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      Spaceship 537: Wildlands of Garbage is the 11th movie in the Spaceship 537 franchise. It is a sequel to Spaceship 537: Returning Outerspace. It's an original movie idea by FranceSwitzerland. This movie will focus on less storylines than we used to know from the last movies. It is the second movie in the third trilogy of Spaceship 537.


After the destruction of both Black God and Alysha, the leader of their group, Sebastian Cantrell, survived the explosion and ended up in critical condition all alone in space. Fortunately for him, Sebastian comes on a place where everything that ends up in space gets a second chance: the Wildlands of Garbage. No one there believes in the chances of Sebastian surviving and getting in good health again, except for one girl. Meanwhile on Earth, John, Amy, Felicia and Karlyn can't pick up their lifes (again) and start searching for Sebastian. After multiple unsuccesful mission, John knows there is only one place left they didn't search at. He gets Amy and Karlyn as far to join him while Felicia stays on Earth to take care off her daughter. With new allies who hopefully can be trusted (instead of their last allies), they hope in one ultimate try to finally find their good friend back.


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  • Jeremy Irvine as Sebastian Cantrell
  • Tony Oller as John Woodward
  • Danielle Campbell as Amy Watkins
  • Unknown actor as Andy Stewart
  • Unknown actor as Liam Maddox
  • Unknown actor as Kenton Caldwell
  • Unknown actress as Lorrayn Farmer
  • Unknown actor as Shandley Munoz
  • Unknown actor as Dennis Hurley
  • Unknown actress as Adelaide Vaughan
  • Unknown actress as Emilia Winters
  • Hera Hilmar as Felicia Erickson
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Lauren Marshall
  • Lia Marie Johnson as Karlyn Lake
  • Unknown actress as Victoria Cantrell
  • Dominic West as Besoux
  • Unknown voice actor as Zaver
  • Unknown voice actress as Nasoux
  • Unknown voice actress as Sabroux

More cast members coming soon!

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