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Star Wars: Episode VIII - Republic in Crisis is a 2027 movie, and a sequel to the Star Wars: Episode VII - Heir to the Empire and is a second movie in the new sequel trilogy. It has a sequel  Star Wars: Episode IX - The Dark Side Unleashed. Main actors are Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Sebastian Stan.

Summary Edit

Five years after the Empire has finally been defeated,the New Republic was formed. The unknown species of aliens known as Yuuzhan Vong from other galaxy have attacked the Republic,killing all species they find. Luke has closed the Jedi Academy cause of many casualties. The Republic must fight against Yuuzhan Vong,Jacen must fight against new menace that appears in his life and Luke has got new visions of dark figure,just like in the past.

Plot Edit

A long Time Ago,in a Galaxy Far Far Away...

Opening Crawl (shorted version of synopsis above)

Movie starts on a space ship. A New Republic general is on the ship. Suddenly,a unknown space ships passes by,going on a planet near them. The unknown space ship looked biological,and was completely organic. New Republic ship followed them,and tried to get in contact with them,but they failed. New Republic ship then send a few smaller ships to their ''enemy'',but they were destroyed. General thought of it as threat,so they attacked the ship,and a battle started. The biological organic ship defeated them,and captured the New Republic general. He was really afraid,cause the aliens that captured him were a strange looking humanoid beings with many spikes on their body. They are known as Yuuzhan Vong,and they come from other galaxy,in order to conquer the New Republic. The Yuuzhan Vong then tortured general,and then killed him by ripping apart his arms and legs. Yuuzhan Vong ship then went on a nearby planet,where they meet up with rest of Yuuzhan Vong fleet. They captured and killed most of aliens living there,and then leaved the planet.

On Coruscant,capital of New Republic,and place where Luke has created New Jedi Order,a message was delivered. Leia has read the message,and she found out that it is a war declaration of Yuuzhan Vong,and they have send New Republic a video of torture of their general. They said that their next target is Kashyyyk. Han,Jacen and Chewie are leading the fleet that will protect Kashyyyk from Yuuzhan Vong.

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Cast Edit

  • Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
  • Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa (cgi)
  • Harrison Ford as Han Solo
  • Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca
  • Tom Holland as Ben Skywalker
  • Sebastian Stan as Jacen Solo
  • Emilia Clarke as Jaina Solo
  • Mads Mikkelsen as Hett Brand
  • Kate Mulgrew as Mara Jade
  • Daisy Ridley as Savara Brand