Stars and Stripes is an MCU film set in the Cold War, focused on a superhero team of the same name.

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In 1969, the Cold War is at its dawn and the race to the moon is in succession. When the US government sees the need to reopen the super-soldier program, they force African-Americans to join the program.




*Isaiah Bradley- Isaiah Mustafa

*William Naslund- Joaquin Phoenix

*Dennis Dunphy- Max Martini

*Hank Pym- Micheal Douglas (De-aged) (Other suggestions welcome)

*Janet van Dyne- Michelle Pfeiffer (De-aged) (Other suggestions welcome)

*Ivan Kragoff- Yuri Kolokolnikov

*Yelena Belova- Charlize Theron

*Alexei Vazhin- Richard Bremmer

 *Henry Zemo- August Diehl    

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