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Stevie (formerly known as Airborne) is the former secondary, later tertiary antagonist-turned secondary main protagonist of Myles Bots: The Movie.


Early Life


Stevie was born in 1999 and lived a pretty decent life in Yakima to the point of letting the popularity go to his head. Unfortunately, his mother died when she encountered Meredith Hedare and was fatally wounded by the woman causing his ego to fester into his actions being pointless and petty. Worse, he was bullied and treated worse than the other students and when he was accused of causing a lab explosion which killed his father he was permanently expelled from school.

Dealings with Langer Hedare

It was then that Langer Hedare arrived and they had a deal: if Stevie were to serve Hedare then he will get the respect he never got in life. Unbeknowst to him, the same person who encountered him was actually the brother of the person who killed his mother. Therefore his pettiness ran so deep that he was unaware of the true nature of Langer's plan and Langer himself.

Myles Bots: The Movie

Myles Bot Formation

Death of Monty Cross

Rechristening himself Airborne, he hired Raska Davenport and Monty Cross so he can take care of Langer's plot and help him destroy anyone that comes his and others' way. He later has Monty Cross try to assassinate vagabonds Black Ranger and Will Turner for good measure. After Monty went to the two's house to try and kill them, getting hit in the balls in the process, he was shaken off their car and launched to a store where he smashed right through the building wall and into a propane tank where it explodes killing him and a handful of denizens. Airborne, shocked by this turn of events, reports the incident to Pink Diamond which causes him much anger and declare war on the team.

Attack of San Francisco

Pink Diamond then has Airborne and Raska Davenport join him in attacking San Francisco in hopes of drawing out Black and Will. However, Zachary Delightful and Carrie Courageous, who have adopted Black Ranger and Will Turner since they have defeated the villainous Cross, have supplied them with equipment to help defeat the villains and they succeed regardless of the newfound equipment.

Carrie's True Nature

Upon returning to HQ, he encounters Carrie who unbuns her hair and takes off her glasses thus revealing her true "form".