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      Spaceship 537: Returning Outerspace is the 10th movie in the Spaceship 537 franchise. It is a sequel to Spaceship 537: Reign of Black God. It's an original movie idea by FranceSwitzerland. Not all characters who survived the last movie will return in this movie. This movie will start a new storyline; it takes place a few years after the last movie. Spaceship 537: Wildlands of Garbage is a sequel to this movie.


A few years after Sebastian Cantrell made an end to Black God's Reign, Lauren Marshall gets a message from Besoux. He asks for them to visit the new planet they are living on. When they have finally found a full crew together to come visit them, not everything is what it looks like. The Quetirian spaceship has been taken over by a group space pirates, who sell every person and particle they can find in space. The Spaceship 537 group travels straight into the trap the space pirates have put for them. The whole group falls apart and none of them know where they end up. Meanwhile, Besoux gets sold to an old friend of him. Something that happened in the past between them causes a big conflict to start. Eventually, all of them have to fight their way out of their precarious situations.


It starts on Quetir, many years before the planet got destroyed. The capital city Bisonuar is shown. Inside the big castle of the city, some Quetirians are sitting. The one leading them is no one else than Ibrousax. Suddenly, another Quetirians runs inside the room and screams in Quetirian language: “They are coming! We are under attack!” Ibrousax answers to it: “Call my army together!” In another room, a big army with Quetirians is together. Besoux and a friend of him are between them. His friend asks to him: “Is it another Xyporion attack? I am getting so done with this!” Besoux says back to him: “Quiet Vubrousax, Ibrousax is going to tell us like he always does.” Vubrousax says: “It is always a Xyporions attack when he calls all of us together.” Besoux says: “Maybe it isn’t this time.” Right after it, Ibrousax starts speaking: “Everyone stay calm, an even bigger army Xyporions than ever before is coming for us. There is no reason to worry. These headless beasts will never beat us!” The whole Quetirian army starts cheering. When they are done, Ibrousax screams: “Now go outside and show me that you are worthy as my army! Tell these motherfucking Xyporions to go back to the shithole they came from!” All the Quetirians start cheering even louder. It is followed by a new scene in the middle of the battlefield. Besoux and Vubrousax are fighting side by side. Suddenly, they are surrounded by Xyporions. They are with too much. One of them attacks from the back and hits Vubrousax. He falls injured on the ground and immediately after that, the Xyporion jumps on him. Besoux sees it happening but is still busy fighting with other Quetirians. Vubrousax screams: “Besoux, help me!” Besoux sees it happening, runs to him and fights with the Xyporion. Vubrousax manages to stand up again, but two other Xyporions grab him and start hurting him. When Besoux has finally killed the other Xyporion, he sees the other two taking away Vubrousax. Besoux wants to save him, but the Xyporions are with too much that it is clear suicide. On that same moment, Ibrousax is looking to the fight from the highest spot in his castle. He says: “I have seen enough of this hopeless fight, use our weapon!” The other two Quetirians agree with his order and start using the weapon. With the weapon, they start shooting on all the Xyporions. They kill lots of them. Besoux sees it happening and knows that he has to get away, otherwise he gets also hit by the weapon. Meanwhile, the Xyporions who are carrying Vubrousax run away to escape from the weapon. Besoux sees it happening and knows that he has to save his friend. He runs to it, but suddenly he stumbles over the death body of a Xyporion. He is too late and sees with his own eyes that the Xyporions take Vubrousax away. Besoux is dreadfully cut up by it and keeps sitting on the ground. When the complete fight is over, Ibrousax and his righthands walk over the battlefield. Ibrousax sees Besoux sitting and asks to him: “What’s it soldier? Did you lose someone during the fight?” Besoux says: “He wasn’t just a colleague, he was my friend.” Ibrousax laughs and says: “He was just a soldier, you are all replaceable.” And after that, Ibrousax walks away again. A very upset Besoux also stands up and walks away.

‘15 years later’ is shown on the screen.

On a very normal day, Lauren is working at the army. They are preparing themselves for real dangers, but no danger has appeared ever since the Quetirians left Earth. Lauren looks on a table and sees a photo laying on it. She picks it up. It is a photo of Daniel Hancock, who died around three years ago. Another soldier suddenly asks to her: “You are still looking on that photo?” Lauren answers: “I just wish we could have done more for him. He is a real hero.” The soldier says: “He would be so proud on you.” Lauren says: “I hope so.” Not much later, Lauren decides that it is enough for today. She goes home. At home, she gets called by Delmar, who misses her and wants to stay into contact with her. That’s why he calls her almost every evening. Every night is pretty much the same, but this one is different. Lauren is sitting on her bench and watching tv until she suddenly gets an incoming message. She expects it to be Delmar, because who else would it be. However, when she looks on it, it is not Delmar who has messaged her, but no one else than Besoux. She immediately takes a look at it. The message is: ‘Hi Lauren, long time no see! How are you doing on Earth? Here everything is going perfect! As we haven’t forgot you, I want to invite you and the whole team to come to our new planet. Let me know it if you are interested. Greetings, Besoux.’ Lauren is very delighted after reading this and immediately calls Delmar. He doesn’t takes on the phone immediately, but after a while he does. Delmar asks to Lauren: “Is there something wrong? Why do you call me again?” Lauren says: “I have great news. Besoux just contacted me! He invites us to come to his planet!” Delmar says: “That’s so great to hear! Who did he all invite?” Lauren says: “The whole team!” Delmar says: “Fuck my life on Earth. I want to return to space again!”

The logo ‘Spaceship 537: Returning Outerspace’ appears on the screen.

Somewhere else on Earth, Sebastian is walking in a supermarket of the future. It is very big and you can buy everything you want there. He is looking at the baby stuff. Not much later, a supermarket employee comes to him and asks to him: “Can I help you with something?” Sebastian says: “Yes, me and my girlfriend are expecting a baby, now we are decorating a baby room. Do you have any suggestions which baby crip I can buy best?” The supermarket employee says: “Oh congratulations! It is more about how much you want to buy though. The most cheap baby crips are from the worst quality, the most expensive ones are of a better quality.” Sebastian says: “I don’t care much about the price. I just want to have the best one.” The supermarket employee says: “Okay then I can really advice you this one. Will you get a girl or a boy?” Sebastian says: “We will get a girl.” The supermarket employee says: “Okay, let me order a pink one for you then.” Sebastian says: “Okay, thank you.” The supermarket employee says: “On Saturday, the baby crip will be ready for you. Will you be able to take it up on Saturday?” Sebastian says: “Yes, I don’t have any plans for Saturday yet.” The supermarket employee says: “Okay, see you on Saturday!” After it, Sebastian walks out of the supermarket and returns home, where a pregnant Felicia is waiting for him. When he comes home, they embrace each other like he was gone for a long time. Felicia asks: “Did you found a baby crip?” Sebastian answers: “Yes, I can pick it up on Saturday.” Felicia says: “You are so amazing.” And after it, they start kissing again and fall on the bench. On the moment it starts getting interesting, they are suddenly called. Sebastian looks who it is while Felicia is not interested. Sebastian sees that it is Lauren Marshall who calls him. He says: “It is Lauren. Why would she call me? We haven’t heard anything of her for three years.” Felicia says: “Maybe she just wants to know how you are. Pick up the phone.” Sebastian agrees, picks up the phone and says: “Hey Lauren, how are you?” After that, it is silence for a while. Felicia tries to hear what Lauren is saying, but she can’t hear it. After Lauren has told Sebastian a long story, he answers: “That is amazing news. We are only a bit busy at the moment.” After it, Sebastian starts getting a bit worried and says: “We are home now, wait a minute to come inside.” When they are done, Sebastian opens the door, where Lauren is standing behind. Sebastian says: “Great to see you again. How are you doing?” Lauren answers: “I’m fine like always.” Sebastian asks: “How is your army going?” Lauren answers: “Also fine, nothing special happening at the moment.” When they walk into the living room, nothing of the baby stuff can be seen again. Felicia is also glad to see Lauren again. Sebastian asks: “So why did you come all the way here?” Lauren answers: “Besoux contacted me. He wants all of us to come visit him. And with that, he meant the whole team. You still have contact with all the others, right?” Sebastian hesitates a bit until he says: “Not really actually.” Lauren looks to Felicia and she answers: “I still have contact with most of them.” Lauren says: “That’s good, I would like to hear if all of you are interested.” Felicia says: “Okay, I will ask all of them if they are interested.” Lauren says: “In a week, we will go and who is not on this location, won’t join us.” And after it, she gives them some device with the exact location on it. Sebastian asks: “Do you want something to drink Lauren?” Lauren answers: “No I am kind of busy at the moment.” And after it, she leaves their house again. Sebastian says after she is gone: “Working on the army didn’t do much good for her.” Felicia says: “I am pregnant, is it really a good idea to go outer space?” Sebastian says: “It might not be a too big issue.” Felicia says: “I would really love to go outer space again though.” Sebastian says: “We won’t tell anyone about it.” Felicia says: “But they will find it out for sure, one day.” Sebastian says: “We just have to make sure that nobody knows it before we come on the spaceship.” Felicia agrees with it and then asks to Sebastian: “Who are you going to contact?” Sebastian answers: “I will contact John and Nena again and I hope that I have Anne’s number somewhere. Can you try to get in contact with Lois, Gemma and Amy?” Felicia says: “I hope so.”

In the same house as seen in the last movie, John and Nena are still together. Nena’s dog is with them as well. They are still having lots of fun together. John says: “Meeting you was the best that ever happened in my life.” Nena says: “I am grateful to you for so many things.” John says: “I suddenly thought about how we met.” Nena says: “It wasn’t coincidence. Black God made you come to our house.” John says: “Yes I know. He wanted us to meet Jesse, but what about you?” Nena says: “I ended up into your conflict thanks to him.” John says: “Luckily it is all over now.” Right after he said that, the bell suddenly rings. John and Nena are both surprised by it. John walks to the door and opens it and sees that no one else than his old friend Sebastian Cantrell is standing behind it. John is surprised and asks: “What are you doing here?” Sebastian says: “I’ve got some great news. Is Nena also here?” John says: “Yes, she is.” Sebastian asks: “Can I come inside?” John answers: “Of course.” When Sebastian walks inside, Nena is also surprised to see him. Sebastian says: “I came here because Lauren has got a message from Besoux.” Nena asks: “What message?” Sebastian answers: “He wants all of us to come visit him on their new planet.” John asks: “And you came here to convince us to go outer space again?” Sebastian answers: “Not really. I am just doing what Lauren has asked me to do.” Nena asks: “Where is Felicia? Is she also going?” Sebastian answers: “Felicia is contacting Loïs, Gemma and Amy. Both of us are going.” John and Nena are looking to each other, until John says: “Remember that dream about going outer space you had?” Nena says: “Yes, this might be the time to fulfil that dream.” Sebastian says: “You still have a week to decide. If you are interested, come on this location next week.” And he gives them the device with the location. John says: “We will think about it.” Sebastian says: “That’s totally fine. I will contact Anne now if you don’t mind.” And he walks away to another room in the house to contact her. Nena says: “I really want to go outer space, but on the other hand it seems pretty dangerous.” John says: “I will be with you.” Nena says: “That makes it already much better.”

A few hours later, Sebastian returns home where Felicia is still sitting. He asks to her: “And what did they say?” Felicia answers: “Gemma is not interested, Lois is still doubting and Amy wants to go.” Sebastian says: “John and Nena were also doubting, but they will probably come and Anne also isn’t interested.” Felicia says: “We could ask some more people.” Sebastian says: “Let’s first ask Lauren about it.”

Lauren and Delmar are together to do some preparations for going outer space again. They walk into the hangar where their spaceship is located. Delmar laughs when he sees that they will again fly with the Spaceship 537. He says: “There are much better and fast spaceships in the world, but you still want to fly with this old one?” Lauren says: “Always when I went in this spaceship I returned back alive, so this time I also will.” Delmar says: “Markus Wood and Caroline Livingstone can’t say the same. They also died.” Lauren says: “They died on Quetir and Earth, not when being in this spaceship.” Delmar says: “Okay fine, I haven’t even met Markus Wood once. I wonder how he was like.” Lauren says: “He was nice.” After it, Lauren get suddenly called. Of course it is Sebastian who calls him. Sebastian says: “For now, John, Nena and Amy are the only ones who will come for sure. All others are unlikely.” Lauren says: “Don’t worry, I will make sure that we have a full crew of people.” Sebastian says: “Oh okay, that’s really good.” Lauren says: “Most of your friends have never been in space, so it is also not very clever for them to go. I have connections with people that know what it’s like to go outer space. So, you really don’t have to worry about that.” Sebastian says: “Okay, I understand.” The screen moves over to the news, where a breaking news is there. The new presenter says: “The Spaceship 537 is going to fly again! For the first time, since the crew returned to Earth, the spaceship will go in space again to visit a new planet. Our interviewer is live there with no one else than Lauren Marshall, last survivor of the original Spaceship 537 crew, and Delmar Norris. The interviewer asks to Lauren: “How do you feel about going into space again?” Lauren answers: “It is less exhausting than last time, but still it will always great to be back there and see things you will never see here on Earth.” The interviewer asks: “Why are you suddenly going into space again?” Lauren answers: “A good Quetirian friend of us asked us to visit their new planet. Of course we couldn’t reject that.” While the interview continues, Sebastian, John, Felicia and Nena are shown. They are completely ready for it. Felicia asks to Nena: “Are you already nervous?” Nena answers: “Not yet, but it will come once we go inside.” John says: “Everything will be fine, you don’t have to worry.” After he said that, Amy is suddenly there and comes to them. Felicia says: “It is good to see you again Amy.” Amy says: “Life on Earth is boring, I am glad to be here again.” John says: “I am sorry we didn’t keep into contact.” Amy says: “It doesn’t matter. It’s fine.” Nena asks: “Who else will come?” Sebastian answers: “Anne and Gemma won’t come for sure, not sure about Lois.” After it, someone else, who hasn’t been mentioned before, suddenly shows up. All of them are surprised to see him. It is Steve. He says: “Hi everyone. Good to see you again.” John asks to him: “Where have you been all this time?” Steve answers: “I’m sorry, I was busy with lots of stuff.” Sebastian asks: “Who told you the location of this place?” It is silenced until Amy says: “I did.” She continues: “Steve and I didn’t stay in contact, but I still had his number and he was part of our group, so I decided to ask him.” Sebastian says: “Okay it is fine, I just totally forgot him again.” Steve says: “I would have got a lot of regret if I had ignored the offer.” Sebastian says: “Let me guess, you are only here because Amy is going.” Amy and Steve both look on a weird way to him, but before any of them answers, another unknown voice says: “Hello Sebastian Cantrell, I heard a lot about you.” Sebastian and the others look next to them and see five unknown people walking to them. Amy asks: “Are you who I think you are?” The man gives his first hand to Sebastian and says: “I am Mitchell Trevino, this my crew. We are joining you on your mission to the new planet of the Quetirians.” Sebastian says: “Nice to meet you.” After it, another man comes to him and also gives him a hand. He says: “I’m Darren Cooney.” Mitchell walks further to Amy and asks: “You already know me?” Amy answers: “Of course. You are very impressive.” Mitchell says: “Thank you. What’s your name?” Amy gives him a hand and says: “I am Amy Watkins.” After it, he goes further to John, Felicia, Nena and Steve. Meanwhile, one of the two women walks to Sebastian, gives him a hand and says: “I’m Stefany Manning.” Sebastian says: “I’m Sebastian, nice to meet you.” After it, he expects the last two to also come to him, but they don’t. Sebastian says to Stefany: “Excuse me, but who are they?” Stefany says: “Oh, they are Bob and Jenna, our trainees.” When they are all done introducing each other to the others, Sebastian asks to Mitchell: “Do you have experience with going into space?” Mitchell laughs and says: “Why else do you think we have been picked?” After it, the five of them go to Lauren and Delmar, who are finally done with being interviewed. Amy says to Sebastian: “That’s not just someone, he is the most famous astronaut of the last years. He was on the news so often.” Sebastian says: “I probably missed him, because the name doesn’t rings a bell.” Felicia comes in between and says laughable: “You were probably too busy with me.” John says: “That Darren is also very famous, he has also been on Quetir. He probably left the planet before it got destroyed.” Nena says: “Stefany is probably the most famous female astronaut, at least I heard a lot about her.” Sebastian says: “Well great, what an achievement of Lauren to get these people on our mission.” John says: “This is just a normal flight to the new planet of the Quetirians, why do we needs these people to have with us? Didn’t Besoux only ask for the team to come?” Felicia says: “Ask that to Lauren, thanks to her they are here.” But before they can ask that question to Lauren, the seven of them walk back to them. Lauren says: “You have already met? Anyway, my friends, these are Darren, Mitchell, Stefany, Bob and Jenna. They are joining us on our flight to Quetir II. Sebastian asks: “What about these two trainees? Do they have any experience with being in space?” Lauren answers: “They were the best two of a new class of talents, they can gain experience with this mission.” Bob says: “That’s true, I want to learn a lot with this mission. I hope in the near future to lead my own missions into space.” Jenna says: “Same for me. I want to become even as big as Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Manning.” Sebastian says: “Well, good luck with that.” Lauren asks: “Is everyone there? We are for sure missing some.” Felicia answers: “Loïs, Gemma and Anne weren’t interested in coming here somehow.” Lauren says: “Okay, then I guess we’re all ready to leave.” After that, all of them step into the spaceship, not knowing what adventure is about to start.

Somewhere in space, very far away from them, a very big prison is shown. It is very dark, but the camera zooms in on one of the cages, where Besoux is locked. He is very weak because of the bad conditions. Suddenly, after a very long time, the cages open. There are guards everywhere that make all the prisoned Quetirians stand in a queue. An unknown specie speaks through a microphone in a very weird language: “Today is the day that your fate will be decided. Sellers from all around the universe are here to buy you. Unfortunately, that won’t count for all of you. If no one’s interested, you will first try to become a warrior but if that fails as well, that means you are useless and not worthy of living here, our waste incinerator will make an end of your filthy life. In short, your luck will tested. That’s why I wish all of you the best of luck.” After he is finally done with speaking, the first bidding on the Quetirians starts. Some of them get bought, but most of them end up being useless. When it is finally Besoux’s turn, the same space pirate as the one who spoke through the microphone says: “What’s your name filthy beast and tell us why the sellers should buy you.” Besoux says: “First of all, I am not a beast. Second, you are the one who is going to end up in the waste incinerator if you don’t stop with this shit!” The space pirate ignores what he says and asks: “You refuse to give us any information about you?” Besoux says: “I am not for sale.” After it, the space pirate gives him a big electric shock. When it is done, the space pirate says: “This is your first electric shock. At three shocks, you will go to the waste incinerator already.” Besoux doesn’t wants to get electrocuted once again and says: “Okay fine, I’m Besoux, leader of all of us. I am very good in fighting and know lots of stuff all of you wish you would know.” The space pirate looks to all the sellers and they immediately start bidding on Besoux. It goes up to an unbelievable high prize. When the prize gets way too high, two of the sellers still keep on continuing. Eventually, one of the sellers makes the prize 2 million credits. However, the other seller wants Besoux very much and makes the prize go up to 2.5 million credits. For the other sellers this is way too high and they all quit. The space pirate says: “We have a deal! For an amazingly high prize of 2.5 million credits, Besoux gets sold!” The space pirate shows Besoux the way to the seller, who can’t be seen yet. Besoux walks further and ends up before some kind of bag. Out of nowhere, a female Quetirian is standing behind his back, electrocutes him and throws him in the bag. After it, the female Quetirian returns to her place, next to the seller of Besoux. She asks to him: “How much credits do we still have?” The seller of Besoux says: “Enough for one more.” After lots of more Quetirians, it is Nasoux’s turn, as one of the lasts. The seller of Besoux says: “I want to have her.” The space pirate asks to Nasoux: “What is your name and tell us why the sellers should buy you.” Nasoux hesitates a while until she says: “I am Nasoux, I don’t have that much talents, but I hope one your will buy me.” Not much of the seller show interest, until the same seller as Besoux wants to buy 2 thousand credits for her. It is followed by another seller who wants to buy 4 thousand credits for Nasoux. Of course, the same seller as Besoux goes further and buys her for 6 thousand credits. The space pirate screams: “We have a deal! Nasoux gets sold for 6 thousand credits!” It is followed by Nasoux walking to the same place as Besoux, where she also gets electrocuted by the female Quetirian and thrown in the same bag as Besoux’s one. After a few more Quetirians, the selling is over. The space pirate says: “With this last Quetirian, we have come to an end of the auction. I thank you all for coming. See you on the next auction!” All the sellers return to their spaceships. The seller of Besoux and Nasoux and his worker also return to their spaceship and fly away.

The Spaceship 537 is flying through space on its way to Quetir II. On most of the flight, Lauren, Delmar, Darren and Stefany are in the cockpit, while Mitchell, Bob and Jenna are together with Sebastian, Felicia, John, Nena, Amy and Steve in the biggest room of the spaceship. Amy asks to Mitchel: “Tell me more about the missions you had.” Mitchell says: “Of course. On my first mission, we were attacked by some weird aliens. They killed most of our crew. Only me and two others of us survived. Eventually, we made it to the planet, we got some plant and other stuff. Eventually, I was the only one who made it back to Earth alive.” Amy says: “Wow, that is very impressive. You weren’t shocked about losing all your friends?” Mitchell says: “No, most of them were dumb idiots. They didn’t have any experience with going into space.” Amy says: “I hope you think you have smarter people with you this time.” Mitchell says: “Of course you are smarter than them. Especially you.” Steve is looking very jealously to it. Meanwhile, Nena is sitting next to Jenna and asks to her: “Also your first time in space?” Jenna answers: “Yes, it is.” Nena asks: “Are you nervous?” Jenna answers: “Not really, I have studied five years for achieving this. All the ins and outs of the mission are known to me.” John comes between them and says: “Well, most of our mission didn’t exactly ended like they should have.” Jenna says: “I have also learned what to do when something goes wrong.” Nena says: “It seems like you are prepared enough.” Jenna laughs and says: “I hope so.” Bob is sitting alone playing a game, while Sebastian and Felicia are busy with each other. Felicia says very soft: “Nobody noticed that I am pregnant.” Sebastian says very soft back to her: “That’s very good. Now nothing can stop us anymore.” Felicia says: “If everything goes normal, we can be back before the baby gets born.” Sebastian says: “Of course and nobody will notice.” Felicia says: “I hope so.” Meanwhile in the cockpit of the Spaceship 537, Lauren and the others are looking to the route to Quetir II they still have to fly. Delmar says: “We will fly through a dangerous area. Many spaceships who passed that area have disappeared.” Stefany says: “That’s a fairytale, like the Bermuda Triangle on Earth.” Lauren looks through it and says: “The last spaceship that disappeared in that area is more than 10 years ago, so I guess we don’t have to worry.” Darren says: “In a week, we will be on Quetir II. What can possibly go wrong?” Delmar says: “Of course, we have the best astronauts of Earth inside our spaceship. Nothing will stand a chance against us.”

Later that week, on one of the last nights inside the Spaceship 537 before they reach Quetir II, all of them have their own room. Sebastian and Felicia have a room, John and Nena have one, Amy and Steve have one, Lauren and Delmar have one, Darren, Mitchell and Stefany have one and Jenna and Bob have one. On some of the rooms, they talk before they go sleep. Steve is still very jealous and asks to Amy: “Why do you have so much interest in that Mitchell dude? I thought you liked me.” Amy answers: “You were the one who suddenly stopped caring about me. You stopped answering my messages.” Steve says: “I’m so sorry, but now we are back together. You still love me, right?” Amy says: “You saved my life. I still thank you for that, but I’m sorry, I don’t love you.” Steve is very shocked after she said that. He barely can’t believe it. After it, they don’t speak any further and go sleep, the both of them. John and Nena also don’t go sleep immediately. John asks sarcastic: “How do you like it here in space?” Nena answers: “It is amazing here.” John asks: “But who is more amazing? Me or the space?” Nena laughs and answers: “You of course.” And after that, they start kissing again. They go sleep like it could be their last night together. Sebastian and Felicia do the same. Felicia is suddenly a bit worried and asks: “What if something goes wrong? You never know, there could be some freak on Quetir that suddenly kills one of us. What then?” Sebastian says: “Nothing will ever separate us.” Felicia says: “I am afraid that will happen one day.” Sebastian suddenly grabs a chain with three teeth on it. He says about it: “I found these on Quetir. Quetirians somehow easily lose their teeth. No, just kidding. Losing a tooth brings luck according to Quetirians. Once we get separated, I will give you this chain. I am sure we will come back together then.” Felicia embraces him and says: “Let’s hope that will never happen.” After it, Felicia asks: “Did you have that with you all the time?” Sebastian says: “First, I thought it could become a great souvenir, but once I learned it brings good luck, I knew it belonged to us. It is a symbol for the luck that I met you.” Felicia says: “I will never lose you.”

The next morning, Delmar, together with Darren and Mitchel, are the firsts to wake up. They look in the cockpit and see that everything is going normal. Darren says: “If we are lucky, we can arrive next morning.” Delmar asks: “Are we already at that dangerous area?” Darren laughs and says: “We already past that area.” After it, something suddenly appears on the radar. Mitchell asks: “What is that?” Darren keeps on laughing and says: “That is nothing.” But only a few seconds after he said that, a huge boom can be heard and the spaceship stops moving. Delmar hardly screams: “What the fuck is that??” Darren doesn’t hesitates and speaks through a microphone to everyone inside the spaceship: “Everyone! This is an emergency! We have been hit by something.” Lauren, Stefany and Amy followed by Sebastian all come in the cockpit to look what has happened. Lauren asks: “What is this?” Darren says: “I have really no idea. This has never happened before.” Delmar says: “How is this possible? The spaceship doesn’t moves anymore.” Sebastian looks on the radar and says: “Another spaceship is coming for us. There is no escaping from them.” Mitchell says: “Not true, we have an escape pod.” Sebastian asks: “You want to leave the whole ship behind for these beasts?” Mitchell says: “There is no other way.” Lauren says: “There is another problem. There is only place for four of us in that escape pod. And we have only one.” Meanwhile, John, Nena, Felicia, Steve, Bob and Jenna also join the group. They have no idea what the hell is going on. Right after they have come inside, Darren followed by Delmar immediately run into the direction of the escape pod. The others all follow them. Sebastian angrily screams: “We still have to decide who will take those four places! This is not fair!” Lauren agrees with him and says: “Let’s discuss that first. We have time enough right?” John looks on the radar and says: “We still have 5 minutes before that other spaceship is at us.” However, Darren and Delmar are both very idiotic and claim the first two places in the escape pod. Delmar says: “Come Lauren, you are for sure entitled to one of these places here.” Lauren says: “I hardly disagree with this. What about the others?” Darren says: “We will come back later for them.” Delmar asks: “Who should get the last place?” Amy says: “Sebastian should get it!” John says: “Yes, I agree.” Sebastian says: “No, obviously not. I am not leaving Felicia here.” Darren asks: “Mitchell or Stefany?” Mitchell and Stefany look to each other. Mitchell says: “You deserve that place Stefany.” Stefany asks: “Are you sure?” Stefany walks to the escape pod and takes the last place in it. Sebastian says angrily to the four in the escape pod: “You are going to get regret of this. This is not fair.” Darren says: “Oh boy, life is simply not fair.” And after it, the escape pod is shot away. When they are gone, Felicia asks to Sebastian: “What is going on? I don’t understand this.” Sebastian answer: “Some aliens have shot an electric shockwave on our spaceship. We are standing still, while these four idiots saved theirself by going in that escape pod.” Mitchell says: “Calm down boy, everything will be fine.” Sebastian says: “I wouldn’t be too sure about that.” After that, the other spaceship has reached them. They open the door of the Spaceship 537 and make a tunnel to come inside. It is followed by the unknown individuals coming inside of the Spaceship 537. Nena asks: “What’s the plan? We have no idea with how much they are.” John says: “Let’s grab the weapons.” He, Sebastian, Mitchell, Steve and Bob grab the weapons. They give smaller weapons to Felicia, Nena, Amy and Jenna. After it, all of them take their position before the door where the unknown individuals are coming from. They can hear the sound of them coming closer to them. However, the sound suddenly stops. They all wait and wait, but then all the lights inside the Spaceship 537 suddenly turn off. The door opens and nobody knows how this fight will end.

The bag with Besoux and Nasoux inside of it is put inside some kind of palace. Besoux, Nasoux and the other Quetirians wake up. Nasoux looks and says: “Hey, you also here Besoux?” Besoux says: “Unfortunately I am indeed.” Nasoux asks: “Any idea who bought us?” Besoux answers: “No, but not sure if I even want to know that.” Nasoux looks around her and sees that all the other Quetirians inside of there are only females. She asks: “Why does this person buy only female Quetirians except you?” Besoux says: “Then we know it is a he.” After it, Nasoux and all the female Quetirians suddenly gets electrocuted again. Besoux thinks he will also get a shock, but nothing happens. An opening appears and Besoux looks outside. A voice says to him: “Welcome welcome! Finally you are there!” Besoux hesitates and looks to Nasoux, who is unconscious again. The voice says: “Don’t worry about them. They will be fine. Come here now!” Besoux walks into the direction of the voice. When he is close enough, the voice says: “Finally we meet again.” Besoux looks and can’t believe who he sees. It is his old friend Vubrousax. Besoux is very surprised and says: “Vubrousax. You are still alive???” Vubrousax answers: “Vubrousax died 15 years ago. This is not him you are talking to now.” Besoux says: “I don’t understand. What did the Xyporions do to you?” Vubrousax says: “Take a seat, you must be thirsty and hungry after being in that cage for so long time. I brought you here to explain everything.” After it, Vubrousax screams: “Sabroux, get something to eat and drink for our guest!” Sabroux agrees with it and walks away. Besoux asks: “Why did she electrocute me? That wasn’t needed.” Vubrousax says: “Nobody may know the location of my palace.” Besoux says: “We were friends. What happened to you?” Vubrousax says: “You are so wrong about that. Vubrousax and you were friends, but as I said, I am not him anymore. Please call me King Vubro from now on!” Besoux says: “I understand it. You don’t want to be compared with Ibrousax anymore.” King Vubro says: “From here I saw with pale eyes how you were leading a planet that I once saw as my home. And in all those years you were leading it, there was only one good thing you did: killing that motherfucker of a Ibrousax! Oh man, what did I hate that fucker.” Besoux says: “Actually, I didn’t kill Ibrousax. Someone else did.” King Vubro says: “At least thanks to you, he was killed. And you were right. I don’t want to be named after him anymore.” Sabroux is back and puts a plate with some meat and a something to drink before Besoux. Besoux asks: “How did she ended up here?” King Vubro says: “She was a real bargain. None of the other sellers saw anything in her, but I saved her. She was so young back then.” Sabroux looks with sad eyes to Besoux, while Besoux says: “She is your slave. What the hell are you doing? And oh, do I even need to start about the other female Quetirians you bought?” King Vubro says: “Oh Besoux, you have no idea what is fair and what is not fair. You leaving the planet multiple times, you creating that beast of a Black God, who eventually destroyed Quetir. That was fair!” Besoux asks: “What the hell has happened to you?” King Vubro says: “Those Xyporions were brainless beasts. They tortured me to get as much information about the Quetirians out of me. During that torturing, Vubrousax died. Another me was born. After lots of time, I finally managed to get out of that shithole. I killed all of them. I almost even killed your lovely Daqeler. You were dumb enough to fall in love with such a bitch as her.” Besoux interrupts him and says: “You don’t even know how she was!” King Vubro says: “I know good enough that she killed lots of our friends! How could you forgot that so easily?” Besoux says: “I did what was needed to stop the war between the Quetirians and the Xyporions. If I didn’t created a friendship with Daqeler, the Xyporions and Quetirians would still be in war.” King Vubro laughs and says: “Now she has something. She was killed by that Mouqueran. That really shows weak she was.” Besoux becomes really angry and screams: “You really think this is funny?” On the moment it starts getting too heavy, King Vubro continues about his past: “After I got out of Youxoter, I first wanted to return to Bisonuar again, but I never wanted to see that motherfucker of a Ibrousax ever again, so I stole a Xyporion spaceship and left Quetir. I flew away as far as possible from that planet, hoping that one day I would see you again. And guess what, today is that day.” Besoux says: “I guess I have all the time in the world now. So go ahead, do with me what you want.” King Vubro says: “It is so simple. You are going to pay for everything wrong you did! You will suffer as much as I did while you were laying somewhere in that goddamn Bisonuar. And guess what? Nobody will come and save you here!” King Vubro laughs out loud after saying that, while Besoux looks to Sabroux, who looks sad back to him.

Inside the escape pod, the idiots are glad that they survived. Darren laughs and says: “You should have seen their faces when we left them.” Delmar says: “That Sebastian guy was so angry.” Stefany says: “Logical, they are all gonna die while we reach Quetir II.” Darren says: “Well, it are probably just some Space Pirates who will sell them for as much credits as possible. I have seen that before.” Lauren asks: “How do you know?” Darren answers: “The spaceship of them looked exactly like one of Space Pirates. Or that’s what we call them on Earth.” Lauren says: “I didn’t wanted this. I know you all don’t give a fuck about them, but they were my friends. I really didn’t wanted to leave them there.” Delmar says: “You still have me. Why do you care so much about them while you still have me?” Lauren says: “I have a lot of empathy with them.”

The screen moves over to the Spaceship 537, which gets moved away by the bigger space pirate spaceship. Inside that spaceship, they are discussing about the catch they have. The one leading them asks: “Is this that group that our great boss has send that message?” Another space pirate answers: “Yes, it has to be it.” The other space pirate says: “Our great boss is going to be very glad.” Meanwhile, Sebastian, Felicia, John, Nena, Amy, Mitchell, Steve, Bob and Jenna are brought over to the Space Pirate spaceship. The other space pirates see it happening. One of them asks: “What should we do with them?” Another space pirate answers: “Let’s ask our great boss.” And they get into contact with them. When they finally have connection with their boss, the space pirate leading them asks to their great boss: “Our great boss, we have captured 9 individuals, what should we do with them?” The space pirate boss answers: “I want to have those three hot female ones.” The other space pirate says: “We have four girls. Don’t you want all of them?” The space pirate boss says: “No, I only need three of them.” The space pirate asks: “What about the others?” The space pirate boss answers: “Sell them to Battlonia. We don’t need them.” The space pirate says: “Of course, my great boss.” After it, the call ends. They put Felicia, Nena and Amy apart and bring them to their boss. The others are brought over to a smaller spaceship that flies in the direction of another planet. When that spaceship lands, all of them are brought over in an elevator. The elevator brings them far under the ground. Meanwhile, the space pirates get a big amount of credits for bringing them new contenders. When the elevator is as far down as it can go, Sebastian, John, Mitchell, Steve, Bob and Jenna are thrown through a hatchway and fall in a place that looks more like a pigsty than a room where someone lives. Not much after they are thrown inside, Sebastian and all the others wake up. Sebastian immediately says: “What the fuck has happened? Where are we?” Mitchell says: “Don’t you understand it? We have been captured by those space pirates.” Jenna asks: “How long have we been unconscious?” John is suddenly very shocked and asks: “Where is Nena?” Sebastian looks around them and is also very shocked. Felicia is gone. Sebastian says: “What have they done with them? Give Felicia back you motherfuckers!” Steve also becomes very sad and says: “Amy is also gone.” Jenna says: “I don’t understand this. Why all other girls are gone and I am here?” Bob says: “Somehow they didn’t need you.” Suddenly one of the other weird people there says to them in a weird language: “Finally new suckers here. This will be the time to get to a higher level!” Steve asks: “What did he say?” Sebastian says: “I guess there is nobody who speaks English here.” However, after he said that, someone suddenly starts speaking through a microphone in English: “Welcome on Battlonia new contenders! You have the privilege to battle for the mighty places in the battle squad of Pacturo. That’s not something everyone gets. You are now in level 1 and every fifth day of the week, it is fighting day. Every level has its own boss you have to beat. All of you will have to form a team if you want to get to the top. That’s why twice a day, you will train with some members of my train squad. Unfortunately, not all of you will make it. Who is not strong enough will die! You are warned. I wish all of you the best of luck!” All of them can’t believe what they just have heard. Without permission for anything, they have to play some kind of game to achieve something they don’t even want. Sebastian, John and Steve are all very sad, while Mitchell, Bob and Jenna try to live with it. Suddenly, one of the aliens where they have to team up with, comes to them and asks: “You are speakers of the English language?” Mitchell answers back to him: “Yes, why else would that guy say all that information in English?” The alien says: “You should be a little nicer to your new teammates.” Sebastian says: “He is right. Let me introduce ourselves. I’m Sebastian, these here are from left to right: John, Steve, Jenna, Mitchell and Bob. What’s your name?” The alien says: “My name is Aporxo, good to meet you.” Sebastian asks: “How do you speak our language?” Aporxo answers: “I have this kind of special power, that whatever language I hear, I can learn the whole grammar and vocabulary in a few seconds.” Sebastian says: “That’s freaky.” Aporxo asks: “You want to know more about this place?” Jenna answers: “Yes, I want to how we can get out of here.” Aporxo says: “I don’t know everything yet. I am only like two days here, like everyone is. I was one the firsts of this group. You six are probably the ones who fill the group. So twice a day we will have to train for the fights like that guy said. You can’t skip them. And on the fifth day of the week, I believe this is the third day of the week, because I was here on the first day of the week, we will have to fight to go to level 2. And I guess the fights will be more difficult every time.” John says: “We fricking didn’t choose for this.” Aporxo says: “Me neither.” Sebastian asks: “How did you end up here?” Aporxo answers: “I was travelling from my own planet to another in my work as transporter when suddenly that big space pirate spaceship showed up. I didn’t stood a chance against them. They bring every weird species they don’t know to this place, while species they really hate are locked up in cages for a long time. So they brought me here. The same happened to you, right?” Sebastian says: “Yes, more or less the same. We were with a big group, but the four biggest idiots of our group escaped in the escape pod and my lover and two other girls aren’t here. Do you have any idea where they could be?” Aporxo answers: “First of all, that other four of your group won’t escape from them. They don’t let them get out alive, because they know the working strategy of the space pirates and they don’t want that. Not sure about the girls, but I think the space pirates keep them themselves. Their leader wants to do something with them, I don’t know what.” Sebastian asks: “So they are on their planet?” Aporxo says: “Yes, they only sell species like ours to this place. In all other cases, he keeps them himself.” Sebastian asks: “What is the fastest way to get out of here?” Aporxo laughs and says: “The only way to get out of here is to reach level 30 and escape from the battle guard of them.” John asks: “What about our teammates. How can we work with them if we can’t understand them?” Aporxo says: “At the training you will see that speaking the same language isn’t important for this.” Sebastian asks: “When is the next training?” Aporxo answers: “Soon, it always starts randomly.” Sebastian says: “Thank you for all your useful information.” Aporxo says: “Well, I also want to get out of here and if the whole team is on the same side, that will happen the most easiest.” Steve says: “5X30 = 150, so that means 150 days to get out of here. That’s way too long.” Aporxo says: “I’m sorry. You have to live with it.” Sebastian and John also get really sad after realising that. Aporxo suddenly says: “Oh and before I forget, there is a guy sitting in the corner overthere, he claims that he speaks all the languages there are in the universe, so you might also be able to contact with him. Although I don’t think he is that interested in anything, you could always try. He didn’t wanted to answer me, but you could try it.” Sebastian says: “Thanks for the tip.” After it, Aporxo walks away again. Sebastian and John look to each other and both know that they have to accept this, how hard it is.

Meanwhile, Felicia, Nena and Amy wake up in a way more luxurious place. Felicia asks: “Where are we? Where is Sebastian?” Nena says: “John is also gone.” Amy says: “Same for all others.” Felicia says: “What the hell is this for place?” And they look around and see that they are in a room in some kind of palace. Nena says: “Those beasts must have brought us to here.” Amy asks: “Then where are the others?” Felicia answers: “They have been brought to somewhere else. They probably split up all males and females.” Amy says: “Then why Jenna isn’t here?” Felicia says: “No idea.” Nena looks further in the room and sees that they aren’t the only ones there. She says: “I guess we aren’t alone here.” And Felicia and Amy also look in the direction she is pointing at and see some weird aliens sitting further ahead in the room. They look at them and are surprised to see another human sitting with them. She is also surprised to see them, walks to them and says: “Oh great, I am not the only human here anymore!” Amy says: “Do you know where we are?” The girl says: “You don’t know? We are in the palace of the great Pecturo, leader of the Rameras.” Felicia says: “You must be kidding.” The girl says: “All newcombers act exactly like you, soon you will find out that this is the true paradise.” Nena asks: “What’s your name?” The girl says: “My name is Alysha, soon I will be queen of this place.” Felicia, Nena and Amy are all very surprised. Felicia says: “Queen? That’s why he brought us here?” Alysha says: “Yes, Pecturo wants to have someone with him. All his men are too busy finding stuff throughout the whole space, he feels lonely.” Felicia, Nena and Amy look to each other. Amy says: “Where the fuck have we ended up?” Alysha says: “You should feel very honoured, you belong between the hottest girls of the universe, chosen by King Pecturo.” Amy says: “Our names are Amy, Felicia and Nena by the way.” Not much later, the door of their room gets opened. King Pecturo with two of his accomplices are standing behind it. Pecturo walks inside the room to Felicia, Nena and Amy. He says to them: “Welcome in my palace. I am King Pecturo, leader of this planet. Is everything how you want it here? In the room overthere, there are three beds ready for you to sleep. I want all of you to feel allright.” Felicia says: “I’m sorry, but we are not interested in becoming your queen.” Pecturo suddenly gets more aggressive and says: “You can’t choose that. I decide that!” Nena asks: “Where are the others? What have you done with them?” Pecturo says: “Don’t worry, they are safe and well somewhere else. But you really need to forget them. This is your destiny now, you will never see them again!” It is silenced for a few seconds until Pecturo says to Alysha: “Make sure that your kindred will feel alright here. I don’t want to hear this shit ever again!” Alysha says: “Of course, king Pecturo.” After it, Pecturo leaves the room again. When he is gone, Alysha says to Felicia, Nena and Amy: “Please try to forget your friends how hard it may be. Pecturo gets easily mad and you don’t want to see him mad.” Felicia asks: “Wasn’t he mad already?” Alysha answers: “No, I have seen him much more mad a few days ago.” Nena asks: “How long are you here already?” Alysha answers: “A few weeks.” Felicia says: “I hope we will survive it so long here.” Alysha says: “Don’t worry, soon you won’t even know anymore how it is like outside.”

The escape pod with Lauren, Delmar, Darren and Stefany arrives at Quetir II. Delmar says: “This is it? I expected it to look different.” Darren says: “Not every planet looks the same Mr. Norris.” Delmar says: “Yeah, maybe I was a bit expecting it to look very much like Quetir I.” Lauren says: “No you are right. I don’t trust this. This planet looks like there has never stepped a Quetir on with one footstep.” Stefany says: “You don’t even have knowledge about planets like I have.” Darren says: “It doesn’t matter anyway, we will land on the planet anyway, so let’s have a look.” And not much later, the escape pod makes a soft landing on Quetir II. All of them step out of it and start discovering the planet. Lauren says: “This is really not how I expected the planet to look like.” They go to a higher spot where they have a great view over the planet. Delmar and Darren are the first to reach it followed by Lauren and Stefany. They look and see there is almost nothing on the planet. However, when they look further away, a city can be seen. Darren says: “There you have a city!” Stefany says: “They just didn’t build something on this space yet.” Lauren says: “Okay fine, you are right. Let’s go to that city.” They walk further and further until they end up in the city. All the house look exactly like the houses of Bisonuar, capital of Quetir I, perhaps they look a bit too much like them. A little further, the Quetirians start greeting them. They don’t have time to speak with all of them yet and walk further to the most featured building of the city. When they are before the entrance of it, they suddenly see Besoux sitting there. Delmar is very glad to see them and says: “That’s him!” At the moment they are close enough to him, Besoux says to them: “Finally you are here my friends!” Delmar asks: “How are you Besoux?” Besoux answers: “I’m great, how are you?” Delmar says: “We are so glad to see you again.” Besoux asks: “Who did you brought with you?” Delmar answers: “These are Darren and Stefany. They came with us.” Besoux asks: “Where are the others? I expected more of you to come.” Darren answers: “We had a little accident on the way to here.” Lauren goes to Besoux and wants to embrace him, but he immediately refuses it. He says: “Come inside, there is a lot we have to discuss.” Delmar says: “Okay, that’s alright.” Delmar followed by Darren and Stefany walk inside the new building of Besoux. Lauren suddenly screams: “Wait a minute for me, I have to pee!” Delmar and Darren both laugh and Delmar says: “She always has that on the most inconvenient moments.” Besoux says: “I don’t mind waiting. We have all the time here.” A few minutes later, Lauren is back and says: “I’m sorry for the waiting, how are you Besoux?” Before Besoux can answer on that question, the door of the building suddenly closes. He pushes some buttons and windows start appearing, showing the whole city. Stefany says: “This is so wonderful.” Besoux then says: “I’m fine, better than ever to be honest.” They look around in the windows and see young Quetirians, older Quetirians and very old Quetirians. Besoux asks: “Do you see how beautiful it is?” Lauren says: “It is almost too beautiful to be true.” Besoux wait a few seconds until he says: “Actually, that’s right.” And after that, one by one, the Quetirians start disappearing. Stefany starts becomes afraid and asks: “What’s happening?” Besoux says: “Oh, you have no idea what’s about to happen to you.” Delmar asks: “Who the fuck are you? You are no Besoux!” Besoux laughs and says: “Oh dear Delmar, you are little too late with finding out that.” And after that, Delmar and Stefany start smashing on the windows and the entrance to get out of here, but it is unbreakable glass and the door won’t open. Darren runs to Besoux, trying to grab him, but then he finds out that it is a hologram. Darren screams out loud: “THEY HAVE TRICKED US!!!” The hologram of Besoux starts laughing even louder than he did before. Meanwhile, the whole fake city starts disappearing. The hologram says: “You came all this way to see your good old friend again, but eventually, you came here to die!” Lauren asks: “What happened to the real Besoux? What did you do to him?” The hologram of Besoux laughs again and says: “Don’t worry about him, he will be fine.” Darren screams: “I am going to destroy all of you!!” The hologram of Besoux says: “Oh, good luck then.” And suddenly the hologram goes out. Darren and Delmar start becoming very aggressive and want to destroy everything. Lauren says to them: “Calm down, use your energy on the real enemy.” After it, the camera moves out of the building and shows that the room they are standing in, was in fact the only real thing in the whole city. And they are locked up and don’t know what is going to happen to them.

At the real Besoux, things aren’t going better. Besoux is locked up on a seat and gets electrocuted whenever King Vubro feels like it. Suddenly he gets an idea. He grabs all the female Quetirians he bought and puts them in a row. When he is done, he asks to Besoux: “Do you know one of these girls?” Besoux answers: “There are so much Quetirians, it is impossible for me to know all of them.” King Vubro angrily screams: “Liar!!” And after it, he walks to Nasoux, grabs her and throws her right before Besoux. He screams to Besoux: “You are saying that you don’t know her?” Besoux says: “Calm down man, I didn’t even finish my sentence.” King Vubro says: “I will hurt her if you don’t do what I say.” Nasoux looks to King Vubro and asks: “Vubrousax, is that you?” King Vubro suddenly starts thinking. A flashback starts to explain his thoughts. Around 16 years ago, before the flashback that was shown in the first scene, Vubrousax is on a party. He is standing with Besoux and a few other Quetirians. He moves a little too far away for them and looks a female Quetirian in the eyes. She asks to him: “Are you alright?” Vubrousax answers: “Yes, I think so.” The female Quetirian says: “I haven’t ever seen you before. I am Nasoux, what’s your name?” Vubrousax says: “I am Vubrousax, I also think we haven’t met.” Nasoux asks: “What are you currently doing?” Vubrousax answers: “I am in the army with those guys overthere. We fight in the battles against the Xyporions.” Nasoux says: “We should all be so grateful to all of you. Thanks to you we are still safe here.” Vubrousax says: “Well, Xyporions are so dumb. They will never beat us.” Nasoux says: “I mean that if you weren’t there, they would have already took over the city.” Vubrousax says: “That’s true.” And he stays a bit speechless behind. A silence between them begins until another female Quetirian comes to them and says to Nasoux: “We are going to get something to drink. Will you join us?” Nasoux agrees with it and says to Vubrousax: “It was nice to meet you.” Vubrousax is still speechless and looks to her while she walks away. After that, we return to the now, where King Vubro suddenly changes his mind, walks to Besoux, grabs him and asks to him: “What did you all do to her?” Besoux answers: “Nothing, we just teamed up against Uitrox and became friends afterwards. I didn’t do anything to her.” King Vubro screams: “Wrong answer!” And he starts hurting Besoux. After hitting him a few times, King Vubro says to Sabroux, who is standing with them: “Sabroux, you have to learn how to denigrate your enemies. Start smashing and kicking him!” Sabroux hesitates a few seconds until she says: “Okay, I will King Vubro.” After it, King Vubro grabs one of the female Quetirians he boughts and walks with her to another room. He says to Sabroux: “When I’m back, you are still hurting him!” Sabroux says: “Okay of course.” When they are gone, Besoux grabs his chance and says to Sabroux: “I am your leader, king of Quetir. Why do you listen to him instead of me?” Sabroux says: “He bought, me so he has control over me.” Besoux says: “That’s absolutely not true. He is using you.” Sabroux says: “What should I do? If I don’t do what he says, he will do………..” Besoux asks: “What will he do?” Sabroux hesitates a while until she says: “He will do the same as what he is doing with that other girl now.” Nasoux suddenly comes between them and says: “What the hell has happened to Vubrousax? He seems so much different from last time.” Besoux says: “He claims that the Xyporions has made a whole different person of him.” Sabroux says: “Well, the truth is that he hates Quetir so much and since you were leading that planet, he uses his anger he has of it, on you.” Besoux says: “He hates Quetir all because of Ibrousax, that’s not my fault.” Nasoux says: “Try to explain that to him.” Besoux says: “He is completely off the road. There is nothing that can still help him.”

At Battlonia, Sebastian, John, Steve, Mitchell, Bob and Jenna are just doing nothing until the same person starts speaking through the microphone again in a very weird language: ‘The training will start!” Sebastian asks to Aporxo: “What did he say?” Aporxo answers: “We have to go to the other room. The training will start.” Sebastian says: “Okay, that will be fun.” Steve says: “I won’t hesitate to hurt these fucking aliens!” John says: “Don’t hurt them too much, we have to work together with them soon.” Steve says: “We can perfectly handle this together.” John says: “I wouldn’t say that too early.” When all of them are in the other room, five people they haven’t seen before, walk inside. They wear black costumes with helmets, so none of their faces can be seen. Earplugs are given to all of them. Bob asks: “Why do we have to put in these stupid earplugs?” Mitchell says to him: “Otherwise we don’t understand what the fuck these aliens are saying.” When all of them are ready, one of the five trainers start speaking: “Welcome back everyone. Welcome newcombers! Finally, we are fully complete. This is the group all of you have to do it with. I hope none of you is disappointed. For the last members of our team, welcome to your first training. I am trainee 1, this is trainee 2, she is trainee 3, he is trainee 4 and he is trainee 5. We are here to make you become good enough to make it all through to level 30. It won’t be easy, but just like every team we have ever trained, we are confident that you will make I, or at least most of you will make it.” Not much later, they start training. They start individual. Sebastian and John fight against each other, while Mitchell and Steve and Jenna and Bob do the same. During it, the trainees walk around and help whenever they can. Mitchell notices that trainee 3 looks to him a lot. He asks to Steve: “Why is she looking at me all the time?” Steve answers: “Maybe she has interest in you.” Meanwhile, Sebastian and John are busy practicing while also looking to the trainees. Sebastian asks: “Why do they wear these weird costumes?” John answers: “I guess they don’t want to show their faces to us.” They continue fighting the moves their trainees have showed them, while Sebastian fails doing them. He says: “I am so bad in this. That’s why I never chose to do any of this stuff.” John tries to help him, but suddenly the same trainee as the one who was staring to Mitchell, comes to them. A female voice asks to them: “You have problems with doing this?” Sebastian answers: “Yes, I am just not good in doing this.” The trainee says: “Let me help you.” And suddenly she grabs her hand outside of the black costume and shows how to do it on the right way. However, during this, Sebastian is only focused on her hands, that definitely belong to a human. He is very surprised by it. The female human suddenly asks to him: “Can you do it yourself now?” Sebastian says: “Oh yes, uhm, I think so.” She says: “Okay, if you need more help, feel free to ask me again.” After it, she walks away again. Sebastian asks to John: “Did you see that?” John asks: “Did see what?” Sebastian says: “That hand of her, she is a human.” John says: “Are you sure? Why would any other human be here?” Sebastian says: “I want to find that out.” Not much later, the training is over. Trainee 1 says: “I hope all of you enjoyed it and learned something of it! Tomorrow is the last training day before your first battle on the fifth day of the week. We will train you how to fight against the bosses of every level and will give lots of useful tips. See you tomorrow!” When the training is officially ended, Sebastian walks to Trainee 3, who helped him, and asks to her: “Can I ask you something?” Trainee 3 answers to him: “Sure.” Sebastian says: “I saw that you are a human. How did you end up here?” Trainee 3 looks around her and sees that all the other trainees are already gone. She puts off her helmet and her face can finally be see for the first time. She asks back to Sebastian: “You think you are the first humans to end up here after me?” Sebastian answers: “Probably not, but I was just surprised to see a human here.” Trainee 3 says: “I tried to get a connection with the first humans I trained, but afterwards I wish I didn’t.” Sebastian asks: “They didn’t survive?” Trainee 3 answers: “Yes, and I had problems accepting that. That’s mainly the reason why we are wearing these helmets, they don’t want us to get deep connections with the people we train.” Sebastian says: “I understand, but how did you became that?” Trainee 3 explains honestly: “When you have made it to level 30, you still have to be chosen to be in the battle guard of Pacturo. And that was what didn’t happened to me, so I chose to train others and hope for them to be chosen.” Sebastian says: “Very impressive that you made it to level 30, however, we aren’t interested in being here.” Trainee asks: “You thought I was when I first came here?” Sebastian says: “I have a wife who is at that freak who leads those Space Pirates. Please, you have to help me get out of here.” Trainee 3 says: “I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do.” And she wants to walk away after she said that, but Sebastian suddenly says: “Please, she is pregnant and very weak, I can’t be here much longer.” Trainee 3 suddenly changes her mind and says: “You are exactly giving me now what I don’t want to happen. For now, I won’t promise anything, but I will look if I can do something for you.” Sebastian says: “Thank you so much!” Trainee 3 asks: “But, what do I get in return?” Sebastian answers: “Oh, I will get you out of this disgusting place. You want to go back to Earth, right?” Trainee 3 says: “I don’t even remember how Earth was like.” Sebastian asks: “Do we have a deal?” Trainee 3 says: “Yes, we do.” Sebastian says: “My name is Sebastian by the way. What’s yours? I don’t feel like calling you Trainee 3 the whole time.” Trainee 3 says: “My name is Karlyn.” Sebastian says: “Nice to meet you Karlyn.” Karlyn says: “I have to go now. There is another training session starting soon.” Sebastian says: “Okay, good luck with it.” Karlyn says: “You’re welcome.” And after it, she wants to walk away, but suddenly comes back and asks to Sebastian: “By the way, what’s your connection with that guy overthere?” And she points to Mitchell. Sebastian says: “He was on the same spaceship as me, I only know him for like a week honestly. What about him?” Karlyn says: “Stay away from that creep. He is not who you think he is.” Sebastian asks: “You know him?” Karlyn answers: “I wish I didn’t know him.” And after it, she walks away without explaining what happened.

At Felicia, Nena and Amy, everyone is just chilling and not doing anything, until Pecturo is suddenly back. It is getting night on their planet and like every night, he wants to have a girl with him. Pecturo asks to all of them: “Which one of you beauties is interested in staying at me tonight?” None of them immediately answers. Amy whispers to Felicia and Nena: “That can’t be good.” When it takes too long for Pecturo, he just grabs one of the girls and walks out of the door again. Before the door closes again, Felicia grabs some stones out of a dish and throw it into the direction of the door. Alysha asks to her: “What did you do?” Felicia answers: “Oh, out of boredom, it throwed those stones out of this dish.” Alysha says: “If you are really that boring, why didn’t you went with master Pecturo then?” Nena helps Felicia by saying: “If you like him so much, why didn’t you went with him then?” Alysha says: “I was already with him last night, tonight he wants to have another girl.” Amy says: “Oh, that’s understandable.” Later that evening, when it is completely dark and all of them are sleeping, Felicia, Nena and Amy can’t sleep. Felicia walks to the door and is surprised to see that one of the stones really ended up between the door, so the door isn’t closed. Nena asks to her: “What’s that?” Felicia laughs and answers: “The door is opened.” Amy says: “Let’s search for a way to get the hell out of here.” Felicia opens the door as softly as she can and the three of them walk out of the door. Nena asks: “Which direction should we go?” Amy says: “Let’s go upstairs and see if we can get out of here there.” And they go on the stairs and hear some space pirates talking. They hide themselves so no one sees them. When the space pirates are gone, they walk further. Felicia asks: “Are we sure we can get out of here by going this way?” Amy answers: “Nope, but let’s try it.” Meanwhile, Alysha is still awaken on their room and sees that Felicia, Nena and Amy are gone. She says softly to herself: “Why these bitches aren’t listening?” And she looks to the door that is opened. She says: “Very smart.” And she also goes out of the room. Felicia, Nena and Amy end up somewhere with a view on a few space pirates who are sitting around a table. Felicia says: “It is sad we can’t understand them.” Nena says: “I doubt they say something interesting.” They walk further and end up in a room with lots of devices. Felicia goes sit behind one of them and says: “Let’s see if we can find something useful on it.” Nena asks: “Doesn’t this device have a password?” Felicia says: “Seems not.” And she opens lots of files on the device. Suddenly she ends up on a list of entrants. A list of photos is with it and they see Sebastian, John and the others between it. Nena is suddenly very interested and asks: “What is this list for?” Felicia answers: “It is a list of entrants on Battlonia.” Amy says: “Wait a minute, they are sold to that planet called Battlonia but why does this device have files about that here?” Felicia says: “I don’t know, but luckily we do know now where they are.” After it, they suddenly hear something. Before they can hide themselves, someone suddenly comes on the room. It is Alysha and she says: “Look who we have there.” Felicia says: ‘Oh hi Alysha.” Alysha asks: “Where are you looking for?” Nena answers: “We want to know where our friends are.” Alysha suddenly becomes very angry and screams: “I told you that you have to forget them! And what are you bitches doing? Still trying to get back to them! Now I am so tired of it, I will tell this King Pecturo, he will give you a nice punishment for that.” Amy says: “Forget it!” And she smashes Alysha in the face. Amy says: “Let’s get out of here.” And they run back to the room. After a while, Alysha wakes up again and goes after them. It doesn’t takes long for her to see them again. She hardly screams in Ramerian language: “These three girls have went out of the room! Master Pecturo, you have to punish them!” The space pirates are there very fast and see it happening. Alysha runs to Felicia, Nena and Amy and screams: “They have to be punished!” Fortunately, Felicia, Nena and Amy are already back in the room and close it before Alysha can come inside. The space pirates walk to the door, but instead of getting Felicia, Nena and Amy, they grab Alysha. They say in Ramerian language to her: “You went out of your room without king Pecturo’s approval, let’s see what master Pecturo thinks about that!” Behind the door, Felicia, Nena and Amy hear everything and laugh out loud because of it. Felicia says: “This is so what she deserves.” Amy says: “Now we can sleep while that tart isn’t her.” And they go to their room and sleep, while Alysha has a terrific night.

Lauren, Delmar, Darren and Stefany are still locked up in the room. Darren and Delmar are still very aggressive, while Stefany says: “What are we supposed to do now?” Darren says: “We wait until these motherfuckers come here to get us.” Delmar says: “What if they don’t come and they let us starve here?” Stefany asks to Lauren: “What do you say Lauren? You are our leader and decide.” Lauren answers: “I guess that the best we can do is wait and see if these idiots show up.” Darren says: “Good choice.” And they wait and wait, until a pretty long time later, the door of the room they are locked up is suddenly opened. Delmar and Darren are immediately in fighting position. Darren says: “Come here, motherfuckers!” And only a few seconds later, four space pirates walk inside the room. Delmar immediately attacks them, followed by Darren who does the same. They keep two of them busy while the other two go to Lauren and Stefany. Stefany says: “You will get regret of bringing us here!” And she attacks one of them. Meanwhile, the other two space pirates are too strong for Darren and Delmar, both of them get electrocuted and they stay defeated behind. Stefany sees it happening, but one second later, she is also electrocuted. After that, the two space pirates fully focus on Lauren who only stands there and waits for them to come. Lauren asks: “I am not so interested in fighting, electrocute me immediately.” Despite they can probably not understand what she says, the space pirate immediately also shoots an electric bolt on Lauren. However, it doesn’t affects her. The four space pirates are very surprised by it. They attack Lauren one by one, but all of them go through her. They are even more surprised after that. Lauren says: “Surprised? You are simply not the only one who uses holograms.” And right after that, it is fully shown that Lauren was a hologram all that time. Meanwhile, Darren becomes conscious again and sees it all happening. The very surprised space pirates keep on looking to Lauren, until she says: “Oh, and I got another little surprise for you.” And after that, a very big explosion can be heard. The space pirates immediately run out of the room to see what has exploded and they see that their own spaceship has fully exploded. They all become very angry, run to the hologram and start destroying it. Before they have fully destroyed it, Lauren says: “I hope you will enjoy your stay on Quetir II.” And after she has finished that sentence, one of the space pirates fully destroys the hologram. Meanwhile, Delmar and Stefany are also conscious again. They have no idea what exactly happened as they didn’t see what has just happened. Outside, a flying cage is standing. The defeated Darren, Delmar and Stefany are put inside of it while the four space pirates take them away. They walk to a place that’s for Darren, Delmar and Stefany still unknown.

Besoux, Nasoux and Sabroux are still talking when King Vubro is back. Sabroux immediately starts hurting Besoux again. King Vubro laughs and says: “What were the three of you doing while I was gone?” Sabroux lies: “I was hurting the one who is responsible for destroying my planet!” King Vubro says: “Good Sabroux, you are getting better every day. But now, I would like to have a moment alone with Miss Nasoux.” And he walks to her, grabs her hand and looks behind to see Besoux’s face. Besoux says to him: “Do what you want with her, I don’t care.” King Vubro laughs and says: “From deep inside you are jealous.” And after that, they walk away together. Besoux says: “What a dumb bastard.” Sabroux says: “I suddenly remember something. He has spoken before about Nasoux.” Besoux asks: “What did he say about her?” Sabroux answers: “Always when he looked to you, he saw her and was very jealous. He is so in love with her.” Besoux says: “And he thinks he makes me jealous by doing stuff like this?” Sabroux says: “After Daqeler died, he thought you fell in love with her, but that’s not true, right?” Besoux answers: “No, she is only a friend of me, not my lover!” Sabroux says: “This all is a big misunderstanding.” Besoux asks: “Can you please tell me the most easiest way to get as fast as possible off this shithole!” Sabroux answers: “Vubro hasn’t showed me everything of his planet yet, but I know that he has a collection of spaceships locked up somewhere on this planet. You could steal one of them.” Besoux asks: “Do you know the exact location of it? I need to get off here as fast as possible.” Sabroux answers: “I’m sorry, he has never showed me that.” Besoux says: “Then I guess I will have to figure that out myself. Can you free me?” Sabroux says: “I can, but what if he comes back?” Besoux says: “You don’t have to be afraid of that, I will deal with his motherfucker myself.” Sabroux says: “But you are very weak. You will never beat him.” Besoux says: “Then I rather die!” Meanwhile, King Vubro and Nasoux are making a walk over the planet. King Vubro asks to Nasoux: “Do you like my planet?” Nasoux answers: “It is beautiful here, but your behaviour doesn’t matches the planet. What has happened to you?” King Vubro answers: “I am much better than that silly idiot you met on Quetir.” Nasoux says: “I liked that you much more.” King Vubro says: “He was weak and unfriendly, nobody liked him.” Nasoux asks: “What happened to all the other Quetirians? Oh no, our people are exctincting.” King Vubro says: “You don’t have to worry about that Nas, I promise you that everything will be fine.” Nasoux says: “No, you are the whole reason our whole people are exctincting!” King Vubro says: “Don’t you understand it? I am a Quetirian too, I also don’t want that to happen.” Nasoux calms down a bit and says: “I hope for you that you are right.” King Vubro says: “Actually, what does it matter. If the two of us remain together, then everything is fine.” Nasoux says: “Can we make a deal? Stop hurting Besoux and let him go, then you can have me.” King Vubro says: “Besoux is the whole reason Quetir got destroyed, why do you still like him so much?” Nasoux says: “How do you know? You have absolutely no idea where we went through when Quetir got destroyed.” King Vubro says: “Let me think about your deal.” And after it, the two of them walk further without speaking any word.

Sebastian returns to John and the others on Battlonia. John asks to him: “What did you arrange with her?” Sebastian says: “She will get us out of here in return that I will bring her back to Earth.” John says: “Not bad, but are you sure that we can trust her?” Sebastian says: “I had to try something. She said that there have been other humans here and they all didn’t made it to level 30, so I guess we should get out of here if we want to survive it.” John asks: “How did she ended up there?” Sebastian says: “She told me that she made it to level 30 but wasn’t chosen into the battle guard of some man called Pacturo.” Steve hears it, comes to them and says: “Wait a minute, so if you survive it to level 30, you still have to be chosen to be in that battle guard?” Sebastian says: “Yes, I think so.” Steve laughs and says: “What the hell?” Mitchell says to them: “It is all for fun guys, eventually we’re all gonna die.” Bob says: “I am not going to die in this miserable place!” Jenna says: “Don’t worry, if that trainee girl will get us out of here, nobody is going to die.” In the evening and when it is even darker inside the room, Mitchell goes to Sebastian. He asks to him: “What did that girl say to you?” Sebastian answers: “She didn’t wanted to tell me much since they don’t want to have connections with the people they train.” Mitchell says: “She was looking to me during the training, I probably know her. Tell me why!” Sebastian says: “I don’t know where you are talking about. You are just seeing things that aren’t real.” Mitchell says: “You are making a huge mistake Cantrell. I will find out myself who she is and then after that, you will beg that you were a little nicer to me.” After that, he walks away to the other side of the room. Sebastian is not impressed and walks to John, who is together with Steve and Jenna. He says to them: “I don’t know what the hell there is miss with this Mitchell guy.” John asks: “What did he say to you?” Sebastian says: “He thought the trainee girl had interest in him.” Steve laughs and says: “Oh yes, during the training he also thought that.” John says: “Such an idiot. Nobody has interest in him.” Sebastian goes sit next to Jenna. He sees her looking to something. Sebastian asks to her: “Where are you looking at Jenna?” Jenna answers: “To the corner over there. That guy is already sitting there since the beginning we came here. He didn’t join the training.” Sebastian says: “That must be the guy Aporxo was talking about. He said that he speaks English.” Jenna says: “We need allies here.” Sebastian says: “Good idea, are you joining us John and Steve?” John says: “Of course.” Jenna asks: “Where is Bob?” Sebastian answers: “He is sitting alone over there.” Steve says: “I will go to him. You three can already go.” And after that, Sebastian, John and Jenna walk to the corner where the alien is sitting that Aporxo has told him about. John asks to him: “How are you doing?” Sebastian and John are both very surprised to hear a very familiar voice saying: “We will never come out of here. This place is a hell.” Jenna says: “So it is true that you speak English?” Sebastian says to Jenna: “Wait a minute, I know him. It is Zaver!” And after hearing his name, Zaver suddenly stands up and looks to them, showing that it is really him. Sebastian says: “It is us, Sebastian and John. You remember us, right?” Zaver answers: “Of course I remember you, I am just so surprised to see you again.” John asks: “What happened? Where are all the others?” Zaver answers: “You don’t want to know what happened.” Sebastian says: “Wait a minute, you didn’t made it to Quetir II?” Zaver says: “Let me explain this. During the travel, we got suddenly attacked by these beasts…….” Sebastian asks: “You mean those space pirates?” Zaver says: “They are called Rameras.” John says: “Exactly the same happened to us.” Zaver says: “Wait, why did you came here?” Sebastian answers: “Lauren got a message from Besoux, he invited us to come on Quetir II.” Zaver says: “On no. Quetir II doesn’t even exists, the Rameras have send that message.” John says: “Yes, we discovered the same.” Zaver asks: “Where is Lauren? What happened to her?” Sebastian answers: “She left the Spaceship 537 together with three idiots and went to Quetir II.” Steve and Bob are suddenly standing behind them. Steve laughs and says: “I have never had so much schadenfreude! This is so deserved for these idiots!” Zaver says: “Poor Lauren, all of you ended up better than her.” Sebastian asks to Zaver: “Do you know where Besoux is?” Zaver answers: “I have no idea, all Quetirians were brought to a different place than us. Since then, I haven’t seen both Besoux and Nasoux.” John says: “So we aren’t even sure if Besoux is still alive.” Zaver says: “These Rameras are just resellers, whatever they get is sold further to other places. And for Quetirians, those are the worst places.” Jenna asks: “Why are you sitting here all the time?” Zaver says: “On this place, the trainees never notice me, so I can skip all the trainings and never participate when the group goes higher into this building.” Jenna asks: “You want to stay here for the rest of your life?” Zaver says: “I don’t see another way out of here. My whole life is doomed.” Jenna asks: ‘Why don’t you come with us?” Zaver says: “I am not a fighter, I will never survive this.” Sebastian says: “Zaver, you are the smartest person I ever met. There are other ways to make it out alive here.” Jenna says: “Yes, come with us.” Zaver says: “You are right. I have nothing left to lose. And I can better stop sitting here.” After it, Aporxo suddenly comes to them and says: “I knew you would manage to get into contact with this man!” Sebastian says: “We already knew him, so yeah, that’s how we could get into contact with him.” Aporxo says: “Oh wow, that’s coincidence.” Jenna asks: “How did you meet each other?” Sebastian answers: “Actually Amy was the first to meet Zaver. He joined our team after meeting her.” Jenna says: “There is probably a lot I don’t know yet.” John says: “So, you are joining us Zaver?” Zaver answers: “Yes, with good teammates such as you is the chance of surviving here much bigger.”

The next morning at Felicia, Nena and Amy, they all get tested by King Pecturo and the other Rameras. Nena asks: “What’s on the planning for today?” Amy answers: “I think we will get tested. I don’t know how.” Felicia says: “Tested? How?” Amy says: “I don’t know, maybe some tests on our body.” Felicia suddenly starts getting very nervous. Nena asks to her: “What’s wrong Felicia?” Felicia answers: “I don’t like it when some freaks touch my body.” A few minutes later, Pecturo suddenly arrives. His henchmen have ear plugs with them, the same as the one Sebastian and John’s group got at the training. When all of them have put them in their ears, they can hear Pecturo in English saying to them: “Welcome back everyone! These ear plugs are so everyone understands what I say.” During the speech of Pecturo, Alysha is brought back into the room after a terrific night. She keeps on looking very angrily to Felicia, Nena and Amy. Pecturo continues: “Today, we are going to do some tests on you. Of course my queen has to be healthy enough. When we find any problems at your body, you will immediately be removed from here. I don’t want any diseases in my palace! You all understand that?” After that, all of them move over to the hospital rooms of the palace, where one by one, they are put in some room where they are checked by Rameran nurses. At Nena and Amy, no problems are found and they can very fast come back. Felicia has to go last of them and when they have her, they immediately start looking to her belly that is a little bit too big. One of them says: “A little too fat.” Pecturo is immediately called and asked what to do with Felicia. One of the Rameran nurses say to him: “We have a little problem at this one.” Pecturo asks: “Does she have a disease?” The rameran nurse says: “No, there is something else. We need to have you here to decide.” And not much later, Pecturo is there. They show Felicia’s belly to them. He wants to touch it, but Felicia immediately screams to him: “You won’t touch her you fucking beast!” Pecturo says: “Calm down girl, everything is going to be fine. We just want to take a look at your body.” Felicia disagrees with it and says: “No way!” And she suddenly attacks the nurse who is standing the most close to her. Pecturo says: “I am done with her behaviour, anaesthetize her!” The other nurse grabs some kind of crossbow and shoots with it with one arrow in Felicia, making her unconscious. When the unconscious Felicia is put back on the bed, they start scanning her. When the scan is done, Pecturo and the two nurses are very surprised to see what’s inside of the belly of Felicia. They have never seen this before. One of the nurses asks to Pecturo: “Shall we remove her immediately?” Pecturo answers: “No, she is very valuable to me. I don’t want to lose her.” The nurse says: “Okay, I understand.” Pecturo says: “Bring her back to the room. Tomorrow we will make her belly normal again!” At the room, Alysha goes to Nena and Amy and says to her: “You will pay for what you did. One day, I will get my payback.” Amy asks: “What punishment did they gave you?” Alysha answers: “You don’t want to know what they did to me.” Nena asks: “Do you want us to have empathy with you?” Alysha answers: “No, I want to get revenge on you!” Right after that, Felicia is thrown back into the room. She is still unconscious and Nena and Amy immediately look if she is alright. Nena says: “Felicia, are you alright?” A few seconds later, Felicia wakes up again. She asks: “What happened?” Amy says: “You were tested by these space pirates. Why did they make you unconscious?" Felicia feels on her body and is very relieved to find out that they didn’t do something to her belly. Amy and Nena see her feeling on her belly. Nena asks: “What’s wrong?” Felicia lies: “I was afraid they put something in me.” Amy suddenly asks: “Why is your belly suddenly bigger?” Felicia doesn’t knows what to answer to that. Amy says: “You are hiding something for us.” Felicia hesitates a few seconds until she says: “Okay, I am so terrible at lying. I am pregnant.” Nena and Amy are both very shocked after hearing that. Amy asks: “Why didn’t you tell it us?” Felicia answers: “Otherwise I couldn’t join the spaceship and I really wanted to go outer space once again. Of course I didn’t know that this was going to happen.” Nena says: “That is actually very logical.” Felicia says: “Thank you Nena.” Amy says: “I understand you didn’t wanted to say it to Lauren, but you could have told it to us.” Felicia says: “Sebastian said that I shouldn’t tell it to anyone.” Nena says: “It doesn’t matter. We will find an solution for this.” Felicia says: “I am afraid they are going to get the baby out of my belly.” Nena says: “We will make sure that won’t happen.” Amy says: “Yes, we won’t let that happen.” ‘Nena asks to Felicia: “Is it a boy or a girl?” Felicia answers: “It is a girl.” Nena says: “I am jealous, I also want to get a baby.” Felicia says: “It is great, but not when you are on some planet very far away from Earth.”

All alone, Lauren walks inside a cafe somewhere on Quetir II. She walks inside and sees space pirates sitting and all looking to her. She walks to the counter, where a space pirate asks to her: “What do you want girl?” (he speaks through something which makes his language gets translated to English) Lauren answers: “I want knowledge.” The space pirate says: “We only serve food here.” Lauren asks: “Where is Besoux?” The space pirate laughs and asks: “Who is Besoux?” Lauren says: “We can do this on the hard way or on the easy way.” The space pirate asks: “Do you expect us to be intimidated by such a young girl as you?” Lauren says: “You made your choice, I guess.” And after it, she has a knife in her hands. The space pirate behind the counter makes a signal to all the other space pirates sitting there. They all stand up and start attacking Lauren. A big fight start after that. Although Lauren is alone, she easily defeats all the space pirates. Some of them are stabbed by her, but most are kicked or smashed and fall defeated on the ground. When the fight is over, Lauren walks back to the space pirate behind the counter, shows him the knife and asks to him: “Do you know the answer now?” The space pirate answers: “What specie is that Beso guy?” Lauren says: “He is a Quetirian.” The space pirate says honestly: “I have no fricking idea where your friend could be, but I know that all Quetirians are brought to a place called Prisonia. Every once in a while, sellers from all around the universe come to it and start bidding on the Quetirians they have locked up there. So, your friend might have already been bought.” Lauren asks: “How can I come there?” The space pirate laughs and says: “You are stranded on an empty planet, there is no getting out of here.” After it, Lauren’s patience is over and she starts using the knife on the space pirate. On the moment she has already made a big wound on the space pirate, suddenly another voice screams from the other side of the café: “I can bring you there!” Lauren looks in the direction of it and sees a male space pirate who didn’t join the fight and is still sitting there. Lauren walks to him and he asks to her: “What do I get in return?” Lauren answers: “I will give you lots of credits.” The space pirate says: “Good. Let’s go to my spaceship.”

Not that far away from there, Darren, Delmar and Stefany wake up in some kind of cage. They look around them and see that the four space pirates have locked them up. Delmar is suddenly very shocked and asks: “Where is Lauren? What did they do to her?” Darren says: “They didn’t do anything to her.” Delmar asks: “Where is she then?” Darren answers: “She was a hologram and disappeared.” Delmar laughs and says: “That was really smart of her.” Stefany looks angrily to him and says: “She just left us here and went away. Do you really think that’s funny?” Delmar says: “Well at least she saved herself.” Stefany says: “She left us here. A real leader wouldn’t have done that.” Delmar says: “Perhaps she was done with us after what we did to the others. But Darren, tell me what happened exactly.” Darren says: “All I saw was that they went through her and she made their spaceship explode. It made them so angry that they destroyed her.” Delmar says: “This whole journey is one big surprise! What else is waiting for us?” Stefany says: “Guys, we have to make a plan. We don’t know what these four beasts are about to do to us.” Darren says: “Normally, you are the one of the great plans Stefany.” Stefany says: “Okay, let me figure out something. We have to find a way to mislead these four beasts and hopefully we can escape. Perhaps we can get them even as far to let us free.” Delmar says: “It is already impossible to communicate with them.” However, one of the four space pirates suddenly says: “You think we don’t speak your language?” Delmar laughs and says: “Oh fuck.” Stefany says: “Oh great! Can you please let us free? We haven’t done anything wrong.” It is silenced until a female space pirate among them says: “We are afraid that we can’t do that.” Delmar says: “But seriously, can you please tell us what the fuck is going on right now?” The female space pirate says: “You have been lured to this planet and now you are our catch. It would have been much easier if your friend didn’t destroy our spaceship, but now we are going to somewhere else.” Delmar asks: “Where is Besoux? Where the fuck are all the Quetirians?” Another one of the space pirates says: “There has never been one single Quetirian who set one footstep on this planet.” Stefany angrily asks to him: “What have you done to them?” You murderers are going to pay for what you did!” The female space pirate says: “We have never killed our catch, we only sell them.” Darren tries to calm Stefany down by saying: “Everything is going to be fine, don’t worry this much Stefany.” Delmar says: “Something is not right, if you catch everything you find, why didn’t you sell this planet then?” The female space pirate says: “We use this planet to lure people like you.” Delmar says: “How could Besoux send Lauren a message then?” The female space pirate says: “Our boss is very smart, he knows how to lure people to this planet.” Another space pirate goes further and answers Delmar’s penultimate question: “Soon, this planet will be sold. Once all of you are sold, it doesn’t has any reason to belong to master Pacturo anymore.” Delmar asks: “And what is that buyer going to do with this planet?” The same space pirate says: “There are rumours he is going to use it as testing planet, so that’s why the whole planet shouldn’t be inhabited anymore.” Stefany says: “We won’t let that happen!”

The last training before the battle fight starts at Sebastian and John. The five trainees including Karlyn are back. Trainee 1 says: “Tomorrow is the big day! As we don’t want to lose too many of you, we will give you lots of useful tips how to defeat your first boss now. First of all………..” During the whole speech of trainee 1, Sebastian looks to Mitchell who is looking to Karlyn. Steve sees it and asks to Sebastian: “He has interest in her again?” Sebastian says: “Yes, but not on a positive way.” Meanwhile, trainee 1 finishes his speech by saying: “Everyone, we will practice this now!” It is Zaver’s first training, Jenna and Bob help him with it. During the training, Mitchell and Steve are also together again. Out of interest, Steve asks to Mitchell: “What’s your relationship with that trainee over there?” Mitchell is annoyed because of his question and answers: “I will show you what’s my relationship with her!” And he walks into the direction of Karlyn and asks to her: “Still angry for what I did?” Karlyn answers: “You are the whole reason I am here, since you were so selfish to only think about yourself. But now it seems that you also ended up here, what a shame.” Mitchell screams: “You will stay here forever, you bitch!” And after it, he attacks her and they start fighting. However, the fight is very fast ended by Sebastian who jumps between them. All the trainees also see it happen. Trainee 2 asks: “What the hell are you doing fighter of level 1!” Mitchell angrily screams: “She is a stupid bitch! I can’t train as long as she is here!” Trainee 1 says: “We can’t properly train as long as you are here. Let’s hope your behaviour will be changed after this punishment!” And after that, trainee 1 and 2 grab Mitchell. Trainee 4 and 5 follow them. Before they are gone, trainee 4 says: “We will take a small break!” Meanwhile, Steve asks to Karlyn: “What the hell happened between the two of you?” Karlyn starts explaining it while a flashback starts to show it. Karlyn explains: “It was mine and his first trip outerspace. Inspired by the Spaceship 537, we as group also went outerspace. However, during the trip, we were attacked by Rameras. Our whole spaceship was broken because of it. There was one smaller spaceship on board. Without notifying me and the other crew about it, Mitchell together with the other two leading the spaceship, went on board of that smaller spaceship and left us to die. Almost our whole crew was killed in the explosion that followed. I was taken as one of the only survivors to here.” John says: “Wait a minute, exactly the same happened to us.” Zaver also joins the group and says: “That’s the way how the Rameras can keep existing, they sell people to Battlonia. And in return of that, Pecturo gets lots of credits.” Karlyn says to him: “You mean Pacturo.” Zaver says: “No, I am sure his name was Pecturo.” Karlyn asks: “Who are you? You wasn’t at the other trainings.” Jenna says: “He is Zaver, a friend of us.” Karlyn says: “Anyway, Sebastian asked me to get you out of here, I think I know a way to get you out of here when you are in level 2. So, all of you should only survive level 1, I can get you out of here then.” Sebastian says: “Thank you very much Karlyn.” Right after it, the other trainees are back. Trainee 1 screams: “Everyone, go back to work!”

Felicia, Nena and Amy are still inside the palace of Pecturo with the annoying Alysha with them. She asks to them: “What’s wrong with dear Felicia? Who is going to be the father?” Amy answers to her: “Stay out of this, it is none of your business.” Alysha says: “I have never seen a pregnant girl here before, but I guess it won’t end up good for that little peachy inside your belly.” Felicia goes to Alysha, grabs her and says to her: “You think that you are funny? I want to know how it would be like for you if you would be in this situation!” Alysha is not impressed and says: “Who is the father? May I guess it?” Felicia says: “You are going to shut your mouth for a while!” And after that Alysha says: “Why would I whore of Sebastian Cantrell?” Felicia is very surprised after hearing that and asks: “How do you know him?” Alysha answers: “That guy is fricking famous after saving Earth. How could I not know him?” Amy suddenly asks: “But, you are here for so long time already and can’t know that.” Alysha laughs and says: “Master Pecturo tells me news sometimes, especially when it’s about Earth. Of course I also know you, Amy Watkins. You are also very famous.” Nena asks: “You also know me?” Alysha answers: “No, I have never heard about you before. Your first trip to space, right?” Right after that, the door is opened and Pecturo and his two henchmen are standing behind it. The two henchmen go to Felicia and grab her. Alysha says during it: “Good job boys, get that little peachy out of her body.” Amy and Nena want to prevent it from happening, but the henchmen electrocute them, making them powerless against them. Felicia looks to the bitch of Alysha and says to her: “Soon, your laughing will be over! Eventually, we will get you!” Alysha is still not impressed because she doesn’t replies to it.

Meanwhile at King Vubro’s palace, everyone is back together. Vubro asks to Besoux: “The two of you had fun together?” Besoux answers: “No, why would we?” Vubro says: “Sarcasm, you idiot.” Sabroux walks to Vubro and says to him: “He is very weak, are you sure that he is the person who was leading Quetir?” Vubro laughs and says: “He is sparing his energy for the right moment. We should be prepared for that. But first, let’s make him even weaker.” Vubro walks to Nasoux, grabs her and throws her to the other female Quetirians. He says to her: “You stay here for your own good honey.” Nasoux does not react on it and is worried about what he is about to do to Besoux. Vubro and Sabroux walk outside with Besoux as their prisoner with them. Besoux says: “Finally I can see where the fuck I am.” They walk to a stool, where Besoux is looking at until Vubro says: “Take a seat on the stool!” After some hesitating, Besoux does it. Vubro says to Sabroux: “Take off his clothes.” Sabroux does immediately what he says and starts taking off Besoux’s clothes. Of course it is a little uncomfortable for her to do that, but Vubro angrily says: “Sabroux, if you really want to become a big girl, you shouldn’t have such fear!” When Besoux is fully naked, Vubro grabs some kind of whip. It has electric on it. When it is fully ready for usage, Vubro screams: “This is for Quetir!” And after it, he starts hitting Besoux with it. When he has hit him quite a lot times, Vubro says to Sabroux: “Now it is your turn.” Sabroux is very surprised by it and after seconds of hesitating, she grabs the whip. She makes it ready for usage, but wait and waits for using it. On the moment it has taken long enough for Vubro, she suddenly turns the whip back and hits Vubro with it. Unfortunately, he is stronger than the whip and gets over it. He screams: “You are so fricking predictable! I gave you so many second chances, but this time you have really crossed the border!” Sabroux screams to Besoux: “Go away! This is your chance!’ Besoux asks: “What about you?” Sabroux answers: “Don’t worry, I will keep him long enough busy!” Vubro and Sabroux start fighting, while a very weak Besoux stands up and runs away. Vubro sees it happening and screams to him: “Don’t worry you idiot! There is no way you can get off my planet! Spare your energy!”

Lauren and the Rameran pilot are flying through space to the place where Besoux, Nasoux and Sabroux got bought. It is silenced until Lauren suddenly asks to her new partner: “Why are you all of you actually doing this? There must be another purpose except for getting credits!” The space pirate says: “Nope, there isn’t. Whole the universe is about credits.” Lauren asks: “Don’t you have a family you like to see?” The space pirate answers: “Family are only the people that bring you into the world, they aren’t important to us.” Lauren says: “You are all so weird to me.” The space pirate asks: “Who is that friend of you who you would like to see so much?” Lauren says: “He is someone I met on my first trip in space.” The space pirate asks: “What’s his name?” Lauren lies: “His name is Delmar, Delmar Norris.” The space pirate asks: “Isn’t that a human like you?” Lauren answers: “Yes, he is a human living in space.” The space pirate says: “Ah, I see.” Not much later, the two of them arrive at the place that earlier appeared in one of the first scenes of the movie. The space pirate says: “We are there.” Lauren and him go outside, where they are in a very dark place. Lauren asks: “Is this a planet or where are we?” The space pirate answers: “This is a whole fortress build by us.” Lauren is supposed to get impressed because of that, but she doesn’t. They walk further, where the same place as where Besoux got sold by Vubro can be seen. Lauren looks to it and asks: “Is this the place? You promised me you would bring me to him!” Lauren turns around and looks to the space pirate and says: “We had a deal!” The space pirate says: “This was the deal! I would bring you to here. And here is where it ends. I have done my part of the deal, now yours.” And the space pirate makes a money signal. Lauren laughs and says: “Well, how much credits do you desire? We didn’t say an exact amount.” Suddenly the space pirate gets aggressive and grabs a gun. He screams: “Give me all of your credits or die!” Lauren laughs out loud and says: “Did you actually realize that I have zero of that shit all of you so desperately seek for your whole life?” The space pirate says: “Okay, then you will die!” On the moment the space pirate wants to shoot, he suddenly has a knife in his belly. He still shoots, but fully misses. Lauren walks to him, while the dying space pirate says: “You are on a place with only Rameras, no way you will survive here!” Lauren says: “Thank you for the ride.” And after it, she grabs the knife out of him, and puts it into the stomach of the space pirate, killing him. Before walking away, Lauren grabs the keys of his spaceship out of his pocket. She says to herself: “This could be really useful.” And after it, she walks away searching for a way to get to Besoux.

Felicia is put into the same room and the two nurses are back. They communicate in own language to Pecturo who is not with them this time. During it, Felicia asks to them: “What are you going to do to me? Please tell me!” The nurses do not response yet. When they are done communicating with Pecturo, they focus on Felicia again. One of them says: “Don’t worry sweetheart, we will give you an anaesthesia and once you wake up again, everything is going to be fine!” Felicia says: “I don’t want to get an anaesthesia!” The nurse says: “That’s okay, but then you will feel lots of pain. Master Pecturo wants you to be fine.” Felicia says: “I can handle the pain.” The nurses agree with it after hesitating for a while. One of them grabs some device and starts using it on the belly of Felicia. She doesn’t co-operates with it and moves away from it. The nurse says: “Calm down, you shouldn’t move so much.” Felicia says very tight: “Wait a minute, don’t tell me that you are going to take her from me?” The nurses ignore her and go ahead using the weapon on the belly Felicia. It hurts her very much and more important, it hurts the baby very much. Felicia screams: “You won’t take her from me!” One of the nurses says: “I have seen enough. Anaesthetize her!” The other nurse stops using the weapon and grabs the anaesthesia. In the short time between it, Felicia looks to her belly and sees that it is very red. If she lets this all happen, her child is going to die. On the moment the nurse is ready to anaesthetize Felicia, she becomes so angry and kicks the injection with the anaesthesia out of the hands of the nurse. It falls on the ground and breaks. Felicia stands up out of the bed she is lying in and starts attacking the nurses. Before that, she screams: “You will pay for hurting my child! I will erase your whole specie from existence!” Felicia fights the first nurse, while the other starts contacting Pecturo. Felicia uses everything she has and throws the nurse hardly against the wall, killing him. Furthermore, Felicia grabs a small knife out of the stuff of the nurses and destroys the communication device of the nurse. He is very angry and smashes her away. However, Felicia fastly stands up again, kicks and smashes him with everything she has. During it, she throws the knife in one of the eyes of the nurse. He is so angry, runs to Felicia, but can’t see properly anymore. Felicia has another knife ready, put it into his stomach and throws him on the bed. The nurse immediately dies after doing that and leaves death behind on the bed. Felicia breaks the door of the room open when a very loud alarm goes off. Two space pirates immediately come to her. Felicia gives everything she has and defeats the two space pirates. One of them lets a pass fall on the ground. Felicia sees it and grabs the pass. Only one second later, she sees many more space pirates coming to her. Felicia faslty uses the pass to open a door and goes in it. All the space pirates run inside the other room where they find the two nurses death. They are in contact with Pecturo who angrily screams: “Get the weapons and kill that motherfucking girl!” Meanwhile, Felicia turns the lights on in the room she is in and is surprised to see that it is the weapon room. The luck is on her side. Suddenly she hears the noise of space pirates again. They stand before the door and open it. Before they have the chance to react, they are all shot by Felicia who has grabbed the best weapon she saw. She kills all the space pirates who are there with it. She also grabs some more weapons before leaving the room again. Many more space pirates are coming for her. A big shooting game starts where Felicia kills all the space pirates. The whole palace of Pecturo is one big war ground now.

Meanwhile on Battlonia, it is the last night before the big day. Sebastian is sitting somewhere when John decides to join him. Sebastian asks to him: “Do you also miss her so much?” John answers: “Yes, I do.” Sebastian says: “The worst part is that I have no fricking idea what they are doing with her.” John says: “Me neither.” It is silenced for a few seconds. During the silence, Sebastian takes a look on the chain with the Quetirian teeth he still has. John asks to him: “What’s that for chain?” Sebastian answers: “I promised to Felicia that once we would get separated, I would give this to her. But guess what? I never got the chance to give it to her.” John says: “That really sucks. But it is just superstition that Quetirian teeth bring luck, similar that a four-leaf clover would bring luck. It doesn’t mean anything.” Sebastian says: “I just miss her so much. I am worried that something will happen to her and our little girl.” John is suddenly very surprised and says: “Little girl? What do you mean?” Sebastian hesitates a bit until he says: “There is something we didn’t tell you yet John. She is….” John says: “Pregnant? I already thought that after looking to her belly once.” Sebastian says: “I know you will say that we are idiots, but all we thought we were going to a new planet of the Quetirians. How could we know that this was going to happen?” John says: “That trainee girl will get us out of here, right? So everything is going to be fine.” Sebastian says: “I hope so.” The next day, they all have to wake up early. Through the speakers, the space pirate screams: “In 15 minutes, everyone will stand before the gate!” Sebastian, John, Steve, Zaver, Jenna and Bob come together when they are all ready for it. Jenna asks: “What can we actually expect? They never told us exactly what’s waiting behind that gate.” Zaver says: “This is only level 1 yet, perhaps you are overestimating this a bit.” Bob says: “Yeah, we are going to get that beast!” Steve asks: “Shouldn’t we create a plan?” John answer: “If you know what we can actually expect, you may.” The space pirate screams through the speaker: “In 5 minutes, everyone will stand before the gate!” Sebastian says: “Let’s go to it.” And all of them walk to the gate where Aporxo, Mitchell and all others are standing. All trainees including Karlyn are also standing there. Karlyn goes to Sebastian, John and the others and wishes them all good luck. She says: “I know all of you can do this. You only have to survive this round. Soon you will see your girlfriends again.” They all understand it and the gate opens. Trainee 1 says: “Show us that all the trainings weren’t for nothing!” All of them walk through the gate where they end up in a dark place when they suddenly see a very light showing the number 2. On the moment all of them can see the 2, they hear a very loud grumbling sound. It is the beast who is sitting there and seeing that many new entrants are trying to pass him. Steve asks: “So what’s the plan?” Sebastian answers: “What about getting behind him on the best possible way?” Zaver says: “We have to wait on someone to try it, so the beast will be focused on him and we can pass it.” And not much later, a few of their team members try it out. Aporxo follows them. The beast goes to the one in front of them, jumps on him and grabs his prey. Aporxo and the others make it to other side because of that. The beast has it’s first prey and devours him. When there is almost nothing left of him anymore, he focuses on the others again. However, Mitchell together with one other make it to the other side because the beast is too slow to get them. Not much later, only a few are standing including Sebastian, John, Steve, Zaver, Jenna and Bob. All others run and they know they also have to go. The beast hits one of the others good enough to make him fall injured on the ground. John and Steve followed by Sebastian and Zaver can easily reach the other side because of this. Jenna and Bob are behind them and the beast suddenly focusses on them. Jenna sees him coming to her and hides the beast, but Bob sees it too late and gets hit by the beast at his legs. Bob can barely walk anymore after it and falls on the ground. Jenna tries to help him with it, but the beast is faster and grabs Bob and pulls him in the air. Steve says: “We have to do something!” Sebastian and John attack the beast, but they are too late and he already deathly injures Bob. Jenna is also powerless because she has been smashed away by it. Meanwhile, the others stand before the gate to level 2 that doesn’t opens. Aporxo says: “We have to kill the beast, then it will open!” And all of them run back to the beast and start smashing and kicking it. Zaver suddenly looks and sees a spear attached to the wall next to him. One of their team members grabs the spear and runs to it to the beast. However, the beast sees it happening and smashes him away. The spear falls for the foots of Sebastian, who grabs it up and stabs the beast with it, who is too slow to react. The others help him pulling the spear straight through the beast, killing him. Jenna and Steve look to Bob who is very injured. Bob says: “I wasn’t strong enough.” Jenna says: “You can still make it! We will bring you back to Earth.” Bob says: “You were always much better than me Jenna. I’m sure you will become a great astronaut.” And a few seconds later, Bob dies. Jenna cries when Sebastian, John, Zaver and Aporxo see it. Mitchell also sees it, laughs and walks through the opened gate to level 2. It brings them into an elevator higher into the building. Sebastian, John, Steve and Jenna know that they lost their first team member and don’t know what more there will be waiting for them.

On Quetir II, Delmar, Darren and Stefany together with the four space pirates arrive on a familiar place. It is exactly the same café as Lauren was only one hour ago. Delmar, Darren and Stefany can come out of their cage when Stefany asks: “What is this for place?” Delmar answers: “It doesn’t seems like they are going to give us a warm welcome.” When they go inside, all the space pirates that were smashed to hell by Lauren are all just sitting on their places again. They walk to the counter, where the same space pirate, who was almost killed by Lauren, is standing behind. He asks to them: “What can I do for you?” One of the four space pirates says: “We have these intruders and they should be brought over to master Pacturo as fast as possible.” The space pirate looks to Delmar, Darren and Stefany and gets a little frightened. He says: “I will do whatever you want, if you get these terrific creatures as fast as possible out of my café!” Stefany asks: “Why is he so scared?” Darren says: “Such a sissy, probably never seen a more dangerous specie than a human ever before.” The space pirate of their group asks to him: “We desire a spacehip so we can get out of here. Our other one was destroyed by a little witch.” The space pirate behind the counter asks frightened: “One with blonde hair?” The other one answers: “Yes, was she also here?” The space pirate behind the counter answers: “Luckily not anymore.” Delmar hears it and asks angrily: “What did you do to her you murderer?” The space pirate behind the counter answers: “Don’t worry, she is safe and well with our best pilot.” Delmar asks: “Why are you frightened about her then?” The space pirate of their group comes in between and asks: “Wait a minute, why did she came her?” The space pirate behind the counter answers: “She was looking for some person called Beso. No idea who the hell that is supposed to mean.” The female space pirate of their group says: “You mean Besoux? He is the leader of the Quetirians.” The space pirate behind the counter suddenly fully changes from emotion and says: “Quetirians, those egoistic creatures.” Delmar screams: “You are going to give Lauren back to us!” The space pirate behind the counter asks: “She is a friend of you? If we won’t get revenge on her ourselves, then we will get the friends of her!” And all of them suddenly come in fighting position. The four space pirates of their group join them. Delmar asks: “And what are we going to do now?” Stefany asks to Darren: “Darren, you are the one of the amazing plans. Figure something out.” Darren says: “Well, what about trying to get out of here?” The three of them run to the door of the café, but they are surrounded by space pirates and have no option left than to fight their way out of it.

Besoux is running on Vubro’s planet to get as far as possible away from the palace. He is very surprised that it is so big. He says to himself: “How did such a sick maniac get a whole planet of his own?” He walks further until his eyes fall on a big mushroom. He talks once again to himself: “Such a big mushroom can’t be here in this season.” He starts looking on it and sees a big dot on it. Besoux feels on it with his arm and suddenly he presses it. A noise can be heard behind of it. Besoux looks behind him and sees a hatchway opening in the grass. He walks to it and sees a light going on down of him. Besoux looks into the place down of him and sees multiple big spaceships standing. He looks to it for some time, but instead of going into it, he closes it again by pressing on the button of the mushroom again. Meanwhile in the palace, Vubro brings Sabroux to his torture chamber. Sabroux laughs and says to Vubro: “You aren’t actually going to hurt me, right?” Vubro says: “I have to after what you did!” Sabroux says: “I am your innocent worker, if you lose me, you don’t have any ally left.” Vubro says: “Nasoux will be my girl from now on. I don’t need you anymore!” Sabroux asks: “And you think Nasoux wants to take these job over from me?” Vubro screams: “I will get her as far to do it!” Sabroux laughs once again and says: “You won’t.” Vubro is suddenly fully focused on his device and sees Besoux walking somewhere he doesn’t wants him to be. Vubro says: “This motherfucker is never going to learn it!” He puts Sabroux under his torture device and runs out of the palace to Besoux immediately.

Lauren is still on the dark place. She has her own spaceship, but she doesn’t knows where Besoux could be. After some walking over the place, she ends up at the same place as where Besoux and Nasoux got sold. One of the weird individuals taking care of the place suddenly asks to her: “What the hell are you doing here? There is no auction planned for today!” Lauren says: “Oh there isn’t? I didn’t know that.” The same person asks to her: “Is there something else I could do for you pretty girl?” Lauren says: “I want information about someone you probably already sold.” The individual shows himself as another space pirate and says: “Of course, if you give me enough credits. Giving secret information can’t be for free.” Lauren says: “I will give you the credits you desire if you give me that information.” They walk together to another room where a device is standing. The space pirate says: “On this device, we have information about every beast we sold.” Lauren says: “Search for Besoux, he is a Quetirian.” The space pirate asks: “Why do you want to know information about a Quetirian?” Lauren answers: “He is a friend of me.” The space pirate says: “Quetirian are dangerous beasts, why would you befriend that shit?” Lauren angrily says: “Just give me the information!” The space pirate searches on Besoux and when it is there, he says: “A person named Vubrousax has bought him. Lauren asks: “Where can I find him?” The space pirate laughs and says: “That’s a rich Quetirian who has give us very much credits already. He has his own planet.” Lauren asks: “What’s it called?” The space pirate laughs and says: “Here you have the location of it.” Lauren says: “Thank you for your co-operation.” And she gives the credits he desires to him. The space pirate says: “Good luck with getting there.” Lauren immediately runs back to her spaceship after he said that. The space pirate says through a microphone to all his kindred who are presented: “There is a human girl going to the landing places. Do not let her get there! Just kill her!” One of the space pirate answers back on him: “We found a body of a space pirate here!” The space pirate says: “She did that!” Meanwhile, Lauren is walking through the rooms to come outside. She sees multiple space pirates coming to her. It makes her say to herself: “I thought we had a deal. Unfortunately, someone is not keeping the deal.” Before the space pirates get the chance to attack her, Lauren says to them: “You want credits, right? Here you have them!” And she starts throwing all the credits away she stole from the space pirate she killed. Of course the space pirates are more interested in getting the credits and immediately go to it, instead of attacking Lauren. Not much later, Lauren gets outside where a whole group of space pirates is waiting for her. They communicate in their own language to each other when they suddenly see her and start running to her. Lauren says: “You are all so silly that you care so much about some credits. You all should know better.” And after it, she throws all the remaining credits she has away in the other direction than where her spaceship is located. All the space pirates immediately go to it instead of attacking Lauren. She easily makes it back to her spaceship. When she flies away, the space pirates are still busy grabbing all the coins of credits.

Amy and Nena are sitting in their room and have no idea what the hell is going on. The very annoying Alysha is with them and says: “Looks like it is getting a mess as soon as your friend is gone.” Amy ignores her and says to Nena: “Felicia will never survive this, we have to do something.” Nena agrees and says: “I am so done with sitting here, we are stronger than this.” And after it, they start destroying the door. The other girls in the room see it and start helping them. Alysha sees it happening and says: “You will never get that door opened all by yourself.” However, two seconds later, the door is suddenly opened. Felicia is the one standing behind of it. Nena asks immediately to her: “Are you alright Felicia? What happened?” Felicia says: “We will get the hell out of here.” And she runs to a window and shoots on it, destroying it. All the other girls run out of it. Felicia, Amy and Nena follow them when Alysha says to them: “You think you can get so easily off here?” Felicia turns around and points her weapon on Alysha. She becomes the pathetic girl she always is and puts her hands in the air. Felicia says to her: “You will stay in this shithole for the rest of your life!” After it, Felicia, Amy and Nena jump out of the window and land on the grass. They follow the others who seem to know the place better than them. Nena asks: “Where are we going to?” Amy answers: “We’ll see.”

Sebastian, John, Steve, Jenna, Zaver and all others arrive in the room of level 2. When they have all take their place in it, Steve says: “Really? There are 28 more rooms above here and that’s it?” Jenna says: “Don’t worry, that trainee girl will get us out of here.” Steve says: “Are we sure with that? Wasn’t she just playing with your mind Sebastian?” Sebastian says: “I convinced her that we are different than all other humans that she has trained.” Steve says sarcastic: “Of course you did.” John says: “We should just try it, otherwise we will die here anyway.” Zaver says: “Yes, there is a chance of 99% that we won’t make it out alive until level 30.” Jenna says sad: “Unfortunately the first level was already it for Bob.” Sebastian says: “He died while doing what he always wanted: going outerspace and discovering a place nobody on Earth knows about. Bob will be remembered as the true talent at the astronauts, although it cost him his life.” Jenna says: “Thanks for this.” After it, they all hear trainee 1 screaming through the microphone: “Time for the training!” John says: “Great, they don’t give us some free time after that fight, we immediately have to go into another training again.” They all go to their new training room, where trainee 1 starts speaking to the group: “I’m glad to see all of you alive and well again. I feel sad for our three fallen members, they will always be remembered as the first victims of our group. His speech is interrupted by one of the other members of their team screaming: “Let us out of this hell! The game is over!” Trainee 1 laughs and says: “It has just started. And we can’t let you out of here.” The same member of their team screams: “I wish I died in the battle today!” Trainee 1 says: “Remove this miserable person from the training room.” Trainee 4 and 5 do what he says and remove him from the training room. When he is gone, trainee 1 says: “Let’s now go further with the people who are truly motivated in reaching this amazing goal.” During the training, Mitchell comes to John and Steve, who are training together. Mitchell laughable asks to them: “How is it like to train here while you already know that each battle could be your last?” Steve angrily says to him: “You motherfucker! You are the one that has abandoned us!” Steve attacks Mitchell. John decides to help him and hits Mitchell in the face. Instead of letting the fight stop, Trainee 1 likes it and says: “Finally people are enjoying my training!” Sebastian, Jenna, Karlyn and Zaver also see it happening. Karlyn asks: “Is it time to hit Mitchell as best as you can? I am in for that!” All the other trainees are looking to it with much surprise. Trainee 1 and trainee 2 immediately make the fight stop. When they have succeed in that, Trainee 1 says: “Okay everyone, it’s enough for today. Let’s go further tomorrow.” Trainee 1 says to Karlyn: “Go with me, we have to talk.” Sebastian and Jenna are looking to it. Jenna asks: “When is she going to get us out of here?” Sebastian answers: “I will wait here to get the answer.” Not that very much later, Karlyn is back when Sebastian asks to her: “How did the talk go?” Karlyn answers: “He gave me a warning, but I am much too useful for this, so they won’t fire me.” Sebastian asks: “What about our escape out of here?” Karlyn says: “You will get your chance tomorrow when your food for the whole week is delivered. A door is opened and Rameras come inside to bring it. During that time, you have to go the door where they come from, you will easily be able to open it. In this level of the tower, the security is very weak so you have a free passage to outside.” Sebastian asks: “What about when we are outside?” Karlyn answers: “I will make a spaceship ready for you, so you can leave the planet immediately.” Sebastian says: “Wait, you would come with us, right?” Karlyn says: “I have been here for so long time already, I don’t know if it’s good for me if I leave this place.” Sebastian says: “I won’t get off here without you.” Karlyn says: “Okay, I will come with you.” Sebastian says: “We also need you to get my girlfriend and two other girls.” Karlyn suddenly asks: “How is it like to have a girlfriend?” Sebastian answers: “I feel very lucky to have her. But it’s great, unless when you have no idea if she is still alive.” Karlyn says: “Don’t worry, they for sure haven’t killed her.” Sebastian says: “Thanks, that’s a big relieve to hear.” It is silenced for a few seconds until Karlyn says: “If I make it back to Earth, I want to start a family and get children. That has always been a dream of me.” Sebastian says: “I am sure you will fulfil that dream.” Karlyn says: “I have to go again now, training the other group for the last time.” Sebastian asks: “You will be there tomorrow?” Karlyn answers: “You will see me at the spaceship.” Sebastian says: “That’s good.” After it, both of them go back to their own place again.

Delmar, Stefany and Darren are still fighting against all the space pirates until they are all defeated. The space pirates pull them up on some rope and start discussing what to do with them. The owner of the café (the same space pirate somehow as the one behind the counter) asks to the one leading the four that captured Delmar, Stefany and Darren: “So you are going to bring them to Battlonia? They deserve much worse than that!” The other answers to him: “It are just three silly humans who thought that a friend of them was living here.” The owner of the café screams: “I am going to kill them to wipe out the disaster earlier today!” However, while walking to Delmar, Stefany and Darren, the space pirate makes a huge mistake: “Master Pecturo already had enough credits, he doesn’t needs these three cockroaches!” The four space pirates are very surprised. Stefany also recognizes it and asks: “Wait, wasn’t his name Pacturo?” The four space pirates look to each other and out of nowhere they suddenly attack all the other space pirates. They are all so surprised that all of them are easily defeated. During the fight, the owner of the café walks to behind the counter, opens a drawer, with a big weapon inside of it. When it’s ready, he starts shooting on everyone he sees. The female space pirate of the four says to Delmar, Stefany and Darren: “Hide yourself!” After it, one of them is suddenly hit. It makes the one leading them so angry, that he grabs his knife and throws it through the throat of the owner of the café, finally killing him. The other space pirates of the café are so shocked because of it and immediately surrender. The three space pirates walk to their friend who is already death. When they have realized they can’t do anything for him, the one leading them says to his three friends, Delmar, Stefany and Darren: “Let’s get the hell out of here!” Delmar, Stefany and Darren are very surprised because of it. As they have no other option left, they follow them. Outside, the one leading them says: “This all is one big misunderstanding.” Delmar says: “Do I get it and has your leader lied to you all this time?” The space pirate says: “We haven’t been properly introduced to each other. I’m Goduro, these are Avuro and Oturo.” Stefany says: “I’m Stefany and they are Delmar and Darren. Nice to meet you.” Goduro says: “You are right Delmar, our leader has used a wrong name to us all the time and used us. We have to come in action against him.” Delmar says: “First, our condolences of the loss of your friend, second, are we allies now?” Goduro says: “I didn’t came to that yet. We need your help to get revenge on our leader.” Stefany asks: “What will we get in return?” Avuro answers to that: “We will make sure you can go back to your home planet. It is our fault that you ended up here.” Delmar says: “Sounds like a very good deal!” After it, Darren suddenly says to Delmar and Stefany: “Can I speak to you under six eyes?” Delmar and Stefany agree with it and walk away from their three new allies. Darren asks to them: “What the fuck are you doing? Only 10 minutes ago, these beasts wanted to kill us, and now you are making a deal with them?” Delmar asks: “You want to stay here forever?” Darren answers: “No, but they will only use us. On the end, they are still going to make money out of us.” Stefany asks to Darren: “It is that or dying on this shithole for sure. We have to take the risk.” Darren laughs and says: “You must be really desperate if you start arguing on that way. I’m so disappointed in you Stefany!” Delmar says to him: “Fine, then you will die alone here Darren.” And after he said that, he and Stefany walk back to Goduro, Avuro and Oturo. Darren has no other option than following them.

Lauren is flying through space again and gets closer and closer to Vubro’s planet. On a monitor can be seen that Vubro’s planet is very close to her.

Besoux is still walking close to the hangar full with spaceships of Vubro until the man himself is suddenly there. Besoux says: “Oh, did you change your mind?” Vubro angrily shouts: “My planet has been infected by a parasite called Besoux!” Besoux says back to him: “No, you are the parasite on this planet!” And after it, the two of them start fighting. In the beginning of the fight, Besoux says: “Just fight me and leave Nasoux, Sabroux and all other Quetirian girls out of here!” Vubro says: “They are none of your business! Nasoux is my love, not yours.” Besoux suddenly stops fighting, laughs softly and says: “You are doing this all for Nasoux?” Vubro says: “No, I am jealous of your whole life!” And the two of them continue their fight. After a few minutes of fighting, Vubro overpowers Besoux, since Besoux has become weak ever since the space pirate captured him. Vubro says to the defeated Besoux: “No, I’m not gonna kill you. You will suffer long enough and watch how I build up Quetir II instead of you!” Besoux laughs once again and says: “Your whole plan get more hilarious every second!” Vubro says: “Yes, laugh now you still can, soon your only emotion will be sadness.” Besoux laughs even louder and asks: “How much years did you life with this plan until you finally saw me again?” Vubro says: “Let’s go back to my palace again.” And he grabs Besoux and takes him away.

On Pecturo's planet, Felicia, Nena and Amy are running away from the palace of Pecturo together with all the other girls. Nena asks: “Does anyone of us actually know where we can find spaceships?” Amy answers: “I hope so.” After some more running, Nena asks to Felicia: “How did you actually came out of there Felicia?” Felicia answers: “They made me so angry that I killed them all.” Nena says: “How? You are pregnant.” Felicia says: “Nothing is impossible.” Not much later, all of them reach the airport of the planet where lots of spaceships are parked. Felicia, Nena and Amy take one and to their big relief, the keys are still in it. Amy asks: “Why would you park your spaceship without taking out the key?” Felicia answers: “It doesn’t matter, all that matters is that we can finally get off this shithole.” Nena says: “We will go to Battlonia, right?” Felicia says: “Yes, we have to free the others.” Amy asks: “Are we sure that’s a smart plan?” Nena answers: “We aren’t going back to Earth without John and Sebastian.” After it, the many spaceships go one by one in the air. Felicia, Amy and Nena set course to Battlonia, in the hope they can get to Sebastian, John, Steve and the others.

Sebastian, John, Steve, Jenna, Zaver and all the others are all just sitting and doing nothing until the person starts talking through the microphone: “In a few minutes, your food will arrive. Remember that this is the only food you will get for a week, so be frugal with it!” Sebastian says to John and Steve: “This is the moment when we can get out of here.” John asks: “What should we do?” Sebastian answers: “As soon as they open the door to bring in the food, we have to attack and use the same door to come out.” Steve asks: “What if many of those creeps are waiting outside?” Sebastian answers: “Karlyn has said that the security is very weak.” John asks: “How about when we come outside?” Sebastian answers: “Karlyn will make sure that a spaceship is waiting for us.” Steve says: “Is she your new girlfriend or what? She does so much for you.” Sebastian says: “I guess we have just become good friends in this short time.” A few seconds later, the door is smashed open. When the Ramerans are busy putting all the food in the room, Sebastian, John and Steve followed by Jenna and Zaver walk to the door and search a way to open it. Right on that moment, an alarm goes off. The Ramerans hear it and immediately run out of the room again. They open the door when Sebastian can keep the door opened. All the others in the room see it happening, also stand up and follow them. Some Ramerans see it happening, but they don’t know to which emergency they should go and stand no chance against the group. Sebastian, John, Steve, Jenna and Zaver are the first to get out. Sebastian sees Karlyn standing and waiting on them. Karlyn asks to Sebastian: “Did the emergency work?” Sebastian answers: “Yes it did.” After it, all of their group go inside the spaceship. Before they are inside, Aporxo asks to Karlyn: “Where are all other spaceships?” Karlyn answers: “They are that way.” And she points to the right. Aporxo says: “Thanks madame.” And after it, he and all the others run to the other spaceships. Mitchell is one of the last to get out and can see the spaceship with his former friends flying away.

Back in the palace of Vubro, Nasoux and the other Quetirian girls are still locked up. Vubro and Besoux are also suddenly back. Vubro smashes the defeated Besoux on the ground and goes to Sabroux who is in another room. Sabroux asks to him: “Did you get him?” Vubro answers: “Of course I got that weak motherfucker.” Sabroux says: “Please, I learned my lesson. Can I be your slave again?” Vubro laughs and answers: “Do you really think that I’m ever going to trust you again?” Sabroux says: “Please, give me another chance.” Vubro says: “I already gave you enough chances!” And after that, Vubro wants to hurt her again, but suddenly one of his devices makes a loud noise. Vubro looks on it and sees an incoming spaceship coming on his planet. Vubro asks: “Who the hell is this supposed to be?” Sabroux says: “It is one of your old friends. He misses you.” After it, Vubro immediately leaves the palace to see who it is. When he is outside, he sees someone from a specie he has never seen before walking to him. When she is close enough, Vubro is very surprised of the beauty of this specie. The girl whose face can’t be seen yet, asks to him: “Are you Mr. Vubro?” Vubro answers to her: “Yes, I am.” The girl says: “I heard so much about you. I’m Lauren Marshall. Can I come inside?” And her face is shown as Lauren. It is almost too beautiful to be true, so Vubro says: “Of course you can, my love.” When they are almost inside the palace, Vubro suddenly starts touching her. Lauren is surprised and asks to him: “Is this how you treat all your visitors?” Vubro ignores her question and instead of that, he asks to her: “From which planet are you?” Lauren answers: “I’m from Earth.” Vubro says: “Welcome Lauren, from Earth.” When they are inside, Nasoux and the other female Quetirians are the first to see Lauren, but she makes a signal to Nasoux to not make any noise. Vubro says: “Let me give you a tour through my palace.” They walk through the whole palace until they end up where Sabroux is being tortured. Lauren asks to Vubro: “What are you doing to her?” Vubro answers: “She is my rebellious slave. Don’t mind about her.” They walk a little further where Lauren is suddenly shocked to see Besoux laying defeated on the ground. Vubro wants to walk along it without saying anything about it, but Lauren suddenly says: “Wait, I know him! He is the leader of Quetir! What is he doing here?” Vubro says: “You are not permitted to know that.” And he wants to walk further, but Lauren walks closer to Besoux and takes a look to him. Lauren asks: “You bought him like you did to all the Quetirians here?” Vubro says: “I am a Quetirian myself!” Lauren asks: “What are you doing on this goddamn planet then?” Vubro says: “No Quetirian is my family! I simply don’t belong anywhere.” Lauren says: “Then, get your hands off others!” And a fight between the two of them starts. Vubro thinks he is easily going to win it, but Lauren overpowers him, hits him multiple times and kicks him one time in the head, defeating him. An unconscious Vubro leaves behind on the ground. Lauren immediately goes to Besoux, who has woke up again after the noise of the fight. He can’t believe to see Lauren again. Besoux asks: “Is that really you Lauren?” Lauren says: “You asked me to come visit you, but that wasn’t you, right?” Besoux answers: “No, I have been locked up ever since we got off Earth.” After it, Nasoux is also there to see what has happened. She is also very glad to see Lauren again. Nasoux says: “Let’s get off this shithole immediately!” Besoux says: “Wait, I have to free Sabroux.” And Besoux walks to the torture room, frees Sabroux and she asks to him: “What happened?” Besoux answers: “A friend of me showed us. She has saved us. It is over, we will finally get off this miserable place.”

After a few hours of flying, Felicia, Nena and Amy are trying to realize what has just happened to them. Felicia says: “What did I actually do? They will be coming back to get revenge.” Nena tries to make her feel better by saying: “It is over. They won’t ever find us again.” Felicia says: “Perhaps they can track this spaceship?” Amy says: “If they would have came after us, we would already have seen it.” Nena asks: “What about that planet where John, Sebastian and Steve are?” Felicia answers: “In the information, they said it was a warriors place where new striders for that Pecturo are created.” Amy says: “We will go to there, get them out of there and go back to Earth.” Felicia says: “I hope Sebastian is still alive, I miss him so much.” Nena says: “Me too for John. Do you miss Steve Amy?” Amy answers: “Not really, although I would like to do something back for him.” Nena says: “I have the feeling Steve really likes you.” Amy says: “Indeed, he does. Only after we defeated Black God, he was completely gone. I expected him to search contact again with me, but he simply didn’t.” Nena asks: “Maybe you should give another chance?” Amy answers: “Yes, I really think so too. I am probably judging too fast.” Felicia suddenly shouts: “Another spaceship has appeared on the radar!” Nena and Amy come and see it.

Also in space, Sebastian and John’s group is flying to Pecturo’s planet. Sebastian is sitting next to Karlyn and says to her: “Thank you for getting us out of that shithole.” Karlyn says: “No, thank you for finding me a new group who I can trust.” Sebastian says: “As soon as we got our friends back and we have made an end to those Ramerans, we will bring you home.” Karlyn says: “I want to make end to Mitchell before we leave this place.” Sebastian is surprised and says: “Mitchell? He will die all alone on that shithole.” Karlyn says: “I don’t know, but I have a feeling we are not done with him yet.” Further ahead in the spaceship, John and Steve are sitting. Steve asks to John: “Do you think our girls are safe and well?” John answers: “I feel we are getting closer to them. If they did something to Nena, I will make sure that they will get what they deserve.” Steve asks: “Do you think that I will make a chance if I try to get Amy?” John answers: “I don’t know, I can’t look into her mind.” Steve asks: “I look good enough or not?” John answers: “Please, I am not gay.” Steve says: “Okay, I will just test my luck next time I see her. She is so fricking hot.” John says: “The appearance of a girl is not the most important.” Steve says: “I know, but her inner is also very great.” At the cockpit, Zaver and Jenna are driving the spaceship. Jenna asks: “For you it must be the biggest relief to be off that planet, right?” Zaver answers: “It was the most terrible time of my life. I don’t even want to think anymore about it.” Jenna laughs and says: “It was always a big dream for me to get to know an alien. It feels weird to speak one now.” Zaver says: “I am not as scary as I look like, I hope.” Jenna says: “Nope, you aren’t. On my training we learned many ways to communicate with aliens, but well, I can just speak in English to you. It can’t be better!” Before Zaver can answer, an alarm suddenly goes off. He looks on the radar and sees a spaceship appearing on it. He says: “We got company.” Jenna says: “I will contact Sebastian and John.” Zaver takes a better look at it and see that it is a Rameran spaceship. Only a few seconds later, Sebastian, John, Steve, Karlyn and Jenna are also in the cockpit. Zaver says: “We got a hostile spaceship in coming.” Steve says: “Fine, they are sending a spaceship to blow us up.” Sebastian says: “Start up the cannon in case we will need it.” John says: “Are we sure about this? The spaceship that attacked us when we were on the Spaceship 537 looked different.” Jenna says: “I agree with John, not every passing spaceship can be a threat.” Sebastian says: “You are right, but we need to be prepared when they attack.” Jenna asks to Karlyn: “What do you think?” Karlyn takes a look on the radar and says: “This is one of the many spaceships of Pacturo, I mean Pecturo. Only he and his most important warriors of him have access to this spaceship.” Zaver asks: “Does that mean I can start shooting? It is close enough for that now.” Sebastian answers: “No wait, this doesn’t makes sense. Open the bridge, if they are the real enemy, we will shoot them down.” Karlyn says: “Good solution Sebastian.” And after it, the bridge of their spaceship opens on the other spaceship, making everyone able to walk over from both spaceships. Sebastian, John and the others gather before the door to the bridge waiting on an incoming. However, after minutes of waiting, still no movement can be heard. Steve asks: “Is this a good or a bad sign?” Jenna answers: “Not sure, it could be a trick.” Sebastian says: “Let’s just have a look and take weapons with you.” Karlyn says: “No, I have a better plan. Let me take a look. They will know me under my name Training 3 and won’t open fire.” Sebastian is disagreed, but he accepts her plan. When Karlyn starts walking away, she says: “If I am not back in 10 minutes, you can also go to there.” When she can’t be seen anymore, Sebastian says: “10 minutes, that’s too long.” John says: “Well if anything goes wrong, I guess we will be able to hear it.” When Karlyn comes into the other spaceship, she is surprised to see that barely someone is in it. After setting a few steps inside, she screams: “Please show yourself. I am Karlyn Lake and want to see who are the crew of this spaceship.” After a few more seconds of waiting, some movement can be heard. To everyone’s surprise, it are Felicia, Nena and Amy who show themselves. Amy asks: “Who are you? We didn’t expect to see a human here.” Karlyn answers: “Hard to answer that question. Less than a day ago, people only knew me under the name Trainee 3. Now I feel like I do care again.” Felicia says: “Wait, were you trainee on Battlonia?” Karlyn answers: “Unfortunately I was indeed, luckily a great man has given me my life back.” Nena asks: “Why did you enter our spaceship?” Karlyn answers: “We thought you were allies of Pecturo, but you escaped from him, right?” Nena answers: “Yes, we did.” Felicia asks: “Tell me more about that person who gave your life back, perhaps I know him.” Karlyn answers: “First I wasn’t intimidated by him. It was just another human seeking for help, but suddenly he started talking about a pregnant lover of him. It really did something to me.” Felicia starts getting emotional and asks: “Is he on the other side of that bridge?” Karlyn answers: “He surely is.” And after it, Felicia runs as fast as she can to the bridge. Nena and Amy first look to it, but then they suddenly realize what Karlyn means and also starts running. They are finally reunited again.

In the palace of Pecturo, it is still a big mess. Pecturo is sitting in his room and still can’t realize what has just happened. He asks to his henchmen: “How the fuck could this happen?” The henchmen have no explanation either. Pecturo screams: “Go find that hot girl and bring her here! I want to fuck her thousand times as punishment!” After the henchmen have left the room, Alysha suddenly walks in. She says: “Failure it is master Pecturo. You failed so enormously big.” Pecturo says: “You are the last one who has seen that hot girl with the bigger belly, where did she go?” Alysha says: “I’m afraid they are not on the planet anymore.” Pecturo screams: “This whole day is one big disaster!” Alysha walks a little closer to him and says: “You only had one job! Keeping those three stupid bitches here so the others would come. But as I said, you failed. I am disgusted by you.” Pecturo ignores it and drinks a few more of his drank. A few moments later, he stands up and looks to his cameras. He sees Felicia on his cameras. He says: “I don’t want to kill her, bring her here alive!” Alysha says: “You think that I will command your orders after what you did?” Pecturo walks slowly to his glass again. Before drinking again, he says: “I am your king! As long as you are on my planet, you’ll do what I say!” After having drunk again, Alysha gets close enough to him and grabs his hands. She says: “Calm down, it is all going to be fine.” And after it, they kiss. When they are out of each other again, Pecturo immediately feels that something is wrong. His throat is closed and he can’t breathe anymore. Pecturo screams: “You fucking bitch! You poisoned me!” Alysha says: “That’s what I first wanted to do, but nah, that was too boring. It was the kiss. I am the last girl you will ever touch in your padophile!” Pecturo laughs one last time, before falling death on the ground. Alysha laughs evil and says: “Master Pecturo, so powerful, but you never used your biggest weapon.” And she walks to the shelve in the room, opens it and looks inside. One of the things inside is nothing else than the powers of Black God. Alysha grabs it and says: “How would it feel like to be the most powerful person in the universe!” And she takes the powers in her and. After Alysha got access to it, she screams: “I’m the one ruling this place now!”

In space, Sebastian and Felicia are the first to embrace each other. Felicia says: “I thought I would never see you again.” Sebastian says: “I thought so too. Luckily, we always find each other again.” Felicia asks: “Where have all you been?” Sebastian answers: “On some place where we had to find against monsters. It was like a video game.” Felicia says: “We have been in the palace of that creep who kidnapped all of us. He was disgusting.” Sebastian says: “Oh and by the way, Bob died unfortunately and we found Zaver back at that place.” Felicia looks at all the others and asks: “Where is Mitchell?” Sebastian answers: “We got rid of that idiot fortunately.” Felicia asks: “And who is this Karlyn?” Sebastian answers: “A new friend we made.” Meanwhile, Nena and John are also happily together again. John says: “I am so glad to see nothing happened to you.” Nena says: “Me too.” John asks: “You have been at that Pecturo guy?” Nena answers: “Yes, he was just a headless freak.” John says: “I am so glad he didn’t touch you. How did you got out of there though?” Nena answers: “Felicia killed almost all of them.” Sebastian also hears it and looks to Felicia. She says: “I was so angry, they were going to kill our baby.” Jenna suddenly says: “Wait, you are going to get a baby?” Sebastian says: “Oh yes, not everyone knows it yet.” Steve is still busy with Amy, but still he says: “Why nobody told me that!” After it, it is silenced until Zaver asks: “Any sign of Besoux?” Amy says: “I really hope Besoux is still alive, I am highly doubting it.” Steve asks: “Also still no sign of those fuckers who made us end up here?” Nena asks: “Didn’t they made it to Quetir II?” Zaver answers: “Quetir II has never existed, all Quetirians are locked up somewhere.” Felicia, Nena and Amy are a little shocked after hearing it.” John asks: “So, what’s the plan now?” Sebastian answers: “Felicia and I will be in this spaceship together with Karlyn, Jenna and Zaver, John, Nena, Steve and Amy, you will go to the other spaceship. We are going to make an end to the motherfuckers who did this to us!”

Delmar, Darren and Stefany are still walking over Quetir II with their three new allies. After a long silence, Stefany asks: “Where are we actually going to?” Goduro answers: “We are going to that idiot of a Pecturo and show him that we are completely done with him!” Delmar says: “It must be terrible to be deceived for your whole life.” Avuro says: “It is not just only that, we have to save our people from this maniac.” Delmar aks: “Can we make a deal with you?” Goduro asks: “What deal?” Delmar answers: “If we help you with that, you will let us free to go.” Goduro answers: “Fine, we were never planning on locking you up for a long time, your specie is way too smart for that. And also, barely anyone would be interested in buying you, you would probably end up on Battlonia.” Stefany says: “Battlonia? What’s that for place?” Oturo finally speaks by answering: “A place where Pecturo creates his warriors. They get trained and have to survive 30 levels in order to be strong enough to be in his battle squad.” Stefany asks to Delmar: “Do you think the others are there?” Delmar answers: “I only care if Lauren is there, the others will probably kill us after what we did.” Stefany says: “I wasn’t planning on going to there.” Delmar asks to Darren who is walking behind them: “What do you think Darren?” Darren answers: “I just do whatever it takes to get off here as fast as possible. I don’t care about helping those Quetirians survive, it is none of my business. And about those others, they should die if that isn’t what they did yet.” Stefany asks: “What about Mitchell?” Darren answers: “He has his own plan of surviving this place. He told me that he had plans meeting a former girlfriend of him here and that was all what made him join this mission.” Delmar asks: “Where could she be?” Darren answers: “I guess at the same place as where we will find that Pecturo guy.” Delmar and Stefany are silenced after he said that. After a few seconds of waiting, Darren says: “I would like to join them when I get the chance.”

Lauren, Besoux, Nasoux, Sabroux and the other Quetirians run out of the prison of Vubro where they see a spaceship standing. Besoux asks to Lauren: “Is this spaceship yours?” Lauren answers: “Yes it is. Let me go in it.” Nasoux, Sabroux and the others want to follow her, but Besoux says: “No, I have a better plan. Follow me!” After a little hesitating, they follow him. After some running, Sabroux says to Besoux: “You found it?” Besoux answers: “Yes, it must be somewhere here.” And after some looking, he sees the mushroom again. He presses on it again. Nasoux says: “That’s a fake mushroom.” Besoux says back to her: “Yes, and look what it does.” And one second later, the hatchway opens and creates an opening to the hangar with spaceships. As fast as they can, they go into the first spaceship they see. They start preparing it to fly. On the moment the motor starts moving and they fly away, the door of the spaceship is suddenly opened. It is Vubro, who is back to get them. Sabroux immediately attacks him, a few moments later Besoux joins the fight. Besoux asks: “How did you came here so fast?” Vubro answers: “It are my own spaceships you idiot! They won’t fly away without me on it!” Besoux says: “Fine, we gave you the chance to stay here and die in your own shit, but now you clearly refuse that, we will let you suffer!” A weak Vubro doesn’t stands a chance against them, even more when Nasoux also decides to join the fight. On the moment he is defeated, Vubro says to Nasoux: “Honey please, do you see what they have done with me? We can take revenge together!” An angry Besoux screams: “No, you won’t!” And after it, he smashes Vubro knockout. Sabroux says: “We better execute this maniac immediately!” Besoux says: “I have other plans with him. He will suffer for what he did to all of you on the new Quetir II.” After it, they fly out of the hangar. Outside, Lauren’s spaceship is waiting for them. Nasoux says: “I think the other Quetirian girls would like to not see him any longer.” Besoux says: “That’s okay. You will go with them to a safe place, while Lauren, Sabroux and me take this creep with us.” Nasoux asks: “Why I can’t come with you?” Besoux answers: “it is better for your own safety if you stay as far away from him.” Nasoux says: “Okay, I understand.” Besoux walks to the cockpit of the spaceship and fills in some coordinates. He says to Nasoux: “These coordinates take all of you to a safe place.” Nasoux asks: “I will see you again, right?” Besoux says: “Of course you will.” And it is followed by Besoux and Sabroux carrying Vubro walking out of the spaceship. When they are outside, Lauren is standing and waiting on them. Lauren asks: “We will take him with us?” Besoux answers: “Once he was my best friend, I believe he can recover from this.” Lauren asks: “What about Nasoux?” Besoux answers: “She will go to a safe place.” When they are inside, Sabroux asks: “Are we going to the New Quetir?” Besoux answers: “No, we will first get the motherfuckers who are responsible for all of this: the Ramerans!”

Inside the spaceships of Sebastian, John, Felicia and the others, they are also making a plan to get revenge on the revenge on the Ramerans. Amy says: “We have two spaceships. Let’s make teams who go on which spaceship. Is it okay if me, John, Steve and Nena go to the other spaceship while everyone else stays here?” Sebastian says: “I am fine with that.” John says: “Before we go, we have to make a strategy.” Felicia says: “We have been inside the palace. There is plenty of space to land two spaceships.” Sebastian says: “Good, we will land on the north side of the palace, John and Amy, you will land at the south side.” Amy says: “If there are any errors, we will search contact with each other.” After it, the two groups split over both spaceships. On the spaceships with John and Amy, the reunited couples are back together. Steve says to Amy: “You will never know how anxious I was that they would do something to do you.” Amy says: “I am also glad to see you again Steve.” Steve says: “We have to create plans on what to do once we are back on Earth. This time I won’t leave you again.” Amy says: ‘I am sorry for my disappointment last time we saw each other. I was just expecting too much as I always do.” Steve says: “It is okay. I have a great plan. Shall we go to Paris together when we are back on Earth?” Amy says: “That is a great idea. I have never been in Paris.” Steve says: “Good, it’s settled then.” Amy says: “A long time ago already, I had a boyfriend. Unfortunately he died, but I think he will be okay with this.” And after it, she suddenly kisses him. They kiss for a while with John and Nena as witnesses of it. John says: “I am even more glad to see you again than they do.” Instead of answering to him, Nena says: “I never expected to get so anxious here in space. I’m sorry, but I don’t like this place.” John says: “It’s okay, you don’t have to join the fight. When we are done, we will go home and restart our life on Earth again.” Nena says: “That sounds like a good plan.” John says: “Actually, if it would be for me to decide, I would have went back to Earth again. Those space pirates are headless beasts, we won’t be able to bargain with them about what they did to us. It is just who they are.” Nena says: “They are scaring me off that much.” John says: “I will make sure they won’t ever harm you again.” And they embrace while their spaceship goes further. On the other spaceship, Jenna, Karlyn and Zaver are also sitting together. Jenna says: “I never expected to meet the both of you on this trip.” Karlyn says: “I never expected there to be life after Battlonia.” Jenna asks: “Why didn’t you actually escape earlier from that miserable place?” Karlyn answers: “I thought nobody would actually care if I would come back or not. And without allies, I don’t think I would have come back on Earth.” Zaver says: “I think that neither any of us expected this to happen. I saw solutions on every problem, but I guess I am getting old.” Jenna asks: “How was your life on your home planet like?” Zaver and Jenna get into a huge conversation while Karlyn is actually more interested in Sebastian and Felicia who are sitting in the cockpit. Sebastian is feeling on Felicia’s belly and asks: “How is she doing?” Felicia answers: “I feel that she is very anxious most of the time. It feels like she doesn’t likes space that much.” Sebastian laughs and says: “We still have to think of a name.” Felicia says: “Let me think of one. Zoë, Maya, Madeline or Lily?” Sebastian suddenly says: “I like the name Victoria.” Felicia hesitates a while until she says: “I don’t know. Maybe.” A few seconds later, Karlyn suddenly walks in and says: “Oh I’m sorry if I interrupted you.” Sebastian says: “It’s okay.” Karlyn says: “I wanted to look if we fly the good route.” Felicia is suddenly interested and asks: “How did you actually meet her?” Sebastian answers: “She was one of the trainees on that Battlonia place.” Karlyn says: “Sebastian gave me hope in life again, something I didn’t had anymore.” Felicia asks: “How did you ended up at that place?” Karlyn answers: “I was in a spaceship like this one. And we also got attacked by those Ramerans. That motherfucker of a Mitchell and two others managed to survive it, but me and the rest of the crew where left to die.” Felicia says: “Wait, Mitchell also went with you on the journey?” Karlyn says: “Yes, that’s how I could tell Sebastian and the others how motherfucking idiot he is.” Felicia says: “Isn’t that very accidentally? Mitchell on two spaceships who get attacked by the Ramerans?” Sebastian says: “I didn’t thought about that yet.” Karlyn asks: “What if he is responsible for all of this?”

The screen moves over to the palace where Alysha has the full power now. All the Ramerans are so afraid of her that they can’t do anything else than obey to her. She has called all of them together in the biggest room of the palace. She screams to the huge amount of Ramerans: “Master Pecturo isn’t anymore! He was killed during the outbreak of all his whores!” All the Ramerans are very surprised about it. They scream a lot of stuff in their own language. Alysha continues: “In this difficult time, I ask all of you to be loyal to me. I will make sure these whores will pay for what they did to our master! For now, I want to know which one of you is the strongest!” After a few seconds, one of them steps forward. He is the biggest and strongest Rameran of all. He says to Alysha: “Boduro offers you his service.” Alysha says: “Good Boduro. I want you to follow this spaceship and kill the three whores who are on it!” Boduro says: “I will do whatever there is needed to revenge our master!” And he and a few other strong Ramerans walk away to their spaceship. Not much later, all the other Ramerans go back to their own place. In the next shot, you can see Alysha standing before the window looking outside where she sees the spaceship with Boduro and the other space pirates flying away. After a long silence, a very familiar voice suddenly asks: “I see that everything goes according to plan?” Alysha turns around and nobody else than Mitchell is standing in the doorway of her room. Alysha screams: “Finally you are here!” And they run to each other and start kissing with each other. Karlyn’s question has been answered.

On board of the spaceship of Besoux, Vubro has wake up again. Lauren and Sabroux are in the cockpit looking if everything goes alright when Besoux tries one more time to save his former friend. He says to him: “Vubrousax, what the hell happened there? There must be something wrong with you, I can help you.” Vubro laughs and says: “How many times do I have to tell you that Vubrousax is death! Never remember me of that weak idiot ever again!” Besoux asks: “So this is really who you are now?” Vubro answers: “I am gonna kill you!” And suddenly he attacks Besoux again, but he is handcuffed so he can never beat him. Because of the noise, Sabroux joins them and says: “You won’t get him back.” Besoux says: “Yes, why do I even try.” Vubro says: “We also won’t get the old Sabroux back, right Sabro?” Sabroux says angrily to him: “You took away my life from me! I will make sure that you will pay long enough for that!” Vubro laughs and asks: “What are you two idiots actually planning on doing with me?” Besoux says: “We will first go to those Ramerans and when we finished that stuff, we will build up Quetir 2.0. And you will rot away in a high tech protected prison long enough until you die of empathy for yourself!” Vubro says: “Ramerans, I do know them very well. You can probably use me there.” Sabroux says: “Don’t believe any of the shit he says!” Vubro says: “I traded so much with those suckers, they are easy to mislead.” Besoux asks to him: “Ever been on their home planet?” Vubro gives one more time a stupid question: “You are underestimating this shit so much.” Besoux stands up, walks to the cockpit and says: “If you already can’t give one proper answer, then please shut up.” Inside the cockpit, he goes sit next to Lauren. Lauren asks: “How did it go?” Besoux answers: “It is so frustrating to see what has become of a good friend of mine.” Lauren says: “I know what it is like to lose a friend, but not how it’s like to see one turn crazy.” Besoux asks back to her: “How was it actually to be back on Earth again for the longer time again?” Lauren says: “It was great as long as it lasted, but I desired to go back to space again very much.” Besoux says: “I never expected to see you again actually.” Lauren says: “I wish it would have been under better circumstances.” Besoux says: “I wish I never have to experience ever again what I had to go under in the last time of my life.” Lauren says: “Let’s only look further to the future and forget the past.” It is silenced until something starts appearing on their radar. Lauren asks: “Is that it?” Besoux answers: “Yes, that’s it.”

At the two spaceships of Sebastian and John, they are relaxing for what’s coming. Sebastian, Felicia and Karlyn are sitting together until Sebastian says: “I am going to take a look on the spaceship and see if there is any stuff we can use.” Felicia and Karlyn agree with it. When he is gone, Karlyn asks after a while: “How long are the two of you already together?” Felicia answers: “Quite some time already. We met each other on Black God’s planet.” Karlyn says: “It must be great to have him as your man.” After a few seconds of hesitating, Felicia answers: “Yes, it certainly is.” Karlyn says: “Your story really hit me. I never expected to hear a pregnant girl going into space.” Felicia says: “Yeah, it actually wasn’t that smart indeed. But we just expected to have a nice flight to the new planet of the Quetirians instead of all this trouble.” Sebastian sees Zaver and Jenna sitting. He explains to them what he is going to do and starts looking. He looks and find less useful stuff until his eyes fall on something. He asks to himself: “Are these explosive?” On the other spaceship, John, Nena, Amy and Steve are more together now. They are having fun. Amy and Steve are the happily together and so do John and Nena. However, an alarm suddenly goes off. John and Amy are the first to look on the radar and see another spaceship has appeared on it. Amy asks: “What should we do?” John answers: “Let’s contact Sebastian about it.” On the moment they search contact, Felicia and Karlyn are still in their conversation. Karlyn says: “Sebastian was different than any other human I had seen before. At him I found myself bound to help him.” Before Felicia is able to answer on that, they hear John and Amy searching contact with them. Felicia asks to them: “What’s wrong?” Amy answers: “A new spaceship has appeared on the radar. It is coming straight to us. We have no idea what to do.” John says: “It could be our old friends, but I don’t trust this. Where is Sebastian?” Felicia answers: “I will call him immediately.” Amy says: “Please hurry, it gets close very fast!” Felicia runs to the back of the ship and Sebastian is surprised to see him. He asks to her: “What’s wrong?” Felicia answers: “A spaceship is coming straight to us. We have no idea what to do.” Sebastian and Felicia run back to the cockpit where they hear Amy saying: “It is going to our spaceship, shall we shoot it down?” Sebastian says: “No wait, it could be Lauren and Delmar. We are not killing them.” John asks: “How big is the chance that they are it?” Sebastian answers: “We can’t know that. Just let them come and see with who we are dealing.” John and Amy look to each other and do not agree with him, but they have to do what he says. John says: “Okay, we will let it board on our spaceship.” Steve says: “Let’s grab the weapons in case we will need them.” Nena says to John: “I am afraid. What if it are those horrible creatures again?” John says back to her: “Go to the other spaceship.” Meanwhile, Sebastian says to Felicia, Karlyn, Jenna and Zaver (who are also in the cockpit now): “I am going to there. You all should stay here.” The others agree with him. Sebastian joins the group who are standing before the door. He asks to them: “Already heard something?” John answers: “No, they are very silenced.” Sebastian says: “Good, let’s open it.” Amy asks: “Are we sure about this?” Sebastian answers: “We aren’t.” After it, they start opening the door. It goes open very slowly. When it is fully opened, a light goes on and to all their surprise a whole group with Ramerans (space pirates) is standing behind it. They immediately attack Sebastian, John, Amy and Steve. They carry big sword with them. Sebastian and John open fire and kill lots of them, but they are with too many and an uncountable amount of them comes through the door. John says: “We have to close the door!” Sebastian answers: “If we do that, we will remain stuck on their spaceship.” Amy says: “We have to make another opening to your spaceship.” And Amy immediately does what she says and searches contact with Felicia, Nena, Karlyn and the others. She screams: “We are in a fight! Attach your spaceship to ours, so we can get out of here!” Felicia says: “Wait, then we will lose your spaceship.” Amy says: “There is no other option. They are overpowering us here.” Meanwhile, Sebastian, John and Steve are running out of bullets. Steve screams: “They are with too many!” John says: “Let’s get out of here!” John and Amy are the first to run to the other side of the spaceship where the tunnel to the other spaceship is almost ready to get used. Steve’s weapon is out of bullets while Sebastian has a few more left. Steve says to Sebastian: “We have to get out of here!” Sebastian ignores what he says and kills a few more. On the moment he also has no bullets left, the last Ramerans including Boduro come on the spaceship. He screams in his own language: “Humans!” Boduro has a cord with lots of knifes on it with him. On the moment he grabs his first knife, Sebastian throws his empty weapon away and runs away together with Steve. Boduro throws his first knife very well and hits Steve’s leg with it. He falls on the ground. Sebastian runs back to make him able to stand again. He helps him walk and together they run away. Boduro and the other remaining Ramerans go after them. At the tunnel to the other spaceship, John and Amy are waiting on them. John’s has a new weapon with him and takes the Ramerans under fire. Amy also joins the fight again. However, the remaining Ramerans all go to her. Luckily, Steve is there to help her and makes the Ramerans’ attention go on him. Boduro also decides to attack him with two knifes. Amy sees it happening and wants to help him, but she still has two Ramerans on her. Meanwhile, Sebastian and John are busy opening the door to the other spaceship. They also have a few Ramerans who make it harder for them to open it. Steve fights against the Ramerans all kills a few of them, but out of nowhere, he is hit by a knife of Boduro. Sebastian sees it happening, goes to it, but is too late. Boduro grabs Steve and holds two knifes before him. Amy is also finally freed from the Ramerans and screams: “Please let Steve go you motherfucker!” Without saying anything, Boduro keeps holding Steve. Sebastian asks to him: “What do you want fucking beast?” Suddenly, Boduro is able to speak English and says to him: “What I want? That all of you die!” And it is followed by one of the knifes going through the ribs of Steve. Sebastian doesn’t hesitates and attacks Boduro. Amy grabs the severely injured Steve. Steve says to her: “It is alright. I can handle this.” Amy says: “They won’t take you from me.” Meanwhile, John is finally done with opening the door and they can use the tunnel to go to the other spaceship. Sebastian fights against Boduro, but the strongest Rameran furfils his title and easily defeats Sebastian. Boduro looks and sees Amy helping the very injured Steve through the tunnel. John wants to attack him, but the other Ramerans make sure he doesn’t stands into the way. Before being close enough to Amy and Steve, Boduro screams: “I feel love! And Boduro fucking hates love!” Before Amy and Steve can possible understand what he says in his broken English, Boduro goes with his biggest knife straight through Steve, finishing him off. He also wants to kill Amy, but Sebastian is fast enough back and stabs him with an own knife. Boduro is suddenly completely done with Sebastian, who runs back to the other spaceship. Other Ramerans come for him, but John makes sure they stay on the other spaceship. Boduro throws his biggest knife on Sebastian and goes back to the other spaceship. Sebastian screams: “John! Close the door!” And before Boduro is able to get back into the tunnel, the door is closed. Sebastian and John immediately go to the cockpit where they say to Felicia and Nena: “Shoot the other spaceship out of the sky!” And they start using the cannon on the moment the tunnel is back in their spaceship. Boduro and the other remaining Ramerans look outside and see that their spaceship is under fire. They all try to run back to their own spaceship, but in a few seconds both spaceships are hit multiple times and both fully explode. Amy is with Steve. Amy asks: “What about our plans for back on Earth?” Steve answers: “I’m so sorry Amy. You shouldn’t feel responsible for bringing me on this mission. You have given me the best time of my life.” After he has finished that sentence, Steve dies in Amy’s arms. Amy starts crying out loud. After Richard, this is the second man she liked who dies. After the tears, the anger takes over. She walks to the cockpit and screams out of anger: “Sebastian!! You are the whole reason Steve is not with us anymore. You let those fucking beasts on our spaceship and look what has happened now! You are not the person I am taking orders from anymore. I think John should lead us from now on!” After it, she walks very angrily away. Sebastian becomes very sad, he didn’t even realize that Steve has died. John, Felicia, Karlyn and Nena also all look to him. They are disappointed in him.

Mitchell and Alysha are together in their palace. Mitchell says: “I am so glad to see you again.” Alysha says: “Me too. It got kind of boring here.” Mitchell asks: “Are Felicia, Amy and that other girl here?” Alysha answers: “Unfortunately they got away from here, but it doesn’t matter. The Ramerans think they killed their leader so that’s why they do whatever it takes to get them.” Mitchell says: “Please don’t make them let killed! I only want those fuckers Sebastian and John, the innocents should stay out of this.” Alysha says: “You care about them? I thought you only cared about me?” Mitchell says: “Of course I care about the most about you, it’s just that I don’t want to kill innocent girls.” Alysha says: “Fuck these girls!” And after it, they kiss with each other once again. For a few moments they are sitting on each other, until Mitchell goes away and says: “Fine, let’s go to the last part of our plan. You have the powers, right?” Alysha says: “I have it in me.” Mitchell is a bit surprised after that answer, but says: “Okay, that’s fine. The power of Black God have already demolished many friends of them, we will let the same happen to them now!”

Lauren, Besoux, Sabroux and the handcuffed Vubro also land on Rameria. Lauren says: “Finally we are there.” Besoux says: “I expected it to be further away.” Lauren asks: “So, what’s the plan?” Besoux says: “Let’s go to their leader and let him beg to pay for what he did to my people.” Vubro says: “I have been here before. You can use me as your guide.” Besoux asks: “Why should we trust you after what you did to us?” Vubro answers: “I want to improve myself.” Besoux angrily screams: “Liar! The only thing you want is hurting us.” Vubro laughs and says: “What can you do without me? You don’t know the fricking way here.” Besoux goes to him and angrily smashes him a few times. Sabroux sees it happening, laughs and says: “I was waiting for you to do that. Of course I went with him all those times he had visits to these planets. I believe I also know the way.” After walking a while, they arrive at the highly protected palace. Sabroux says: “It has to be this.” Vubro asks: “And how do you want to get in?” Sabroux says: “On the way you learned me.” Vubro says: “You have to remove my handcuffs, that’s the only way they will believe you.” Sabroux says: “Fine.” Besoux doesn’t likes it but he knows that there is no other option. When Vubro is free again, Besoux says to him: “If you betray us on any possible way, I will be coming for you.” Vubro laughs once again and says: “You are the friendly Besoux, you won’t hurt one of your own kind.” In a few minutes, they stand before the door where Vubro and Sabroux have a prisoned Lauren and Besoux with them. Vubro says: “We want to do business with your leader.” The Rameran standing before the door and answers to him: “You are on the wrong address.” Sabroux says: “We have two very important prisoners, I am sure he would like to sell them for the highest prize.” Vubro says: “Just tell him Vubro his here and has two people he wants to sell to you.” One of the two Ramerans says: “Master Pecturo has just died, we are not interested in two of your people at the moment.” Vubro says: “Then I will make you get interested in them!” And he and Sabroux suddenly have a weapon in their hand and shoot on the Ramerans with it, killing them. On the moment they walk inside the palace, Besoux says: “We didn’t say you should kill them!” Vubro says: “Didn’t you hear it? Their leader has been killed! This will all make it a lot easier for us!” Besoux says: “Their leader was just the person I wanted to speak.” Lauren asks: “They have a new leader, right?” Besoux answers: “I know, but he is not the person responsible for what happened to my people!” They walk further into the palace. A few Ramerans stand in their way, but Lauren, Vubro and Sabroux make their presence nothing more than a situation on the wrong place on the wrong time. When they are finally at the most important place of the palace, only one door stands in their way which is locked. Besoux says to Vubro: “You did what you had to do now. We will put your handcuffs on again.” Vubro says: “No, you still need me to open this door!” Besoux says: “That’s nonsense, I can open it myself.” Just one second later, Vubro opens the door. They all look inside and suddenly they are face to face with Mitchell and Alysha. Besoux, Lauren and Sabroux are all so surprised about it, that Vubro can take advantage of it. He runs in the direction of Mitchell and Alysha and screams to them: “They are the intruders in your palace! Get them before they take over the whole palace!” Lauren is the first to step forward, looks Mitchell in the eyes and says to him: “Mitchell? What the fuck are you doing here?” Mitchell answers to her: “Lauren, stay out of this!” And before you can even see Mitchell having a weapon, he shoots Lauren with it. She falls unconscious on the ground. Sabroux asks: “What are you doing? He is the enemy here, not us!” But right after she finished her sentence, Sabroux is easily defeated by Alysha who uses her Black God powers for the first time. Besoux doesn’t knows what he is supposed to do. It gives Vubro the chance to walk back to him. With a very evil laugh, he says to Besoux: “Beso, it seems like you fell into my trap once again.” And after it, he smashes Besoux hard in the face, making him fall unconscious on the ground. On the moment the two unconscious Quetirian and one human can be seen, Vubro says: “I order you to take them away.” The Ramerans are slaves to them now and do what he says. After Besoux, Lauren and Sabroux are brought away, Vubro says to Mitchell and Alysha: “Thanks for your co-operation. It seems like I can fill in an empty place in your team.” Mitchell walks to Vubro and says to him: “You get the chance to show yourself, but make no mistake, we don’t need you on the team beast!” Vubro laughs and says: “You will think much different after we got rid of all these idiots!”

Meanwhile, Delmar, Darren, Stefany and their allies Goduro, Avuro and Oturo also arrive on Rameria, but they do not land close to the palace. Darren asks: “Where the fuck did we land?” Goduro answers: “We are at the Ramerans rebels. Pecturo doesn’t knows of the existence of this place.” Darren answers very uninterested: “Great, now we have to fight their battle.” Stefany says to him: “Shut up, we do what’s needed to be able to go back to Earth.” Darren says: “And that’s fighting a battle for them? Come on Stefany!” Delmar comes between them and says: “It’s you who has to calm down Darren. You are already the whole time nagging, you have to stop with that!” Darren is not agreed with his reaction and walks away again. Goduro says: “He really has to want this. If he doesn’t, we can better get rid of him.” Avuro says: “A Rameran proverb says: a warrior who unwillingly has to join a fight, always dies.” Stefany says: “He has no other option if he wants to get off here, right?” Goduro says: “You are still our prisoners and you need to do something to escape from us.” Stefany says: “So if he doesn’t comes with us he will die here and if he joins the fight, he will die as well?” Before Goduro and Avuro get the chance to answer on it, Oturo says: “All warriors are ready. We will set feet to Pecturo!” Avuro asks to Stefany and Delmar: “Will you come with us?” Stefany answers: “Yes, we will. We only still have to convince Darren.” Delmar says: “Let me talk to him.” And Delmar walks away, while Stefany says to him: “Do it fast!” Delmar searches and finds Darren, he is having contact with someone. When he is done with it, Delmar asks to him: “Who is that?” Darren asks: “Who do you think?” Delmar answers: “Lauren?” Darren answers: “No, it is Mitchell you fool.” Delmar says: “So that means Mitchell is also on this planet?” Darren stands up and says to him: “You got that right.” Delmar asks: “What are they planning on doing? Answer me!” Darren laughs and says: “You have no idea. Soon I will join their new team. We will take over the whole universe. Rameria is only just the start.” Delmar asks: “Who are on their team?” Darren answers: “Mitchell, his girlfriend and some Quetirian they needed as ally.” Delmar says: “Darren, this is a bit thing to do. You are not going to betray us.” Darren says: “Don’t you see it? Earth is going to shit. Only with the powers that once belonged to Black God can we rebuild everything how it has to be!” Delmar is very surprised and says: “You can’t do that! A person called Bryan Hubbard thought the same and look what has become of him!” Darren says: “Together we will take control off the powers and take over everything. It is just a matter of time before everyone will kneel for us! Now there is only one question left before it is too late: do you want to join us Delmar?” Delmar answers: “Having the powers of Black God. No, NEVER!!” Darren says: “You have made your choice. I will go now before I will be there too late.” Delmar doesn’t responses as he is freezed and can’t realize it, until Darren suddenly changes his mind and says to him: “Oh yes, I forgot to say. Lauren tried to stop them, but she wasn’t strong enough. Soon she will be executed as cause of her unloyalty to us!” It makes Delmar so angry that he attacks Darren. He angrily smashes him to the ground and screams: “I can’t let you do all of this!” Darren stands up again and says: “Fine, if you stand in my way, then you will die!” The two fight against them for a while. Darren is the whole time stronger, but Delmar doesn’t gives up. Ultimately, Darren smashes Delmar hardly on the ground. Darren says: “You will be the first victim of our group. I will take off your head and show that as prove to Mitchell that I belong into his team!” Delmar says: “Take off my head? Only the most cruel man in the world do such a thing!” And after it, Delmar suddenly shows a knife. Out of nowhere it is thrown and it goes into the leg of Darren. Darren loses balance and falls on the ground. Delmar stands up again and takes the sword out. Darren tries to walk away, but Delmar is too fast for him and stabs him one more time in his belly. While doing it, he screams: “You will never hurt Lauren!” He takes out of the knife when lots of blood smashes out of Darren. With his last powers, Darren grabs Delmar at his neck and tries to strangle him. While almost suffocating, Delmar says: “You will never rule the universe!” And he manages to cut through Darren’s stomach with the knife. The blood comes out of everywhere. Darren falls on his back on the ground and dies. A big idiot who betrayed his team twice, is finally death.

The spaceship of Sebastian and John is the last to reach Rameria. The whole crew of their spaceship sees Sebastian as guilty for the death of Steve. That’s why John is now the one leading the spaceship. Sebastian is sitting somewhere still not be able to realize what big mistake he made. Felicia goes to him and says: “You couldn’t know it. It is not your fault.” Sebastian says: “It is. Thanks to me, Steve’s life has been taken.” Jenna is also close to them and asks: “Why did he actually join our team?” Felicia answers: “Amy convinced him to join us.” Jenna says: “I have had a big training before I could join your team while he can come without any training. The world is not fair.” Felicia says to Sebastian: “You see? He could have known that this could happen. It is not your fault.” Sebastian says: “It doesn’t matter if he could know it or not, I was the one taking the command to let those beasts inside.” After saying that, Sebastian wants to walk away, but Karlyn is also there and tries to help him. She says to him: “We lost one soldier. We can still do this and that’s why we need you.” Sebastian says: “Say that to John, I am not the one leading this group anymore.” At the cockpit, John, Amy, Nena and Zaver are sitting and see that their spaceship has made it to Rameria. John says: “We are there.” Zaver says: “This planet looks exactly as I expected, so huge difference between the poor and the wealthy population.” John says: “I guess the wealthy part is where we should be.” When they are almost ready to land on the planet, Zaver suddenly sees something. He says: “Are that what I think it is?” John looks at it too and they see a very huge crowd of Ramerians marching towards the city.” Amy suddenly looks at it too and says: “What’s miss with this populace?” John says: “You don’t have to do this Amy.” Amy says: “No, I want to take revenge on them.” A few minutes later, they are landed. John, Amy, Nena and Zaver are the first to walk outside. After a little hesitating, Sebastian, Felicia, Karlyn and Jenna follow them. All of them position themselves in a circle. John speaks to the group: “Everyone knows why we are here. We will take revenge for Steve, Bob and all other suffering of our group! During the speech of John, Sebastian looks into the direction of the palace and sees something strange at it. When they are all ready for it, they grab all the weapons they need and make their way to the palace. There is barely any defense left and they can easily walk in. Instead of opening the door Lauren’s group opened, they break it open with much violence. When they all look inside, the biggest surprise ever is there. Instead of Pecturo, Mitchell, Alysha and Vubro are leading the place. Who is the person who has to get the responsibility for everything now? No one knows, but that this will put on a big fire, that’s certain.

Before gets shown what happens next, a flashback is shown. Besoux and Sabroux are put in cages by Vubro, while Mitchell gets Lauren and waits before she wakes up. When she finally woke up again, Mitchell says to her: “It is good to see you again. I already wondered when this moment would come.” Lauren asks: “Where are the others? What the hell has happened?” Mitchell answers: “They all died. I am the only survivor.” Lauren says: “Liar! Give me the truth instead of lies.” Mitchell says: “As you can see, we are the people running this place now. Pecturo has been executed.” Lauren asks: “How could you get so powerful?”’ Mitchell answers: “Powerful? All I did was making a deal with them. If I could bring a whole crew with humans to them which they could sell for a good price, I would get enough credits to live out my whole life!” Lauren says: “It was you who brought us here?” Mitchell laughs and says: “I expected you to be smarter Lauren. It is just so simple: I am responsible for everything!” Lauren asks: “Is that your job? Bringing spaceships here?” Mitchell says: “Especially when one of the most famous astronauts of Earth is on board of the spaceship, they will give me the top prize! All that I needed to do, was sending one message.” Lauren is very surprised and says: “Wait, it was you who wrote the message?” Mitchell laughs again and says: “You didn’t figured that out yet?” His answer makes Lauren so mad that she attacks Mitchell, but after a short fight she suddenly gets powerless. It is Alysha who is with them and uses some kind of power on them. Lauren says: “No no no, please not.” Alysha says: “You worst nightmare is back!” Mitchell says: “Now, go back to your cage and wait on someone who wants to buy you or rot away in your cage while we take over the universe!”

Back in the present, Sebastian, John, Felicia, Amy, Karlyn, Nena, Jenna and Zaver are standing freezed in the door opening. Mitchell sees them and says: “You are just in time for the party old friends! I was already expecting you!” Karlyn is the first to become very aggressive and screams: “Fucking Mitchell! Now I’ll get my revenge!” She runs to him, but suddenly an invisible wall created by Alysha is between them and Karlyn doesn’t gets behind it. Sebastian puts his guilt feeling away, steps forward and asks to Mitchell: “It is you who is responsible for all of this?” Mitchell answers: “Depends on what you mean with ‘all’. It were the Ramerans themselves who did everything.” Felicia, Amy and Nena walk angrily towards Alysha. Felicia asks to her: “You bitch, where is Pecturo?” Alysha laughs and answers: “I killed him on the moment he wanted to fuck me once again!” Amy asks: “How the hell can you create this wall?” Alysha says: “Don’t you get it? I have the powers of Black God now!” Sebastian, John and the others also all hear it. They are very shocked about it. Mitchell says: “It was a very stupid move from you to come back here, but the powers already said there was a 99% chance that you would come back here to get revenge on us, so yeah. Actually I hoped you would have learned from your mistake!” And after he has finished his sentence, the door is closed again. From Sebastian to Jenna, from Zaver to John, all of them become very angry. On the worst timing ever, Mitchell suddenly says: “Wait a minute, where is Steve? Normally he would have been the person who had the best opinion about the situation as it is now.” Amy becomes very angry and starts smashing on the wall. Jenna answers to him: “He is dead, thanks to you motherfucker!” Mitchell says: “That’s so sorry to hear.” Sebastian angrily screams: “Put this wall away! Show us what you can motherfucker!” Mitchell says: “I promise you that all of you will get the chance to stand against us, but do you even dare that since we have the powers of Black God?” Sebastian says: “Felicia and I defeated Black God twice and we can do it a third time! And this time, we will make sure that it will never come back!” Mitchell laughs and says: “In your imaginary dreams, everything can happen.” John suddenly asks to Vubro: “Who the hell are you?” Vubro answers: “Maybe someone else can better answer that question.” And suddenly Besoux is brought into the room. They are all shocked to see him. Zaver asks very surprised: “You were also responsible for locking up Besoux?” Vubro answers: “Not the first time, but the second time, I was! Now Beso, tell them who I am!” Besoux is still very shocked to see all his old friends again, but screams: “He is my old best friend who turned very evil! Don’t do anything of the fucking shit this motherfucker tells you to do!” Vubro laughs and says: “You see? Little Beso is finally becoming a man, after all these years.” Mitchell says: “We also have someone else. You might have missed her as well, but I guess you didn’t. And suddenly they also show Lauren. Sebastian says: “I will give you one last chance to let them free, otherwise I promise you that your whole fucking palace will be one big desert in a few hours!” Mitchell laughs and says: “You really think that I will take commands from you Cantrell?” Sebastian says: “Fine, I guess you have made your choice.” Lauren suddenly starts speaking: “John, Sebastian, Amy, Felicia and all others: I am very sorry for betraying us, but as you can see I am not the villain here! They forced me to do it!” Mitchell screams: “Your pathetic supplications won’t help you!” And after it, he smashes Lauren away. The others all see it happening. Felicia suddenly laughs and asks: “What do you actually want from us?” Mitchell says: “What I want? First of all, I wanted to get the money. And I want to get the fame I deserve! I have to hear every day how people like Lauren Marshall, Sebastian Cantrell and John Woodward are in the spotlights while I am the greatest astronaut in the universe!” John asks: “And you think you will become that by taking over the universe?” Mitchell says: “Once all of you idiots are gone, it may succeed.” Sebastian suddenly asks: “Where are Darren, Delmar and Stefany actually?” Mitchell answers: “I am glad you ask me about that, let’s contact Darren and tell him what I got!” After many times of trying to search contact, Mitchell comes to the conclusion that it fails. Alysha asks to him: “What’s wrong?” Before Mitchell gets the chance to answer that question, a loud noise from outside can be heard. They all walk to the windows and start looking outside. A very big amount of Ramerian walks into the city. Some Ramerians who are still loyal to their queen try to stop them, but they are with too many to stop the Ramerian rebels. The whole city is surrounded. Sebastian asks: “And what do you want to do against that?” Mitchell says: “This planet is doomed ever since we came here. Our next stop will be Earth.” Alysha laughs and says: “I will experiment what my powers will do on planet Earth!” Out of nowhere, Lauren screams: “Noooooo, you won’t!!” and she smashes Alysha as hard as she can in the face, the powers of Black God didn’t foresee that. Alysha remains unconscious behind on the floor. It makes the invisible wall go away. Sebastian, John, Felicia, Amy and the others run as fast as she can to the other side of the room. Mitchell and Vubro both try to get away as fast as possible. Lauren frees Besoux and Sabroux who are both conscious again. Besoux says: “Vubro is for me and this time I won’t have mercy for him!” Sabroux and Zaver decide to join him. Amy asks to John: “What are the plans?” John says: “You, me, Sebastian and Karlyn will go after Mitchell, the others go back to the spaceship. We can’t lose both you and the spaceship.” When all of them run to their own direction, Alysha stands up again and sees it all happening. She decides to go after the group of Lauren, Felicia, Nena and Jenna.

Delmar comes back at Stefany, Boduro, Oturo and Avuro. Stefany asks: “Where is Darren?” Delmar answers: “He won’t come. He made his choice.” Stefany asks: “What is he going to do now?” Delmar doesn’t wants to answer the question and focusses on the coming fight. After a while, Stefany still hasn’t got her answer and she decides to run back. Delmar sees it happening and runs after her. Boduro, Oturo and Avuro don’t see it, they are almost in the city and make their weapons ready. Delmar asks to Stefany: “Where are you going?” Stefany answers: “I am not going without Darren! I know he is a dick most of the times, but we won’t leave him here!” When they are back at the place where the camp of the Ramerian rebels was located, Stefany discovers the terrible truth. She sees the death body of Darren laying on the ground surrounded by blood. She turns around and looks furious to Delmar. She angrily screams: “What the hell have you done?” Delmar answers: “I can explain this. He told me that he was planning on betraying us! He would join a group with Mitchell who were going to use the powers of Black God again! And they are holding Lauren as their prisoner. If you won’t mind, I will go to there now! I have to save her.” Stefany says: “You are not going anywhere. You are a murderer. You killed one of us. We won’t tolerate that.” Delmar says: “You forced me and Lauren to join your fucking group! If you want to kill me, you will have to get me!” And Delmar starts running away. Of course, Stefany goes after him. After a while, they are back at the Ramerian rebels who are in the city just as you could see in the previous scene. They are with too much and fully take it over. It is not the question if they take it over, but when?

Besoux, Nasoux and Zaver are running after Vubro. During it, Zaver says to Besoux: “It is good to see you again.” Besoux says: “Me too, this son of a bitch together with that other guy are responsible for everything!” Suddenly, they don’t see Vubro anymore. Sabroux asks: “Where did he go?” Zaver says: “I have the whole map of the palace in my head. I think I know where he is going, follow me.” Sabroux asks to Besoux: “What specie is that?” Besoux answers: “He is a Viuron, a very smart creature. Much smarter than Quetirians.” Sabroux says: “Oh then I guess he knows this.” They run and run through the palace until they end up in a room that doesn’t leads further. Zaver says: “Here is a window, he must have got out here.” However, Vubro is suddenly back and attacks them. He smashes Zaver away when he ends up face to face with Besoux and Sabroux. He says: “Don’t you get it, you idiots? You have already lost! Quetir 2.0 will never exist and very sure not with you on it!” Besoux screams: “In your dreams!” After some fighting, Vubro hits Sabroux somewhere she can’t have. Vubro says: “I know all your weak spots Sabroux, you don’t stand a chance against me!” The fights goes further between Besoux and Sabroux. They are envenly matched and fight for a while until they come before the window. Vubro smashes Besoux through the window, destroying it. Besoux says: “You gave up your own chances, now you will never get out of here!” Vubro screams: “I don’t fucking care!” And he tries to jump over Besoux, who manages to grab him. Vubro feels it and smashes him in the head, but it makes him lose balance and he falls down to the ground. Besoux has a lot of glass in him and because of the pain, he can’t hold himself somewhere and he falls down as well. Zaver and Sabroux are just conscious again and see what has happened. They run away immediately to go down by the stairs to see if Besoux is alright.

Sebastian, John, Amy and Karlyn go after Mitchell. They lose him out of their eyes and suddenly they are at an intersection in the palace. John says: “Amy and I will go right, you two will go left.” The screen follows Sebastian and Karlyn who are both very angry and wanting revenge. Karlyn says: “This time I won’t leave him alive!” Sebastian says: “Yes, I get it. Most important for me is that we have to destroy those fucking Black God powers once and for all!” Karlyn asks: “You have met those powers before?” Sebastian answers: “Yes, our group has saved the world twice against it.” Karlyn says: “I probably didn’t heard it since I was on Battlonia all that time.” Sebastian says: “There is one thing I don’t get. The powers of Black God can only held by one person, how are Mitchell and that girl thinking they can both have the powers together?” Karlyn doesn’t knows the answer on that question and Mitchell is also suddenly there. He still tries to run away, but he sees Sebastian and Karlyn are faster than him and he stops. He turns around and says: “There you have them. The two that like me the most!” Sebastian screams: “You never took us serious! All you ever wanted was to get money out of us! You will never ever get away with that!” And he and Mitchell start fighting. Sebastian seems very frustrated and Mitchell manages to profit from it. Mitchell says: “You seem so angry. What was it? May I guess? They blame you for Steve’s death, isn’t it? You won’t get your revenge here!” And he smashes Sebastian away. Karlyn gets her chance now. Mitchell says to her: “What about you? Still so angry for what I did on Spaceship 1482?” Karlyn says: “You did something there that can never be erased! I won’t ever get my old friends back because of you!” After some fighting, they end up at the stairs where Mitchell and Karlyn fight and go down in the palace at the same time. When they are at the middle of the stairs, Mitchell says: “I don’t want to do this, but you force me to do. You had to die at the Spaceship 1482, that was your destiny.” Karlyn says: “Someone gave me a second chance.” And that someone suddenly appears, it is Sebastian who stands behind Mitchell and hits on the back of his head. Mitchell fastly stands up and says very arrogant: “It doesn’t matter. I can handle you both!” They fight and fight. Sebastian and Karlyn are stronger and hugely injure Mitchell. However, when he is almost defeated, he grabs Sebastian and throws him over the edge of the stairs. Karlyn is angry about it and also smashes Mitchell over it, make the side part of the stairs break. She immediately runs off the stairs to see how both of them doing. When she is at the end of the stairs, she suddenly sees Sebastian with a high speed being smashed on her. Both of them remain unconscious behind. Mitchell walks to one of the many doors inside the palace, opens it and goes outside.

Meanwhile, Lauren, Felicia, Nena and Jenna are at the airport where all spaceships are located. They search for their own spaceships back. Jenna knows where their spaceship landed and easily finds it back. She says: “This was our spaceship.” Lauren says: “I was searching for a different spaceship.” And she looks once again and sees it: the Spaceship 537. Felicia also sees it and asks: “How long would it already stand here?” Lauren answers: “Too long.” Nena says: “Let’s go inside and wait for the others and get the hell out of here again.” Felicia says: “I am afraid it won’t be that easy. We have to deal with those fucking Black God powers once again.” After Felicia finished her sentence, a very evil voice suddenly can be heard saying: “And this time you won’t survive it Felicia!” It is Alysha and she attacks Felicia with her powers. She also grabs Nena, but it is Lauren’s and Jenna’s chance to get away. They run as fast as they can to the Spaceship 537. Lauren opens the door and they go inside. When they are at the cockpit, she says: “I wish I could help the others, but we have other priorities now.” Jenna asks: “Wait, I can’t believe this is actually happening. You are my biggest idol and now I am in a spaceship together with her!” Lauren says sarcastic: “On the way back home, you may take a selfie with me, but not now.” Felicia and Nena are keeping Alysha busy. They go inside another spaceships that isn’t theirs. Alysha follows them and destroys everything with her powers. Nena asks to Felicia: “What’s the plan?” Felicia answers: “We will take her busy while the other can come here.” Alysha says to it: “You are so wrong about that! The reality is that all your friends are busy taking care of those other two fuckers, while I can get the weakest members of your group first!” Felicia says: “You are wrong about that. You are standing right before the person who found the way to defeat Black God!” Alysha says: “Not this time!” And she makes herself ready to explode. Felicia and Nena go to the first door outside the spaceship and only a few seconds after they made it out, the whole spaceship explode. Felicia and Nena get hit by the explosion and remain defeated behind. Of course Alysha is invisible, she walks to them and says: “I won’t kill you, but I am sure those fuckers Sebastian and John will do whatever it takes to get you safe.”

John and Amy go outside the palace and see the Ramerian rebels coming straight to them. Before they get the chance to speak to them, they suddenly see Delmar running to them. Amy says: “What a coincidence. The other traitors also suddenly show up.” Delmar sees them and says to them: “Oh good to see you again, John and Amy. Do you know where Lauren is?” John says: “You have the guts to show up here.” Delmar says: “Please, they are going to hurt her. I can’t let that happen.” Amy says: “Hurt her? She is safe so far as I know.” Delmar says: “That’s so great to hear! Where can I find her?” Before John or Amy can answer on it, Stefany is suddenly there and she says: “Arrest that murderer!” Delmar sees it and runs away again. Amy asks to Stefany: “What is happening here?” Stefany answers: “He has killed Darren and now he wants to get away with that!” Amy says: “I will contact Lauren, she will know what to do with this. We have other problems at the moment. And the first Ramerians show up before them. Boduro, Avuro and Oturo are with them. Boduro says: “Get out of the city humans! We are going to destroy this place!” John says: “For your own safety, you better all get out of here.” Oturo says: “We will get the head of Pecturo!” Amy says: “Pecturo? He is already death for a few days.” And a few seconds later, one of the Ramerian rebels is suddenly back with the body of Pecturo in his hands. All the Ramerians are very surprised because of it. Amy looks behind her and sees that Stefany is gone. Amy says: “Where the hell did she go to?” John says: “We have to get those two traitors. Can you all stay here and wait for any further command?” Boduro says: “We will discuss first what to do now.” John and Amy agree with it and they go search for Delmar and Stefany. While searching, Amy searches contact with Lauren.

Besoux and Vubro are both laying wounded on the ground on the other side of the palace. Besoux is even unconscious but suddenly he wakes up. He turns around and Vubro is gone. In the next shot, you can see him standing right before Besoux with a knife in his hands. Besoux says: “You wasted so many chances to kill me, will you end it now?” Vubro says: “I had so many possibilities in my head what to do with you, but I have changed my mind. Killing you right now is what I am gonna do!” On the moment Vubro want to cut through Besoux with his knife, Besoux suddenly has a glass smithereen in his hands. He goes with it right through Vubro’s leg before he hits Besoux. Vubro screams the pain out. Besoux stands up again, grabs Vubro and says to him: “You mean that you wasted all your possibilities, now it is time for justice!” And he pushes Vubro backwards where a fence standing. Behind the fence, a high abyss is made so intruders would not come inside the Ramerian capital city. Besoux pushes Vubro against the fence. Vubro can’t resist against it and says: “Please have mercy. I am Vubrousax, your old friend. Don’t you remember when we were best friends?” Besoux says: “Vubrousax was killed many years ago by the Xyporions. And you were killed by Besoux!” And Besoux smashes as hard as she can Vubro through the fence. He is so surprised that he loses balance and falls down. In the next shot, Vubro’s death body can be seen on the ground of the abyss. The biggest traitor of all is finally death. A few seconds later, Zaver and Sabroux are there and see Besoux staring into the abyss. Sabroux says: “It is alright. You did what you had to do.” Besoux says: “It wasn’t him anymore.” Zaver says: “He should have known better.” Besoux says: “Indeed, but let’s see if the other can use our help.” And the three of them walk away again.

Inside the Spaceship 537, Lauren says to Jenna: “I have to get out. You will fly the spaceship to this location (she shows a location on the map) and wait for all of us to come. You can do that, right?” Jenna says: “Of course, I am fully trained in doing that.” Lauren goes outside back to the others.

Stefany gets closer and closer to Delmar, who hides himself behind a wall. Stefany screams: “Show yourself motherfucker! We never should have trusted you. In fact, you were the real betrayer!” Delmar does what she says and gets behind the wall. He shows a gun in his hands. Stefany is not impressed and says: “Why are you doing all of this? Are you scared they are going to hurt the great Lauren Marshall? I don’t get why the fuck you give so damn much about her! All of us are all standing in the footsteps of here! It is time that I will make her end to her, to take revenge on you and the whole world will thing I am the greatest astronaut as him!” Delmar says: “Don’t make the same fucking mistake as Mitchell and Darren did! They can’t be trusted!” Stefany says: “It is you who cannot be trusted! And Stefany gets closer, Delmar wants to shoot but his gun faulters and Stefany smashes it out of his hands. They fight hand to hand with each other. Stefany is much stronger and after a short fight, she smashes Delmar to the ground, defeating him. Stefany says: “Wait here please. I will be back with Lauren here, so you can see how I make an end to the real two betrayers together!” Delmar screams softly: “Then you will die for that!” while Stefany runs away.

Mitchell walks outside where he meets Alysha again who has prisoned Felicia and Nena on the middle of the big square of the palace. He says to her: “Good work, but we aren’t going to kill them, right?” Alysha angrily says: “You are way too soft for these stupid bitches! I was planning on testing my powers on them when their fuckers are here.” Mitchell angrily says: “That was not the plan! I would keep them here while you make yourself ready to destroy Earth just like Black God once destroyed Quetir!” Meanwhile, Sebastian and Karlyn wake up. Karlyn asks: “Where is he?” Sebastian looks and says: “He went outside for sure.” They both stand up and run outside. From far away, they can already see Mitchell and Alysha standing. Mitchell also sees them and says: “There you have one of the two fuckers!” Sebastian sees he has prisoned Felicia and becomes very angry. Alysha says: “We kept all of you busy while I could prison the weak ones!” Sebastian asks very angrily: “What do you want motherfuckers?” Mitchell says: “We will give you two options. The first one is that we will destroy Earth, just like your friend Black God did to Quetir!” Alysha interrupts him and says: “And the second option will be that you and John will watch how I will smash with this axe (she creates an axe with her powers) long enough on the head of your two whores until their brains splashes out!” After finishing her sentence, John and Amy also suddenly show up (they took a faster route then Delmar and Stefany). Alysha sees it and says: “Oh, there you are. You also have to make a choice for your girlfriend!” John says: “You will keep your hands off her!” Alysha asks: “So we will go for destroying Earth?” Suddenly, Lauren can be heard shouting: “Surrender Mitchell and the other bitch or I will shoot your head off with my weapon specialized with the liquid created by Sebastian and Felicia!” Alysha laughs and says: “You think that useless weapon will stand a chance against my powers?” Felicia says: “Please, we can’t let Earth get destroyed. Choose the other option.” Sebastian screams: “No, that’s absolutely not going to happen!” John screams: “We choose the third option: that the two of you should go to hell!” Alysha says: “Okay, choice made!” And on the moment she wants to smash the first time with her axe on the head of Nena, out of nowhere, they hear a voice screaming: “Mitchell??? What the hell do you think you are doing?” Mitchell and Alysha are both immediately focused on it. It is Stefany and she gets closer and closer to them. However, on the moment she is finally close enough to them, a gunshot can be heard. They all look who is hit. After seconds of silence, they see Stefany is the one who is hit. She turns around and looks to the person who fired the gunshot: Delmar. Stefany is very surprised and falls down. Mitchell grabs her, but she dies. He screams to Alysha: “Use your powers on her! You can still save her!” Alysha refuses and does nothing. Delmar shows himself and says: “I did to her the same thing as I am going to do to you now!” And Delmar wants to shoot one more time, but Mitchell is faster than he expects and he hits him on a place he can’t have, making the hurt Delmar get defeated once again. Meanwhile Lauren knows that this is her chance and she starts shooting with her weapon. She shoots with it on both Alysha and Mitchell. Sebastian, John, Amy and Karlyn also grab their chance and get Felicia and Nena safe. They also look to Mitchell and see that the weapon doesn’t have that affection on him. Karlyn screams: “He doesn’t have the Black God powers, so let’s grab our chance!” Alysha and Mitchell know that they have lost and try to get away from them. They get to each other again, while Mitchell says: “Please, grant me half of your powers! We are lovers and do everything together!” Alysha suddenly stops running and Mitchell does the same. She looks to him for a while. With Sebastian, John, Felicia, Nena, Lauren and Karlyn getting closer to them, Mitchell says: “We don’t have much time left! Give them to me! NOW!!!” However, instead of giving him half of her powers, Alysha smashes Mitchell hardly in the face and runs further. At first, Mitchell doesn’t feels it and tries to run behind her. But after a few seconds, he suddenly realizes what Alysha has done and he starts getting dizzy. Sebastian is the first to make it to him and smashes him to the ground. On the same time, Lauren goes after Alysha, but she uses her powers on Lauren and smashes her away. Mitchell sees Alysha running away. He has been betrayed by the woman he loved. The whole group, except Lauren, surrounds Mitchell. Sebastian asks: “What shall we do with him?” Felicia answers: “We have to kill him once and for all!” Karlyn steps forward with the axe they wanted to use on Felicia and Nena in her hands and says: “I have waited a long time for this moment.” Sebastian says: “Of course, let her do what she deserves, while I have something better to do.” And Sebastian suddenly runs away. Felicia sees it happening and goes after him. Karlyn stands with the axe before Mitchell, while he begs her for mercy. He says: “Karlyn, please know that it was never personal. I just did whatever was needed to survive.” Karlyn says: “That bullshit won’t help you!” And she smashes for the first time with the axe through the head of Mitchell. Before Karlyn smashes the seconds time in his head, Mitchell says: “Alysha, I love you.” And just after he finished saying that, Karlyn smashes a second time, finishing off Mitchell. Out of anger, she smashes him a few more times. When she is done, she leaves the axe inside his head. The person who was responsible for all of their suffering throughout the whole movie, is finally death.

Sebastian runs back into the palace. When Felicia is close enough to him, she asks: “Where are you going to Sebastian?” Sebastian says: “I am going to get something we will need.” Felicia says: “I have thought about how we could get that fucking Alysha. We have to surprise her with our liquid just like we did to Bryan twice.” Sebastian says: “Could be, but I have another plan. And to fulfil that plan I need something that I can find here.” Felicia says: “Why are you doing so secret? You are not the Sebastian I know from before we went on this trip.” Sebastian says: “If I tell you what I am about to do, you will get terrified.” And not much later, they end up in the weapon room in the basement of the palace. Felicia asks: “How did you know they would have a weapon room?” Sebastian says: “Ramerians are big sellers. They would need a place where they keep stuff they can sell.” They search and search when they end up at the back of the room where very big bombs are. They are small and Sebastian grabs multiple of them. Felicia asks: “Why would you need so much of these bombs?” Sebastian answers: “I am going to wipe out Black God completely from existence. I am so fucking sick of it!!” Felicia says: “Me too, but I feel so stupid. I got the chance to kill Alysha, but I didn’t. If I weren’t so stupid, this would all have been over already.” Sebastian asks: “When did you got that chance?” Felicia answers: “When they locked me, Amy and Nena, she was there without the powers. When we got out of there, I got the chance, but we left here there to die. Instead of killing her myself.” Sebastian says: “It is not your fault.” Felicia asks: “Where are you going to place all the bombs?” Sebastian answers: “All around the city. The Ramerians themselves already said they wanted to destroy the city, so let’s help them with that.” Felicia asks: “And you think that will finally make and end to Alysha?” Sebastian says: “No I don’t, but if we will mix it with our liquid, Alysha will be put out of existence. And remember, she is less smart than Black God, she doesn’t knows everything about her powers yet.” Felicia says: “Well, she knows how to destroy Earth with it. Where is she now actually?”

To answer Felicia’s question, we go over to the other group who have just left the death body of Mitchell and walk in the direction of the Spaceship 537. Nena asks: “Where is that fucking Alysha? We still have to get rid of her.” Amy answers: “She is there.” And she points to the top of the former Pecturo palace, where Alysha is standing on, making herself ready to fire with her powers on Earth. Lauren says: “She doesn’t have the cannon that’s needed to destroy whole planets.” And a very very loud voice says: “You mean this Mrs. Marshall?” And they all look to the top of the palace, where Alysha creates exactly the same cannon as Black God once used to destroy Quetir.” The whole group is very angry about it. Lauren says: “John and Amy, come with me. We won’t let this happen!” Karlyn asks: “What should we do?” John answers: “Go to the spaceship and wait for us.” Lauren, John and Amy run back where they suddenly see Delmar coming to them. Delmar says to Lauren: “I am so glad to see you alive and well again.” Lauren asks: “Did you kill both Stefany and Darren?” Delmar answers: “I had to, they were both going to hurt you.” Lauren says to John and Amy: “Go! I first have to handle him.” Delmar asks: “Handle me? What has happened to you Lauren?” When John and Amy are both gone, Lauren says to Delmar: “You think you can just kill them? Those weren’t just two people that went on mission with us, they were two of the greatest astronauts there were! When we are back on Earth, how will we explain that those two didn’t came back? Nobody is going to believe that they just died. We have to tell them the truth.” Delmar is shocked and realized what he did. He says: “Please Lauren. I did this for you. They had evil intentions to you.” Lauren says: “Prove that to the court when we are back on Earth.” Delmar screams: “If I didn’t do this, they would have killed you god damn it!” Lauren says: “Think about what you did once you ended up in jail.” After the anger, the tears take over and Delmar remains said behind. Lauren waits a few seconds until she says: “Go back to the spaceship if you want to stay alive.” Delmar eventually agrees with it and runs into the direction Lauren points him to go.

John and Amy go inside the palace where they end up face to face with Sebastian and Felicia. John asks to them: “What did you do?” Sebastian answers: “Help us with placing these bombs.” Amy says: “No, we have to stop Alysha. She is currently making herself ready to destroy Earth.” Sebastian says: “Yes and we can stop her from doing that by placing these bombs.” John and Amy hesitate, but eventually they do what he says. When they are done placing the bombs, Boduro, Avuro, Oturo and a few other Ramerians are suddenly there. Amy says to them: “Get as far away from here! It is not safe anymore.” Oturo asks: “You are going to destroy the whole city?” Felicia says: “Yes, we are sorry, but we have to. It is the only way how we can stop her.” Avuro says: “It is okay. Once all of Pecturo’s creations are destroyed, we can rebuild the capital city again.” Boduro says: “Thank you for your service to the Ramerian rebels, humans.” Amy says: “I hope your planet will get a lot better once we have left it.” Sebastian says: “It surely will.” They all say goodbye to the Ramerians. Sebastian says: “It is weird that creatures who have caused all of this are our allies now.” John says: “They are like humans, once they don’t like their leader anymore, they come in resistance.” Felicia says: “Let’s go to the Spaceship 537 now. Every second we wait longer, the chance of fucking Alysha getting what she wants increases.” And the four of them run into the direction of their spaceship.

On the top of the former Pecturo palace, Alsyha can see what Sebastian, John, Felicia and Amy have done. She laughs and says: “This is how you want to stop me? With a few of bombs, you will never stop me!” And she goes further with pushing her powers into the cannon to make it get big enough to be able to destroy a whole planet with it.

Inside the Spaceship 537, they are all happily to be safe but hope on the others to find a way to defeat Alysha. Nena says: “They will for sure find a way to do it. I believe in them!” Karlyn says: “It takes long, we can’t lose them.” Suddenly someone gets on board of the spaceship. It is Delmar, but none of them sees him going inside. He tries to hide him somewhere and to his luck, neither Nena, Karlyn nor Jenna sees him.

Sebastian, John, Felicia and Amy get back to Lauren, who has Besoux, Sabroux and Zaver with her. On the moment all of them are reunited again, they suddenly hear Alysha with her very very loud voice saying to them: “You all think you can run away from this? Don’t you want to save your beloved Earth?” Lauren says: “You are from Earth yourself! You are the most filthy bitch there is! Show us who you really are without your powers!” Alysha says: “You have no idea how much I hate Earth! Nobody liked me there! And now I am here, I can finally take revenge on everyone that hurt my feelings on Earth! I will get my revenge!” Before continuing the discussion, Sebastian says: “We have to get to the spaceship, we don’t have time for this.” Alysha sees them running away and continues filling the weapon. Only 5 minutes left and she is ready to use the cannon. She also looks to Sebastian who has the control off the bombs with him. With her powers, she easily destroys it without Sebastian noticing it.

After a few minutes of running, Sebastian, John, Felicia, Amy, Besoux, Sabroux and Nasoux make it to the Spaceship 537. Before going inside, they say goodbye to Besoux, Sabroux and Nasoux. Lauren says: “We will see you again, right?” Besoux says: “It was short, but when Quetir 2.0 is really build up again, we will notify you about it.” Lauren says goodbye to Besoux, while Sebastian suddenly runs to the other spaceship. Felicia goes after him and says: “The Spaceship 537 is there. We can take it instead of this cranky spaceship.” Sebastian says: “No, I will take it with us in case we will need it.” Felicia doesn’t understands it, but she goes after John and Amy inside the Spaceship 537. Besoux’s, Nasoux’s and Zaver’s spaceship is the first to fly away. When Lauren is also on board of the Spaceshuip 537, Karlyn is the first to ask: “Where is Sebastian?” Felicia answers: “He will come with the other spaceship.” And they all look to the window where they see another spaceship go up as well. Lauren and John make a bridge open so the small spaceship of Sebastian is attached to the much bigger Spaceship 537. When they are in the air, the bridge opens and Sebastian walks into the Spaceship 537. Amy is the first to go to him and says: “We have no time left! Let the bombs go off!” Sebastian grabs his little remote control and presses on the bombs, but nothing happens. All the others are all very shocked about it. After a few seconds of silence, Sebastian suddenly says: “She is so fucking predictable. I didn’t place the bombs for this. I knew she would do this.” Lauren asks: “What are we going to do now? Time is running out.” Without saying anything, Sebastian walks away. The others all really don’t get him. Jenna says: “The Earth is lost, we can’t stop it. We have failed.” Nena also becomes sad and John helps her. Lauren, Amy, Felicia and Karlyn all remain freezed behind. After a few moments waiting, Sebastian is suddenly back with lots of more bombs in his hands. He goes with it inside the other spaceship that is attached on the Spaceship 537. When he is back, Felicia is the first to realize what the hell is going on here. She walks to Sebastian and asks very sad to him: “You aren’t going to do what I think you are going to do?” Sebastian says: “It is the only way.” John hears it and asks to Sebastian: “What are you planning on doing?” After a few seconds of hesitating, Sebastian finally starts explaining: “The spaceship I attached to the Spaceship 537 is full with bombs. And not only with bombs, the liquid Felicia and I created is in it as well. All I have to do is fly it into the city and BOOOOOM!!! Earth will be saved, there will be nothing left of the filthy bitch Alysha and all of you will be safe.” Karlyn says: “Nooooo! You will never survive that!” Sebastian says: “It is worth it if I can safe Earth with it. And not even thinking about everything else Alysha is still planning on doing.” John asks: “Can’t you put the spaceship on automatic pilot?” Sebastian answers: “I tried, but that spaceship is so fucking old that it doesn’t have an automatic pilot. However, it does have an escape pod in it.” Karlyn screams: “This is insane! I will do it!” And she wants to run inside the spaceship, but Sebastian stops her from going inside. Karlyn says: “Please let me go Sebastian. All of you still have a life on Earth, I haven’t!” Sebastian says: “NO!! I should do this! I am the one responsible for Steve’s death! I gave the fucking command of him to let those beasts of Alysha inside! And guess what? He never ever signed to go on this FUCKING MISSION!! HOW THE HELL AM I EVER GOING TO EXPLAIN THAT???” All the others are speechless after it. Sebastian says: “John should be the one leading you from now on. I am sure he is suitable at doing that.” Karlyn asks: “I can’t let change your mind, right?” Sebastian says to her: “Think about your dreams of your life on Earth. Fulfil them please.” Felicia embraces Sebastian and cries heavily. Sebastian looks to her belly and says: “Take good care of our girl.” Felicia says: “I can’t do this without you. We have to find another way!” Sebastian says: “There is no other way.” And suddenly he has the chain of Quetirian teeth in his hands again. He gives it over to Felicia and says: “I am sure our paths will come together once again. This chain will do that as I promised.” And after it, Sebastian and Felicia have one final kiss together. When they are done, Sebastian walks into the bridge. Before the door closes, he says to all the others: “Thank you for everything. It was an honour working together with you.” Meanwhile all the others are crying except Sebastian himself. Even Delmar is standing with them. After it, the door closes. When they can’t see him anymore, Sebastian runs to the cockpit of the other spaceship and launches the other spaceship off. By now, they are already in space and Sebastian changes the direction of his spaceship and flies back to Rameria.

After minutes and minutes of firing her powers into the cannon, Alysha is done. She says: “Finally it is done! Now it is time to get my ultimate revenge!” However, right before she wants to start using the cannon, she suddenly feels something with her powers. And after seconds of feeling, she sees a spaceship coming straight to her. She looks and sees Sebastian is the only one on board. Alysha is very, very surprised about it. She is as freezed as impressed by it. She didn’t see this coming. When Sebastian is close enough, he makes himself ready to go inside the escape pod. He enables automatic fire. When he is done enabling it, the sound of the spaceship says: “Only 2 minutes left until automatic fire.” On the moment Sebastian opens the escape pod for him, it says: “Only 1 minute left until automatic fire.” After the voice in the escape pod has said that, Sebastian screams to himself in the hope that Alysha can hear it: “BLACK GOD!! Go to hell….” It is the last that can be seen of Sebastian and the camera changes over to Alysha. She sees the spaceship flying straight to her. When she is ultimately done with being freezed, Alysha tries to stop the spaceship with her powers, but it is all too late. She can’t get her powers that strong again, since she has completely used them into the cannon. On the moment she decides to use the cannon instead, the spaceship starts with automatic fire. One of the bombs placed inside the palace gets hit and all that follows is one of the biggest explosions ever. In a few seconds, nothing is left of the Ramerian capital city anymore. Sebastian’s plan has worked: both Alysha and the Black God powers have been erased from existence. Black God will NEVER return!

From inside the Spaceship 537, they are powerlessly looking to it. Almost all of them are crying. After seconds of silence, Lauren says: “It has worked. Black God and Alysha are both no more.” Amy says: “He will always be remembered as a hero.” While John, Nena, Jenna and Karlyn are all speechless, Felicia says: “We have to look if he is somewhere there! Change the direction of the spaceship.” Lauren says: “Nobody ever could have survived an explosion like that. I am so sorry.” With many anger and sadness together, Felicia walks away. When she is gone, Lauren suddenly realizes that Delmar is standing with them. She says to him: “After everything you have done, you suddenly think you can be part of this group again?” Delmar says: “Please Lauren, give me time to explain everything.” Lauren says: “You can once we are back on Earth.” Delmar says: “Come on! We have such a long journey back, there is enough time for it.” Lauren says: “Let’s bring you to your cell. There you can think about your actions.” Delmar doesn’t thinks about giving enough and wants to run away. However, Amy stands on his path and makes him stumble to the ground. Lauren walks to him and grab him up on his legs. Lauren says: “Running away isn’t going to help you.” Delmar says: “Lauren, there is something I have to tell you.” And Lauren gives him the chance for it and Delmar says to her: “I love you.” Lauren is not intimidated and smashes him in his head, making him unconscious. Together, Lauren and Amy bring him to his cell.

That same day, everyone is doing his own stuff. Lauren and Amy are controlling the spaceship, while John, Felicia, Nena, Karlyn and Jenna are mourning. Jenna says: “That was a hell of an adventure. Is it normal for you to go through something like this?” John says: “No, it has never been as heavy as this time.” Nena says: “I can barely realize what the hell all has happened.” Karlyn walks to Felicia and tries to help her. Karlyn says to her: “Once we are back, we will go on our own mission and search for him. I still have hope he survived it in that escape pod.” Felicia says: “We should have went to it immediately. Now it is already way too late.” Karlyn says: “Can an explosion off this size actually be survived by someone?” Felicia says: “It could, but you seriously need help. And all alone in space, that help won’t come.” After realizing that, Karlyn gets angry again and screams: “Why that fucking Delmar couldn’t have went inside of that spaceship instead?” After she has said that, an alarm suddenly goes off. It comes from the room with the cell of Delmar. Lauren and Amy hear it as well, Lauren says: “I will handle it.” And she goes as fast as she can to the cell of Delmar, but it is empty. Lauren starts searching through the spaceship. And suddenly she hears someone running. It is Delmar and she goes after him. They end up at the place where a door to another spaceship can be opened. Delmar presses on a button before Lauren can get to him, making a door with a big window in it close. Lauren asks to him: “What the hell are you doing?” Delmar says: “There is something wrong with me. I am sick.” And Delmar goes with his hands to the door that opens the door behind him inside space. Lauren says: “Please don’t do this! I have been tough to you, but this isn’t the answer.” Delmar suddenly angrily asks to her: “And you think that putting me into jail is the answer?” Lauren says: “We will find another way, don’t do it!” But Delmar is too sick into his head and still presses the button. On the moment the door opens, Delmar gets to the window and says: “Lauren, it is not your fault. It is me who has made unforgettable mistakes.” And while Lauren tries to open the door unsuccessfully, the power of the space outside is too strong and pulls Delmar to outside. Fortunately, the Spaceship 537 has its own protection against this and a spacesuit is created around Delmar so he doesn’t die. However, the spacesuit has a weapon and Delmar grabs it. Delmar says: “I really wasn’t joking. I really love you.” And after it, he shoots through the glass of his spacesuit with the gun. Lauren screams it out and can only powerless see how Delmar floats in space. After a few moments, he can’t breathe anymore and dies. His body is given to the space in which it disappears. Lauren starts crying and on the moment the door to the space is closed, the door behind her opens. A few seconds later, Amy and John are suddenly standing behind her and know what has happened.

More than a week later, the Spaceship 537 lands again. From the 13 passengers that once left Earth, only 6 returned: John, Lauren, Amy, Felicia, Nena and Jenna (and they got Karlyn with them in return though). In this final scene, the 6 of them are standing together with the Spaceship 537 standing behind them, until they realize that their paths will divide again. Jenna is the first to say: “I’m sorry, but I have to go back to my teacher. I want to thank all of you for this unforgettable experience. To end with something positive: I am sure that this adventure has learned me a lot that I can use in my future life as astronaut. It was an honour!” And the others say goodbye to her, while she leaves them. Lauren says: “Yes, I have to go back to my army as well. You will hear from me.” And she also leaves the group. Karlyn is focused on Felicia again and says to her: “It must be so hard for you to take care of the baby alone now.” Felicia says: “True. It can’t take long anymore until she will be born. Just the fact that she will never know her father.” And she starts crying again. Karlyn says: “We will be there for you.” John, Nena and Amy agree with it and not much later the tree of them walk away. John asks to Amy: “What are you planning on doing?” Amy says: “I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about that yet.” John says: “Let me know when you have figured out something.” Amy says: “I will.” And Amy walks away from them. John and Nena stay behind together. John says to Nena: “I am really sorry that you had to go through all of this.” Nena says: “It is not your fault. I am just not made for going into space. I am not that person. So if you are planning on going again, I won’t be joining.” John says: “That’s sad to hear.” And when Nena walks a bit more away from him, John stops walking, looks up in the sky and tries to feel if Sebastian is somewhere there. After it, the credits start appearing.

Mid-Credit Scene

Weeks later, the moment is there: the baby of Sebastian and Felicia gets born. First you can see Felicia laying in the hospital with the baby in her arms. In the next shot, Felicia is in the city hall. She does the notification of the birth of her child. The person who helps her asks to her: “Where is the father? He has to be here as well.” Felicia answers: “There has been an accident. He can’t be here.” The person of the municipal says: “Oh, that’s so sad to hear. But are you sure he would be fine with the name you are going to give your child?” Felicia answers: “Yes, he certainly is.” The person of the municipal asks: “And that name will be?” Felicia answers: “Victoria. Victoria Cantrell. We weren’t married yet, but as honour to her father, I want to give her the surname of her father.”

After-Credit Scene

Somewhere in empty space is shown. After a few seconds of waiting, an escape pod suddenly shows up. Inside is shown, where a person in critical condition can be seen. Of course it is Sebastian. The camera goes to his belly and it is shown that his heart is still breathing.


  • Jeremy Irvine as Sebastian Cantrell
  • Tony Oller as John Woodward
  • Hera Hilmar as Felicia Erickson
  • Savannah McReynolds as Nena Houghton
  • Danielle Campbell as Amy Watkins
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Lauren Marshall
  • Lia Marie Johnson as Karlyn Lake
  • Diego Boneta as Delmar Norris
  • Jenna Boyd as Jenna Wagner
  • Jimmy Deshler as Mitchell Trevino
  • Sofia Black-D'Elia as Alysha Rivera
  • Rhys Ward as Steve Timmons
  • Haley Pullos as Stefany Manning
  • Zack Peladeau as Darren Cooney
  • Bill Milner as Bob Hickman
  • Dominic West as Besoux
  • Unknown voice actor as Zaver
  • Unknown voice actress as Nasoux
  • Unknown voice actor as Vubrousax/King Vubro
  • Unknown voice actress as Sabroux
  • Unknown voice actor as Pecturo/Pacturo
  • Unknown voice actor as Aporxo
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