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Spaceship 537: Returning Outerspace is the 10th movie in the Spaceship 537 franchise. It is a sequel to Spaceship 537: Reign of Black God. It's an original movie idea by FranceSwitzerland. Not all characters who survived the last movie will return in this movie. This movie will start a new storyline; it takes place a few years after the last movie.


A few years after Sebastian Cantrell made an end to Black God's Reign, Lauren Marshall gets a message from Besoux. He asks for them to visit the new planet they are living on. When they have finally found a full crew together to come visit them, not everything is what it looks like. The Quetirian spaceship has been taken over by a group space pirates, who sell every person and particle they can find in space. The Spaceship 537 group travels straight into the trap the space pirates have put for them. The whole group falls apart and none of them know where they end up. Meanwhile, Besoux gets sold to an old friend of him. Something that happened in the past between them causes a big conflict to start. Eventually, all of them have to fight their way out of their precarious situations.


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