimed that he didn't hear anything. (As Gordon follows behind): Whichever way that happened, James started off and Gordon followed behind. (As Salty comes back onto the scene): Just as Salty brought the last cars ready to go.

Salty: Huh? (Calling out to Gordon and James): Gordon? James? WHERE ARE YE OFF TO?!?

Narrator (As James rounds a bend): But, they didn't listen to him.

Berrykin Jane (Calling down to Salty): WELL DON'T JUST STAND THERE, TRY TO GO AND STOP THEM!!!

Narrator (As Salty's wheel spin): Salty's wheels spun and spun. (As he races off): Then, he was off!

Donald (As Gordon and James come closer to an intersection): LOSH SAKES!!!

Douglas (As he and his twin quickly reverse): AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

(Gordon and James screech to a stop)

Donald: Hey, we haed the richt o way! THE RICHT O WAY, LAD!!!

Salty (Calling to Gordon and James): COME BACK!!! STOP!!!

Donald and Douglas: Salty?

Narrator (As Salty crosses a set of bridges): Salty tried getting ahead of Gordon and James in order for them to stop. (As Gordon and James race along a three way track and are about to pass Salty): But they planned to pass him! (As Salty sees Percy ahead on Gordon's track): Suddenly, Salty noticed that Percy was in Gordon's way!

Salty: Percy, look out lad! (Blasts horn)

Percy (As he rolls into a siding after dodging all three engines): GAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Wha...? (Groans as he hits the buffers)

Salty: Sorry Percy!


(Scene changes to Sweet Summer Forest where Henry's puffing back to Mulberry with a freight train)

Narrator (As we cut to Henry): Elsewhere, Henry was making his way back to Mulberry Station with a loaded slow freight train... (As Henry brakes hard): But not for long.

(Henry stops)

Henry's driver: Sorry Henry, but we need to go back around the loop! We left some cars behind.

Narrator (As Henry reverses to find the loop): Henry was worried.


(Somewhere else in the forest...)

Gordon: You're going to lose, James!

James: No I'm not!

(Salty is slighty far behind)

Narrator: Salty was just close to giving up.

Salty: (Pant, pant, pant) YARRRR!!!

Narrator: But then he realised something...

(Salty gasps and looks at the points)

Narrator (As Salty hurries back to the docks): Salty decided to hurry back to the docks.

Salty: ARRRGH!!! There be a crash a comin'!


(Scene changes to a junction further down the line)

Henry (As he appears onto the screen): I need to be quick if I want to get the job done on time! (Hears Gordon and James's whistle) Huh?

(We cut to James and Gordon heading towards the points)

Narrator: Then everything happened at once!

Henry: GORDON!!! JAMES!!! STO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-OP!!!


(James and Gordon crash and derail into a ditch and their flatbeds and containers fall separately)

Henry: (Sees points ahead) Uh-oh! (As he jumps the points): GA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-AH!!! (Crashes into an embankment)

Narrator: No one was hurt, but Gordon, Henry and James felt a little bit dizzy.


(Scene changes to Sir Topham Hatt's temporary office)

(Phone rings)

Sir Topham Hatt: (Groans) Bother that telephone! (Walks over to the phone)

Narrator: In his temporary office, Sir Topham Hatt was walking crossly to the telephone.

(Sir Topham Hatt picks up the phone)

Sir Topham Hatt (Into the phone): Hello? (Groans after hearing something about Gordon and James on the phone) What confusion and delay have Gordon and James caused now? (Hears more information about the two engines) I'll let the rescue team know that Harold the Helicopter has a job!


(Scene changes to Berry Bitty City's brand new station)

Narrator (As Thomas pulls in): Thomas had finally arrived in Berry Bitty City.

Thomas (As he looks around the station): Wow! This station looks quite nice! (Stops on platform one) Last stop and all change! (Wheesh of steam comes out of his pistons)

Strawberry: No place like home!

(Strawberry and the other girls, along with a lot of Berrykins)

Cherry: Home sweet home!

Apple: (Looks around the station) This is quite a nice station!

(The scene shows that the girls have left the platform with all their luggage, but Thomas and his coaches are still there)

Narrator (As Thomas slowly prepares to reverse down the line): Thomas was about to head back to the big station, when suddenly...

(Alarm rings)

Annie: What's happening?

Clarabel: Is something wrong?

Emergency crew chief (Off screen): Come on crew, emergency down the line!

Thomas (As he pulls up along side the rescue centre): What's with all the commotion?

Harold (As he takes off into the sky): Up, up and away I guess.

Rescue worker #1: Accident at Sweet Summer Forest! An engine's overrun the points and has crashed into an embankment, plus two other engine are stuck in a ditch with derailed flatbeds and spilled containers! No injuries have been reported, but help could still be needed.

(Thomas gasps and shunts Annie and Clarabel to the back and pulls it back up the line)

Narrator (As Thomas picks up speed): Thomas had to be quick, otherwise Gordon, Henry and James would be waiting all day.


(Scene changes to Thomas arriving to where Gordon, Henry and James's accident occurred)

Narrator (As Thomas arrives): In under six minutes, Thomas arrived.

Thomas: Cinders and ashes! (Stops) What happened?

Henry (To Thomas): Oh! Hey Thomas, I was just puffing along the line and the signal looked clear, but then Gordon and James came along and the signal changed!

(Gordon groans)


Gordon (To James): The signal? For you? Don't waste your breath! Sir Topham Hatt should know I am a well known EXPRESS engine.

(Gordon and James squabble for a minute, before it gets cut short by one loud blast of Thomas's whistle)

Thomas (To Gordon and James): ENOUGH!!

(Gordon and James look at Thomas in shock)

(Rosie is arriving off screen)

Sir Topham Hatt (Off screen to Gordon and James): Yes you two, I thought I told you that the railway controller chooses the jobs.

Gordon/James: Uh...

Sir Topham Hatt (As we cut to him climbing down from Rosie): Easy does it. (As his feet touch the grass safely): There! (To Gordon and James as he walks up to them): Gordon, James, you two have caused confusion and delay! I heard that Henry had worked hard with his freight train along the main line, but I also had complaints from Donald and Douglas, Emily and Percy about you two!

Donald (As he and Douglas pass by): (Peep, peep) IT BE A TRUE FACT!!!

Douglas: (Peep, peep) AYE!!! TELL 'EM HOW IT BE SIR!!!

Sir Topham Hatt (To Gordon and James): You've tried crossing the intersection when Donald and Douglas had the right of way.

Emily (As she passes by): (Peep, peep) My passengers ended up complaining about what happened at the station.

Sir Topham Hatt (To James): James, this one was just you! You've left coaches at the platform, which Thomas took. He got them there in record time by racing with Bertie. Emily couldn't get in for a while and you made her late!

Percy (To Sir Topham Hatt as he passes by): (Peep, peep, peep) Don't forget about me, sir!

Sir Topham Hatt (To Percy): Don't worry Percy, I am just about to mention your complaint now! (To Gordon and James): And if ignoring Donald and Douglas having the right of way AND leaving the coaches at the platform was bad, Percy almost got sent through the buffers and into the sea thanks to you! It seems like you two will need more than a new coat of paint to look better. (A little more loudly at the two engines after the other four engines have gone): Is that clear?!

(Gordon and James groan in shame)

Narrator: Gordon and James were ashamed of themselves.

James (To Sir Topham Hatt): Yes sir!

Gordon (To Sir Topham Hatt): We're sorry sir!

Sir Topham Hatt (To Henry): Henry, you've been working hard from what I hear. You are a Really Useful Engine! (To Thomas): That goes for you as well, Thomas.

Thomas/Henry: Thank you sir!

Gordon: The indignity!

James: The shame!

Sir Topham Hatt (To Thomas): Thomas, since you AND Henry have worked hard, you can rescue him first.

Thomas: Yes sir! (Peep, peep)

James: Oh, what?

Gordon: C'mon!

Thomas (To Gordon and James): Hey, he's worked hard and was really useful, unlike your actions throughout the day.

Sir Topham Hatt (To Thomas): Thank you Thomas, I'll decide how they can make up this!


(Scene changes to a repair shop known as the Wire and Wheels Works, and Thomas is pulling Henry in on a flatbed, while Gordon and James were dragged behind)

Narrator (As Thomas pulls in): It took ten minutes for Thomas to rescue all three engines, but he did it. It was quite busy at the Wire and Wheel Works when they came in.

Worker #1 (To Sir Topham Hatt and the four engines): Hello there, what's happened?

Sir Topham Hatt (To the worker): Well, the two engines that were towed here caused an accident for themselves, as well as the engine on the flatbed.

Gordon/Henry/James: Hi!

Worker #2: We'll have to work hard to repair these three!

Thomas: That sounds like a long job.

Worker #2: It is!

Sir Topham Hatt: We'll leave you to it.


(Scene changes to Thomas leaving the Mulberry Junction Roundhouse at 7:10 AM the next day)

Narrator: Next morning, Thomas was up and about, while the others were just waking up, ready to start work.

(Donald and Douglas, Edward, Percy, Rosie and Toby yawn)

Thomas: Time to start the day anew!

(Music quietly begins to play)

Thomas: It's much more sunnier than yesterday.

Narrator: The engines were getting ready to go and do there jobs!

Thomas: Firebox lit, check! Water, got enough in my tanks. Okay, let's go driver! (Peep, peep, peep) # A new day is dawning.

And the sun is shining brightly in the sky!

The other engines are yawning.

For them, the time will fly! #

(Music volume increases a bit)

Percy/Toby/Donald/Douglas/Rosie/Edward (As they come towards the turntable): # We all have got new jobs to do-o-o-o-o! #

Edward: # And we're starting the day anew! #

Thomas: # And all the trains... WILL BE COMING THROOOOOOOOOUGH!!! #

(An outstanding 12 second guitar solo plays)

Rosie: # Sunlight on my boiler, it feels so sweet! #

Plum (As the scene changes to her dance studio): # I love the way I move to the beat!

I tell now it feels so neat! #

Cherry (As the scene changes to her, polishing her tour bus): # This is a challenge that I won't face with defeat. #

Everyone that sang (So far): # We all have got new jobs to do-o-o-o-o! #

Strawberry/Thomas (On a split screen of Strawberry's new room and Thomas in the junction): # And we're starting the day anew! #

The engines (That sang this song): # All the trains... WILL BE COMING THROOOOOOOOOOOOOOUGH!!! #

(A repeat of the guitar solo)

Thomas (As we cut to him shunting coaches and freight cars in the yard): # We have all got new jobs to do-o-o-o-o!

And the we're starting the day anew!

All the trains... WILL BE COMING THROUGH!!!

Yeah, all the trains...


(Music ends)


(Scene changes to Strawberry's café)

Narrator: At Strawberry's café, Strawberry and the twins were busy with a mighty breakfast rush.

Strawberry: Sweet, the pancakes for table 3 are ready!

(Sweet takes the pancakes to table 3)

Sour: That little tank engine was quite strong when he stopped that train of coal cars!

Sweet: He sure was.

Strawberry: I'm surprised our market stalls were put into the station and that the construction crew moved me and Apple to a special little room in the station, so the trains don't wake us up at night.

Blueberry/Cherry/Raspberry: You have a room in the station?

Strawberry: Yeah. At the berry top! I got a good view of the city and the railway extension. (Voice during a flashback): On our way up last night, Apple saw a little green steam engine pulling mail wagons)

Apple (Flashback): (Pointing to what looked like Percy) Look! A little steam engine!

Percy (Flashback): (Peep, peep, peep) Mail delivery for Berry Bitty City! (Whooshes steam as he pulls into platform 1)

Strawberry (Flashback): Oh yeah!

(Flashback ends)

Cherry: That engine sounded like a cheery one!

(The girls hear trains puffing about in the new yards and in and out of the station as well as people taking pictures on cameras)

Apple: Sounds like we've become a popular tourist attraction!

Lemon (As she sees people come through the café doors): Look! Visitors!

Narrator (As people make orders for breakfast): The visitors were ordering breakfast and business was booming.


(Scene changes to the roundhouse, just 3 days later)

Narrator: Three days later however, Thomas's driver had taken ill, and to make things worse, Henry, Gordon and James were still stuck in the works!

Thomas (As his fireman drives him to collect Annie and Clarabel): What am I going to do about a temporary driver?

Thomas's fireman: Don't worry Thomas, I'm sure we'll find a way to sort that out.

Thomas: I hope you're right!


(Scene changes to Thomas pulling into Berry Bitty City's new station)

Narrator: At Berry Bitty City, Thomas was still thinking about what to do about his ill driver, when Strawberry and her friends came along.

Apple (As she points to him): Look, there's that engine that helped us four days ago!

(The girls walk over to Thomas, and he looks at them)

Strawberry: Hmmm. (As we get a shot of Thomas): What's put a frown on his face?

Narrator (As Thomas sighs): Thomas just sighed.

Thomas's fireman: His driver had taken ill.

Sir Topham Hatt (Off-screen): That doesn't sound good!

Narrator (As Sir Topham Hatt is revealed): To Thomas's surprise, Sir Topham Hatt was standing at the platform.

Thomas (To Sir Topham Hatt): Sir, what brings you here?

Sir Topham Hatt (To Thomas): I just heard that your driver has taken ill and your fireman's doing all the work. That will never do!

Thomas: Does this mean I'll be sent back to the sheds?

Sir Topham Hatt: Of course not! We'll find a temporary driver until your real driver is better.

Narrator (As the girls try to think of something to say): Strawberry and her friends were wondering who Sir Topham Hatt was going to pick.

Sir Topham Hatt (To the girls): Does anyone wish to volunteer?

Strawberry: (Raises hand) I'll do it.

(The other girls gasp with surprise)

Narrator: Strawberry's friends couldn't believe what they heard!

Cherry: What?

Raspberry: Really?

Apple: Why?

Strawberry (To the girls): This marvellous little tank engine has helped us, I think it's time one of us helped him!

Sir Topham Hatt (To Strawberry): Ma'am. (Tips hat) You are a credit to our railway back home on Sodor.

Thomas: HOORAY!!! (Blows a happy PEEP, PEEP on his whistle)

Narrator: Thomas was delighted!

(We cut to Strawberry climbing aboard Thomas's cab and is surprised by the controls)

Narrator (As we cut to Annie and Clarabel being shunted away to an empty siding by Rosie): As Strawberry prepared for her journey with Thomas, Rosie shunted Annie and Clarabel away so Thomas could prepare for his next train!

Strawberry (As we cut back to her): Okay, I thing this lever with the little red hexagon tells me which way the engine moves. (Turns it so Thomas is ready to reverse) So, I've put the engine in reverse?

Thomas's fireman: Exactly!

Strawberry: Hmm. (Opens regulator and watches Thomas moving backwards) Wow! We're moving backwards!

Sir Topham Hatt (Calling from the platform): The manageress says you'll have to turn around for this task!

Thomas (Calling from where he is): Of course sir!

(Strawberry closes the regulator when he passes the points to the turntable)

Thomas's fireman: You're doing really well!

Strawberry: This looks quite easy, but I'd have to remember what controls are which. (Sets throttle to forwards)

(Junction points are switched)

(Strawberry opens regulator and Thomas puffs forwards)

Thomas's fireman: You're on the right track... Literally!


(Five minutes later at platform five, Thomas is coupled up to a freight train.)

Narrator: Five minutes had passed, and Thomas was prepared to take his next train.

Strawberry: So, where's this train going?

Donald (As he and Douglas pass): (Peep, peep) Tis tae Honey-Glaze Halt.

Douglas: (Peep, peep) Aye! Tis where we be going!

Strawberry (Calling to them as they are a small distance away): THANKS!!!

Donald/Douglas (From small distance): NAE PROBLEM!!!

Narrator: Thomas's fireman shovelled coal into his firebox.

(Thomas's fireman shovels coal into Thomas's firebox)

Narrator: The conductor climbed into his caboose and blew the whistle.

(Conductor climbs into caboose and blows whistle)

Narrator: Thomas blew his whistle.

Thomas: (Peep, peep, peep)

Narrator: And off he went.

(Thomas puffs out of the station to some exciting music)

Sir Topham Hatt: (Waves) Good luck!

Thomas (Calling to Sir Topham Hatt): Thank you sir!

Narrator (As Thomas travels through the countryside with Donald and Douglas): Thomas and Strawberry followed Donald and Douglas to Honey-Glaze Halt. They had a good journey too! The line was clear for the three engines and the sun was shining. (As we cut to Strawberry looking outside Thomas's cab): Thomas and Strawberry talked a little bit about themselves.

Thomas (To Strawberry): Back home on the island of Sodor, I have a branch-line! When I helped you, not only did you meet me, but you've also met my coaches, Annie and Clarabel.

Strawberry (To Thomas): So we both have something we tend to call our own.

Thomas (To Strawberry): Exactly!


(Scene changes to Honey-Glaze Halt)

Narrator (As Thomas and the Scottish Twins arrive): Thomas and the Scottish Twins soon arrived to Honey-Glaze Halt. They were right on time as well!

Donald: This be where we shunt our cars!

Douglas: Aye, then we have nae jobs till night!

(All three engines shunt their trains into designated sidings)

Narrator: The engines shunted their cars away and they went to rest up for their next jobs.

(We cut to Thomas refilling his water tank while Donald and Douglas were resting in a shed)

Narrator (As Strawberry closes the water tank when Thomas was done): Thomas had just finished taking on water, when a workmen came up to them.

(Workman comes up to Thomas and Strawberry)

Workman (To Strawberry): Hello ma'am, what brings you here?

Strawberry (To the workman): A driver was ill and I volunteered to help out.

Workman (To Strawberry): Oh, that explains it. (To Thomas): Now then Thomas, you are to head back to the big station at once!

Thomas (To the workman): Of course! I shall get there immediately. (Peep, peep)

Narrator (As Strawberry climbs back into Thomas's cab): Strawberry quickly returned to Thomas's cab and he was on his way again.

(Thomas puffs off)


(Scene changes to Mulberry Station)

Narrator (As Thomas pulls in): Thomas and Strawberry arrived into Mulberry Station. (As Duck the Great Western Engine is shunting the express coaches): Duck was there, shunting coaches.

Duck (To Thomas and Strawberry as he stops): Afternoon!

Strawberry/Thomas: Afternoon!

Narrator: Then, Thomas remembered something.

Thomas: Oh no, who's going to pull the express? The big engines are still at the works!

Percy (As he passes, pulling a mail train): (Peep, peep) I can't help with the train, because I have mail to deliver!

Edward (As he couples up to some empty hopper cars): I have to collect slate from the quarry and take it to the docks. (While trying to puff off as fast as he can): It's an urgent shipment!

Rosie (From shunting yards): I'm stuck shunting wagons all day!

Thomas (To himself): Donald and Douglas haven't got a job until tonight...

(Music begins)

Strawberry: What do we do now Thomas?

Thomas: (Wheesh) # More trouble on the track!

This can't be great!

On this complication, there's no going back! #

Strawberry: # We don't want this train to be late! #

Strawberry/Thomas: # All the others have something to do-o-o-o-o!

And we need to find a way,

to save the day and pull through! #

(Thomas backs down onto the express)

Thomas: # I guess the only engine for this job would probably be me!

I have to do this and be quick about my task! #

Strawberry: # This is some challenging work that I get to see.

We've got no-one else to ask. #

Strawberry/Thomas: # All we need to do to get this done!

Is make sure we do it right!

We need to prove we are a team that's number one! #

Strawberry: # This schedule will be done by the end of the night! #

(Guitar solo as they start their journey)

Thomas (While his wheels turn quite fast): # My wheels are turning round and round!

Oh, I love that sound! #

Strawberry: # We'll get the job done as fast as we can!

The ultimate journey has officially began! #

Strawberry/Thomas: # All we need to do to get this done!

Is make sure we do it right!

We need to prove we are a team that's number one! #

Thomas: # This schedule will be done by the end of the night! #

(Guitar solo as they come to a hill)

Strawberry/Thomas: # This schedule will be done... by the end of the night! #

(Music ends)

Thomas: (Groans as the coaches drag behind him) I can do this! I've got this! (Pants for a bit)

Strawberry (As Thomas makes it halfway): C'mon Thomas, you've gotten halfway, and you've strongly made it this far.

Thomas: (Strains) You're right Strawberry! (Puffs harder)

Narrator (When Thomas puffs to the top of the hills): Thomas made it to the top of the hill. (As he thunders back down): Then he raced down the other side!

Thomas (As he's racing along the main line): WHOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!


(We cut to the first express station, Cupcake Junction)

Narrator (As Thomas pulls in): Thomas and Strawberry arrived at Cupcake Junction and were right on time!

Thomas: One down, six to go!

Strawberry: Right.

(Passengers board and conductor blows whistle)

(Thomas and Strawberry are off again)

Narrator: The journey had been a piece of cake for Strawberry and Thomas so far.

Thomas: We've got this.


(Scene changes to Sunshine Stop, the final express station)

Narrator: The journey was a long one, but they had done it!

Thomas: (Pant, pant, pant) Phew! We did it!

Sir Topham Hatt (As he comes off the train): Well done Thomas! I knew you could do this!

Thomas: Sir, you were on the train?

Sir Topham Hatt: Precisely! You and Strawberry showed true teamwork today, as your reward for being a Really Useful Engine, you deserve a new coat of paint.

Narrator (As Thomas beams): Thomas just beamed.

Sir Topham Hatt: Gordon, Henry and James have been repaired as well. So they'll be back in action by lunchtime!


(Scene changes to Mulberry Roundhouse in the evening)

Narrator: That evening, Thomas told the other engines about what happened during the day. (As we cut to Gordon and James): Gordon and James were surprised that Thomas had been pulling the express.

Gordon: I remember when you tried taking my express, you left some of my coaches behind!

James: Yeah, but, when you think about it, Thomas had been trying.

Henry (To Thomas as we cut to those two): Well done, Thomas.

(Other engines give Thomas a well done comment)

Narrator (Over the comments): The other engines sang Thomas's praise.


(The scene changes to Berry Bitty City station during the next day, the station is covered in decorations)

Narrator (As the engines arrive into the station): The next day, Thomas's driver was well again, and Sir Topham Hatt gathered his engines to come to Berry Bitty City Station.

Harold the Helicopter (As he lands beside the station): Here comes one of our two heroes!

(Exciting music plays as Thomas puffs into platform 1 with Annie and Clarabel)

Annie: Wow!

Clarabel: Look at these decorations.

Thomas (As he pulls in): Is there a ceremony?

Strawberry (As she walks up to Thomas): That's probably why the decorations.

Sir Topham Hatt (Into a microphone): Ladies and gentlemen, Berrykins and vehicles, I have called everyone here to honour two BERRY great heroes. Strawberry Shortcake, a well known chef here in Berry Bitty City for offering to help Thomas when his driver was ill.

(Strawberry's friends cheer)

Sir Topham Hatt (Into microphone): And Thomas the Tank Engine, from my home railway on the island of Sodor, for helping some passengers James left behind. (Gives James a stern look)

James (Nervously): He-he...

Sir Topham Hatt (Into microphone): Rescuing Rosie's runaway coal cars.

Rosie: I think the coupling wasn't working right...

Sir Topham Hatt (Into microphone): His hard work rescuing Gordon, James and Henry. (Gives Gordon and James a stern look)

Gordon/James: (Gulp)

Sir Topham Hatt: And for working so well with the express!

(Everyone cheers, and the girls clap)

Sweet: That engine is really a true hero.

Sour: Now that, we can BOTH agree on.

Blueberry/Lemon (To Thomas): You're our number one!

(Thomas blushes)

Sir Topham Hatt (Into microphone, to Strawberry): Strawberry, as a thank you for helping Thomas out the other day... (Reveals a specially made medal) I honour you with this medal I commissioned, for being a Really Useful Helper.

(Strawberry collects medal)

Sir Topham Hatt (Into microphone, to Thomas): And Thomas, for you for all your help throughout these two weeks of being on loan to this railway... (Reveals 2 name plaques with Thomas's name written on them) Two special name plaques.

Narrator (As everyone cheers and Thomas's name plaques are installed): Thomas felt emotionally touched.

Thomas (Emotional): Thank you everyone...

(Music in the style of (The classic version of) Really Useful Engine plays)

Singers: # He's a Really Useful Engine, you kno-o-o-ow.

All the other engines, they'll tell you so-o-o-o!

He huffs and puffs and whistles, rushing to and fro,

He's the Really Useful Engine we adore!

He's the one!

He's the one!

He's the Really Useful Engine, that we adore!

He's the one!

He's the number o-o-one, Thomas the Tank Engine. #

(Small instrumental break)

Singers: # He's a Really Useful Engine, you kno-o-o-ow.

'Cause the Fat Controller, he told him so-o-o-o-o! #

Sir Topham Hatt: Yes I did! (Chuckles)

Singers: # Now he's got a branch-line, to call his very own.

He's the Really Useful Engine we adore!

He's the one!

He's the one!

He's the Really Useful Engine, that we adore!

He's the one!

He's the number o-o-one, Thomas the Tank Engine. #

(One single clap from Strawberry and her friends)

James: # Little blue train, he's always there whenever you need a hand. #

Edward: That's true!

Percy: # If you need help, with a situation,

Who comes into mind? #

Thomas: Me.

Singers/Engines: # He's the one!

He's the one!

He's the Really Useful Engine, that we adore!

He's the one!

He's the number o-o-one, Thomas the Tank Engine. #

(Smaller instrumental break than the first)

Singers: # He's a Really Useful Engine, you know. #

Strawberry and her friends: # Maybe little, but he's never slo-o-o-o-w! #

Emily: # Stand back in amazement. #

Annie and Clarabel: # Just you watch him go! #

Thomas's friends: # He's the Really Useful Engine we adore. #

Rosie/Henry (Quickly): One more time!

Everyone: # He's the one!

He's the one!

He's the Really Useful Engine, that we adore!

He's the one!

He's the number o-o-one, Thomas the Tank Engine.

He's the Really, Useful Engine, we ado-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ore! #

(Music ends)

(Everyone around Thomas and Strawberry begin to cheer)

Strawberry/Thomas (To everyone around them): Thank you! Thank you!

(Thomas and Strawberry look at a camera and wink when a hole turns the background around them black, after they wink, the hole disappears and the screen goes black, indicating the end of the movie.

(Yellow words come up saying: THE END as cheering is heard)

Deleted Scenes

Alternate view of Thomas coupling up to Annie and Clarabel.

James and Gordon argue about who should be loaded first.

Four more alternative views of Gordon and James crashing.

Rosie and Emily discussing the problem they had with James during the morning.

A small extension of Edward and Henry's conversation.


"That little engine over there's mighty amazing!" - Cherry when she first notices Thomas as he arrives to the platform.

"B-B-But I...(Splutters a bit) WHAT?! Why would I be rescheduled to do something that doesn't let me show off my splendid red paint?" - James when he realises that he was rescheduled to help Gordon collect some containers.

"Hello. (Groans after hearing something about Gordon and James on the phone) What confusion and delay have Gordon and James caused now? (Hears more information about the two engines) I'll let the rescue team know Harold the Helicopter has a job!" - Sir Topham Hatt (The Fat Controller to the UK) after hearing a report of Gordon and James's accident.

"Who... WHA...? JAAAAAAMES!!!" - Emily when she stops in front of James's coaches.

"I may be a tank engine, but I can pack quite a pull!" - Thomas when he couples up to Henry's special express train while Henry was at the works.

"EXPRESS COMING THROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUGH!!!! (Toot, toot, toot)" - Gordon in his vision.


-- Berry Bitty Girls --

Anna Cummer - Strawberry Shortcake

Rebecca Shoichet - Apple Dumplin

Janyse Jaud - Orange Blossom

Shannon Chan-Kent - Cherry Jam

Andrea Libman - Lemon Meringue/Sweet Grapes

Diana Kaarina - Sour Grapes

Britt McKillip - Blueberry Muffin

Ingrid Nilson - Raspberry Torte

Ashleigh Ball - Plum Pudding

-- Engine voices (UK) --

Edward (Eddie) Glenn - Thomas

Susan Roman - James

Keith Wickham - Edward/Henry/Gordon/Percy

Nicola Stapleton - Rosie

Teresa Gallagher - Emily

Rob Rackstraw - Toby/Donald

Joe Mills - Douglas

Steven Kynman - Duck

-- Engine voices (USA) --

Bill Rogers - Thomas

Rob Rackstraw - James

Keith Wickham - Edward

David Schwimmer - Gordon


Meet Thomas and James

At the station

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