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Spaceship 537: Returning Outerspace is the 10th movie in the Spaceship 537 franchise. It is a sequel to Spaceship 537: Reign of Black God. It's an original movie idea by FranceSwitzerland. Not all characters who survived the last movie will return in this movie. This movie will start a new storyline; it takes place a few years after the last movie.


A few years after Sebastian Cantrell made an end to Black God's Reign, Lauren Marshall gets a message from Besoux. He asks for them to visit the new planet they are living on. When they have finally found a full crew together to come visit them, not everything is what it looks like. The Quetirian spaceship has been taken over by a group space pirates, who sell every person and particle they can find in space. The Spaceship 537 group travels straight into the trap the space pirates have put for them. The whole group falls apart and none of them know where they end up. Meanwhile, Besoux gets sold to an old friend of him. Something that happened in the past between them causes a big conflict to start. Eventually, all of them have to fight their way out of their precarious situations.


It starts on Quetir, many years before the planet got destroyed. The capital city Bisonuar is shown. Inside the big castle of the city, some Quetirians are sitting. The one leading them is no one else than Ibrousax. Suddenly, another Quetirians runs inside the room and screams in Quetirian language: “They are coming! We are under attack!” Ibrousax answers to it: “Call my army together!” In another room, a big army with Quetirians is together. Besoux and a friend of him are between them. His friend asks to him: “Is it another Xyporion attack? I am getting so done with this!” Besoux says back to him: “Quiet Vubrousax, Ibrousax is going to tell us like he always does.” Vubrousax says: “It is always a Xyporions attack when he calls all of us together.” Besoux says: “Maybe it isn’t this time.” Right after it, Ibrousax starts speaking: “Everyone stay calm, an even bigger army Xyporions than ever before is coming for us. There is no reason to worry. These headless beasts will never beat us!” The whole Quetirian army starts cheering. When they are done, Ibrousax screams: “Now go outside and show me that you are worthy as my army! Tell these motherfucking Xyporions to go back to the shithole they came from!” All the Quetirians start cheering even louder. It is followed by a new scene in the middle of the battlefield. Besoux and Vubrousax are fighting side by side. Suddenly, they are surrounded by Xyporions. They are with too much. One of them attacks from the back and hits Vubrousax. He falls injured on the ground and immediately after that, the Xyporion jumps on him. Besoux sees it happening but is still busy fighting with other Quetirians. Vubrousax screams: “Besoux, help me!” Besoux sees it happening, runs to him and fights with the Xyporion. Vubrousax manages to stand up again, but two other Xyporions grab him and start hurting him. When Besoux has finally killed the other Xyporion, he sees the other two taking away Vubrousax. Besoux wants to save him, but the Xyporions are with too much that it is clear suicide. On that same moment, Ibrousax is looking to the fight from the highest spot in his castle. He says: “I have seen enough of this hopeless fight, use our weapon!” The other two Quetirians agree with his order and start using the weapon. With the weapon, they start shooting on all the Xyporions. They kill lots of them. Besoux sees it happening and knows that he has to get away, otherwise he gets also hit by the weapon. Meanwhile, the Xyporions who are carrying Vubrousax run away to escape from the weapon. Besoux sees it happening and knows that he has to save his friend. He runs to it, but suddenly he stumbles over the death body of a Xyporion. He is too late and sees with his own eyes that the Xyporions take Vubrousax away. Besoux is dreadfully cut up by it and keeps sitting on the ground. When the complete fight is over, Ibrousax and his righthands walk over the battlefield. Ibrousax sees Besoux sitting and asks to him: “What’s it soldier? Did you lose someone during the fight?” Besoux says: “He wasn’t just a colleague, he was my friend.” Ibrousax laughs and says: “He was just a soldier, you are all replaceable.” And after that, Ibrousax walks away again. A very upset Besoux also stands up and walks away.

‘15 years later’ is shown on the screen.

On a very normal day, Lauren is working at the army. They are preparing themselves for real dangers, but no danger has appeared ever since the Quetirians left Earth. Lauren looks on a table and sees a photo laying on it. She picks it up. It is a photo of Daniel Hancock, who died around three years ago. Another soldier suddenly asks to her: “You are still looking on that photo?” Lauren answers: “I just wish we could have done more for him. He is a real hero.” The soldier says: “He would be so proud on you.” Lauren says: “I hope so.” Not much later, Lauren decides that it is enough for today. She goes home. At home, she gets called by Delmar, who misses her and wants to stay into contact with her. That’s why he calls her almost every evening. Every night is pretty much the same, but this one is different. Lauren is sitting on her bench and watching tv until she suddenly gets an incoming message. She expects it to be Delmar, because who else would it be. However, when she looks on it, it is not Delmar who has messaged her, but no one else than Besoux. She immediately takes a look at it. The message is: ‘Hi Lauren, long time no see! How are you doing on Earth? Here everything is going perfect! As we haven’t forgot you, I want to invite you and the whole team to come to our new planet. Let me know it if you are interested. Greetings, Besoux.’ Lauren is very delighted after reading this and immediately calls Delmar. He doesn’t takes on the phone immediately, but after a while he does. Delmar asks to Lauren: “Is there something wrong? Why do you call me again?” Lauren says: “I have great news. Besoux just contacted me! He invites us to come to his planet!” Delmar says: “That’s so great to hear! Who did he all invite?” Lauren says: “The whole team!” Delmar says: “Fuck my life on Earth. I want to return to space again!”

The logo ‘Spaceship 537: Returning Outerspace’ appears on the screen.

Somewhere else on Earth, Sebastian is walking in a supermarket of the future. It is very big and you can buy everything you want there. He is looking at the baby stuff. Not much later, a supermarket employee comes to him and asks to him: “Can I help you with something?” Sebastian says: “Yes, me and my girlfriend are expecting a baby, now we are decorating a baby room. Do you have any suggestions which baby crip I can buy best?” The supermarket employee says: “Oh congratulations! It is more about how much you want to buy though. The most cheap baby crips are from the worst quality, the most expensive ones are of a better quality.” Sebastian says: “I don’t care much about the price. I just want to have the best one.” The supermarket employee says: “Okay then I can really advice you this one. Will you get a girl or a boy?” Sebastian says: “We will get a girl.” The supermarket employee says: “Okay, let me order a pink one for you then.” Sebastian says: “Okay, thank you.” The supermarket employee says: “On Saturday, the baby crip will be ready for you. Will you be able to take it up on Saturday?” Sebastian says: “Yes, I don’t have any plans for Saturday yet.” The supermarket employee says: “Okay, see you on Saturday!” After it, Sebastian walks out of the supermarket and returns home, where a pregnant Felicia is waiting for him. When he comes home, they embrace each other like he was gone for a long time. Felicia asks: “Did you found a baby crip?” Sebastian answers: “Yes, I can pick it up on Saturday.” Felicia says: “You are so amazing.” And after it, they start kissing again and fall on the bench. On the moment it starts getting interesting, they are suddenly called. Sebastian looks who it is while Felicia is not interested. Sebastian sees that it is Lauren Marshall who calls him. He says: “It is Lauren. Why would she call me? We haven’t heard anything of her for three years.” Felicia says: “Maybe she just wants to know how you are. Pick up the phone.” Sebastian agrees, picks up the phone and says: “Hey Lauren, how are you?” After that, it is silence for a while. Felicia tries to hear what Lauren is saying, but she can’t hear it. After Lauren has told Sebastian a long story, he answers: “That is amazing news. We are only a bit busy at the moment.” After it, Sebastian starts getting a bit worried and says: “We are home now, wait a minute to come inside.” When they are done, Sebastian opens the door, where Lauren is standing behind. Sebastian says: “Great to see you again. How are you doing?” Lauren answers: “I’m fine like always.” Sebastian asks: “How is your army going?” Lauren answers: “Also fine, nothing special happening at the moment.” When they walk into the living room, nothing of the baby stuff can be seen again. Felicia is also glad to see Lauren again. Sebastian asks: “So why did you come all the way here?” Lauren answers: “Besoux contacted me. He wants all of us to come visit him. And with that, he meant the whole team. You still have contact with all the others, right?” Sebastian hesitates a bit until he says: “Not really actually.” Lauren looks to Felicia and she answers: “I still have contact with most of them.” Lauren says: “That’s good, I would like to hear if all of you are interested.” Felicia says: “Okay, I will ask all of them if they are interested.” Lauren says: “In a week, we will go and who is not on this location, won’t join us.” And after it, she gives them some device with the exact location on it. Sebastian asks: “Do you want something to drink Lauren?” Lauren answers: “No I am kind of busy at the moment.” And after it, she leaves their house again. Sebastian says after she is gone: “Working on the army didn’t do much good for her.” Felicia says: “I am pregnant, is it really a good idea to go outer space?” Sebastian says: “It might not be a too big issue.” Felicia says: “I would really love to go outer space again though.” Sebastian says: “We won’t tell anyone about it.” Felicia says: “But they will find it out for sure, one day.” Sebastian says: “We just have to make sure that nobody knows it before we come on the spaceship.” Felicia agrees with it and then asks to Sebastian: “Who are you going to contact?” Sebastian answers: “I will contact John and Nena again and I hope that I have Anne’s number somewhere. Can you try to get in contact with Lois, Gemma and Amy?” Felicia says: “I hope so.” In the same house as seen in the last movie, John and Nena are still together. Nena’s dog is with them as well. They are still having lots of fun together. John says: “Meeting you was the best that ever happened in my life.” Nena says: “I am grateful to you for so many things.” John says: “I suddenly thought about how we met.” Nena says: “It wasn’t coincidence. Black God made you come to our house.” John says: “Yes I know. He wanted us to meet Jesse, but what about you?” Nena says: “I ended up into your conflict thanks to him.” John says: “Luckily it is all over now.” Right after he said that, the bell suddenly rings. John and Nena are both surprised by it. John walks to the door and opens it and sees that no one else than his old friend Sebastian Cantrell is standing behind it. John is surprised and asks: “What are you doing here?” Sebastian says: “I’ve got some great news. Is Nena also here?” John says: “Yes, she is.” Sebastian asks: “Can I come inside?” John answers: “Of course.” When Sebastian walks inside, Nena is also surprised to see him. Sebastian says: “I came here because Lauren has got a message from Besoux.” Nena asks: “What message?” Sebastian answers: “He wants all of us to come visit him on their new planet.” John asks: “And you came here to convince us to go outer space again?” Sebastian answers: “Not really. I am just doing what Lauren has asked me to do.” Nena asks: “Where is Felicia? Is she also going?” Sebastian answers: “Felicia is contacting Loïs, Gemma and Amy. Both of us are going.” John and Nena are looking to each other, until John says: “Remember that dream about going outer space you had?” Nena says: “Yes, this might be the time to fulfil that dream.” Sebastian says: “You still have a week to decide. If you are interested, come on this location next week.” And he gives them the device with the location. John says: “We will think about it.” Sebastian says: “That’s totally fine. I will contact Anne now if you don’t mind.” And he walks away to another room in the house to contact her. Nena says: “I really want to go outer space, but on the other hand it seems pretty dangerous.” John says: “I will be with you.” Nena says: “That makes it already much better.”

A few hours later, Sebastian returns home where Felicia is still sitting. He asks to her: “And what did they say?” Felicia answers: “Gemma is not interested, Lois is still doubting and Amy wants to go.” Sebastian says: “John and Nena were also doubting, but they will probably come and Anne also isn’t interested.” Felicia says: “We could ask some more people.” Sebastian says: “Let’s first ask Lauren about it.”

Lauren and Delmar are together to do some preparations for going outer space again. They walk into the hangar where their spaceship is located. Delmar laughs when he sees that they will again fly with the Spaceship 537. He says: “There are much better and fast spaceships in the world, but you still want to fly with this old one?” Lauren says: “Always when I went in this spaceship I returned back alive, so this time I also will.” Delmar says: “Markus Wood and Caroline Livingstone can’t say the same. They also died.” Lauren says: “They died on Quetir and Earth, not when being in this spaceship.” Delmar says: “Okay fine, I haven’t even met Markus Wood once. I wonder how he was like.” Lauren says: “He was nice.” After it, Lauren get suddenly called. Of course it is Sebastian who calls him. Sebastian says: “For now, John, Nena and Amy are the only ones who will come for sure. All others are unlikely.” Lauren says: “Don’t worry, I will make sure that we have a full crew of people.” Sebastian says: “Oh okay, that’s really good.” Lauren says: “Most of your friends have never been in space, so it is also not very clever for them to go. I have connections with people that know what it’s like to go outer space. So, you really don’t have to worry about that.” Sebastian says: “Okay, I understand.” The screen moves over to the news, where a breaking news is there. The new presenter says: “The Spaceship 537 is going to fly again! For the first time, since the crew returned to Earth, the spaceship will go in space again to visit a new planet. Our interviewer is live there with no one else than Lauren Marshall, last survivor of the original Spaceship 537 crew, and Delmar Norris. The interviewer asks to Lauren: “How do you feel about going into space again?” Lauren answers: “It is less exhausting than last time, but still it will always great to be back there and see things you will never see here on Earth.” The interviewer asks: “Why are you suddenly going into space again?” Lauren answers: “A good Quetirian friend of us asked us to visit their new planet. Of course we couldn’t reject that.” While the interview continues, Sebastian, John, Felicia and Nena are shown. They are completely ready for it. Felicia asks to Nena: “Are you already nervous?” Nena answers: “Not yet, but it will come once we go inside.” John says: “Everything will be fine, you don’t have to worry.” After he said that, Amy is suddenly there and comes to them. Felicia says: “It is good to see you again Amy.” Amy says: “Life on Earth is boring, I am glad to be here again.” John says: “I am sorry we didn’t keep into contact.” Amy says: “It doesn’t matter. It’s fine.” Nena asks: “Who else will come?” Sebastian answers: “Anne and Gemma won’t come for sure, not sure about Lois.” After it, someone else, who hasn’t been mentioned before, suddenly shows up. All of them are surprised to see him. It is Steve. He says: “Hi everyone. Good to see you again.” John asks to him: “Where have you been all this time?” Steve answers: “I’m sorry, I was busy with lots of stuff.” Sebastian asks: “Who told you the location of this place?” It is silenced until Amy says: “I did.” She continues: “Steve and I didn’t stay in contact, but I still had his number and he was part of our group, so I decided to ask him.” Sebastian says: “Okay it is fine, I just totally forgot him again.” Steve says: “I would have got a lot of regret if I had ignored the offer.” Sebastian says: “Let me guess, you are only here because Amy is going.” Amy and Steve both look on a weird way to him, but before any of them answers, another unknown voice says: “Hello Sebastian Cantrell, I heard a lot about you.” Sebastian and the others look next to them and see five unknown people walking to them. Amy asks: “Are you who I think you are?” The man gives his first hand to Sebastian and says: “I am Mitchell Trevino, this my crew. We are joining you on your mission to the new planet of the Quetirians.” Sebastian says: “Nice to meet you.” After it, another man comes to him and also gives him a hand. He says: “I’m Darren Cooney.” Mitchell walks further to Amy and asks: “You already know me?” Amy answers: “Of course. You are very impressive.” Mitchell says: “Thank you. What’s your name?” Amy gives him a hand and says: “I am Amy Watkins.” After it, he goes further to John, Felicia, Nena and Steve. Meanwhile, one of the two women walks to Sebastian, gives him a hand and says: “I’m Stefany Manning.” Sebastian says: “I’m Sebastian, nice to meet you.” After it, he expects the last two to also come to him, but they don’t. Sebastian says to Stefany: “Excuse me, but who are they?” Stefany says: “Oh, they are Bob and Jenna, our trainees.” When they are all done introducing each other to the others, Sebastian asks to Mitchell: “Do you have experience with going into space?” Mitchell laughs and says: “Why else do you think we have been picked?” After it, the five of them go to Lauren and Delmar, who are finally done with being interviewed. Amy says to Sebastian: “That’s not just someone, he is the most famous astronaut of the last years. He was on the news so often.” Sebastian says: “I probably missed him, because the name doesn’t rings a bell.” Felicia comes in between and says laughable: “You were probably too busy with me.” John says: “That Darren is also very famous, he has also been on Quetir. He probably left the planet before it got destroyed.” Nena says: “Stefany is probably the most famous female astronaut, at least I heard a lot about her.” Sebastian says: “Well great, what an achievement of Lauren to get these people on our mission.” John says: “This is just a normal flight to the new planet of the Quetirians, why do we needs these people to have with us? Didn’t Besoux only ask for the team to come?” Felicia says: “Ask that to Lauren, thanks to her they are here.” But before they can ask that question to Lauren, the seven of them walk back to them. Lauren says: “You have already met? Anyway, my friends, these are Darren, Mitchell, Stefany, Bob and Jenna. They are joining us on our flight to Quetir II. Sebastian asks: “What about these two trainees? Do they have any experience with being in space?” Lauren answers: “They were the best two of a new class of talents, they can gain experience with this mission.” Bob says: “That’s true, I want to learn a lot with this mission. I hope in the near future to lead my own missions into space.” Jenna says: “Same for me. I want to become even as big as Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Manning.” Sebastian says: “Well, good luck with that.” Lauren asks: “Is everyone there? We are for sure missing some.” Felicia answers: “Loïs, Gemma and Anne weren’t interested in coming here somehow.” Lauren says: “Okay, then I guess we’re all ready to leave.” After that, all of them step into the spaceship, not knowing what adventure is about to start.

Somewhere in space, very far away from them, a very big prison is shown. It is very dark, but the camera zooms in on one of the cages, where Besoux is locked. He is very weak because of the bad conditions. Suddenly, after a very long time, the cages open. There are guards everywhere that make all the prisoned Quetirians stand in a queue. An unknown specie speaks through a microphone in a very weird language: “Today is the day that your fate will be decided. Sellers from all around the universe are here to buy you. Unfortunately, that won’t count for all of you. If no one’s interested, you will first try to become a warrior but if that fails as well, that means you are useless and not worthy of living here, our waste incinerator will make an end of your filthy life. In short, your luck will bested. That’s why I wish all of you the best of luck.” After he is finally done with speaking, the first bidding on the Quetirians starts. Some of them get bought, but most of them end up being useless. When it is finally Besoux’s turn, the same space pirate as the one who spoke through the microphone says: “What’s your name filthy beast and tell us why the sellers should buy you.” Besoux says: “First of all, I am not a beast. Second, you are the one who is going to end up in the waste incinerator if you don’t stop with this shit!” The space pirate ignores what he says and asks: “You refuse to give us any information about you?” Besoux says: “I am not for sale.” After it, the space pirate gives him a big electric shock. When it is done, the space pirate says: “This is your first electric shock. At three shocks, you will go to the waste incinerator already.” Besoux doesn’t wants to get electrocuted once again and says: “Okay fine, I’m Besoux, leader of all of us. I am very good in fighting and know lots of stuff all of you wish you would know.” The space pirate looks to all the sellers and they immediately start bidding on Besoux. It goes up to an unbelievable high prize. When the prize gets way too high, two of the sellers still keep on continuing. Eventually, one of the sellers makes the prize 2 million credits. However, the other seller wants Besoux very much and makes the prize go up to 2.5 million credits. For the other sellers this is way too high and they all quit. The space pirate says: “We have a deal! For an amazingly high prize of 2.5 million credits, Besoux gets sold!” The space pirate shows Besoux the way to the seller, who can’t be seen yet. Besoux walks further and ends up before some kind of bag. Out of nowhere, a female Quetirian is standing behind his back, electrocutes him and throws him in the bag. After it, the female Quetirian returns to her place, next to the seller of Besoux. She asks to him: “How much credits do we still have?” The seller of Besoux says: “Enough for one more.” After lots of more Quetirians, it is Nasoux’s turn, as one of the lasts. The seller of Besoux says: “I want to have her.” The space pirate asks to Nasoux: “What is your name and tell us why the sellers should buy you.” Nasoux hesitates a while until she says: “I am Nasoux, I don’t have that much talents, but I hope one your will buy me.” Not much of the seller show interest, until the same seller as Besoux wants to buy 2 thousand credits for her. It is followed by another seller who wants to buy 4 thousand credits for Nasoux. Of course, the same seller as Besoux goes further and buys her for 6 thousand credits. The space pirate screams: “We have a deal! Nasoux gets sold for 6 thousand credits!” It is followed by Nasoux walking to the same place as Besoux, where she also gets electrocuted by the female Quetirian and thrown in the same bag as Besoux’s one. After a few more Quetirians, the selling is over. The space pirate says: “With this last Quetirian, we have come to an end of the auction. I thank you all for coming. See you on the next auction!” All the sellers return to their spaceships. The seller of Besoux and Nasoux and his worker also return to their spaceship and fly away.

The Spaceship 537 is flying through space on its way to Quetir II. On most of the flight, Lauren, Delmar, Darren and Stefany are in the cockpit, while Mitchell, Bob and Jenna are together with Sebastian, Felicia, John, Nena, Amy and Steve in the biggest room of the spaceship. Amy asks to Mitchel: “Tell me more about the missions you had.” Mitchell says: “Of course. On my mission, we were attacked by some weird aliens. They killed most of our crew. Only me and two others of us survived. Eventually, we made it to the planet, we got some plant and other stuff. Eventually, I was the only one who made it back to Earth alive.” Amy says: “Wow, that is very impressive. You weren’t shocked about losing all your friends?” Mitchell says: “No, most of them were dumb idiots. They didn’t have any experience with going into space.” Amy says: “I hope you think you have smarter people with you.” Mitchell says: “Of course you are smarter than them. Especially you.” Steve is looking very jealously to it. Meanwhile, Nena is sitting next to Jenna and asks to her: “Also your first time in space?” Jenna answers: “Yes, it is.” Nena asks: “Are you nervous?” Jenna answers: “Not really, I have studied five years for achieving this. All the ins and outs of the mission are known to me.” John comes between them and says: “Well, most of our mission didn’t exactly ended like they should have.” Jenna says: “I have also learned what to do when something goes wrong.” Nena says: “It seems like you are prepared enough.” Jenna laughs and says: “I hope so.” Bob is sitting alone playing a game, while Sebastian and Felicia are busy with each other. Felicia says very soft: “Nobody noticed that I am pregnant.” Sebastian says very soft back to her: “That’s very good. Now nothing can stop us anymore.” Felicia says: “If everything goes normal, we can be back before the baby gets born.” Sebastian says: “Of course and nobody will notice.” Felicia says: “I hope so.” Meanwhile in the cockpit of the Spaceship 537, Lauren and the others are looking to the route to Quetir II they still have to fly. Delmar says: “We will fly through a dangerous area. Many spaceships who passed that area have disappeared.” Stefany says: “That’s a fairytale, like the Bermuda Triangle on Earth.” Lauren looks through it and says: “The last spaceship that disappeared in that area is more than 10 years ago, so I guess we don’t have to worry.” Darren says: “In a week, we will be on Quetir II. What can possibly go wrong?” Delmar says: “Of course, we have the best astronauts of Earth inside our spaceship. Nothing will stand a chance against us.”

Later that week, on one of the last nights inside the Spaceship 537 before they reach Quetir II, all of them have their own room. Sebastian and Felicia have a room, John and Nena have one, Amy and Steve have one, Lauren and Delmar have one, Darren, Mitchell and Stefany have one and Jenna and Bob have one. On some of the rooms, they talk before they go sleep. Steve is still very jealous and asks to Amy: “Why do you have so much interest in that Mitchell dude? I thought you liked me.” Amy answers: “You were the one who suddenly stopped caring about me. You stopped answering my messages.” Steve says: “I’m so sorry, but now we are back together. You still love me, right?” Amy says: “You saved my life. I still thank you for that, but I’m sorry, I don’t love you.” Steve is very shocked after she said that. He barely can’t believe it. After it, they don’t speak any further and go sleep, the both of them. John and Nena also don’t go sleep immediately. John asks sarcastic: “How do you like it here in space?” Nena answers: “It is amazing here.” John asks: “But who is more amazing? Me or the space?” Nena laughs and answers: “You of course.” And after that, they start kissing again. They go sleep like it could be their last night together. Sebastian and Felicia do the same. Felicia is suddenly a bit worried and asks: “What if something goes wrong? You never know, there could be some freak on Quetir that suddenly kills one of us. What then?” Sebastian says: “Nothing will ever separate us.” Felicia says: “I am afraid that will happen one day.” Sebastian suddenly grabs a chain with three teeth on it. He says about it: “I found these on Quetir. Quetirians somehow easily lose their teeth. No, just kidding. Losing a tooth brings luck according to Quetirians. Once we get separated, I will give you this chain. I am sure we will come back together then.” Felicia embraces him and says: “Let’s hope that will never happen.” After it, Felicia asks: “Did you have that with you all the time?” Sebastian says: “First, I thought it could become a great souvenir, but once I learned it brings good luck, I knew it belonged to us. It is a symbol for the luck that I met you.” Felicia says: “I will never lose you.”

The next morning, Delmar, together with Darren and Mitchel, are the firsts to wake up. They look in the cockpit and see that everything is going normal. Darren says: “If we are lucky, we can arrive next morning.” Delmar asks: “Are we already at that dangerous area?” Darren laughs and says: “We already past that area.” After it, something suddenly appears on the radar. Mitchell asks: “What is that?” Darren keeps on laughing and says: “That is nothing.” But only a few seconds after he said that, a huge boom can be heard and the spaceship stops moving. Delmar hardly screams: “What the fuck is that??” Darren doesn’t hesitates and speaks through a microphone to everyone inside the spaceship: “Everyone! This is an emergency! We have been hit by something.” Lauren, Stefany and Amy followed by Sebastian all come in the cockpit to look what has happened. Lauren asks: “What is this?” Darren says: “I have really no idea. This has never happened before.” Delmar says: “How is this possible? The spaceship doesn’t moves anymore.” Sebastian looks on the radar and says: “Another spaceship is coming for us. There is no escaping from them.” Mitchell says: “Not true, we have an escape pod.” Sebastian asks: “You want to leave the whole ship behind for these beasts?” Mitchell says: “There is no other way.” Lauren says: “There is another problem. There is only place for four of us in that escape pod. And we have only one.” Meanwhile, John, Nena, Felicia, Steve, Bob and Jenna also join the group. They have no idea what the hell is going on. Right after they have come inside, Darren followed by Delmar immediately run into the direction of the escape pod. The others all follow them. Sebastian angrily screams: “We still have to decide who will take those four places! This is not fair!” Lauren agrees with him and says: “Let’s discuss that first. We have time enough right?” John looks on the radar and says: “We still have 5 minutes before that other spaceship is at us.” However, Darren and Delmar are both very idiotic and claim the first two places in the escape pod. Delmar says: “Come Lauren, you are for sure entitled to one of these places here.” Lauren says: “I hardly disagree with this. What about the others?” Darren says: “We will come back later for them.” Delmar asks: “Who should get the last place?” Amy says: “Sebastian should get it!” John says: “Yes, I agree.” Sebastian says: “No, obviously not. I am not leaving Felicia here.” Darren asks: “Mitchell or Stefany?” Mitchell and Stefany look to each other. Mitchell says: “You deserve that place Stefany.” Stefany asks: “Are you sure?” Stefany walks to the escape pod and takes the last place in it. Sebastian says angrily to the four in the escape pod: “You are going to get regret of this. This is not fair.” Darren says: “Oh boy, life is simply not fair.” And after it, the escape pod is shot away. When they are gone, Felicia asks to Sebastian: “What is going on? I don’t understand this.” Sebastian answer: “Some aliens have shot an electric shockwave on our spaceship. We are standing still, while these four idiots saved theirself by going in that escape pod.” Mitchell says: “Calm down boy, everything will be fine.” Sebastian says: “I wouldn’t be too sure about that.” After that, the other spaceship has reached them. They open the door of the Spaceship 537 and make a tunnel to come inside. It is followed by the unknown individuals coming inside of the Spaceship 537. Nena asks: “What’s the plan? We have no idea with how much they are.” John says: “Let’s grab the weapons.” He, Sebastian, Mitchell, Steve and Bob grab the weapons. They give smaller weapons to Felicia, Nena, Amy and Jenna. After it, all of them take their position before the door where the unknown individuals are coming from. They can hear the sound of them coming closer to them. However, the sound suddenly stops. They all wait and wait, but then all the lights inside the Spaceship 537 suddenly turn off. The door opens and nobody knows how this fight will end.

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