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Spaceship 537: The Planet of Hell is the 7th movie in the Spaceship 537 franchise. It is a sequel to Spaceship 537: The new Quetir. It's an original movie idea by FranceSwitzerland. All characters who survived the last movie will appear in this movie idea. The main focus of this movie won't be on Quetir anymore like the last movie. This movie will finish the storyline which started at Spaceship 537.


After Caroline, Lauren, Richard, Amy, Lindsey, Jaimy, Sebastian, Isabelle, John, Nina, Lucy, James, Besoux, Nasoux and Zaver defeated and killed Uitrox, a new enemy who is the leader of Uitrox shows up. He puts together a team to take revenge on the death of Uitrox. Meanwhile on Quetir, all humans and Quetirians are done with fighting and hope to have peace forever. When a good old friend of Besoux wants to buy an important weapon of him, a group is put together to bring this weapon to another planet. Sebastian, Isabelle, John, Nina and Lucy decide to do this together with other humans including James. During this travel, bad things happen and the weapon never reaches it destination. Black God claims to be responsible for all the bad things happening in the universe and wants to get revenge on the biggest idiots of all. He rules on the planet he has taken over together with his allies. The surviving humans and Quetirians haver to stop Black God before he takes over the whole universe.


It starts on an unknown planet. It is the same planet which was shown in the credit scene on the end of the last movie. It’s a flashback, because the planet looks much different. Everybody is living peacefully next to each other. People from an unknown specie are seen. They are very happily living together. Until one day, an unknown person lands with his spaceship on the planet. Nobody knows him and why he came on the planet. He looks completely black and his face can’t be seen. When he walks into the biggest city of the planet, everybody is terrified. Lots of them start attacking him because they think he is the devil. And that’s true after all. Black God uses all his powers and kills everyone who comes on his way. The king of the planet sees it all happening. He sends his best henchman to it. But when this henchman attacks the Black God, he is very fastly and easily killed. The king doesn’t knows what to do. The Black God sees him and with all of his powers, he destroys the castle where he is. During the collapsing of this building, the king of the planet dies. After this, Black God starts destroying the whole city. With his powers, he grabs all the broken stuff together and throws it on one pile. Black Good looks further on the planet and sees that he planet is not that big and sees a high mountain. He runs immediatly to it. On the travel tot his mountain, he sees someone walking. The person also sees him. Black God doesn’t wants him to see him, but also doesn’t wants to kill him. The person asks in his own language to him: “Who the hell are you supposed to be?” Black God says: “I am supposed to be your god.” After it, he uses his powers on the person. Black God asks: “Who are you?” The weird specie says: “I’m Feroma, my god.” Black God likes his answer and walks further. Feroma follows him. Somewhere further, Black God sees some kind of cave. He goes inside of it. Feroma says: “It is dangerous to go inside of here.” Black God says: “Nothing is dangerous for me.” Some big specie is inside of the cave. On the moment Black God and him see each other, Black God uses his powers. He asks to the big specie: “What’s your name?” He answers: “I am Yrovor, my god.” Black God goes out of the cave again and Yrovor and Feroma follow him. After some walking, they are suddenly attacked by a female with an army. She says: “You are the one who destroyed our capital! Kill him!” Black God kills all of them and Feroma and Yrovor help him with it. When only the female is alive anymore, Black God walks to her. She wants to surrender, but Black God uses his powers on her. After it, he asks once again: “What is your name?” She answers: “I am Epacel.” Black God, her, Feroma and Yrovor walk further. Not much later, they reach the highest mountain of the planet. When they are all on it, Black God starts completely using his powers. Feroma asks to him: “What are you doing?” Black God answers: “Totally destroying the planet.” And after it, he uses his powers on the complete planet. Everybody dies and gets destroyed. Feroma, Epacel and Yrovor are all surprised by it. Black God says: “Now, lets create the planet on the way I want it!”

The logo of Spaceship 537: The Planet of Hell appears on the screen.

On Quetir, the peace has been restored and everybody is happy. Inside the palace of Besoux, all the humans are living a good life. Richard and Amy are even more in love with each other. Lindsey and Jaimy have become good friends. Caroline and Lauren are good friends too and Sebastian is in love with Isabelle and John and Lucy can also find it very good with each other. On a normal day, they are all in the palace of Besoux. Lauren asks to Besoux: “Is everything going good?” Besoux answers: “Yes, nothing special is happening.” All the other humans also come and to their surprise, Nasoux is also in the palace. Caroline goes to her and asks: “What did you brought here?” Nasoux says: “Besoux told me that he had something important.” Caroline is surprised and says: “Important? I don’t know about that.” Nasoux says: “I think Besoux still has to tell you about it.” When they are all together and eating something, Besoux says to all the humans: “You have probably seen that Nasoux has returned to us. I wanted to tell you that I got a message from a good old friend of mine. His name is Provart and he lives on a planet not very close to ours. He asked me if he could buy a weapon from me. There is a huge war going on on his planet right now. And if he gets that weapon, he will be able to beat their enemies. So, Nasoux and I are going to search a team who can bring this weapon to Provart. He is a good friend of me and has also helped me a lot of times before I met you. So I really think that we have to do this for him.” All the humans are agreed wit hit. Amy asks to Besoux: “Did you already had some people in mind for this?” Besoux answers: “Not really, I asked Nasoux to help me with it.” Sebastian says: “I would like to do it together with my friends.” Besoux is surprised and says: “I thought all of you would be done with it.” Isabelle, Nina, John and Lucy agree with it. Nina says: “Sitting here gets also boring. And we probably haven’t experiences so much as you did.” Besoux says: “That’s right. It’s also good to have some people on it who I can trust.” John asks: “What kind of weapon is it?” Besoux says: “You really shouldn’t open it. It’s very dangerous if you don’t use it on the right way.” Lucy says: “You didn’t really answer John’s question.” Besoux says: “Maybe because I can’t answer your question. Just don’t open the crate where it is in.” Isabelle asks: “When will we leave?” Besoux says: “In a few days when we have the complete team together.” After it, Nasoux says: “Lets now search some more team members.” Besoux and Nasoux walk away. When they are done, John says: “Why does Besoux not tell us what kind of weapon we are dealing with?” Amy says: “Maybe he is scared that you will use it?” Lauren says: “I think that this weapon is very powerful. Just don’t use it.” Sebastian asks: “Actually, shouldn’t we do this with the whole team? Then, we are the strongest.” Jaimy says: “I don’t really think that I feel like to do this.” Lindsey says: “Same for me.” Lauren says: “This job is much easier than we have had before, you should be able to do this without all of us.” Sebastian says: “Okay true, John, I, Isabelle, Nina and Lucy should be able to do this.”

The next following days, Sebastian, Isabelle, Nina, John and Lucy prepare themselves for the travel. When they see Besoux and Nasoux again, Isabelle asks: “Have you found more members for the team?” Besoux says: “Yes, we did. Tomorrow, you will leave.” That day nothing special happens anymore.

The next day, Sebastian, Isabelel, Nina, John and Lucy grab some stuff together and prepare to leave. When they are at the spaceship, they see their team members. Tot heir own surprise, James is also with them. Nina asks to him: “You have also decided to come?” James says: ‘Yes, this seems very easy for me and Besoux told me that we will get a big reward when we succesfully return.” Nina says: “Okay good to have you here with us.” After it, they all go inside the spaceship. Inside the spaceship, they meet the others. They see that they are with ten. The others introduce themself as Bradley, Delmar, Lizz and Jake. After it, the spaceship goes up and flies away.

Inside the spaceship, they are already very fast interested in what is in inside of the crate. Bradley says: “Shall we just open it? He will never know that we looked inside of it.” Delmar answers on it: “You don’t know that. Maybe there are cameras inside of this spaceship.” Bradley says: “Dude, cameras aren’t even working in space.” Jake walks to them and says: “Calm down, we don’t need to have a fight because of this.” Sebastian, Isabelle, Nina, John and Lucy look at it and don’t really know what to think of their team members. Nina asks to James, who is also standing with them, about them: “Do you know them?” James answers: “I don’t know much more than their names and why they came on the planet.” Nina says: “That’s already more than we know.” James says: “We have to work as a team to let this mission succeed. If we do that, it will be very easy.” Sebastian asks to James: “We know that there is some kind of war going on that planet. Will that cause trouble?” James says: “Probaby not, I have heard that he is on a safe place and we just have to give him the weapon so he can restore the peace on that planet.” Jake says to them: “I know, it is too easy and Besoux will give us huge rewards for this. Lizz says: “I am pretty sure there is still something that will make it harder. Besoux is not stupid. And otherwise he would have done it himself.” Isabelle says to her: “Besoux is done with all these missions. A lot has happened to him.” Bradley says: “Besoux is such a lazy shit. He is rich enough to let others do the hard work.” Lucy says: “Don’t talk about him on this way. He has killed that motherfucker of a Uitrox. Without him, he would still rule Bisonuar.” Bradley says: “I disagree. It wasn’t that hard to kill him. Everybody could have done it.” Afte rit, Delmar says to Lucy: “Don’t talk to him. This man doesn’t knows what he is saying.” Bradley laughs about it and walks away. When he is gone, John says: “Really? We have an idiot again on our team?” Sebastian says: “Yes, it seems like we always get these kind of people.” After it, James says: “A team needs a leader. Can I be leader?” Nina says: “I am fine with it.” Sebastian says: “You have the most knowlegde, so yes you are the best candidate.” James says: “Thank you.” Delmar says: “Okay good leader, do you know how long it is still to that planet?” James says: “I will ask it to our pilots.” James walks to the cockpit where two Quetirians are controlling the spaceship. James asks: “How is everything going?” One of the Quetirians says: “Just a few days of travelling.” James says: “Okay good, tell me when something is wrong.”

On Black God’s planet, Black God still has all the power. The planet is completely how he wants. He, Feroma, Yrovor and Epacel are sitting together on the highest mountain. Black God stands up and looks everywhere on the planet. An overview over the planet is seen to make it look like a peaceful planet where everybody is living peacefully together. Of course, everybody know that it only looks like that. Feroma asks to Black God: “Is there anything I have to do master?” Black God answers: “No, all we have to do is waiting.” Epacel asks: “Waiting for what?” Black God says: “Until that son of a bitch comes here.”

On Quetir, Caroline, Lauren, Richard, Amy, Lindsey and Jaimy are still in the palace of Besoux. Not much later, Besoux and Nasoux also come inside. Amy asks: “Besoux have you already heard something of the group?” Besoux says: “No, it is hard to get contact through space, but I know they are allright.” Lauren says: “They will probably be back in like a week.” Nasoux says: “Normally the travel to the planet takes around a week.” Richard says: “So if it takes longer than a week, we know that there is something wrong.” Besoux says: “They can have some problems on their way. And I don’t know how long they are going to be on Epacel’s planet.” Caroline asks: “Why would they stay long on that planet?” Besoux says: “I don’t know, maybe they have to help Epacel with the weapon.” Amy says: “They don’t even know what’s inside of the create.” Besoux says: “I didn’t told it for their own safety.” Richard asks: “Can you tell it to us then?” Besoux says: “Okay fine, but it is actually not really a weapon. It is an important power source which you can put into a weapon.” A surprised Lauren asks: “Why you didn’t told them that?” Besoux says: “Because they would start playing with it and it is way too dangerous for that.” Lindsey says: “I guess they will now start with finding it out what’s really inside.” Besoux says: “Don’t worry. It is a tough crate which you don’t get open that easily.” Nasoux asks: “Are you sure? I think that humans are smart and strong enough to open it.” Besoux says: “We will never know what really happened, but actually I don’t care that much. It is their own responsibility.”

In outerspace, Bradley starts opening the crate. Delmar sees it happening and says: “You really can’t listen, do you?” Bradley says: “Come on, aren’t you curious too? We have to know what’s inside of here.” Delmar says: “You are so stupid.” After it, Jake comes to it and says: “I will help you!” And Jake also starts breaking open the crate. Delmar goes to James and says: “We have two idiots who want to open the crate. Do we have to do something against it?” Without answering, James walks to it and says: “What the hell are you doing?” Bradley says: “Come on man. Don’t be so serious. Aren’t you curious too?” James says: “Actually I am, but the mission is more important to me.” The others also come and see how Bradley and Jake try to open the crate. Lizz says to Bradley: “Be prepared. Maybe something alive is inside of it.” Bradley says: “We would have heard it make noise. And I didn’t hear anything.” Lizz says: “Maybe it doesn’t makes sound at all.” Sebastian says: “Why should we open it? We have to deliver it to this Provart and then it looks like we have messed with the weapon.” Bradley says: “Really? Why should we care about that?” James says: “You are right, we shouldn’t care about that. But we should care about what Besoux told us. And he told us to not open the crate.” On the moment the others want to stop Bradley and Jake from opening the crate, they manage to open it. Bradley is the first to look inside and is disappointed. It is only some kind of weird mechanical thing. Bradley says: “Really? This is what we have to transport?” The others also look inside and share his opinion here. Delmar laughs and says: “Couldn’t Besoux have put this through the post?” Jake adds to it: “Nobody wants to have this. It is a piece of useless mechanic.” Sebastian starts looking and sees no way it can be used as a weapon. He says: “Maybe it is some kind of secret weapon?” James says: “No, I don’t think that.” and he starts looking himself. He fastly comes to a conclusion. He says: “It is just a power source, not a weapon.” John is surprised and says: “Besoux lied to us?” Lucy says: “It is probably for the importance of the mission.” Bradley angrily says: “When we see Besoux again, I will tell him that he lied to us. And he has to pay for this!” Jake says: “Quiet dude, the money will make a lot good.” Isabelle says: “You only do this for the money?” Bradley asks: “Why else would I have gone on such a stupid mission?” Nina whispers to Isabelle: “Don’t listen to him. This man is insane.” The others still laugh a bit and after it they all walk away, except Sebastian. He looks once again at the weapon. He says to himself: “This should be important enough to have a huge team of it to defend it.” He looks and sees that it is a very strong power source. He comes to the conclusion that it is very powerful and is able to erase whole species from the reality. He says: “This really shouldn’t fall in the wrong arms.”

Sebastian runs back to the others and says: “It’s not a weapon, it’s a power source.” Bradley immediatly starts laughing and says: “A power source? That still doesn’t tells us why it is so important!” Delmar says: “Just calm down. We don’t have to care about how important it is. If we succeed this mission, we will get our money and that’s all we have to know.” James says: “He is right. There is no need for caring about the weapon. It is wasted energy.” Bradley doesn’t knows what to answer and walks again away. Not much after it, the Quetirians in the cockpit start talking to the others in the spaceship. One of them says: “James, come to the cockpit we have some trouble.” All the others become quiet of it and James goes to the cockpit. When he is gone, Sebastian says: “There is no need to worry. It can’t be that bad.” Isabelle asks to John and Lucy: “Already regret for going on this mission?” John says: “No, on Quetir we wouldn’t have done anything.” Lucy says: “That’s right and the others are probably just doing nothing now.” Nina is a bit terried and says: “I would be glad if we all return alive.” Sebastian say to her: “Don’t worry so much. We will survive this.” Delmar and Lizz are also together. Delmar asks to Lizz: “Do you also think that Bradley is crazy?” Lizz says: “Yes, everyone thinks that.” Delmar says: “Good girl. I am glad you joined on this trip.” Lizz asks: “What do you mean? You are glad that I joined this trip?” Delmar says: “Yes, because the others are very as a group together and we are both alone, so we fit perfectly together.” Lizz says: “I actually didn’t though about that yet, but I think you are indeed right.” On the moment the two of them are getting closer, they hear James saying through the microphone: “Everyone come to the cockpit! We have to discuss something.” All the others agree with it. When they come in the cockpit, James starts telling them about their trouble. He says: “There are lots of meteors on our way. That’s why we have to pick another way to that planet. There are two options. Going left of it or going right of it. Anyone knows what option we should pick?” Sebastian says: “There should be a map somewhere here. Besoux did it inside of this device.” Sebastian starts the device and searches for the map. He fastly finds it. The map shows the route to the other planet. When they all see it, Sebastian says: “Going western of it seems to be shorter.” James asks: “Are you sure this map is right?” Sebastian says: “Why would Besoux give us a wrong map?” James doesn’t reacts on it. Nina says: “Then we should go left of the meteors.” Without reacting to it, the Quetirians go left of the meteors. James is angry that he didn’t found the solution to this problem and walks angrily away. Bradley, who is also with them again, says: “Now he is probably going to cry like a baby.” Lizz says: “That’s not funny.” Bradley asks: “Why not?” Delmar says: “Maybe because all your jokes are not funny?” Bradley ignores it. After it, they all walk out of the cockpit again.

On Quetir, Richard and Amy are sitting together. Richard says: “It’s fine to have nothing on your head.” Amy says: “That’s the difference with Earth. We probably should have worked if we were still there.” Richard says: “On Quetir they are much friendlier and care more about us.” Amy says: “I think that’s because there are less humans here.” Richard says: “It doesn’t matters. All I want is to stay here forever with you.” Amy says: “You sound very romantic right now.” Richard says: “Yes, I was thinking about something.” Amy asks: “Where are you thinking about?” Richard says: “Maybe this comes a bit out of nowhere, but I wanted to ask you what you was thinking about a marriage on the Quetirian way?” Amy is very shocked and says: “Wow, you are fast!” Richard says: “Come on, we have had enough adventures together. And we know each other now for a long time, I think it is time for it.” Amy says: “I still have to think about it.” Richard says: “That’s allright. I just wanted to know your opinions about it.” After it, it becomes quiet and Lauren comes inside the room. She says to Richard and Amy: “What are you two sitting here romantic together?” They both laugh about it. Richard says: “We haven’t been that much with only us two the last time.” Lauren says: “Oh, then I will go away again.” Amy says: “No, you can stay. There is need of letting us two alone together.” Lauren says: “Okay, but do you know where Caroline, Lindsey and Jaimy are?” Amy answers: “No, I haven’t seen them.” Richard says: “I thought Caroline was with Besoux and Lindsey and Jaimy were doing something together.” Lauren says: “Okay, then it is good.”

Black God and his allies are still together. Feroma asks: “When will you activate the master plan?” Black God says: “Soon, that son of a bitch is getting closer.” Black God stands up and walks into the direction of Epacel. He says: “Make sure that everything is ready.” Epacel agrees with it and walks away. When she is gone, Yrovor asks to Black God: “What should I do?” Black God says: “Be patient. Your time will soon be there.” Yrovor agrees with it. Black God walks to his place again and looks on the device he has created on the top of the mountain. It shows a map with all the spaceships in the space. He says: “Great, they are close enough. Time to start the master plan!”

Inside the spaceship, they sometimes hear a meteor bumping against the spaceship. Nina is still terrified and thinks that it is very heavy. Sebastian comes to here and tells her again that she doesn’t has to worry. Lucy asks to John: “They won’t be able to break the spaceship right?” John answers: “I think so. The spaceship is hard enough to hold these meteors.” Delmar says: “Indeed. These are only some small meteors.” After it, James comes to the group again and says: “There are too much meteors here. I knew it. We should have come eastern.” Sebastian angrily says: “No, then it would be days longer before we reach the planet.” James says: “This is pretty dangerous.” Bradley says: “Come on man, you are getting scared of some meteors?” James angrily answers: “Now I am completely done with you! You are going to behave! I am your leader and you should be respectful to me.” Bradley says: “You are not my leader. I never said you were.” James angrily says: “Then I am going to show you that you should be have!” It is followed by James who attacks Bradley and they start fighting. The others immediatly want to stop the fight. Isabelle screams: “Stop the fight! This is very useless!” The others want to push Bradley and James off each other, but soon they also end into the fight.” When the fight is on heaviest of all, out of nowhere a screen turns on. The fight immediatly stops and they all look to the screen. Black God is on the screen. He says: “Greetings humans that are flying to some planet. Let me introduce myself. I am Black God, the god of the whole universe. Maybe I am not that yet, but soon I will! But lets now come go to the order of the day.” Black God gets some kind of specie and asks: “Do you know this man?” James angrily reacts: “That’s Provart! Let him go!” Black God says: “I know you are transporting some kind of weapon to this man. But no, he will never get it!” And after it, Black God suddenly has a sword in his hands and stabs Provart with it. A death Provart falls on the ground and is shown on the device. All the humans in the spaceship are very shocked by it. Black God continues: “And if you were still doubting about it, there is no reason anymore to bring the weapon to this planet! This idiot is death and the war has been lost! No, I am joking about that last thing. There was never a war on that planet! It was all me!” On the moment the humans don’t know what to say and are very shocked, Black God says: “Have a good trip. I know we will see each other again.” After it, the screen goes off again. The others are still shocked and don’t talk for minutes. James is the first to go to the cockpit and screams to the Quetirian pilots: “We have to turn the spaceship around! This is all was a trick!” In Quetirian language, he explains about what they just have seen. The Quetirians don’t understand it, but James tells them that Provart is death and there is no need anymore to go the planet. On the moment the Quetirians want to turn the spaceship around, lots of meteors start crashing on the spaceship. It gets very damaged and the Quetirians lose the control over the spaceship. Another very big meteor goes on the spaceship and gives the deciding smash. The Quetirians try to explain to James that they have to make a emergency landing. When James finally understands it, the others also come into the cockpit. He screams to the others: “We have to make an emergency landing!” Delmar screams: “Then everyone search for a way to get down.” They all go to their own rooms and search for a way where they are the most safe. James asks to the Quetirians: “Where are you going to land?” One of the Quetirians says: “On this planet.” and he shows a planet on a device. James says: “This is for sure another trick by that black idiot! The Quetirian screams in his own langauge: “We don’t have another choice! If we don’t land there, we will be in space the rest of our life!” James agrees with it and searches for a safe place. The Quetirians don’t have another option and stay in the cockpit. After some time, the spaceship gets down and makes an unusual easy landing. Everyone in the spaceship is surprised by it. After some time when it is completely quiet, they all come out of their rooms. Bradley says: “What the hell has happened? Are we death?” Delmar says: “No, we have landed.” Sebastian goes to Isabelle and Nina and says: “I am so glad you survived.” Isabelle says: “That black idiot did this!” Sebastian says: “Yes, I also think that.” John and Lucy also come to them. An angry James walks to the cockpit and sees that both Quetirians are alive. He asks to the Quetirians: “How the hell was it possible that we made such an easy landing?” One of the two Quetirians says: “The spaceship was prepared on it.” James still doesn’t understands it, but then he gets a feeling. On the moment he wants to walk out of the cockpit again, the pilot Quetirian says: “We have a petrol leak. That’s terrible! The spaceship can explode every moment! Everyone get out!” In English words the Quetirian screams it through the microphone. All the humans hear it and go very fast out of the spaceship. James and the two Quetirians know that they have to follow. When they are almost ouf ot the spaceship, the first explosion happens. James and one of the two Quetirians are far behind. They know that the huge explosion will happen. The Quetirian knows that he can’t make it. With all his powers he pushes James out of the spaceship. One second later, a huge explosion follows and the Quetirian dies in the explosion. All the others are again very shocked, except James. He starts angrily screaming some things. After it, he starts focussing on Sebastian. He screams: “This all happened because of you! We should have gone right of the meteors. I knew it and I have been an idiot as I not saw it! But if you weren’t here, we were never have come on this planet!” After it, it is quiet for some seconds until Sebastian says: “But……… The map showed that going left was the shortest way. You can’t blame me for this.” James angrily screams to him: “Of course you should be blamed for this! That map was wrong and you made us believe it was right! Guys, I have a feeling. This guy is the black idiot! Why else would he hide his face?” The others don’t know what to say to it. After some seconds, a very sad Sebastian just walks away. Isabelle, Nina, John and Lucy disagree with it but they can’t do anything about it. When Sebastian is completely gone, James says: “Good, that idiot is finally gone!” Lizz says to James: “Don’t you think you were too tough here? We don’t even have prove for your theory!” James says: “I don’t care. This idiot should never have went on this mission. He wasn’t made for it!” Bradley laughable says: “It’s great to not be the most hated person here.” After it, James says: “Everyone follow me. Lets take a look on this planet.” The others agree with it and start following him. The Quetirian is also with them. After some walking, the group fastly comes to the solution that the planet is almost only sand and grass. There is not much else on it. Bradley says: “What the hell has happened here? This planet is just abandoned!” Out of nowhere, they hear a voice saying: “This planet is not abandoned! It’s the planet of the Black God!” And Black God laughs out loud. All the humans and Quetirian become very angry. Delmar screams: “Idiot! You will pay for what you have done!” Black God comes closer to them and says: “Now, you all still feel very powerful. Soon you will just be a group of sheeps and I will be your shepherd.” Black God laughs once again. James is still very angry and says: “Let me fight against you! Then we will see who is the real shepherd here!” Black God laughs once again and says: “This sounds very promising to me. You really see yourself as the leader of your gang. Let see if you are so powerful as you think you are.” On the moment James wants to start the fight, Black God says: “Wait a minute, where is that son of a bitch?” Isabelle angrily answers to it: “Besoux is not coming to your planet. He was smart enough to send us instead.” After it, Black God looks Isabelle in the eyes and looks sad. But his emotion fastly changes again and screams: “Besoux will still come. He is always that idiot who has to save you!” The Quetirian becomes very angry and screams: “How dare you call my leader an idiot! You are going to pay for that!” The Quetirian angrily runs to Black God, but on the moment the two of them are close enough of each other, Black God grabs the Quetirian at his neck. He strangles the Quetirian. The others are all scared and don’t know what to do. Black God says: “Soon, all Quetirians are going to kneel for me! Let this one be an example for what happens if you don’t kneel for me!” And after it, Black God grabs his sword and beheads the Quetirian. The body of the Quetirians falls on the ground and the head rolls away. All the humans are very shocked about what they saw and don’t know what to do. Black God asks to James: “You still want to fight or have you become too scared?” James says: “Of course not!” Black God shows another sword and gives it to James. After it, Black God screams: “Show me what you can James!” It follows with Black God attacking James. All the others all see the fight happening before them. James fights back as best as he can, but Black God is too strong and James knows that he can’t beat him. On the moment he is almost defeated, he screams: “You idiot! This really shows that you are Sebastian! Show me your face! We all know that you are him!” Black God laughs out loud and says: “You are so dumb!” And out of nowhere, Black God stabs his sword in James. Black God says to James: “You should have known better than this! With his last powers, James screams: “You idiot, you are going to pay for this!” Black God answers on it: “No, your group and especially the son of a bitch is going to pay for this! This is only just the beginning!” And after it, Black God hits James once again, finishing him off. James’ death body falls on the ground. The others don’t know what to do and know that they won’t be able to beat this murderer. Black God says: “I hope you will have a great time on my planet. Bye, until the next time idiots!” After it, Black God uses his powers and goes away. Isabelle, Nina, John, Lucy, Delmar, Bradley and Lizz all are frozen and have lost all the hope of surviving this terrible place.

After minutes of silence, Delmar suddenly asks: “How are we ever going to escape from this halloween nightmare?” Bradley says: “He killed our leader. He for sure wanted to impress us.” Isabelle says to it: “James was very dumb. He should have known that he couldn’t do it all alone.” Lizz is still can’t believe it that James is death. Lucy goes to her and tries to make her feel better. Lizz says: “He convinced me to go on this mission and now he is killed by some kind of monster.” Lucy says: “We have to ask Besoux for help. Together we can do this.” Bradley says to it: “You really think that? And how are we going to ask him for help?” John says: “There has to be a place here where you can contact people on other planets.” Bradley says: “There is only sand here.” Delmar walks to Jake and says: “Why are you so quiet?” Jake says: “I wish I never went on this mission! I don’t want to die.” Bradley says: “Me too for all of us!” John says: “Now everybody serious. We have to go away before that black idiot comes back.” Nina asks: “What about Sebastian?” Isabelle says: “We will search for him later.” Nina is surprised and says: “He is all alone and an easy prey for the Black God.” Bradley says: “Are you sure? I still agree with James that he is that black idiot. He is the only one that can be it.” John says: “Shut up.” After it, Delmar suddenly asks: “What about the weapon? Did it destroy together with the spaceship?” They all look behind them and see that the spaceship has stopped being on fire.” Isabelle says: “Lets look and find out.” They all walk to the broken spaceship and to their own surprise they see that everything is burned down except the weapon. Nina says: “This is another trick. He wants to have the weapon.” Bradley says: “You really think that? This weapon is useless. It was only made to get us on this planet.” Delmar says: “For once I agree with you.” Meanwhile, Bradley grabs the weapon. Jake says to him: “Leave it here. It is useless!” Bradley says: “I know and that’s why I will destroy it!” Bradley tries everything to destroy the weapon, but everything fails. John says: “Explosions couldn’t destroy it and you really think you can destroy?” Bradley ignores him and walks away. The others follow him. Only Nina stays behind and walks tot he weapon. She grabs it and takes it with her.

Meanwhile, Black God sees everything happening including Nina taking the weapon with her. He says: “Very smart girl. It would have been even easier if you just would have left it for me.” After it, Black God walks to Yrovor. He says to him: “Time to show your need to me.” Yrovor says: “Of course. What should I do?” Black God says: “The only thing I ask you to do is killing them one by one!” Yrovor agrees with it and goes away. Black God walks to some device with a lot of places with humans located on it. Black God screams: “The game will start!”

John, Lucy, Isabelle, Nina, Delmar, Bradley, Lizz and Jake are still together and walking further. After some time, Bradley screams: “This is all so useless! There is nothing on this planet.” Delmar screams back: “Shut up! If we won’t stop walking that black idiot will for sure get us.” Jake says: “He will get us anyway. There is no hope left.” Isabelle says: “Don’t lose hope. We will survive this.” Jake asks: “And where do you get that hope from?” Isabelle says: “Just stay positive. Losing every hope is precisely what this man wants.” Bradley laughable says: “You mean your own boyfriend! He got away to prepare on something new.” Nina says to it: “It is not Sebastian. He wouldn’t do this. It is someone else who wants to get revenge on us.” John says: “He just wants to get revenge because we killed his Uitrox.” Lucy says: “Unfortunately, I have never seen this man when I still was part of Uitrox’s group. I have heard Uitrox talking about his leader, but I have never heard who he precisely is.” Jake asks: “Why do you actually think that black idiot is someone? He is just the devil who wants to punish us!” Isabelle asks: “You really believe in the devil?” Jake screams: “What else would it be!” Bradley says to it: “It is Sebastian. 100%.” Jake says: “Okay, if there would be a person who could be it, it is him.” Nina angrily says: “Shut up, it is not him.” Bradley looks to her and sees she is carrying something. He asks: “What is that what you have in your hand?” Nina says: “Just something I managed to get out of the spaceship.” Bradley says: “Not possible! Everything destroyed in that explosion!” Nina says: “Okay, I will admit. It is the weapon. I really thought we shouldn’t leave it there.” Bradley surprised says: “Look what we have there. You are also working for him.” Nina says to it: “Not true, don’t listen to this idiot.” Bradley angrily laughs and says: “This is just like a Scream movie! We all think there is one man under some kind of mask and he is always part of the group. But in fact, there are always more screams! And I already know who our screams are. Sebastian and Nina!” John angrily says to Bradley: “Shut up! You are really not funny here.” Isabelle says: “He is never funny.” Meanwhile, the others are more busy with each other, Lucy is to first to see something. She says: “I think I see something.” The others also look at it. Delmar says to Bradley: “I told you we weren’t the only one here.” Nina asks: “Isn’t this another trick?” Jake says: “I want to know it! This could be our last hope!” After it, Jake starts running to the place far away of them. The others follow him. When they are close enough, they see that it are more humans.

Meanwhile, Sebastian walks alone over the planet. He walks straight in one direction. He says to himself: “I have to find out what kind of game this idiot is playing with us.” After lots of kilometers walking, Sebastian sees something appearing right before him. He comes closer and closer to it, until he sees what it is. It is a big fence that makes it impossible to go farther than that. Sebastian sees that there is electric on the fence. Sebastian says: “He really wants to play a game with us.”

Black God is still looking on his device and sees it happening. He says: “Of course this idiot finds this out. Actually I should erase his complete mind.” Feroma walks to Black God and says: “Should I do something against him?” Black God says: “No, let this idiot walk alone. First, focus on the group.” Epacel says: “They are reaching the others right now.” Black God says: “Good, then we have a full group of idiots together.”

The group of idiots reaches the other humans. They are very surprised to see them and get in defense mode. Isabelle says: “You don’t have to be scared. We are allies of you.” The man of the group says to her: “We don’t trust anyone.” Jake screams: “Come on man! It is all of us against that black idiot.” The woman of the group surprised says: “You are also against him?” Bradley says: “Of course, what else did you thought?” The man says: “It is save, come outside again Noah and Jacky!” John very surprised asks: “You have kids with you?” The man says: “Yes, we crashed here.” Lucy says: “You crashed here, just like us.” The woman says: “Lets first introduce each other. I am Jody and my husband’s name is Henry. Our kids are Noah and Jacky.” Henry says: “We were just flying in space to that planet that everyone tells that a paradise is. And out of nowhere, a power grabbed us and made us crash on this planet.” John says: “Precisely the same happened to us.” Jody says: “That’s coincidience.” Delmar says: “It is not. That black idiot made it happen. Have you already seen him?” Henry says: “I saw him watching us, but he didn’t say anything to us.” Nina says: “He is a very powerful creature and can do everything he wants.” Bradley adds to it: “And we know who he is.” Delmar walks to Bradley and says: “Please shut up. Don’t tell your bullshit stories to these men.” John says to Henry and Jody: “Don’t believe anything he says.” Bradley still finds it needed to say: “Someone who was on our spaceship fastly walked away after we came out of our spaceship. He is the only person who can be it!” Nina says: “No, you are lying.” Bradley says: “Oh yes, I forget to say that this girl is helping him.” Henry asks to Bradley: “Did you drink too much, or what is it?” The others all start laughing. Bradley angrily says: “There will be a time that you will all tell that I was right.” Isabelle asks to Jody and Henry: “Your spaceship didn’t explode?” Jody says: “No, luckily not.” After it, Noah suddenly asks: “Who are all this people?” Henry walks to him and says: “They are our new allies and not part of the black devil.” On the same time, Isabelle asks to Jody: “Can I take a look in your spaceship?” Jody agrees with it. John asks to Isabelle: “Why do you want to look inside?” Isabelle says: “Maybe we can make connection with Quetir.” Lucy says: “That’s a great idea.” The others also find it great. Isabelle and Jody walk inside the spaceship where Jody shows Isabelle the communication place. Isabelle tries everything she can and after some time she hears Besoux’s voice on the line. Besoux asks: “Did you deliver the weapon to Provart?” Isabelle says: “I am so glad to hear you Besoux! We are in an emergency. We crashed on some kind of planet and a black man wants to kill all of us! We need help.” Besoux says: “Please clam down. But how did this happen? Can I get James on the line? He is responsible for this.” Isabelle says sad: “I’m sorry to tell you, but James is already death.” Besoux asks: “How many of you are still alive?” Isabelle says: “All of us, except James. There is no time we need help!” After it, Besoux falls off and there is nothing heard of him anymore. Isabelle screams a few more times that they need help but it is too late. Jody asks: “Did you contact someone?” Isabelle says: “Yes, a good friend of us will come to save us.” Jody says: “Thank god. Finally we will get off this planet.” After it, they go outside where Isabelle tells the others that she contacted Besoux. The others are all very glad, only Jake says: “Do you really think it was smart to call Besoux? This is precisely what he wants!” Isabelle says: “Did you saw another option? We won’t come off here without help.” The others start screaming to Jake that they disagree and a big discussion starts. But a few seconds later, the discussion already stops again. They all hear a loud voice. Delmar asks: “What the hell is that?” Bradley says: “He is angry that we called help!”

Meanwhile, Black God sees it all happening. He says: “Good job Isabelle. Let that idiot of a Besoux come here and show me what he can!” Feroma says: “Now we can kill them all together!” Black God says: “We shouldn’t kill him immediatly. We first have to make him suffer!” Epacel suddenly says: “Yrovor has almost reached the humans.” Black God looks on the device and sees that Yrovor is reaching the humans. He says: “Very good. Let the hunt start!”

The group of humans try to hide in the broken spacehip. Bradley angrily says: “Very smart, hiding in a spaceship. It will for sure find us!” Isabelle says: “Shut your mouth, talking very loud never works.” It is silence for some seconds, until they hear Yrovor screaming: “Stupid idiots! I know you are here. There is no way in which you can escape from Black God’s power!” Noah and Jacky can’t handle it anymore and run crying away. A few seconds later, Yrovor uses all of his powers and cuts the spaceship in two parts. All the humans fall out of it. When all humans are up again, Yrovor says: “There you have my food!” Isabelle, John, Nina, Delmar, Jake, Lizz and Lucy come together. John says: “We have to make a plan.” Nina says: “Let him go after us, Henry and Jody have to protect those children.” Bradley angrily shouts: “You think these children are more importan than our life? I don’t give a shit about them!” After it, Yrovor starts attacking them. Jake is the first to run away. Delmar angrily screams: “Why does he run away?” Lucy says: “Lets go after him!” Henry and Jody see it happening and protect their children. They see that Yrovor goes after the others. Yrovor runs and sees all the humans before him, but suddenly they are gone. He looks and enters a forest. He screams: “You really think that you can hide in this silly forest?” Lots of meters further, all the humans are hiding behind trees. Jake is with them again. Lizz says to him: “Do never go away again at danger. We have to stay together as a group.” Jake says: “I don’t give a shit about this group! Ever since I met you, I got in dangers and almost died! I am complete done………” Before Jack said that, Lizz fastly jumped away because she heard something coming. But Jake didn’t hear it and the tree, which he was hiding behind, gets completely destroyed by Yrovor and he grabs Jake. Lizz screams to the others for help. They don’t hesitate, and with all they attack. Yrovor fights against them, but they are with too much. During the fight, he hardly smashes Jake away. The others use all the weapons they have on Yrovor. John throws some bombs on Yrovor. After some fighting, Yrovor knows that he won’t be able to win this fight. With his last powers, he smashes all the humans away. When they all stand up again, they see that Yrovor is gone. Delmar asks: “Where did he go?” Bradley says: “He ran away like a little boy.” John says: “He will for sure come back. This was only the first attack.” Isabelle says: “I think that this attack was only to see our strength. The next time will be harder.” Delmar says: “For now we are rid of him. Lets go before he comes back.” On the moment they all want to start walking again, Lizz suddenly says: “Wait, where is Jake?” The others all look next to them, but they don’t see Jake anymore. After some silence, Bradley says: “Seems like there is still a victim.” Lizz angrily reacts to Bradley: “Behave yourself, there just died a man and you react like you don’t care about it.” Bradley angrily says: “Come on! Did anyone care about this man? Delmar says: “No, but still you should behave yourself.” An angry Bradley wants to walk away, but suddenly a body without a head falls out of the sky. The others, especially Lizz and Nina, are shocked by it. They immediatly recognize that it is Jake’s body without a head. After some minutes, John says: “Come on, we have to go further. This is exactly what they want.” When they walk out of the forest, they see Henry, Jody, Noah and Jacky standing. Henry asks: “Where did that beast go?” John says: “It run away.” Jody says: “Thank god.” John says: “But we are very sure that it will come back.” Delmar says: “We will find a way how we can kill it.” Henry says: “Do that, I actually hope it will never come close to my children again.” Lucy says: “It is way too dangerous for your children. We have to find a way to get them save.” Delmar says: “Where? There is no way where you can hide here. Even if you think that you are hiding, this black idiot has his eyes everywhere. He knows where we are. He is playing a game with us ever since we crashed here. Now he is killing us one by one. James was the first, Jack the second.” Isabelle says: “Calm down Delmar, together we can stand a chance against him. Where is Sebastian actually? We need him.” Bradley laughs and asks: “Am I the only one who is smart here?” Lizz says: “No, you can’t behave.” John says: “We have to go further. I want to know where that Black God hides himself all the time.” Isabelle says: “Good plan, we have to find his base.”

Meanwhile on Quetir, Besoux has called everyone together. Nasoux, Caroline, Lauren, Richard, Amy, Lindsey and Jaimy all have come together. Besoux starts speaking tot hem: “I have news about the group that went with that weapon to Provart.” Lauren asks: “They arrived?” Besoux says: “No unfortunately, it is very bad news. They never arrived. They crashed on another planet and James has been killed by some kind of black man. I had Isabelle on the line. She told me this before she fell away.” The others are all a bit shocked by it. They had never expected this. Besoux walks to a device which shows all the planets in the universe. He says: “To my calculations, it can only be one planet. I got the signal from that planet and it is the only one they passed. But what I don’t understand, this planet is known as a living planet. I don’t understand how they can be stuck there.” Caroline says: “I would suggest that we should take a look.” Besoux says: “I had exactly the same idea. This weapon is way too powerful. If it falls in the wrong hands, it can be used very badly. Who of you wants to join me?” Lauren., Caroline and Lindsey immediatly agree with it. Lindsey gets Jaimy so far to also join. Richard and Amy look toe ach other. Richard says to Amy: “We will save them and come back here. It can’t be that hard, right?” Amy says: “Yes, we will marry after we come back?” Richard says: “Of course we will.” Besoux asks to Nasoux: “You will also come?” Nasoux says: “Of course I will.” After it, Besoux says: “Prepare yourself. In a hour, we will leave. We don’t have more time to lose.” After a hour, they all come together again. Besoux says: “Now, let me re-introduce you to an old friend. Here is our old spaceship, the Spaceship 537! Caroline and Lauren are both very glad, the others don’t have much to say. Besoux says: “Some time ago, we found the spaceship again and started putting it back together. It was worth it.” Caroline says: “Great, this spaceship may not be the fastest, but it is the best for me.” Besoux says: “It has the ideal size. It shouldn’t be too big too. And I almost forget to tell you that we made place for a smaller spaceship in it. It’s kind of for safety, because I don’t want the spaceship to be destroyed once again.” After it, they all want to go on the spaceship, but suddenly they hear someone screaming: “Wait, I also want to join you!” They all stop and look behind them. They see an old friend is back. It is Zaver. Besoux is very surprised and asks: “How did you know about this?” Zaver says: “It was with a lot of coincidience, but I think it is better if I tell it inside of your spaceship. I also have useful information that I have to share with you.” Lauren says: “Good, lets go inside.” They all step inside and a few minutes later, the Spaceship 537 goes in the air again, not knowing what’s about to happen.

Somewhere on Black God’s planet, Sebastian is still walking alone. He looks around him and sees and hears nothing. He knows that he has to return to the group again. During this walking, his eyes fall on some mountains not far away of him. He sees that one of them is by far the highest. He says to himself: “It can’t be coincidience that these mountains are created on this way.” He walks and walks until he sees the big fence appearing again. Out of frustration, Sebastian screams: “Black God, I know that you are there! Show yourself, I am not afraid!” And just only a few seconds after he screamed that, Black God comes and ends up right before him. Sebastian says: “Great, finally you came.” Black God laughs and says: “Why did you wanted to speak with me?” Sebastian says: “There is just something I can’t understand. You put all of us in this playing area, but what is the point of all of this? I see no reason for this childish game.” Black God angrily says: “This is not just only a game. It is a slaughtering game. All of you will die.” Sebastian asks: “But why? Why do you want all of us to die?” Black God screams very loud: “I want revenge!!!!!!!!!” Sebastian asks: “You are not going to tell me why you want revenge?” Black God says: “Soon you will find out, it is just not the right time yet.” Sebastian says: “Fine idiot, do you know where those friends of me are?” Black God laughs and says: “Jake is already killed. Bradley thinks you are me. Your lovely Isabelle and Nina will become my victims. The others don’t care enough about you.” Sebastian says: “Please don’t kill them.” Black God laughs and says: “You won’t be able to save them! They will suffer the most!” Sebastian says: “Let me return to them. If you want that, of course.” Black God laughs and says: “Of course I want that. Your whole group has to be together. One by one, you will all be slaughtered!” Sebastian says: “Thanks for all these useful information. Can you now also tell me in which direction I should walk to get back to my friends?” Black God says: “I will help you a bit!” And after it, Black God uses his powers on Sebastian and smashes him very hardly away. It is so hard that Sebastian lands again a few kilometers further, but is not hurt at all. He stands up again and walks further.

The group of humans is still walking without having any idea where they walk. Delmar asks: “How are we going to find that black idiot?” John says: “No idea, lets just try something.” Lucy says: “I think he can show up again every moment.” Jody says: “Don’t say that too late. Noah and Jacky are very scared of that idiot.” Lucy says: “Oh sorry.” Bradley laughs about it. The others start ignoring him now. After some walking, they have to stop again. A lot of them are tired, especially Noah and Jacky. John, Isabelle, Nina and Lucy come together. John says: “We have to make a plan. Walking over this planet without any idea is not going to work.” Nina asks: “How are we going to do that? We don’t have a map or something.” Isabelle says: “We can also do it without that.” John says: “Yes, walking in the same direction or something.” Lucy says: “I have tried to look in what direction that Black God went. In my memory, he went Northwards.” After it, they all look northwards. Delmar also joins the group and says: “That could be misleading.” Lucy asks: “Do you have a better idea?” Delmar says: “We can wait until the great Besoux comes and fixes our problems.” John says: “That’s the worst idea ever. We should show that we can do this without him.” Nina says: “Not possible, he is way too strong.” Isabelle says: “We should stay positive. We have to find a weakness at this Black God. Everyone has something, he too.” John asks: “You have any idea what that weakness could be?” Isabelle says: “I can be enterely wrong now, but I have a feeling. The first time we saw him, he was very attracted to me. I can try to tempt him.” Lucy says: “Good plan, I am sure you can do that.” Delmar laughs and says: “Why would such a evil man fall into your temptings?” John says: “Are you jealous, or what do you mean?” Isabelle says: “We can always try it. If it fails, then I have tried what I could.” Not much later, they hear Bradley screaming: “Shall we go further again?” Everyone agrees with it and they start walking again. After some walking, they all get shocked by the same loud voice again. It is Yrovor, he is back. Yrovor loudly screams: “This time you won’t escape from me!” Lucy says to Jody: “Get Noah and Jacky save.” Jody knows what to do. She and Henry fastly run away with their children. The others stay behind and see Yrovor coming. Delmar screams: “Get your weapons!” They all grab their weapons and wait for the right time for Yrovor to come. When he is close enough, they all start shooting. The bullets are too weak for him and he easily passes them. When he gets too close, the humans start running. Yrovor wants to hurt them all and choose the right victim. But suddenly he remembers that one of them has the power source Black God desires. During the fight, he asks: “Who of you has that power source?” Isabelle lies and says: “I have it!” The others all don’t understand why she says that. Yrovor immediatly believes her and grabs Isabelle. He screams: “Then you will be my next victim!” Yrovor goes away with her. The others know that it can’t be good and go after the beast. Yrovor throws Isabelle on the ground and says: “You lied. I know you don’t have it. Why did you said you have it?” Isabelle says: “Maybe because I knew you wouldn’t kill me?” Yrovor angrily says: “You misunderstand me. I will kill you right now!” Out of nowhere, a human jumps on Yrovor, grabs a knife and puts it into the stomach of Yrovor. Yrovor screams the pain out and wants to run away, but he sees that the others humans come and starts shooting on him. They use everything they have and after some seconds, Yrovor is death and collapses on the ground. All the humans are very glad and also see that Isabelle is fine. But to their surprise, they see that Sebastian is back. John goes to him and says: “Great that you are back! How did you found us again?” Sebastian says: “I got some help from our good friend.” John says: “Don’t tell me you mean that Black God?” Sebastian says: “He is exactly who I mean.” John asks: “Why did you go away?” Sebastian says: “I needed answers.” After it, Isabelle comes to them and says: “Thank you for kind of saving me Sebastian!” Sebastian says: “It wasn’t that hard.” Isabelle says: “I missed you.” Sebastian says: “I missed you too.” The others also come to them. Bradley laughs and says: “Look who is back! You removed your black clothes again?” Sebastian says: “You are really dumb that you think I am him.” Bradley ignores it and walks away again. John asks to Sebastian: “What did Black God tell you?” Sebastian says: “I will tell you everything.” But suddenly after it, they hear a few very loud screams. They all don’t hesitate and run as fast as they can to it. They are all very shocked what they see. It is Black God, he is back. They see a crying Henry and Jody. Black God has Noah and Jacky. Sebastian doesn’t understands it and asks to John: “There are children on this planet?” John says: “We met them in the time you were gone.” After it, Black God starts screaming: “You killed my Yrovor! That is not the rules of the game. You as group crossed the lines. And now, you are going to pay for that! As you can see, I have both these stupid children everybody cares so much about. Lets now ask the parents a very important question. Which child do you care the most about? Only one can survive, the other will be your punishment for killing Yrovor!” Sebastian suddenly loudly screams: “Stop this Black God! These are only children! If you are really man, take one of us instead.” Black God suddenly starts laughing very loud. And he says: “Look who is back to his group. Bradley, do you still think I am him? I am much better than this suffering child!” Bradley ignores the question. Black God asks the same question again to Henry and Jody: “Which child do you care the most about?” Henry, very angrily, answers: “We are not going to answer that question!” Black God asks: “Shall I make a choice instead then?” Jody very hardy screams: “No, take me instead!” Jody runs in the direction of Black God, but it is all way too late and out of nowhere Black God puts his sword through Jacky. Jody cries and screams on the same time. When she is close enough to Black God, she attacks him and tries to fight him. Black God dodges all her attacks and when he has the chance he puts his sword in her stomach. Lots of blood comes out of it. Henry is very angry, but he is too scared to do something. Jody tries to breathe one last time, but it is too late and she falls death on the ground. All the others also don’t know what’s happening. Black God looks and sees a dying Jacky. Black God screams: “No mercy, idiots!” He finishes off Jacky by hitting her one more time with his sword. Noah is so shocked that he can’t even move. Black God grabs him, strangles him and puts a lot of electric in him. Only after a few seconds, Noah is death. Black God throws his death body hardly on the ground. Black God angrily screams: “You see what comes when you kill one of me? You will only get punishment three times as hard! And now we are reaching the part of the game that it really gets interesting. Next time, one of you will be the victim. You will never escape from me! NEVER!!!!!!” After it, Black God goes away again. The others are very shocked and frozen again. Henry know that he has failed as father. Seeing Black God killing children, that’s another very hard push on the group.

In the spaceship 537, everybody is still relaxed. Besoux is controlling the spaceship, while Lauren, Caroline, Nasoux and Zaver are with him. Lauren asks to Zaver: “What was that useful information?” Zaver says: “It is useful, but not good. I have heard something about the planet we are going to.” Nasoux asks: “What did you hear?” Zaver says: “Don’t be surprised, but it is not the planet we all know. Like a week ago, it has been taken over by a very powerful creature. And he completely destroyed the planet and re-created it.” Caroline asks: “How is that possible?” Zaver says: “He calls himself Black God and he wants to rule whole the universe.” Lauren says: “That sounds logical, but how did the other strand on that planet?” Zaver says: “There is a lot I don’t know yet.” Lauren asks: “How did this creature became so powerful?” Caroline says: “Maybe this is just all coincidience.” Besoux says: “I don’t want to start a whole war with this creature. We just need to get our friends back.” Nasoux says: “But what if this creature attacks Quetir?” Besoux says: “Then our army will be prepared.” Zaver says: “Be careful. This creature was able to re-build a complete planet. He probably can do the same with Quetir.” Besoux asks: “What reason would he have to destroy Quetir?” Zaver says: “Lets meet him when we are on his planet.” Lauren says: “If he destroys a whole planet without any reason, then I guess there won’t be any talking with him. He also killed James.” Besoux says: “I agree, we should immediatly attack him.” In another room on the spaceship, Richard, Amy, Lindsey and Jaimy are sitting. Amy asks to the others: “Are we sure that this isn’t a trap? The others are stuck on a planet and we just come with our spaceship to save them. What if he wants us to come?” Richard says: “I don’t know. Is he that strong? You hear a lot of shit these days.” Lindsey says: “After this mission, I am completely done with it.” Richard says: “Me too, we have had enough adventures.” Jaimy says: “I hope Besoux is smart enough to just bring these friends of us on the ship and fly away again.” Amy says: “I hope that will be possible, because there have been stories that they can see you everywhere.” Lindsey asks: “Who do you mean?” Amy answers: “He calls himself Black God. He has killed Provart.”

The group of humans on Black God’s planet are still looking at what just has happened. They see the two children with their mother death on the ground. Henry is still crying. After some time, Delmar says: “Come on, we have to go further. We can’t stay here forever.” Bradley says: “You are right. We only knew these people for like a day.” Sebastian says: “Black God just wants to show us how powerful he is. He is not a man anymore, he is a psychopath.” Isabelle asks: “What creature gets it in his head to kill children?” Sebastian says: “Get over it, he wants to play with our minds.” After it, the group decides to walk further. After some walking, it suddenly gets dark. John says: “The days are much longer here.” Lucy says: “I think it is time now to rest out.” They all go lie on the sand and see the darkness above them. Henry and Bradley both decide to sleep alone. The others are all together. Delmar says: “Ever slept before in the sand?” John says: “No, you?” Delmar asks: “What do you think?” Nina says: “The sand is not what bothers me the most, that is the fact that Black God is watching us.” Sebastian asks: “Do you think that he will attacks us during our sleep?” Nina says: “No, but he can send some kind of beast again to attack us.” Lizz says: “I want to know who he is.” Delmar says: “I guess he is just some kind of freak who likes to play a game with us.” Isabelle says: “But why would he want to punish us so hard? There must be a reason for it.” Sebastian says: “I have spoken to him. I really couldn’t get who he was.” Nina suddenly says: “I am done with it. I think I have a solution. You know I still have this weapon that he wants? I will give that to him and asks him what’s needed to let this stop.” John says: “You really think that it is smart to give that weapon to him? That’s exactly what he wants.” Nina says: “I do whatever I can to let this stop. Sebastian says: “I agree with John. This is not a good solution. He wants revenge, that’s what he wants. Not the weapon. It is only here to mislead us.” Isabelle says: “I think he wants three things. Revenge, the weapon and one of us.” Sebastian says to Nina: “Don’t make any stupid choices. There might be another way for this to end.” Nina says: “I will think about it.” After it, Delmar, Liz zand Nina all go sleep. John and Lucy have some fun together, while Isabelle comes closer to Sebastian. She says to him: “Perhaps this is our last night together.” Sebastian says: “I hope not.” Isabelle says: “Just in case it is.” And after it, they start kissing each other.

Black God, with his henchmen Feroma and Epacel, sees it all happening. He says: “Yes yes yes, go sleep now you still can!” Feroma asks to Black God: “What will be our next action?” Black God says: “Give them some time. Losing their lovely James and those stupid children was already terrible enough.” Epacel walks to Black God and says: “I feel that you still want something.” Black God angrily says: “Maybe because you are controlled by me?” Epacel says: “You want it so desperately, why you don’t get it?” Black God says: “Maybe it is just not the right time yet.” Epacel says: “It is the right time!” Black God says: “Okay okay, I can’t deny that.”

The next day, all the group members wake up slowly. Henry is the first to wake up and makes a walk. Nobody cares much about him. The same counts for Bradley, but he stays with the others because he has no other choice. Later, the others follow. Delmar asks: “What will be the plans for today?” John asks: “Any ideas?” Delmar says: “No, I hoped someone else would had something great.” Lucy says: “We have to find a solution before it gets too late.” Nina says: “Lets call that Black God. I want to speak to him.” A worried Sebastian says to her: “No you won’t speak to him. It is way too dangerous.” Nina says: “Letting that Black God do what he wants. That is way too dangerous.” Sebastian says to her: “We will find another solution.” Nina says: “Giving him the power source in trade for our freedom. That’s the only solution.” Isabelle asks to Nina: “Do you really think that he wants that power source? He wants to let us pay and give a message to Besoux.” Sebastian says: “No, this is not about Besoux. It is about one of us.” Lizz is surprised and asks: “You know who?” Sebastian says: “If I would have known it, I would have told you.” Bradley is back at the group again and says: “How do you know that?” Sebastian says: “When I was gone from you, I have spoken to Black God. He seemed to be fully focused on us. We are not the bait, we are the receivers.” And right after that was said, a very loud voice comes and says: “Finally someone is smart! No one cares about that stupid Besoux. Even though he killed Uitrox!” And they all see where they were already afraid of, Black God is back! Isabelle asks to him: “What do you want?” Black God says: “I came here to get something. I felt so desperately that I needed it!” John says: “Get what you want and get the hell out of here again.” Black God says: “It is not that easy, if it would be that easy, I would already have got it.” Nina says: “We all know what you want. The power source! And I am the one who has it.” Black God walks to Nina and says: “Of course you have it. I have seen you picking it up before that stupid spaceship of you blew up!” Nina says: “I am willing to give it to you, but not for free. In exchange, you will give all of us their freedom back. So that means that we are all free to go and leave your planet. You have made your point and already killed enough of us.” When Nina is done talking, Black God starts laughing very hard. When he is done with laughing, he says: “You really think that you are so smart Nina?” Nina is very surprised and says: “Where the hell are you talking about? You want this, liar!” After it, Sebastian comes between them and says to Nina: “Get away from here, before he hurts you.” Nina disagrees and says: “If he doesn’t wants to get it, then lets go further on plan B!” And suddenly Nina attacks Black God, but she stands no chance against her and he smashes her hardly away. Sebastian is worried and runs to her, but Black God uses his powers and also smashes him away. John and Delmar prepare themselves to attack, but actually they know that it is all a waste of time. Black God smashes them both away, making them unconscious. Isabelle, Bradley, Lucy and Lizz are still standing. Bradley says to Lizz: “Come with me, if you don’t want to die!” Lizz knows that she has no other option and runs with him away. Black God walks to Isabelle and Lucy. Isabelle asks to him: “I will ask it once again. What do you want?” But before Black God can answer on that question, Henry is back and attacks him. Black God screams: “Really? You think that attacking me from the back will make it any different?” Henry fights at much as he can and he screams: “This is for Jody, Noah and Jacky!” But not much later, Henry is hardly smashed away.” Black God looks, but suddenly he is attacked by Lucy. He grabs her and throws her hardly on the ground. Black God looks once again and sees that Isabelle is still standing on the same place. He runs to her and screams: “You are where I came for!”

In space, everybody doesn’t knows about the cruel things that are happening on the planet. Nasoux asks to Besoux: “What will have to trade to get our friends back?” Besoux says: “No trading, we will tell this creature who are the rulers of this universe.” Zaver says: “We better don’t make him too angry.” Lauren says: “I guess he will when we go away with our friends again.” Caroline says: “He killed James, I always thought that he was really strong. Aren’t we taking this too easy?” Lauren says: “I don’t know, but maybe he wanted us to come. It could be a trap.” Besoux says: “We will go to the planet in the small ship inside the Spaceship 537. If something goes wrong, I can always contact the Spaceship 537 again, so we won’t be trapped on that planet like our friends. After it, Richard, Amy, Lindsey and Jaimy come inside the cockpit. Besoux asks: “What did you brought here?” Richard says: “We found footage about the planet. It is true. It looks like a complete desert now.” Zaver asks: “Who made that?” Amy says: “We don’t know, but it gives a good view about the planet.” After it, they show the footage on a screen. Besoux says: “That’s indeed much different. I have been on that planet before, it was full with cities, plants and living. This is not possible.” Lauren asks: “How would someone be possible to do this?” Besoux says: “It really looks like a child. A normal person would have used these powers on a much more useful way.” Zaver says: “According to my calculations, this creature doesn’t comes from that planet.” Amy says: “Logical, why would he destroy his own planet?” Jaimy asks: “What is his specie then?” Zaver says: “It is too hard to see who he is. I have heard stories that he completely looks black. It is impossible to see his real appearance.” Lauren says: “Well that promises something.”

All the humans on Black God’s planet wake up. Sebastian and Nina are the first. Sebastian stands up and goes to Nina and look if he she is allright. Nina says: “I still have the power source. Why he didn’t took it?” Sebastian says: “I told you, it is not what he wants.” Nina asks: “But what wanted he then?” They walk back to the others who are also injured because of the fight. Sebastian also sees Bradley and Lizz sitting. He angrily walks to them. He asks: “What the hell has happened?” Bradley says: “It was really laughable to see all of you lying unconscious on the ground for minutes. In fact, it was genius!” Sebastian is completely done with him and asks the same question to Lizz: “What happened?” Lizz, who is clearly devasted, says: “He took her.” Sebastian asks: “Who?” But right after it, he looks to all the others who all just have waken up. However, one of them is missing. On the moment Sebastian finds out that Isabelle is the one who is missing, he starts crying softly. But fastly after it, he becomes so angry and starts destroying everything he sees. John and Delmar stand up because of all the noise and see what happens. Delmar asks: “What the hell is wrong with him?” John says: “Something should have happened.” Lucy comes to them and says: “What happened. Is that Nina killed?” John says: “No, she is just standing there.” Lucy asks: “What else could have happened to make him so angry?” Delmar says: “Wait, didn’t he have another woman?” John and Lucy are both very surprised and both say: “Oh no.”

On the highest mountain of the planet, Black God has returned. Epacel asks to him: “You got it?” Black God says: “Of course I got it.” and he throws something on the ground. Feroma is surprised and says: “What does this has to mean?” Black God says: “It is none of your business.” After it, Black God uses his powers and creates a house on the top of the mountain. He grabs his stuff again and walks inside the house. Feroma and Epacel stay behind outside. Inside the house, Black God opens it and an unconscious Isabelle can be seen lying inside of it. Not much later, she wakes up. Black God sits on a chair, waiting for her to stand up again. Nothing happens for minutes, until Isabelle says: “Where are we?” Black God says: “You are save sweetheart. Nothing will happen to you.” Isabelle stands up and says: “Idiot, why did you kill children? There was no need for that!” Black God says: “I had to make my point.” Isabelle angry says: “You already made that when you killed James.” Black God says: “You don’t have to worry anymore, you are the first and only of you who can stay safely here, waiting for the game to end.” Isabelle says: “Game? You really think this is a game? That’s only what you want us to believe.” Black God says: “That’s right. Usually games are funny and this one is that too, right?” Isabelle says: “Idiot, of course there is nothing more funny than killing some people.” Black God says: “The real fun is still waiting to come.” Isabelle says: “I can’t wait for it.” Suddenly, Black God stands up and comes closer to her. When he is close enough, he takes off all his clothes and shows his appearance to her. On Isabelle’s face you can see that she is not very surprised. Of course, Black God’s face isn’t seen, but out of nowhere he grabs Isabelle and starts kissing with her. She can’t do anything about it. He grabs her and they walk to another room with a bed in it. He also takes off her clothes and makes them fall on the bed. They start having sex with each other.

At the group, Sebastian is still sad. John and Lucy come to him. John says to him: “We will get her back. Black God won’t kill her. He is too soft and won’t kill girls like her.” Sebastian ingores him for a few seconds, until he says: “Are you sure? He doesn’t has a mind.” Nina also comes at the group, shows the power source and says to John and Lucy: “You see? I was wrong, he doesn’t wants this.” Lucy says: “Finally you see it.” Nina says: “I’m sorry. I should have seen it earlier.” Sebastian says: “We have to find that idiot and end this.” Nina asks: “Do you have any idea where he could be?” Sebastian says: “Where would an idiot as Black God has is place on the planet?” He looks around him and sees a mountain far away of them that is much higher than the others. Sebastian continues: “Of course he choosed a place where he can stand above everybody else. So, he stays on that mountain.” John says: “Why we didn’t thought about that before?” Delmar comes to them and says: “You know the location of that idiot?” Sebastian says: “Yes, that mountain.” And he points to it once again. Delmar says: “That sounds logical.” Sebastian says: “Call Bradley, Lizz and Henry, tell them that we will walk straight to that mountain.” Delmar says: “Of course, lets hope that idiot of a Bradley will finally be useful for our team.” Delmar and John walk to their direction where they see Bradley and Lizz together and Henry sitting alone. Delmar says: “Come on, we will go further!” Bradley says: “Finally! We have waited here way too long.” Lizz says: “You sound like you know in which direction we have to go.” John says: “Sebastian came up with a good idea.” Henry also comes back and says: “Let me get that Black God. I will punish him for what he did!”

Meanwhile on the highest mountain, Feroma and Epacel are standing there waiting for Black God to come back, but it takes hours. Feroma looks on the screen that shows the location of the group that are walking to the mountain. Feroma says: “Looks like those idiots finally found our location!” Epacel says: “They want to get the girl back, so predictable.” Feroma says: “We will kill them one by one! Epacel says: “Not so fast, first let them suffer. That’s what our god commands us to do.” Feroma says: “Okay okay, and how are we going to do that?” Epacel says: “You will attack them. I am more useful as right-hand man of Black God than you!” Feroma says: “That’s not true, I serve him much better than you.” Epacel says: “We will see who Black God likes more!”

The Spaceship 537 gets closer and closer to the planet. Until Besoux spots a spaceship not far away of them. Nasoux asks: “Who are that?” Besoux says: “I don’t care, probably just some other people that fly through space.” Zaver looks and says: “I have never seen this kind of spaceship before.” Caroline says: “It looks like a human spaceship, but I am not sure.” Richard says: “It are probably one of the many humans that fly through this space.” Besoux says: “Let them go their own way, it is not important.” Zaver says: “They change their direction and come to us.” Besoux says: “Lets go faster!” Amy asks: “But what if they need help?” Besoux says: “We are already helping other people!” Zaver says: “They have a faster spaceship. We won’t stand a chance against them.” Besoux ignores him and tries to get full speed, but the other spaceship is too fast and comes before them. Nasoux says: “We have to let them inside, otherwise they won’t let us go.” Richard says: “We will take a look.” Amy and Zaver follow him. At the door, the other spaceship secures itself on the spaceship 537. Richard, Amy and Zaver wait for the door to open. After some time, the door opens. They see two men and one women standing. Richard is the first to ask: “Who are you? And what do you want?” One of the man says: “Calm down, we need your help.” Amy asks: “What do you want?” The man says: “I will first introduce myself. I am Jonah Reid. These are Miles and Teresa. We lost the way and are in space for a long time already, we wanted to ask you the route.” Zaver, who is surprised, asks: “Don’t you have a map?” Jonah says: “We have, but we don’t even know where we are.” Teresa says: “Please help us. That’s all we ask.” Richard says: “Where is that map? We can show you the way.” Jonah says: “Come inside.” Richard, Amy and Zaver follow them without hesitating. In the cockpit of the Spaceship 537, Besoux sees everything happening. Nasoux asks to him: “Do you really think that is smart?” Besoux says: “Their spaceship is stuck on ours, they can’t fly away without us.” Lauren asks: “Why?” Besoux explains: “That’s another useful new function on the ship.” Jaimy says: “I hope it works.” Inside the other spaceship, Richard, Amy and Zaver are surprised to see that there are more people in the other spaceship. Amy asks to them: “Who are you?” Jonah says: “Don’t talk to them, they are the losers on our spaceship.” Richard is very surprise and says: “Losers? What???” Miles says: “They disagreed wit hus and a fight started. We won and have control over the spaceship.” One of the three others says: “They didn’t won. They claimed the spaceship.” Zaver says: “I want to know who speaks the truth.” Jonah says: “Don’t listen to them. Come to the cockpit and show us the way. The same man says: “Don’t show them the way, they failed hopelessly in it.” Richard asks to Amy: “To who should we listen?” Amy says: “I don’t know. It looks like we came into some kind of game. Zaver, do you have any idea?” Zaver says: “Well, lets first help Jonah, Teresa and Miles. After it, ask what’s really going on here.” Richard and Amy agree with it and walk inside the cockpit. Jonah has already opened the map. Richard asks to him: “You don’t have your own location on it?” Jonah says: “It destroyed not long ago.” Amy asks: “Where exactly?” Jonah says: “When we flew across this planet” and he shows a planet on the map. Richard, Amy and Zaver are suprised. The planet he points to is Black God’s planet. Richard says: “That’s Black God’s planet, the planet we are flying to.” Teresa says: “That’s pure coincidience, why are you so surprised?” Amy asks: “You haven’t heard of Black God yet?” Miles laughs and says: “Black God, he should be really someone if we calls himself that!” After it, the others three humans come into the cockpit. The same man says: “Black God, I told you he was true! You didn’t wanted to believe me!” Richard says: “Wait, you have talked about him.” The man says: “We did, but I didn’t knew his name.” Zaver says: “Let me conclude something. You flew across Black God’s planet, where your location on the map got destroyed. After it, the six of you got a discussion how that could have happened. You three said it was about the planet, but the others three didn’t wanted to believe it.” The man says: “Totally true, except that we are already in these two camps for a longer time. I am Ayden by the way.” Zaver says: “Good to meet you.” Ayden says: “Me too, I have never seen an alien before, but I always imagined them something like this.” Amy asks to Jonah: “To what planet where you going to?” Jonah says: “Quetir, the planet where so much humans went to after we heard Markus Wood’s stories.” Amy says: “Then I can tell you something. We come from that planet and have met Markus Wood. Unfortunately, he is not among us anymore.” Jonah is very surprised and asks: “Wait, from all those spaceships in the universe we have met you. That can’t be coincidience.” Ayden and the other two humans come to them. Jonah says: “Now we have all come here. Let me introduce them. These are Ayden, Kyle and Felicia.” Kyle says: “Idiot, you don’t stand above us.” Jonah says: “You call me an idiot? Show some more respect idiot!” After it, they start attacking each other. Richard and Amy see it happening. Amy asks to Felicia: “Is this normal for you?” Felicia answers: “Yes, they fight a lot against each other. I usually don’t want to get involved in it.” The fights goes on and on. They don’t know that someone sees everything.

On Black God’s planet, Black God is finally done. He walks out of the house, where Feroma and Epacel are still standing. Black God asks: “You got something?” Feroma says: “There is some movement in the space. Two spaceships are near of us.” Black God says: “One of them is the Spaceship 537, right?” Feroma says: “Yes, the form really looks like it.” Black God says: “Good, they are getting closer to our planet.” Feroma says: “The others spaceship has already crossed our planet. I forgot to tell you that.” Black God asks: “How close did it pass us?” Feroma says: “Not close enough for the magnet effect.” Black God says: “Okay, we have to make sure that they won’t get away.” Feroma says: “What do you suggest master?” On the moment Black God wants to answer, he sees that Isabelle comes out of the house. Black God is surprised and says: “You dare to come outside?” Isabelle says: “You won’t kill me anyway. I have nothing to lose.” Black God says: “That’s totally fine. But, now come to me.” Isabelle agrees with it and comes closer to him. Black God shows her the device with the location of the two spaceships. He says: “You see that one? It is the one you you called. It are your good old friends.” Isabelle says: “I don’t care about them.” Black God says: “It is not about them. This is about my powers. I hope you can reconsider your opinion after you have seen this.” Isabelle looks and is not impressed. Black God starts using his powers. After some time, a movement on the device can be seen. The view changes over to the two spaceships. The fight has stopped and they all don’t know what happened. After some seconds, the both spaceships gets fastly pushed into one direction. It has so much speed that all the humans inside are pushed away. Ironically, the both spaceships keep attached to each other. In the Spaceship 537, they are all very surprised. Besoux knows that he has no control over the spaceship anymore.

The group on Black God’s planet is still walking into the direction of the mountain, not knowing what is happening in the space near of them. Bradley suddenly asks: “How are actually sure that that idiot is there?” Delmar says: “We aren’t sure, we just do this because it is the best we can do, right?” John says: “If you look to it like that, okay fine.” Sebastian says: “All I want is to get Isabelle back, he can fuck off after it.” Nina says: “Maybe, we can use the power source to kill him?” Lucy asks: “You know how to use it?” Nina says: “No idea, but I can try.” Bradley says: “The idiot thought that a random girl was more important than that weapon. And you think that we can kill him with it?” Sebastian says: “We can always try it. You have a better option?” Bradley says: “No, but it feels like a waste of time. We just have to wait for the others to come.” Delmar angrily says: “You lazy idiot, you can’t do anything yourself. You always have to get help from others!” Bradley disagrees with it and wants to attack him, but Lizz comes between them and says: “Use your energy on the real enemy, not on each other!” Fastly after it, they hear a loud voice saying: “Then it seems like I have come on the right time!” They all look behind them and they see the one and only Black God standing behind them. Sebastian angrily screams to him: “You idiot! Give her back!” Black God says: “How do you want to get her back?” Sebastian attacks him, but Black God uses his powers and smashes him away. Black God says: “You are wasting my time. There was something else I wanted to show you.” He shows the device with the two spaceships. Henry angrily screams: “I don’t care. You will get punished for what you did!” Black God ignores him and says: “You see this spaceship? It belongs to your dear friends and they are coming to you.” Lucy asks: “Who are the other spaceship?” Black God answers: “Some other bastards that flew across my beautiful planet.” John asks: “Why is this so important for us?” Black God says: “Maybe because they are your dear friends who came to save you?” Sebastian says: “Then we will try it ourselves!” Black God says: “And how do you want to do that? I have powers that none of you will stand a chance against!” Henry says: “Enough talking!” and he attacks Black God, who is first suprised by it. Sebastian is angry too and helps him. John and Delmar help too, Bradley, Lizz and Nina are of course too lazy to help. Black God has troubles handling them all, but none of the attackers is able to even hurt him. Sebastian asks to Black God while fighting: “If you hurt her, I will torture you and give you the most painful death!” Black God laughs and says: “I already fucked her.” Sebastian becomes very angry after he heard that and attacks Black God again, but he is still too strong and smashes him away. Henry attacks Black God after it once again and he grabs him. Black God says: “For once, I won’t kill any of you, but remember, your friends are in trouble and aren’t that strong as you hoped.” After it, Black God disappears again. Sebastian screams: “Idiot! If he is really a man, he would have killed us all already!” Nina says: “He wants to let us suffer.” Henry says: “Next time I will go for his head!” Bradley says: “I hope he will let you make it to his head.” Henry says: “It is not about killing him, I want to see the coward who is hiding under that mask!” Delmar says: “Wait, if he fucked Isabelle, then she would have seen his face, right? He can’t fuck her with his black suit on.” Sebastian says: “I don’t even want to think about it.” John says: “If we were able to speak with her, she could have told us. Sadly that definetely isn’t the case.” Lucy sees Sebastian staring to something and asks: “Where are you looking at?” Sebastian says: “The mountain, I saw movement on it again. Black God teleported back to it.” John says: “Then we are sure that he is on it.”

Inside the Spaceship 537, it is quiet again. Caroline asks: “And what was that?” Besoux says: “Something pushed us into the direction of that planet.” Lauren says: “Did that Black God do this?” Nasoux says: “How could someone be able to do this?” Besoux says: “Don’t scream too fast that he did this, it could just be some power in space.” Lindsey asks: “Shall we look if the others are allright?” Caroline says: “Good idea.” Lindsey and Jaimy leave the cockpit and walk to the other spaceship. There they see that the others are harder hit by it. Jaimy asks: “Are you allright?” Amy says: “We are fine, only a bit hurt.” Jonah says: “What the fuck was that!” Ayden says to him: “Calm down, this is only to scare us.” Teresa says: “You don’t know that.” Felicia says to her: “What other reason would he have to do this?” Teresa says: “Shut up, that Black God does not exist, that are only fairytales.” Kyle says: “We will see when we come on his planet. There is no way to avoid it anymore.” Jonah says: “Please don’t blame for this! We already passed that planet.” Miles says: “Completely right, it is not your fault.” Richard, Amy, Lindsey and Jaimy see the six of them discuss even more with each other. Jaimy wants it to stop and says: “We haven’t met yet. I am Jaimy and this is Lindsey, who are you?” Jonah says: “I am Jonah and these are my friends Miles and Teresa. Those other three idiots are Ayden, Kyle and Felicia.” Lindsey asks: “You have two sides on one spaceship?” Jonah says: “Yes and that happened all because of them.” Ayden says: “Shut up, it is also your fault that this happened.” Amy says: “Stop these fights. We have to find a solution. You know the direction now, right?” Jonah says: “We don’t want to go to Quetir anymore, I want to see if that Black God really exists.” Teresa and Miles are both very surprised. Teresa says: “This is not what we wanted. We have to go as fast away here as possible! Miles unlock us from that other spaceship, we will fly away!” Richard says: “Wait! You forget that we are still on this spaceship.” Teresa says: “I don’t care, get us out of here!” Miles tries to unlock their spaceship from the Spaceship 537, but it fails. He tries whatever he can, but they are stuck on the other spaceship. He says: “Idiots! We are stuck on their spaceship!” Lindsey says: “Besoux made something on our spaceship. And now you are stuck.” Miles says: “Tell him to let us go, or we will hold you as our prisoners!” Felicia says to him: “You can’t do that, they can walk to their own spaceshipe anyway.” Miles says: “Then we will block the way tot heir spaceship.” Kyle laughs and says: “Do we really have to take you serious?” Richard says: “Come to our spaceship, then we can discuss what to do.” Jonah says: “No, we will stay on our own spaceship. We can’t trust you.” Miles says: “We don’t need you, I will find a way myself to get away from you idiots. We should never have asked you for help!” Amy asks to Ayden, Kyle and Felicia: “Will you come?” Ayden says: “Of course, I don’t want to be with these idiots anymore.” Kyle and Felicia agree with him and they walk to the Spaceship 537. When they are gone, Jonah says: “I hope they will all get killed.” Miles and Teresa smile and agree with him.

On the planet of Black God, the group is still walking further until they come at a obstacle. A huge pool of water stands in their way and the high mountain. Delm asks: “How are going to pass this?” Lizz says to him: “What about swimming through it?” Nina says: “There could be beasts inside the water.” Bradley says: “Everything is death here! There doesn’t lives anything in that water.” Henry says: “Can’t we just take another route? We all want revenge on that idiot, but we have all the time.” Sebastian says: “How longer we wait, how longer he has Isabelle.” Henry says: “Fine, let swim and become wet.” Sebastian asks to John: “There is no other way, right?” John says: “No, as you can see this water is kilometers long.” After it, Henry suddenly jumps into the water. He says to them: “Come! This water is hot.” Nina says: “I don’t trust it.” Lucy says: “I agree with you, the water is dark. There could be anything in it.” Henry is angry and says: “Why you don’t follow me?” Delmar says: “Fine, I will come too.” And Delmar also jumps into the water. Sebastian says: “This can’t be true. Water on a hot place and there across the mountains, it is cold.” Lizz is afraid and says to Delmar: “Come out of it, we will find another way to get over the water!” Delmar first doesn’t agrees with her, but suddenly he starts feeling his legs burn. Delmar says: “This doesn’t feels right.” Henry says to him: “Where are you talking about? It is only very hot.” Meanwhile, Delmar swims back. Lizz helps him to get out of the water again. Sebastian says to Henry: “Get out of it! This is not safe!” Henry disagrees with him, but he sees that it still a long way to go and he swims back. After some minutes, he is back again and the others help him get out of the water. When he is out of the water again, he says to the others: “Why did you wanted to get me out? There is nothing wrong in that water.” Nina says: “Look at your skin, it is totally red!” The others are very surprised and shocked. Henry says: “What the hell? This can’t be true!” It only gets worse and worse. Henry screams: “I have to be back in the water again!” The others don’t trust it and run away. But before he can make it into the water, a huge explosion follows. The others are all shocked by it. When they look again, they see that there is nothing more left of Henry than some parts of him. Delmar shockedly says: “Will the same happen to me?” Lizz is shocked, but she says to him: “Your skin is not red like his.” Delmar is very relieved and says: “That’s the best thing I could hear.” John says: “You were lucky. A few minutes longer in the water and you would also have exploded.” Delmar says: “Thank you Sebastian, if you weren’t here I would have been longer in the water.” Sebastian says: “I feel sad for Henry. He was never able to revenge his wife and children.” Bradley says: “No surprise that there doesn’t lives anything in that fucking water.” The others ingore him. Lucy asks to John: “You know another way?” John says: “I guess that will be kilometers walking around the water.” Nina says: “Better that than completely exploding.”

On Black God’s mountain, he, Feroma, Epacel and Isabelle have seen everything. Black God laughable says: “That’s another idiot less.” Epacel asks: “How did you create that water?” Black God says: “It may look like normal water, but I put radiation in it. So much radiation that it makes your whole body explode!” Isabelle says to Black God: “You really think that is funny?” Black God says: “Why not? He was a big idiot. Nobody cared about him.” Feroma says: “Let me create another obstacle. Hopefully another person will die! I bet on Bradley or Delmar, they are very dumb.” Black God says: “Good, those idiots may die first. Sebastian, John, Nina and Lucy should be punished the most. These are the biggest idiots.” Isabelle says: “Please don’t kill them. We can find another way.” Black God says: “There is no other way. Only making them suffer and die will make me get revenge!” Isabelle says: “You are way too aggressive. Please become normal.” Black God says: “This is how I am. Soon I will rule the whole universe with you on my side.” Isabelle is surprised and says: “Why me? I am sure that there is another woman in this universe who wants to be your wife.” Black God says: “No, you are the only one I want, no one else!” Isabelle says: “Then what if I commit suicide?” After it, the she runs to the edge of the mountain. Black God says: “Do whatever you want.” Isabelle looks down and says: “Better this than living the rest of my life with you!” After it, she jumps off the mountain, but very fastly after it, Black God uses his powers and throws her on the mountain again. Black God says: “There is no way how you can get away from me!” Isabelle says: “This isn’t only a prison, I have come into hell!” Black God says: “Be quiet, soon you will forget everything and be with me.” Black God grabs her again and starts kissing with her. He says: “We will be together forever. Forever!!!!!!!!!”

Inside the Spaceship 537, Ayden, Kyle and Felicia introduce themself to the others. Lauren asks: “Where are the others?” Ayden says: “It is complicated. We hate them and they hate us. We were all friends when we went on this spaceship, but space changes people.” Kyle adds to it: “Jonah started becoming very different. Space changes people.” Caroline says: “We know about that. It does more surprise me that you came here. What route did you take?” Felicia says: “We really don’t know. We thought it was the right way, but we lost our location and often didn’t knew exactly where we were.” Besoux says: “Fine, now we have to take you also with us.” Richard says: “Can’t we show them the way and make them fly back?” Besoux says: “That’s sadly not possible. I have no control over the spaceship anymore.” Richard surprisingly asks: “What? How?” Besoux says: “That idiot of a Black God. He has taken over the ship.” Ayden says: “You also can’t unplug our spacehip?” Besoux says: “No, that’s a function on the control of our spaceship and I can’t control that anymore.” Nasoux says: “Black God has exactly what he wants. So much people as new victims on his destroyed planet.” Zaver says: “Don’t lose hope. We will find a way to kill him.” Jaimy says: “We first have to find the others. Together we should stand a chance against him.” Kyle says: “Jonah, Teresa and Miles thought that he didn’t exist. We beated them.” Felicia asks: “You came here to save friends of you who are on that planet?” Amy says: “Yes, but suddenly this guy was here. He took over the planet, lure our friends to that planet by telling us to bring a power source to a man called Provart. He killed Provart and made them crash on that planet.” Ayden says: “And with that he lure you to the planet?” Amy says: “Yes, but we still don’t know why he hates us so much.” Caroline says: “Who would want revenge on us? Maybe Ibrousax?” Besoux laughs and says: “He is dead, how could he have returned from the death?” Nasoux asks: “Did any of you have any enemies?” Zaver says: “I will try to look into your memories.” Felicia says: “Wait, you can do that?” Zaver says: “Yes, I am a Viuron, one of the most intelligent species in the world. Give me a minute now.” The others look at him and don’t understand what he is doing.” Lindsey says: “Anyone who has something to say in the meantime?” Kyle immediatly reacts and says: “I just wanted to say. How is it possible that you have so much hot girls on your spaceship?” Richard says: “Okay, do you feel lucky?” Kyle says: “Yes, there is lots of choice here.” Caroline says: “Very important, you can fix one of us after we are done here.” Fastly after it, Zaver is back from his journey through the memories of them. He says: “Well, I really found nothing who could want revenge on us.” Besoux says: “How is that possible?” Zaver says: “I don’t know with who you have dealed before, but it is impossible to find.” Lauren says: “Perhaps we should look further than only our memories.”

On Black God’s mountain, Black God is somewhere sitting. Of course, Isabelle is with him. It is quiet until she asks: “What will be your final revenge?” Black God says: “You want to know that?” Isabelle says: “Yes, since we are lovers now, we should be honest about everything.” Black God says: “You are completely right. You know that power source your group had? You all think it is useless, but there was a reason I made it bring you it to my planet. In fact, it is very strong!” Isabelle says: “Okay, but what do you want to do with it then?” Black God says: “I will completely destroy Quetir with it!” Isabelle shockedly says: “You can’t do that. There are millions of people living on that planet.” Black God says: “I will let them all pay for what they did!” Isabelle says: “Come on, take our lives, but spare them. They have nothing to do with this.” Black God says: “I will never take your life. You are my most worthy property.” Isabelle says: “Property? What is miss with you?” Black God says: “Let me do something first, you will lie in our bed ready for a beautiful night.” Isabelle wants to react to him, but Black God suddenly disappears. She sees Feroma and Epacel looking at her. She asks to them: “You don’t have another option, do you?” Epacel says: “We keep an eye on you while our god is gone.” Isabelle says: “Nobody wants to work for an idiot like him, I understand it now. Your brains are taken over by him.” Feroma says: “Do what the master says!” Isabelle is tired of them and walks into the house to be alone.

At the group, they see that it becomes dark outside. They know that it is time to take some sleep. Bradley says: “I am done with all this walking!” Lizz says to him: “You still have lots of kilometers to walk. You can’t stop.” Bradley is glad that she answers to him and says: “I know, there is no other option.” Delmar says to Lizz: “Why you talk tot hat idiot? Lizz, you are better than that.” Lizz says: “I’m sorry for that.” Delmar says: “You don’t have to be sorry, I just don’t understand why you give such an idiot attention.” Meanwhile, Sebastian and John make the tents ready. When they are done, Bradley, Lizz and Delmar take the first tent. Delmar and Bradley both hate each other very much, but they both want to sleep with Lizz. Of course, that is not possible. It is quiet, until Bradley says: “You also want her? Lets fight for her!” Delmar says: “Of course you idiot!” They attack each other and a fight in the tent starts. Sebastian, John, Nina and Lucy hear it and come to the other tent. They, together with Lizz want to stop the fight. However, Bradley and Delmar don’t want to stop. It finally stops when Sebastian pushes Bradley away and when John grabs Delmar. John asks: “Why were you fighting?” Bradley says: “We were fighting for Lizz.” Sebastian says: “Just get some sleep and care less about who gets the girl.” After it, the others leave the tent again. Bradley and Delmar still want to fight with each other, but they try to get some sleep. In the other tent, John and Lucy pick their own place to go sleep. Sebastian wants to do the same, but Nina comes sit next to him. Sebastian knows what she wants and says: “I am not in the mood now.” Nina says: “Please, now I finally have you alone.” Sebastian says: “Another time, not now.” Nina becomes angry and says: “You like her much more than me. That is it, right?” Sebastian says: “No, I am just not in the mood now.” Nina says: “The next time you are also not in the mood. It is never the time! Never!” After some more screaming, Nina walks angrily out of the tent. John and Lucy look at him. Sebastian says: “Why I always have problems with girls?” John says: “You did the right thing. Let her be outside. It won’t take long before she comes back.” After lots of minutes, Nina is still not back. Lucy says: “Let me speak to her. Girls understand each other the best.” Sebastian and John agree with it. Lucy walks out of the tent and sees Nina sitting in the dark. Lucy asks: “Are you alright?” Nina says: “Yes, I am just done with Sebastian. I hate that he cares so much about Isabelle.” Lucy says: “Isn’t it very hard to share a man with another girl?” Nina says: “Yes, it is very hard. Perhaps I should search someone else.” It is quiet for some seconds, until they hear a familair voice saying: “Hello girls!” Nina and Lucy are both shocked and see that the one and only Black God is looking to them. They are first very shocked, but Lucy tries to stay strong. She asks: “What do you want motherfucker?” Black God says: “Your group still has something that I desperate want.” Lucy says: “Isabelle wasn’t the only thing you want?” Black God says: “No, I want more!” Lucy says: “Then come and get it!” Nina asks to Lucy: “Shouldn’t we call Sebastian and John?”, but it is already too late and Lucy runs to Black God. She grabs a knife. Black God laughs and says: “You think you can kill me with a simple knife?” Lucy says: “I have to try something.” And after it, Lucy throws the knife. It is very good thrown and it comes on the head of Black God. He is clearly not impressed and says: “You really thought that would kill me?” Lucy doesn’t knows what to do. Black God says: “Fine, I already wasted enough time of being together with Isabelle.” After it, he attacks Lucy and only hits here once which already defeats her. Nina still stands on the same place and sees Black God coming to her. He asks to her: “You still have the power source?” Nina says: “Of course, I have it. Do you want to make the trade now?” Black God says: “You have nothing to say. I take whatever I want!” And suddenly Black God attacks Nina. Lucy sees everything happening. Instead of hurting her, Black God grabs Nina and teleports away. Lucy can’t believe her eyes. Out of nowhere they are disappeared. When she manages to stand again, she walks as fast as possible to their tent. Sebastian and John are almost sleeping, when she screams tot hem: “It is Black God! He has Nina!” Sebastian and John are both shocked. Sebastian says: “Are you serious? I am not dreaming?” Lucy says: “No, I am very serious! I saw it with my own eyes.” They all go outside and Lucy shows the exact place where it happened. Sebastian starts crying again. He has lost both his girls now. He says: “It is my fault. I send her away.” John and Lucy try to help him, but they all know that they lost another member of their group.

In the other spaceship, Miles and Teresa are searching for a way to escape from the others. Jonah says: “Come on, they give us the chance to meet that Black God. You don’t want to see that we are right?” Teresa says: “We better not take the risk. And I want to get away from those idiots!” Miles says: “I think I found it. We have to make as much speed as possible. A breach in our spaceship will obviously appear, but we can fix that with the emergency door. Everything better than staying here longer.” Jonah says: “Bad plan, probably our whole spaceship will destroy itself.” Miles angrily asks: “Do you know a better option?” Jonah says: “Asking those idiots inside of that other spaceship to unplug us?” Teresa says: “They can’t.” Jonah asks: “Why?” Teresa says: “I think they would have done that already if they could.” Miles says: “I don’t care what the fuck you think, I will try to get the fuck out of here!” Miles starts the motor of the spaceship again and puts as much speed in it as possible. He goes harder and harder, but everything fails. Not much later, an explosion follows. Inside the spaceship 537, they have heard everything. Ayden says: “It are those other idiots. They try to unplug their spaceship.” Besoux says: “They can try whatever they want, they won’t escape.” Amy says: “But we have to stop this, if they continue they can destroy their whole spaceship and take us with them.” Nasoux says: “Yes, make them stop!” Richard says: “Okay lets go back.” Kyle says: “I guess it is better that we stay here.” Jaimy says: “We will speak to them, you don’t have to go.” Felicia says: “Okay, thank you.” On the moment Richard, Amy, Lindsey and Jaimy walk to the other spaceship again, they don’t know that two from an unknown specie on Black God’s planet are looking to them.

Epacel says: “Those idiots are trying to escape.” Feroma says: “Shall we give them another push?” Epacel says: “Finally I agree with you.” Feroma uses the energy of Black God and controls the Spaceship 537. Besoux and the others on the Spaceship 537 feel it happening. He says: “That idiot is doing it again!” They look through the glass and see that they get pushed into the direction of the planet. Kyle says: “Is that planet a magnet, or what?” Lauren says: “No, that Black God is doing this.” Besoux says: “We will go further on plan B.” Caroline asks: “What is plan B?” Besoux says: “When we are close enough, we will all go inside our emergency ship.” Zaver says: “Black God will see that.” Besoux says: “I know, but then we can land safely.” Ayden says: “He will give us a spectacular introduction, no matter what.” Felicia asks to Besoux: “How close are we to his planet?” Besoux says: “I think only a few hours and we will reach it.”

Richard, Amy, Lindsey and Jaimy come in the others spaceship and feel the movement. Lindsey asks: “What’s happening?” Amy says: “We keep getting pushed to that planet.” Meanwhile, Miles and Teresa are still finding a way to get away. Jonah is the first to see them and says: “Look who are back. What brought you here?” Richard says: “We came here to tell you that you have to stop trying to get away from us. You are stuck on our spaceship and won’t get away.” Miles says: “Tell your leader to unplug us!” Jaimy says: “Unfortunately we lost the control over our spaceship and can’t unplug you.” Miles says: “Bullshit! You are kidnapping us! Teresa, we have to do something against this.” Richard says: “Calm down, we are telling the truth. We can’t unplug you.” Miles says: “I want to see evidence, because I can’t believe you!” After it, Miles walks to the Spaceship 537. Teresa is the first to follow him, the others come after them. Not much later, they all come at the cockpit of the Spaceship 537, where it starts becoming very busy. Miles screams over everyone: “Show me truth that you can’t unplug us!” Besoux says: “Okay fine, the next time ask it more polite please.” Jonah laughs and says: “An alien is controlling your spaceship? This is laughable!” Caroline says: “Please shut up.” Miles comes forward and Besoux shows him that he can’t move the spaceship.” Miles is very surprised and says: “How is this possible?” Besoux says: “If I would know, I would have told you.”

On Black God’s planet, Black God returns and he goes in his house. He throws a still unconscious Nina in another room on a bed and goes in his room where Isabelle is already waiting for him.

The next day, Sebastian, John and Lucy wake up after a tough night. Sebastian says: “I almost haven’t slept.” Lucy says: “I understand. I feel sorry for you.” John says: “We will get both Isabelle and Nina back, trust me.” Sebastian says: “I don’t understand. Why both Isabelle and Nina?” John says: “Maybe this idiot is also a player and raper.” Sebastian doesn’t wants to think about it and walks out of the tent, where he sees Bradley, Delmar and Lizz. They are faster than them. Bradley is angry and asks to him: “Why did you make so much noise? We couldn’t sleep.” Sebastian is not in the mood to answer him and ignores him. Not much later, John and Lucy also come out of the tent. They remove the tent and are ready to walk again. Delmar asks: “Where is Nina?” John says: “She is kidnapped by Black God.” Delmar is surprised and says: “What? He also took her.” Lizz says” “That’s very sad. He kidnapped both your girls. Seems like he hates you the most.” Bradley says: “No, he doesn’t hates him the most. I still think Sebastian controls him! He kidnapped both his girls because he wants to be with them!” Sebastian says: “Shut up. That isn’t even possible. You see that I am here. I can’t be on different places at the same time.” Bradley says: “Everything is possible these days.” Lucy suddenly says: “Shall we walk further? We still have a long way to go and have to save two friends of us.” The others agree and they start walking further. During the walking, Lucy asks to Sebastian: “Nina had that power source, right?” Sebastian says: “Yes, she had it.” Lucy says: “I think he wanted that, but he didn’t wanted us to know that he wanted it.” Sebastian says: “True, we would have used it against him.” Lucy says: “That’s stupid, we should have known that.”

Obviously, Feroma and Epacel are watching on the group. Feroma laughs and says: “You see? That loser is completely alone now. He has nobody!” Epacel says: “Our god also took that other girl? Great, I hope he will torture her.” A few minutes later, Black God walks out of his house again. Feroma and Epacel are surprised to see him. Feroma says: “Master, we have keep an eye on the groups in the time you were gone.” Black God says: “That’s good. And I finally have what I needed.” Epacel says: “You took that other girl? Why?” Black God says: “That idiot of a Sebastian has to suffer. He is the biggest idiot of all!” Feroma says: “The girl you took now had the power source?” Black God says: “She has and that means it is now for me.” Inside the house, Nina wakes up and doesn’t knows what to do. She fastly sees that she still has the power source. She tries to destroy it, but it fails. After it, Isabelle walks out of her room and hears the noise she is making. Isabelle is very surprised and asks: “He also brought you here?” Nina says: “Yes, he did.” Isabelle asks: “Why did he do that?” Nina says: “He wanted that power source, like I told you.” Isabelle says: “Then destroy that stupid thing!” Nina says: “I already tried, but I can’t.” Isabelle says: “Give it to me, then I will try it.” Nina says: “No, you also can’t do that.” Isabelle is surprised and decides to ask something different: “How is with Sebastian?” Nina says: “He is fine.” Isabelle says: “Okay good, but we have to find a way to get out of here.” Nina says: “That impossible. We are on a high mountain.” Isabelle says: “It is really great working with you. You always have the right solutions. Why do I even waste my time speaking to you?” Isabelle wants to walk away, but suddenly Black God is back in the house. He says: “You have reunited again?” Isabelle says: “Yes, but she isn’t really glad to see me.” Black God says: “Oh, that’s sad honey. Then, there is only one thing I can do. Make her glad to see the both of us.” Nina says: “But, I am glad to see you master Black God.” Black God says: “It is only Black God.” Nina says: “Okay, but I wantedto say that you were completely right. I have nothing to trade, that’s why I wanted to give this to you.” And after it, Nina shows him the power source. Isabelle is very surprised and doesn’t understands why she does it. Black God says: “Good job girl, then I can finally start my ultimate revenge.” Black God takes the power source and walks out of the house again. Isabelle is angry and asks her: “What are you doing? Is he brainwashing you or what the fuck is going on here?” Nina says: “I will do whatever I have to do to survive.” Isabelle says: “By winning his trust? You are making a big mistake Nina!” Nina says: “You shouldn’t work against him. There is no way in which you will beat him. We have to work together with him to survive.” Isabelle says: “You are insane. This can’t be possible.” Nina says: “I will look how our god uses the power source.” After it, Nina walks out of the house. Isabelle keeps behind and is still very surprised. Outside, Black God has created a big weapon. Feroma and Epacel are with him. They are still a bit working on it, until Nina asks to hem: “How are you doing?” Black God says: “It goes better than best, lets put the power source in it.” He puts it in the weapon and not much later the weapon is ready to be used.” Black God laughs maliciously and Nina asks him: “What will you use with this weapon?” Black God says: “I will completely destroy Quetir!” Nina says: “Good, I don’t care about that planet.” Meanwhile, Isabelle looks in the door opening and hears Nina saying that. She still can’t believe it and walks inside the house again. When the weapon is fully done, Feroma and Epacel focus again on the groups. Nina asks to Black God: “I’m sorry, but I still want to make a deal with you.” Black God says: “Where is it about?” Nina says: “I will work for you and do whatever you want in exchange that you will spare me when you take over the whole universe.” Black God hesitates a few seconds until he says: “Deal, I agree with that.” They shake the hands with each other and Nina doesn’t knows how big mistake she has made.

All the humans, Besoux, Nasoux and Zaver are still in space and coming closer and closer to Black God’s planet. Lauren asks: “So what’s the plan?” Besoux says: “As I said, we will all go in the smaller spaceship. Only one problem, I am not sure if we all fit in that. We weren’t prepared for six more people.” Miles asks: “Why should we go on board on that?” Ayden answers to him: “Maybe if you want to survive this?” Teresa says: “I agree with Miles, there is no need for going on board of such a stupid spaceship.” Miles laughs and likes what she says.” Jonah says: “I am only here because I wanted to meet the almighty Black God!” Kyle says to him: “Don’t be so stupid. He is very dangerous, you don’t understand that yet.” Lauren says: “You aren’t even sure about that yet.” Felicia says: “We have seen footage of him. And that already said enough.” Miles says: “Come on! The chance is very likely that those footage is just fake and propaganda from some idiots who want to make people scared.” Miles and Teresa want to continue the discussion against Kyle and Felicia, but Caroline is done with it and says: “There will be time enough to discuss all of this. We have better things to do now.” Kyle says: “But we have to prepare fort he fight against Black God.” Richard says: “We first need prove that he really exists.” Amy asks: “Are we even sure that our friends are still alive? What if we went all for nothing to this planet?” Jaimy says: “I have regret that I went on this mission.” Lindsey comes to her and says: “Everything will be fine.” But right after it, their device goes on and an unknown man appears on the screen. Very surprisingly, it is not Black God, but Feroma. He says: “Hello humans! Welcome to Black God’s planet. As most loyal man to our god, I hope you will have a good stay on our beautiful planet. Our god is looking forward to meet you. Bye, see you soon!” All of the people inside are surprised. Nasoux asks: “How did they manage to do that?” Kyle says: “You see? Black God did this! He can control this dude we just saw on the screen.” Felicia says: “Calm down Kyle, we aren’t here to make friends.” Miles laughs and says: “What a bastard to don’t show his face yet!” Lauren says: “Perhaps he is busy with something.” Teresa says: “With what? There are barely people on his god damn planet!” Nasoux asks to Besoux: “What will be the plan overthere?” Besoux says: “I don’t want him as our friend, He is a crazy psychopath and we won’t be able to talk to him. Lets go over to action immediatly!” Meanwhile, the others look outside. Besoux first doesn’t understands it, but he fastly joins them. They see the planet appearing before them. After a long travel, they finally reached their destination. And there is no way back.

The group on Black God’s planet keeps on walking further. After walking around the water lots of kilometers, they finally see a bridge over it. Delmar says: “I guess that’s our only option.” Bradley asks: “Is this bridge save? I don’t trust anything anymore.” Lizz says: “Me too, but we don’t have another option.” While the others are still looking if the bridge is really save, Sebastian just walks over it. The others are surprised by it. Bradley says softly: “I hope it will break!” John hears it and says: “Stupid idiot, we better wish that you will be punished for your idiotness.” After it, John, Delmar and Lucy walk over the bridge. Bradley and Lizz go after them. Lucy says: “It is more dangerous when you walk with a lot on it.” When they are in the middle, they see that Sebastian is already on the end. John looks in the water and says: “Here it is even darker than earlier, this will make an immediate explosion, I guess.” Lucy says: “I didn’t expect it to be so long.” When everyone is almost on the end, the bridge suddenly breaks. From the middle, it completely goes under the water. All of them start running. John, Lucy and Delmar are the firsts to make it on the ground. Bradley and Lizz are walking behind and the bridge goes too fast under the water. Bradley jumps and makes it to the ground, Lizz is too late and also jumps. She doesn’t makes it, but Delmar grabs her. She screams: “Please, don’t lose me! I don’t want to die on this way.” Delmar says: “You will make it.” He tries to pull her up, but it fails. Sebastian and John come to help.” Of course, Bradley is an idiot again and doesn’t even helps. With the help, they manage to pull Lizz on the ground. They are all relieved that all of them made it. They look before them and see that they get closer and closer to the mountain.

And on that mountain, Black God is busy with Isabelle again. He has her in his hands again. Nina, Feroma and Epacel are looking at it. Black God asks to her: “Do you like the weapon? Does it look good?” Isabelle answers on it: “No, it looks terrible.” Black God angrily answers: “I am totally done with your stupid reactions. You will love me, even if I have to do everything with you for it.” Isabelle asks: “And what will happen if I still refuse?” Black God answers: “Then I will completely remove all your memories. There won’t be any stupid Sebastian anymore tot hink about. Because, you won’t even know him anymore!” After it, Feroma and Epacel are standing behind Black God. He asks: “There has to be something important if you come between my moment with Isabelle.” Feroma says: “It is the Spaceship 537, they are reaching our planet.” Isabelle hears it and hopes that they will beat Black God. Black God says: “There is no reason to be afraid of these idiots. Their leader is Besoux, right?” Epacel says: “Yes, he is.” Black God says: “That idiot really feels good that he killed Uitrox, but Uitrox was just a weak piece of shit. Everyone could have killed him!” Feroma says: “There are 14 others with them.” Black God says: “Don’t let me laugh. Caroline Livingstone, Lauren Marshall, Richard Johnsen, Amy Watkins, Lindsey Kayes, Jaimy Hackett, Jonah Reid, Miles Bennett, Teresa Heath, Ayden Patterson, Kyle Greer, Felicia Ericksson, Nasoux and Zaver. All weak!” Feroma asks: “Are you sure?” Black God says: “Only Zaver is useful for them, he is very smart. But his brain isn’t going to help him on my planet, he is too weak to fight.” Epacel says: “Let me serve you and kill them one by one.” Black God says: “Not so fast, I don’t want you to kill all of them. They first have to feel good on my planet and after it, there is time enough to kill them. Let Feroma go with you.” Epacel says: “Why I can’t go alone?” Black God says: “Stupid own mind, don’t speak against me! You will go both!” Feroma and Epacel agree and teleport away. After it, Nina comes to Black God and asks: “Is there anything I can do for you?” Black God says: “No, it is fine. You only have to replace Feroma in the time that he is gone.” Nina says: “Okay that’s good.” Black God says: “Now I will go away for some time, have fun with each other!” And after it, Black God suddenly disappears. Isabelle says: “Why are you so dumb? You don’t see that he is uisng you?” Nina says: “If I wouldn’t serve him, he probably would already have killed me.” Isabelle says: “Not true, he keeps you alive to make Sebastian suffer that we are both here and not with him.” Nina says: “He only wants you, not me. I have to make myself useful to him.” Isabelle says: “Very smart of you. When Sebastian and John with the help of Besoux and the others, defeat Black God, you will be seen as the traitor who worked together with the enemy. And they are not going to like that.” Nina says: “You really think that Besoux and the others can defeat him? Impossible, Black God will never be beaten.” Isabelle says: “Come on, he is young and reckless.” Nina suddenly asks: “You know his real appearance?” Isabelle answers: “I do, he showed it to me when he fucked me. That was the worst of all!” Nina says: “Please tell me who I serve. I have to know it!” Before Isabelle can even say a name, Black God is back. He says to Nina: “I understand your curiosity, but there is no need for that. I am Black God, no on else.” Nina says: “Okay, I understand.” After it, she walks away. Black God goes to Isabelle and says: “If you ever tell her my name, then you can for sure expect a punish for that!” Isabelle says: “Okay okay, your name is a big secret. I am not going to say it.” Black God says: “Good, my love.” After it, he starts kissing Isabelle once again.

The Spaceship 537 is almost ready to land on Black God’s planet. Of course, Besoux and the others have decided to change over to a smaller spaceship inside of the Spaceship 537. Besoux says: “I believe it is time to say goodbye to our spaceship.” Lauren asks: “Are we sure that Black God won’t destroy our spaceship? I don’t want to lose it once again.” Besoux says: “There is for sure a chance for that. We don’t know if he will be able to see it.” Jonah says: “Of course he will see it, he sees everything.” Besoux says: “It is true that I wasn’t prepared for losing control over the spaceship, but there is one function I added on the spaceship which he has not control over.” Richard asks: “What function?” Besoux answers: “Making the spaceship become invisible.” Kyle asks: “What? How?” Besoux says: “Okay not totally invisible, we will let it good camouflage with the ground. That will make it very hard to see the Spaceship 537.” Teresa asks to Jonah: “Does our spaceship also has that function?” Jonah answers: “No, how I could I have thought about that?” Nasoux asks to Besoux: “Shall we go inside now?” Besoux says: “Yes, it is the right time.” However, when they go to the smaller spaceship, they find out that there is only space for a few people.” Amy says: “We will never all fit in there.” Jonah is the first to say: “I don’t care, let us go in our own spaceship.” Miles and Teresa fully agree with him. Richard says: “I can also stay here.” Amy is surprised and says: “Why you don’t want to come?” Richard says: “Others need it more than me.” Amy agrees and says: “I will stay with you.” Besoux says: “Okay, me, Nasoux, Zaver, Caroline, Lauren, Lindsey and Jaimy can come inside of there.” Lauren says: “Let me stay here with Richard and Amy.” Besoux says: “Are you sure?” Lauren says: “Yes, one of the others deserves it.” Ayden fastly says: “I want to come with you.” Lauren says: “I thought Felicia would deserve it more.” Felicia says: “No it is fine, let Ayden go. He deserves it more than me.” The others don’t know what to say on that and all step inside of the smaller spaceship. Besoux says to Richard, Lauren and Amy: “There are three things you have to know. First, click on the green button next to the wheel. That’s the button to make the spaceship go to camouflage mode. Second, sorry that I didn’t told this earlier, but please shoot down the pipe to this spaceship when you go away. That’s the only way to make our spaceships go off each other. Lastly, when you fly on that planet, come to this location,” and Besoux grabs a device with a location on it. He continues: “I think that is the location where the others are right now. Thanks to Zaver, we found the heath signatures of them on the planet. And wait, I have something more. I searched for more heath signatures and seems like on a high mountain, there are more heath signatures. That has to be Black God. The only thing that surprised me is that we saw five of them on that mountain.” Amy says: “Those have to be allies of him.” Besoux says: “Yes, could be. But bye for now, we will see each other again.” Richard, Lauren, Amy and the others say goodbye to the others when the spaceship closes. After it, a shutter opens and the spaceship flies out of it. Jonah says: “Are all aliens talking so much?” Lauren says: “No, what do you think yourself?” Amy says: “We have to go over to the other spaceship and destroy the pipe.” Richard says: “First go on camouflage mode, let me do that.” The others already go over to the other spaceship. Amy decides to follow Richard. Amy asks him: “What if that Black God will shoot down our spaceship?” Richard says: “I don’t fear him.” After it, the smashes on the green button. After it, they walk together over to the other spaceship. When they are there, they hear Miles saying: “Why that alien didn’t said this earlier!” and he starts shooting on the pipe their spaceship has attached on the spaceship 537. Lauren says: “Be careful, don’t hit our spaceship.” Meanwhile, Kyle and Felicia close the emergency door. After some shooting, the pipe breaks and the two spaceships get off each other. After some time, the Spaceship 537 can’t even be seen anymore. Jonah and Miles try to get control over the spaceship again, but it fails and they prepare themselves for an emergency landing. Miles says: “What’s the plan now?” Ayden says: “Make sure that we land well!” Kyle says: “Try to decrease the speed!” After it, Lauren, Richard, Amy and Felicia also try to help, but it is all too late and after some minutes the spaceship lands heavily on the planet.

The group of Sebastian and John are walking and walking until they hear a very loud voice they haven’t heard for a long time. Bradley says: “What the fuck is that?” Delmar says: “That’s the sound of something falling hardly on our planet.” Sebastian says: “It has to be Besoux and the others. They finally have come.” Lizz says: “That took way too long.” John says: “It can’t be faster than this, I think.” Lucy says: “Yes, remember that it is long from here to Quetir.” John says: “Should we walk in their direction now?” Sebastian says: “No, we have to go that mountain.” Lucy asks: “How are we going to climb that mountain? We didn’t thought about that yet.” Sebastian says: “We have to grab that motherfucker’s attention.” Delmar asks: “And what then?” Sebastian says: “Ask him for a combat. Whoever wins, will get both Isabelle and Nina.” Lucy says: “Are you crazy? You will never win that.” Sebastian says: “I have to try something to get them back.” Bradley laughs and says: “Let him go! Perhaps he will beat him!” Black God looks on his device and sees that the Spaceship 537 and the others spaceship have landed on the planet. He starts laughing and likes it. Nina sees it and asks: “Have they landed?” Black God says: “Yes, they did.” Nina says: “I don’t understand why they were so stupid to come here.” Isabelle says: “Thanks to me.” Black God says: “Yes, you did that honey. I thank you for that.” Nina says: “I also want to be useful.” Black God says: “You will be useful to me later.” Nina says: “Fine, as long as you don’t kill me.” Black God says: “I will go now, let me give those dumb humans who landed here a pleasant welcome.” Nina asks: “Does that mean I have the leading here now?” Black God says: “None of you has the leading, just be nice to each other.” Nina says: “Of course we will.” Black God says: “Goodbye, my girls. See you later.” And after it, Black God teleports away. After a few seconds of silence, Isabelle says: “You must be in love with him!” Nina says: “He looks familiar to me for some reason, but also not.” Isabelle says: “Maybe, but also maybe not.” Nina says: “Come on, tell me his name!” Isabelle says: “If I would tell you, you would stop working for him. And then he will kill you.” Nina says: “Shut up, just tell me!” Isabelle says: “I won’t.” Nina says: “Then I will get you as far to tell me.”

The screen changes over to somewhere else on Black God’s planet, where a stranded spaceship is seen. Not much later, humans start coming out of it. Richard is one of the first of them and says: “Is everyone alive?” Amy says: “I think so.” Teresa says: “How is it possible that we all survived that?” Felicia says: “It is Black God, he wants us to be alive.” Jonah says: “Shut up, you and Kyle are so annoying!” Kyle says: “You are also annoying.” Lauren says: “Please stop these fights, we have to work together if we want to win this.” Miles says: “We all don’t care about each other. Why are you?” Amy says: “Maybe because we don’t want to hear these fights of you all the time?” Richard says: “Enough, shall we start walking? Besoux gave us these coordinates, we will meet them there.” The others all agree with it. However, as soon as they start walking, a very dangerous voice says: “Welcome, welcome, welcome!” They all look to it and are surprised to see a person who is completely clothed in black looking at them. Kyle and Felicia are both shocked. Kyle says: “That’s him.” Jonah says: “Is that him?” Miles and Teresa start laughing. Teresa screams: “You are Black God?” Black God answers to her: “Of course I am, otherwise I wouldn’t have welcomed you on my planet.” Miles and Teresa both start laughing even louder. Miles says: “This is where we have been scared for all these days? This is laughable!” Amy asks a serious question: “What do you want?” Black God says: “The better question would be, what do you want?” Amy says: “We are here to help friends who are stranded here.” Black God says: “Of course I know why you are here, you thought I was dumb?” Amy says: “No, why would I?” Lauren asks: “Do you know where they are?” Black God says: “I know everything that happens on this planet, so I also know the location of your friends.” Lauren says: “Can you please tell us that? After it, we will leave again.” Black God says: “Is it still not clear to you? They are prisoners on my planet! And you are now too!” Teresa says: “Prisoners? But we can leave this planet whenever we want!” Black God says: “Run now you still can, you idiot!” Miles says: “Why would we? We aren’t afraid of you!” Felicia asks to Black God: “How did you become so powerful?” Black God laughs and says: “Nobody asked me that question yet. All I can say is that these powers came to me.” Felicia says: “What source did you get them from?” Black God says: “Why would I tell you that?” Felicia says: “Maybe because we are fans?” Black God laughs and says: “There are no fans of me!” Richard says: “Come on, let us through, we aren’t here to become enemies with you.” Black God says: “You are already my enemies.” Amy asks: “Why?” Black God says: “I want revenge on all of you! You still don’t understand it?” Lauren asks: “What revenge?” Black God says: “So you really don’t remember Uitrox?” Amy says: “We do, he took over our planet.” Black God says: “He was only a pawn of me in this big game!” Lauren, Richard and Amy are all very surprised. Felicia asks: “Wait, who is Uitrox?’ Black God says: “You wasn’t there yet, it doesn’t matters. That fool was only there to distract you while I was working on my master plan.” Lauren says: “So, when Uitrox told us he had a leader, he meant you?” Black God says: “Exactly, he was such a fool. I don’t even care that Besoux killed him. And now I say it, where is he?” Richard says: “He send us instead of going himself.” Black God says: “Liar! I know he is here. He is just being a coward.” Lauren asks: “Are you afraid of him?” Black God says: “No, I want to make that idiot suffer!” After it, Jonah says: “Enough talking! Lets walk further!” Black God says: “No no no, I came here to give a message to you.” Richard asks: “What message?” Black God says: “This message!” and suddenly he starts attacking all of them.

Not very far away of them, Sebastian, John, Lucy, Delmar, Lizz and Bradley are still walking to the mountain. Delmar asks: ‘How are we actually so sure that they are there?” Sebastian says: “I saw him teleportating to it.” Delmar asks: “How did you see that?” Sebastian says: “I looked to that mountain when he teleportated away and saw some light on it.” Bradley asks: “Shouldn’t we search for a way to kill him?” Lizz says: “Of course we should, anyone suggestions?” Sebastian says: “I want to try something, but if I tell you it, he can hear it. You know that he can hear everything?” John says: “Okay, just try it the next time we see him.” Lucy says: “It seems impossible to me and if you know something, it can also be completey wrong and kill yourself.” Sebastian says: “I don’t care, if we don’t kill him we will also stay here. There is no other option.” After it, Delmar suddenly says: “Who the hell are that?” And they see two weird aliens standing right before them. Lizz says: “Oh fine, this can’t be just two random aliens we meet.” Bradley asks: ‘It is not that Besoux?” John says: “No, for sure not.” Lucy says: “Let them tell us what they want.” When they are close enough, the two aliens are shown as Feroma and Epacel. Feroma says: “Hello humans, it is great to finally see you. We are Feroma and Epacel, servants of Black God.” Sebastian says: “Where is that motherfucker himself? Too busy?” Epacel says: “He is fucking those two whores of you!” Sebastian becomes angry and wants to attack her, but he knows that it is not the right time for it.” John asks: “What do you want?” Feroma says: “Our god commanded us to…. Commanded us to!” Epacel says immediately after him: “To kill one of you!” Sebastian says: “That’s not going to happen!” And right after it, he attacks them. John, Lucy, Delmar and Lizz immediately start helping. Bradley hesitates a few seconds, but when he sees that he can’t get away, he also helps fighting. Delmar says: “It is good to finally have a fight where we are sure that we stand a chance!” Feroma and Epacel try to fight back, but the humans are clearly with more and easily lose the fight.

Meanwhile on Black God’s mountain, Nina runs to Isabelle and attacks her. They go into the house and start fighting against each other. Nina screams: “If you are not going to tell me it, then I will do what I should have done much earlier!” Isabelle screams: “What? You are just a stupid bitch. Where is the Nina I knew on Earth?” Nina says: “She is not here anymore! This Nina does whatever it takes ot survive!” Isabelle says: “Well, I can see that too good.” They come into the room of Black God and grabs lots of stuff and try to throw it on each other. After some more fighting, Nina hits Isabelle and she falls on the ground. Nina screams: “Now make you as ugly that even Sebastian doesn’t likes you anymore!” Isabelle says: “So that is why you are doing this? You want to get him all for yourself?” Nina says: “He likes you much more than me, it has to change! And what will I tell him when he asks about you, that Black God killed you!” Isabelle says: “You really think he will believe that?” Nina says: “He will, he sees me as an innocent girl. In fact, it all changed after I killed that Anouk!” Isabelle says: “We did that together, when we were still a team.” Nina says: “Shut up, you did almost nothing.” Isabelle says: “Please, I didn’t mean this. I want to live, even though Black God is here. And he will kill you if he finds out that you killed me!” Nina says: “Good point, but that won’t stand me from hurting you!” And after it, Nina starts hitting Isabelle with everything she has.

Lots of meters lower, Feroma and Epacel are defeated on the ground. Delmar says: “You aren’t as powerful as you think.” Feroma says: “It doesn’t matter, we are all only pawns of the almighty god!” Sebastian says: “Bring us to him, or you will die!” Epacel says: “You really think we will give our lives for that?” Sebastian asks to John: “Shall we kill them then?” John says: “Of course we have to kill them.” Bradley says: ‘Yes, kill this idiots!” On the moment, Sebastian wants to kill them both, Feroma says: “You forgot that pawns means that we also have his powers!” And one second later, Feroma and Epacel both disappear and teleport away. Sebastian is angry and says: “I should have known.” Lucy says: “Maybe this was the best we could do. If one of them would die, Black God would be angry again like after we killed that other pawn of him.” John says: “Yes, that’s right.”

On the same time on the same planet, Black God fights against all the new humans. Richard, Amy, Lauren and all the others are very surprised by his powers and are defeated one by one. Richard tries it once again, but Black God smashes him away. After some more fighting, he looks around him and sees that all the humans are defeated. He walks to Kyle who says to him: “Please spare me! I am a big fan of you!” Black God says: “You and that other girl are too laughable.” Felicia asks: “You mean me?” Black God says: “Of course I do.” After it, Jonah stands up again and says: ‘You are not as powerful as you think!” Black God says: “I don’t want to be powerful, I want the world to be like I want! And idiots as you won’t be a part of it!” Jonah tries to fight as good as he can, but Black God is clearly too strong. He hits him one time and Jonah falls defeated on the ground again. After it, Black God walks to Miles and Teresa and says: “You were those two idiots who laughed about me!” Teresa says: “Yes, why wouldn’t we? You are too laughable!” Black God says: “I am not!” And he hits Teresa once, defeating her. Black God asks: “Will you take that back?” Teresa says: “No, I won’t!” An injured Miles sees it and says: “Get away from here, you black psychopath!” Black God screams: “It is Black God for you!” And suddenly he attacks Miles. After some short fighting, he grabs him and smashes him next to Teresa. The others see it all happen, but they are too injured and scared to do something. Black God says: “This is what happens when you show unacceptable behaviour to your god!” He walks to both Miles and Teresa again. He asks once again: “Are you taking it back now?” Miles says: “Yes, I am.” Black God says: “Good!” Teresa says: “I am not taking back any of the shit I said!” Black God says: “Okay good, then let me give one simple message to all of you. You can’t make fun of the one and only Black God. He stands above all of you. Show some good behaviour to him or this is what happens. Let this be an example of what happens when you show unacceptable behaviour!” And after it, it first seems like Black God is about to kill Teresa, but suddenly he turns around, uses his feet and smashes Miles hardly away. All the others are shocked by it. Miles falls a few meters through the air and after it, he falls hardly on the ground again. Everyone is shocked. Black God says to Teresa: “Change your behaviour or the same will happen to you!” After it, Black God disappears again, all humans knowing that they aren’t done with him yet. All the humans are frozen and don’t know what to do. The screen turns over to what they are looking at, and a death Miles can be seen on the ground. They all know that he was only the first victim.

Besoux, Nasoux, Zaver, Caroline, Lindsey, Jaimy and Ayden are still in the spaceship and searching for the place they will land. They are flying silencely, until Jaimy asks: “Where are the others? We can’t see them.” Zaver says: “They have already landed. I could feel it.” Lindsey asks: “Did they land well?” Zaver says: “It was so loud. I guess that is no fine landing, but I guess they survived it.” Jaimy asks: “How are we actually going to find each other again?” Besoux says: “If they crashed, they can’t be on the right location.” Nasoux says: “Isn’t it smart to first try to kill that stupid Black God and after that, find us each other again?” Zaver says: “Not bad, but I think there is a very small we will be able to do that from up here.” Nasoux asks: “Why we can’t fly to that mountain and shoot it down? There is always a chance.” Besoux says: “Not bad, lets fly to that mountain immediately.” When they are there, they see only two heath signatures.” Caroline says: “How is that possible? There were more before.” Zaver says: “You can see very easily that these heath signatures belong to humans. And it are two womans, no Black God.” Ayden says: “There is no time to wait, shall we just land there?” Lindsey says: “It is too dangerous.” Besoux says: “It is indeed not that smart.” A few second later, they suddenly see someone appearing again on the mountain. Nasoux asks: “What is that?” Zaver says: “It is him, fly away as fast as possible!” But it is already too late and Black God sees them. He uses his powers and smashes them as fast away as possible. A lot of trouble starts in the small spaceship. Ayden says: “What the hell was that?” Besoux says: “Prepare for an emergency landing, there is not other option!” And after some minutes, the small spaceship also lands on the planet. They all fastly come out of it. Caroline asks: ‘How did this happen?” Zaver says: “Black God did this. He is using us as his toys.” Jaimy says: “Fine, that means we still have a long way to go.”

Finally, after lots of walking, Sebastian, John, Lucy, Delmar, Bradley and Lizz finally see the mountain appearing. John says: “Finally we are there.” Bradley says: “Great, I was the day before yesterday already done with all this walking.” Lucy says: “Now we are almost there, we have to discuss how we can get on that mountain.” John says: “Good point, I wonder if Black God has created a stairs to it.” Delmar says: “Probably not, since he and his henchmen always teleport to it.” Lizz says: “What then? Are we just supposed to climb on it?” Bradley says: “No, please not! Then I am not coming with you!” John says to Sebastian: “Do you have any idea? You are pretty quiet.” Sebastian says: “I was thinking. Then we finally have reached the mountain, but I still can’t see both of them.” Bradley says: “Come on dude. If you really love them, you will climb on that mountain to see them!” Sebastian says: “For once, I think you are right.” Delmar says: “Are you serious? You need mountain climb stuff to climb on that mountain.” Sebastian says: “I will find a way to come on it, even if I have to do everything for it.”

On the mountain, Black God is reunited with Isabelle and Nina. Black God sees that Isabelle has some wounds on her. He is very surprised and says: “What has happened with you?” Isabelle says: “Nothing, it is fine.” Black God says: “Why aren’t you honest to me? You know that you can tell me everything!” Isabelle says: “Okay fine, she did this.” Black God says: “You mean Nina?” Isabelle says: “Yes, first I wanted to protect her, but after thinking about it, I want her even as much death as I want you death!” Black God says: “You wish you didn’t said that!” and after it he smashes her away. Nina sees it happening. She says: “She is right, I hurted her. That’s okay, right?” Black God says: “Of course it is, I will soon erase her memory and make her don’t remember anything. That’s the only way how we can save her.” Nina asks: “Why aren’t you doing it already? We don’t need this bitch.” Black God says: “We have to make that Sebastian suffer.” Nina says: “Fine, after thinking about it, I don’t care about him. All I care about is my own life.” Black God says: “Finally, you are going on the right way.” They look and see an injured Isabelle laying on the ground. They keep looking at her, until Feroma and Epacel suddenly return. Black God asks to them: “And who did you kill?” It is silence for some seconds, until Epacel says: “We failed, that’s all we have to say.” Black God is very disappointed and says: “You knew what the consequences were when you failed.” Feroma says: “I’m so sorry god, they were with too much and it seems like we aren’t as strong as you.” Black God says: “You are right. You aren’t as strong as I thought. But we shouldn’t forget that you were leading Feroma. So it is your mistake.” Feroma says: “I know my god and I want to apologize for it.” Black God says: “No need for apologies. All I think now, is that it is a right moment to test my weapon.” Black God makes the weapon ready and holds it on Feroma. He asks to him: “This is your last chance to give any excuse for your failure!” Feroma is very shocked and doesn’t knows what to say. Epacel is laughing. Black God asks: “You don’t have any reason for your failure?” Feroma says after long doubting: “No, I haven’t my god.” Isabelle and Nina are also looking to it. Black God says: “Good then, time to test my weapon!” And on the moment when the weapon is load, he changes its direction over to Epacel and shoots. She is so surprised that she is too late to get away and gets hit by it. She fastly starts burning down. Epacel starts screaming: “Why! Why! This is not my mistake!” Black God says: “You was the one who failed all the time. There was no need for having you anymore.” A burning Epacel wants to run to Black God and hit him, but Black God uses his powers and easily pushes her off the mountain. She falls lots of meters down. After some seconds, a burned down Epacel can be seen on the ground. Feroma, Isabelle and Nina are all very surprised by it. Feroma says: “Thanks my god, I won’t fail once again.” Black God says: “You never failed. It was all her mistakes. And we didn’t need her anymore.”

Lauren, Richard, Amy, Jonah, Teresa, Kyle and Felicia are all still shocked about what just happened. After a long silence, Jonah says: “Then we know where we are dealing with.” Amy says: “How are we ever going to defeat him? He is much stronger than every villain we have ever dealed with before.” Richard says to her: “We will find a way to defeat him.” Amy says: “That’s easier said than done.” Kyle says: “Come on, everyone has weaknesses. I agree with Richard, we will find a way to defeat him.” Felicia says: “I hated Miles, but we still need to get revenge for killing him.” Teresa says: “I am the one who will get revenge! Miles was my friend, I have to revenge him!” Jonah says: “Calm down, we have to stay calm if we want to win this.” Lauren says: “I agree. Lets search for him. Where is that mountain Besoux was talking about?” Richard says: “There it is.” And he points to a mountain not far away of them. Teresa says: “Lets walk immediately to it. I want this idiot death as fast as possible!” Richard and Amy look to each other and don’t know a better option. Teresa already starts walking. Richard says: “Come on, lets go after her. If we ever want to get off here again, we have to get our friends and kill that idiotic psychopath.” Lauren says: “Maybe our friends are already there.”

On the same planet, only on a different place, Besoux and the others also have to walk. Lindsey asks: “Do we really have to leave the spaceship here?” Besoux answers: “It can’t fly anymore, but it is not broken.” Lindsey says: “Okay, then when we have beated that idiot, we can come back here.” Besoux says: “Yes, there is some kind power over this planet.” Zaver says: “This power. It reminds me of something where I have dealed with before, but I can’t place it.” Ayden says: “Shall we start walking? I miss my friends already.” Caroline says: “It was your own choice to come with us.” Ayden says: “I know and I still agree with the decision I made.” Caroline asks to Besoux: “Where was the place we would meet the others again?” Besoux says: “That place is not important anymore. We have to walk into the direction of that mountain again, the others are probably doing the same.” Caroline says: “Good idea, I hope we can all reunite again.” Jaimy asks to Zaver: “If we all stand together against him, do you think we stand a chance against him?” Zaver says: “I think so, but maybe menpower isn’t the most important right now, we have to find a way to fight against that power of him. It may look very strong, but trust me, there is a way in which we can fight against it.”

Sebastian’s and John’s group is the first to make it to the mountain. John says: “Great, we are finally there.” Sebastian says: “It is weird, because normally a mountain as high like this would have snow, but this is much different.” Delmar says: “Nothing has to make sense at the almighty black idiot.” Sebastian looks around the mountain and sees no stairs as he would have hoped. However, to his own surprise, he sees something different. It is a death burned down body. He says: “And what has is this supposed to mean?” The others hear him and come to it. They all look at the death body. Lucy says: “Wait, isn’t this that female henchmen of him?” Delmar says: “Yes, it is. For sure.” Lizz asks: “Why would he have killed her?” John says: “Maybe because we beat them?” Lizz says: “Oh yes and Black God doesn’t likes losers.” After it, Sebastian suddenly says: “I promised you that I would climb on this mountain, but now we stand here, I see that it is not possible. I’m sorry to disappoint you.” John says: “It is okay, we will find a way to get up there.” Bradley says: “Oh man, that is a disappointment!” Lizz asks: “Can’t you just become more normal? I say this as a friend, but everybody here is annoyed by you already. Please now finally shut up. Somebody had to say it.” Bradley stays quiet and first doesn’t reacts on her. When Delmar notices that Bradley won’t react, he says: “Well, what’s the plan now? What will we do until the others come?” Sebastian says: “I hope they will have a spaceship, so we can fly to the top.” Delmar says: “That motherfucker will see us and push our spaceship away.” Sebastian asks: “Do you know another way to come to the top?” Delmar says: “If I would have known, I would already have told you it.” John says: “Fine, all we can do is waiting.”

The group of Lauren, Richard and Amy are getting closer and closer to the mountain. After more and more walking, they reach the same water as the other group went along. Only one difference: instead of radiation, there is electric in it. Richard asks: “What is this for water?” Amy says: “Water with electric, that’s way too dangerous.” Lauren says: “There is no other way?” Jonah says: “There has to be another way, otherwise I won’t come.” Teresa asks: “Do we even have a reason to go to that mountain? We have seen what this idiot did to Miles, we better run away as fast as possible!” Richard says to her: “You know that we can’t get off this planet, right?” Lauren says: “We have to find a way to come over this water.” After it, Kyle says: “I see a path over the water!” The others all look to where he is pointing at and see a wooden path over the water.” Amy says: “I don’t trust this, it is probably a trap.” Felicia says: “I agree with you, but do we have another option?” Teresa says: “We have another option, just search for the others and get off this planet as fast as possible.” Jonah says: “Yes, she is right.” Kyle asks: “You don’t want to revenge Miles?” Jonah says: “Miles? I can’t even remember him anymore.” Felicia says: “I am done with all this talking. Lets go over the water.” Kyle asks: “Are you sure?” Felicia answers: “Yes, we have to get to Black God.” Teresa says: “You still see him as a god, you stupid idiot.” Felicia says: “Not anymore after what I see he did. He is the god of the hell.” Lauren, Richard and Amy still don’t know what to do. They see that Felicia and Kyle are the first to take a step on the wooden path. Richard says: “Come, lets follow them.” Lauren and Amy agree and they also come on it. After long hesitating, Jonah and Teresa also come. However, when Jonah is finally on the wooden path, it suddenly breaks and there is no way back. Jonah and Teresa both have already regret for their decision. After it, nothing special happens for quite some time. They walk further and further on the wooden path, until they start seeing the end. Kyle says: “It wasn’t that bad, right?” Felicia says: “Yes, maybe this is exactly what he wants.” However, when they are almost there, out of nowhere, the path under Kyle’s foots breaks. It makes him fall down, but he can hang himself on the wood. Felicia is shocked and immediately starts helping him pull up. Lauren, Richard and Amy come after it and also try to help him. The four of them start pulling him up. Felicia says: “Stay calm, everything will be allright.” Unfortunately, that isn’t right. The four of them make a too big weight on the wooden path and it starts breaking more and more. Kyle asks: “What is happening?” The others look around them and see the wooden path breaking even more. Jonah and Teresa see it all happening from a safe place. A few second later, the whole wooden path breaks down. Lauren, Richard, Amy and Felicia are all so shocked by it, that they fastly jump away. They all jump into another direction and can’t hold Kyle anymore. Felicia does one more try to grab him, but it is all too late and Kyle falls into the water. He gets electrocuted with lots of volt on him. They all can see his body being completely under electric. They all look back and don’t want to see it. A few second later, the whole body of Kyle starts becoming black and it ends up under the water, making it not visible anymore. Felicia starts crying and the others feel very powerless. Amy says to Felicia: “I’m so sorry.” The group is too scared to stay longer on the wooden path and start walking further. After a minute, they reach the normal ground again. They all don’t say a word and keep walking further. And only after a few more minutes of walking, they see the mountain appearing. With it, they see six people who seem to be very desperate already, even more desperate than them. Lauren, Richard and Amy are the firsts to see it again. It are their friends. The reason why they came to this planet.

Black God, Nina, Feroma and Isabelle have noticed about the appearance of the groups under the mountain. Feroma says: “They are almost all together under our mountain. Only Besoux, Zaver, the female Quetirian and some more humans are not there yet.” Nina asks: “What will you do against this Black God?” Black God says: “Let them stay there, they won’t come up here.” Isabelle asks: “Sebastian is also there, right?” Black God says: “Of course he is.” Isabelle says: “Please don’t hurt him, John, Lucy and the others. They have done nothing wrong.” Black God says: “They have done everything wrong! They are the whole reason I am doing all of this!” Isabelle and Nina are both surprised. Nina asks: “You aren’t doing this because you hate Besoux?” Black God says: “No, I made you believe that Besoux was the biggest idiot of all, but Sebastian is!” Isabelle says: “Please, we can talk this out. There is no need for any more blood. We have already seen enough of it.” Black God says: “My revenge can only succeed if I kill Sebastian and all his allies. But we are still in the suffer phase. Soon we will go over to the killing phase when they are all together!” Nina says: “Of course, you may kill them all. I am not an ally of Sebastian anymore.” Black God says: “Good, that’s exactly what I want. But for now, let me have some time alone.” And after it, Black God walks in his house again. When he is gone, Isabelle says to Nina: “You dumb idiot, you don’t see where is leading you to? Soon he will show Sebastian and John that you have step over to his side and they will show no mercy to you.” Nina says: “Sebastian will, he can’t kill me.” Isabelle says: “Then I will tell him everything about your dumb actions. And if necessary, I will kill you myself.” Nina says: “Good girl, seems like the time here finally made you become more badass.” Isabelle says: “Would our dear friend really care it if I kill you? No!” And after it, Isabelle attacks Nina once again, but very fast, Feroma comes between them and says: “Shut up the two of you! Our god doesn’t wants to you to fight against each other.” Isabelle says: “What he really wants is to get all our friends against her.” Feroma says: “Go into the house Isabelle, our god wants to speak to you.” Isabelle says: “Okay fine.” She walks into the house and sees Black God sitting on a bench. He says to her: “Come sit next to me.” Isabelle does it after some hesitating. Black God says: “There is one thing you have to understand as long as you still have your memory. And that is: Do not try to stop my plans from happening! You can’t stop everything from happening!” Isabelle says: “I see what you are doing to Nina, she was first just a nice girl, but your power has changed her. You did something to her.” Black God says: “She is just a good example of how you can manipulate weak people.” Isabelle says: “I wish you never would have got these stupid powers.” Black God says: “Thanks your old friend for that. Unfortunately he is death now.” Isabelle says: “Fine, was this all you wanted to say to me?” Black God asks: “Was I clear enough my girl?” Isabelle says: “One day, Sebastian and John will come up here and defeat you. You know that it will happen.” Black God says: “Nothing can stop me! That you still have trust them says enough about your intelligence.” Isabelle says: “It says more about your intelligence that you think that killing people will make you get revenge.” After it, she walks away. Isabelle starts looking down to the ground and tries to see their friends down below. Unfortunately, the mountain is too high and she can’t see anything.

The screen turns over to the ground. Lauren, Richard and Amy are so glad to see the others again. Lucy says: “Finally you came!” Amy asks: “What all happened to you?” John says: “Too much has happened since the last time we saw you.” Sebastian says: “Thank you very much that you have come.” Richard says: “We didn’t knew that we would all get a common enemy here.” Sebastian says: “That motherfucker.” Lauren asks: “Where are Isabelle and Nina? Are they also death?” Sebastian says: “No, he took them from me.” Lauren says: “I feel sad for you.” Sebastian says: “Thank you, but I will get them back.” Delmar says: “Well I am Delmar, I have never been proper introduced to you.” Richard says: “Good to meet you.” Bradley asks to Jonah: “Why did you came here? I don’t remember I have seen you on Quetir.” Jonah says: “We were just going to that planet, until we came along these.” John asks to Amy: “Where is Besoux actually?” Amy answers: “He will come later, we stayed on the Spaceship that eventually crashed.” Richard says: “We were with more, but two of us died on the way to here.” Lizz asks: “Black God killed them?” Richard says: “Yes, we have seen that idiot already.” Lizz says: “First he killed James, second an ally of him killed Jake. Then we met parents with two children, they were also killed by Black God and Isabelle and Nina are kidnapped. That’s in short what happened.” Richard says: “He killed children? What an idiot!” Sebastian asks to Jonah, Teresa and Felicia: “Who are you and how did you came here?” Teresa says: “I’m Teresa and he is Jonah. We thought that we could ask them for help, but somehow that idiot made us come on this planet.” Jonah says: “Miles and Kyle are death, because of him!” Sebastian says: “I understand your feeling. And what is your name?” (asking to Felicia). Jonah says: “Oh, leave here alone. She is still sad of Kyle’s death.” Felicia says: “I am starting to feel better. Thanks for explaining Jonah. I am Felicia by the way.” Sebastian says: “I am Sebastian, good to meet you.” After it, John asks to Lauren and Amy: “You know how to come on this mountain?” Richard says: “Unfortunately we don’t have a spaceship and climbing seems impossible.” John says: “We will find another way.” Lauren says: “Maybe we should wait on Besoux.” Lucy says: “I am not sure if we have time for that, the longer we wait, the longer Black God has Isabelle and Nina.” Amy says: “Okay, we will start working on a plan tomorrow. It starts becoming night and we all have to find a place to sleep.” John says: “Okay good plan. Did you brought tents with you?” Richard says: “We have only one tent with us. Besoux took the other one.” John says: “It will probably fit.” Delmar says: “I don’t know if all of you are already get used to this planet, but for me inside a tent is even that safe as outside.” Lauren says: “We know that the focking god can come whenever he wants, we have to wait when it will be the next time for him.” Sebastian says: “Next time he comes, I want to speak to this idiot.” Lauren says: “I just came on an idea. What if I make a small drone, let it fly up the mountain and film what Black God is doing?” Delmar says: “That’s an amazing idea!” Lizz asks: “What if he will find out? He literally sees and knows everything!” Bradley says: “He will immediately destroy it and we won’t see anything.” Lauren says: “Not if we use the same material as we used on our Spaceship 537.” Sebastian asks: “What material was that?” Lauren answers: “Material to make it invisible to see.” Jonah says: “Finally someone has an amazing idea.” Teresa doesn’t agrees, but also doesn’t wants to say it to Jonah. Lauren says: “Okay, I will start working on it.” Amy says: “We also have to find a plan to come up their ourself.” Richard says: “We can create our own elevator, but we need materials Besoux has on his spaceship.” Amy says: “Good idea Richard! We can start working on that tomorrow.” Delmar says to John: “Why didn’t we thought about that?” John says: “Maybe because we couldn’t get the materials of it?” Lauren says: “Okay, lets now put on our tent and choose your place to sleep.” During it, Delmar says to Bradley: “You have luck. The amount of hot girls has heavily increased, so we don’t have to fight for Lizz anymore.” Bradley says: “That’s luck for you, because you finally get the chance to get a girl!” Delmar says: “You are so funny, everybody laughs of your jokes.” After it, everybody gets to their own place while it gets completely dark outside again. Bradley gets Lizz so far to sleep with him in a tent with Jonah and Teresa. Lauren, Richard and Amy take the other tent, where Delmar decides to join them. Sebastian, John and Lucy take their own tent and Felicia decides to join them. In the first tent, Bradley starts kissing Lizz. She finds it allright. Jonah and Teresa are also doing things alone. Jonah knows that he finally has her alone now, Miles is not his competitor anymore. In the second tent, Delmar finds out that Richard and Amy are in love with each other. He goes to Lauren and asks to her: “Do you already have someone?” Lauren says: “No and I am not interested in it anymore.” Delmar asks: “Why not?” Lauren says: “I have already had a love, sadly he died.” Delmar says: “Oh, I’m sorry.” After it, Delmar takes his own place and he is very disappointed. No girl for him tonight. Inside the third tent, John and Lucy don’t speak much with each other and sleep independently. Sebastian plans on doing the same, until Felicia decides to lie next to him. She asks: “Can I sleep next to you?” Sebastian says: “Okay, that’s fine.” Felicia says: “I am too afraid after what happened today.” Sebastian says: “A friend of you died, right? I feel so sorry for you.” Felicia says: “Did I hear it right that you have two girls who are kidnapped by Black God?” Sebastian says: “Yes that’s right, he clearly hates me the most.” Felicia says: “You are right. During my time on the spaceship, I have done research about this Black God. I was immediately interested about him and now I have to deal with him myself.” Sebastian says: “That’s special. I saw him first when we came here and hate him ever since then.” Felicia says: “Don’t get me wrong, I also hate him very much, but I wanted to find out why he did all of this.” Sebastian says: “I still don’t understand why. He wants to get revenge, but why?” Felicia says: “I can’t answer that question, but I also have heard stories that someone is the biggest idiot of all. He clearly means you with that.” Sebastian says: “I really don’t know why.” Felicia says: “All I know is that you are the person who can stand a chance against him. The others all take this way too easy. They think that they can create an elevator to come up on that mountain and will all of us, we can stand a chance against him. That’s so not true.” Sebastian says: “We have to be smarter to defeat Black God. Do something he doesn’t expects.” Felicia says: “Exactly, you can’t defeat Black God with menpower, you need to be smarter than him.” After it, it is silence until Felicia makes a movement and hits Sebastian. She says: “I am sorry if I make you think about your girls, I can go away if you want.” Sebastian says: “No, please stay. We can be the ideal team to defeat Black God.” Felicia says: “Okay, but we first need something like a jetpack to come on the mountain. And after that, we can start my plan.” Sebastian asks: “What will the others think about it?” Felicia says: “We will first do what the others want and we can use this as plan B, but I am pretty sure that plan A will fail.” Sebastian says: “Okay good.”

Meanwhile, Black God and Isabelle are also together in their room on the mountain. Black God kisses her once again. She doesn’t likes it, but she knows that she has no other option. Black God suddenly says: “You see that window? Time to use one of my favorite toys.” Isabelle says: “Well fine for you.” Black God creates a very long rope with a big hook on it. He jumps out of the bed and throws the rope out of the window. He makes it longer and longer. It gets so long that it reaches the tents of the humans on the ground. The rope goes inside the first tent it reaches. It is the tent with Bradley, Lizz, Jonah and Teresa. Bradley and Lizz are lying the closest to the door of the tent. They are both sleeping and suddenly the hook grabs something. A few screams can be heard, after it is silence again. Right after it, Bradley can be seen who surprisingly did not wake up. When Black God knows that he has hit something, he pulls the rope up again. It knocks against the mountain again. Lots of blood can be seen falling off it. It follows with the sound of the hook making it stucks against the mountain. Black God knows that he is done again and jumps on the bed again. Isabelle is surprised and asks: “So easily you can kill someone?” Black God says: “Yes, she was just a silly girl. She wouldn’t have survived it anyway.” Isabelle is shocked about it, but Black God grabs her again and starts kissing her once again. After it, the screen starts following the rope again. It goes down faster and faster, until it stops at the hook. The death body of Lizz can be seen hanging against the mountain. She was the next victim of the powers of Black God.

The next day, the others slowly wake up. Lauren, Richard and Amy are the first to come out of their tent. They start working on creating the elevator. Amy asks: “Are we sure that we have all the equipment we need?” Richard says: “We only have to get energy. Otherwise we can’t get the elevator up.” Lauren says: “We have energy in the spaceship. I only don’t know where it is.” Richard says: “Lets first start working on that elevator. Besoux and the others will be here soon. He for sure knows how to trace the spaceship again.” On the same time, Bradley, Jonah and Teresa also wake up. Jonah and Teresa walk out of the tent like nothing special has happened. Bradley looks next to him and sees no Lizz next to him. He angrily says to himself: “Stupid Lizz, you still chose to go to that stupid Delmar. I should have known!” He angrily goes to the tent where Delmar is just sitting alone. Delmar is surprised and asks: “You must be really angry if you come here.” Bradley asks: “Where is Lizz? I know she is with you.” Delmar says: “Where the hell are you talking about? She was with you!” Bradley is very surprised and walks away. He looks around the mountain, but he doesn’t sees anything. Delmar is worried and also runs out of the tent. He looks around him and automically, he also looks up where he sees where he was already worried for: the death body of Lizz can be seen hanging there. Delmar is very shocked, starts crying and screaming some things. Lauren, Richard, Amy and the others all hear it. Sebastian, Felicia, John and Lucy come out of their tents. Richard asks to Delmar: “What’s wrong with you?” Delmar screams: “Don’t look up, you don’t want to see what’s there!” But they all look up and also see the death body of Lizz hanging there. They are all very shocked. Delmar screams: “Idiotic motherfucker! I will get you! You killed the love of my life, you will pay for that!”

Meanwhile, Black God, Feroma and Nina hear everything happening. Black God says: “It is so laughable to see the reaction when someone lovely dies.” Feroma says: “Yes, it is my god.” Nina asks: “Who did you kill?” Black God says: “I forgot about her name. She was just a silly young girl.” Nina asks: “Did you kill Lucy?” Black God says: “Could be, I don’t know their names.” Nina says: “Okay, what does it care anyway. They will all die.” Black God says: “Indeed.” After a small silence, Nina asks: “When will the plan start?” Black God says: “Soon, I want Besoux and those other idiots to be there as well.” After it, Black God walks into his house where he sees Isabelle sitting on the bed. He goe sit next to her. Isabelle says to him: “I can’t describe how annoying you are.” Black God says: “You could have been the girl as well who died last night.” Isabelle says: “I prefer to die rather than staying here with such a big idiots as you.” Black God says: ‘Why all that fighting against me? You know that you are not going to win.” Isabelle says: “Maybe because you aren’t impressive enough?” Black God says: “They didn’t saw on my best yet! That still has to come!” Isabelle says: “Oh, that promises something.” Black God says: “Indeed, in a few days you will see me killing that big idiot of a Sebastian and then you finally know that there is no way back then loving me. Forever!”

Below on the ground, everybody uses their anger as motivation. Richard, Lauren and Amy keep working on the elevator. Delmar decides to help them with it. Jonah and Teresa are too lazy and almost only speak to each other. Sebastian, John, Felicia and Lucy are also together. Sebastian asks to John: “Do you think that elevator will bring us to the top of the mountain?” John says: “I doubt it. Black God will for sure see us creating it.” Lucy says: “Yes and he will kill us when we are up there. How will we possibly stand a chance against him?” Felicia says: “Don’t be too afraid of him, we can defeat him.” Lucy says: “You haven’t seen yet how powerful he is.” Felicia says: “I am glad I didn’t saw that.” John says: “Last weeks have been the toughest of our life. So much people died.” Sebastian says: “We have to look further and revenge our friends.” John says: ‘Yes, that’s right. I will look if I can help the others.” Lucy goes after him, leaving Sebastian and Felicia alone. Sebastian says to her: “I have thought about your idea. They can also see us come in a jetpack, so I don’t think that’s very smart.” Felicia says: “You are right, there has to be a better option.” Sebastian says: “It would be the best if we have something invisible that can take us to the top of that mountain, but I guess that doesn’t exist, right?” Felicia says: “No in fact it doest exist.” Sebastian is surprised and says: “Really? How?” Felicia says: “The Spaceship 537 has been made invisible by something of Besoux. He and the others are in a smaller spaceship. Can’t we use that to come on the top?” Sebastian says: “That’s an amazing idea!” Felicia says: “I am surprised nobody else thought about that yet.” Sebastian asks: “Shall we tell the others?” Felicia says: “No, we are with too much. We won’t fit in it.” Sebastian says: “That’s right. And the Spaceship 537 is too big.” Felicia says: “We just have to wait on Besoux and the others to come.” Sebastian says: “And what when we are on there?” Felicia says: “You know that I have studied about the powers of Black God? There has to be a way to deactivate his powers long enough to kill him.” Sebastian says: “Okay, we for sure should try it.” After it, they hear Richard screaming: “I see people coming!” Sebastian and Felicia join the others and see also a group of people coming. Lauren says: “It has to be Besoux and the others.” They get closer and closer when they can see clearly Besoux walking in the front and the others walking behind them. They are all very glad to see him. Lauren starts running to them. She embraces Besoux and is so glad to see him. Caroline, Lindsey, Jaimy, Nasoux, Zaver and Ayden are also very glad to see the others again. Besoux says to the others: “We barely haven’t slept as we needed to be here as fast as possible.” Lauren says: “It was worth it. I am so glad to see you!” Besoux says: “We are here to kill that motherfucker. He is on that top of that mountain.” Richard says: “We know, otherwise we wouldn’t have been here.” Zaver says: “Does sound very unlogical and stupid to stay on the highest mountain of the planet.” John says: “Indeed the ultimate prove how dumb this black idiot really is. He could have build the best guarded base he could ever wish, but instead of that, he chooses a silly mountain.” Nasoux asks: “Are you already working on a way to get up there?” Amy says: “Yes we are, we are creating an elevator, so everyone of us can get up there.” Besoux says: “Not bad, but how do you want to get energy to get it in the air?” Amy says: “We wanted to ask you if we could use energy from the Spaceship 537.” Zaver asks: “Isn’t that very dangerous? You know that he can see that?” Besoux says: “I guess we should take the risk.” Richard says: “Okay, can you contact it?” Besoux says: “In fact it flew all the time with us.” Besoux grabs some kind of remote control and clicks on a button. The Spaceship 537 appears behind them. Caroline says: “How were you able to fly it without being inside of it?” Besoux says: “The other buttons on this remote control.” Lauren says: “The elevator itself is almost done, we just used some wood to make a platform and metal to make the parapet.” Amy says: “It is only not strong enough to hold all of us.” Besoux says: “Okay finish it, in a few hours we have to go up there. I want to kill this fool as fast as possible.” Richard says: “Good plan, the earlier how better.” After it, Lindsey, Jaimy, Nasoux, Zaver and Ayden all pick their place between the tents. Sebastian, John, Delmar, Lucy and Bradley all introduce themself to the others. Felicia and Ayden are glad to see each other. Ayden asks: “Where is Kyle?” Felicia says very sad: “He is not with us anymore.” Ayden asks: “Did that idiot do this?” Felicia says: “Yes, he did.” Ayden says: “We all have enough reasons to kill him, I hope we can do this as fast as possible.” Felicia says: “We will, if not today than tomorrow.” Ayden says: “Wow, I see a Felicia with a plan.” Felicia says: “Yes, I have a plan.” Ayden says: “Okay, good.” Ayden says: “I will meet with the others, can you find it good with the others?” Felicia says: “Yes, they are nice.” Ayden says: “Okay good.” And after it, he walks to the others. Sebastian comes to her and asks: “You know her?” Felicia says: “I already know him for so long time. He was the one who had trust in me and Kyle to come on the spaceship. If it was for Jonah, he would have chosen other people.” Sebastian says: “Oh yes, Jonah is that other guy who I haven’t even spoken yet.” Felicia says: ‘You don’t have to speak to him, he is not worth it.” Sebastian asks: “Was it hard for you to leave Earth?” Felicia answers: “Yes, it was. I had lots of friends on Earth who I had to leave. But this was my dream, so I had to do it.” Sebastian asks: “Still no regret for your decision?” Felicia says: “No.” After it, John comes to them and says: “In a few minutes the elevator is done. Shall we take a look?” Sebastian says: “Okay is good.” When everyone is standing across the elevator, Richard says: “Okay, I guess there is no time to wait. Lets get our weapons and go up there!” The others all applaude and make some noise. They know that the time is there to finally get that idiot of a Black God!

On the same time, Black God, Feroma, Nina and Isabelle are looking down below if they see movement. Black God tells them: “Soon they will be here.” Feroma asks: “Shouldn’t we do something against that?” Black God answers: “Yes, of course we will do something against it.” Nina says: “That’s funny, you answer on a question you wanted to be asked.” Black God says: “Yes, they think they are stronger together, but nothing can stop me!” Isabelle says: “Please spare them, there is no need for killing them. We can talk this out.” Black God says: “No, we can’t. I don’t want you to bother me when I am doing this. Please go into the house and don’t come out until I returned.” Isabelle says: “Why is this needed?” Black God says: “You don’t want to see what I am about to do.” Isabelle says: “Okay, I will do what you say. Please don’t kill all of them.” Black God says: “I won’t kill all of them. Some of them have to be spared as they can suffer even more!” Nina asks: “What should I do?” Black God says: “You have to come with me. Feroma, you will stay here. I don’t want you to fight against these humans again. You are made to advise me.” Feroma says: “Allright, master Black God.” Nina asks: “You want the others to see me again?” Black God says: “That stupid Sebastian will be very glad to see you again, but you know better than him right?” Nina says: “He is the past for me.” Black God says: “Show your need, by helping manipulating the others.” Nina says: “Of course I will help you.” Black God says: “Good, if you refuse, you will die!”

On the ground, they are preparing to go on the elevator. Richard asks: “Who will go on it first?” Jonah says: “I want to see this idiot as fast as possible.” Lauren says: “I will also go, someone has to go first.” Besoux says: “I want to see the enemy we are fighting against more clear.” Amy says: “I think three is enough, the elevator won’t be able to hold more of us.” Richard says: “Yes, that’s right.” Lauren asks: “Shall we go?” Besoux says: “Yes, there is no time to lose.” Delmar asks to Sebastian: “Don’t you want to go immediately?” Sebastian says: “No, I can wait.” After it, Besoux, Lauren and Jonah go up. The energy works and the platform goes up. It goes higher and higher, until they can’t see it anymore due to the mist on the mountain. It is silence for some seconds, but then out of nowhere an explosion follow. Some screams can be heard, the others on the ground are immediately shocked and fear the worst. They see parts of the wood falling down. Not much later, Besoux, Lauren and Jonah also fall down. The others try to catch them. It succeds, but they can see that the others are hurt. Richard shockedly asks: “What has happened?” Besoux says: “He shot down our elevator!” Lauren says: “What a motherfucker!” They all see that Jonah is the most hurt of the three of them, he can barely walk anymore. Teresa asks: “Are you allright?” Jonah says: “I am fine.” Amy asks: “How could this have happened?” Zaver says: “He saw us coming.” And after that, out of nowhere they hear a voice saying: “You want to know this happened? Stupid idiots, didn’t you know that I can see everything?” They all look behind them and see Black God standing. And if that wasn’t already surprising enough, Nina also stands next to him. Black God says: “Oh, you want this bitch back? Here she is!” Sebastian is very surprised and immediately runs to her. He says to her: “Are you allright? I am so glad to see you!” Nina says: “I am also glad to see you!” Sebastian says: “We will kill this idiot for what he did to you!” Nina says: “Of course we will.” Sebastian says: “Where is Isabelle?” Nina says: “She is still on the mountain. Soon you will see her.” Sebastian screams: “I want to see her now!” The others don’t know what to do, until Black God says: “You really thought that a stupid elevator would bring you to the top of my mountain? You fools, that was the biggest mistake you could ever make!” Sebastian says to Nina: “Shall we go to the other? Together we will kill this idiot!” Nina says: “No, I am sorry. You are the ones going to die!” Sebastian is very shocked and frozen after he hears that. The only thing he sees is Nina walking back to Black God, who laughs about Sebastian’s look. Black God says: “She is not of you anymore. And the good thing is, I didn’t even erased her memories, she walked over to my side all by herself!” Besoux says to Black God: “Enough talking! Tell us! What do you want?” Black God says: “What I want? Revenge for what you did to me!” Besoux asks: “And what did we do to you?” Black God says: “No need to say that, you just have to know that I do this because I want revenge.” Besoux says: “Just like I already thought, there is no need for talking to a motherfucker like you!” Zaver says to him: “No, we have to figure out a plan to fight against him.” But it is already too late, Besoux is very angry and runs to Black God. The others immediately follow him. They know that the fight is about to start. Nina walks back after Black God. Sebastian still doesn’t knows what to do. Felicia, John and the others look at him, but he is still shocked. Besoux is the first to attack Black God. He grabs his sword and Black God grabs his. They start a sword fight against each other. Caroline, Lauren, Richard and Amy are fastly there to help him. Black God sees many humans attacking him from many directions. Jonah, Teresa, Bradley and Delmar attack him from one side, John, Felicia, Lucy, Lindsey and Jaimy from the other side. And behind him Zaver, Nasoux and Ayden come. Black God fights against them all and still he is stronger than all of them. Sebastian sees it happening right before him and also sees Nina looking to it. Besoux gives everything he has against Black God, but his powers make him way too powerful. Besoux screams: “Stop with your fucking powers! You are better than this motherfucker!” Black God says: “You are all so dumb, I am a god and stand above all of you!” Besoux says: “No, you are not!” But right after it, Black God uses his powers and smashes Besoux away. Nasoux is the next to attack Besoux heavily, but it doesn’t injures him at all. He defeats her easily. Black God sees Zaver and grabs him. He says to him: “You are only smart, not a fighter!” After it, the smashes Zaver hardly away. Now the humans have to do it themselves. Black God screams: “You are all so weak!” Black God sees Jonah and he knows that he is injured. Black God fully attacks him. Teresa sees it all happening and she wants to protect him, but Black God smashes her hardly away. He grabs Jonah and says to him: “You are the most dumb of all! You thought that you would be able to fight against me while you are hurt!” After it, Black God grabs his sword and smashes Jonah with it. The others all see it and attacks Black God once again, but it is all too late. Jonah falls on the ground and dies. It makes Teresa so angry that she attacks Black God, but he is way too strong and smashes her hardly away. John and Delmar also attack Black God. He sees it, uses his powers and pushes them hardly away. It makes Lucy even more angry, but Black God kicks her hardly away. Ayden and Felicia are the next to attack them. Black God hits Ayden with his sword and smashes him away. Felicia screams to him: “You think you are so smart!” Black God says: “Because I am smart!” And suddenly he grabs Felicia at her throat. He starts strangling her. Black God says: “You wish you didn’t said something stupid like that!” Felicia says while she almost dies: “You wish you wouldn’t do this!” It is the last of her energy and Black God smashes her hardly away. Black God looks behind him and sees Lindsey and Jaimy standing. He easily grabs the both of them. He says: “You are both so useless!” He grabs his sword and fastly kills them both. Their death bodies fall on the ground. Caroline, Lauren, Richard and Amy are all very shocked, but they attack Black God once again. Black God uses his power once again and smashes Caroline and Lauren hardly away. Now only Richard and Amy are still standing. Amy is by far not strong enough and Black God easily defeats her. Richard gives everything and keeps on fighting against Black God. On the back, someone else can be seen standing. It is Bradley, he is again a very big coward. He is too scared to attack. He sees Black God and Richard fighting against each other. Richard says: “You will pay for what you did! Lindsey and Jaimy were our friends you motherfucker!” Black God says: “They were too weak, like all of you!” Richard says: “I will give you what you deserve, to die!” Amy becomes conscious again and sees it happening before her. After some more fighting, Richard surprisingly seems to be stronger than Besoux. Amy is only not reassured. Richard gives everything he has and suddenly Black God falls defeated on the ground. Richard sees the sword of Besoux lying on the ground, grabs it and is ready to kill Black God with it. Richard says: “This is for all the people who died because of this motherfucker!” However, out of nowhere Black God uses his sword and stabs Richard. Amy screams: “No! Please don’t take him from me!” Black God stands up again and pushes Richard on the ground. Black God says: “You really thought that you could defeat me? This was only a test, but it is clearly that you failed for my test!” Amy runs to it as fast as possible, but it is all too late and Black God puts his sword through the heart of Richard. When Amy is finally there, she says to him: “No, you can still make it! This is not the end.” Richard says: “It is, I’m sorry that I was not strong enough.” Amy says: “We were going to be married.” Richard says: “I am so sorry, I won’t be there that wedding. Amy, I love you. I will always love you.” After it, Richard succumbs of his wounds. Amy starts crying very loudly. Black God lets her cry and sees Bradley looking to it. Black God starts laughing very loud: “You are that idiot who is too scared to fight! Now let me show you how to fight!” Bradley tries to run away, but Black God is too fast and attacks him. He easily defeat him, but instead of killing him, he spares him. After it, Besoux is suddenly on his feet again. He sees that Richard has died. Besoux says: “You will pay for what you did! It is only a matter of time! You are the biggest motherfucker we have ever seen!” Black God runs to him and grabs a Besoux who is hurt. But what Black God doesn’t expects is that Besoux suddenly attacks him again. Unfortunately, after some fighting Black God is again too strong. However, instead of killing him, he also spares him. Black God says: “You have to live, so I can let you suffer even more!” After it, he hits Besoux once again, defeating him. Black God looks around him and sees that everyone is defeated, except one. He screams: “Everyone look! Only the biggest idiot of all is still standing! We have saved the best for the last!” When Black God finds out that he still does not react, he says: “Come on, come to me you idiot! Normally you are always the first to attack me!” Nina says: “Yes, come to our god. Honey, show me how good you are!” After another silence, Sebastian says: “No, I am not going to fight against you.” After it, Sebastian turns his back and starts walking away. Most of the others are already conscious again and see what a coward he is. When Sebastian is far away enough, Black God starts laughing very loudly and says: “This was all you had? This disappointed me even more than I thought!” Nina asks: “What will we do now?” Black God says: “Grab the ones who survived. And bring them to the place they wanted to come so desperately: my mountain.” Nina asks: “What about Sebastian?” Black God says: “He is going to cry all alone! I think he will become so desperate that he commits suicide! We have nothing to do against him anymore.” After it, Black God looks and grabs the one who he sees moving. He teleports them to the top of the mountain. After some teleporting, Black God asks: “Do you see someone alive?” Nina says: “No, the others are all death.” They look before them and see five death people lying on the ground. Black God says: “Good, lets go back.” Nina asks: “Shouldn’t we burn the death bodies?” Black God says: “Of course, I will do that when we are on the top again.”

On the mountain, Black God creates a cage and throws all the powerless and defeated humans and Quetirians in their cage. Besoux, Nasoux, Zaver, Caroline, Lauren, Amy, John, Lucy, Delmar, Bradley and Teresa all don’t say a word. They know that they have failed. Feroma asks to Black God: “Those are the only ones who survived?” Black God says: “Yes, for now they are. But soon all of them will die!” Feroma says: “Good job my god.” Black God says: “Starts the preparations for the master plan!” Feroma says: “Of course, my master.” Meanwhile, Isabelle looks through a window and sees the cage with all the humans inside. She goes lie on her bed again and starts crying. She knows that there is no hope to get out of this hell left.

Sebastian is still walking, but suddenly he get his mind back again and knows that he abandoned and failed the others. He says to himself: “What have I done?” After it, he immediately starts running back. He sees the three tents standing and he sees the abandoned camp. He sees five bodies lying on the ground. He is very shocked when he finds out that Felicia is one of them. He runs to her and sees her completely quiet laying on the ground. He screams: “No, please don’t be death! You are the last hope I have left.” He starts crying and sits on the ground and feels very powerless. He sees the death body of Richard, with a gun in his pocket. He runs to it and grabs it. He puts the gun on himself and wants to shoot, but right on that moment, he hears a voice saying: “Why are you doing that? Please, we all need you!” Sebastian looks next to him and sees Felicia who is very surprisingly still alive. Sebastian immediately throws the gun away and runs to her. He says: “I thought you were death. I am so glad you are still alive!” Felicia says: “I played like I was death and Black God fell for it.” Sebastian says: “You was way too good in it.” After it, they see something with fire on it falling on the ground. When it reaches the ground, very fastly a big fire appears. Sebastian says: “He burns everything down. Get away!” He helps Felicia stand up again and they both run away as fast as they can. When they got away from the fire, they look behind them and see the cremation of four friends, who didn’t survive the fight. Felicia says: “There is nothing we can do about them, lets go.” Sebastian agrees and they both walk away. They know that they are the last and only hope left against the almighty and very evil Black God.

Almost all the surviving characters are in their cage. They see that Black God is busy with stuff and not there. They are all still shocked. Amy is still crying. Besoux is very angry, but he knows that he has no right to do something. It is silence, until Delmar says: “We failed. He won.” Lauren says: “We fought against so much big enemies, but this was one step too far for us.” John says: “Sebastian is still out there.” Bradley is the first to react on him: “You mean that big coward? He saw that we were all hurt, but instead of helping us, he turned his back against us and ran away! The biggest idiot I have ever seen in my life.” The others have to agree with him. Caroline says: “At least he was smart to be such an idiot to walk away.” Nasoux says: “He saw Richard, Lindsey and Jaimy all die and it didn’t even seem to care him. We all know him very short, but this already tells everything about him.” Lucy says: “Yes, there won’t be any reason to still have hope in him. I’m sorry John.” John says: ‘We can’t just lose every hope, we have to hope in better days.” Bradley laughs and says: “Do you believe it yourself?” Meanwhile, Black God walks out of his house again. They are all surprised to see that Isabelle is with him. Delmar asks: “Does she also work for Black God now?” John says: “Could be, I hope not.” They see Black God and her coming to the cage. Black God says: “You see? Here are all of your old friends!” Isabelle says: “They are still my friends even though they couldn’t beat you.” Black God says: “No, they will all die one by one!” Isabelle says: “Come on, you already killed enough of them. You made your point. Let this madness stop!” Black God says: “It can only stop by killing all of you!” Besoux comes between them by saying: “Just kill only the ones you hate the most, spare the others!” Black God asks to him: “You think that I will get complete revenge when some of you are still alive?” Besoux says: “Then tell me why you are revenging us!” Black God says: “Enough talking, I will open the door of your cage. Who wants to go out is free to go.” All the others are surprised to see that Black God really opens the door. After it, he walks away. When he is gone, Isabelle says to the others: “Don’t fall for his traps, he is playing with you again.” John says: “We need your help to get out of here.” Isabelle says: “I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do.” John says: “Not true, you have to keep the motherfucker busy, so we can get out of here.” Isabelle asks: “And what then?” Nina comes between them and says: “Black God will kill you all.” Isabelle says to her: “Nobody asked you anything.” Nina says to Isabelle: “I saw Sebastian by the way, he walked away like a silly boy. He couldn’t do anything.” Isabelle says: “Perhaps he knew that this was going to happen?” Nina says: “Do you think it yourself?” Isabelle says: “Shut up.” Nina laughs and walks away again. Isabelle asks to John: “How do you want to get out of here?” John says: “Besoux can call the spaceship and it can get us out of here.” Besoux says: “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. I lost the remote control during the fight.” After it, it becomes silence, until Ayden says: “Can’t we just walk out of here? He will kill us anyway.” Teresa says: “For once I finally agree with you! I have to revenge Jonah and Miles!” Ayden says: “You forget Kyle and Felicia.” Teresa says: “Okay okay, we have to revenge all the friends of us who are killed by him.” Lauren says to hem: “You know that his reason to do this was also to get revenge on us?” Caroline says: “Screw him, he doesn’t even wants to say why he is seeking for revenge.” Isabelle says: “I know why he wants revenge, but I can’t tell you.” After it, Black God is fastly back and says: ‘Yes, you can’t tell that. Not before the master plan has been activated. And now come with me.” Isabelle knows she has no option and walks away with him. Teresa says: “I am done with this shit! I am going to walk out of this fucking prison!” Ayden says: “Please don’t do that. Like she said, it is a trap.” Teresa says: “Staying here is a trap!” And after it, she stands up and walks out of the cage. The others all look to her. Teresa says: “And now lets search for a way to get off this fucking mountain!” But fastly after it, Black God is back, grabs her and throws her in the house.

On the ground, Sebastian and Felicia are searching for the right plan. Sebastian says: “I was an idiot during that fight. I have to make it right to my friends.” Felicia says: “Eventually you did the right thing, you know that you can defeat him right?” Sebastian says: “I don’t really have that feeling, you are the only one who is giving me hope.” Felicia says: “If we use the right plan, nothing is impossible.” Sebastian asks: “So tell me the plan exactly?” Felicia says: “First we have to get up there. Luckily, I managed to steal Besoux’s remote control.” Sebastian asks: “How did you do that?” Felicia answers: “He lost it during the fighting, so I could get it.” Sebastian asks: “What are you going to with it?” Felicia says: “I checked it during our travel, there are like five jetpacks inside the Spaceship 537. We only need two, so that’s more than enough.” Sebastian says: “Okay, but how are we going to defeat him? The fight didn’t gave any impression on you?” Felicia says: “I found out the source of his powers. It comes from Taceriona. Do you know that planet?” Sebastian says: “No, I have never been on it.” Felicia says: “I’m not sure, but I have read stories that this planet has dark powers. People who are here for a long time will die eventually.” Sebastian asks: “How is this fucking Black God still alive then?” Felicia says: “Because he is not been on Taceriona, he got this powers from another source.” Sebastian asks: “How do you know?” Felicia says: “Normally someone who stayed long enough on Taceriona will die, but this source didn’t. It seems like he wasn’t long enough there, but long enough to get the powers with him.” Sebastian says: “I don’t remember any of it.” Felicia says: “It doesn’t helps us finding the identity of him, but I am pretty sure I know how to defeat this powers. He thinks that he has the best powers of all, but in fact he only got it because of a desert planet not far away of Quetir.” Sebastian says: “Quetir? That’s the planet I have been on for a long time.” Felicia says: “Oh yes, I forgot about that.” Sebastian says: “I wish Besoux was here, he would have known!” Felicia says: “The most important for now is that we create this cure against his powers.” Sebastian asks: “And you know how?” Felicia answers: “I translated Quetirian language, they lived long on Taceriona, but left it because of these powers. They found a cure against the powers, so we are going to remake that.” Sebastian says: “You really know everything….” Felicia says: “Yes, I studied in this before I found out that my dream was to go outerspace.” Sebastian says: “I was never interested in this.” Felicia asks: “Shall we go inside of the Spaceship =? There are most of the stuff I need.” Sebastian says: “Okay, I am fine with everything.” Felicia starts using the remote control and after some time she says: “It is right behind us.” Sebastian says: “Oh yes, it still invisible.” Felicia says: “Never make it visible again, Black God will see that.” Sebastian says: “I understand.” After it, they walk inside something invisible and also aren’t visible again.

After some time, Black God come out of his house again. He has a body in his hands and throws it into the cage of his enemies. They all see that Teresa is death. Black God says to hem: “If more idiots think they can leave the cage, the same will happen to them.” Besoux asks: “What point are you trying to make to us? There is no need for this bullshit.” Black God says: “It is necessary, because you won’t get my point.” Besoux says: “We get what you want, revenge on us. Since you don’t want to tell us why, then there is also no need for killing all of us.” Black God says: “Shut up fucking alien, you have no right to speak anymore. But soon there will for sure be no speaking for you anymore.” Besoux becomes so angry that he wants to attack Black God, but he closes the gate of the cage again. After it, Black God walks to his weapon again and starts working on it. Nina and Feroma are also standing somewhere. John asks to Nina: “What the hell is wrong with you?” Nina says: “I learned to accept that we should all be working for Black God, there is no other option.” John says: “You don’t care what Sebastian will think about this?” Nina says: “Indeed, didn’t you saw him during the fight? He was so powerless, there was nothing he could do.” John says: “I still have believe in him.” Nina says: “If you really are that smart, you will have to obey to master Black God.” Lucy hears the conversation and says: “This can’t be possible. He played with your mind.” Nina says: “No, he didn’t.” Lucy says: “Not possible, the real Nina wouldn’t be so stupid!” John says to Lucy: “Calm down, let her do whatever she wants.” Lucy says: “She is one of our friends, we have to help her.” John says: “Please do not risk your life for that.” Delmar and Bradley are looking before them and are stil sad about Lizz’s death. Delmar says angrily to Bradley: “You should have protected her, it was your mistake!” Bradley says: “Do we really have to discuss this now?” Delmar says: “You idiot, show some more responsibility for your actions!” Bradley says: “You weren’t even there to protect her!” After it, the two of them start fighting against each other. Black God, Nina and Feroma see it happening. Black God says: “This looks way too interesting. The two of you can fight this out. A show will start in like a hour. You two will fight against each other and the prize of the winner will be that he can see my master plan!” Bradley and Delmar both don’t like it, but they know they have no other option. Feroma says to hem: “Good luck the both of you.” Zaver says: “You are now becoming too lazy to kill us, so we have to kill each other?” Black God says: “I am not lazy, I just want to see a great fight!” Zaver says: “Soon there will be no fights for you to see. I see a bad future for you.” Black God says: “Oh yes? Tell me what you see!” Black God opens the cage and goes to Zaver and grabs him. He screams: “Tell me exactly what you saw!” Zaver says: “I didn’t see anything, but my predictions don’t give you a big chance.” Black God angrily says: “You idiot! You did this to get me in the cage.” Caroline says: “Get him!” All the humans and others, except Amy, Bradley and Delmar, run to Black God and want to attack him again, but he teleports away out of the cage. Besoux screams: “Idiot, I really wonder what will you be without your powers?” Black God says: “I wasted too much time in you idiots, let the master plan start!”

Inside the Spaceship 537, Sebastian and Felicia are working on the cure to Black God’s powers. After some working and getting lots of stuff from in and out the spaceship, they have a jar with some kind of liquid in it. Felicia says: “This has to be it.” Sebastian asks: “How are we going to give this to that motherfucker? He will not drink this.” Felicia says: “One touch by it is enough.” Sebastian says: “You talk like you have the whole plan in your head.” Felicia says: “Yes, it is much easier than it looks.” Sebastian asks: “When will we go up that mountain?” Felicia says: “Tomorrow morning, then he expects it the least.” Sebastian says: “Okay, but what should we do in the meantime? I can’t take it that our friends are probably all tortured by that idiot.” Felicia says: “Don’t worry, Black God will only torture them in their mind, not hurt them.” Sebastian says: “Well, I think you are right. He only killed lots of us and showed it to the others.” Felicia says: “I am pretty sure he underestimated it when Kyle and I said we were fans.” Sebastian says: “You said that to him?” Felicia says: “Yes, but now I hate him for killing lots of my friends.” Sebastian says: “Everyone hates him, I want to know who is the coward that hides behind that mask.”

On the mountain, it is time for Black God’s master plan. But first, Bradley and Delmar will fight against each other. Feroma accompanies them to a big circle Black God just made on the ground. Black God screams: “The only rule is to not come out of the circle. Fight for your life!” When Bradley and Delmar are both ready, the fight starts. Delmar first doubts what to do, but Bradley doesn’t and he immediately runs to him and attacks him. They fight against each other and Feroma, Nina, Isabelle and all the others in the cage, look to it. After some fighting, Delmar screams: “I am not going to kill one of my friends!” Bradley is surprised and screams: “So now I am one of your friends? Shut the fuck up, not long ago you still hated me very much!” After it, Bradley attacks once again and hits Delmar very hard. Delmar falls on the ground and Bradley jumps on him. Bradley starts hitting him multiple times, until Delmar is completely defeated. Black God screams: “Finish him off!” Bradley says: “With a pleasure, goodbye Dellamar.” Delmar says: “Your luck has run out!” And with his last powers, he grabs Bradley and throws him over the line of the circle. Bradley runs to Delmar again and wants to finish him off, but out of nowhere he gets a sword through him. He is very surprised and turns his back and starts running to Black God. It was the last stupid decision he ever made in his life, because Black God throws another knife and beheads Bradley, a big idiot is finally death. The others all don’t react that much on it. Black God says: “Even if you would have lost, he would have died. He ran out of his luck.” Nina says: “Good job.” Black God says: “This was only the beginning. Now I am finally going to start the master plan.” He walks to his weapon, which has a cloth on it now. Black God grabs the cloth and throws it away. He says: “May I introduce you to the best weapon in the whole universe! The Planet Killer!” All the humans, Quetirians and Zaver are not impressed by it. Black God says: “Now, please come forward Besoux!” Feroma opens the cage and accompanies Besoux to the weapon. On the same time, a big screen appears next to them. A planet appears on it, and not just a planet, it is Quetir!” Besoux starts shocking very much. He screams: “No! Please don’t do this! You idiot, you will pay for this!” But Besoux is too weak and Black God kicks him away. Black God says to Feroma: “Make sure that he sits on his knies while I am doing this.” Feroma understands it, grabs Besoux and puts him on knies. Black God says: “Please know, that I show no mercy!” And after it, he activated the weapon and points to Quetir. Besoux screams some more things and Nasoux also becomes very angry. All the humans also start knocking on the wall of the cage, but it is all too late. After this, the screen turns over to Quetir where the Quetirians and Xyporions are happily living together, until some kind of beam hits their planet. All the Quetirians and Xyporions try to get as fast away off the planet. They take their spaceships and leave the planet. But the once who don’t have a spaceship, stay on the planet and soon the whole planet starts destroying. Besoux sits on his knies and starts crying. All the humans, Nasoux and Zaver also are very sad. Black God says: “Make a photo while you can see the weapon being active and this idiot sitting on his knies!” Nina says: “Let me do that, and she grabs the photo camera of Black God and makes multiple photos.” After it, the screen goes back to Quetir, where all life dies and everything breaks down. Many spaceships can be seen leaving the planet. After more than enough shocking minutes, the whole planet has died. Only a grey ball is left behind.

Meanwhile, Sebastian and Felicia also come out of the Spaceship 537 and see it happening. Felicia says: “So it is true, he has that weapon.” Sebastian asks: “Where is that beam going to?” Felicia says: “I think to your planet, because it can destroy complete planets.” When Sebastian accepts it, he is first sad, but after it only the anger comes. Sebastian screams: “Now he really crossed the line. It is clearly enough now!” Felicia says: “We will get him tomorrow.” After it, suddenly a big screen appears on the mountain. Sebastian asks: “What the hell is this supposed to mean?” The screen turns on and the photo with Besoux sitting on his knies watching to the beam appears on it. After it, Black God appears on the screen. He screams very loudly: “Everyone who hears this. You all have to know that I am responsible for the destruction of Quetir! And as you can see, this weak idiot wasn’t able to do anything against it! Your leader has failed! And now everybody knows it!” Black God screams some more things, but what Sebastian shocks the most is that Nina can also be seen on the screen. She is still holding the photo camera in her hands. Felicia asks to him: “What’s wrong?” Sebastian says: “She is one of my girls………..” Felicia says: “What? She works for Black God now?” After it, Sebastian becomes even more angry and starts destroying everything he sees. Felicia knows that she can’t do anything about it. When he is finally done, she says to him: “Please use your energy tomorrow.” Sebastian screams: “I want to kill them now! All of them!” Felicia asks: “Shall we go back into the spaceship?” Sebastian disagrees with it, but he has no other choice.

On the mountain, all the humans are very shocked about what just happened. Besoux is still sitting on his knies and crying, until Black God throws him back in the cage again. The humas all don’t say a word for lots of time. Black God says to Feroma and Nina: “Glad that it is finally quiet.” After it, he works in his house again where he sees Isabelle sitting. She says to him: “Do you know what you just did? You killed thousands of innocent lives, this is unacceptable!” Black God says: “Why would it matter? It was a stupid planet anyway.” Isabelle asks: “How the hell would you know? You have never been on it.” Black God says: “I know enough about it that it was just a stupid planet. I am glad we are finally rid of it.” Isabelle says: “You are really the most crazy and stupid idiot I have ever seen. But those stupid powers made you get that, right?” Black God says: “I am done with all this stupid talks! You will not obey to me, right?” Isabelle says: “No, never!” Black God says: “Thank you for making that clear.” After it, he grabs her and throws her on the bed. When the door closes, he screams: “First I wanna have sex with you one more time!”

Outside, it starts getting dark. Inside the cage, everything is silenced after what happened today. Besoux and Nasoux are obviously the most shocked and don’t say a word. Delmar feels responsible for the death of Bradley and is also sad because of that. Lauren and Caroline are sad and only whisper to each other when necessary. Ayden is alone, but John joins him. He asks: “Are you already feeling better? The others clearly don’t.” Ayden says: “I have never been on Quetir, so I don’t have any image of it.” John says: “It was a nice and beautiful planet. I am sad, but in fact the anger overpowers it.” Ayden says: “I am more sad that Kyle and Felicia are death.” John asks: “They were your friends?” Ayden says: “Yes, Jonah, Teresa and Miles were also with me, but I hated them. I am the only one over from our group.” John says: “I feel sorry for you.” Ayden says: “It doesn’t matter, I was prepared on this.” After it, John leaves Ayden alone and goes back to Lucy. He fastly says to him: “I am so done with everything, let me get some sleep.” John doesn’t understands it, because he can’t get no sleep after everything he saw today. He walks around in the cage until he comes along Amy. He sees that she is also still awake. He asks to her: “Are you already feeling better?” Amy answers: “Not really, I regret myself that I couldn’t save him.” John says: “There was nothing you could do.” Amy says: “We were going to be married when we came back on Quetir……..”John says: “I feel so sorry for you.” Amy says: “Thanks, we need each other if we are ever want to beat that motherfucker.” John asks: “Do you have hope that we can still defeat him?” Amy says: “Not really, I try to get hope, but it simply fails.” John says: “Sebastian is still out there, he is probably thinkin of a plan.” Amy asks: “You really think that he can defeat him?” John says: “We have to put hope in someone.”

Inside the Spaceship 537, Sebastian and Felicia are trying to get some sleep for tomorrow. Sebastian says: “Okay, shall we repeat the plan once again?” Felicia says: “We get the jetpacks, fly up there. I have multiple knifes and the cure with me. You distract Black God and fight against him, I will help you. And more, you will see the rest tomorrow.” Sebastian says: “Seems good, but what about Nina and that other henchman?” Felicia says: “You can decide what to do with them.” Sebastian says: “Okay, I will see tomorrow.” Felicia says: “You have to believe in yourself, otherwise you can’t defeat him.” Sebastian says: “Okay, I will.” Felicia says: “I know you can do this, I hope you will also think that.” Sebastian says: “I will try to.” Felicia says: “Okay good, you have to be top fit tomorrow. Is there anything I can do to help you get that?” Sebastian says: “No, I think sleeping is the most important for now.” Felicia asks: “So you don’t want this?” And after it, out of nowhere, she starts taking off her clothes. Sebastian is very surprised and asks: “Why are you doing this?” Felicia says: “If this will be our last night together, I want to make sure that I didn’t missed this feeling.” Sebastian says thinks in his head: “I can’t say no to this.” And after it, the two of them start kissing each other and Sebastian also takes off his clothes. They fall on one of the beds in the Spaceship 537 and end up under one of the blankets. After some kissing, they are back. Sebastian says: “I am sorry that you are the third.” Felicia says: “It doesn’t matter, it tastes even that good.” After it, they kiss again until Sebastian asks: “Do you think that I get top fit with this?” Felicia says: “Yes, it is a special way. It will make you more relaxed.” Not much later, the two of them both fall asleep.

That next morning, everybody in the cage fastly awakens after an unpleasant night. Lauren says: “I can’t take another fucking night here, someone ideas to get out of here?” Caroline says: “I guess we will stay here until we are death.” Delmar says: “Teresa and Bradley yesterday, who will follow today?” Lucy says: “We better don’t think about it.” Amy says: “Please, don’t talk about who are death. I see their faces the whole time.” John asks: “Did anyone sleep this night?” Zaver says: “I make myself able to sleep, I can tell you how, but I guess it is not the right time for jokes.” They all look and see that Besoux and Nasoux are still beaten about what happened yesterday. Zaver says: “Leave them alone, they need to accept this.” Ayden says: “Very understandable.” After it, they see both Black God and Nina coming out of the house. Feroma has slept outside. They ignore their prisoners and more do their own thing. Lauren says: “We have to think of something, before we all die.” Not much later, Nina and Black God together look at the cage and Black God says to her: “I want you to kill one of them, you may choose.” Nina says: “Killing? I don’t have problems with that anymore since I have already did that before.” Black God says: “Choose the one you want.” Nina doesn’t hesitates and says: “I want to kill Lucy!” Lucy and all the others are all very shocked. Black God says: “It is your choice.” Feroma stands up, opens the cage and walks inside. But when he is inside, the others suddenly attack him. They start a fight while Black God says: “You all are so childish.” After it, Black God teleports into the cage, grabs Lucy and Feroma and teleports out of the cage. Black God says: “You better stop working against me, there is no way in which you will beat me.” John becomes very angry and screams: “Please don’t kill her! She has done nothing wrong.” Black God says: “All of you have done things wrong. Working with such an idiot as Sebastian is already doing something wrong!” Lucy says: “Please please, I want to live.” Black God screams: “Kill her!” John becomes very angry and smashes on the cage. The others all know that it is so useless. A few seconds later, Nina has a knife in her hands and throws it in the the throat of Lucy.

The screen fastly turns over to the Spaceship 537, where Sebastian and Felicia are doing the last preparations for the big final. Sebastian looks through the weapons and sees a good gun. Felicia asks to him: “Are there still bullets in it?” Sebastian says: “Only a few, but it is enough. What weapon are you taking with you?” Felicia says: “A few knifes, I don’t need more.” Sebastian says: “Okay, I trust you on your word.” After it, they grab two of the jetpacks on board of the Spaceship 537 and walk out of the Spaceship 537. Felicia says to Sebastian: “Trust on my words, I know that you can do this.” Sebastian says: “Like I said yesterday, I want to kill all these idiots. And I will do whatever I can.” Felicia says: “Good, shall we go?” Sebastian says: “Yes, there is no time to lose.” After it, they put on their jetpacks and start flying up.

Meanwhile on the mountain, Black God is laughing and walks into his house again. They all see a dying Lucy struggling on the ground. She walks to the cage. Feroma says to Nina: “Good job, you killed her.” Nina says: ‘It felt good.” An almost death Lucy reaches the cage and holds the hand of John. John says: “I am so sorry.” Lucy says: “It is not your fault.” After it, she dies. Feroma and Nina both laugh. Inside the house, Black God has Isabelle tied up agains the bed. Isabelle says: “Please, let me free. I will do whatever you want.” Black God screams: ‘I gave you enough chances, but now it is enough. You will obey to me. For the rest of your life!” Isabelle says: “Idiot, it says enough that you have to mind control me to make me obey you. If you wouldn’t have been such a coward, everything would have been different.” Black God screams: “I am not this face anymore. The real me died on that planet some years ago! IT IS BLACK GOD!!!” Isabelle says: “Everybody will know that you are just that silly guy who was once one of our friends.” After it, Black God suddenly grabs Isabelle by her throat. He screams: “I am so done talking to you! IT IS ENOUGH!”

On that same time, Nina is still laughing and looking to how the prisoners are starving from misery. She says: “It is so good that I was the only one of us, who could see that working against Black God would only bring misery and terror.” Feroma walks away to do some other stuff. Nina laughs some more, but right on that time, she hears something and sees a man she knows too good coming up the mountain. She laughable says: “Look who it is there. The one and only Sebastian! Come all alone!” Sebastian says: “Look at yourself you traitor! You betrayed all of us!” Nina says: “You still don’t see it? In this war, there is not such a thing as betraying, it was just a very smart choice. Something all of you idiots didn’t thought about!” Sebastian looks to the cage and sees the death body of Lucy hanging the next to it. He screams: ‘You did that?” Nina says: “Of course I did that, I can also kill people.” Sebastian says: “I loved you Nina, but this has crossed the line.” Nina says: “Really? You still love me and can’t kill me. I still remember how it felt to lie in bed with you. Not that time when Isabelle was with us, the one time I was only with you.” Sebastian screams over her talk by saying: “It all doesn’t matters anymore! You betrayed all of us! AND NOW YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!” Nina sees that Sebastian starts running very fast to him. She screams: “Come and fight to me! I know that is the best you can!” However, when they are close enough, a shot can be heard. Nina is very very surprised. She never knew that this could happen. She sees that Sebastian was the one who did it. When he is close enough, he grabs her and says: “It is so unfortunate, how a nice girl’s brain can be manipulated so easily.” Nina starts crying and says: “I am so sorry Sebastian. I never meant to betray you. I still love you.” Sebastian wait a few seconds, but then he screams: “THAT’S ALL A LIE!” And after it, he shoots one more time, through the head of Nina, finally finishing the biggest bitch of all off.” Sebastian has her body in his hands, but he doesn’t hesitates for a second and throws the body of the edge of the mountain. When it reaches the ground, the death body of Nina can be seen lying on the ground. All the other humans, Quetirians and Zaver are all very surprised to see what has just happened. Hope starts to come back at them. Sebastian looks down the mountains and realises what she just has done. However, it fastly gets interrupted by Feroma who says: “Well well well, look who has finally arrived.” Sebastian screams: “FUCK OFF BLACK GOD!!!” And he turns around and shoots multiple times with all his bullets. Feroma gets hit multiple times and falls death on the ground. John screams: “Good Sebastian! Now kill the real idiot!” Sebastian doesn’t reacts to him and sees Felicia also landing on the mountain. Sebastian asks: “What took you so long?” Felicia says: “I looked to see where Black God was, he was in his house doing something with your girlfriend.” Sebastian screams: “Come out you bastard!” One second later, Black God suddenly teleports right before them. Black God says: “Good job, very good job. You killed my last two pawns. Wasn’t it hard to kill her?” Sebastian becomes even more angry: “It was you. You wanted this!” Black God says: “Of course, it is not more funny to see someone kill his own lover. That’s where life really about.” Sebastian looks down the mountain once again, but he knows that he isn’t able to see her body. After it, he hardly screams: “YOU MADE ME DO THIS!” He runs to him and screams: “Show me your face, you coward!” Of course Black God is much stronger and throws him away. Black God says: “Show some patience, you biggest idiot of all!” Black God walks to Felicia and says: “Look who is also still alive, what a surprise.” Felicia asks: “You knew it right? Still you didn’t came back to kill me. That was the biggest mistake you ever made in your life.” Black God laughs and says: “So now you aren’t a fan of me anymore? Oh, I am already crying, this is such a shame!” Felicia says: “If you would have smarter, you would have know that every power has disadvantages. And we just found out what yours is.” Black God becomes angry and screams: “You didn’t found anything!” And he hardly smashes Felicia away. She almost falls off the mountain, but manages to stay on it. On that same time, Sebastian stands up again and Black God sees it. He starts walking to him and says: “Your actions are all so predictable! Come with something else!” Black God looks around him and knows that it is the right moment. He says: “Let me show you something unpredictable!” And after it, he suddenly starts taking off his black clothes. Black God says: “May I show you the face who is responsible for all your pain!” Sebastian looks to him and sees the biggest shock ever in his life. It is not just someone, it is Bryan Hubbard!!! Sebastian says very shocked: “Bryan?? What the hell!!” Bryan says: “Bryan Hubbard died on that planet years ago, it is now only Black God!” Sebastian is still very surprised and asks: “How the hell is this possible? We killed you motherfucker!” Bryan explains: “As I said, you killed Bryan Hubbard, but these powers kept me alive.” After it, a flashback starts. The same planet as from the movie Spaceship 537: Reaching new Planets is seen. The whole planet starts exploding like the end of that movie. The spaceship with Sebastian and all the others on it can be seen flying off the planet. After it, the screen shows the spirit of Bryan Hubbard, who uses the powers he got from Matt Sherwood. He recreates his body. He fastly finds the control over his powers and goes to the first spaceship he sees. He kills everybody on it and destroys the whole spaceship. After some more searching, he finds the spaceship with the two Quetirians on it. Bryan screams: “You are who I need!” The male and female Quetirian see him and run to attack him. Bryan easily kills the female Quetirian with his powers. The other Quetirian attacks him once again, but Bryan is too strong and grabs him. He fully takes over his mind. After some seconds, the Quetirian is fully taken over. Bryan asks to him: “What is your name?” The Quetirian says: “It is Uitrox, my master.” Bryan and Uitrox fastly go on the spaceship and fly off the planet. On the spaceship, Bryan says to him: “We will go to Quetir as fast as possible.” Uitrox asks: “What should I do master?” Bryan says: “You will win the trust of the Quetirians and will rule Quetir before that idiot of a Besoux is back!” Uitrox says: “Of course, I will.” After it, Bryan uses all his powers and teleports the spaceship near Quetir. He and Uitrox walk out of the spaceship and go into Bisonuar. They walk into the castle of Besoux, where lots of Quetirians are. One of them asks: “Why did you come here?” Bryan says: “To take over you!” And after it, he uses his powers and mindcontrols all the Quetirians in the castle. Nasoux is one of them and fights against it. It doesn’t fully works on her, but on the others it does. Bryan says: “Goodbye everyone.” Uitrox stays there, while Bryan walks back to his spaceship again. He flies off Quetir, searches on the map for a good planet and puts his track to a familiar planet. The last thing that is seen is Bryan who reaches the planet. Now everybody knows that the beginning of the movie came after that. The last thing we see is that Bryan creates his black clothes, puts it on and says: “Black God is coming for you!”

We return back to the present day, where Bryan ends his story with: “So, my whole plan was set together when you idiots were dealing off with that idiot of a Uitrox. And now it is time to end the story!” Sebastian screams: “It seems like we are finally agreed!” And after it, Sebastian and Bryan attack each other and start fighting once again. Sebastian screams: “You are stronger than before, but not strong enough!” Bryan says: “Shut the fuck up, this will be your end!” In the beginning of the fight, Bryan is much stronger and easily makes Sebastian tired. During the fight, Felicia stands up and sees the two of them fighting. She says: “Okay, so that’s his face. It doesn’t matters, we are still going to let this idiot pay for what he did.” Bryan hears her talking behind his back, turns around and hears her screaming: “Tell me what you think about this Black God!” And she throws a knife right in the stomach of Bryan. He looks at it and says: “Really? This is everything you have stupid girl!” Sebastian says: “Show me what you can now, Bryan!” At the beginning, Bryan uses his powers still and the fights goes the same as before. However, after some time, Bryan’s powers becomes weaker and weaker. He is very shocked and screams: “WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE WITH ME, YOU FUCKING WITCH!” Sebastian says to him: “Show to us what you are without your powers on full strength!” Bryan says: “Of course, I can also do it without them!” After it, he uses all his energy and fights against Sebastian. Meanwhile, Felicia walks into the house and frees Isabelle from the bed. Isabelle asks: “Who are you? What’s happening outside?” Felicia says: “It’s allright, everything is going fine.” Meanwhile, Sebastian and Bryan are fighting and fighting over and over again. The fight is now much more fair. Both of them get blood on themselves and hit each other very hard. Sebastian says: “Come on! Even a child can do better!” It makes Bryan even more angry and he starts hitting him harder and harder. Sebastian grabs him during these attacks and hits him very hard in his face, but Bryan grabs him and throws him away. Sebastian lands at the edge of the mountain. Right on that time, Felicia and Isabelle come outside and see it happening. Isabelle sees a key hanging at the house, grabs it and opens the cage with it. All the others also come outside and look to the fight. Bryan grabs a knife out of his pocket and holds it at Sebastian. He screams: “You have always been the biggest idiot of all! I don’t even care anymore about killing the others. It is all about you!” Sebastian says: “Oh really? Finish me! Show us that you can also do it without your powers!” Bryan agrees with it, grabs the knife and wants to stab Sebastian with it, but he is faster and says: “Oh, my Black God!” And out of nowhere he shows a knife and puts it into the throath of Bryan. Lots of blood comes out of it and Bryan tries to breath. Sebastian says: “This is for all innocent people you killed! This is for all our friends you killed! And this, this is my revenge!” Sebastain stabs Bryan multiple times. Bryan can’t hold his balance anymore and falls off the mountain. Sebastian looks down and sees his body falling down. Felicia suddenly stands next to him and has the jar with the liquid in her hands. She says: “This is just to be sure!” And she throws the jar off the mountain. Below on the ground, the body hardly falls on the ground. The spirit tries to come out of it once again, but is wounded too much and sees the jar falling down. When it hits the ground, a huge explosion following. Bryan and Black God are finally completely death. The biggest idiot on the whole universe is finally killed. When all the humans, Besoux, Nasoux and Zaver see the explosion, they know that they have won. Sebastian says to Felicia: “I can’t believe we did this.” Felicia says: “Luckily nothing is impossible.” The others also applause for them. Besoux says: “Very good of you! You took revenge on that motherfucker, something I couldn’t do.” Zaver walks to Felicia and asks: “How did you do that?” Felicia says: “Every power has a cure and I found this one.” Amy says: ‘You were the best team ever.” Sebastian says: “Why doesn’t it feels like it was so hard?” John says: “Maybe because you made it look simple.” Delmar says: “I still feel sad for all of us who died.” Amy says: “I hope Richard, Lindsey, Jaimy, Lucy and all others rest in piece.” John looks and sees the death body of Lucy lying next to the cage. Amy looks down, but she knows that she can’t see Richard. Besoux looks into the space and knows that everything of him is gone. Lauren asks to him: “What will we do now?” Besoux answers: “I have no idea.” Caroline says: “We better first go to the spaceship and leave this fucking planet.” Nasoux says: “Good idea.” After it, Besoux searches for the remote control but finds out he doesn’t has it. Felicia says: “Oh, no need to worry. I have it.” Besoux asks: “How did you get it?” Felicia answers: “You lost it during the fight.” After it, she gives the remote control back to Besoux. Besoux starts controlling the Spaceship 537 back to them. However, another explosion can be heard after it. Amy asks: “What is that?” Felicia says: “Oh, I guess the liquid has worked out.” Lauren asks: “So that motherfucker is back alive?” Felicia laughs and says: “No, but now the powers are searching for a new person.” Besoux says: “Get off, before one of us gets infected!” After it, the mountain starts shaking very much, causing a new problem for the group.

During the shaking, Besoux suddenly realises that the weapon is also still on the mountain. He asks: “Shouldn’t we get that weapon off here? It will completely explode.” Felicia answers: “Good idea, I will be working on it.” Ayden screams: “Let me help you!” The others wait and see the Spaceship 537 finally appearing. Besoux screams: “Everybody get in!” John, Delmar, Amy and Isabelle are the first to go in. Caroline, Lauren, Nasoux and Zaver go after them inside. Sebastian hesitates and sees that Felicia and Ayden are still working on the weapon. He screams to them “Go inside! This planet is lost!” Felicia screams: “I can still fix this weapon!” Ayden screams: “No, go inside! I can do this!” Felicia asks: “Are you sure?”Ayden says: ‘Please, you should survive! I have nobody anymore, you have met lots of new friends.” Felicia starts crying and knows that it is their goodbye. Ayden says to her: “Go to them no!” She has no other choice and runs over the shaking mountain. Inside the Spaceship 537, Besoux screams: “Come on! We don’t have all the time in the world!” Sebastian and Felicia go inside the spaceship and see Ayden who is still working on the weapon. He works on deactivates and makes it less powerful, but it is all too late and the whole mountain breaks off. The others all don’t want to look to it and see the mountain with the weapon and Ayden totally falling down. Not much later, a huge explosion follows. The power of the weapon goes over the whole planet and makes the planet just like Quetir, grey without any life. Lauren looks through everyone and sees that Ayden is not with them. She asks: “Where is Ayden?” Sebastian says very sad: “He didn’t made it.” For the next hours, they all don’t say not very much. Delmar asks: “We won, but why doesn’t it feels like we have won?” Amy says: “We lost more than we won.” John says: “We owe you all a very big thanks, without you, we would all have died.” Lauren suddenly asks: “How was it even possible that this idiot was still alive?” Caroline says: “That planet Matt was on, it is so powerful.” Amy says: “And deathly.” Lauren asks: “Are we now completely sure that he is death, or can he come back once again?” Felicia says: “Believe me, he is death.” Lauren says: “We thought the same when you wasn’t with us yet.” Felicia says: “I lost all my friends, but it was worth it to work it you.” Sebastian asks: “You don’t want to stay with us?” Felicia says: “I think I don’t have another option.” Caroline says: ‘Once a part of our group, you will always be one.” After it, Sebastian suddenly walks away.

He goes to another room and sees Isabelle sitting alone there. He asks to her: ‘Hey, how are you doing?” She first doesn’t reacts until she says: “I still can’t believe everything that happened.” Sebastian says: “It doesn’t matters. It also came as a very huge surprise to me this fucking Bryan was under that black mask.” Isabelle says: “You don’t want to know what he did to me.” Sebastian becomes very shocked and asks: “He touched you?” Isabelle says: “More than only touching, he used me as a beast.” Sebastian says: “Now he has something, that motherfucker is finally death.” Isabelle says: “I wanted to kill him!” Sebastian says: “We did it for you.” Isabelle asks: “Who is that new girl? You like her, don’t you?” Sebastian doesn’t says anything for a few seconds until he says: “She is just, we worked together to kill that motherfucking Bryan. You should thank her, if she wasn’t here, we wouldn’t have won.” Isabelle says: “Okay nice.” Sebastian is a bit surprised by her reaction. Fastly after it, they hear Besoux screaming: “Everybody come to the cockpit, we have something to discuss.” Sebastian and Isabelle look at each other and walk to the cockpit where they see the others who are already there. Besoux says: “Since our planet is destroyed, we have to search for a new planet to go to.” He wait to answer the question and after a few seconds he says it: “Anybody any suggestion to which planet we should go?” The others all hesitate a few seconds until they all say one by one: “Earth! Earth! Earth!” When almost everybody has said Earth, Besoux says: “Okay, then we will go to Earth.”

The credits start appearing.

Post-Credit Scene

A planet appears on the screen that is full of life. After some time, you can finally see it. It is Earth around the year of 2103. Some kind of base is seen. A team of humans is sitting inside of it. They are sitting behind tables put in the form of a U. Another human walks inside the room and says: “All of us are together here, all the specialists about extraterrestrial life. From an anonymous source we heard that a spaceship with extraterrestrial life is coming to our planet.We should all be prepared for that.” One of the humans at the table says: “Are they close to us?” The man answers: “I don’t know, but they can be here in a few weeks.” Another human laughable says: “Is Markus Wood back from the death?” The leader of the group says: “’No, but we all know that extraterrestrial life and humans can’t life together. So what will we do?” Lots of the humans at the tables start screaming: “Kill them! Kill them! Kill them!” After it, the credits go further.

After-Credit Scene

In space, all the humans, Quetirians and Zaver are relaxing together. They are on the long travel back to Earth. They try to forget everything they lost and make fun with each other. John finds out that Isabelle isn’t with them and asks to Sebastian: “Where is Isabelle?” Sebastian says: “I don’t know. She is having a hard time and needs a lot of time to recover from what happened.” John says: “Okay, I guess we should just leave her alone.” Sebastian, John and Delmar are the only men who survived it and have fun with all the girls. Amy becomes better and better able to forget Richard. After a good night, the humans decide to sleep. Besoux and Nasoux control the spaceship over and over. Zaver also helps them with it. John and Delmar decide to sleep together with Amy and Lauren. Sebastian takes Felicia to a room and throws her on the bed. He jumps on her and they kiss with each other again. Suddenly Sebastian completely forgets Isabelle and has another great night with Felicia, just like before the battle with Black God. Sebastian says: “When was the last time that I felt such a great feeling?” Felicia says: “I am so glad it isn’t that night.” Sebastian says: “We don’t have to be afraid anymore ever again.” After it, they start kissing each other even more. The movie ends directly after that.


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