SpongeBob SquarePants is an anthropomorphic sea sponge. He is the main character/protagonist of the TV series of the same name. He appears in The Simpsons vs. SpongeBob SquarePants. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


SpongeBob appears in the beginning of the movie, walking out of the Krusty Krab. He looks back at the Krusty Krab to see a rocket falling down. it is aimed toward the center of the place and is spiraling. SpongeBob panics and gets a shield. However, on the way, he gets pushed back from an explosion. He looks back again to see that most of the Krusty Krab has blown up. He then runs to Patrick Star's house to get help. He explains that the Krusty Krab blew up. He and Patrick stock up on weapons and try to go fight the bombers, but he sees that Bikini Bottom is on flames! Many choppers are above, shooting the ground and blowing up stuff. Citizens are running all over the place. Bikini Bottom had become hell! Patrick goes out, and SpongeBob pops out to check on him. A bullet hits him in a hole and he gets a little injured, but he pulls it out. However, he sees a note on it that says Bikini Bottom is terrible and corrupt. He is saddened to find this, and he wonders who sent it. He realizes that it was signed as "742 Evergreen Terrace." He knows that this can not be a name, so he thinks it is an address.

SpongeBob is running for safety in his house. He still has the letter, and he looks at it again. He confirms it being an address, and he looks straight at the 742 Evergreen Terrace part. He goes to his TV so he could get his mind off of this. He turns on FOX, where The Simpsons is on. He then hears 742 Evergreen Terrace on it, which is the Simpson's address! He runs over to Squidward's house and cries to him about it, with Squidward not knowing who they are. SpongeBob informs him, running to the town hall. SpongeBob is at the podium, with a mic. He talks about the recent attacks and his theory. SpongeBob and the rest of Bikini Bottom get blown out of the town hall by Scratchy the Cat, where he then demands them to grab weapons and armor and to take fighter jets to the surface.

Soon, above the surface, SpongeBob's chopper gets partially destroyed by Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, causing him to call for backup. Bart Simpson then fires his grapple crossbow at the chopper and hits his window open with an uzi. Bart shoots at his foot, causing him to fall out of the window and through the air. Although Squidward is happy about this at first, he thinks twice and saves SpongeBob with an RPG.

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