Stefan Vladimir Pomerov (May 12, 1965 - July 22, 2021), is an Russian oligarch and founder/owner of Pomerov Industries.


Pomerov is a Russian industrialist who owns a chemical refinery in Siberia. He is one of the three main villains of the game (the others being Rak and Nicole Hunter). He is known as the buyer of a biochemical research that simply can be weaponized, developed by Malcolm Tedworth as the screenplay reveals. James Bond is taken by Nicole to one of Pomerov's casinos in Monaco. She distracts Pomerov while Bond sneaks in and breaks into his safe. Bond recovers documents and a camera that contains a video of Tedworth’s interrogation. On it, Tedworth reveals that he was the lead scientist who was trying to create an antidote to both Smallpox and Anthrax to cure soldiers in the event of a biological attack. In Siberia, Bond breaks into his office at the refinery and discovers that Pomerov built a bio-factory and is manufacturing toxins. He destroys the refinery and chases Pomerov until he boards an ekranoplan meant to transport the bio-weapons. Bond fights his way to the cockpit and confronts Pomerov. They briefly fight until 007 shoots the ekranoplan's emergency door release with his Walther P99. The door is wrenched away and Pomerov is sucked out of the ekranoplan to presumably his death. After the bio-weapons are recovered, Bond tells M that the tip about the bio-weapons was fabricated and it was set up by someone who wanted Pomerov dead. However, it stays a mystery.




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