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      Spaceship 537: Wildlands of Garbage is the 11th movie in the Spaceship 537 franchise. It is a sequel to Spaceship 537: Returning Outerspace. It's an original movie idea by FranceSwitzerland. This movie will focus on less storylines than we used to know from the last movies. It is the second movie in the third trilogy of Spaceship 537.


After the destruction of both Black God and Alysha, the leader of their group, Sebastian Cantrell, survived the explosion and ended up in critical condition all alone in space. Fortunately for him, Sebastian comes on a place where everything that ends up in space gets a second chance: the Wildlands of Garbage. No one there believes in the chances of Sebastian surviving and getting in good health again, except for one girl. Meanwhile on Earth, John, Amy, Felicia and Karlyn can't pick up their lifes (again) and start searching for Sebastian. After multiple unsuccesful mission, John knows there is only one place left they didn't search at. He gets Amy and Karlyn as far to join him while Felicia stays on Earth to take care off her daughter. With new allies who hopefully can be trusted (instead of their last allies), they hope in one ultimate try to finally find their good friend back.


It starts with a spaceship landing somewhere on Earth. After a few shots with an overview of it, a door opens. One by one, John, Felicia, Amy and Karlyn walk out of it. They are all not in a good mood after another disaster of a mission. Felicia says: “I have to forget him, he is gone.” John says: “There is still one place we didn’t look, he could still be there.” Felicia says: “I am done with searching off all the universe while my daughter has to life with none of her parents by her side. Let’s life further, he is not with us anymore.” Karlyn says to Felicia: “Go and see her, we will get him back for you.” Felicia agrees with it and walks away. Amy says: “Let’s all have a moment for ourselves. Tomorrow we will start preparations for our last mission.” John and Karlyn agree with it. Karlyn goes her own way, while John and Amy walk away together. Amy says: “I am afraid we wasted enough time and that once we find him, he won’t be the Sebastian anymore like we knew him.” John says: “He saved all of us, without him we couldn’t even have been able to walk here anymore. Whatever we have to do, it will be worth it.”

The logo Spaceship 537: Wildlands of Garbage appears on the screen.

’15 years earlier’ is shown on the screen.

The screen moves over to an unknown planet. It looks like a big shithole, with garbage laying everywhere. Between all of it, a group of people is sitting. Ironically, it are all humans. One of them says: “Andy, shall I look if we got some new food?” The man called Andy laughs and answers: “Don’t eat everything yourself, we don’t believe you anymore when you say that there is no food.” The man called Kenton says: “Come with me if you don’t believe it.” Before Andy gets the chance to answer on it, one of the three girls says: “Let me go with Kenton, you believe me right?” Andy says: “Oh and then you will eat what Kenton leaves behind. And I will have nothing. Very smart plan of you Emilia.” Kenton and Emilia walk away despite Andy disliking it. Another man of the group goes to Andy and says to him: “I am the one who gives the commands here.” Andy says: “Oh, I thought what does it matter anyway?” The man laughable says: “It indeed doesn’t.” Andy says: “That’s how I know you Liam.” One of the other man laughable answers to him: “We are so long here together already and you still fall for that joke.” Andy says: “Very hilarious Dennis.” Another girl goes to Andy and says to him: “Shall we make a walk? I want to do something.” Andy says: “That’s okay Adelaide, but first I want to eat something before all the others do.” Adelaide says: “I want to show you something.” And they walk to the beginning of the garbage place, where Adelaide points to something. She says: “I saw something ending up right there.” Andy tries to see where she is pointing at, but suddenly something else grabs his attention. When it gets closer, they can also hear the noise of it. The others, including Kenton and Emilia, also hear it. Andy asks: “What the hell is this?” And they see a big object coming straight to the ground. With a loud noise, it crashes down on the planet. Andy and Adelaide don’t doubt a second and run to it through the garbage. When they are there, they see it is an escape pod that has crashed. They are very surprised, they haven’t seen this before. Andy immediately looks inside and to his big surprise, a human is inside of it. When Adelaide also sees it, Andy says: “He seems death. That’s such a shame.” Adelaide says: “We aren’t entirely sure. Look inside. And Andy smashes with his fist on the glass. After a few times smashing, an opening is created. On that moment, Kenton, Emilia, Liam, Dennis and two others are also there. Emilia asks: “What’s it?” Andy answers: “A human, I will look if he is alive.” And he grabs the human and pulls it out of the destroyed escape pod. All of them surround it and look to it. It is Sebastian of course and he is in critical conditions. Andy says: “He is death, I am afraid.” Liam suddenly dares to say: “It doesn’t matter. A new person would only be one more mouth to feed.” One of the two men who has not said anything so far, suddenly asks: “Can I eat from it? I am fucking hungry and I want to know how human meat tastes like.” Emilia answers: “That’s insane Shandley.” On the moment Andy, Liam, Dennis and Adelaide have already walked away from it, the only girl who has not said anything yet goes to the body, feels on it and says: “He is still breathing.” Liam says: “Could be, in a few minutes he won’t be anymore.” The same girl says: “Let me try to save him.” Kenton says: “Do it Lorrayn, we have to do something.” Lorrayn says: “Let’s carry him to the water. We have to clean his wound.” Kenton and Emilia understand it, grab Sebastian together with Lorrayn. When they are at the water, they start cleaning the many wounds he has. Emilia says: “What has happened to him? This didn’t happen at the crash.” Kenton says: “There must have something happened before he went into the escape pod.” When Lorrayn is done cleaning the wounds, Sebastian suddenly wakes up. He is still very weak and doesn’t speaks. Emilia sees it and says: “He has woke up.” Kenton asks: “What can we do for you man?” They hear Sebastian babbling something. They try to listen what he says. You can hear Sebastian say a few words: “Felicia. Abandoned. Her.” Kenton says: “Where can we help you with it?” But Sebastian is already unconscious again. Suddenly they hear Andy shouting to them: “Hey Kenton and Emilia, don’t you want your food anymore?” Kenton and Emilia hear it and go to him. Lorrayn remains with the unconscious Sebastian and recognizes that he is very pale. She grabs a bottle they found between the garbage. She does water in it and gives it to Sebastian. When she is done with it, she says to him: “I think you need to recover now. You probably didn’t drink and eat for more than a week.”

On Earth, it is the next day already and John, Amy and Karlyn come together again. The three of them go stand before a table where an 3D map can be seen on. It shows that they already had 5 unsuccessful missions and that mission 6 is going to be the next one. John presses something and the map only focusses on the part they didn’t visited yet. Karlyn says: “This part seemed the most likely to me, why didn’t we go to it earlier?” John answers: “It is the most dangerous. We will need a bigger team for this.” Amy says: “I don’t trust any of these big astronauts anymore. Can’t we go just with the three of us?” John says: “The army of Commander Marshall has searched completely out how our last friends became so crazy. Its conclusion was that they all were very jealous on our group and that’s how they got so aggressive. So Delmar did the right thing by killing them, unfortunately he won’t ever know that.” Karlyn says: “I don’t have any problem with others joining us. If that increases our chances of finding Sebastian, it is worth it.” Amy says: “Sure, I only just don’t want the best of the best. We only need allies, not those arrogant suckers we got on….” And Amy gets as bit emotional. Karlyn tries to help her. She says to her: “We will find him. I feel that he is still alive.” Amy says: “Losing Steve was already hard enough, I don’t ever want to think about that mission again. I really want to make it right.” John also goes to her and says: “We can’t wait much longer. We only need three more things before we can go. A bigger crew, an inconspicuous spaceship and more knowledge about the area we are going to.” Karlyn asks: “How will we get that last thing?” John answers: “There is one person we know that is boss of a space company with many knowledge about whole the universe.” Karlyn says: “Wait, you mean Lauren?” John says: “Yes, we can ask for her help.” Amy says: “It has been 15 years since we saw her last time. Do you really think her opinion about us has changed in those 15 years?” John says: “She doesn’t has to agree with what we are planning on doing. We will only ask her for knowledge.” Amy says: “Fine, I don’t really wish to see her again, but let’s do what’s needed.”

Felicia is in her house again waiting on her daughter who has school. With her, is the father of the Victoria’s foster family. His name is Jack Marquez. He says to Felicia: “It is so good to see you again Felice. Luckily you are safe and well.” Felicia says: “We still didn’t find him and I don’t think we ever will.” Jack says: “You have to forget him. He is death.” Felicia says: “No, I know he isn’t.” Jack says: “Look to the future instead of trying to fix the mistakes you made.” Felicia says: “I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life.” Jack says: “Then I will promise you that I will be there to help you taking care of Victoria.” Felicia says: “You can until Sebastian is back. Then you will leave again.” Jack says: “Okay, that’s a deal.” Not much later, Victoria is back from school. She is 15 years old already and very happy although she didn’t saw her mother and father for most of her life. When she comes in back, she immediately runs to Felicia and they embrace each other. Victoria says: “Finally you are back mama. I missed you so much!” Felicia says: “I also missed you so much! You have really grown, last time you were still a little girl. But all little girls get into adolescence” Victoria asks: “Papa didn’t came with you?” Felicia answers: “We didn’t found your father, but one day he will be here. I know it.” Victoria says: “I really want to know how my father looks like. Don’t you have a photo?” Felicia searches on her telephone and finds a photo with her and Sebastian on it. Jack goes sit next to Felicia as well and looks on the photo. Victoria says: “One day I will see him!” And she runs away to get something to eat. Jack says to Felicia: “You really think it is good to keep lying to her for the rest of her life? We all know that man isn’t going to come back.” Felicia says: “Shut up! I want to keep hope, but thanks to you I can’t!” And Felicia starts crying again. Jack comes closer to her and says: “I just want to do what’s best for our daughter. And lying to her isn’t with that.” Felicia says: “Okay, you are right.” Jack says: “You don’t have to feel sad. I can be her dad in the meantime.”

On the unknown planet, Andy, Kenton, Liam and all the others are eating the food they got today. Lorrayn only takes half of what she got. Dennis asks to her: “Can I take the other part if you don’t want that?” Lorrayn answers: “No, I am going to give it to our new inhabitant.” Liam laughs and says: “Such a waste of good food!” Andy says: “It is her part, so she decides what to do with it.” When the others are all still discussing and laughing about their newest inhabitant, Lorrayn goes back to Sebastian. She decided to put him in her sleeping place. On the moment she feeding him half of her food, Emilia is there and asks: “Is he already doing any better?” Lorrayn answers: “He already starts looking better. I think he was dehydrated.” Emilia says: “It is good that you try it, someone has to.” And after it, she walks away again. A few minutes after she is gone, Sebastian suddenly wakes up. He asks: “Where am I? What is this for place?” Lorrayn says: “It is okay, we are taking care of you.” Sebastian tries to go out of the sleeping place when he asks: “Is this heaven? Am I death?” Lorrayn answers: “No, you are alive and stranded on our planet.” Sebastian asks: “What is your name?” Lorrayn says: “I am Lorrayn. What is your name?” Sebastian answers: “My name is Sebastian Cantrell.” Lorrayn is surprised and says: “I have the feeling I have heard that name before.” Sebastian says: “Could be, please don’t tell the others my surname. Anyway, where am I exactly?” Lorrayn says: “We don’t know it’s exact name, but we call it the Wildlands of Garbage.” Sebastian looks around him and asks: “Because of the many garbage that’s laying around here?” Lorrayn laughs and says: “Yes, you get it.” Sebastian asks: “So how do you come here? Or does it just happen randomly? And he laughs when finishing his sentence. Lorrayn says: “All of us here got lost in space. This place has given us a second chance.” Sebastian says: “But I don’t get it. I got hit by a huge explosion. How can I sit here alive?” Lorrayn says: “I’m sorry, I can’t answer that question.” Sebastian suddenly changes from emotion and says: “Wait, where are you Felice? Nooo, I abandoned her.” And Sebastian stands up and looks around him, but Felicia is nowhere to be found. On the moment he has realized that, Sebastian says: “We were going to get a baby and I won’t be there.” Lorrayn says to him: “I am so sorry to tell you that you won’t ever see them again. No one has ever got out of here.” And on the moment Sebastian realizes he will probably never see Felicia again, Andy, Liam, Kenton and all the others are suddenly standing right before them. Liam says: “Look who is suddenly alive.” Andy says: “Good work Lorrayn, and who do I have the pleasure to meet?” Sebastian stands up and gives him a hand. He says: “I am Sebastian.” Andy says: “I am Andy.” Sebastian says: “Nice to meet you.” Andy says: “I will introduce the others. This is Liam, me and him are most of the time leading our group. And these are Kenton and Dennis, while we have here Adelaide and Emilia. Furthermore, this is Shandley. And we see you have already met Lorrayn.” Sebastian says: “Thank you, but there is a lot you will have to explain to me. I have really no idea how the hell I ended up here.”’ Emilia laughs and says: “Everyone who comes here says that.” Sebastian says: “So, let’s start with the beginning. Who was first here?” Liam immediately says: “I was, together with Emilia.” Andy says: “I was here not much after the two of you.” Sebastian says: “What about the others of you?” Kenton says: “Shandley was fourth, before me. Adelaide came not much after I did. Some time later, Lorrayn came and Dennis followed a few days later. And then, no one came for a long time until you came.” Sebastian asks: “Anyone of you who knows how he actually came here?” Adelaide answers: “Yes I do, I was repairing some stuff on our spaceship until we crashed against a meteor. My cable wasn’t fully attached to the spaceship, which made me get pushed off it. I couldn’t do anything against it. On the moment I thought I was about to die, I ended up on this planet.” Sebastian says: “So all of us got lost in space?” Liam says: “You didn’t get that yet?” Sebastian says: “No, I almost died. I lost that part of the memory.” Dennis says: “We see that indeed.” Sebastian says: “For some moment I thought I was in heaven. It really looked like that.” Adelaide ignores what he says, instead she says: “Now we have to find a sleep place for you. We are running out of space.” Liam says: “You have bad luck of getting here too late.” Lorrayn says: “It is not a problem. He can have some of my space.” Kenton asks: “Are you sure about that?” Lorrayn answers: “I am only using half of my space. And I already created a sleeping place for him which is on my space.” Sebastian asks: “Wait, you all have your own space inside of here? Is it all so formal here?” Emilia answers: “Oh yes, we have lots of rules here.” Andy says: “They aren’t that hard, we can tell them to you later.” Kenton says laughable to him: “For you, everything is hard.” And after it, they walk away. Sebastian doesn’t gets it, until Emilia says to him: “Come, we will show you most of the stuff here.” Sebastian gets it and he and Lorrayn are walking on the end of the group. Sebastian says to her: “How can I ever thank you for everything you did already?” Lorrayn says: “Well, it was the least I could do. Getting off here is what I want and with those two leading us, that is not going to happen.” Sebastian says: “I have friends who are hopefully searching for us. I will make sure they will bring you home as well.” Lorrayn says: “That would be so great. I really miss my family.” Sebastian says: “I miss mine too.”

John, Amy and Karlyn visit the base of Lauren’s group which got much different since we saw it last time. When they are standing before the door, John asks: “What happened to this place?” Amy answers: “It seems like Lauren finally got a bit more feeling for style.” It is followed by the door being opened. The man who opened the door asks to them: “Who are you? Identify yourself.” Amy answers: “We are former friends of Mrs. Marshall, bring us to her. We want to speak with her.” The man says: “You better be right, otherwise you have a huge problem.” They are brought inside to a room with a big table in it where Lauren is waiting for them. When they look Lauren in the eyes, she says to them: “There you have my old friends! Finally I see all of you again.” John and Amy get closer to her, when Amy says: “You aren’t much older since we saw you for the last time.” Lauren says: “I have been in space as well, discovering the universe.” John says: “Okay, I see.” Lauren says: “Anyway, what brought you here?” Karlyn says: “Wait a minute, why does this all have to go so formal?” Lauren says: “It is not that because you are friends of mine, I should treat you different.” Karlyn says: “But please Lauren, if Sebastian wouldn’t have did what he did, we wouldn’t even have been able to stand here. We want to ask you for a favour.” Lauren says: “Okay fine, for my old friends I can make an exception.” John says: “So we want to ask you if you have any knowledge about this part of the universe. It is the only place we didn’t search for Sebastian yet.” Lauren looks on the map he shows him and opens her own 3D map in the room. Karlyn says: “Wow, why didn’t we look earlier on this?” John, Amy and Karlyn look on the map on which Rameria can be seen. Lauren says: “You should have looked earlier at this part of the universe. One of the cameras on board of the Spaceship 537 showed that an escape pod of the spaceship went to there. Amy is very surprised and asks: “Why didn’t you told us that earlier?” Lauren says: “You were in space at the time I found out about that. It doesn’t shows much, so I thought it wouldn’t help you much.” John says: “At least we would have known then where we had to search.” Karlyn says: “If he is alone in space, every minute matters. Even 15 years later.” Lauren searches on her device and in a few minutes, she shows them the video footage where, after the big explosion of the Ramerian capital city, an escape pod can be seen flying away out of the screen. John, Amy and Karlyn are all very surprised to see it. Amy walks to Lauren, looks her in the eyes and says: “Your answer wasn’t enough, why didn’t you showed us this earlier?” Lauren says: “I understand all of you are mad, but in fact, I can’t just show you this. Those are the rules.” Suddenly, one of Lauren’s men is standing in their own room. He says: “Speaking about the rules, there are two woman’s here. May they come inside?” Lauren says: “Sure.” And after a few seconds of waiting, Felicia and Victoria walk inside. Karlyn asks: “What are you doing here?” Felicia answers: “I heard all of you were back together here. At home I won’t get answers, here maybe.” Victoria says: “It is so good to see you again Karlyn, Amy and John!” Lauren sees it all happening and doesn’t really gets it. John asks: “Already just as interested in space as your mother?” Victoria answers: “Hahaha, of course I am.” Felicia says: “I brought her here, because the man of the foster family was very annoying. Neither one of us could stand him anymore.” Lauren comes in between and asks: “Wait, are you her daughter?” Victoria says: “Oh yes, you must be Lauren. I am Victoria, nice to meet you.” Lauren says: “I’m sorry, but somehow I completely forgot that you have a daughter.” Felicia says: “It doesn’t matter. Where were you before we came inside?” Amy says: “Lauren showed us a footage where the escape pod with Sebastian inside could be seen.” Felicia says: “Really? So you know what direction it went to?” Karlyn says: “Yes, and it is somehow the only direction we didn’t search yet.” Felicia says: “We should have known that much earlier.” Amy says: “We can’t change it anymore. It is what it is.” John says: “We have to bring him back this time. We need to have a bigger team for that.” Lauren says: “I might know some people who can help you.” Amy says: “Last time we trusted some people you brought with us, they almost killed you.” Lauren says: “That was my mistake. These people I am talking about now are the ones I am working with for multiple years already. They went with me in space before.” Felicia says: “Oh I see, that’s why you look still so young.” Victoria says: “Wait, when you are in space you don’t get old?” Felicia explains: “You do get older, but not in appearance.” Victoria says: “Ah, I get it.” Lauren asks: “When are you planning on leaving? Tomorrow?” John answers: “Yes, just as fast as possible. We can’t wait much longer.” The whole group walks out of the room and goes to the hangar where all spaceships are located. Amy says: “Oh yes, we also need a spaceship. Our last one isn’t really in that great condition anymore.” Lauren says: “We will take care of that.” John says: “Thanks Lauren, even after 10 years we can still count on you.” Lauren says: “Just be here tomorrow morning, then everything will be fine.” Amy asks: “What happened in these years to you? The Lauren I knew would care more about saving an alien than a human.” Lauren says: “It is the least I can do for someone who saved all of us.” After that, John, Amy, Felicia, Karlyn and Victoria all walk out of the base. Amy asks to Felicia: “What will you do in the time that we are gone?” Felicia answers: “I will try to start a life on Earth and wait for you of course.” Amy says: “If we haven’t returned in like one and a half year, you can be assured that we didn’t found him or something is wrong.” Felicia says: “I get it, it is the last chance.” Victoria says: “But this time you will return with dad right?” Karlyn says: “We will do our best, even if it has to take everything.” Victoria says: “If you don’t return with him, I will search for him myself when I am old enough.” They all laugh softly while it is Felicia’s turn to say goodbye. She says to the others: “I wish all of you the best of luck. Don’t put yourself in danger for searching him, it is not worth it.” Karlyn says: “I am not planning on returning without him.” John says: “We will do our best, we also really need luck.” And afterwards, they say goodbye to Felicia and Victoria.

On the Wildlands of Garbage, it starts getting night. Because of the other conditions on the planet, days take much longer and time goes much slower. The whole group is sitting on their own made table enjoying the dinner. Sebastian starts asking dumb questions, which Lorrayn answers. Sebastian asks: “So how do we get food every day? It doesn’t make sense to me that it just gets delivered.” Dennis says: “Just accept it, like you have to poop every day!” The others all laugh of Dennis’ joke. Lorrayn says to Sebastian: “My theory is that someone brings it every day when none of us are there. They want to keep us alive for some reason, but none of us knows why.” Sebastian says: “That all sounds pretty creepy. But how big is this place actually?” Lorrayn says: “No one knows, the garbage piles are so high that no one of us knows what’s behind of it.” Sebastian says: “So on that direction (he points at it) there is only water and on the other there is only garbage with a big garbage making it impossible to get further?” Lorrayn says: “Yes, it is what it is.” When they are done with the dinner, Andy and Kenton come to Sebastian. Andy says to him: “The first days I was here, I had the same questions as you had. After so long time of being here, I accepted that there are no answers on those questions. We are stuck here and that’s all that matters.” Sebastian says: “If you only stay here and don’t search for a way out, you are indeed stuck here for all of your life.” Kenton says: “Sebastian, believe us. On the beginning, we also searched for ways to get out of here. They are simply not there, so spare the effort and try to get used to your new life area.” Sebastian says: “No, I can’t accept this.” Andy says: “Forget about your old life. This is all you have now. Be glad that you are still alive, most people that end up alone in space die horribly. We can still life here.” Sebastian asks: “What do all of you usually do normally at night?” Kenton answers: “We make fun together around a campfire usually and afterwards……” Sebastian says: “Afterwards what?” Andy finishes his sentence by saying: “We start fighting for who can get which girl.” And both him and Kenton start laughing after they have said that. Sebastian is very surprised after hearing that. Andy continues: “Most of the times, Liam claims Adelaide because they really like each other, so we have only Emilia left to fight for.” Sebastian says: “Are you serious or what is this?” Kenton says: “He is not joking, we have to do something to enjoy our time here.” Sebastian says: “No I get it, it’s just, that I won’t be joining it.” Andy says: “What about you and Lorrayn? You are the first person here she likes to talk to. You can get her, she is totally clean.” Kenton says: “That’s not true, I also talk with her sometimes.” Andy says: “Then why didn’t you to bed with her yet Kenton?” Kenton says: “She is not interested in any of that yet.” Sebastian says: “Well, it definitely sound like all of you are enjoying your time here.” Andy says: “You should really try to get Lorrayn, I know you can do that Sebastian.” Sebastian says: “I’m sorry, I already have a girlfriend.” Andy says: “Forget about her, you won’t ever see her again.” Sebastian says: “I don’t believe that.” And after that, he walks away. When Sebastian is gone, Liam joins Andy and Kenton. He asks to them: “What do you think about our new guy?” Kenton answers: “He seems like a nice guy, like me in the first days I was here.” Liam says: “I wish we got another girl instead of having to feed another man’s mouth.” Andy asks: “Why do you care? You always have Adelaide.” Liam says: “I just would like to see more girls here instead of so much men.” Meanwhile, Sebastian walks around their place. He sees Shandley sitting alone as usual, same for Lorrayn. Adelaide and Emilia are having fun together, while Sebastian’s attentions goes more to the piles of garbage. He doesn’t hesitates and runs into the garbage to take a closer look at it. Nobody notices it. During the running, he gets along the most strangest items. When he is at the piles of garbage, Sebastian tries to run on them, but he fails in it. They are too high. After a third time of trying to run on them, Sebastian falls down and hurts himself. In less than one minute, Kenton, Emilia and Lorrayn are suddenly there. Kenton asks to him: “What are you doing here?” Sebastian says: “I want to know what’s behind of here.” Emilia says: “Nobody can climb on it. It is way too high.” Sebastian says: “There must be another way to get off here.” Kenton says: “We have tried everything already. And believe us, if there was a way to get off here, we would have told you.” Sebastian says: “I can’t just simply forget my old friends. There has to be a way to get off here and it is probably behind of this.” Emilia says: “Even if there is something behind all this fucking garbage, we still don’t have a spaceship to get off here.” Sebastian says very sad: “You’re right.” Lorrayn walks to Sebastian, who gets emotional once again, she says to him: “You have us now, we aren’t as great as what you used to have, but you could have ended up much worse.” Sebastian says: “My wife was pregnant. I will never see my child.” Lorrayn says: “I feel so sorry for you.” Emilia asks: “Shall we go back to our camp place instead of staying between all these garbage? I am getting cold and want to go to the campfire that Liam will put on.” A sad Sebastian goes with them back to the camp place.

The next morning on Earth, John, Amy and Karlyn gather before the base of Lauren. It is the day of their last attempt to get Sebastian back. Amy asks: “Are you ready for it?” Karlyn answers: “I’m ready.” John says: “Let’s do this.” And they go inside where Lauren is waiting for them. She says to them: “You are right on time. The others are already there and the spaceship is ready to leave.” Karlyn says: “That’s very good to hear.” Lauren asks: “Do you want to meet the others?” John answers: “Yes, we would really like that.” Lauren shows them the way to the same room as the one they were yesterday, where four people are sitting. They walk inside when the two men and two women stand up to introduce themselves to John, Amy and Karlyn. The first man gives a hand to them while saying: “Hi, my name is Wyatt Cochran. Great to meet you.” One of the two woman goes to John, gives him a hand and says: “My name is Kelsey Horn. I can’t believe I am finally meeting you. You are John Woodward and Amy Watkins, two of my idols.” John says: “Kelsey, that’s a special name.” Kelsey laughs and says: “Thanks John. I can call you by your first name, right?” John says: “Of course you can.” The others also introduce themselves: “Hi, my name is Kaiden Mullins, it feels great to meet you.” And “I am Jasmine Caldwell. I hope we will have a great time together with lots of fun pleasure. Or are all of you still sad about the missing of your friend?” Karlyn says: “It is okay, we haven’t seen him for like 15 years, but still we have hope that he’s alive, so it’s fine.” Yasmine says: “Sebastian Cantrell is a great hero. We have to do whatever it takes to bring him back.” Karlyn says: “Totally true.” Amy asks to Wyatt: “What got you as far to join this mission?” Wyatt answers: “This was like a once in a lifetime chance for me, to work with you and to be honest, I wouldn’t think twice if you get the chance to bring such a hero back.” Lauren says: “Great to see that all of you have met, but we have two more who would like to join. And they see another man and woman. Lauren says: “These are Dean and Rosie. They are two of the students in my astronauts academy and want to get experience by going in space for the first time. You can accompany them, right?” Amy answers: “Sure, we have place enough on the spaceship." John says: "Let’s go to the spaceship now.” And all of them go outside, where the spaceship is ready to leave. All of them go inside, except Wyatt. Amy asks to him: “What are you going to do?” Wyatt answers: “I will make sure there are no errors at the spaceship.” Very quickly, his eyes fall on something near the engine. He looks when Lauren comes to him and not much later, John and Amy as well. John asks: “What’s the matter?” Wyatt answers: “There is a leak in the engine. That’s dangerous, it could cause problems.” Lauren says: “You are right Wyatt, I will give you another spaceship.” John says: “Amy and I will notify the others about it. Not much later, all of them are outside again waiting for Lauren who is going to get a new spaceship. However, it takes longer than expected and when Lauren returns, she doesn’t has good new for them. Lauren says: “All other spaceship are hired or out of order. There is no free one.” Jasmine asks: “What now?” Lauren answers: “You can wait one week until one comes free or…...” Amy asks: “Or what?” Lauren finishes her sentence: “Take the Spaceship 537 which is always free, but much older than the others.” Kaiden says: “The Spaceship 537, that’s the former spaceship of Markus Wood right?” Kelsey says: “That sounds great!” John says: “Yes, let’s take the Spaceship 537 or if someone wants to wait one week.” Wyatt says: “Yes, let’s do that.” In a half hour, the Spaceship 537 is ready and after a good check, they are finally ready to leave. Amy asks to Lauren: “Are you agreed with taking the command over to us?” Lauren laughs and answers: “It is fine, I don’t see it as my spaceship. It is the spaceship of our group.” Amy says: “Okay good, thank you Lauren.” And Amy gives her a hand and goes inside. Karlyn does the same and also goes inside. John gives Lauren a hand as well and says: “Thank you very much for your help Lauren.” Lauren says: “You don’t have to thank me. I’m just doing what I have to do.” John says goodbye to her and wants to walk inside, but suddenly Lauren asks to him: “Wait John, where is Nena actually?” John is silenced for a few seconds until he says: “I haven’t seen her for like 14 years, our relationship ended when I started searching for Sebastian. It was this or a life with her on Earth. I chose for this.” Lauren says: “Okay that’s sad. Anyway, good luck on your mission.” John nods and walks inside the spaceship. A few minutes later, the Spaceship 537 goes into the air to space on it’s final mission to bring back Sebastian.

On the Wildlands of Garbage, the traditional campfire is taking place again. Sebastian is still a bit sad about the idea that he has to life with this people for the rest of his life. But suddenly, his new friends have some drink he has not ever seen before. Out of interest, he asks to them: “What is that drink? I thought we only had water here?” Kenton answers: “It is some drink Dennis made. We always get some berry’s with our food and we never knew what to do with it until Dennis decided to connect them with water. Now we have the best drink ever.” And meanwhile, Liam, Adelaide and Andy already take some of the drink. Sebastian asks: “How do you call it?” Emilia answers: “Zequila, it is like Tequila but with much more alcohol. Do you also want to taste it?” Sebastian says: “Maybe, I am interested now.” And on the moment Sebastian is still doubting about taking it, Kenton, Emilia and Dennis also take it. Sebastian is sitting together with Lorrayn and Shandley. He asks to them: “Do you think it is a good idea to take it?” Shandley answers: “I have had it once and no, don’t take it. You get really crazy when you take it.” And he laughs out loud after finishing his sentence. Lorrayn says: “I never had it, I am afraid that I will lose control over myself when I take it.” Suddenly Andy says: “Hey Sebastian, take something from this as well! Very good stuff!” Despite Shandley’s and Lorrayn’s warning, Sebastian takes his offer and drinks from it. He immediately starts feeling different after drinking it. He asks to Kenton: “What’s inside of this?” Kenton laughs and answers: “All you have ever dreamed of.” In the following 10 minutes, the others only take more and more from it. However, Liam suddenly has had enough and grabs Adelaide. Andy, Kenton and Dennis immediately know that the campfire is over and try to get Adelaide as well, but she always likes Liam the most so they kiss once again and in a few minutes they are in bed with each other between the garbage Liam has gathered together so none of them will see them naked. Like always, Andy, Kenton and Dennis have to fight for Emilia, who has also too much Zequila had. However, during the fight of the others, she suddenly says: “I want to know how the new one is in bed. So I choose him for tonight.” Sebastian is very surprised and hungry for it, but he fights against the drank and says: “That’s very sweet of you, but I will decline it. I already have a lover who I hope to see again one day.” Andy is very surprised and says: “He declined it, then we can get you!” And they continue the fight in which Dennis gets defeated early. Andy and Kenton fight further, but Andy is stronger and defeats his friend. When he is done, he eats some more from the drink and after it, he goes to bed with Emilia. Sebastian is in a shock in the first minutes after it. He can’t realize what has just happened. Dennis says to him: “You idiot, you had the chance to get a girl on the first day you are here! I wish I had that!” And after it, he walks away and is followed by Kenton who goes away not much later. Sebastian goes sit next to Lorrayn who is just looking into the campfire. After a few minutes, she says to him: “Get used to it, every night is like this.” Sebastian says: “In what group did I end up today……..” Lorrayn says: “I know, it is very disappointing.” Sebastian says: “I don’t want to be part of this………….. We have to search for a way to get out of here.” Lorrayn asks: “Shall we search tomorrow?” Sebastian answers: “Yes, certainly after what I saw tonight.” And not much later, they go to their sleeping places where Sebastian’s first terrible night starts.

Inside the Spaceship 537, John, Amy and Karlyn start learning their new allies better. Amy asks: “So Lauren has trained you?” Wyatt answers: “Yes, we were between the first students of her. Unfortunately, me, Kelsey and Kaiden are the only three remaining. All others have died in the meantime.” Amy says: “Yes, it is a job full of risks. Every mission could be your last.” Wyatt asks: “How many missions have you had? I heard so much, but not everything.” Amy laughs and answers: “Where do I have to start?” Somewhere else on the spaceship, Karlyn is together with Rosie and Dean for who it is the first time in outerspace. Karlyn says: “I remember my first time in space. I was much more scared than you are now.” Dean says: “It is a feeling no one can’t describe. Mrs. Marshall tried to let us get used to it, but in reality it is so much different.” Karlyn says: “Some time ago, I was for many years a trainee on a planet far away from here. I didn’t even know anymore how the gravity on Earth was like.” Rosie says: “A trainee? How did you achieve that?” Karlyn answers: “I didn’t achieve it, they forced me to. It wasn’t a fine time. Before I came there, I almost died.” Rosie says: “That sounds awful.” Karlyn says: “Luckily all of you are much better trained then I was back then. So I have much more trust in you than I had in myself at that time.” In the cockpit, John is making search they fly into the good direction. Kelsey and Kaiden are accompanying him. Kaiden says: “This spaceship is not as cool as the one we were on last mission.” Kelsey says: “Well, what does it matter. We are on the Spaceship 537. It is very popular.” Kaiden says: “Still I’m not impressed.” John says: “You don’t have to be impressed. This mission has one collective goal: get back the person who saved all of your lives.” Kelsey says: “I didn’t know if it was true, but if it is, then I am so thankful to him. That’s why I want to do something in return now.” Kaiden says: “Powers that can destroy a whole planet? I don’t believe any of those bullshit.” Kelsey asks: “Don’t you know that planet Quetir? It was also fully destroyed.” John says: “Yes it was, luckily we killed the person responsible for it and Sebastian made sure the powers are fully destroyed.” Kelsey asks: “How sure are the three of you actually that Mr. Cantrell is still alive?” John answers: “Only a little. Lauren showed us some footage on which an escape pod could be seen flying away from all the destruction, but if he is still alive, is another question.” Kelsey says: “It must be hard for you to miss your friend already for more than 10 years.” John says: “15 years already, but it didn’t felt so long ago. It still were very hard years though. It started with losing my girlfriend and 15 years later, we aren’t much further.” Kelsey says: “Wait, you and Nena don’t have a relation anymore?” Kaiden suddenly says: “I am going to take a look at the others, it is boring here.” And he walks away. When he is gone, John asks: “How do you know her name?’ Kelsey answers: “I have read the files about the mission on which Mr. Cantrell got lost.” John says: “Oh okay. You can call him Sebastian by the way, I am sure he is fine with that as well.” Kelsey laughs and says: “You all seem so big to me. I am looking up to you, that’s why I do it.” John says: “There is no reason to do that. We’re all the same.” Kelsey says: “Wow, thanks.” Amy walks inside the cockpit and asks to John: “Is everything going according to plan here?” John answers: “Oh yes, it certainly is. In like a week, we will be there.” Amy says: “Sounds good, then we can start searching again.” John says: “We have to do a whole research in the part in which the escape pod flew to. I have looked on the map already, but it doesn’t seems like there is much there apart from lots of meteorites.” Amy says: “The map is outdated, like the whole spaceship is.” John says: “There are multiple options. He could have landed on a planet or still float somewhere.” Amy says: “He can’t be alive if he still floating somewhere.” John says: “Yes, that’s why I am really hoping on the first option.” Amy looks on the map and sees one planet located. She says: “He could have landed there.” John says: “Perhaps, but we should first look more close to Rameria.” Kelsey says: “If I can help you with something, I would really love to.” Amy says: “Sure, you can help John with looking into the area in which Sebastian can be now you are here.” Kelsey says: “That sounds like a good idea.” John says: “Sure, let’s do it.”

The new day starts on the Wildlands of Garbage. Sebastian didn’t sleep good at his first night but he does not say that to Lorrayn. When all of them are back together, they act like nothing happened last night. Andy asks to Sebastian: “How was your night?” Sebastian answers honestly: “It wasn’t that great.” Andy says: “You will get used to it.” Sebastian says: “I hope so.” Kenton says: “It probably won’t take as long as Andy had to get used to this place.” Andy says laughable to him: “How do you know? You weren’t even here yet.” Kenton says: “Liam and Emilia told me about your first days here. They weren’t that great, right?” While Andy answers back to him, Sebastian walks away from the two of them to Lorrayn who asks to him: “Do you want to make a walk?” Liam, Adelaide and Dennis are together and see the two of them walk away from their place. Adelaide says: “So cute. We are getting a new couple here.” Dennis says: “How the hell does that guy already get a girl while I am here for so long time already and I don’t have one!” Liam says: “Calm down Dennis, I have a feeling there will come another girl soon and she will be yours.” Dennis says: “You better be right, otherwise I will steal one of the ones that are already here. I am so done with it!” Adelaide looks to Liam who says to her: “He won’t ever get you. He is just trying to make you afraid.” Meanwhile, Emilia joins the group and asks to them: “Where are you looking to?” Dennis answers: “The new guy who gets the girl which I deserve!” Emilia says: “I don’t really see the problem. Lorrayn does not want you anyway and if she finally gets someone here that she likes, then that’s great for her. You wouldn’t have got her anyway.” Dennis says: “I think she is still a virgin. I want to fuck a girl who is still a virgin.” Emilia says: “Wait for a new girl to come here then.” Dennis walks away angrily when Liam says to Emilia: “I heard about last night. Why did you do that?” Emilia answers: “I wanted to let Sebastian feel alright.” Liam says: “Don’t do that. We can’t trust him yet.” Emilia says: “You say that about every new member we got, maybe you should get a little more friendly to strangers.” While the two of them talk a little more, we go to Sebastian and Lorrayn who are walking through the garbage. After some walking, they end up at the high garbage piles again. Sebastian says: “There really should be a way to get through of here.” Lorrayn smiles and sees before her how Sebastian tries to find a tunnel to pass the garbage piles. Sebastian says: “I can’t believe there is no way to get through here.” Lorrayn says: “I think the same, but none of the others thinks so.” Out of frustration, Sebastian smashes against the garbage pile. After a few seconds of waiting, some stuff suddenly falls off it. Between it, there is a football. Sebastian laughs and says: “A football? Why would you bring a football into space?” Lorrayn says: “We found even more crazy stuff. From a toilet plunger to a parasol. Like why would you bring a parasol into space?” Sebastian says: “Yeah, that’s crazy.” After a short silence, Sebastian says: “Thank your for being so friendly by the way. Some of the others don’t trust me yet, while you already do.” Lorrayn says: “Well that’s not weird. Shandley is only living in his own world while Liam, Adelaide, Emilia and Dennis think they are too good for this place. Andy and Kenton are the only ones I ever spoke to.” Sebastian says: “I would love to help you with that.” Lorrayn says: “No it’s fine, I don’t feel like ever getting involved in the Zequila party.” Sebastian asks: “How did you actually end up here?” Lorrayn answers: “A friend from the village I lived got me as far to go into space while I wasn’t even ready for it. Something went wrong at the spaceship, so someone had to fix it outside in space. I knew how to fix it, so that’s why I went outside. But I never learned how to make the safety arc attached to my spacesuit, so during fixing it, I was pulled off and my safety arc didn’t help me. I fully floated into space and I never saw them again.” Sebastian says: “That’s very sad.” Lorrayn says: “It’s okay. I can’t remember all of them anyway. It is so long ago.” Sebastian asks: “Where was your spaceship flying to?” Lorrayn answers: “I think it was Quetir.” Sebastian says: “Quetir, I have been on that planet for years.” Lorrayn suddenly gets a memory back and says: “Wait, weren’t you part of that group that saved everyone from that man called Bryan Hubbard?” Sebastian answers: “Yes, how do you know that?” Lorrayn says: “It was big in the news just before I went on the trip. And we didn’t want to go on that trip if Bryan Hubbard would have taken over the planet.” Sebastian says: “We actually didn’t defeated him there. He returned as Black God, but that’s a long story.” Lorrayn is suddenly very enthusiastic and says: “But that means you are very famous!” Sebastian says: “I probably am, even more after I did what made me end up here. But please please, don’t tell any of the others my full name.” Lorrayn says: “Sure, I don’t even talk to them as I said.” Sebastian says: “If they know that, they will look different to me.” Lorrayn says: “I don’t get it. You are a hero, why wouldn’t you want them to know that?” Sebastian says: “I simply don’t want it.” Lorrayn says: “You will get us back to Earth, right? Sebastian answers: “I can’t promise anything, but as you can see, I am working on it.” It is followed by the both of them walking back to their camp. Sebastian takes the football with him.

In space, everyone is together after their first day. John and Kelsey also come to the group when Amy asks to John: “How is everything going?” John answers: “Really good, we have started searching in the area. Although we didn’t found much, we still have something to go further with.” Amy says: “Sounds good. You didn’t found any planet there?” John says: “There is one, but it is far away. Besides that, there are only meteorites as far as we saw.” Amy says: “We will take a better look as soon as we are there.” Wyatt joins the conversation by saying: “Kelsey, Kaiden and I have flew close to that area once quite some time ago, and indeed, there is almost no way of flying there, so many meteorites you will find on your way.” John says: “Very sure that it’s going to be hard indeed.” Meanwhile, Kelsey and Kaiden are also together. Kaiden asks: “Why did you stay so long there? It was much more fun here.” Kelsey answers: “I want to learn from John. That’s also why I joined this mission.” Kaiden says: “Thanks to this mission, our group is falling apart. I wish we would have been only with Wyatt instead of those big guys who think they are better than us.” Karlyn is suddenly standing next to them and says: “Shall I do like I didn’t heard that or?” Kaiden says: “I didn’t meant you. I was talking about Amy Watkins and John Woodward.” Karlyn says: “Still you already have an opinion about them while you don’t even know them.” Kaiden asks: “Why do you even care if I don’t talk about you?” Karlyn says: “Didn’t they learned you to act normal to strangers?” Kaiden screams: “Look at yourself first!” Kelsey comes between them and says: “Please stop, we should be allies with the same goal.” John, Amy and Wyatt come to them and John asks: “What’s going on here?” Kelsey answers: “Karlyn and Kaiden got into a fight.” Amy says: “Behave yourself to the newcomers Karlyn.” Karlyn says: “Oh now it is suddenly my fault.” Amy says: “I don’t know whoever started this, but you shouldn’t let yourself go into it so easily.” Karlyn says: “Okay sure Mrs. Watkins.” John says: “Okay let’s have some sleep everyone. We still have a long way to go until we are there.” Karlyn says: “Good idea.” And she walks away. The others follow her to the place in the spaceship where all their beds are located. Rosie asks: “Why don’t we have a little privacy here?” Wyatt answers to her: “Get used to the life on a spaceship.” Kelsey says: “True, we have slept on worse places.” John says: “Same for us.” They all take their own place in the room. Rosie and Dean take the beds next to each other, while all others sleep all across the room.

At Sebastian, it is still day. He and Lorrayn are back at the camp. Andy and Kenton are the first to see they are back. Their conversation suddenly ends when they see that Sebastian has brought a football with him. Andy walks to him and says: “Wait, is that a football?” Sebastian says: “Yes, it is. I was quite surprised as well when I found it.” Andy says: “Do you wanna play? I used to play tennis on Earth, but football is quite a great sport as well.” Kenton says: “Then I will be on your team.” Andy laughs and says: “Who said I want to have you on my team?” Kenton says: “You wish to have someone on your team.” Sebastian asks to Lorrayn: “Do you want to be in my team?” Lorrayn answers: “Of course.” They grab some garbage together where they create two goal with and when they are done, they start footballing. From their space on the place, Liam, Dennis, Emilia and Adelaide see it happening. Liam says: “So great for them. They finally found something to do.” Emilia says: “Are you jealous Liam?” Liam says: “No, totally not. Only losers play football.” Emilia says: “Well I am going to take a look at those losers then. At least they have more fun than we ever had in the last weeks.” And she walks away. Adelaide says to Liam: “Let her do what she wants. You will always have me.” Liam says: “Of course.” And they kiss once again. Dennis is looking very jealously to it. After some time, he can’t handle it anymore and walks away as well. Meanwhile, Emilia joins the footballing group by asking: “Where did you found that football?” Sebastian answers: “It fell of the garbage piles.” Kenton asks: “Do you want to join us?” Emilia says: “Maybe, I’m bored, I would like to do something. Which team can I join?” Andy answers: “Join Sebastian’s and Lorrayn’s team, they need reinforcement.” Emilia says: “Okay good idea.” And with three players, Sebastian’s team is suddenly much better and scores very easily. During the football match, Sebastian can forget Felicia and the social cohesion between him and his new friends increases a lot. After lots of time of playing, the score is 9-9 and Andy says: “Who scores now wins!” And he has the ball and goes to the goal of the other team. When he is close enough to the goal, he shoots but Lorrayn makes a great defend and makes sure the ball doesn’t go into the goal. Sebastian and Emilia are very glad and get the ball into the game again. They pass to each other and with help of Lorrayn, they play Andy and Kenton out. When Emilia gets the chance to score, she passes to Sebastian who kicks the ball into the goal. The team of Sebastian, Lorrayn and Emilia wins. Andy says: “Next time we will get our revanche!” Kenton says: “Oh yes sure you will. Next time I am going to make sure I am not in your team anymore.” Emilia says: “You are all so cool. Why didn’t I ever talked to you actually Lorrayn?” Lorrayn says: “I don’t know either.” Sebastian says: “I am so glad I got all of you instead of ending up somewhere alone.” During the footballing, none of them noticed that two eyes are looking to them from behind the bushes. After standing there for a while, the unknown person goes away again.

On Earth, Felicia is sitting alone in her house, Victoria is on school again. It is already a week ago since the Spaceship 537 flew away. Suddenly, the bell rings. Felicia walks to the door, opens it and sees Jack standing behind of it. Felicia asks: “What do you want?” Jack answers: “Please let me in.” And Felicia lets him inside. When both of them are sitting on the bench next to each other, Felicia asks: “How is Lynn doing?” Jack answers: “It is not so great between us. We got a big argument yesterday.” Felicia says: “Oh, that’s not so good to hear.” Jack asks: “How are you doing?” Felicia answers: “I am really lonely and looking outside in the sky if Sebastian is there.” Jack says: “How hard it must be for you, but you have to forget him. He is death.” Felicia says: “Not before that spaceship has landed again.” Jack says: “I want to tell you something.” Felicia asks: “What?” Jack says: “From all kids I had as foster dad, Victoria is probably my favourite.” Felicia laughs and says: “She is more like Sebastian, I don’t think I was that sweet at that age.” Jack says: “That’s not true. You are still very sweet.” Felicia says: “Wow, thank you.” Jack says: “So the thing is, Lynn doesn’t wants to see me anymore. So can I sleep here for how long it takes? Felicia says: “Sure, I can use some company.” Jack says: “Thank you Felicia. Shall I move my bed over to here or?” Felicia says: “No, you can sleep next to me. It won’t be an issue.” A few hours later, Victoria gets home again. She is very happy as always, but now she suddenly sees that Jack is in their house again. She says: “Hi mum!” Felicia is also very glad to see her again. Jack also stands up and says: “Hi Victoria.” Victoria says very honest: “What is he doing here? I thought you were done with him.” Felicia answers: “He has some problems with your foster mum, so he will stay here for a few days.” Victoria doesn’t likes it and shows it on her face. Suddenly she grabs her bag again, says: “I have to make homework.” and goes upstairs. Felicia says: “Don’t mind about her, she is an adolescent as you know.” Jack says: “Yes, I know her for 15 years already.” Felicia says: “I wish I could have been with her for so long time.”

After sleeping for lots of hours, the whole crew of the Spaceship 537 wakes up again. Together they eat before ending up on their places again. Karlyn is still angry for what happened last night. Amy and Wyatt are discussing about the trip. Amy says: “If you have something you want to do different, it is totally fine.” Wyatt says: “I don’t have much experience in searching a lost astronaut.” Amy says: “Actually it is already quite impressive what you Kaiden and Kelsey have achieved. You don’t have to be inferior to us.” Wyatt says: “No, it’s fine. It is for us also fine to see how you work and look if we can do our advantage with that.” Kaiden joins the conversation by saying: “You worked with Markus Wood, right? He was such a big idol to me.” Amy answers: “Only short. He was my idol as well.” Kaiden says: “ Rosie says: “He got too much honour in my opinion.” Kaiden asks: “How do you even know?” Rosie says: “His crew was just the first who came on Quetir, not like anyone else could have been first.” Kaiden says: “Sure, but he gave all of us the idea that going to planets far away is a realistic thing.” Amy says: “It surely is.” Wyatt says: “Still it is not for everyone.” Amy says: “Yes people often make that mistake.” Kaiden says: “I had that idea about Kelsey on our first mission, but I have never been more wrong.” Wyatt says: “You really had? I already saw lots of potential in the both of you.” While Wyatt and Kaiden start a discussion, Dean goes to Amy and says to her: “Is there something I can do?” Amy answers: “Well you can take a look at John, he can probably use some help.” Dean says: “Okay sure, I will look if I can help.” When he sees Dean walking to the cockpit, Kaiden asks: “Can I go to there as well?” Wyatt answers: “Why not?” Kaiden likes it and goes to the cockpit. In the cockpit, John and Kelsey are working on creating a simulation of how Sebastian’s escape pod has flew after it escaped from the explosion on Rameria. Kelsey says: “A single escape pod goes much faster than a spaceship. It can reach a speed twice as fast as a normal spaceship.” John says: “Yes you are right. Actually I didn’t looked at the speed yet.” Kelsey says: “Oh haha, I thought I could finally learn you something.” John says: “Well you did. I didn’t exactly know that.” Kelsey laughs once again and says: “Lauren taught me that on the training.” John says: “I didn’t learn much from Lauren.” Kelsey says: “She even learned me personal stuff like that you shouldn’t love someone when going outerspace, because your feelings will be much on him instead on the mission.” John says: “Understandable, she also loved a man on her first mission.” Kelsey says: “She did? She never told us about that.” John says: “She prefers not to talk about it since he died. Anyway, did you succeed in it?” Kelsey says: “I think I did. I used to have a boyfriend, but he couldn’t handle me going into space. He said to me: “Do what you desire, but I won’t be a part of your life anymore then.” It was pretty dramatic, but this simply was one of my dreams. I worked as a cashier in a supermarket at that time. I stopped with that and school to reach this goal.” John says: “Sounds very familiar to me. I had kind of the same.” Kelsey says: “You were lucky enough to be able to take your girlfriend on the mission.” John says: “It wasn’t that successful. She left me afterwards.” Kelsey says: “I know how it’s like to lose someone because of your dreams.” Suddenly, Dean comes inside. He asks to them: “Can I help you with something?” John answers: “Not really. We are almost done with the simulation.” Dean says: “Sounds cool. I want to see that.” Kelsey says: “We already have the map fully complete and ready and with the right speed in it. In a few minutes we will have a simulation of how Sebastian’s escape pod has flew in the last 15 years.” It is silenced for a few moments until Kaiden walks inside. He asks: “How are you doing Kelsey?” Kelsey answers: “I am doing fine.” Kaiden says: “I was expecting you to get bored quickly here.” Kelsey says: “Oh totally not. It is really great here.” John says: “She has helped me really good. I couldn’t have done it without her.” Kelsey says: “Yes, we are really good team.” Kaiden says: “I thought you always liked to form a team with me.” And he angrily walks away. Dean asks: “What’s miss with that guy?” Kelsey answers: “It is somehow hard to understand for him that we have other teammates on the mission.” John looks on the screen and sees that the simulation is totally ready. He says: “We are done!” Kelsey says: “Great! Let’s call the others. May I do that?” John says: “Of course you may.” And very happily, Kelsey walks to the room where all the others are sitting. When she has told them the simulation is ready, they are all very curious and go to the cockpit immediately. All, except Karlyn who stays behind.

After having a day full with pleasure, it is getting night again at the Wildlands of Garbage. They are all together at the campfire, even Shandley is with them. Andy and Kenton try to get him more into the group. Also, Lorrayn is more into the group thanks to Sebastian and Kenton. Andy says: “Let’s hope the next thousand days of living here will be even greater than the many days we have already had.” Kenton laughs and says: “Your choice of words.” Emilia says: “You are very right Andy. When we as group get more close to each other, it will be much greater for all of us.” Liam says: “Well if you guys care so much about each other, then okay.” Emilia says: “In all this time you have only spoken much to me, Adelaide, Dennis and slightly to Andy and Kenton. We are with more here.” Shandley says: “True, I really want to talk to all of you, but you never give me a chance for that.” The others are all silenced after he said that. Liam says: “Shall I get the Zequila? This night is so boring.” Dennis says: “Yes, give me that stuff!” Sebastian says: “No, wait a minute.” But Liam doesn’t listen, gets the Zequila and soon he, Andy, Dennis, Adelaide and Emilia drink from it again. Sebastian says: “Why is every night like this?” Lorrayn says: “You will never be able to change that.” Sebastian asks: “Shall we search for a quiet place?” Lorrayn answers: “Good idea.” Kenton says: “I will come with you.” Meanwhile, Liam, Andy and Dennis fight for the girls again. Emilia likes Andy very much and gives her over to him once again. Liam easily gets Adelaide of course, leaving Dennis as the loser behind once again. He is very disappointed that for another night he won’t have a girl and sees in the right of his eyes Lorrayn together with Sebastian and Kenton walking away. He grabs his chance and goes behind them immediately.

In the cockpit of the Spaceship 537, they are all ready for the simulation. Amy says: “Put it on, I want to see it.” John asks: “Shouldn’t we wait for Karlyn?” Amy answers: “She won’t come.” Kelsey says: “Okay, then let’s start.” On the big screen they see the map of the space. Rameria is seen on it. Next to it, a big red dot is shown. John says: “As you can see is this the place where the escape pod was shown on the footage of our spaceship. As we know that it went into this direction, we have calculated and simulated on how it must have flew in the last 15 years.” On the map, a yellow line appears from the red dot and goes further and further into the map. Next to it can be seen in how much years the escape pod reached the place on the map. After 8,5 years, a planet suddenly appears on the map. They all see the yellow line ending on the planet called Apretoire. Amy says: “So he ended up on that planet.” Rosie says: “Wait a minute, if he had to be 8,5 years on that escape pod, isn’t he had already death for a long time then?” Kelsey answers: “No, most of the escape pods have food, water and oxygen for approximately 10 years, so there is a big chance that Sebastian is still alive.” Wyatt says: “Even if your calculations aren’t fully right, there is still a big chance that the escape pod crosses the atmosphere of Apretoire, so it’s indeed very likely that it ended up there. Very good job Kelsey and John.” Amy asks: “What do we know about that planet?” John answers: “The name was given by a French astronaut who found the planet around 30 years ago. It has a lot of water and living is possibly if you are strong enough.” Kelsey says: “Also, it is very sparsely populated cause of what John has just said.” Amy asks: “Are we already moving towards Apretoire?” John says: “Yes, I will change that right now.” Amy says: “I really feel he is on that planet.” John says: “I really hope it.” On the other side of the spaceship, Karlyn is sitting and doing nothing until she suddenly gets an idea. She walks to the communication room. She says to herself: “Let’s see if we got some incoming messages.” And she takes a look and sees three messages from Lauren. Although they might be important, she swipes them away. Not much later, her eyes fall on a message by an unknown person. It says: “Hi members of the Spaceship 537. I found someone on my planet that may be interesting to you. I believe it is a dear Sebastian Cantrell. If you are interesting in getting him back, go to these coordinates and pick him up. I believe he doesn’t misses you though. Greetings, your besbest Fally. For a few moments, Karlyn is looking very surprised at the message. But when she realizes that there is not much time to lose, she writes: “Hi! I am Karlyn Lake. I hope you still remember me. We were best friends on our first and final mission. I can’t wait to see you again! Greetings, Karly” When she is done writing, Karlyn sends the mail to the person she somehow knows. When it is send, she walks outside when she suddenly gets face to face with Amy. Amy asks to her: “Hey, did we got any messages? I just wanted to look.” Karlyn says: “There were only old messages. Nothing interesting.” And after it, she walks away again.

When Sebastian, Kenton and Lorrayn have found a quiet place at the water, Dennis is suddenly there. Lorrayn asks to him: “Dennis, do you want to join us?” Dennis answers: “Yes, I definitely want that.” And he goes sit next to Lorrayn. Sebastian and Kenton already don’t trust us but don’t come in action. Dennis says: “I just want……want……a girl tonight!! And out of nowhere, he suddenly grabs Lorrayn. Sebastian and Kenton attack him and they start fighting. During the fighting, Kenton says: “I was here first, so she belong to me!!!” Sebastian says: “That’s not how the rules work here!” And after quite a long fight, they defeat Dennis. Kenton says: “Shut up! Go to the hole where you came from!” And when he is defeated, Dennis suddenly realizes what he has done. He walks away as fast as he can. Lorrayn asks: “What did he wanted to do with me?” Sebastian answers: “That’s not important. All that matters is that he didn’t succeed in it.” Kenton says: “Yes, we will always be there for you.” Meanwhile, the very shocked Dennis walks through the bushes and forest part of their place. He can’t properly think of the Zequila and falls against a tree. When he is back to conscious again, an unknown person is suddenly standing behind him. Dennis doesn’t sees it until he has a knife in him. He looks behind him and sees the dark person attacking him with a knife. He screams: “What the fuck are you?!!! The unknown person says to him: “I am your worsworst nightmare.” And Dennis gets easily defeated. The unknown person says: “I want you to deliver a message over to all the others. The hunting season has started!” And after it, the unknown person uses the knife more and more on Dennis. He screams the pain out till it suddenly ends. One thing is certain now: they are not alone on this planet. And it’s coming for them, for all of them.

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  • Jeremy Irvine as Sebastian Cantrell
  • Tony Oller as John Woodward
  • Danielle Campbell as Amy Watkins
  • Lia Marie Johnson as Karlyn Lake
  • Unknown actor as Andy Stewart
  • Unknown actor as Liam Maddox
  • Unknown actor as Kenton Caldwell
  • Unknown actress as Lorrayn Farmer
  • Unknown actor as Shandley Munoz
  • Unknown actor as Dennis Hurley
  • Unknown actress as Adelaide Vaughan
  • Unknown actress as Emilia Winters
  • Unknown actor as Wyatt Cochran
  • Unknown actress as Kelsey Horn
  • Unknown actor as Kaiden Mullins
  • Unknown actor as Jasmine Caldwell
  • Unknown actor as Dean Abbott
  • Unknown actress as Rosie Hudson
  • Hera Hilmar as Felicia Erickson
  • Unknown actress as Victoria Cantrell
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Lauren Marshall
  • Unknown actor as Jack Marquez
  • Dominic West as Besoux
  • Unknown voice actor as Zaver
  • Unknown voice actress as Nasoux
  • Unknown voice actress as Sabroux

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