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Spaceship 537: Reign of Black God is the 9th movie in the Spaceship 537 franchise. It is a sequel to Spaceship 537: Return to Earth. It's an original movie idea by FranceSwitzerland. All characters who survived the last movie will appear in this movie. This movie will finish the third storyline which started at Spaceship 537: Reaching new Planets and possibly be the last movie in the franchise.


Black God's plan has succeeded: he took revenge on Sebastian and completely beat him. He also has fully control over all the weapons and power of the former Newton companies. Nobody can beat his new company, in which Erwin Holdman helps him with. Together they also locked up all Quetirians, Xyporions, Zaver and other aliens who landed on Earth. The team of the Spaceship 537 has fully fall apart. Everyone went his own way, only John and Amy stayed together. Sebastian is still struggling until he finds a way to give his life meaning again: joining a new group of students who all want to do a 'very dangerous' new job: taking care of all aliens that landed on Earth. Before he can practice this profession, he has to do a study for a few years that bring him together with who saved his life: Lois. Not much later, he also sees his love Felicia back, who already works there. Black God didn't need her anymore and let her go her own way. Eventually, Sebastian finds out that there is only one way how they can defeat Black God: Getting the whole group back together. Unfortunately, Black God is still very powerful and keeps being in the body of Tristan Bentley, that's how nobody finds out who he really is. The team has to find his weaknesses once again and defeat this big villain once and for all.


It starts in some kind of hangar. Lots of Quetirians are sitting in cages there. It shows some of them until the screen focusses on Besoux, who is sitting in a cage together with two other Quetirians. They are just sitting and doing nothing, until a man suddenly starts speaking through a speaker. He says: “Now you are all here, I want to make something clear. Whenever one of you escapes, we will shoot you down without any warning. You are on Earth now, where nobody asked you to come. There are some more rules I will give you later, but for now I have only one question: Who is your leader? Show yourself! You all have a microphone inside your cage, show yourself!” After a few seconds of hesitation, Besoux says: “I am our leader. Who am I speaking to?” The same man says: “I am Collin Wade, leader of the A.P.G. meaning Alien Protection Group. How am I supposed to call you?” Besoux answers: “It is just Besoux.” Collin says: “Well, good to meet you Besoux. You are my spokesperson from now on.” Besoux says: “Okay fine, but I just want you to let you know, that we only came here because our own planet was destroyed and humans became our friends! In other words, let us go! We are innocent!” Collin says: “I can’t allow that, or at least my boss doesn’t wants that.” Besoux says: “I am so done with this! I won’t beg ever in my life for a human!” Collin says: “Soon you will, for now let me make you an example of what happens when you refuse to beg for me!” After it, lots of electric is send to Besoux and he is very heavily electrocuted. The other two Quetirians in the cage can’t see it and look away. When the electrocution is over, Besoux falls unconscious on the ground. Collin screams: “This was only an electrocution on setting 1, setting 3 will kill you!” After it, he laughs like a real villain making all Quetirians become scared of him.

The logo Spaceship 537 Reign of Black God is shown in the screen.

It is followed by an overview of the city of Tampa. Somewhere in the poor part of the city, Sebastian is walking. He looks around him and sees lots of garbage lying on the ground. His face is shown and you can see that a beard is growing. After some walking, he reaches a basketball field in the middle of the city. Lots of children are playing basketball on it while the older children wait and look to the match. Sebastian decides to go stand next to them. The match is very exciting, but another man asks to him: “Do you like basketball?” Sebastian says: “Not really, but as long as it is something I can look to, I can enjoy it.” The same man says: “We also don’t play, but bet on the winning team.” Sebastian says: “Sounds interesting.” The man says: “When you get the right winner, the others who predicted the wrong winner have to give their money to them who predicted the right winner.” Sebastian asks: “You have often the right winner?” The man says: “Mostly I do, but not always.” Sebastian says: “So this is how you get money.” The man says: “Yes, I do everything to get enough to stay alive.” Sebastian says: “It is really good. Perhaps I should also join you, because I also need money.” The man says: “Good idea. It is Michael Gallagos by the way.” Sebastian says: “I’m Sebastian Cantrell.” Michael asks: “Are you living somewhere?” Sebastian says: “No, I am homeless.” Michael says: “I have never seen you before.” Sebastian says: “That’s true, I am not even a week here.”

Meanwhile, Collin Wade leaves the hangar with Quetirians and goes to some kind of company. You can easily see that it is on exact the same place as the company at the previous movie. However, it looks much different as Black God completely destroyed the other base. When he comes in there, he steps into an elevator that takes him to a floor high at the company. Collin walks into a room where Erwin Holdman is sitting behind a table and Felicia is also sitting there, but she is busy with her own stuff. Collin asks to Holdman: “Where is Bentley?” Erwin says: “He is busy at the moment, you can also ask me your questions. I am the one who owns the company now.” Collin is surprised and says: “Why nobody told me that?” Erwin says: “You are supposed to own the Alien Protection Group. This whole company is not important to you. And also, there is where it goes wrong, not here.” Collin asks: “What do you mean?” Erwin says: “I heard you were torturing those Quetirians, we all think you should be a lot nicer to them.” Collin says: “What can I do about that they simply refuse to listen? That has to be punished.” Erwin says: “No, you are wrong. We want them to purchase us incredible information. By torturing them, it is not going to happen.” Collin hesitates a bit and asks after a few seconds: “What do you want me to do then?´ After it, Black God says with a very loud voice: “We want you to get information and we know how you can do that. You have to become friends with the aliens, not make them your enemies.” Collin says: “Okay, I can try that, but I need help.” Black God says: “Exactly, we will create a whole team for you.” Collin says: “That sounds amazing.” Black God walks to Felicia and says to her: “You are going to be part of that team!” Felicia is surprised and asks: “What should I do?” Black God answers: “Be nice to the aliens and gather useful information for me.” Felicia asks: “Why do you want all those information?” Black God says: “Information about aliens is money. But first, we need to complete the team with young people.” Collin asks: “Where can we get those young people?”

The screen turns over to the poor part of Tampa to answer Collin’s question. There, Sebastian, Michael and all the others are still playing basketball. The match is ended. Michael and some others are very glad because the winner they predicted has won. Sebastian looks and is jealous because he barely has any money left. He says to Michael and all the others winners: “I also want to participate in this.” Michael says: “I knew you would.” Another man says: “Come on, lets go to the other basketball field, another match is about to start there.” All the other basketball predictors follow him. After some walking, they reach the others basketball field where the two teams are about to start. Sebastian is very surprised because he sees a familiar person around the basketball field. It is Lois, who is together with some other girls. Michael and his friends meet up with some other boys who ask him who they think is going to win the match. Michael wants to help Sebastian in making a choice, but he is more interested in Lois. He decides to walk to her. When she also sees him, she says something to her friends and walks away. She is the first to say: “Never thought that I would see you again.” Sebastian asks: “What happened? Why I can’t remember anything?” Lois answers: “Perhaps because you almost died.” Sebastian is surprised and asks: “Why he didn’t finish me off?” Lois answers: “He wants you to suffer.” Sebastian says: “Well, he surely did.” After it, Michael is back and asks to Sebastian: “You know this girl?” Sebastian answers: “Yes I do.” Michael says: “You have to make your bet right now. Otherwise it is too late and not valid.” Sebastian says: “I will skip this round.” Michael says: “Okay fine.” And after that, he walks away. Sebastian continues by saying: “The last I can remember is that I was in that company.” Lois says: “That person who calls himself Black God left you behind and walked away with Felicia.” Sebastian is shocked to hear that name and asks: “He won’t hurt her?” Lois says: “Probably not, he will try to keep her as fast away as possible to us. He has taken the identity of that Tristan Bentley now and makes everyone believe that he leads the company. It is such a silly person.” Sebastian says: “Together we will defeat him, right?” Lois laughs and says: “You really think that you can beat him?” Sebastian says: “Well, I defeated him before on another planet.” Lois is surprised and asks: “You met that guy before?” Sebastian says: ‘Yes, it is a long story.” It is silence for a few seconds until Lois says: “I will give you a few tips. Forget about Felicia, make yourself able to life in poverty and forget about being able to defeat Black God.” Sebastian says: “You are right, there is no chance. Where are the others actually?” Lois answers: “I don’t know. They went away and also left me. Zara was smashed away, I don’t think she survived it.” Sebastian thinks about it and suddenly asks: “Wait, you are the person who got me out of that company, right?” Lois answers: “It was the least I could do.” Sebastian is very grateful and says: “That means you saved my life. How can I thank you for that?” Lois says: “All I did was dragging you outside and throwing you on a bench, it wasn’t that great.” Sebastian says: “But if you had left me inside of there, I would have died.” Lois says: “Okay you are right, but I’m sorry, I have to go again.” Sebastian says: “Okay that’s sad. You are the only person of our group who is still close to me. We should stay together.” Lois says: “Forget about our group, it is over.” And after it, she wants to walk away, but suddenly a very loud voice screams: “Stop the basketball field! There is an incoming request!” And after it, they all look to a big television screen that is hanging on the wall. It goes on and a man can be seen. It is Collin Wade. He starts saying: “Hello everyone. Poor and rich people. I have a very important message for all of you. In a few days, I will start training a group of 100 individuals. The 5 best men and women will on the end be part of my Alien Protection Group. For this, you have to be between the age of 20 and 30, be energetic, have a normal figure and be nice, because you will have to work with all the aliens that have come on our planet. Are you the right person to do this? Sign up on this website (on the screen, the name of a website can be seen) and the 100 best applications will battle for those 10 places at my team. I hope a lot of you will sign up, since this is the best chance to give meaning to your useless life and get off your lazy ass!” After it, the screen closes again. Most of the people aren’t interested in it and continue their basketball game. Only Sebastian is very interested. He asks to Lois, who is still standing next to him: “What do you think about it?” Lois asks: “You know that Black God is leading the company who has control over the aliens? So if they see you, they will finish you off.” Sebastian says: “No, if I use another name, nobody will find out. That guy you saw on the screen is leading the Alien Protection Group, so no fucking Black God or Erwin Holdman will see me!” Lois says: “Okay, it is your own responsibility. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.” Sebastian says: “Please Lois, also participate in this. You don’t want to life in this poverty the rest of your life.” Lois hesitates a bit until she says: “I will think about it.” Sebastian says: “Whether he is there or not, he will pay for what he did! I am not defeated yet!” While saying that, Lois walks away. Sebastian walks back to Michael who is watching at the basketball field. He says to him: “I am going to apply for that new job.” Michael says: “I already thought you were about to do that.” Sebastian asks: “You want to join me?” Michael answers: “Not sure, my place is here at betting basketball games.” Sebastian says: “Okay, I understand. I just hope that someone I know could join me.” Michael says: “What about the girl you talked with?” Sebastian says: “She isn’t sure about it.” Michael says: “No, that’s not what I mean. Who is she? I didn’t know that you talk to hot girls like that.” Sebastian says: “Well, I had a girlfriend before I ended up here.” Michael says: “Oh, that is sad. What happened?” Sebastian says: “I prefer not to talk about it.” Michael says: “Okay, fine.”

In the hangar, Collin, Felicia and some other people arrive. They look at the Quetirians, Xyporions and the few other species. Felicia asks: “When will we start?” Collin says: “We first have to get that group together. I did a call on all television screens for people to show up. The day after tomorrow, they will all show up. Lets first look at all the applications. That’s something you can do.” Felicia agrees with it, although she knows that it is a very boring job. Collin says: “I will give you your own room. Choose the best 100 of all applications!” Felicia says: “I really have to listen to 100 boring people who are all going to tell me the same shit?” Collin says: “Yes, exactly!” Felicia says: “It is not fair that I should do that all alone. We have to create a jury who does that.” Collin says: “Okay fine, I will ask three other people to help you with it.” Felicia says: “Thank you.”

It gets dark outside and Sebastian has to sleep another night outside. Lots of the benches are already occupied. He searches and searches and gets along lots of scary people who say weird stuff to him. When he finally is rid of most of them, he looks before him and sees Lois standing with similar people around her. They are touching her on places she doesn’t like. He doesn’t hesitates and wants to do something in return because she also saved him. He runs to the men and screams: “Hey! Hands off all of you!” The men look laughable to him. One of them says: “And who are you supposed to be?” Sebastian says: “Why should I tell you that son of a bitch?” On the moment one of the men wants to attack, another says: “Come on, let him fuck this girl. There is a group of whores on the end of this road every night. We can better go to them.” The other men agree with it and they all walk away. When they are all gone, Sebastian asks to Lois: “Are you alright?” Lois says: “Yes, thank you.” Sebastian says: “I am so done with this life in this neighbourhood.” Lois says: “I agree with you, these boys are scaring me.” Sebastian says: “You saved my life as well, so I want to do something in return.” Lois says: “That’s not necessary.” Sebastian says: “Okay fine.” Lois says: “I was searching for a bench.” Sebastian says: “Same.” Both of them start walking further in the street. They come on a more abandoned part of the neighbourhood. There, finally one abandoned bench is remaining. Sebastian says: “You can take that one.” Lois asks: “What about you?” Sebastian says: “I will figure out something else.” He looks further in the streets, but all other benches are occupied. When he is tired of searching, Sebastian decides to sleep on the ground next to Lois’ bench. Lois asks: “Didn’t found a bench?” Sebastian says: “Yes.” After a silence of a few minutes, Lois says: “I have thought about it. I think I also want to join that Alien Protection Group. Everything is better than staying here.” Sebastian says: “Thank you, I already really hoped someone could join me.” Lois asks: “When will it start?” Sebastian says: “The day after tomorrow, but tomorrow we have to come on a employment interview.” Lois says: “Okay, shall we go to that together?” Sebastian says: “Yes of course!” Lois asks: “How late is that tomorrow?” Sebastian says: “It is at 10:00 AM, so that is early, but we will wake up early anyway.” Lois says: “Yes, totally true.” After it, it becomes silence and both of them try to sleep.

That next morning, another place in another city is seen. It is another company with lots of computers and other devices in it. Lots of people working behind those devices can be seen until John is seen. He is also working there. The loud noise of his boss screaming can be heard on the background. John looks next to him and sees his boss screaming on another employee who isn’t doing his work properly. During the screaming, the men next to him says to John: “Sean isn’t doing anything. I think he will be fired.” John says: “I don’t really care about it Steve.” Steve says: “Come on, make some fun during the job. You don’t have to be fully focused on your job the whole day you are here.” John says: “That’s indeed not possible.” Steve says: “Finally we agree.” After it, both of them continue with their job.” In the same company, in another room, lots of women are working. Amy is with them. She stands up and another girl asks to her: “Where are you going to?” Amy answers: “I have to ask something to our boss.” She walks out of the room to the same room where John is, where the boss is still angry on the employee called Sean. When he is finally done, Amy asks to him: “Can I ask you something?” The boss says: “Of course you can Amy.” Amy says: “I have some problems with my device. I don’t know how to fix it.” The boss says: “It doesn’t matters honey, in fact you are only here to give my other employees a good day.” Amy is very surprised and asks: “You are joking, right?” The boss ignores her question and asks: “Can I go on a date with you?” Amy is done with talking to him and walks away again. She sees John sitting and decides to walk to him. She says to him: “I am so done with our boss. He doesn’t takes me serious as employee.” John says: “Yes, he is such an asshole.” Amy says: “I can’t work with a boss like him. I want to quit this job again already. But you don’t want the same, right?” John asks: “You already know that after two days?” Amy says: “Yes, I am not made for this job and I can’t handle that boss of us.” John says: “We will discuss this tonight, okay?” Amy says: “Okay, that’s good.” After it, Amy walks away. Steve looks to her until she is fully gone. He says to John: “I didn’t know you had such a hot girlfriend.” John says: “She is not my girlfriend. We are just friends.” Steve says: “Oh man, that is such a disappointment.” John says: “It is fine this way for me.” Steve says: “Then I want her.” John says: “Please, she was already done with our boss. You are acting precisely the same.” Steve says: “Okay fine, let’s go back to work.”

That same morning, Felicia meets the other jury members. One of them asks to her: “You know where we have to look at?” Felicia says: “I expect most of them to tell the same story. Who really stands out from the rest deserves the job.” The same jury member says: “Okay, you can take a look at that while we look at skills, seriousness, strength, etc.” Felicia says: “Okay, that’s good. When will the first people come?” The same man says: “In a hour.” Felicia says: “Let’s prepare ourselves. How many applicants will come exactly?” One of the other jury members says: “Only 96, so we won’t even reach the 100.” Felicia laughs and says: “Well that makes it easy for us.” The same jury member says: “Well, there are probably still some unserious applicants between them, so don’t think we will let them all pass.” Not much later, the first applicant is sitting before Felicia and other three jury members. Felicia asks: “Why do you want to get this job?” The man says: “I like aliens very much and I want to work with them! This is just my dream job.” One of the other jury members asks: “That is the only reason you can give to us?” The man says: “Please give me a chance, you know I can do this!” The same jury member says: “Okay, we have heard enough.” A few applicants later, another man shows up. He says: “Hi fellows, I am Adam Harrington.” One of the jury members says: “You look very suitable for this job.” Adam says: “I am. And now I am going to convince you even more. I have much experience with dangerous jobs like this. I have worked at trainee at a reptiles quarters. I know you can’t compare that with aliens, but at least it proves that I worked with dangerous species before.” Felicia asks: “Why you don’t want to do a job with reptiles?” Adam answers: “I wanted to do something bigger. And that’s this exactly!” One of the jury members says: “We don’t have to leave you excitement, you passed it!” Adam says: “Thank you so much! I will prove to you that I belong between those five men who will get the job.” Felicia says: “Good luck with it.” Adam looks to her and smiles way too effusive to her. Still she likes it. After it, he leaves the room. Lots of boring applicants later, it is Sebastian’s turn. He is earlier than Lois, because he signed earlier. They came together inside the hangar, so Lois can do her employment interview right after Sebastian. When they are standing before the door, Lois wishes Sebastian good luck. Sebastian walks inside, not knowing who he is about to see again.

When he comes inside, he looks the jury directly into the eyes and can’t believe who he sees. He walks a few steps further, but then waits and becomes very scared. One of the other jury members says to him: “Come inside, don’t be afraid.” Sebastian does it and looks to Felicia, but he knows that she doesn’t knows him anymore. The same jury member asks to him: “What is your name?” Sebastian says very silent: “My name is Sebastian Reeves.” Another jury member says: “Convince us why you want to be part of the Alien Protection Group.” Sebastian tries to get over it by saying: “I want to get this job because working with Quetirians is…” After it, he can’t get the rest out of his mouth and keeps looking to Felicia. She also sees it and asks to Sebastian: “Is everything alright?” Sebastian says: “I am just a little overexcited.” One of the jury members says: “Felicia, help this boy a bit.” Felicia doesn’t wants it, but she knows that she has no other choice. She gets out of her seat and walks to Sebastian. When she is close enough, she says to him: “There is nothing to be afraid of. We aren’t scary.” Sebastian thanks her and tries to tell his story: “I have already been outerspace before, where I got a lot of experience by working with Quetierians.” One of the jury members is very surprised and says: “You have already worked with them?” Sebastian says: “Yes, I have been on Quetir not more than a year ago. Unfortunately the planet is destroyed.” The same jury member says: “We know that, but you already have a lot of experience. That is great.” Felicia asks to Sebastian: “Why were you so scared then?” Sebastian says: “I’m sorry, you just look like someone I have been in love with. I thought you were her, but you probably aren’t.” Felicia says: “Oh, that is coincidence.” Sebastian says: “Furthermore I want to say that I am a very serious work, so I take my job very serious. And I like to go on an adventure.” One of the jury members says: “Well, shall we vote?” Sebastian asks: “With how many votes I will make it?” The same jury member says: “You need 3, but with 2 against 2, you can still convince one of the two who said no, so you aren’t fully out yet. Anyway, I say yes.” Sebastian thanks him for it. The jury member next to him says: “You have to work on getting overexcited, but for now I say yes.” The other jury member says: “You made a too scared impression on me, that’s why I have to say no for now, but it is a small no.” Sebastian doesn’t likes it, but looks to Felicia, who has to give the last vote. She says: “Of course you should go through, no doubt about that.” Sebastian says to her: “Thank you very much.” After it, he walks away and looks one time behind him and sees Felicia smiling to him. He is so glad that she is not hurt. Outside, all the other candidates are waiting. Lois is in front of them. She says to Sebastian: “You must be through, otherwise you wouldn’t be so glad.” Sebastian says: “I can’t believe who is with them.” Lois says: “Tell me, because you are making me really curious now.” Sebastian says: “It is Felicia, she is part of the jury.” Lois is also very surprised and says: “Wow, that must be really great for you.” Sebastian says: “She doesn’t remember me of course, but this can make my life great again.” Lois says: “Well, it is my turn now.” Sebastian wishes her good luck and after it, she also walks inside of the room. Felicia is sitting on her seat. Lois laughs when she sees her again. Felicia asks to her: “What is your name?” Lois says: “My name is Lois Field.” Felicia says: “Good to meet you Lois. It is your turn to convince us now.” Lois says by accident: “Thank you Felicia. I should just say why I want to this job?” One of the other jury members says: “Wait, how do you know her name? We never told you that.” Lois says: “I don’t know.” Felicia doesn’t understand it, but also doesn’t says anything.” After a few seconds, Lois decides to tell her story: “My big dream is to have an adventurous job that is not ordinary. This job certainly isn’t. Before I came here, I was living jobless on the streets trying to get money wherever I can. With this job, I want to improve my life.” Felicia says: “That is very sad to hear.” Lois says: “Thank you, I hope that you can help me give my life a purpose again.” Felicia says: “If you fail to get to the last 5 girls, I will promise you that I will help you getting another girl.” The jury member, who sits next to Felicia, says to her: “Be careful what you say.” Felicia says: “I really mean it.” Lois says: “Wow, thank you so much.” Another jury member says: “Shall we vote or is there anything more you want to say?” Lois says: “No, this was everything.” After it, all four jury members say yes. Felicia says: “You really hit me with this story. I will do whatever I can to make you the ideal member of our team.” Lois says: “Thanks, see you next time!” After it, she walks out of the room again. When she is gone, the same jury member comes back on what he said before. He says: “How did she know your name? You don’t know her, right?” Felicia says: “No, I don’t.”

Outside, Sebastian is waiting on Lois. When she is back, she can already see on her face that she passed it. Sebastian asks: “What did they say?” Lois says: “All jury member just wanted to give me the chance, only Felicia was really hit by my story.” Sebastian says: “Sounds great.” Lois says: “She said that she would do whatever she can to help me.” Sebastian says: “I hope you and her will become friends again.” Lois says: “I only made one mistake. I said Felicia’s name, but I couldn’t even know it.” Sebastian says: “That isn’t very bad, right?” Lois says: “Yes, but one of the other jury members was surprised by it.” Sebastian says: “I don’t care if that motherfucker of a Black God will know that we are coming. I only want it to be a bit more surprising. That’s why I told a wrong surname to them. I said that my name is Sebastian Reeves, while it is Sebastian Cantrell.” Lois says: “Okay, that is really smart.” After it, the both of them walk away.

The rest of the day, lots of more job interviews are. More on the end of the day, an overconfident boy comes. He says to the jury: “I will prove of you that I am the best candidate for this job!” One of the jury members says: “Calm down David, you can prove that to us in the next week, not now.” David says: “I will do whatever I can! I am the ideal employee!” Felicia asks: “Shall we vote?” Of course, they all say yes. It is followed by another man, who tells his whole lifestory to them. One of the jury members says: “Any argument why we need you on the team?” The man says: “Please don’t interrupt me, I didn’t finish my story!” The same jury member says: “I’m sorry, but we are going to vote now. It is a big no for me.” The other two jury members also say no. Felicia is the last to vote and she says: “I am sorry, but it is also a no for me.” The man is not glad with it and curses a lot of them before he walks angry out of the room. One of the last employment interviews is from a girl. Felicia and the other three jury members are all completely done with all the interviews, but a woman with a familiar voice steps into the room. She says: ‘Hi everyone!” One of the jury members says: “What is your name?” The camera goes on the girl, while she says: “I am Anne Withrop, nice to meet you.” Of course, she also looks to Felicia. She doesn’t hesitates and asks to her: “Do I know you? You look familiar.” On the moment Felicia wants to answer, Anne suddenly finds out that she is Felicia and that she is brainwashed. She says: “Never mind, you look similar to someone else I know.” The other jury members ignore it and one of them says: “Can you start convincing us why you want to be on our team?” Anne says: “Of course I can. First of all, not long ago I was on a group where all of us where big fan of extra-terrestial life. And now when I get the chance to do a real job with them, I wanted to take this chance. I am jobless, for a few months now. I hope that you will give me a chance so I can prove to you that I belong on this team.” Felicia asks: “What happened to your alien fangroup?” Anne says: “Unfortunately, I am the last member remaining. All the other members died and our leader betrayed us. I still want to get revenge on him, but that will come after I succeed in getting this job. I will use all my energy on that first.” One of the jury members says: “Interesting, you really look like the ideal girl member we can use. It is a big yes for me.” Felicia says: “Same for me, it is really great that you are fan of extra-terrestial girl, we can use that.” The other two jury members also say yes and Anne walks glad away. Not much later, all the job interviews are done. Felicia and the other three jury members are very glad it is over. Felicia says: “This day was really enervating. Anyway, which one do you think was the best?” The jury member who stands next to Felicia, says: “That man at the beginning, he was really great. What was his name?” Felicia says: “Adam.” After it, one of the jury members says to Felicia: “How was it possible that two applicants thought they knew you and one knew your name while we never told it them?” Felicia says: “Perhaps I just have a very familiar face?” The jury member says: “Okay fine, but something is not right. This is too coincidence.” Felicia asks: “Shall we go home now?” One of the other jury members says: “Good idea.” And after that, all of them leave the room. All the candidates are known. Tomorrow, everything will start.

On a secret place, a whole group of people has come together. One of them says: “Should we be scared because of these recent events?” Another person says: “No, of course not Daniel. What difference can that group of applicants make?” Daniel says: “They create a whole team of young people who have to bring lots of information out of those innocent Quetirians. This is going way too far.” The same man says: “Lets ask commander Marshall what she thinks about it.” Daniel asks: “Commander who?” After it, the two of them walk a few steps further and a woman can be seen sitting behind a table. The man says: “Let me introduce you to commander Marshall.” Daniel says: “It is Daniel Hancock, nice to meet you.” Lauren says: “Likewise.” Daniel asks: “Is it true? Are you the widow of Markus Wood?” Lauren says: “You can’t really call me a widow, we were never married.” Daniel is shocked and asks: “What all happened?” Lauren says: “Our group was defeated. There was nothing we could do against that person who calls himself Black God.” Daniel says: “I heard so much about him. How is it even possible that he exists?” Lauren says: “He is like a virus, coming from a planet close to Quetir. The virus was created in the body of a man called Matt Sherwood. When the virus was ready it took another body and it moves over from body to body.” Daniel says: “That can’t be real.” Lauren says: “It is real. I have seen it with my own eyes.” Daniel asks: “So, what is the goal of this Black God?” Lauren says: “He wants to do something with the Quetierians. It is for us to find out what exactly.” Daniel says: “I have had training in Afghanistan. I know all the ins and outs of dealing with a terrorist, only this person is new to me. Anyway, it is a great new mission for me.” Lauren says: “Don’t underestimate him, he is very strong.” Daniel says: “Of course he is….”

That night, Felicia comes back at the house she is living. It is dark outside and she turns on the light so she can see something. When she does that, she sees someone is sitting in her house. It is Tristan Bentley AKA Black God. Felicia asks to him: “What brought you here?” Black God answers: “I wanted to know how everything went today.” Felicia says: “You couldn’t come tomorrow? I am exhausted after hearing 96 people telling all their stories” Black God asks: “How many of them passed?” Felicia answers: “83 of them.” Black God says: “Okay good, I know you will find the right 10 out of them.” Felicia says: “Some are really good candidates, others are more doubtful.” Black God says: “We will find that out in the next week.” Felicia says: “Of course we will. Tomorrow, all applicants will come and the first day of the study will start.” Black God says: “You and Collin are doing an amazing job. I will go again, so you can sleep honey. Good luck tomorrow.” Black God walks to Felicia, gives her one kiss and walks out of the house again. When he is gone, Felicia checks all the windows and doors, but knows that it was impossible for him to get inside.

Many streets further, Sebastian is lying on a bench and trying to get some sleep. Lois is not with him this time. He thinks about what is about to happen tomorrow. He hopes to see Felicia again. He stresses a lot about it, but eventually falls asleep.

The next day, Sebastian wakes up. He looks at the big clock on the outside a building and sees that in a hour everything will start. He stands up and starts walking to the hangar, just outside the city. After lots of walking, he arrives there. He is too early and only a few candidates are earlier than him. They are sitting on some seats. Sebastian also goes sit on one of them. From there, he has a good view further inside the hangar. He sees Felicia walking a few times together with some other men. Not much later, a few more people arrive in the waiting room. To Sebastian’s big surprise, Anne is with them. She is also surprised to see him again. She says to him: “I thought you were death.” Sebastian says: “I didn’t expect you to also join this.” Anne says: “Well, what else should I do?” Sebastian says: “Same. My life was as meaningless as a bag full of garbage.” Anne says: “You know she is here, right?” Sebastian says: ‘Yes, I know.” Anne says: “I almost forgot that she was brainwashed.” Sebastian says: “There is nothing that I can do about it.” Anne says: “Okay, but I wish you good luck.” Sebastian says: “Same.” After it, Anne joins the other applicants again. Meanwhile, the waiting room fulls with all candidates. Lois is one of them. Sebastian wants to talk to her, but she doesn’t sees him. Not much later, all of them are led to another room. There, lots of seats are standing. They all pick their own place. When all of them are ready, a man comes on stage and starts talking to a michrophone. He says: “Welcome everybody. You are everyone who passed the job interviews. Today, the real stuff is about to start. I am Collin Wade, soon I will know all your names out of my head. You can call me Mr. Wade, I am the leader of the Alien Protection Group. I will first show you a video with instructions about where the Alien Protection Group is about. After it, the video starts. It shows some footage of Quetirians and some men working with them. On the same time, a man tells some uninteresting shit. During the video, Sebastian sees Felicia together with four other people coming on stage. When the video is ended, Collin continues: “Before we go further, I want to introduce you to my five assistants. These are from left to right: “Lincoln, Felicia, Lydia, Austin and Gemma. You probably know Felicia from the job interviews, she was a jury there as well. Anyway, these five will help you reach your goal: become an employment of the APG. That was all the good news, because unfortunately not all 83 of you will make it. Eventually only 5 man and 5 women will get the job. All other 73 of you won’t be able to make it. That was all I wanted to say for now. Any questions?” Adam is the first to put his hand in the air and asks: “What will happen to everyone who fails to get the job? Will we get another job from you?” Collin says: “You will be forced to go out when we say you are not the right person.” Another man asks: “What if we refuse?” Collin says: “Then, we will get you as far to leave the hangar.” Adam asks: “What are the dangers of this study? I hope we can get our money back if we fail and that you know the consequences of this dangerous study.” Collin says: “All of you better know the consequences. We won’t guarantee that you will hurt yourself heavily or even die.” After he said that, almost all of the 84 candidates becomes very scared. Some of them even wants to run out of the hangar again, but the door is locked. Collin says: “If you thought this would be a playground, you are on the wrong place. And now, follow me to the next room, where the first test is about to come.” Most of the candidates refuse, but they know they have no other choice. Unlike most of the other candidates, Sebastian walks normally to the next room. He sees that Lois and Anne are both very scared. In the next room, a whole route is made. When all candidates are inside, Collin says: “In the first test, you will go after my five assistants and run this route through the hangar and outside. I wish all of you good luck with it. We shall see how many of you will survive it.” One of the men between them screams: “You can’t do this! We are only here for like 15 minutes and you are already giving us the first test?” Collin Wade doesn’t reacts to it and walks away, while Lincoln, Felicia, Lydia, Austin and Gemma are in the front and start running. The 84 candidates come behind them. Sebastian works himself in the front of the group, so he can see Felicia. Adam, Anne, Lois and some others have the same idea. They all start running. The same man as who was just screaming and Collin Wade runs to Lincoln and says to him: “Stop this bullshit! We are not your laboratory rats!” Collin says: “Just follow the orders of our commander.” The man is very angry, but he knows he has no other chance. At the beginning, the route is just normal. They very early come outside and run far away from the hangar. When they are far enough, they come through some kind of rainforest. Inside of there, the first real obstacle is waiting for them. Lots of rocks are on the ground and they have to pass a big river. Lincoln, Felicia, Lydia, Austin and Gemma show how to do it. Lois asks: “How are we going to do this?” Sebastian tries to help her by saying: “Don’t go too fast and jump from stone to stone.” After it, he sees that Felicia and the others have already made it to the other side. He is very relieved to see it. A few seconds later, it is their turn. They all take their time and don’t go too fast. Sebastian looks in the water and sees sharp spikes lying in the water everywhere. On the moment he has made it, he looks behind him and sees another boy who glides off a stone and comes with his head on one of the spikes. He is dead immediately. Lois and Anne are also both very shocked after seeing it, but they know that they have to run further. Not very much further, they have to pass a bridge. Felicia and the others are already there. Sebastian says: “That’s less scary, right?” Anne answers: “Not sure, but we just don’t have to be with too much together on it.” Some of the men in the front of them are the first to run on the bridge. Sebastian sees it and waits for his chance to go over the bridge. And that was the right thing to do, because one of the men suddenly breaks through the bridge and falls to his death. After it, nobody dares to go over the bridge anymore, but they have no other choice. Eventually all of them go in groups. When most of them are over, they see that the five assistants are already gone. One of them says: “How are we ever going to know which way to go when they are gone?” Sebastian answers to him: “This is probably what they want. On this way, they test how good we can come back at the hangar.” Adam says: “No need to be afraid, I know the way back. Everyone, follow me!” After it, he goes in the front and all the other have no other choice than following him. They pass some more obstacles, sometimes a person dies there, but most of the times they all survive. After lots of running, they see Lincoln, Felicia, Lydia, Austin and Gemma again far before them. They know that they are on the right way. Adam says: “You see? I told you we would go on the right way.” The group goes further and reaches one final obstacle. Of course Adam goes on the front. It is some kind of climb wall. Adam climbs very fast on it and is the first to reach the top. Sebastian together with some others go after him. However, out of nowhere, the wall left and right of them starts moving to each other. They all know that they have to go very fast. Everyone starts going on the wall. A big chaos starts. 90 people all want to come on it very fast. One on the top suddenly falls and falls on the ground. He is death immediately. Sebastian looks around him and sees that some of them are too scared and run away from it. He also sees Lois and Anne. He wants to help them, but he sees that it is not needed. When he is almost on the top, he sees Lincoln, Felicia, Lydia, Austin, Gemma, Adam and others who were faster than him standing. Sebastian goes stand close to Felicia, but she doesn’t sees him. Not much later, Lois, Anne and lots of others make it to the top. However some of them, especially women, are not fast enough. They run fastly back so they won’t be squished by the walls. Before the walls are on each other, the same man as who was angry on the beginning says: “I am not going to be part of this shit anymore! Tell to Collin Wade: go to hell!” And after he finished his speech, the man jumps off from the top to the ground and when he hits the ground he is death. After it, the walls go on each other. Two women and one man didn’t made it and are squished by the walls. Most of them are all shocked by it. Lincoln says to all of them: “This is only the beginning. It will get even worse later! If you can’t handle that, then you are not the person we are looking for.” Anne asks to Lincoln: “What will happen to the people who run back?” Lincoln answers: “They saved there life but failed in the test, so you won’t see them again.” Right after it, Collin Wade is back and he says: “Congratulations Adam! You are the winner of the first test!” Lydia says: “I also saw him leading the group! That was really great.” Collin says: “Of course it is. Anyway, I forgot to tell you something. Every winner of a test will get a reward.” One of the candidates asks: “What reward?” Collin says: “You can choose from a few options.” The same man asks: “What options?” Collin answers: “You will see when you win yourself. Only the winners may know that. For now, my assistants will lead you to your rooms. We will have a break for some hours. They all agree with it and walk inside the hangar.

Meanwhile, John and Amy are on their job again. Everyone is together, because their boss is going to give a new task. Ironically, this task is about the Alien Protection Group. Their boss says: “We all heard on the news that a new team is set together. And this team is going to take care of all those aliens who have stranded on our planet.” After it, the boss laughs for a few seconds and continues: “Now I ask all of you, to search out where this group is really about. Hack into their computers and search out where this really about. At least, I don’t trust it. If we are the first to find out that this group is corrupt, we have world news.” One of the employees asks: “You know that this new company is in fact having control over this alien protection group?” The boss says: “I know. A man called Erwin Holdman is leading it. I don’t understand how he could get so easily boss of that company. It is not realistic. It is for us to find out what’s really miss with that company.” After it, the boss is done. John and Steve start hacking in the documents of the Alien Protection Group. They find very easily a list with all candidates who participate in it. They see that it is updated 12 minutes ago. John looks on the list and sees a lot of members who are already deceased or have withdrawn. He looks further and sees familiar names such as Lois Field and Anne Withrop. After it, he sees the name Sebastian, but it is Reeves instead of Cantrell. Steve asks him: “We are supposed to look for useful information, that is not useful.” John says: “I am interested in this.” John clicks on the name Sebastian Reeves and gets a lot of information about it. There is also one photo included. To his very big surprise, it is Sebastian Cantrell, who he thought was death. John says: “I have to show this to Amy.” Steve asks: “You mean your hot girlfriend?” John says: “For the last time, she is not my girlfriend!” After it, he stands up and walks to the other side of the company where Amy is sitting and working. John says to her: “I have to shows you something.” Amy says: “It has to be very important, because I am busy with something.” John says: “It is important.” They walk back to their place, where Steve is looking to Amy the whole time. Amy looks on the screen of him, while John says: “He is still alive. I knew it.” Amy says: “How is that possible? I thought we saw him die.” John says: “Well, seems not.” Amy says: “What is he planning on doing? Using another surname and try to get himself to Black God?” John says: “If I can find out that this is Sebastian, he will find it out for sure.” Amy says: “Yes, that is very certain.” Suddenly, their boss is standing next to them. He says: “Amy, why you aren’t on your place?” Amy says: “John was showing me something important.” The boss asks: “What is so important?” And he looks on the screen where he sees the names of all candidates for the new job. The boss says: “That is not important.” John says: “We are searching for the important members of that Alien Protection Group.” The boss says: “Okay, keep on looking.”

At the hangar, all the men and women are splitted from each other. The male assistants (Lincoln and Austin) show them the way to their rooms. Lincoln says: “Adam, you can get your reward now.” Adam says: “Of course I can.” Sebastian gets on a room together with lots of boys he doesn’t know. One of them asks: “What are we supposed to do now? Sit and do nothing?” Another man says: “We should be glad that we finally get some time off.” Sebastian says: “In a few hours, they will probably have a new test ready for us.” One of the man asks: “Your name is Sebastian, right?” Sebastian answers: “Yes, that is my name.” The same man asks: “You also think they are going way too far?” Sebastian says: “Yes, I really think that.” The man says: “My name is Josh by the way.” Sebastian says: “Good to meet you Josh.” Josh says: “You are also demotivated in this?” Sebastian says: “Not really, I still hope to get this job.” Josh says: “You must be one of the only one.”

At the women rooms, Felicia, Lydia and Gemma are checking if all rooms are complete. First they are on the room of Anne and not much later they come on the room of Lois. Felicia sees Lois again and asks to her: “Are you enjoying it here?” Lois answers: “Of course I do.” Felicia says: “At night, me, Lydia and Gemma always have a lot of fun together. Want to come?” Lois says: “Yes, that sounds great!” Felicia says: “Okay great.” Lois asks: “I don’t have to stay here?” Felicia says: “Collin is gone after 8:00 AM, so we have the lead here then.” Lois says: “I hope we can create a big party.” Felicia says: “We will.”

Daniel and Lauren are still together with their whole secret team. Daniel asks: “So how are we going to defeat this Black God?” Lauren says: “We have to find ultimate proof that this Black God is not the person everyone thins he is.” Daniel says: “Let me get something right. He is in a body that belonged to another person?” Lauren says: “Yes, he is in the body of a man who is known as Tristan Bentley.” Daniel asks: “Can’t we just search for the body of the real Tristan Bentley?” Lauren is surprised and says: “Why I didn’t thought about that?” Daniel says: “I will start searching for where his body can be. You don’t have an idea, right?” Lauren says: “I wasn’t there when they killed him. But it is located somewhere in Tampa for sure.” Daniel says: “Lets search it on the internet.” Daniel goes on his very expensive laptop and searches on the name Tristan Bentley. He finds very easily the name of a company called after him. Daniel says: “Perhaps this could be the place?” Lauren says: “I remember my old allies going to that company indeed. When they returned, I think they had killed Bentley.” Daniel says: “Okay, we should for sure take a look there.” Lauren says: “Good idea.”

After having hours of free time, Sebastian and the others prepare themselves for the second test. Lincoln and Austin are back. Lincoln screams: “Everyone ready? Return to us for the second test!” Sebastian is one of the first to leave their room and walks back to the big room. Collin, Felicia, Lydia and Gemma are also standing there. Lois together with lots of other girls also come in the room. Lois joins Felicia, Lydia and Gemma and they have a lot of fun together. Josh is suddenly standing next to Sebastian and asks: “What test do you think we will get?” Sebastian says: “I don’t know. It could be everything.” Not much later, Collin starts talking: “Welcome back everybody. I hope you enjoyed your free time, but now we will get the second and last test for today. This morning, we had a dangerous test and that means we will get a knowledge test now. Knowledge about the Quetirians is very important when we want to work with them.” One of the man in the group interrupts his talk by saying: “When are we going to see the aliens!” Collin answers on him: “In a few days.” After it, he continues his talk by saying: “Follow me to the next room. There you will all pick a device and get the time to learn for a half an hour. After it, a big quiz will start to test your knowledge. The winner of this test will get the second reward! Good luck everyone.” They all go to the big device room. There are around 80 devices standing there. Collin says: “I almost forgot to say. The 5 men and 5 women with the lowest score will be eliminated and can leave our hangar again. Once again, good luck!” Meanwhile, Sebastian has some problems with his device. His device is very slow and Collin Wade gives the instructions way too fast. The five assistants walk around in the room to help the candidates. Sebastian waits long enough before Felicia is close to him, so he can ask her to help him. He says to her: “I have some problems with my device.” Felicia asks: “What’s wrong?” Sebastian says: “It is really slow and I don’t know what program I should go to.” Felicia says: “I will help you.” She takes over his device and opens the program. When it is fully ready, she says: “Now, you can start.” Sebastian says: “Thank you very much.” Felicia says: “It wasn’t that hard, thank your for the appreciation. “After it, she walks away again. Sebastian looks on his device and reads all the information. He sees that it is only the basic information about Quetirians, such as that they live on Quetir and in which colours they can have. He reads fastly through it and there is nothing he doesn’t knows yet. When he is done studying it all, he starts looking to Felicia again. She is talking to Lydia and Gemma. Not much later, the half an hour is over. Collin says: “Let the quiz begin!” It starts with a very easy question. Almost all of them have answered it right. It is followed by lots of easy questions and some harder ones, but Sebastian knows that he has almost all of them answered right. After the last question, Collin says: “This was the first quiz! Of course, it won’t be the last one.” The man called David suddenly asks: “What are the results?” Collin says: “Have patience, the program is searching for all the results.” They wait for minutes and then suddenly the results are ready. Collin says: “Okay, lets start with our 10 losers.” A few seconds later, the the 10 names with the lowest score appear on the screen. Sebastian, Lois, Anne, Josh and lots of others are glad that their names aren’t between them. One of the women becomes very sad and starts crying. Collin says: “My assistants will help you get out of the hangar again after we have found our winner.” The list goes very slowly up and Josh’s name comes very fast. Sebastian says to him: “That’s really good.” Josh says: “I also didn’t expected anything higher.” The list goes up and up and Anne’s and Lois’ names follows. Felicia says to Lois: “That’s really good, you have most of the question answered right.” Lois says: “Thank you Felicia.” Not much later, the list goes in the top 10. Most of them are women, but at the end the man come. Collin says: “We are going to our top 3 now! It is really close, but we can have only one winner!” The big screen in the room shows that David is their number three. Of course, he is glad with it, but he is so arrogant that he actually hoped he would win. Sebastian is very exhausted because he is first or second. Collin says very loudly: “Now, we will go to our winner! Tell it to us!” And very big on the screen, the name Sebastian is shown. Sebastian is very glad and shouts it out, but Collin is very surprised and says: “This must be a mistake.” Adam screams: “Yes, you are right! I had all questions answered right.” Sebastian doesn’t understands it and looks on the screen again and both of them have all right answers. Adam screams: “I should be the winner!” Sebastian says: “The device says I am the winner.” Both Collin and Adam become very glad and start cursing. Felicia takes a closer look at the screen and says: “You forget to read the small letters. It says that when there is a tie in right answers, the person who answered the questions the fastest, ends up higher.” Collin and Adam both don’t have anything to say to it. Lincoln says: “How can that device know how fast you answered? This is just a mistake, Adam is the deserved winner.” Josh screams over him: “Come on, Sebastian deserves this!” Anne agrees and says: “Yes, give him that prize.” Collin says: “Okay fine, but both Sebastian and Adam are the winners of this test!” Lincoln says to Adam: “You will win again the next time bro.” Collin says: “Okay everyone! Apart from the 10 losers, everyone can go back to their room!”

On the end of that day, John and Amy are together sitting somewhere outside from the company. They don’t live together, but are together at John’s house that night. Amy asks: “So what should we do?” John says: “We have to search out where that team is about.” Amy says: “I agree, I am done with this boring job. I am used to all the adventures we have had. This is not adventurous enough.” John says: “We can’t just walk inside of that hangar and join the club. There should be another way.” Amy says: “At least we should do something. I can’t handle it that our old friends from another planet are swallowing away in cages too small for them.” John asks: “Shall we call Lauren?” Amy says: “No, I am done with her. We weren’t important for her, all she cared about were Besoux, Nasoux, Zaver and Caroline, but after she died, she only cared about herself.” John says: “It was only a joke, don’t take it too serious.” Amy says: “Okay, we really should do this together.” John says: “We don’t have another choice. Sebastian, Felicia, Anne and that other girl, they are all there.” Amy asks: “Felicia too?” John says: “Yes, she is one of the assistants of that man called Collin Wade.” Amy says: “Another pawn of Black God, he is too lazy to do everything himself.” John asks: “Where is that idiot of a Erwin Holdman? He should be there as well.” Amy says: “I guess he is working at that company now. Black God needs someone at the wheel.” John says: “Motherfucker, we aren’t defeated yet. I don’t want to live knowing that the biggest motherfucker in the whole universe is still out there.” Amy says: “Tomorrow it is Friday, so only one day of working and we have the whole weekend to come in action.” John says: “Lets use those two days well.”

Inside of the hangar, it also gets night. After they all have eaten in the big room, they all go to their own rooms to spend the night there. Except Sebastian, because he still has to get his reward. Lincoln and Austin come to get him. They are both still angry that Adam didn’t won. Sebastian says to them: “Don’t worry, Adam will win again next time.” Lincoln says: “It wasn’t even fair, since you have already worked with Quetirians before.” Sebastian asks: “Who told you that?” Lincoln says: “That’s not important.” Austin says: “Nobody told him that, every candidate has his own dossier with information.” After it, they reach the office of Collin Wade, where Felicia, Lydia and Gemma are also standing. Collin says: “Welcome candidate.” Sebastian says: “You can call me Sebastian.” Collin says: “There are so much names. And you are one of those candidates who is not important enough to learn the name out of the top of my head.” Sebastian says: “Then I will make sure that you have to know me.” The others are all a bit shocked that he dares to say that. Collin says: “Well, what do you want to get as reward?” Sebastian asks: “I can choose?” Collin says: “Depends on what you choose.” Sebastian laughs a bit and asks: “Can I be together with one of your assistants tonight?” Collin says: “You can choose from everything and you choose this?” Sebastian says: “Yes, it is what I want the most.” Collin asks: “Which one of my assistants do you want to be with?” Sebastian hesitates a bit until he says: “Felicia.” Felicia is a bit surprised after hearing it. Collin says: “You think that we will accept that? My assistants should also get a free evening after this long day.” Felicia says: “Please, if this is what he wants, then I will do it.” Collin says: “No, you will get the same reward as we gave to Adam. You can get a first look to the Quetirians.” Sebastian says: “Please, I already know how they look like. I don’t care about that.” Collin says: “You have nothing to demand. You will do what I say!” After it, Sebastian becomes sad and looks to Felicia. She also can’t do anything against it. Collin says: “Come with me.” After it, they walk together to the big room with all cages of Quetirians. Collin screams: “You can spend the night here!” And after it, he closes the door leaving Sebastian alone in the room with Quetirians.

Immediately after it, Collin says to his assistans: “It is already after 8:00 PM. I will go now, you have the lead here tonight as you know.” It is followed by Collin walking out and stepping in his car. He drives away inside the city of Tampa. He walks in a house that we have already seen before. He goes sit there behind a table. On the other side of the table, Erwin Holdman is sitting. He asks: “How did your day go?” Collin says: “It went really well. We have around 70 candidates remaining. One of them who is called Adam is really good, he won both the first and second test.” Erwin says: “The first day is always not the most fun. Hope for you it will be better tomorrow.” Collin says: “Yes, it is hard to handle a group of 80 people.” Out of nowhere, another very familiar voice says: “I sense something at you. Where did you had to deal with today?” Collin says: “Before I went to here, I had to deal with an annoying man. He was very interested in one of my assistants.” The man shows himself and of course it is Black God. He asks: “What is the name of that man?” Collin says: “Sebastian Reeves, I believe.” Black God laughs out loud after it. When he is finally done with laughing, he says: “Sebastian Cantrell is his name!!! Of course he wants to be with his girl again, he is so predictable!” Collin doesn’t understands it and asks: “Should I do something against him?” Black God says: “No, let him go his way. He can even fuck that girl if he wants, I don’t care about it.” Collin asks: “Then why do you laugh about him so much?” Black God says: “I beat this loser and left him behind in the old company. Seems like he survived it and now he wants to get to me on this way. This idiot is so predictable!” Erwin says: “I want to know more about him.” Black God says: “Do what you want with him, I am only laughing out loud that he keeps trying it!” Erwin says: “I thought you wanted to make him suffer.” Black God says: “Of course he will, he will try and try to get his girl back, but once he will know that whatever he does, he won’t get her back!” After it, Black God can’t stop with laughing while he walks away again.

The darkness falls over the city of Tampa. On a place which we all remember from the last movie, Lauren and Daniel arrive. They have a whole team with them. Daniel says: “So, this should be the place?” Lauren says: “Yes, this was Tristan Bentley’s own company.” Daniel says: “Seems like there is nothing left.” After it, they both walk inside. It is a completely abandoned place in the industrial part of Tampa. Daniel asks: “Do you really think it was smart to go to here in the middle of the night?” Lauren says: “Of course it is, otherwise they will see us.” Daniel says: “You won’t see anything in this darkness.” They walk through the whole building until they somehow end up in the hallway with the crocodiles. Daniel asks: “What is that sound?” Lauren says: “There are animals living here.” Daniel says: “So, what is a good place to kill someone? At the crocodiles I guess?” Lauren says: “Of course. Great idea.” The members of their team have ropes with them and throw them down in the hole of crocodiles. Daniel asks: “Are you sure this is a good idea?” Lauren says: “I have handled much worse in the last years.” And after it, she goes with her flashlight down. She sees a lot of blood lying there. Lauren says: “Looks like they just got food.” Daniel sees it all happening, but is too scared to go down himself. After some more waiting, Lauren says: “No body here, but there is a lot of blood. I will go up again.” When they are outside again, Daniel asks: “You have allies who have killed this Bentley, right?” Lauren says: “Former allies.” Daniel asks: “What happened?” Lauren answers: “We got different ideas about how to further. It turned out in a real fight between me and Amy. John joined her side and they moved on. No idea what happened to the girl named Anne though.” Daniel says: “I thought you had a whole group where you was with on Quetir.” Lauren says: “We had, but lots of us died. Most recently is Sebastian who was killed by this Black God.” Daniel says: “Are you sure you don’t want to speak with them again? They might be the key to finding the body of Tristan Bentley.” Lauren says: “I don’t need their help. We will do this together. I don’t want to see Amy ever again.”

At the Alien Protection Group study, everyone is chilling after the first day. All boys are in their own rooms and some are with others. Some others are at the girls, while Felicia, Lois, Lydia and Gemma are also together. Lois says: “I am really scared that I am not going to survive one test.” Felicia says: “I will make sure you are going to make it to the last five women. You belong on our team.” Gemma says: “You have to get more trust in yourself Lois, you can do this.” Lois says: “At first, I didn’t even wanted to join this. I thought I wasn’t meant for this.” Lydia asks: “Who convinced you to do it?” Lois says: “Another candidate, his name is Sebastian. Don’t tell me how I met him, it is a long story.” Gemma says to Felicia: “He is that boy who has interest in you.” Felicia asks: “What do you mean?” Gemma answers: “Why else would he want to be with you this night?” Felicia says: “I feel sad for him. I would have been okay with it.” Lydia asks: “You didn’t wanted to be with us?” Felicia says: “Of course I like that much more.” Lois asks: “What reward did he got instead?” Gemma says: “He got a first look on the Quetirians, like Adam got.” Lois says: “But, he has already seen them.” Lydia says: “It doesn’t matter. There are more handsome men here.” Felicia asks: “What do you think Adam?” Gemma says: “He is so handsome. And some other boys are also handsome, don’t know their names yet.” Felicia asks to Lois: “Who do you like?” Lois says: “I don’t know.” After it, Lincoln and Austin are back. Felicia asks to them: “Is everything alright at the men rooms?” Lincoln says: “Everything is going fine. It will get even better since we are with you.” Lydia says: “You are so great.” And after it, she and Lincoln kiss with each other. Lois says: “I didn’t know that you are a couple.” Felicia says: “It started a few days ago.”

The screen moves on to the room at the hangar where are all Quetirians are locked. Sebastian is also there. He looks around him and sees lots of cages. He says to himself: “What the fuck? This can’t be real.” He walks through the first row and sees lots of male Quetirians sitting with three in one cage. They all look to him. One of them asks to him: “What brought you here human?” Sebastian says: “It is allright, I am an ally.” The same Quetirian says: “They all say that.” Sebastian asks: “Where is Besoux? I have to speak to him.” The Quetirians are all surprised they know his name. Another Quetirian says: “He is in the third row.” Sebastian walks further to the third row and on one of the first cages, Besoux is sitting. He looks really terrible and is sleeping, until Sebastian says to him: “Besoux! It is me Sebastian. I hope you remember me.” Besoux looks up and is very surprised to see him. He asks: “Why did you came here?” Sebastian says: “Kind of a long story. You want me to explain it?” Besoux says: “I have all the time in the world.” Sebastian asks first: “Did you hear they are setting together a group of people who are going to take care of you?” Besoux says: “I heard a little bit about it.” Sebastian says: “I am one of the remaining 70 students who want to get that job.” Besoux says: “Black God is leading all of this. He is going to find you.” Sebastian says: “I know, but I do whatever it takes to get revenge on this motherfucker.” Besoux says: “You shouldn’t have come. Everything is lost. You can’t defeat him. He took everything from us.” Sebastian says: “He also destroyed my whole life. That’s why I want revenge.” Besoux laughs softly and says: “You can’t give up, can’t you?” Sebastian asks: “Where are Nasoux and Zaver?” Besoux answers: “Nasoux is a few rows further at the female Quetirians. I have no idea where Zaver is. Perhaps this motherfuckers have already killed him.” Sebastian says: “I will do whatever I can to get you out of here. Just have patience. Help is on the way.” Besoux says: “Most of us will probably die in a few days. We can’t handle it anymore.” Sebastian says: “I am so sorry that I can’t do something now. But I promise you that in a week all of you will be free again.” Besoux laughs and says: “Nice try, but you will fail.” After it, Sebastian walks further and gets to the rows with all female Quetirians. He walks through them until he sees Nasoux. She is very surprised to see him: “Sebastian? How did you came here?” Sebastian says: “I am one of the students who want to get that new job.” Nasoux asks: “Where are the others? Lauren, Delmar, Amy and all others?” Sebastian says: “Black God beat us. I mean for now he has beat us. After that, our group fell apart. Everybody went their own way. And they think I am death.” Nasoux says: “I knew it. We will never get out of here.” Sebastian says: “I promise that I will get you all out of here in like a week.” Nasoux asks: “How are you going to do that?” Sebastian says: “I first will have to get rid of that motherfucker of a Black God.” Nasoux says: “I wish you good luck with it.” Sebastian thanks her for it. After it, he looks further and sees another door. With big letters it says: ‘OTHER SPECIES’. Sebastian says: “Well, Zaver will probably between them.” When he wants to open the door, he finds out he can’t open it. He tries it a few times, but gives up when he knows that the door is locked. Furthermore, he tries every door, but none of them opens. He gives it up and knows that he has to stay at the Quetirians all night.

Felicia, Lois and all the others are all still having a party. They all don’t care about the fact that Sebastian is locked at the Quetirians. Lois asks to Felicia: “You do this every night?” Felicia answers: “Yes, we do.” Lois says: “I really know that the nights are my favorite parts of the day here.” Felicia says: “They are mine as well. I have only heard that we will do something different tomorrow night. Collin has said something about it.” Lois asks: “Are we going to do a test at night?” Felicia says: “No, we won’t, but we will do something with the whole group.” Lois says: “I am really curious for it.” Not much later, Tristan Bentley suddenly appears at the party. Lois is first kind of shocked to see him, but she doesn’t wants that the others know it. Lincoln, Felicia and the others are all very glad to see him. Tristan asks: “How is everything going here?” Felicia says: “Everything is going really well. We are having lots of fun.” Lincoln says: “It is good to see you bro.” Tristan focusses on Felicia and says to here: “How are you honey?” Felicia says: “I am fine.” They talk a lot with each other and later they are suddenly kissing. Lois sees it all happening and asks to Gemma: “Do they love each other or is this just for fun?” Gemma answers: “I think they love each other. They have kissed many times already.” Lois says: “Okay, he is the boss of that company, right?” Gemma says: “Yes, he is. I think Felicia only loves him because he is very rich.” Lydia and Lincoln are suddenly standing next to them. Lydia says: “That is totally not true! How can you talk about Tristan like that?” Tristan hears his name is mentioned and asks: “What about me?” Lydia says: “She said something stupid about you.” Tristan says: “Oh well, it is fine. I know I am great, you can’t convince me that I’m not great.” Lincoln says: “You are the most successful businessman in the whole city, so you are really right with that.” Felicia says: “You are my boyfriend, I don’t see you like that.” And after that, the two of them kiss with each other once again. After it, the party goes on for some more time until they all have to go to sleep again, because tomorrow will be another long day. Tristan says goodbye to Felicia and gives her one kiss. Lois is angry again, because she knows that the biggest idiot in the whole universe was too close to her again. Surprisingly, he didn’t even saw her. A few seconds later, Lincoln says: “Okay, everyone! We should go sleep again! All of you go to your bed again!” Lois asks to Felicia: “Why does he decide that?” Felicia says: “He is the highest of all the assistants here.” After it, they all walk to their rooms where it is all very silenced.

The next morning, Sebastian is sleeping on the ground at the Quetirian cages. He wakes up when he hears the door go open. It is Collin Wade who laughs and sees him lying. He asks: “Did you sleep well?” Sebastian is actually very angry on him, but he knows he has no other choice than staying calm. He answers to him: “Thank you very much for this horrible night.” Collin laughs once again and says: “Well, you can return to your room again. Make yourself ready for the breakfast. And the first test after it.” Sebastian stands up and can finally leave the Quetirians room again. During his walk back to the rooms, he sees Felicia and all the other assistants standing. He looks to them, but they don’t see him. When he arrives at his room, Josh asks to him: “Where were you last night?” Sebastian says: “That motherfucker of a Collin Wade! Instead of a reward, he gave me a punishment!” Josh says: “Wow, that is really not cool.” Sebastian says: “I don’t want to win a test anymore. He hates me and Adam should win everything anyway.” Not much later, they all have breakfast. Lots of very cheap bread is ready and they can only take two. Collin says: “Only take two, otherwise you eat too much and become fat!” When they are all done, the first test of they day is ready for them. Collin gives them the instructions: “Today, we are going to reduce the number of candidates to 30! So, more than the half of you will be gone here at the end of the day or in the worst case you will even die like some candidates yesterday. For now, the first test of they day where 20 of you are gonna say goodbye afterwards. To stimulate you even more: Tomorrow, we are going to work with our Quetirians for the first time! So give everything and you will get the chance to work with them. Now, please follow me!” When they are all ready, they see 7 different doors appearing left and right of them. Collin explains: “Today, we are going to work together! I want all of you to make groups with 10 people, five men and five women in every group if possible. Go stand before a door.” Adam wants to start a group, but Collin says to him: “Wait, with you I have something else in mind.” Adam says: “Okay fine.” Sebastian doesn’t knows which group he should join. He just joins the same group as Lois to fill the group. Anne also comes to that group. Josh, David and lots of others take place in other groups. When all groups are ready, Collin says: “Okay, now every group is going to pick their own group leader. You can choose out of me, Lincoln, Felicia, Lydia, Austin, Gemma and Adam.” One of the candidates asks: “Why Adam is also a group leader?” Collin answers: “He won both of the tests yesterday and will pass this test for sure.” Another female candidate says: “That is not fair towards us.” Collin says: “We need another group leader so every group has one, since we are only with six.” Meanwhile, all group leaders pick their own group. Lois says to Felicia: “Please come at my group.” Felicia agrees with it and becomes group leader at the group where Sebastian is also part of. Collin says: “Okay, everyone ready? Then go through the door and find the way out of my labyrinth! Last and very important: the two groups who are the last out of my labyrinth, will be eliminated. Of course this doesn’t counts to my group leaders.” After it, all of them go inside the labyrinth. They end up in a dark place where you can barely see anything. Felicia says: “Okay everyone, we have to work together to get out of here again. The five men in our team should go right and the women left. We need strength and intelligence, the men are going to take care of the strength and the women take care of the intelligence. Sebastian asks to her: “On which side will you take place?” Felicia answers: “I can’t help all of you. I only give instructions.” Sebastian is surprised that she answers on him. After it, he and the other four men go right and have to push a wall back. One of the women shouts: “We need a code here, you have it?” Sebastian sees the code appearing when they are pushing the wall back. He says back to her: “The code is yellow, green, orange, red and blue.” After it, questions appear at the women while the men have to search for the answers in the labyrinth. It is Lois who asks the first question. She asks: “What is the name of the leader of the Quetirians?” Sebastian screams the answers: “That is Besoux!!!” The others are all surprised how he knows that. Lois fills in the answer and it is correct. They go further to the next question that is: ‘Which species are the second largest at the Alien Protection Group?” Sebastian says again: “Xyporions!” The other men are searching for the answers, but he knows all of them. After it, a harder question follows in which they have to search the answer. It is hidden in a pot they find after searching for a while. Felicia says: “Good work all of you!” After it, another easy question follows: ‘Name a very important Quetirian?’ Sebastian says: “This is to easy. The answer is for sure Ibrousax.” Not much later, they already come to the last question. Lois says: “This is the last question. It is a really hard one. Who is the biggest antagonist of the Alien Protection Group? How should we know this?” One of the other four men says: “Wait a minute, we will find the answer in here by pulling some more walls away.” Sebastian is very surprised and says: “There is no need to search. The answer on this question is Sebastian Cantrell.” Lois is surprised and asks: “Are you sure?” Anne is also surprised and says: “How do you know all these answers?” They try it and it is indeed the right answer. A door is opened to the next room. They come together again and when they all come in the next room, they see that the group of Adam is faster than them. Anne asks: “How is that possible? We were so fast.” Adam says to their group: “We were first here.” Felicia says: “Of course you were.” Collin is the next to return with this group. The others group also come one by one back. The groups of Lincoln and Lydia are 4th and 5th and they all know who will be the losers. Lastly, Austin and Gemma’s groups come back and all the candidates in those two groups are very sad. Collin says: “The labyrinth has decided. The twenty of you are going to leave us. Say goodbye to the others.” Gemma says: “I am really sorry guys.” Some of the twenty are more glad than sad. Sebastian sees that Josh and David were in respectively Collin and Lincoln’s groups. When the twenty eliminated candidates are gone, Collin says: “The 50 of you will get two hours of free time now. After it, the second and more dangerous test of today is waiting for you. Sebastian looks around him and finds it very typical that nobody of his group thanks him for him giving almost all the right answers. He knows he has to life with it and walks away again.

Meanwhile, John and Amy are on their job again. It is Friday, so everyone is having a lot of fun and it is the most unserious day of the week. Their boss is doing nothing for the whole day. Steve is also demotivated to do something. John is hacking more documents about the APG. He finds out that Besoux, Nasoux and Zaver are all locked inside of the hangar of the APG. Steve asks to him: “Why are you so interested in that group?” John is honest and says: “Some people I know are studying to get a job there.” Steve says: “Oh well, they will probably die.” John says: “No, they won’t.” Steve says: “Tell me more about what you did before you got this job.” John says: “I had a very similar job with a lower salary. It was too low for me, that’s why I moved on.” Steve says: “That hot girlfriend of you also worked there?” John says: “No, I met her on another way.” Steve says: “Oh well.” In the other side of the company, Amy is working together with some of the girls. One of them asks to her: “What are you going to do in the weekend?” Amy says: “I don’t really have ideas yet. You?” The same woman says: “I will have my first date with my crush. You don’t have a lover yet?” Amy says: “I had one, but something terrible happened. I prefer to not talk about it.” The woman says: “It is okay.” The boss is sitting on his lazy seat and eating a pizza. He is very relaxed until a man suddenly comes through the elevator. He walks through the door to the room of the boss. The boss says: “I wasn’t expecting any visitors today.” The man with a very familiar voice says: “Me neither, but this visit was really needed.” The boss looks up and sees that the rich businessman Erwin Holdman is standing before him. Holdman says: “I know what your company is doing. We are hacked by many computers and they all come from this IP Address. You better stop before I am going to tell this to the police. Actually, I already should. You broke the law.” The boss says back to him: “That must have been fake IP Addresses, because we are just doing our own stuff. I don’t know where you are talking about.” Holdman says: “Okay fine, then I am going to call the police.” The boss says: “No please don’t! We will find another solution Mr. Holdman.” Erwin says: “I give you one last warning. Say that you have hacked us!” The boss says: “You are the one who should prove it.” Erwin says: “Okay, I know enough.” And after it, Erwin grabs a gun out of his pocket and shoots the boss. He immediately falls death on the ground. After it, two other men show up. They grab the body and move it out of the company. Erwin puts some kind of robot on the seat. It creates a robot who gets exactly the same appearance as the boss. He even talks like him. When they are done, Mr. Holdman and his helpers walk away. No employee has seen them.

Lauren and Daniel are back in their secret base. Lauren says: “I have thought about it. There is one old friend of me who was there when the real Bentley was killed. I want to contact him again.” Daniel says: “That sounds like a good idea.” Lauren says: “I only don’t really know where he is, but I can contact him.” Daniel asks: “Shall I go with you?” Lauren says: “No, I want to go to him alone.” Daniel says: “It is okay.” After it, it is silenced for a few seconds, until Lauren says: “So, I will go now.” Daniel agrees with it, but out of nowhere he wants to give her a kiss. Lauren says back to him: “Please, I am not ready for having love again.” And after it, she walks away. When she is outside of the secret base, she grabs her telephone and makes contact with the person she meant: Delmar Norris. She sends him the message: ‘Hi, can I see you again? I need you for something.’ After a few minutes, Delmar already answers. He says: “Of course. I really would like to see you again Lauren.’ She replies back: ‘Where can I find you?’ Delmar gives her an address and she immediately goes to it. After some driving, Lauren ends up in a district at the edge of Orlando. It looks like a poor neighbourhood, but she knows Delmar is one of these houses. When she has the right address, she goes out of her car. She sees some other people and they are surprised to see a car stopping in their neighbourhood. Lauren looks on the numbers of the houses and finds Delmar’s house. She rings the bell and a few seconds later, Delmar opens the door. He looks different than the last time they saw each other. Lauren says: “I am glad to see you again.” Delmar says: “Same.” Lauren says: “How did you end up here?” Delmar says: “We lost. All of us. And I don’t wanted to life anymore in the same city as the one where that motherfucker of a Black God is living.” Lauren says: “Oh great, he is exactly why I came here.” Delmar is very surprised and says: “No please not! I am done with all this shit! Black God has beat us, no way that I will ever return to Tampa again.” Lauren says: “That is sad to hear, because I wanted your help with information about Tristan Bentley.” Delmar says: “He is death. We killed him.” Lauren asks: “How did that happen?” Delmar answers: “We fed him to his own crocodiles.” Lauren says: “Really? I have been with this crocodiles, but I couldn’t find a body.” Delmar says: “I know why.” Lauren says: “Please tell me Delmar, we are still friends, right?” Delmar says: “Yes, I just don’t want to think about this anymore. I get nightmares seeing our friends die. What happened to Caroline is not what I want to experience as well.” Lauren asks once again: “Where is his body?” Delmar says: “His body was totally eaten by those crocodiles. However, I returned to there not long ago as well to grab the head. I didn’t wanted to be the one responsible for his death. And in fact, I was.” Lauren asks: “So you have his head?” Delmar says: “I had, but what about it?” Lauren says: “You know that Black God is using his body, right? When we get the head of the real Tristan Bentley, we can show the world that the real Tristan Bentley is already death.” Delmar says: “Not bad, I buried the head not far from here. I can show you the way.” Lauren says: “Thank you Delmar.” After it, they go outside and end up in a forest near the house of Delmar. Delmar has a shovel with him. In the middle of the forest, Delmar starts digging in the ground. When he is done, he grabs a box out of the hole he has dug. Lauren asks: “You even gave it a box?” Delmar says: “Otherwise it would decay under the ground.” After it, he opens the box and the head of Tristan Bentley is really inside of it. Lauren says: “Thank you very much Delmar, now I can finally prove the world what’s wrong.” Delmar says: “You know what, I want to come with you.”

At the Alien Protection Group, they have a break for a few hours. Sebastian is sitting in his room again together with Josh and one other. They are the only ones left of their group.” Sebastian asks to the other man: “What is your name actually?” The man answers: “My name is Tim Arnold.” Sebastian says: “Good to meet you.” Josh says: “Sad that the others failed in the last test.” Tim says: “This study is really though, not sure if I will make it.” Sebastian says: “Do your best and everyone can make it.” Josh asks to Sebastian: “How is it possible that you are so motivated in this? I heard you gave almost all the right answers at the last test.” Sebastian says: “This is just my dream job.” Josh asks: “And besides that?” Sebastian says: “Okay okay, one of the assistants is really hot.” Josh says: “Come on, even I could see that you are looking to her the whole time. Why don’t you just tell it to her?” Sebastian says: “You are not going to believe what I am about to say, but before all of this, we were friends. And now she doesn’t knows me anymore.” Josh says: “She is your ex?” Sebastian says: “No, we were more friends.” Tim says: “That is really sad. Perhaps she acts like she doesn’t knows you?” Josh says: “I feel really sad for you man.” Sebastian says: “I have to speak to someone, so I will be gone for a while.” Josh asks: “You are gonna tell it to her?” Sebastian says: ‘No, but I am going to speak with someone else.” And after it, he walks away. He walks to the rooms of the women and walks inside the room where Lois is staying. She is surprised to see him and asks: “What are you doing here?” Sebastian says: “I have to speak to you.” Lois says: “That’s okay, I am coming with you.” They walk to a room where nobody else is. Sebastian says: “You know that I was locked inside of that room with Quetirians?” Lois says: “Yes, why would Collin do that to you? I guess he really hates you.” Sebastian says: “Black God is controlling him. Of course he hates me.” Lois asks: “Why you wanted to speak with me?” Sebastian says: “I spoke to Besoux and Nasoux there. They really need our help. The conditions are so bad there. Besoux told me that he could die in a few days. We have to do something.” Lois says: “There is nothing we can do.” Sebastian says: “I need your help. And we also have to get Felicia on our side again.” Lois says: “Please, give me some time. I am almost fully befriended with her again. If she sees me doing weird stuff with you, she will distrust me again.” Sebastian says: “Okay fine, I understand you.” Lois says: “But I can at least try make you get in contact with her.” Sebastian says: “Okay, that would be really great.” And after it, suddenly Felicia, Gemma and Lydia appear before them. Sebastian sees them and says: “Hi Felicia!” But she is only focused on Lois and says to her: “Lois, we were searching for you.” Lois says: “I am sorry. I was speaking to Sebastian. You know him, right?” Felicia says: “Of course I do, but we wanted to ask you if you want to join us tonight. We are going inside the city tonight with all remaining students. Collin has charted a discotheque and we are going to have fun there tonight.” Lois says: “I know, you already told me that.” Gemma says: “Everyone will have their own table with four people and we wanted you to be at our table. Is that okay?” Lois says: “Yes of course. That would be really great!” Sebastian asks: “Tables? Why nobody told us that?” Gemma says back to him: “You should go to Collin. He has a map with all tables inside of the discotheque.” Sebastian says: “Thanks, I will do that.” After it, they all look to him. Sebastian says: “Oh, you want to discuss something only girls may know? Then, I will go away now.” When he is gone, Felicia asks to Lois: “Why did he want to speak with you?” Lois says: “We are friends and he asked me how I experiences the first days.” Felicia says: “Oh okay.” Meanwhile, Sebastian goes to Collin Wade. He asks to him: “Can I choose a table for what?” Collin is surprised and says: “No, you can’t. Only me and my assistants can do that.” Sebastian says: “I just spoke with your assistants and they told me that I could do that.” Collin says: “That must be a mistake.” Sebastian says: “Okay fine, then I will ask them to do it for me.” Collin says: “No! That night at the Quetirians room hasn’t made you anything better. You are still that naughty student.” Sebastian doesn’t even listen to him and walks back to Felicia. They are still standing on the same place. He says to hem: “I am sorry to interrupt your secret talk, but Collin refuses to give me a place at a table.” Sebastian is surprised when he hears Felicia says: “I will do it for you.” Together they walk to Collin. During the walk, Sebastian says: “I wish you were leading the APG. You are much better than Mr. Wade.” Felicia says: “Thank you.” When they reach Collin Wade, he laughs and asks to Felicia: “Why are you doing this for him?” Felicia answers: “He asked me to do it.” Sebastian says: “She is much friendlier than you.” Eventually, Collin has to accept it and Sebastian puts himself on a free table near Felicia, Lois, Gemma and Lydia’s table. Sebastian says to him: “Thanks for the co-operation.” Collin says: “Prepare yourself for the next test instead of wasting your time here.” Sebastian says: “Okay fine, what you want.” And after it, he walks away again. Both Collin and Felicia look to him. Collin says: “Really? I hope he will lose in the next test.” Felicia says: “You should be more objective as the leader of APG.” Collin says: “You also have to prepare yourself.” Felicia doesn’t responds on it and walks away.

Less than a hour later, the second and last test of the day starts. All remaining 50 students come together and Collin shows the way to another room in his hangar. One of the students says: “Can’t we see the Quetirians now?” Collin says: “Tomorrow, we will get the first test with them! But first, I am going to introduce all of you, to some other pets of me. So, let me introduce you to my poisonous frogs!” All 30 remaining students come in a big room with 30 poisonous frogs. Collin continues: “Everyone, pick one!” And they all pick their own frog. Collin says: “If you know how to handle a poisonous frog in certain situations, you also know how to handle a poisonous frog.” Sebastian says to him: “It is so not the same!” Collin asks: “Did I ask you for something? Anyway, my assistant Lincoln will tell you what to do with the frogs.” Lincoln says: “Thank you mr. Wade. Let’s start with one very important rule. Never touch your frog!!! That been said, I want all of you to take the frog to the big water pool right behind that door!” One of the female students asks: “How are we going to do that?” Lincoln says: “Be creative.” Anne says to help her: “Pick something like a stick and let it go on that.” Lincoln says: “We will go to the next room now. When you put your frog in the water pool, we will give you the next instruction. Please remember, you have a half hour to finish all these tasks. The slowest 10 men and women, will be put out of our hangar.” Lois asks: “What if one of us by accident touches the frog?” Collin answers on this question by saying: “Tell him or her to go to the nearest hospital, because only then you still have a chance of surviving it.” After it, Collin and Lincoln followed by Felicia, Lydia, Austin and Gemma walk away. When they are gone, Josh says: “This is insane! How the fuck are we going to do this!” Tim says: “Relax, we will find a way to do this.” Sebastian says to them: “Perhaps it is a good idea to search for something where we can put our frog on?” Almost all the students hear his tip and they all search through their rooms for something where they can place their frog on. Of course, Adam very fast has something and his frog really helps him. Sebastian also manages to find a copper stick and tries to get his frog on it. Most girls are also really determined in getting their frog to the next room. However, most of the male students are very fast and not focused. Some of them really hurt their frog and one of the frogs jumps on the student and gives his poison. The man screams it out. He asks: “Am I going to die?” Anne says to him: “Where are you waiting on? Go to a hospital!” When he is gone, Josh laughs and says: “You should have seen his face!” Meanwhile, Sebastian manages to get his frog on the copper stick. He looks and sees Lois, Anne and all others are also busy with it. Adam is the first to make it to the next room. Sebastian follows after him. Right behind the door, a water pool is placed. Sebastian says: “So here we should put our frogs in.” Adam says to him: “Of course, you idiot.” Sebastian doesn’t responses to him and throws his frog in it. After him, many others follow him. They walk further and Collin, Felicia, Lincoln, Lydia, Austin and Gemma are standing. Collin says: “Good job! Now it is your turn to find your frog again. Get in contact with him, and make it swim into the hole. All of them go stand around the hole. One of the female students asks: “Getting in contact with them? But how?” Lincoln says: “Figure that our yourself!” They look around them and see a bin with earplugs. They fight to grab them, because eventually there are not 30 of them inside of it. Lois asks: “Is this also how we are going to get in contact with the Quetirians?” Sebastian answers to her by saying: “No, most of them just speak English.” After it, all of them try to contact with their frogs. Adam says: “This is way too easy.” And his frog already swims into the hole. David is also suddenly there and manages to get his frog very fast into the hole. Sebastian looks around him and sees Josh and Tim still not there. He tries and tries and suddenly his frog starts swimming into the hole. Lois says: “I don’t understand. How are you doing this?” Sebastian says to her: “You have to look to your frog and think what you want it to do.” Sebastian wants to help her, but many of the other students already go to the next room again. Tim is also suddenly there. He grabs the last earplug, but another stronger man sees it and wants to grab the earplug out of his hands. He fails in it. The man is very angry on him and waits for his chance. Tim laughs and puts the earplug in his ear and starts searching for his frog. However, the man is suddenly standing behind, grab the earplug out of his ear and pushes Tim into the water. When he falls into the water, Tim gets fully hit by all the poisonous frogs. He dies because of the many poison that hits his body. Most of the other students, especially the women, are very shocked. One of them asks to the man: “How could you do that Ashton?” Ashton says: “None of them said that it is forbidden to kill other students.” Meanwhile, Lois also succeeds in getting her frog into the hole. Sebastian and her walk further followed by Anne, Ashton and many others. In the next room, they have to grab their frogs out of the water again. Sebastian grabs his copper stick again and all the others also pick their thing where they grabbed the frogs in the first place. Sebastian looks before him and sees Adam and David going in the front. When they all go further, they come outside again. They have to walk a whole route through the forest with the frog in their hands. Eventually, they come to a river, where they have to tell their frogs to jump over it. Adam, David and some others are already standing there. Sebastian, Lois, Anne, Ashton and all others join them. They all put their frogs before the river. Ashton asks: “Can’t we just walk with the frogs in our hands through the river?” Adam says to him: “Lincoln was here before you came, he said that if you walk through the river, you will be disqualified.” Ashton says: “Oh, I am really scared for that.” Eventually almost all frogs manage to reach the other side of the river. Except two who end up underwater and are gone. One of the women who is owning one of them is very sad. Sebastian is glad that it isn’t his frog who reaches the other side of the river. The women becomes very sad and keep screaming: “Why this had to happen to me??” David says to her: “Perhaps you didn’t control your frog good enough?” When their frogs have reached the other side of the river, they should reach the other side themselves. Most of them all follow Adam, who has already seen that there is a bridge close to them. However, Sebastian sees a tree with a ladder on it. He climbs on it and from there he jumps to the other side of the river. Eventually, he is the fastest back to his frog, grabs it and follows the path. Not much further, he sees Collin, Felicia and the others standing. Collin is very shocked to see him. He says: “What should we do? He can’t win once again!” Lincoln says: “I will tell him to go to the wrong tree.” Gemma says: “Why would you do that? That’s unfair!” Lincoln says: “The world isn’t always fair.” Right after it, Sebastian comes at them and asks: “What should I do now?” Lincoln says to him: “Go left and put your frog in one of the trees, then you are done.” Sebastian says: “Okay, then I will do that.” On the moment he wants to walk left, Felicia says: “He is lying! You should go right and put him in one of the trees there. Collin becomes very angry and screams: “Why do you say that!!” Sebastian says: “Thank you very much Felicia.” He looks back to him and sees Adam coming with his frog. Sebastian decides to walk very softly to his tree. He waits before Adam has put his frog into the tree and after it, he also makes his frog jump on the tree. He says to the frog: “It was a pleasure to lead over you!” Collin is suddenly very glad again and says: “Looks like we have a winner!” Gemma says to Sebastian: “You could have won. Why you were so slow?” Sebastian answers to her: “I don’t want to get that fucking reward again.” After it, Lois, Anne, Ashton, David and many others follow with their frogs. Sebastian doesn’t sees Josh. Collin says to Austin and Lydia: “Get our losers!” They agree and run back. Lois asks to Felicia: “Who won?” Felicia answers: “Adam of course……..” Not much later, Austin and Lydia return with all the losers. Josh is with them. Sebastian is sad to see it and asks to him: “What happened?” Josh says: “There were no earplugs left.” Collin says: “Looks like we have our winners and our losers.” Josh says to Sebastian: “It doesn’t matter. I wasn’t made for this job. However, where is Tim?” Sebastian answers: “He died.” Josh is very shocked and asks: “Who did it?” Sebastian says: “He.” And he points to Ashton, who looks to Collin who is telling another bullshit story about how good Adam was again. Josh looks and screams: “This is for Tim!!!” And out of nowhere, he has a gun in his hands and shoots Ashton multiple times with it. He can’t believe it and falls death on the ground. The others are also very shocked. Collin screams: “Get this motherfucker!!” Josh says to Sebastian: “I can go back into crime again.” And after it, Lincoln, Austin and Adam grab him and take him away. After waiting for a few seconds, Collin says: “Well, all winners return to your room again. As you know, tonight we will go into the city. Prepare yourself for that.”

Later that day, John, Amy, Steve and all the others are done with their job. Their boss wishes them all a good weekend. John says: “I haven’t seen our boss so glad since I am here.” Steve says: “Well, he is just glad that it is weekend. Nothing wrong about that, right?” John says: “He just acts different.” Steve says: “He is a man who is really different at the morning and at the afternoon.” John says: “That’s not where I am talking about.” And he stands up and walks to the boss. He says to him: “Me and Amy are going to my house again. I wish you a good weekend.” The boss says back to him: “ Okay, that’s totally fine! See you again on Monday!” John is surprised and asks: “No opinion about her?” The boss says: “What do you mean?” John says: “There is definitely something wrong here. Can I see the camera footage?” The boss asks: “Why do you want to see that?” John says: “Because you are a robot, there is nothing real of you!” The boss says: “Security, we have an aggressive employee here!” John says: “Let me get that footage myself!” The boss suddenly becomes very aggressive and attacks John. Lots of the other employees, including Amy and Steve see it happening. The security also comes and wants to attack John, but he says: “You should get him instead of me, he isn’t our boss!” The chief of the security says: “Prove it!” John says: “Okay, let me take a look through the footage. If there is nothing in it, you can arrest me.” Amy says: “Are you really sure about this?” John looks through the footage of the camera that is hanging in the room of the boss. Around two hours ago, he sees someone walking inside the room of the boss. After some talks, the man suddenly shows a weapon and kills the boss. Two other men grab his body and take it away. The other man puts something on the ground and suddenly a robot grows out of it. Everybody is very shocked. The chief of the security asks: “Who is this motherfucker?” John zooms in on the man and is very surprised who it is. He says: “I know who this is. His name is Erwin Holdman.” Steve screams: “He is the boss of that company, Holdman companies!” John says: “And they are taking care of that Alien Protection Group.” Amy says: “They must have killed him because they found out we were hacking them.” The chief of the security says: “This Erwin Holdman is gonna pay for what he did!” Suddenly, the robot starts speaking and says: “No no no, all of you are going to pay!” Amy screams: “I think he is going to explode! Everybody get out!” And all of them run outside out of the company not much later, the whole robot explodes.

At the Holdman companies, they hear about what happened. Black God and Erwin Holdman are sitting together. Black God says: “Looks like your robot wasn’t that inconspicuous as we thought it would be.” Erwin says: ‘It doesn’t matter. At least that whole company is destroyed now. No boss, no building, an easy way to go bankrupt.” Black God says: “You don’t understand where your actions are leading to. I don’t want to start a whole war against this company.” Erwin says: “There is no company anymore. Like I said, they went bankrupt.” Black God says: “That fucking Sebastian Cantrell fuckers John Woodward and Amy Watkins were waiting there. They have no job anymore now and guess what they will do. Take revenge on your company!” Erwin says: “Nobody can stop me. My company is the best! I won’t ever be beaten by two cockroaches like them!” Black God says: “Prove that to me. And anyway, you better don’t show your face anymore at the company. Everyone can walk in and kill you. It is too dangerous.” Erwin is surprised and asks: “What should I do then?” Black God says: “I want you to interfere with the Alien Protection Group. They can use you there.” Erwin likes it and asks: “Can I make Sebastian Cantrell’s life a hell?” Black God answers: “Of course, you can, but I will also take care of that myself.”

At the hangar of the Alien Protection Group, Sebastian returns to his room again and sits there alone. Tim death, Josh out of the study and killing Ashton, it was a though day. And tonight will be the party, where Josh and Tim won’t be there at his table. After some time, Lincoln and Austin walk across all the rooms and see him sitting alone. Lincoln says: “Look who is all alone at his room now!” Sebastian says back to him: “You think this is funny?” Austin says: “There has to be one room that is the first.” Lincoln says: “Yes, this room was clearly the worst.” Sebastian is angry, but he tries to ignore what they are saying. However, they both suddenly walk in his room and Lincoln asks: “You want to get another room?” Sebastian says: “No, it is fine. Maybe it is better for me to stay on a room alone.” Austin laughs and says: “You want to be a loner?” Sebastian says: “No, it is just that I am done with that everybody is working against me. And you are not going to believe what is really happening.” Austin asks: “Where the fuck are you talking about?” Sebastian laughs and says: “To start with Collin Wade, he is in fact just a pawn of the almighty Black God.” Lincoln says: “Black who? You are seeing things Cantrell.” Sebastian says: “Of course you don’t believe it. You know Tristan Bentley btw?” Austin says: “Of course we do. He is our idol!” Lincoln says: “He means that he is our boss.” Sebastian says: “This Tristan is in fact Black God, a mass murderer.” Lincoln screams: “We don’t believe in you and your stories!” Sebastian says back to him: “Okay fine, then you don’t! But eventually, all of you will admit that he has used you.” Lincoln says: “Say one more thing, and I will damage you heavily!” Sebastian says: “You are so silly. Or is Black God also in your mind?” After it, Lincoln does what he has promised and he attacks Sebastian and a fight starts between the two of them. During the fight, Lincoln screams: “You should just know, that there are rules here and when you go too far, you will get punished for it!” Sebastian angrily says: “Did I hurt your feeling when I mentioned the two words ‘Black’ and ‘God’?” After it, Lincoln becomes even more angry and he gives everything he can. However, Sebastian dodges almost all of his attacks, until Austin also interferes into the fight and helps his good friend. Together, they are too strong for Sebastian and they easily smash him knock out. Lincoln says: “Completely what this idiot deserves.” After it, both Lincoln and Austin walk out of his room again and go back to Collin, Felicia and the others. Lydia asks to them: “What took you so long?” Lincoln says: “There were some problems at the men rooms, but they are fixed now.” It is followed by Lincoln who kisses with Lydia. Gemma is looking jealously at it. Felicia says to it: “Don’t worry. It will also happen for you one day.” Gemma says: “Both of you are very lucky to have a boyfriend.” Felicia says: “Yes, we are.” Gemma asks: “Will Tristan also come tonight?” Felicia answers: “Yes he will, because he wants to see me.” Gemma says: “That’s good to hear.” Lydia suddenly asks to Gemma: “Isn’t Adam something for you?” Gemma answers: “Not really. Of course he is great, but I don’t think he is my type.” Felicia says: “Hopefully, you will find someone tonight.” After it, Collin is suddenly called. He takes on the phone and starts speaking over the phone to someone. The screen goes over to the person on the other side of the phone, who is Erwin Holdman. He says: “Our boss has given me a new job. He wants me to interfere with the Alien Protection Group.” Collin is surprised and says: “Why is that needed?” Erwin says: “It is too dangerous for me to stay at my company, so I have been transferred to the Alien Protection Group.” Collin is not glad with it and he answers sarcastic: “Okay, that’s great!” Erwin asks: “Can I introduce myself to the group tonight?” Collin answers: “Not tonight, because we will go to a club inside the city of Tampa. Tomorrow, we will of course have time for it.” Erwin says: “I know about the club, Bentley told me. It is a shame that the team can’t see me today, but I see you tomorrow.” And after it, he immediately hangs up the call. Gemma asks: “Who was that?” Collin answers: “Erwin Holdman, he said that he has been transfered from being the boss of the company to us. Fuck him!” Austin says: “Don’t judge too fast. He seems really great to me.” Collin says: “He is great in being the boss of a company, not at leading the APG! I can handle this fine alone! I shall let Bentley know that I do not agree with this decision!” And after it, Collin waits for a few seconds until he asks to Felicia: “He will come at the party tonight, right?” Felicia answers: “Yes, he said to me that he would come.” Collin says: “Good, that gives me the chance to let him get regret of his decision.”

Meanwhile, Lauren and Delmar are sitting in a car and driving on the freeway from Orlando to Tampa. Delmar asks: “Where are we exactly driving to?” Lauren answers: “We are going to the biggest news broadcaster of Tampa, so this news will be spread across all of the USA. Everyone has to know about it.” Delmar says: “I am getting so enthusiastic! We are getting our revenge!” Lauren says: “Don’t cheer too fast. Black God knows about what we are doing, so I am really afraid something will still happen.” Delmar says: “Oh yes, that guy has ridiculous powers. I almost forgot that. Not much later, Lauren’s fear becomes real: somewhere on the freeway another car pushes them off the road. After some rotating, Lauren’s car ends up in the crush-barrier. Both she and Delmar are hurt after it. Lots of other cars suddenly appear and they stop on the road shoulder. In like 10 seconds, they are completely surrounded. Lauren and Delmar both become conscious again and see it happening. Delmar asks: “What should we do?” Lauren screams: “Get the fuck out of here!” Unfortunately, it is already too late and the men break their windows open. One of the men screams: “The head or your life!” After some hesitating, Lauren says: “I will go for……….your life!” And right after it, a big machine gun appears and she starts shooting on all the people. Delmar can’t even believe what is happening. Lauren knows that there are too many of them and she also starts driving, something that is ironically still possible. Delmar sees she is driving in the wrong direction and screams: “This is too dangerous! We won’t survive it!” But it is already too late and the car breaks the crush-barrier and falls meters down. The men on road shoulder see it all happening. When the car is down on the ground, an explosion follows. The men think they have done the right job, but meters down of them there is still movement. A big pillow has captured Lauren and Delmar. Before the explosion, they came out of it. Of course the head is still intact and Lauren grabs it and after it, both of them run away.

John, Amy, Steve and all the others who survived the explosion of the company are all very glad that they survived. Steve becomes sad and says: “My job, my everything, everything is gone!” The chief of the security says: “This Erwin Holdman is going to pay for this!” John says: “Of course he is.” Amy says: “Wait, we have one problem. The footage is got lost in the explosion.” John says: “Don’t worry, I was already expecting the footage to got lost on some way. That’s why I downloaded it and put it on this stick.” Amy says: “That’s great John! What should we do without you?” John says: “Thank you, but now we still have to show this to Holdman and the rest of the world.” Amy says: “We should do that as fast as possible.” John says: “It is too late to do it now, but tomorrow it Saturday and then we have all the time in in the world.” Steve hears it all and asks: “Can I join you? I also want to get revenge so desperately now!” Amy says: “Okay fine, but we do it tomorrow morning and if you won’t be there on time, we will go without you.” Steve says: “Okay, I understand.”

Sometime later at the APG hangar, Collin says: “Call the group together! We are going to the club!” Felicia, Lincoln, Lydia, Austin and Gemma all get very excited of it. Felicia, Lydia and Gemma immediately go to Lois and tell her to come. After it, they tell the other women it. Lincoln and Austin go to the men room once again and tell only the rooms they care about that they have to come. Sebastian is conscious again and sees it happening. He sees all of them walking in the hallway of his room and asks: “Are we going into the city?” One of the other male students says: “Yes, everyone has to come, so we can leave the hangar together.” Sebastian stands up and walks to the big room where Collin, Felicia, Lois, Anne and all others are already waiting. He also sees Lincoln and Austin again and they act like nothing has happened. Sebastian walks to Collin and says: “I have one problem. I have no other people on my table, since they are all out after the last test.” Collin says back to him: “That’s unfortunate, but sadly we can’t do anything about that.” Sebastian says: “Okay, that’s fine. I just wanted you to know it.” After it, Sebastian walks to Anne and asks to her: “How is everything going?” Anne says: “Not bad, I am still in and I have a great room.” Sebastian says: “Then you have it better than me. Alone on my room and alone on a table tonight.” Anne says: “Oh, you could join our table. One of us also failed in the last test, so you can take her place.” Sebastian says: “Thank you, I would really appreciate that. Should I tell it to Collin?” Anne says: “No, I can really see that he hates you and does everything to annoy you.” Sebastian says: “I know and you are right.” It is silence for a few seconds until Sebastian says: “Actually, I didn’t expect anything else from all these pawns of Black God.” Anne says: “You are sure that he has also control over them?” Sebastian says: “Very sure. Every time I mention that name, they become very angry on me.” Anne asks: “Who are all pawns of him?” Sebastian says: “Collin and all his assistants, even Felicia.” Anne says: “We should do something about this.” Sebastian says: “Lois and I are thinking of a plan.” Anne says: “Amy told me that you and Felicia were able to defeat Black God before, so the two of you should do it once again.” Sebastian says: “I don’t know what to do with Felicia. She is never alone, so I can't tell her what’s really happening.” Anne asks: “So, she is totally brainwashed? That really sucks.” Sebastian says: “Yes, she doesn’t remembers me anymore.” Anne asks: “But she does remember Lois?” Sebastian says: “No, but somehow they like each other very much. By the way, any idea where John, Amy, Lauren and Delmar are?” Anne answers: “After we thought you died and Besoux, Nasoux and Zaver were captured, we got a big dilemma about what to do further. Lauren wanted to go further and get them back, but John and Amy disagreed and wanted to take back their own life. And Delmar, he was kind of in between but became too scared and left Lauren alone.” Sebastian says: “It is a shame that the group didn’t stayed together. What did you do?” Anne answers: “I didn’t wanted to have anything to do with all of this anymore until I realised that there was just no way in which I could take on my old life again. And living further with the idea that the motherfucker of a Erwin Holdman still lives, was as disgusting as terrible.” Sebastian says: “I understand you want him death. He is responsible for the death of your whole team.” Anne says: “You don’t know how much I hate him.” Sebastian says: “We can do this together. We will get revenge on both Black God and Erwin Holdman.” Before Anne can react on that, Collin screams: “Is everyone here?!” Lincoln and Austin start counting all members and come on the exact number of remaining participants. After it, all of them step in a bus, that drives into the city of Tampa.

The whole group ends up in a club as promised. Before they all take their place, Collin says: “Tonight, we have something else than staying in the hangar. We are having a party to celebrate that all of you are the 30 last students remaining. You can see that as a great result. Of course, still 20 of you will get out in the next two days, but tonight we are going to forget about that. Everyone, have fun and let’s hope this night will increase the group development!” After it, Collin walks away. Lincoln takes over the word and says: “Mr. Wade has some other stuff to do. He won’t be here the whole night, so I have the lead. If you have any problems, come to me. For now, everyone take your place!” Sebastian and all the others take their table. They all get something to drink first. Sebastian can’t get his eyes off Felicia, who is fully focused on her friends again. Lois is also with them again. Sebastian tries to hear what they are saying. He hears Gemma asking to Felicia: “When will Tristan come?” Felicia answers: “He will come in like a hour, he had some things to do on the company first.” Sebastian is shocked after hearing this. He thinks about it for a few minutes, until Anne suddenly stands before him. She says to him: “You can join our table. I guess you don’t want to stand alone for the whole night.” Sebastian says: “Thank you, of course I don’t want that.” It is silence for a few minutes, until Sebastian says to Anne when her friends are getting something to drink: “You remember that guy who almost killed me?” Anne says: “Yes, what about him?” Sebastian says: “He will come here in like a hour.” Anne says: “What? He can’t see you.” Sebastian says: “I don’t care about that. He knows I am here already. No way that he doesn’t knows it already.” Anne asks: “Are you going to have your revenge?” Sebastian says: “I hope so. At least Felicia should know the truth about him.” Anne asks: “Will Erwin Holdman also come?” Sebastian answers: “I don’t know, but I really want to kill this motherfucker as well.” After it, Anne’s friends are back and one of them asks: “Who do you want to kill?” Sebastian doesn’t knows what to say, luckily Anne helps him by saying: “There is an annoying fly inside of the club. He almost flew in Sebastian’s drink.” Sebastian says: “Yes, that is really disgusting.” The same girl says: “Yes, it is.” After it, Sebastian asks: “What are your names by the way?” The same girl says: “I am Carmen and this is Alice.” Sebastian says: “Good to know you, I am Sebastian Cantrell.” Carmen says: “I know, but I thought your surname was Reeves.” Sebastian says: “Oh yes, that one was fake.” Meanwhile, Lincoln and Lydia are kissing again and Gemma and Lois are looking who are the hottest boys among all the male students. Gemma asks to Lois: “Who do you like the most?” Lois answers: “I don’t know. There aren’t very hot boys among them.” Gemma says: “It is indeed hard. What do you think of Tristan by the way?” Lois says: “I’m sorry to say, but I hate him very much.” Gemma is surprised and asks: “Why do you hate him?” Lois answers: “He looks very arrogant and I hate arrogant boys.” Gemma says: “At least, he can be arrogant. He is the boss of one of the best companies in the world. Felicia is lucky to have him as her boyfriend.” Lois says: “No, she is unlucky to have him.” Felicia has heard everything and asks to Lois: “Why do you think all of this about Tristan?” Lois says: “Felicia, please believe me. His not the man you think he is.” Felicia says: “I don’t care, because I love him. I feel lucky to have him.” Not much later, the man they are talking about the whole time, arrives in the club. He walks immediately to Felicia and kisses her. Sebastian and all the others all see it and Sebastian is very jealous. Lincoln says: “Everyone attention for the boss of our company: Tristan Bentley!” After it, all people in the room start clapping except Sebastian, Anne and Lois. Tristan asks to Felicia: “Did you miss me?” Felicia answers: “Of course I did.” Tristan says: “I am done at the company for today, so tonight I have all the time in the world for you.” Felicia says: “You are way too much at that company. I want to have more time with you.” After it, they talk a little more about how everything is going at the APG. Sebastian is looking at it the whole time. When Anne is busy talking with Carmen and Alice and Tristan looks in his direction, Sebastian starts waving to him. Tristan immediately sees it and starts laughing. Felicia asks: “Why is he waving to you?” Tristan answers: “He is an old friend of me.” Felicia is surprised and says: “You know a lot of people, don’t you?” Tristan says: “Yes, everybody wants to know me.” Felicia says: “I just hope that one day you can use all that time you spend in other people more on me.” After she said that, Tristan becomes a real asshole by saying: “Excuse me, but I have to speak to this old friend of me.” Felicia becomes sad after hearing it, but she knows she has to accept it. Tristan walks across the table of Sebastian and says to him: “Come to the toilets.” Sebastian says: “Of course.” And when they are completely alone at the toilets, Tristan says to Sebastian: “What an amazing job are you doing. Is this your way how you want to take revenge on me?” Sebastian says: “I will never give up against a man like you!” Tristan asks: “Wasn’t it hard when I destroyed your whole life by taking her and making you a loser?” Sebastian says: “Come on, you are the one and only Black God. You can do way better than this!” Tristan says: “No, you should have known better than this. You will never get her again. By coming her, you are only making your life more a hell. You see her all day and know that I took her from you, just like Isabelle and Nina. I took all your girls from you!” Sebastian angrily shouts: “You can take everything from me, but you will never get me as far that I will kneel to such a motherfucker like you!” Tristan says: “You are so dumb. I beat you on every possible way! Isabelle and Nina are death, you also want the same to happen to her?” Sebastian screams: “It was you who killed them! Not me!” Tristan laughs and says: “How hard must it be that the one girl that helped you on that planet far away from here, is in love with your biggest enemy?” Sebastian screams: “ENOUGH!! Shall we fight this out and see who is in the strongest of us?” Tristan says: “As you want.” And after it, the two of them start fighting against each other. They end up in a toilet. Black God uses his powers, which makes him much stronger than Sebastian. After a fight, he leaves Sebastian injured behind in the toilet. The last thing he says to him is: “If you ever touch her with one hand, the same will happen what always happens with you. DEATH!!!” And after it, Tristan closes the door and walks away again. Meanwhile, Felicia, Gemma and Lois are talking. Gemma asks to Felicia: “Where is Tristan?” Felicia says: “He was more interested in talking to an old friend of him again than to me.” Lois says: “Such an asshole, like I said.” Felicia says: “He is always too busy.” Lois asks: “Wait, who is he talking to?” Felicia says: “I believe his name was Sebastian, but not sure.” Lois is very surprised and says: “That is not an old friend of him.” Felicia says: “I already thought so. But how do you know this?” After it, Tristan is suddenly back and says to Felicia: “I am back. Now no interruptions anymore.” Lois sees that Felicia is fully focused on Tristan again and she runs to where Tristan came from: the toilets. She sees some man who don’t understand what she is doing at the toilets of the men. She looks everywhere and finds Sebastian on one of the toilets. She is shocked and asks to him: “Are you alright?” Sebastian says: “That motherfucker!! I want to kill him right now!” Lois says: “Calm down. You shouldn’t kill him right in the front of Felicia’s eyes.” Sebastian is more calm again and says: “That’s right.” Lois asks: “What should we do now?” Sebastian says: “He is too smart. We have to do this more slowly.” Lois asks: “What did he say to you?” Sebastian says: “Not more than that I was responsible for the deaths of all my lovers and that the same will happen to Felicia when I get to her.” Lois says: “That last is only to scare you. He won’t do that, right?” Sebastian says: “Hopefully not. At least I am never going to do what he says!” After it, they both return to the big room again where they see Tristan laugh when he sees them. Lois says to Sebastian: “Come with me.” Lois says to Tristan: “What the fuck is miss with you? You hurt him, that is really not cool.” Felicia is shocked and asks to Tristan: “Did you really do that Tristan?” Tristan says: “Prove it that I did that to him!” After it, Lincoln, Austin and Adam also join them. Lincoln asks: “Where is all of this about?” Lois says: “Tristan is hurting one of the others students here, that is so wrong.” Sebastian laughs and says to Lincoln and Austin: “You remember me talking about this murderer called Black God? He is standing right here!” Felicia says: “I don’t understand this. What’s happening?” Tristan says: “We will go outside for a few minutes honey.” After it, Tristan gets Felicia’s hand and they walk outside. Lincoln asks: “What the fuck are you doing?” Sebastian says: “You see this wounds on my face? He did that to me!” Adam laughs and says: “You get hurt by so many people. It shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore.” Lincoln and Austin laugh about it and the three of them walk away again. Gemma asks to Sebastian and Lois: “Can you please explain what is happening here?” Lois says: “Tristan is simply not who you all think he is.” Outside, Felicia starts becoming very sad and says to Tristan: “What is happening to you? You act different the last time. You are not the Tristan who I want as my boyfriend.” Tristan says: “I did hurt that boy, but he deserved it. Anyway, do you remember who is the biggest enemy of the Alien Protection Group?” Felicia hesitates a bit and says: “Sebastian Cantrell?” Tristan says: “Exactly and who is that man who is one of your students?” Felicia says: “I don’t understand. Sebastian Cantrell and Sebastian Reeves aren’t the same person.” Tristan says: “That’s exactly what I mean. This guy made all of you think his surname is Reeves, but in reality it is Cantrell!” Felicia is shocked and says: “What the hell. Why is he still one of your students then?” Tristan says: “Don’t worry, this motherfucker will get what he deserves soon. Just don’t let you get tempted by this idiot.” Felicia says: “Okay, I understand.” Tristan says: “I will go home again now. I can’t be there if that idiot is still there.” Felicia asks: “Can I come with you?” Tristan answers: “Of course you can.” Inside the club, Sebastian waits for Felicia to come back, but she simply doesn’t comes back. Lois says: “Looks like they are too scared to come back.” Anne goes to Sebastian and he explains her everything that happened. The last hour, everything goes normally and they have a lot of fun together. Unfortunately, at around 00:00 the party is over and Lincoln says: “I am sorry to tell you, but the party is over. Everyone, assemble at the bus, we will drive back to the hangar again.”

That same night at Tristan’s luxurious house, Tristan and Felicia arrive there. Tristan says once again to her: “I am so sorry for everything that happened tonight. That enemy of us just showed up. I should have warned you about his potential danger.” Felicia says: “It is alright. I am fine.” When they go inside of the house, Tristan suddenly finds out someone is in the house. He says to Felicia: “We have company in my house.” When they come inside, they see Collin Wade sitting. Collin says to Tristan: “You and I need to talk.” Tristan is very done with it and says: “Come on man, I have already an intense evening. Can’t you come at our company tomorrow?” Collin says: “No, it is very urgent!” Tristan says: “Fine, go ahead.” Collin says: “I fully disagree with Erwin Holdman’s transfer to the APG. He shouldn’t be there. I can handle this perfectly on my own.” Tristan says: “We simply do not always get what we want.” After it, Tristan suddenly finds out that Felicia is still standing next to him. He says to her: “Go to my bedroom, I will be waiting on you.” Felicia says: “Okay, it is fine.” It is followed by Felicia walking away. When she is gone, Tristan says: “So, what are you going to do about it?” Collin says: “I am going to retire from my job. I don’t ever want to lead the APG with a man like Erwin Holdman next to me!” Tristan says: “Okay, you made your choice. I will accept that.” Collin asks: “You don’t even care that I retire from the job?” Tristan says: “You are replaceable, like every human.” Collin is very shocked and asks: “What the fuck are you?” Tristan says: “Your biggest nightmare!” And after that, a big sword suddenly flies right into the stomach of Collin Wade. Tristan says: “I am not Tristan Bentley, he is death already. I am your biggest nightmare. I am Black God. And who does not listen to Black God, will DIE!!” And after that, Black God grabs the sword out of Collin’s stomach and goes with it through his throat. Collin falls death on the ground. After it, some other men of Black God show up. Black God says to them: “Make sure that nobody finds out about this. Make his car crash somewhere, so the whole world thinks that Collin Wade died in a car crash. The man understand it, grab his body, put it in his own car and drive away. When they are gone, Tristan goes upstairs to his bedroom where Felicia is already lying on his bed. Tristan says: “I am sorry if it took to long. This Mr. Wade is really annoying.” Felicia says: “I know that I have to life with it.” Tristan says: “No more sudden surprises. All night, you and I are together!” And after it, Tristan jumps on the bed like a beast and starts kissing Felicia. They end up under the blankets, leaving it unknown what Black God really does with Felicia.

The next morning, John and Amy are already very earlier in their car. They end up in the middle of the city of Tampa, where it is already very busy. Steve is among the people waiting on them. They meet him there. Steve asks to them: “I am right on time, right?” Amy says: “Yes, you are.” Steve asks: “What are actually going to do?” John says: “Not much.” Steve says: “Please tell me what we are gonna do exactly.” Amy says: “We will walk into that building (she points to the building they are all looking to) and inside of there, we will give this footage over to the Tampa News Station and then everyone knows about Erwin Holdman being a killer, so he will get arrested.” Steve asks: “Isn’t it better to take this to the police first?” Amy says: “As much people as possible have to see this. Then Holdman companies will completely go bankrupt.” Steve is shocked and says: “Do you even have an idea how powerful this company is? By doing this, we will all be in great danger. Tristan Bentley is going to take revenge on all of us!” John says: “It is that or living with this big idiot for the rest of our life. If you are too scared, then go away before anyone has seen you with us.” Steve looks to Amy and she says to him: “It is your choice Steve.” On the moment John and Amy want to walk further, Steve says: “I am coming with you. I don’t give a fuck anymore! I never did anything useful in my life, it has to change!” Amy laughs and says: “Soon there is nothing to worry about anymore.” It is followed by the three of them walking inside the Tampa News Station news desk. The women behind the desk asks to them: “What can I do for you?” John says: “We have an interesting footage for you. All we ask for is that you make this big news, so the whole world can see it.” The woman is surprised and asks: “How much money do you desire for this?” Amy says: “We aren’t here for any money. The person on the footage is Erwin Holdman, you know him right?” The woman says: “Yes, he is the boss of Holdman companies.” Amy continues: “We worked on the company that is shown on this footage. We want revenge for what he did.” The woman says: “Well, thank you very much. If there is anything more I could do for you, tell it.” Amy says: “No, just do what we said.” After it, they walk out of the company again. Steve says: “Well, that was easy.” John says: “That Black God knows about this, he sees everything. I have looked the whole time, but nobody followed us. How is that possible?” Amy says: “Seems like he doesn’t cares enough about Erwin Holdman enough to take action against us doing this.” John says: “Yes, I was thinking the same. He only cares about himself. Remember that henchmen of him on that abandoned planet? Nina Compton was between them.” Amy says: “I can hardly remember anything from it, since Richard died there.” John says: “Anyway, he also didn’t care when Sebastian slaughtered Nina and that other henchman there. He simply only cares about himself.” After it, it is silence for a few seconds until Steve asks: “So, what are we going to do now?” Amy says: “I have an insane idea, not sure if you like it.” Steve says: “I like insane ideas!” John says: “I am curious as well.” Amy asks: “What about going to Holdman companies and see how the police arrests him?” Steve and John both laugh and say: “Amazing idea!”

That same morning, Sebastian wakes up in his room alone. Not much later, Lincoln and Austin walk along his room. He can already see there is something miss with them. Austin looks like he has just cried. When they are at his room, Lincoln says to him: “Come to the big room, we have some very sad news.” Sebastian agrees with it and when he is ready, he goes to there. The remaining students are also all there. He looks and sees Felicia, Gemma and Lydia too. He is glad that Felicia is fine. When everyone is ready, Lincoln starts speaking through the group. He says: “We have some very sad news. Our leader and big friend, Mr. Wade has died in a car crash tonight. In the middle of the night, his car was found next to the freeway. It was fully broken and the body of Mr. Wade was found in it. Now, we are all going to do a one minute of silence for Mr. Wade. When this minute is over, Lincoln says: “Back to the matter of the day, because we as group have to go further. As you know, we are only assistants. We need a man in charge. And luckily, we found someone to do that.” And after it, a man walks into the room. He joins the group. Especially Sebastian and Anne are very shocked to see who it is. It is Erwin Holdman. Erwin says to hem: “Hello everyone. Let me first introduce myself. I am Erwin Holdman, you can call me Mr. Holdman. If you didn’t know it yet, I am the leader of Holdman companies, which decides over the Alien Protection Group. Now after the death of our good friend, you will have to do it with me. And if you don’t listen to me, there will be consequences!” The whole group is silenced after he said that. A few seconds later, Erwin Holdman says: “My assistants told me that today would be the day that you are going to meet the Quetirians for the first time. We are going to that this afternoon. First, we have to improve our knowledge about the Quetirians. In 10 minutes, I want to have all of you in the computer room!” And after he said that, he walks away. Sebastian looks to Anne, who is very angry. He says to her: “If it wasn’t already hard enough here.” Anne says: “I can’t be here if that motherfucker is also here. I want to kill him now.” Sebastian says: “We have to wait on the right moment, but when it is there, I want to help you.” Meanwhile, Lois walks to Felicia and says to her: “I am sorry for your loss.” Felicia says: “It is alright.” Lois asks: “How is this Mr. Holdman?” Gemma answers: “His much more strict that Mr. Wade.” Lydia says: “Why? That’s exactly what we need.” Lincoln says: “Give him some time before you already start to judge.” Gemma says: “We weren’t judging.” Lincoln says: “Okay fine.” Felicia asks: “Shall we go to the computer room?” The others all agree with it and they walk with the whole group to the computer room, where Erwin Holdman is already sitting. When everyone has took his place, they have to start up their computers again. Holdman says: “So I heard you have already been here before. But now the questions will be harder and fully about the Quetirians. Good luck everyone!” Not much later, he starts talking again: “Before I forget to say it. The five boys and girls with the worst score, will be thrown out of the study. So, take it serious! And of course the winner will get a reward again.” Sebastian is done with all his nagging and starts on the exercises. Most of them are very easy again. They are about the mind of the Quetirians, how Quetirians are, etc about Quetirians. When it is finally done, they are waiting on the results. The boys results are first. Five boys Sebastian doesn’t cares about are out. Some of them even laugh about it. It is followed by the girls results. To Felicia and her own biggest surprise, Lois is with the five lowest. She is very sad after seeing it. Felicia is shocked. She says: “How is it possible that Lois is with them? This can’t be real!” Erwin says: “Results are results.” Lois says to Felicia: “It is fine. I am out.” Sebastian is also sad because of it. Gemma says to Felicia and Lois: “We have to do something against this.” And she goes to Erwin and says to him: “Hey mr. Holdman! We will quit our job if Lois is out.” Erwin screams: “Enough! My own assistants are turning against me! I should let all of you know that this is not how everything goes here!” After that, it is silence for a few seconds, until Anne says: “It doesn’t matters. I want to take her place.” The whole room is surprised after hearing it. Erwin says: “Are you kidding us? You have a good result. You can’t do this!” Anne says: “So now you care about me?” Erwin asks: “Where the hell are you talking about?” Anne says: “It doesn’t matter. Let me go. I am done with this.” Carmen and Alice, who are not between the lowest five, are very shocked after hearing it. Carmen asks to Anne: “Are you sure about this?” Anne says: “Yes, I don’t want to be here when that idiot is leading us.” And after it, she walks away. Erwin immediately follows here. Lois asks: “So, I can stay?” Felicia answers: “Of course you can.” When Anne is almost out of the hangar with her stuff, Erwin says to her: “You can’t do this! It is against the rules!” Anne walks back and says to him: “You don’t remember me?” Erwin says: “Not really. Why?” Anne says: “The E.B.A.F. You remember none of it?” Erwin says: “I just wanted to say that I disagree with your choice.” Anne asks: “You don’t remember how you destroyed our whole team? You are the reason for our whole group being disbanded!” Erwin suddenly starts laughing and says: “I do remember it. And yes, Miller, Isa, Edu, Dilara, Stan and Maud are all death because of me. Why it doesn’t hurts at all?” After it, Anne suddenly becomes very angry and attacks Erwin. She screams: “You will pay for what you did!” Erwin says: “Show me what you can girl!” A big fight between the two of them start after it. Inside the computer room, Sebastian asks to Felicia, Lincoln and the others assistants: “Can I take a look overthere?” They don’t react on him and are more into each other. Sebastian is done and walks out of the room. None of them has seen it. When he runs into the direction where both Erwin and Anne walked to, he hears lots of loud noise. He looks and sees the two of them heavily fighting against each other. Sebastian screams: “What the hell are you doing Mr. Holdman!” Erwin screams: “None of your business Cantrell!” And the fight continues and suddenly Erwin hits Anne hardly and she falls on the ground. Sebastian wants to help her, but it is already too late. Erwin opens up the door of the hangar and throws her outside. Some men grab her and take her away. Sebastian is very angry, but he better stays calm. Erwin says to him: “She made her choice. We should all accept that.” Sebastian says to him: “Motherfucker! You will get you what you deserve!” Erwin laughs and says: “Sebastian Cantrell. I heard so much about you. Stay into your shit. Don’t interfere with my business once again!” Sebastian angrily walks away. He returns to the computer room, where the others are still sitting. He thinks about if he should say what happened, but he doesn’t says anything because nobody will believe him anyway. A few minutes later, Erwin Holdman is also back. He says: “Okay everyone! Now we are going to look which one of you had the best score!” And the computer shows the results. Sebastian is third, David second and of course, Adam is the winner again. Erwin says: “It is Adam! Congratulations!” Lincoln, Felicia and all the others assistants are also very glad he won. Adam laughs and says: “I knew that I would win, because I had every question right. What reward will I get?” Sebastian becomes angry of his arrogant talk. He goes stand next to Lois, who says to him: “We will be the one who laugh at last.” Sebastian says: “Hopefully.” Lois says: “I feel sorry for Anne.” Sebastian says: “That motherfucker. He attacked Anne and his men grabbed her and took her away.” Lois is surprised and asks: “Really?” Sebastian says: “Yes, it is such an enormous idiot.” Meanwhile, Erwin says: “Okay, everyone else. Enjoy your free time! In a few hours, we are going to meet the Quetirians for the first time! Be ready for it!” Sebastian says: “I hope Besoux is still alive.” Lois says: “Maybe you care about too much people. You can’t save everyone.” Suddenly after it, Felicia asks to Lois: “Will you come with us?” Lois answers: “Of course.” After it, they all walk away again. Felicia doesn’t even looks to him. Sebastian knows that it is because of last night.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Delmar are walking in a forest in which they stayed last night. Delmar asks: “Are we sure that they won’t find us in here?” Lauren says: “They know that we are still alive and will be waiting before the news broadcaster.” Delmar says: “It is too dangerous, we have to think of another plan.” Lauren says: “You are right. I will call a new friend of mine, he may be able to help us.” And after that, Lauren grabs her phone and starts calling to Daniel. He is very worried and asks to her: “Where are you? I saw on the news that your car was crashed.” Lauren says: “We are fine. They know that we have the head of Tristan Bentley and are making sure nobody finds out about it.” Daniel asks “What more does this guy all know?’ Lauren answers: “He knows everything, so you should do what he expects you the least to do.” Daniel asks: “Is coming to you a good idea? No, but I will do it anyway.” Lauren says: “Great, you are already getting closer to why I called you. I want you to bring the head to the news broadcaster. He knows us and he doesn’t knows you.” Daniel is shocked, but says: “Of course Commander Marshall, I will do what you ask me to do.” Lauren says: “You can call me Lauren.” Steve says: “Oh, I am sorry. I am just always very loyal and polite to my leader.” Lauren says: “Just make sure that you come here. I will give you our location.” Delmar asks: “Do you really think it is smart to give him our location? Black God will also find it.” Lauren ends the call with Daniel and answers to Delmar: “He knows it all the time, so it doesn’t matter. Inside of this forest, he isn’t going to take action anyway.” Delmar says: “Oh yes, that’s right.”

Inside the city of Tampa, John, Amy and Steve are standing before the door of the Holdman companies after a short walk. Without hesitating, they walk inside the company. Inside, a robot asks to them: “Hello visitors. Where can I help you with?” Amy says to him: “We are searching for Erwin Holdman.” The robot says back to her: “I am sorry to tell you, but Mr. Holdman is not inside of the company today. But don’t worry, his assistant Mr. Blair will be there to take care of you.” John says: “We only want to speak to Mr. Holdman.” However, it is already too late and the robot calls the man called Mr. Blair.” Amy says: “Fine, then lets go to him.” They walk inside of the room where the robot leads them into. Behind a desk, Mr. Blair is sitting. He asks to them: ‘You wanted to speak to Mr. Holdman?” Amy says: “Yes, we would really like to show him something.” Mr. Blair says: “Mr. Holdman is not here. He has been moved over to the APG.” Steve asks: “Why is your company taking care of the APG?” Mr. Blair answers: “We are the ones who have the control over all the aliens on this planet. And they are all locked inside of a cage where they belong.” John says: “That is a lie. You have prisoned all of them. We were there and saw it with our eyes.” Out of nowhere, Black God is standing behind them and says: “So, what do you want to do against it?” John, Amy and Steve all look behind them and are shocked to see who is standing behind of them. Black God says: “Anyway, I heard you were searching for Erwin Holdman. He is not the man in charge here. I am!” Amy says: “Finally the idiot inside of you decides to show his face! We have some nice footage of your best friend Mr. Holdman. Wanna see it?” Black God laughs and says: “You think that I care about him? If he would have been important for me, I would have stopped you easily!” John says: “When the world knows that the boss of your company is a murderer, nobody will trust your company anymore.” Black God says: “I am not even getting a little afraid by your threats. My company is way too powerful for that.” John asks: “What about this APG? What are you doing with Sebastian and Felicia?” Black God laughs once again and says: “It is so laughable what a helpless boy does for love. He really thinks that he can still get her, while she hates him and….” Amy is done with his useless talks and comes between him by saying: “What is your plan with the Alien Protection Group?” Black God says: “Too many unanswered questions. You will get an answer on all of them one day, so that means not today.” And after it, some kind of gas comes inside of the room. After a few seconds, John, Amy and Steve all fall unconscious on the ground.

Inside the hangar, Sebastian is sitting alone in his room again. He thinks about what is all happening and gets mad because of it. He wants to talk to Felicia and explain everything, but he is powerless and there is no way to speak to her. Meanwhile, Adam is getting his reward. Of course he gets the best rewards again by getting a big luxury dish. The food is very expensive, but Erwin Holdman says to him: “You deserve this. I saw this is already the third test that you have won! You are impressing everyone!” Adam says: “Can’t I just skip the next tests and already be one of the five men who take part in the APG?” Lincoln says: “The next tests are going to be important because they will be fully about the Quetirians and the other aliens. You better don’t skip them.” Adam says: “Well, I am too good for all these easy tests. I want to lead more of the tests.” Felicia says: “Okay, we will look if that’s possible.” Erwin says: “Let me decide that. You are only my assistants.” Austin says: “Okay of course boss.” Erwin says: “Can I have a moment alone with you Austin?” Austin says: “Sure.” The others hear it and walk away. When Erwin and Austin are the only ones left, Erwin says to Austin: “You know this student called Sebastian Reeves?” Austin says: “Of course I know him. He is that silly boy who is the last one standing in his room.” Erwin says: “Good, make sure that he gets hurt every night so we can kick him out of this study again. I don’t want him to be in my team.” Austin says: “As you wish my boss.” Not much later, the second and most important test so far is waiting for them. The group resembles before the door to the Quetirians. Sebastian sees that Lois is very busy with Felicia, Lydia, Gemma and some other girls again, so there is no option for him than standing with the other remaining men, who are all very boring and most of them are really arrogant. Erwin starts talking again and says: “The big moment is there everyone! We are finally going to have our first test with the Quetirians! Before we go inside, it is good to know a few things. First of all, Quetirians are more dangerous than they look like. Never go inside of a cage without your electric weapon, because they can’t have electric. And second, it is important to know that we are here to get useful information about of them. We aren’t here to make friends. Quetirians simply can’t be trusted. They manipulate you and kill you on the same time! The next minutes, Erwin Holdman goes further with his lies about Quetirians and tells a lot more bullshit. Sebastian looks to Felicia, who is together with Lois, Lydia, Gemma and some other girls listening to it. He is done with it and wants to speak to them, but they all don’t respond to him. After a few minutes, Lois hears him and asks to Sebastian: “What’s wrong?” Sebastian says: “I want to speak to Felicia.” Lois wants to help him with it, but it is already too late and the door to the room of the Quetirians is opened. They all run inside of it to see the creatures they are supposed to take care of for the rest of their life. However, Sebastian knows how they look like already, has many different ideas what to do with them, wants to free them and re-win the trust of Felicia. For now, all the plans are failing.

When they are all inside of the room, Erwin Holdman starts giving them instructions: “Today, we are first going to meet with our Quetirians. They will finally know which team they will have to deal with. So that means that in the next few tests, nobody will fail. However that does not mean that you don’t have to show effort in the next tests. From all 30 of you, the 10 best will be chosen to take part in the team. This will take place in a few days, so don’t think that we will give you all the time in the world!” David suddenly interrupt him by asking: “What should we do now?” Erwin says: “Have patience. I was just about to say that.” He waits for a few seconds until he continues by saying: “First of all, we will all take care of our own Quetirian. And no, you won’t choose him or her. Me and my assistants have made couples. You will have to deal with that.” After it, all couples are given free. They see that all assistants take care of one of the rows. Sebastian is glad to see that he and Lois are both put in the row that has been taken care by Felicia. Finally he has some luck. When all couples are known, they all go to their own row. Sebastian laughs and asks to Lois: “You are also in this row?” Lois says: “It is not coincidence, I was there when they made this couples.” Sebastian says: “Thank you very much. This is really great.” Lois says: “We must work on a plan.” After it, Felicia comes in their row and says to all of them: “Everyone, go inside of the cage! Lincoln will give you further instructions.” And a few seconds later, Lincoln says: “I will give you a few tips now. Just like the frogs we had to deal with yesterday, all of you shouldn’t touch the Quetirians. They can have viruses on them which can be deathly to humans. Today, will be mainly about getting into contact with your Quetirian. Remember that they don’t want to speak with you.” Meanwhile, Sebastian is inside of his cage together with Lois and another female student. He says to them: “That is a lie, you can just contact with them.” The other girl asks to him: “How do you know that?” Sebastian says: “I have experience in working with Quetirians.” She says: “Wow that’s great! I am Jade by the way.” Sebastian says: “I am Sebastian, it is good to meet you.” Lois says: “We have to think of a plan.” Sebastian asks: “Any idea how to get all Quetirians free?” Lois says: “Probably only Holdman can do that.” Jade asks: “Where are you talking about?” Lois says: “Ehm, nothing. Lets get into contact with our Quetirian. Sebastian walks to his Quetirian, who is female. He says to her: “Hi, I am Sebastian Cantrell. Good to meet you.” The Quetirian says: “Your name sounds familiar.” Sebastian says: “That can be true, because I have been on Quetir before your planet was destroyed.” The Quetirian is surprised and asks: “What are you doing here then?” Sebastian says: “I will get all of you out of here.” The Quetirian says: “You can try, but you will fail.” Suddenly, Felicia is walking and looking into their cage. Sebastian is suddenly fully focused on her. He sees that she is looking to Lois. She says to her: “You are doing really good Lois!” Of course, she doesn’t cares about the fact that he is already speaking to his Quetirian. The Quetirian sees it as well and asks to Sebastian: “I feel something at you happening when that girl came along.” Sebastian says: “Yes, first I didn’t wanted to admit it, but I love her.” The Quetirian asks: “Why you don’t tell it her?” Sebastian says: “It is kind of complicated. I can explain everything to you later. There is not enough time now.” The Quetirian says: “Love is always complicated.” Sebastian asks to her: “What’s your name actually?” The Quetirian answers: “My name is Sapoux.” Meanwhile, Erwin Holdman is looking to all the activity until he is called. It is Tristan Bentley. He takes on the phone. Erwin asks to him: “What’s the matter?” Tristan says over the phone: ‘We have had some intruders on the company today. They had a great footage about you.” Erwin is shocked and asks: “What was on that footage?” Tristan laughs and says: “You could see you killing the boss of some company.” Erwin becomes very angry and says to him: “Destroy that footage immediately!” Tristan says: “It is not that easy.” Erwin says: “Has anyone seen it already?” Tristan lies by saying: “Not sure.” Erwin says: “How long should I stay at this boring group? I am already getting tired of it.” Tristan says: “You better stay there for your own safety. The police is probably already searching for you.” Erwin says: “I don’t give a fuck!” After a short silence, Tristan asks: “How is that silly idiot doing?” Erwin answers: “Of course he has a good connection again with his Quetirian. Someone has messed with the groups, because I gave him a male Quetirian, but he is at a female Quetirian now.” Tristan laughs once again and says: “Don’t you understand it? That girl called Lois Field is helping him. Together they are planning to free all Quetirians, getting Felicia back on their side and take over the hangar. It is so hopeless for them.” Erwin asks: “Should I take action?” Tristan answers: “No, It is watching a really exciting movie for me. I want to see how desperate he will become in getting that girl back.” Erwin says: “Okay fine. Anyway, he will also get a pleasant surprise tonight.” Tristan says: “Interesting. I know that you send Austin to him.” Erwin says: “I also really want to see how that ends.” Tristan laughs out loud and after it, they close the call.

Lauren and Delmar are still inside of the forest, where Steve and the whole crew of Lauren have also arrived. Daniel asks: “So, how are we going to do this?” Lauren says: “We need another way of communicating. He hears everything.” And after it, Lauren grabs an ancient paper and starts scribing on it. She shows everything she scribes to Daniel. Steve says: “That sounds actually really simple. Shall we go right now?” Lauren says: “Go as fast as possible, nobody wants you to get involved in this.” And after it, some kind of machine is seen. Lauren walks to it and grabs out another head of Tristan Bentley. She scribes on the paper: “A duplicate. We will go the Holdman companies and grab all the attention, so you can take the real head to the police.” Daniel totally agrees with it, takes the real head with him and drives away. They leave one car behind where Lauren and Delmar go in. Delmar asks: “Shouldn’t we be afraid that the same thing happens once again?” Lauren says: “We will take the touristic route.”

On the same time, John, Amy and Steve wake up in some kind of cage. When they are all waken up, they very fast find out that someone else is with them. It is Anne Withrop. Amy is very surprised and says to her: “Anne, what are you doing here?” Anne says: “I couldn’t take it anymore that this motherfucker of a Erwin Holdman is leading the group now. So that’s how I ended up here.” John asks: “You was part of that Alien Protection Group?” Anne says: “Yes, I was for a few days on the study.” John asks: “How are John and Felicia?” Anne answers: “Sebastian and Lois are working on a plan to get all Quetirians out. Felicia is brainwashed and doesn’t knows them.” Steve comes between them and asks: “Wait a minute. Who the fuck are Sebastian and Felicia?” John says: “They are old friends of us.” Steve says: “I should have stayed out of here! I don’t care about all your problems.” Amy asks: “Why you joined us then?” Steve says: “Okay I will be honest. I only joined you because you are so fucking hot!” After he said that, John and Amy ignore him. Amy asks to Anne: “How are Besoux, Nasoux and Zaver?” Anne answers: “I haven’t seen them. But I heard Sebastian saying that they are alive.” John says: “We should get out of here and get all of them out of there.” Amy asks: “But how?” Anne says: “I don’t know. I am only a few hours here. Nobody has came ever since then.” John says: “Fine, that will be staying here for a few more days.”

That night, Sebastian is on his room alone again. It was an exhausting day where Felicia again wasn’t interested in him. After hours of doing nothing, suddenly someone walks before his room and opens the door. Sebastian is surprised, because he didn’t expected any visitors. It Austin, who says to him: “How are you doing lonely piece of shit?” Sebastian angrily says back to him: “You don’t have anything better to do?” Austin says: “I am looking if all our students are fine. So that’s why I came here.” Sebastian says: “Why I haven’t seen you yesterday then?” Austin says: “Holdman gave this instructions, Wade didn’t thought it was needed.” Sebastian says: “As you can see I am fine, so you can go further again.” Austin says: “It must have been hard that Tristan already has the woman of your dreams, right?” Sebastian asks: “How the fuck do you know?” Austin ignores his question and says: “He fucks her every night and when we are lucky, we can see her naked as well.” Sebastian becomes very angry after he said that. Austin says: “Unfortunately, you will never get to see that. And besides that, you will never be part of the APG!” And after it, he suddenly attacks Sebastian. He defends himself by attacking back. After some fighting, Sebastian says to him: “Be honest and tell me what you are doing here!” Austin says: “Mr. Holdman send me to hurt you as much as I can!” Sebastian says: “Idiot! You should know what mistake you made by coming here!” And they fight all over through Sebastian’s room. Austin ends up being stronger and hits Sebastian multiple times. Lots of blood comes out of him. When he is totally defeated, Austin starts kicking him. He laughable says: “When you are hurt and ugly, you will never be part of the APG and will never get her!” And after it, he starts hitting Sebastian even more. Sebastian goes lie on the ground in the direction of the wall. Austin decides to jump over him so he can hit him in the face. During the kicking, Sebastian grabs a knife and cuts with it through a electricity wire. Austin laughs and says: “You really think that is going to help you?” And after it, he kicks Sebastian a few more times. With his last powers, Sebastian grabs his shoe and pushes Austin backwards. He loses his balance and falls on the ground. Sebastian fastly stands up and grabs the electricity wire. Austin stands up again, but out of nowhere he is completely electrocuted by the electric wire. After a few seconds of electricity going through him, Austin falls death on the ground. Sebastian is shocked and realizes what he just has done. He grabs the deformed body, puts it under his blankets and wants to get rid of it immediately. He runs to main bathroom, where luckily nobody is at that time. He pulls the body of Austin under a shower, grabs a rope and hangs it with his head visible on the showerhead. When he is done, he wants to run away as fast as possible, but suddenly he falls on the ground because of his big injuries. After a few minutes of trying to walk, he suddenly sees Jade, the girl who was with him and Lois at the Quetirians prison. He screams to her: “I need your help!” She hears it and asks to him: “What can I do for you?” Sebastian says: “Call Lois!” Jade understands it and runs to Lois’ room immediately. Sebastian tries to walk once again and succeeds in it very slowly. After minutes of waiting, Lois and Jade are back. Lois asks: “Why did you wanted my help?” Sebastian says: “You won’t believe what I just did.” Lois looks and sees that he is very injured. She and Jade help him and together they go to their room. Lois asks: “What happened? Please tell me.” Sebastian says: “Austin, he came to my room to hurt me. I did what I had to do, otherwise he would have killed me.” Lois says: “Stay calm, I will fix this.” Sebastian says: “Wait, stay here. Otherwise they will think that you did it.” Lois says: “You are right. You can also stay here tonight.” That same night, Erwin Holdman walks to Sebastian’s room and sees lots of blood lying there. He asks to himself: “Where they fuck are they?” He searches through the room and screams out loud: “Fuck, my plan has failed!”

That next morning, one of the remaining female students walks in the central bathroom to take a shower and finds the body of Austin hanging on it. She screams it out and immediately goes to Lincoln, Felicia, Gemma and Lydia who don’t know about anything. They already don’t know where Austin is because normally he is always on time. When the girl, whose name is Naomi, comes to them, Lincoln asks to her: “What’s wrong Naomi?” Naomi is very shocked and doesn’t knows how to explain what she just saw. Lincoln says: “Let me take a look, Felicia, Gemma and Lydia stay here.” After it, Lincoln goes into the bathroom and see where they were all worried about: Austin’s body hanging in a shower. He is very shocked as well and a few seconds later, Felicia, Gemma and Lydia also come there. Lydia asks: “Suicide or?” Lincoln looks on his body and sees that it is fully electrocuted. He says: “He can’t have hung himself here and electrocute himself on the same time. What the fuck?” Felicia says: “We have to find the motherfucker who did this.” Gemma says: “But how did this happen? If anything wrong could have happen, we would know about it.” Lincoln says: “We have to contact Erwin Holdman about this.” And after it, they walk to his room and tell him what happened. He isn’t even shocked about it. He says: “Five assistants was perhaps a bit too much, we only need four of you.” Lincoln, Felicia, Gemma and Lydia are all shocked about his words. Gemma asks: “You mean that it doesn’t matter that he is death?” Erwin says: “He is replaceable like all of you! We serve the greater good and that’s working with our Quetirians. Life goes further.” Lincoln says: “We have to find the motherfucker responsible for this. He must be one of the students here, nobody else could have came inside of here.” Erwin says: “Calm down all of you! I already know who has done it.” Lincoln is very surprised and says: “Tell it to us! Then I will make sure that he will get what he deserves!” Erwin says: “It doesn’t matter who did it. All that matters for now is that we have to go further without him.” Lincoln says: “We have a murderer among us here and you say we don’t have to do anything?” Erwin says: “We are the Alien Protection Group, not the revengers.” And after he said that, Erwin Holdman walks away. When he is gone, Gemma says to Lincoln: “Perhaps it is better that we don’t know who has done it.” Lincoln says: “I am so done with this idiot! He isn’t honest to us, then we also shouldn’t be honest to him.” Felicia says: “Lincoln, maybe you should take a break.” Lincoln says: “Good idea.” And after it, he walks away. Right after it, Lois walks inside the room. She asks: “What’s going on here?” Felicia answers very normal: “ Austin has been killed last night. Mr. Holdman knows who did it, but he doesn’t wants to tell it.” Lois says: “Wow, that is shocking.” Lydia suddenly says: “Why we don’t just take a look at the cameras? On the hallway to the bathroom, there is a camera. The killer is visible on it for sure.” Lois is surprised and says: “I guess you don’t want to see that.” Lydia says: “Why? I can handle seeing the murderer of Austin.” After it, Erwin Holdman screams through the speakers: “Everyone prepare yourself! In 10 minutes, I want all of you to be at the Quetirians room!” When it is done, Felicia asks to Lois: “You know who killed Austin?” Lois answers: “Yes I know who did it. It was Erwin Holdman!” Gemma says: “What? Why would he have killed him?” Felicia says: “It explains why he didn’t wanted to tell it us.” Lois says: “You can watch the footage, but at the end you will find out that it was Erwin Holdman who did it.” Felicia says: “Okay, can we get over this now?” Gemma says: “Yes, lets focus on the team again.” After it, the four of them walk to the Quetirians room where some of the students are already waiting. Adam is with them and he asks to them: “Where are Lincoln and Austin?” They ignore his question, but Erwin Holdman answers it by saying: “Austin is death, no idea where Lincoln is.” Lydia says: “Lincoln took some time off.” Erwin Holdman is very angry and asks: “Who decided that he could take some time off?” Gemma says: “He decided that himself.” Erwin Holdman angrily screams a few more things and after it, he gets over it. Meanwhile, Sebastian arrives there as well. He is scared because he thinks they are going to find out that he killed Austin. Lois walks to him and asks if he is alright. He asks back to her: “Nobody knows it?” Lois answers: “Felicia and the others wanted to look on the footage of a camera, but I told them it was Erwin Holdman, so they didn’t look.” Sebastian says: “Thank you very much. But in fact it was that motherfucker who send him to me. It was him or me.” After it, Felicia is suddenly standing next to them and asks to Lois: “Shall we go inside?” Lois answers back to her: “Of course, I really would like that.” Right after it, Sebastian grabs his chance by asking to Felicia: “Can I say something to you?” Felicia is surprised and asks to him: “What do you want to say?” Sebastian says: “I just wanted to say that I don’t know what Tristan has said about me to you, but it are all lies.” Felicia ignores it and walks away, together with Lois, Gemma and Lydia. Sebastian walks behind them, until they come in their row again. There, Sebastian, Lois and Jade end up before their Quetirians again. Erwin Holdman gave them instructions to get even closer to their Quetirian. During this, Holdman himself gets into contact with Besoux. He asks to him: “You fucking traitor, you really feel superior to us now, right?” Erwin laughs and says: “That you dare to speak after your loss is admirable and dangerous on the same time.” Besoux says: “What do I have to lose against such an idiot like you? By the way, what happened to that other guy? I thought he was owning this place.” Erwin says: “That’s none of your business, you silly mite.” Besoux says: “In words you are really great, it is unfortunate that in action nothing comes out of it.” Erwin says: “Use your next words wise, you idiot!” And after it, Erwin walks further. One of the other students has to speak to Besoux further. On the other row, Sebastian and Sapoux are also speaking to each other again. Sapoux asks: “How are you going to get all of us out of here?” Sebastian says: “I am not sure, but we are waiting until we get the right chance to take over the whole hangar.” Sapoux says: “That’s way too dangerous. Their god will be here and kill all of you.” Sebastian says: “Don’t worry, I have already beaten that fucking Black God once, but somehow he was still alive.” Sapoux is surprised and asks: “How did you do that? He is so powerful.” Sebastian says: “I got help by Felicia. We formed a really good team together.” Sapoux asks: “Why is she working for him now?” Sebastian says: “She got brainwashed.” Meanwhile, Felicia is walking and looking how they are doing. Suddenly she hears someone saying her name, but it is a Quetirian. She says to her: “Felicia, is that really you?” Felicia is very surprised and asks: “How do you know my name?” The female Quetirian says: “I am Nasoux. Don’t you remember me?” Felicia says: “You are a Quetirian. How could I know you?” Nasoux explains: “We were a team before we were all prisoned inside of here. I was the female Quetirian on our team.” Unfortunately, Erwin Holdman is suddenly standing next to them and says: “Go talk to your student again Quetirian 23!” Nasoux says: “My name is Nasoux and I don’t have a student currently.” Before walking away together with Erwin, Felicia says to Nasoux: “You must be confusing me with someone else.” Nasoux says: “No! It is really you.” When Erwin and Felicia are away from her, Erwin asks: “What did that Quetirian try to tell you?” Felicia says: “She thought she knew me from something.” Erwin says: “Don’t believe in these lies. Quetirians are good in manipulating you.” And after he said that, Erwin walks away again. Felicia also returns to her row again to see how Lois is doing. She sees that she has fun with her Quetirian. Next to her, she sees Sebastian, who after a few seconds, also looks to her. He even waves to her. She decides to wave back. Not much later, Gemma is suddenly standing next to her and says: “Hey Felicia, how are you doing?” Felicia says: “I am doing fine. I am just having a big question inside my head.” Gemma asks: “What is it?” Felicia says: “I don’t know who I can trust, a Quetirian just said to me that she knew me while I don’t know her at all. When I think back, I can’t even remember what all happened.” Gemma says: “Don’t worry, this Quetirian tried to manipulate you.” Felicia says: “No, there is more behind of this. I have to ask Tristan for answers.” Gemma asks: “You will see him again tonight?” Felicia answers: “Yes, I will.” Gemma says: “I have to go back to my row, good luck with it!” Felicia thanks her and not much later, all the students go out of their cages again. Lois and Felicia are busy with each other again, at least she waved back to him. That’s already something. Meanwhile, Felicia asks to Lois: “Do you know who I can trust and who not?” Lois says: “Are you finally understanding that Tristan is telling you lies?” Felicia says: “What do you mean? You know things I don’t know.” On the moment Lois wants to answer on that, Erwin suddenly screams: “Okay everyone! We are on half of our days with the Quetirians! We will give you a few hours of freetime, but later today, we will return to here.” During this, Lois says to Felicia: “Maybe you don’t believe me, but you have been brainwashed. Before all of this, you and I were fighting against the person who is inside of Tristan’s body.” Felicia says: “I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you. You only say that because you hate him.” Lois says: “One day, you will say to me that I was right.” Felicia doesn’t reacts on him and returns to the liars again. Sebastian walks to Lois and asks to her: “What did you say to her?” Lois answers: “Just the truth. Nothing more nothing less.”

Lauren and Delmar are in Tampa, where they drive with the fake head in their car in the direction of the news broadcaster. After a while, Delmar suddenly recognizes they are been followed. He says: “That car behind us is already following us for multiple miles.” Lauren says: “That doesn’t surprises me. Shall we take another route?” Delmar says: “Sure, let them follow us.” Lauren says: “Lets visit the Holdman companies.” And after it, they drive further and further. More and more cars start following them. After a chase through the streets of Tampa, they end up in the industry of Tampa. They end up in an abandoned road, where suddenly also cars come right before them. They make a wall of cars, so they are not able to pass. Lauren says: “Fine, let them tell us what they want.” After it, Lauren and Delmar step out of their car and suddenly they are surrounded by man. One of them screams: “Take over the head or we will shoot!” Delmar says: “How silly! You don’t want that your leader gets unmasked! How much does he actually pay you to do this?” Lauren grabs the head and says: “This is what you want so desperately? Was one car not enough to get it.” The man says: “We work for the army and we got a message that you have something that does not belong to you.” Lauren asks: “Why did you even want to kill us for just a head?” The man ignores all of their questions and walks to Lauren. Delmar screams: “Answer our questions!” Lauren says: “Will we get anything in return for bringing this to you?” The man says: “All we give you, is that you can stay alive.” Lauren says: “Give my regards to Mr. Bentley. Oh wait! This is the head of Tristan Bentley, so give my regards to Black God!” The man doesn’t laughs of their jokes, puts the head on safe place in his car and drives away together with all the other cars. When they are all gone, Delmar asks to Lauren: “What shall we do now?” Lauren answers: “Lets take a look at the Holdman companies.”

During the hours of free time, Felicia calls Tristan. She says to him: “I want to see you right now. Can you come to the hangar?” Tristan says: “No, I am very busy currently. You can’t wait until tonight?” Felicia starts becoming very sad after hearing this. She says: “I really need you. I have some questions.” Tristan says: “I might have some time now. Can’t you do it over the phone?” Felicia says: “No, I want to see you.” Tristan says: “Okay, wait till tonight then.” And after it, he suddenly hangs up the phone. Obviously, Felicia doesn’t likes it. Luckily for her, Gemma, Lois and Lydia are there to help her. She tells them what Tristan said and says: “Why is he acting like this? He acts so much different than normal.” Gemma says: “Maybe the job is getting too stressing for him?” Lydia says: “Come on, he is just too busy to come now. He has time tonight, so just wait for that.” Lois says: “He simply doesn’t cares enough about you Felicia. I would dump him If I were you.” Lydia says: “We already know you hate him Lois, please stop repeating that.” Lois asks: “Why you like him so much? Only because he is rich?” Felicia says: “I don’t want to speak about him anymore.” Lois says: “Okay good, shall we do something to clear your mind up?” Felicia says: “Yes, I would really like that.”

Not much later, Sebastian decides to make a walk through the hangar. He searches for Lois, so they can work further on the plan. He decides to ask it to Jade, who is together with some of her friends inside her room. He asks to her: “Do you know where Lois is?” Jade answers: “I am not sure, but I think she went out of the hangar with her friends. I mean those assistants, Lydia, Gemma and Felicia.” Sebastian says: “Oh yes of course. I should have known.” Jade asks: “How do the two of you actually know each other?” Sebastian says: “If I tell you, you won’t believe me.” Jade says: “Please tell me.” Sebastian says: “I know her because of Felicia. I can explain you why if you want.” Jade says: “I don’t understand. So you also know Felicia?” Sebastian says: “I met her outerspace.” Jade says: “Wow, I didn’t know that you have already been in space.” Sebastian says: “I have been on Quetir for a pretty long time.” Jade says: “If I may ask, why are you studying for this job then? You know how to work with Quetirians.” Sebastian says: “It is all because I want to kill that motherfucker of a Tristan Bentley. I hate him so much.” Jade says: “There is a lot there needs to be explained to me.” Sebastian says: “I really want to explain everything to you, but I don’t have time now.” Jade says: “I understand it.” After it, Sebastian walks away again. He goes to Erwin Holdman’s room, who is sitting there and eating his vegetables again. Erwin says to him: “Cantrell, what can I do for you?” Sebastian says: “I want to ask you for a favour.” Erwin says: “And that is?” Sebastian says: “We have all seen that the Quetirians are living under terrible circumstances. We really have to do something about it. If we don’t do something, they will all die.” Erwin laughs out loud and says: “You really care about them? If we get what we want, we are going to kill all of them!” Sebastian says: “You can’t do that! They are living beings, just like us.” Erwin says: “They don’t belong here. Where else do you want to take them?” Sebastian says: “They can leave Earth again, when they have found another planet to live on.” Erwin says: “Fine, everything is better than having those cockroaches stay here forever.” Sebastian says: “Back to the point I was trying to make, if you want to get with them what you want, they should life under better circumstances, so they will trust the APG. It will also make the working better.” Erwin says: “I will let you call Mr. Bentley, he decides over this kind of stuff.” Sebastian says: “Okay fine, let me speak to the person I hate by far the most in the whole universe again. He probably won’t take any word serious of me again, but okay.” Erwin laughs and says: “I don’t give a shit what you think about him.” Sebastian says: “And by the way, it really wasn’t cool what you did to Anne. Is she alright?” Erwin says: “Of course she is. She volunteered to leave the group and that was exactly what I did.” Sebastian says: “I feel sad for her.” After it, Erwin starts calling and says to Black God over the telephone: “I have someone here who wants to speak with you. You will enjoy it.” Black God says: “Okay great, give the phone to him.” Erwin gives the phone to Sebastian and he says: “Hi, it is your good old friend Sebastian Cantrell here.” Black God laughs out loud after he said that. Sebastian says: “I want to give a tip how the APG can be much more successful.” Black God says very unserious: “And that is?” Sebastian says: “We have to improve the living place of the Quetirians very much. They live under miserable conditions and that makes them dislike their stay on Earth. To make the APG become much more successful, we have to improve a lot at the room of them.” Black God says: “Finally something useful is coming out of your mouth. For this one time I will give you what you want.” Sebastian says: “What I want? It is much more about what you want! You want to make to have a successful group of people who take care of the Quetirians! If they live under miserable conditions, that will never succeed!” Black God says: “Okay okay fine! You will get what you want.” Sebastian is silenced for a few seconds until he says: “By the way, what did you tell Felicia about me?” Black God starts laughing even louder than he did before. After he did that, he says: “You still care so much about her? Come on man! You won’t just accept that I got her?” Sebastian says: “That’s not what I mean. You are the motherfucker who is telling disgusting lies to her about me! It totally not fair!” After it, Erwin grabs the phone out of Sebastian’s hand and screams: “Now it is enough!” Black God says: “The world simply isn’t fair!” And after it, Erwin stops the call. Sebastian laughs and says: “The both you are so silly. Without those focking powers, you won’t ever be as great!” And after he said that, Sebastian walks away.

Meanwhile, John, Amy, Anne and Steve are still sitting inside of their cage. To their very big surprise, the door of their cage suddenly opens. John says: “This must be a trap. They won’t ever let us so easily get out of here.” Amy says: “Yes, what if guards will be waiting outside?” Steve says: “You do whatever you want! I want to get the hell out of here!” Anne says: “He has a point. Lets get out of here now we still can.” John and Amy look to each other and do not agree with it, but Steve followed by Anne suddenly go out of the cage. Amy says: “We can take a look.” John agrees with it and they walk outside. When they are outside, they see that they are in a small house near the Holdman companies. No guards, it seems completely abandoned. Steve says: “You see? There is nobody here!” John says: “Lets get away from here before anyone sees us.” They start walking away from the house with the cage inside of it. Suddenly after some walking, they see a street and a car is driving there. Amy asks: “Who are that?” Anne says: “It must be employees of that company, everyone hide yourself!” After it, all of them hide behind a bush. The car parks itself there and two people come out of it. A woman and a man. They walk into the direction of the bush where John, Amy, Anne and Steve are hiding behind. Amy looks and says: “Wait a minute, they are no employees.” Amy gets behind the bush. Anne and Steve don’t understand it. Steve says: “What are you doing hot girl? I won’t let you get them!” John says: “It okay!” Amy gets away from the bush and shows herself to the two people who came out of the car. They are very surprised to see her. The camera also shows who they are: Lauren and Delmar. Lauren says: “Well well well, look who we have there.” John, Anne and Steve also get away from the bush. Amy says: “We thought you were employees of the Holdman companies. That’s why we hide behind that bush.” Lauren says: “You can’t just show yourself again like nothing has happened.” John says: “Coincidence has brought us back together. What a pleasure.” Delmar laughs and says: “It is also a pleasure to see you again, John.” Amy asks: “So, what were you doing here?” Lauren says: “We came to take a look at that Holdman companies.” Amy says: “You better get away from it.” Delmar asks: “Who are the two of you?” (pointing on Anne and Steve) Anne answers on it: “You already forgot about me? Wow, thank you so much.” Lauren says to Delmar: “She decided to stay neutral when we had that conflict.” Delmar says: “Oh yes, I almost forgot about it.” Lauren asks: “But who are you?” Steve answers: “Oh, I am just a colleague of the company where they are working on. Don’t mind about me. In fact, I really don’t know where I ended up today.” John says: “Shall we get away from here? We can talk somewhere else.” Delmar says: “Good idea.” Ironically, right after they said that, suddenly some police agents show up and scream to them: “The prisoners are escaping!” They all hear it and run away as fast as possible. Lauren says: “Get into my car!” It is a very deluxe car, with place for 8 people, so that’s how they can all take place. After some running, with the police agents being behind of them, they go into the car and drive away as fast as possible. When they are away, ironically no police car come behind them. Steve says: “We did it! We have get rid of the police!” Anne says: “Those weren’t really police agents, right?” John says: ‘Yes, they weren’t. I guess they just let us escape, but why?” Amy says: “I really wonder what’s going on right now.” Lauren says: “Don’t worry, we will take you to a safe place.”

At the hangar, the whole group of students are back in the Quetirians room. They are all surprised to see lots of people who are suddenly inside of the room working on increasing the space of the Quetirians. Erwin, Lincoln (who is back again), Felicia, Lydia and Gemma are standing and looking to it. Gemma asks: “Why are they suddenly caring about the environment of the Quetirians?” Erwin says: “We got an annoying student who came with an amazing idea.” Lydia asks: “Tristan agreed with this?” Erwin says: “Yes, he did.” Lincoln asks: “Who was it that came with that idea?” Erwin answers: “It was that Sebastian Cantrell. He made Mr. Bentley believe that we will reach our goal easier when the Quetirians are living under better circumstances.” Gemma says: “That’s not bad. We have to win their trust, so if we do something in return, it will work easier.” After it, the four assistants take their row again and see how the students are doing with their Quetirians. Sebastian, Lois and Jade’s Quetirians are more together now. Sebastian asks: “What will that final exercise be about?” Jade answers: “I guess we have to impress Mr. Holdman and his assistants on how good we can make the Quetirians do what we want.” Lois says: “That won’t be that hard, right?” Sapoux answers on it: “We are helping you with it.” On the same time, Adam and his group are also working on their Quetirians. Of course they are really good at it already. He found his own way to let the cooperate with him. He screams to them and says that he is much stronger than them. Lincoln is the assistant who takes care of his group and is very glad with it (of course). Everything goes as normal, except for one of the three Quetirians at Sebastian’s group. He is suddenly very aggressive. Jade was the one taking care of him. Sebastian says: “Calm down, we are not your enemy. We are not the one who put you inside of here.” The Quetirian says: “Oh yes, it was those five.” And he uses his very good eyes and moves his targets on Erwin, Lincoln, Felicia, Lydia and Gemma. He screams: “Let me out of here, then I will kill them all!” Lois says: “We can’t do that.” The Quetirian says: “Fine, then I will do that myself!” And suddenly the Quetirian runs to the wall of the cage and starts smashing on it. All the other students and Felicia hear it happening. Felicia runs to it as fast as possible, since she is responsible for this row. Lois and Jade want to let the Quetirian calm down, but they are both smashed away by him. Sapoux and the other female Quetirian don’t know what to do against it. Sebastian tries to calm him down by words, but on the same time Felicia runs inside of the cage. She says to Sebastian, Lois and Jade: “Get out of here, I will deal with him.” While they go out of the cage, Felicia says in her communication device to Erwin: “We have an aggressive Quetirian here!” However, out of nowhere she is grabbed by the Quetirian. Sebastian is still standing in the doorway of the cage and sees it all happening, while Lois and Jade are already ran away from the dangerous Quetirian. The Quetirian screams to Felicia: “You are the first who I am going to kill!” Sebastian knows that he has to get out of there, but he can’t let it happen and runs to the Quetirian and smashes him hardly in the face. After he did that, the Quetirian lets Felicia fall out of his hands and fights against Sebastian. He grabs the Quetirian on a way he learned when he was on Quetir. When he has almost defeated the Quetirian, Erwin, Lincoln, Adam and lots of the other students are suddenly there. Erwin shoots on the Quetirian with an anesthic. A few seconds later, it falls unconscious on the ground together with Sebastian. Erwin and Lincoln walk inside the cage. Lincoln asks to Sebastian: “What the fuck do you think that you just did?” Sebastian is very surprised and says: “I saved her.” Lincoln says: “You ignored an order of one of the assistants and because of that, both of you could have died!” Sebastian doesn’t know what to answer on that, while Erwin says: “Take both of them under the shower, they touched a Quetirian!” Lincoln helped by Adam and David grab both of them with gloves on and take them away.

Meanwhile, John, Amy, Lauren, Delmar, Anne and Steve are on a safe place somewhere outside Tampa. Lauren says: “We are safe here for a while.” Amy says: “Don’t worry, it was never about getting us. They want to do something else, not sure what.” John says: “We better discuss what to do know, since we are all together again.” Anne agrees with it and says to Lauren and Delmar: “Not sure if you know it, but I have been part of the group of students who could get part of that Alien Protection Group. I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, but I am very sure that Besoux, Nasoux and Zaver are almost dying. They are living in very small cages and get very less food.” John says: “So, that’s why I suggest that we will attack that whole Alien Protection Group, save Sebastian, Felicia and all Quetirians and get away from there.” Lauren asks to Anne: “You know at what room in that hangar the Quetirian are being prisoned?” Anne says: “Yes I do, it was one of the only rooms I couldn’t see yet.” Lauren says: “Good, then I will ask my crew to shoots rockets on the whole hangar, except that room.” John is very disagreed and says: “You can’t do that! Sebastian and Felicia will die!” Delmar asks: “Why do you care so much about that?” John says: “Without them, all of us would still be on that goddamn planet far away from here! In other words, they saved us and I want to do something in return.” Lauren says: “I am not sending my whole army inside of there.” Amy says: “Wait a minute, since when are you working at the army?” Lauren says: “I really want to save Besoux and without them, I can’t do that. Besoux is the last person from the whole beginning when I was on Quetir, who is still alive. I have nobody else.” Delmar says: “You still have me.” Lauren says: “I’m sorry, but that is not what I mean.” Amy comes between them by saying: “Can’t we just make a compromise? We won’t get agreed about this anyway.” Lauren asks: “What do you want to compromise?” Amy says: “Me, John and maybe Steve will go to that hangar and help get Sebastian, Felicia, Lois and who else are inside of there, get out of here and safe the Quetirians, Xyporions and other species such as Zaver. If we fail in that, you can attack the hangar with the army as you want. Give us 10 hours for this.” Lauren asks: “Black God will finds about this and will stop you. No way, he won’t stop you from doing that.” John says: “Give us at least a chance. You hate us, so if we die, you won’t care anyway.” Lauren says: “Okay fine, I am not going to wait any longer. I actually wanted to make a deal about this with the Holdman companies.” Amy says: “You can still do that while we go to that hangar.” Lauren says: “Okay good, so when will you go?” Amy says: “Tomorrow morning, we will give you 10 hours from the moment when we leave.” Lauren says: “Okay deal.” Delmar and Anne also agree with it. Anne says: “Wait a minute, you didn’t mention my name. But can I join you? I want to kill that motherfucker Erwin Holdman!” John says: “Of course you can Anne.” Steve says: “My normal life is as boring as hell, so what do I have to lose?”

Sebastian and Felicia are brought to the shower by Lincoln, Adam and David. During the walk to it, Sebastian says to them: “You know that Quetirians don’t have any poison on them?” Lincoln says: “You brought us enough problems for today, so please shut up.” Sebastian says: “Okay never mind then.” After a walk, they end up in a room of the hangar where Sebastian has never been before. Both him and Felicia get their own shower. Sebastian is sad that there are more than one shower. When the doors are closed, Lincoln says: “Take off your clothes. We are going to wash all the viruses the Quetirian brought you off you.” Lincoln says: “It will take a while, so have patience.” After it, he, Adam and David walk away. It leaves Sebastian and Felicia alone under the shower. They don’t speak to each other for the first minutes, until Felicia asks to Sebastian: “Why did you do that?” Sebastian is surprised by her question. Still he replies: “I couldn’t let you get killed by that beast.” Felicia says: “It was very dangerous and risky, but still thank you.” Sebastian says: “You’re welcome. Yesterday, I already took a life of one of the assistants, so I had to safe one in return today.” Felicia is very surprised and asks: “You killed Austin?” Sebastian suddenly realizes what he just said and says: “He would have killed me instead. It was him or me.” Felicia says: “I am not angry that you killed him. I hated him as well. He wasn’t loved by anyone.” Sebastian says: “Still I wish that I didn’t do it, I am sorry.” Felicia asks: “Why did you actually tell me that?” Sebastian answers: “I am honest to you forever, someone else can learn from that.” Felicia says: “Oh yes, you asked me what he said about you. He told me that your surname is Cantrell instead of Reeves. And you are the biggest enemy of the APG. However, he is telling me a lot of lies. I don’t believe this.” Sebastian says: “We both hate each other very much. He wants you to hate me very much.” Felicia says: “Don’t worry, I am not believing what he is saying.” Sebastian says: “He isn’t honest to you, so he also doesn’t trust you. I trust you, that’s why I am honest to you.” Felicia says: “Yes, I recognized that.”

Daniel and his group arrive at the news broadcaster. However, before they can come inside there are multiple men waiting for them. Daniel says: “Fuck, they still know it.” One of the men with him asks: “How are we going to do this?” Daniel says: “Don’t worry, I have a plan.” He steps out of the car and opens the trunk, where two bags are lying in. He grabs one and throws him over the other person. He grabs the other one himself. The other guy asks to him: “What should I do with this?” Daniel says: “Follow me and everything will be fine.” Together with lots of other people, they walk to the door inside the same news broadcaster, where Lauren and Delmar already have been before. Of course the men who are standing across the door, step before them. One of them says: “You won’t pass.” Daniel says: “Okay, fine if we it has to go this way.” And after it, all of them grab their weapons and start shooting on each other. Daniel and the other man with the bag, walk inside while their whole army shows up and kills all the men. Inside in the waiting room, lots of others are waiting for them. Daniel says to the other men: “Walk further like nothing is happening.” In a few seconds, Daniel is completely surrounded by all the men. One of them says: “Give us the bag or you will die in a few seconds!” Daniel says: “What is this? Where is Black God himself? I heard so much about him and now he is nowhere to be found?” The same man ignores what he says and grabs his gun. Daniel says: “Okay okay fine, you can have the bag.” The same man says: “Good choice.” After he got the bag, he immediately opens it to find out if the head is inside. However, to his big shock, it isn’t inside of it at all.” He opens the bag half and already sees that just some kind of tools are inside of it. Daniel says: “Oh wait, you thought that I would walk inside of here with a bag containing a head? That would be so cruel.” The man angrily screams: “Where is it?” Daniel asks: “Do you know Lauren Marshall? She has it.” The man becomes very angry and says to his own group: “Our boss told us he would have it. Or did anyone of you gave me the wrong orders?” One of the people in the group says: “This man would have it. Very certain.” Daniel says: “That’s the problem at you. You are commanded by the great Black God, but after all you are not as smart as him and miss a lot of intelligence.” After he said that, the group of people becomes very angry and attacks him. Daniel kills a few of them, but after a while they are with too much and fully overpower him. He is smashed unconscious and taken away by the men. Meanwhile at the desk, the other men with the bag gives it over to the woman behind the desk. She asks: “What is this?” The man says: “I am here to fully expose Tristan Bentley. Because the truth is that he died like a month ago and some kind of beast is using his body. The woman behind the desk asks: “Is this your prove for that?” The man says: “Absolutely, it is head of the real Tristan Bentley.” The woman behind the desk becomes very shocked after hearing that and immediately takes the head further inside the company. Of course they are going to make world news of it and that’s how Black God finally gets exposed.

Sebastian and Felicia are done with their shower and taken on new clothes Lincoln gave to them. Lincoln says: “Don’t ever touch a Quetirian again, not sure if you will survive another shower. Or at least it will give you some undesirable effect.” Sebastian says: “You guys really think you possess knowledge about Quetirians.” Felicia says: “Yes, listen to him Lincoln. He has lots of experience with working with Quetirians.” Sebastian says: “I have been on Quetir for a few years and touched many Quetirians, it never gave me viruses.” Lincoln is very surprised after hearing that. But still he doesn’t believes it. He says: “Well, I wouldn’t take the risk.” Sebastian decides not to react on him anymore and walks away together with Felicia. She says to him: “I have to go to your good friend now.” Sebastian says: “Oh well, I also spoke him earlier today.” Felicia asks: “Any advise you want to give to me?” Sebastian answers: “Just be yourself and forget what I just said about him. He may not know about that.” Felicia says: “I am worried he is going to hurt me again. But, I really need answers.” Sebastian says: “I will always be there for you.” Felicia thanks him for that and walks away. Sebastian returns to the other students who are having fun again.

John, Amy, Steve and Anne spend the night with Lauren and Delmar. There is still some kind of tension between Amy and Lauren. They are still mad on each other. Amy decides to be on her room most of the night. John, Steve and Anne are with her. Amy says: “Such a bitch is she. She only cares about Besoux and herself.” Steve asks: “How are we actually sure that we are going to make it in those 10 hours?” Amy says: “It doesn’t matter if we aren’t there yet then.” John is surprised and says: “They can’t just shoot rockets on the whole hangar. There are lots of innocent people inside of it.” Amy says: “I mean that it is not our fault then. I hope Lauren will be seen as a criminal then and live in prison for the rest of her life.” Anne says: “I have no idea how the route is to that hangar. Do we even know its location?” John says: “I know a secret route to it. It is through a forest and you end up on the back of the hangar. No one will see us come then.” Amy says: “That’s really great. We will take that route tomorrow.” John says: “I only hope they don’t have a barbed wire across the hangar, then it will be harder.” Amy says: “We will see that later. “Anne says: “When we are inside, I know where we have to go.” Steve asks: “Is it really that big there?” Anne says: ‘It is more than just one simple hangar.”

Felicia comes at Tristan Bentley’s house. She is more afraid than ever before she visited him. He opens the door for her and says: “What took you so long honey?” Felicia says: “A Quetirian almost killed me. I had to go under that shower because of that.” Tristan becomes very angry after hearing that and says: “They should have killed him!” Felicia says: “He was just aggressive one time. We can use every Quetirian we have.” Tristan says: “I just want you to be safe.” And after it, both of them walk inside the house. Tristan asks: “So what did you wanted to ask me?” Felicia answers: “I am not understanding something.” Tristan says: “Tell me what.” Felicia says: “Today there was a Quetirian who said that she knew me. How is that possible?” Tristan says: “That Quetirian obviously tried to manipulate you. Be careful for that Felicia.” Felicia says: “Why you aren’t honest to me?” Tristan becomes shocked after she said that. He says: “What do you mean?” Felicia asks: “What are you hiding for me? I love you Tristan, but you should be more honest to me.” Tristan says: “I am not hiding anything.” Felicia says: “I just get the feeling something is not right. I am hearing opposing stories. I don’t know who I can trust.” And after it, she becomes a bit sad, giving Tristan the chance to hug her. Felicia asks: “You promise me to always be honest to me?” Tristan strongly lies: “I will.” Felicia says: “I am searching who I can trust. Luckily I can trust you.” Tristan says: “Of course you can my love.” Felicia asks: “How is everything at the company going?” Tristan says: “Everything is going fine.” They walk to the living room, where Tristan has the radio on. Suddenly the music is interrupted by breaking news. The man on the radio says: “We have breaking news. Tristan Bentley, one of the standard-bearers of the Holdman companies, has been accused of…….” Tristan fastly puts the radio off. Felicia says: “It was about you. You don’t want to hear that?” Tristan says: “I am so important. Every day there is news about me, so I am getting tired of it. Besides, tonight I will fully focus on you.” Felicia thanks him for that and asks: “How did you actually become so powerful? I forgot.” Tristan says: “I have so many talents. That’s why Erwin Holdman wanted me to work in his company.” Felicia says: “Oh yes, him. We all don’t like him as our leader. Can you please put him back at your company?” Tristan says: “Unfortunately, I can’t do that.” Felicia says: “Especially Lincoln hates him very much. He can’t stand him.” Tristan says: “I don’t care about what Lincoln wants.” Felicia says: “Okay fine.” After it, it is silence for a few seconds, until Tristan suddenly asks: “How did you actually survive from that aggressive Quetirian?” Felicia answers: “One of the students attacked the Quetirian, making me fall out of his hands.” Tristan asks: “Which student?” Felicia first doesn’t wants to say it, but she has not other choice than giving the answer: “It was Sebastian Cantrell.” Tristan is very shocked after hearing that and says: “I ordered you to not search any contact with him!” Felicia says: “That’s very hard when he is one of the students there.” Tristan says: “He is trying to tempt you. You are much better than such a loser like him!” Felicia says: “I am not doing anything with him.” Tristan says: “I have to prevent this from happening.” And suddenly he grabs Felicia’s hands and drags her toward the bedroom. Felicia asks: “What are you doing?” After some walking, they end up before the bed in the bedroom. Tristan answers her question by saying: “I will show you what happens when you get too close to the biggest enemy of me!” And after it he throws Felicia under the blankets, jumps on her and starts hurting her off screen.

That same night, they are having lots of fun at the APG hangar. Only Felicia is not there. Lincoln says: “This is our last night together! Tomorrow night, there will only be 10 remaining of you!” Adam says: “Have fun all of you who will be out after tomorrow!” Sebastian and Lois hear his arrogant talks. Lois asks: “Do you think you will make it?” Sebastian answers: “Two of the places are for Adam and David for sure. I hope I will be among the other three.” Lois says: “I hope Felicia, Lydia and Gemma will help me get to the last 5.” Sebastian asks: “Who do you think of the girls will make it?” Lois says: “Jade for sure, she is really good.” Sebastian says: “She had that aggressive Quetirian, that was really sad for her.” Lois says: “That only proves her talents even more.” Sebastian says: “That’s even more impressive indeed. Who else think you will make it?” Lois says: “Madison is really good as well. She is a very likely candidate. Madison has a big chance as well.” Sebastian says: “If you just end up between the five best, then everything is alright.” Lois says: “Yes of course. By the way, how did everything go with Felicia?” Sebastian answers: “I finally managed to speak to her. I told her that I am honest to her, something Tristan isn’t.” Lois says: “Really good! I hope that she will be fully on our side soon.” Sebastian says: “She is at that motherfucker again now. She said that she would ask him for answers.” Lois says: “It shouldn’t take long anymore.” Sebastian says: “Indeed.”

Early next morning, John, Amy, Anne and Steve are awake to go to the hangar of the APG. Lauren and Delmar are also awake at that early time. John says to Delmar: “Goodbye once again.” Delmar says: “Good luck with it.” Amy and Lauren still don’t like each other, but still they say bye to each other. When the four of them are fully ready, they leave the house and go in a car. They drive to the forest John was talking about. When they are there, they go further afoot.” Amy asks: “So you fully know the route?” John says: “I almost fully know it. We have to pass this forest and a few miles further, the hangar will be there.” Amy says: “Okay, you walk in front, then we follow you.” Anne and Steve walk behind them. Anne sees that Steve is looking to Amy the whole time. She says to him: “Let me guess, the only reason why you joined us, is because you want to be with her.” Steve says: “Of course, she is the hottest single girl I ever saw in my life. However, I am still waiting on my chance to fix her.” Anne says: “You know what happened to her former lover?” Steve says: “I don’t care. All I know is that she is single.” Anne says: “He was killed. And the same could happen to you.” Steve says: “It is worth taking the risk.” Amy says to John: “I hope we will never see Lauren again, but I am afraid that after a while, we will see her again.” John says: “If we ever want to beat this Black God, we should all be together. Lauren has the army now. We can really use that.” Amy says: “All I hope is that she will finally care a bit less about herself and the Quetirians.” John says: “She isn’t even thinking about how it was possible that get off that planet when we were still a team. I am not only doing this because Sebastian is my friend, but also because I want to do something in return. “Amy says: “I want to take revenge on him for killing Richard. He should pay for that.”

That same morning, all the students are back in the room of the Quetirians. Felicia is back again and so is the aggressive Quetirian. Jade is busy with preventing to happen it once again. Sebastian and Lois are also back at their Quetirians, while Erwin Holdman says: “Everyone, I want to warn that tonight we will graduate from the study. As you know, only 10 of us will reach that. So today is the last day you can practice with your Quetirian. That means that there will be no break today, you can be with your Quetirian as long as you want! Good luck everyone!” Felicia is watching at their row again and Sebastian tries to get into contact with her again. However, she acts like nothing has happened yesterday. Of course Lois is still very important for her, but she ignores Sebastian once again. He is getting frustrated of it and decides to fully focus on his Quetirian again. He works on something to impress them all together with Sapoux. Sapoux asks: “What should I do?” Sebastian says: “I want you to do some tricks. If you just do exactly what I say, everything is going to be alright.” Sapoux asks: “They aren’t that hard?” Sebastian answers: “No of course not, you can do all of them easily.” Sapoux says: “Okay, then I am fine with it.”

Lauren and Delmar are watching the news on their television. It is almost fully about the exposure of Tristan Bentley. Delmar says: “It seems like that Daniel has succeed in his mission.” Lauren says: “This Black God is not as smart as he thinks he is. Lets see what he is going to do now.” Delmar laughs and says: “I hope he is going to cry out loud now as a baby.” Lauren says: “I want to see this. Shall we go to the Holdman companies once again?” Delmar says: “Yes, that will be much fun.”

The screen goes over to the Holdman companies, where Tristan Bentley/Black God is watching the news about what could have happened. Some of the other standard-bearers of the Holdman companies are sitting with him. Black God says very angrily: “How the fuck could this have happened?” The man and his army who failed so hopelessly yesterday are also present in the company. Black God decides to visit them. When he is there, he asks to the leader of them: “How the hell could this happen?” The man says: “We looked in his bag and there was no head inside! He told us that Lauren Marshall was the one holding the head with her.” Black God angrily screams: “She was indeed! But she gave it over to this FUCKING Daniel Hancock!” The man says: “Oh yes, speaking about him.” The man points to one sitting on a chair in the back of the room. He is tied up on it. Black God walks to him and says: “How the hell did you do this?” Daniel says: “I have no idea. Lauren was the one holding that head, not me.” Black God says: “Don’t lie! I know you had that head with you.” Daniel says: “I am not the one who gave that head over to the news broadcaster.” Black God says: “At least I know who failed. And that will have consequences.” Black God walks away, leaving the man, his army and Daniel behind in the room. One of the men asks: “What is he going to do?” Another man says: “I don’t know.” And in a few seconds, Black God is back with a machine gun in his heads. He immediately starts shooting with it until all the men are death. One by one, they fall death on the ground. Daniel thinks he is also going to shoot him and looks away, but surprisingly he doesn’t gets shot. When he dares to look again, Black God stands right before him and says: “You have luck that the bitch of a Lauren Marshall still cares about you. Otherwise you would have died together with this useless men!” Daniel laughs and says: “What are you going to do now almighty Black God? The whole world knows that you are an intruder now. The army will be coming for you. How are you going to explain this?” Black God says: “They will do whatever they want. Nothing can stop me!” And after it, Black God walks away again.

John, Amy, Anne and Steve are still walking through the forest until they suddenly come out of it. They walk more and more, but after lots of miles, still no hangar of the APG appears. Steve angrily says: “I am done with all this walking! We are clearly not even close to it!” John says: “I guess we are walking in the wrong way.” Amy says: “How are we ever going to find that hangar now?” Anne looks and sees a house like 600 meters before them. She says: “I see a house there. Perhaps we could ask them the way.” Amy says: “Good idea, because if we walk even further, we are only getting further and further away from it. John and Steve also agree with it and they walk to the house. At first it looks like an abandoned house, but later they are see there are people living in it. John asks: “What if they don’t know where that hangar is?” Amy says: “Then we will search further.” When they are before the house of the door, Amy rings on the bell. John says: “Why do you want to live here in the middle of nowhere?” A few second later, the door is opened by a man from the same age as them. The man asks to them: “Who the hell are you supposed to be?” Amy says: “We just came along, because we want to ask for the way. We are lost here in the middle of nowhere.” ‘The man says: “Come in, we have a map there.” When they walk inside, the man says: “My name is Jesse.” Further inside they see a woman. Jesse says: “And this is my girlfriend Nena.” Amy says: “Nice to meet you. I am Amy, this is John, this is Anne and he is Steve.” Nena says: “Good to meet you.” And she asks to Jesse: “Why did you bring them inside?” Jesse says: “They were lost and I brought them inside because we have a map here. Besides, it is cold outside.” Nena says: “Okay, I understand.” Jesse grabs the map and asks to them: “So, where are you going to?” John looks on the map and shows him the location. Jesse says: “That is forbidden territory. I really wouldn’t go to there if I were you.” Amy says: “We are not going to listen to you. We really have to go to there.” Jesse says: “You are burglars into the Alien Protection Group! I am not going to help you idiots! I don’t want to be an accomplice of a burglar!” Nena says: “Jesse, it is their own responsibility so let’s just help them.” John says: “Thank you.” Jesse still refuses to help them, so Nena decides to help them. John points to the hangar of the APG on the map. Nena says: “That is not very far from here. It is only a few miles walking.” John asks: “Where is this house located?” Nena looks on the map and points to a red spot on it. She says: “Our house is located at this spot.” Suddenly, a dog comes to say hello to all of them. John, Amy and Anne all like it, except Steve who doesn’t likes it. Nena laughs and says: “Our dog always acts this way to strangers.” John says: “You really live very abandoned, then it is always needed to have a dog.” Nena laughs once again and says: “Yes, but don’t expect her to keep an burglar out of our house.” Jesse sees it all happening and doesn’t likes it. He says: “Show them the location and get out of our house again! I am already getting regret of letting you in.” John says: “So we have to follow this path in the beginning?” Nena says: “Yes, follow that path, go right here and left. If you do that, you will come there.” Amy also looks on the map and says: “It looks a lot more complicated than you think at first.” John thinks about that and says: “Yes, that’s true. Can’t you come with us? I am afraid that we will lose the way again.” Nena says: “Okay, I can.” John likes it very much, while Anne and Steve don’t understand why she has to come with them.

At the hangar, everyone decides to take a break, except for Adam and a few others. Of course he wants to be the best again and keeps screaming to his Quetirian. Sebastian, Lois and Jade go together out of the cage. Lois goes to Felicia and asks to her: “Did you see what I am trying to do with my Quetirian?” Felicia answers: “You are doing really good! I am going to give you a high mark for sure!” Lois says: “Thank you so much Felicia! I don’t know what I should have done without you.” Sebastian and Jade are looking to it. Jade says: “Actually it is really unfair that she is so good befriended with three of the four assistants.” Sebastian says: “Life is simply not fair.” (quoting something Black God earlier said in the movie). Jade says: “Indeed, you and I are much better than her, but I guess she will get one of the highest scores.” Sebastian says: “Don’t worry, you will make it for sure. I am more doubting about my own chances.” Jade says: “I wish you good luck.” And after she said that, she walks away. Felicia and Lois are still taking, when Gemma and Lydia also join them. Sebastian decides to also walk away. On his way outside of the room, he sees Erwin Holdman, who says to them: “I have some good news for you.” Sebastian asks: “What news?” Erwin says: “Mr. Bentley will come here to look at all the final exercises and play a part in the role of who will make it into the APG.” Sebastian says: “Fine, that will be zero points of him to me.” Erwin says: “That’s not true. He will give fair points to every student.” Sebastian says: “I hope so.” And after it, he walks away.

Lauren and Delmar arrive once again at the Holdman companies, where lots of police have arrived. Lots of interviewers have surrounded the company as well. Delmar asks: “Are you sure we can go inside of here?” Laurewn says: “Of course we can.” They walk to the front door, where all the employees of the Holdman company are keeping the police outside. Lauren asks: “What is going on here?” One of the police agents says: “We want to arrest that motherfucker who is inside of Tristan Bentley’s body, but they don’t lets u go inside.” Suddenly one of the employees opens the door and says: “Mrs Marshall and Mr. Norris may come inside. Nobody else!” The police agent says: “What you want is not important, we are the police and nobody says what we do!” But on that moment, all the police agents are suddenly killed. Lauren and Delmar see it all happening. The same employee says: “Come inside.” The employee leads them high into the building, where the one and only Black God is standing, looking outside of the window. Lauren says to him: “How does it feel to have lost, motherfucker!” Black God says: “You think that I will surrender now this identity is lost? I am your god, all of you are going to beg for you, not me!” Delmar says: “The whole police and soon the army is behind of you. There is no way you are going to escape!” Black God says: “They are all humans, who are weak and replaceable. They don’t understand how much Holdman Companies provides to the world.” Delmar says: “Don’t let me laugh! Nobody is going to trust your fucking company anymore! First Erwin Holdman who was a murder and now you, you lost all the trust there is!” Black God says: “You are right. The building is lost, but that doesn’t means the company is lost.” And after he said that, lots of police agents come inside of there and point their guns on Black God. One of them says: “Identify yourself! Or we will shoot!” Black God says: “You humans are so weak and stupid. You are never going to catch me!” And after it, Black God suddenly disappears. The police agents are all surprised: “Where the fuck is he?” Delmar says: “Not sure if you know it, but this guy can teleport, so he is gone.” The police agents are all very angry. Lauren hears someone screaming and decides to walk to it. It is Daniel, who is in a stressing situation. He is glad to see her, but immediately says: “He attached something to me, not sure if you should get me out of here.” Lauren says: “I won’t leave you here.” And she ignores him and destroys his handcuffs. However, right after she did that, some kind of timer starts walking. Lauren sees it and says: “Wait a minute, everyone get out of the building! It is going to explode!” And all of them run as fast as they can out of the building, but then suddenly the whole building explodes and collapses. It is unknown if anyone could have survived that.

Outside the city, John, Amy, Anne and Steve are still in the house of Jesse and Nena. John says: “Shall we go now? We don’t have much time left.” Nena says: “Okay fine, I am ready.” On the moment all of them are about to leave, Jesse suddenly asks: “Why are you actually going to that APG territory?” Amy says: “Some friends of us are there and we want to safe them before some kind of organization will shoot a rocket on it.” Jesse is very interested now and asks: “Why are they going to shoot a rocket on it?” Anne says: “Because the person who is owning that place is a murderer and motherfucker!” Jesse waits a few seconds, until he says: “I changed my mind. I want to come with you.” John says: “You don’t need to come. We only need one guide.” Jesse says: “I can’t leave my girlfriend alone together with four strangers.” A few minutes later, the six of them all go outside and start walking in the direction of the hangar. John asks to Nena: “How far is it from here?” Nena answers: “Two hours walking I think.” They make a nice walk across the meadows and through the forests of the land next to Tampa. Steve manages to walk next to Amy and says to her: “You are more beautiful than the nature here.” Amy doesn’t likes it, but says to him: “Well thank you.” Steve asks: “Why you aren’t interested in me? I am rich and handsome, isn’t that all a girl desires?” Amy says: “I lost the man I loved not long ago. I am not interested in getting into a new relation.” Steve says: “Okay fine, you need time to recover from that. But when that time is over, do you want to go on date with me?” Amy says: “This is really getting annoying.” John is walking in the front with Jesse and Nena. He asks: “So, how did you two met each other?” Jesse answers: “We met each other on school and got closer and closer to each other.” John asks: “What attracted you so much to life on such a sparsely populated area?” Jesse says: “It was always a dream for me to start a farm.” John asks to Nena: “You also like that?” Nena answers: “I am fine with it. A city is too busy for me though.” John asks: “Have you ever seen a Quetirian in your life?” Nena answers: “No, but I heard stories about that they can manipulate humans.” John says: “That’s absolutely not true.” Jesse says: “They seem to be very dangerous.” John says: “I have been on Quetir, so I can dismiss all these rumors.” Nena is very surprised after he said that and asks: “How was it like to be on another planet?” John says: “It felt really weird at first, but after a while you get really used to it.” Nena says: “I also want to go outerspace once in my life.” John says: “I can take you to another planet after we have finished this. Unfortunately it is not going to be Quetir, since it got destroyed.” Nena says: “That would be really great!” Jesse is looking to it and doesn’t likes it, but for now he accepts it.

Inside the hangar, the last preparations for the last exercises take place. Sebastian tells Sapoux everything he wants to let her do. She agrees with it and knows she can do it. Lois, Jade, Adam, David, Madison, Naomi, Carmen, Alice and all other remaining students are very busy as well. At around 16:00, they start with the final and all-decisive test. But before that start, Tristan Bentley shows up there. Of course all the students haven’t heard the news (yet). Erwin says: “May I introduce you to our one and only leader: Tristan Bentley!” All the students start clapping, except Sebastian, Lois and Felicia. Sebastian looks to Felicia and doesn’t understand why she doesn’t likes to see him. Erwin continues by saying: “Mr. Bentley is one of the juries next to me, Lincoln, Felicia, Lydia and Gemma. The five of us are going to decide who is going to take place in the APG!” After it, Tristan himself starts talking. He says: “Welcome last 30 students. You all look very promising! I wish that all of you could take place in the APG, but unfortunately we have only 10 places for that. We as jury, are going to give you a mark from 1 until 10. I wish everyone the best of luck and show us what you can!” In a random order, all of them have to show how well they can communicate to Quetirians, while Tristan, Lincoln, Felicia, Lydia and Gemma give them marks. Sebastian is one of the lasts to do it. They all have to watch to the most boring performances until it is Lois’s turn. She is not bad, but also not very impressive. Of course Felicia, Lydia and Gemma give her very high marks, putting her in a good position. Not much later, Adam and Jade also have to perform and both of them are very good. Both of them end up in the top of the scoreboard. After lots of more performances, it is Sebastian’s turn. He and Sapoux go on the stage, not knowing what’s about to happen.

Earlier than the scene we just saw, John, Amy, Anne, Steve, Jesse and Nena arrive at the hangar, but is it the hangar? Anne says: “We are on the wrong place. This absolutely doesn’t looks like the hangar.” Jesse says: “This is the location you asked us to go to!” John says: “Let me take a look on the map. This isn’t it for sure.” Nena grabs the map and she and John look on it and start discussing where they are. Amy also looks on it and says: “This is not the right location.” Nena says: “I am very sorry that this happened.” John asks: “How much time do we have left?” Amy looks on her telephone how late it is and is shocked to see how late it is. She says: “We have only like 15 minutes left.” Anne says: “We have to hurry!” John says: “We are never going to make that. It is impossible.” Nena asks: “What are you going to do now?” John answers: “We better go to a safe place, before those rockets explode near of us.” Meanwhile, Jesse grabs his chance because all the others all don’t notice him. He starts calling someone. Jesse says to the person who he is calling: “I have good and bad news. The good news is that those idiots of a John and Amy aren’t coming to your base. However, the bad news is that the army of that Lauren are sending multiple rockets to destroy your hangar. Be prepared!” The person who he is calling with is Erwin Holdman and he screams: “What are you telling me?! You must be kidding!” Jesse says: “Nope, in like 15 minutes multiple rockets will be fired.” Erwin says: “Thanks for notifying us about this.” After it, he closes the call. Suddenly, Amy is standing next to him and asks to him: “Who did you call?” Jesse answers: “Just a friend of mine.” Amy says: “We were just discussing what to do now and you decide it is better to call someone?” Jesse says: “I am very sorry.” Amy says: “You are the whole reason we came too late at that base.” And after it, she, John, Nena, Anne and Steve walk further. Jesse follows them very nonchalant.”

Meanwhile at the secret base of Lauren’s organization, they see that the 10 hours are almost over. One of the man says: “Commander Marshall ordered us to shoot the rockets. We have to do that now!” Another man says: “But she isn’t here yet! We have to wait for her to return.” The man says: “There is no time for that!” And after it, he suddenly presses the button to fire the rockets. Lots of other men do not agree with it and attack him. A huge chaos starts, but the buttons has been activated and a few seconds later, the rockets are fired. Nothing can stop that.

Right on that moment, Sebastian is giving his performance. However, it is suddenly interrupted by Erwin Holdman who screams: “All of us are in life danger! There are multiple rockets fired! Everyone, we have to get out of here!” Tristan says: “You have heard what he said! This is not a mission or any test, all are lives are in danger!” Everyone is very shocked and follows Erwin Holdman and Tristan Bentley who are in the front and are the first to get out of the room. Sebastian is still with Sapoux on stage. He says to her: “Return to your cage. Everything is going to be fine.” Sapoux asks: “What about you?” Sebastian says: “Don’t worry about me.” Sebastian looks if Felicia and Lois are fine. He sees that they are among all the students who want to get out of the hangar. He decides to join the group and goes stand next to Felicia, who is also waiting. However, just a few seconds later, a huge explosion follows. The first rocket has hit the hangar. It makes lots of the light on the ceiling fall. Sebastian, Felicia, David and some other students get hit by it, injuring them. The rocket has hit an important part of the hangar, making the whole building starting collapsing. Felicia is severely injured by the light and is not able to walk. She screams to Tristan: “Please help me! I am hurt.” Tristan hears her screaming, but he is a big motherfucker and once again he doesn’t cares about her. He only cares about his own life and walks away as fast as possible. Meanwhile, a big chaos starts with lots of students pushing each other away. Sebastian stands up and runs to the door, but suddenly he looks right of him and sees Felicia sitting on the ground. Lois, Lydia and Gemma all get as fast as possible out of the room without thinking about her. Sebastian walks back, but suddenly David is standing right before him. He says: “Get out of my way you idiot!” Sebastian doesn’t likes it that he says that and says: “Get away yourself, you idiot!” David suddenly becomes very aggressive and screams: “You will never become part of the APG!” And he attacks Sebastian. A huge fight starts between the two of them, while all the other students except Felicia get out of the room. During this fight, the second rocket hits the hangar. It makes the whole wall between the room with the Quetirians and other room, collapse. Some of the students are too late and get under it, killing them. Sebastian sees it all happening and knows that he can’t get out of the room anymore, but David suddenly hits him. He also sees that they can’t get out of the room anymore and screams: “This is all because of you motherfucker!” David gives away all his energy and hits Sebastian hardly. Lots of blood comes off him. David says: “Now it time to finish you off! If I die, then everyone will at least now that I killed such a motherfucker as you!” With his last powers, Sebastian stands up again and says: “That you die is not because of me, but because of yourself!” And after it, he pushes David hardly back again the collapsing wall. It makes lots of bricks from the wall fall on David. He screams out of the pain. When it is done, David’s face is totally crushed by the bricks. After it, David’s remaining body falls death on the ground. Sebastian looks and sees Felicia still sitting on the ground. He says to her: “Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine.” However, on the moment he walks to her, the third and last rocket is fired. It makes all the lights go off and leaving it unknown who all survived it. All that is certain, is that nothing is left of the hangar.

John, Amy, Anne, Steve, Nena and Jesse are still walking, until they suddenly hear the huge explosions. John says: “Fine, we are much too late now.” Anne says: “It is not our fault. We did our best.” John says: “It is his fault!” (Pointing to Jesse) Jesse is surprised and says: “How the hell could I know which one of these hangars you meant? They fucking all look the same!” John says: “You said you knew it so well, then you shouldn’t have said that.” Jesse says: “I wish you idiots never came along our house!” Nena says to Jesse: “Calm down, it is not your fault.” Amy says: “You are right. It is all Lauren’s fault! If she would have gave us more time, we could have saved all of them before those rockets were fired.” Steve says to her: “Shall we go back to her and take revenge?” Amy says: “No, I don’t ever want to see that witch again.” Anne asks: “What are we going to do then?” Jesse answers: “We are going to return to our house again.” Nena says: “No, I want to help them. We have to fix the mistake we made.” Jesse says: “Fine, but can I call someone first?” The others are fine with it and Jesse walks to a place far away from them so they can’t hear them. When he is standing there, he grabs his phone and calls Erwin Holdman once again. He asks: “Did you survive?” Erwin says: “Yes, we did. Thanks to you. I will inform Mr. Bentley about this. Maybe he will give you a promotion.” Jesse says: “I don’t care about this promotion. I just want the money!” Erwin says: “Fine, you will get your money as soon as we finish our business.” Jesse says: “Everything is going fine here as well, thanks for asking.” Erwin asks: “Is Anne Withrop with you?” Jesse says: “Yes, I think so.” Erwin says: “Of course she is, she is seeking for revenge.” Jesse says: “I don’t care about which idiots I have to deal with, just make sure the money is ready when the job is done.” And after it, he hangs up the phone.

On the other side of the call, Erwin, Tristan, Lincoln, Lydia and Adam are sitting together. Gemma and Lois are together with the students. Tristan asks to Erwin: “How is he doing?” Erwin answers: “John Woodward, Amy Watkins and Anne Withrop are still there. We have to find a way to get rid of these idiots.” Tristan laughs and says: “You had the chance to finish off Mrs. Withrop yourself, but you didn’t do that!” Erwin says: “You told me she would be important!” Tristan says: “She was, but now not anymore.” Suddenly Gemma and Lois are back. Gemma says: “We have to search if there are still survivors! We can’t leave Felicia there not knowing if she is still alive!” Tristan says: “It isn’t worth it! The whole hangar is destroyed and all remaining rooms have a big collapsing danger.” Gemma is very surprised and looks to Lois. Lois says: “Are you crazy? She is your girlfriend and you don’t even care about her! What are you for miserable person?” Tristan says: “I only had her for the sex.” After hearing that, both Gemma and Lois are even more shocked. Lincoln and Lydia don’t hear anything of it. They are more busy with each other and end up kissing again. After some seconds of silence, Erwin asks to Tristan: “What about the Quetirians? Without them, the whole APG can not exist!” Tristan says: “Don’t worry about them, they will be fine.”

Inside the Quetirians room, it is still totally dark. Sebastian doesn’t sees where Felicia is, but he can feel her. He is also very surprised that he is still alive. He asks: “Where are you Felicia? The room can collapse every second. I want to die together with you.” After a few seconds, there is still no reaction. Sebastian decides that it is better to search for light. During this search, he suddenly hears Besoux asking: “Sebastian, is that you?” Sebastian answers: “Yes it is me! Do you know if there is any light here?” Besoux answers: “I have really no idea.” Sebastian says: “Fine, that will be sitting here in the dark until help arrives.” Besoux asks: “Do you know who shot those rockets?” Sebastian answers: “I have no idea either. There must be going something wrong.” Besoux asks: “Can you get us out of here?” Sebastian answers: “I am still working on it.” Sebastian walks in the direction of Besoux’s voice and sees the cages. He still has no idea to open them. He says: “I can’t open them myself. Maybe Felicia can.” Besoux asks: “She is here as well?” Sebastian answers: “Yes she is, but she has been brainwashed and works with Black God now.” Besoux says: “That really sucks.” Sebastian keeps on searching for a way to open the cages, until the lights out of nowhere go on again. Sebastian is very surprised and asks: “How the hell is that possible?” Besoux says: “What does it matter?” Sebastian says: “I swear that I saw those lights get destroyed and now they are suddenly working again?” Besoux says: “These are probably the emergency lamps in case something happens.” Sebastian does not agree with him and looks to the lamps hanging on the ceiling. They are just working again, like nothing happened. After it, he looks around the room and sees Felicia sitting. She is sitting on the place the most far away from the Quetirian cages. After a little doubt, Sebastian walks to her and goes sit on the ground next to her. After minutes of waiting, he looks to her and sees that she is crying. He wants to help her, but he simply doesn’t knows how. After a long enough silence, he asks: “Can I help you?” Felicia answers very sad: “No, you can’t.” Sebastian says: “I want to explain everything. It seems like we have enough time now.” Although Felicia does not respond on him, he decides to start telling: “You know that I always tell you the truth. I am very honest to you. That said, you are probably not going to believe me.” Felicia interrupts him by saying: “Fine, tell me what you want. It can’t be even worse than this anyway.” Sebastian says: “Well, first of all, you don’t love Tristan and he absolutely doesn’t loves you. He brainwashed you and that made you love him, but before, there was another person you loved.” Felicia says: “Lois told me precisely the same. Are the two of you working together?” Sebastian says: “Yes, we are. And she told you that, so doesn’t it makes it even more true?” Felicia says: “No, it is not true. I love him so much and seeing now that he doesn’t cares about me, hurt me very much.” Sebastian says: “He is the biggest motherfucker in the whole universe. You can’t love him!” Felicia becomes even more sad after he said that, making Sebastian apologize: “Okay, I am sorry for what I just said. I will go further.” After a short silence, he says: “Before you ended up here, you was outer space together with me and two of the Quetirians sitting in the cages here. It was actually very coincidentally how the two of the us met, you was on another Spaceship with some friends of mine that ended up on Black God’s planet. When the whole group of us was together, Black God showed up, killed or took everyone of us, except you and me.” Felicia says: “Wait a minute, who is Black God?” Sebastian waits a few minutes until he says: “Black God was the name of Tristan Bentley, before he went into the body of Bentley.” To his surprise, Felicia isn’t even surprised after hearing this. She says: “Go further.” Sebastian says: “I spoke a little to you before Black God did this, but after this, I didn’t had any hope left. Luckily, you were there and came with an amazing idea. You really gave me hope again. Together, we saved all remaining friends of mine and I thought I had killed Black God. After that, we decided to return to Earth because Quetir was destroyed. After a while, Black God showed up again even in the body of my girlfriend.” Felicia interrups him and says: “That must have been hard. What happened to her?” Sebastian says very sad: “He killed right before my eyes.” Felicia says: “Now I understand why you hate him so much.” Sebastian says: “You were also there. Even Lois was there. I still don’t know how she came there, but I think you called her.” Felicia says: “Wait a minute, I was befriended with Lois before all of this?” Sebastian says: “Yes, you were.” Felicia is very surprised after hearing that. Sebastian decides to continue: “After Black God killed my girlfriend, he brainwashed you with his powers. And together, you went away. I was left there to die. Fortunately, it was Lois who saved me. I was nothing more than a jobless person after that, until I got the ultimate chance to make it all right: join this group owned by nobody else than Black God. And I knew you would be there as well on some point. I wanted to make it all right. I couldn’t stand it that he fully took over you. So, that’s it. Me and Lois joined this group together. She is your friend and I got her as far to also join this group, because she also wanted to help you.” Felicia thinks about it for a few seconds and says: “You must be so good in creating stories if this is all a story to make me get on your side.” Sebastian says: “I have even more proof.” And he grabs a photo out of his pocket. He says: “I have been holding this photo in my pocket all the time to show it to you once.” Felicia looks on it and sees herself on a spaceship together with Sebastian and two others. She asks: “Who are the other girl and man?” Sebastian says: “They are Amy Watkins and John Woodward.” Felicia asks: “Why you didn’t show me this earlier?” Sebastian says: “I tried, but I didn’t got the chance. There was always someone else with you.” Felicia says: “Oh yes, that could be true.” Sebastian says: “I will give you a choice now. You will stay with that motherfucker of a Tristan Bentley for the rest of your life while he doesn’t cares about you or you will join me and Lois and will kill this motherfucker once and for all. It is your choice.” And after it, he stands up again to give her time to think about it. Felicia keeps on looking to him the whole time.

John, Amy, Anne, Steve, Nena and Jesse are sitting somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Steve is fully focused on Amy once again. He asks to her: “What are you going to do after we are done with this?” Amy says: “I don’t have any plans yet.” Steve says: “What about living on a farm together with me? I would really like to run a farm together with you.” Amy says: “I’m sorry, but I prefer to live in a city. I am city girl.” Steve says: “Okay what you want. If I can be with you, then it is fine.” Amy says: “Please stop. I know you are trying to fix me, but on this way you will never succeed in it.” Steve understands it and starts using another strategy: “Do you even know how beautiful you are?” Amy is very tired of it and decides to ignore him. Luckily for her, Anne is there as well and she starts a discussion with her.” Meanwhile, John and Nena are also sitting next to each other. Nena is very interested and asks to him: “How was it like to be with Quetirians?” John answers: “At first, it was very weird. Only the idea that you could communicate with another living specie that wasn’t human.” Nena says: “I can hardly imagine how it would be like to meet a Quetirian. I have only seen them on the television.” John says: “If you don’t know them, they look very dangerous. In fact, they are very friendly and never harm anyone.” Nena says: “Please let me meet one.” John says: “Okay, I promise.” John decides to also show interest in her and asks: “Do you have a job or is being a farmer your job?” Nena answers: “No, I work in Tampa. The farm is just our hobby. And we want to live somewhere where we have a lot of space.” John says: “I am not really a farm person. I probably won’t last it a week to live on a farm.” Nena laughs and says: “I won’t mind living in a city though.” Jesse sees it all happening and is not glad with it. He wants to make them stop talking with each other. He screams to all of them: “Can we make a plan to what to do now instead of sitting and wasting time here!” Amy says to him: “Okay, agreed. What are we going to do now?” Nena answers: “Can’t we take a look if your friends are still alive? They might have survived it.” John says: “Good idea Nena.” Anne says: “Okay, I hope that fucking Erwin Holdman is still there, so I can finish him off.” John says: “Give me the map. This time we won’t walk into the wrong direction.” Jesse refuses to do it, but Nena says to him: “Give him that map Jesse.” Jesse doesn’t wants it, but he can’t refuse it now his girlfriend has asked him to do it. He gives the map over to John and together they walk further.

Inside of the hangar, Sebastian is back at the cages of the Quetirians. Once again, he tries to open them. Sebastian says: “This is impossible.” Besoux says: “With your own hands, you indeed will never open it.” Sebastian says: “I am going to ask Felicia for help.” He walks back to Felicia, who is still sitting on the same place. He says to her: “I need your help to open the cages of the Quetirians.” Felicia says: “I am not going to co-operate with you to open those cages. Do it yourself.” And after it, she throws something to him. Sebastian asks: “What is this?” Felicia says: “You can open the cages with this.” Sebastian is very surprised and says: “Really? He gave that to you?” Felicia says: “He trusted me very much somehow.” Sebastian walks back to the cages, uses it and all of them suddenly open. The Quetirians also can’t believe it. They are all very glad. Some thank Sebastian, but most of them ignore him totally. Sebastian asks to Besoux: “Where are you going to now?” Besoux says: “This all must be a trap. We better leave as fast as we can.” Sebastian says: “I will search for a way to get out of here.” They walk further to the other side of the room of the part where Felicia is sitting. There, one door is located. Sebastian says: “Wait a minute, where is Zaver actually?” Besoux says: “I believe he is behind this door.” And after it, Besoux starts destroying the door. Two other Quetirians start helping him with it. After a few seconds of smashing, the door is destroyed. Behind the door, another room with all other species is located. They are sitting in even smaller cages. Sebastian and Besoux followed by Nasoux, Sapoux and all other Quetirians go into the room. Zaver, all Xyporions and a few other species, are very glad to see them. They open the cages of Zaver as first. Zaver says: “I really didn’t expected to see you ever again.” Besoux says: “Me neither. Is there a way to go outside of here?” Zaver says: “Yes, there is a window over there.” And Zaver points to the window. Besoux and some other Quetirians immediately run to it and destroy the window. One by one, the Quetirians go inside. Besoux says to Sebastian: “Come with us, you don’t want to be part of that fucking group the rest of your life, right?” Sebastian hesitates a few seconds until he says: “Felicia is still there. I am not leaving her here.” Besoux says: “Okay fine, get the girl and join us!” Sebastian says: “I will.” And he runs back inside the hangar, while all Quetirians, Xyporions, Zaver and a few others go outside one by one. However, an alarm suddenly goes off. The alarm is still working ironically. A few seconds later, a voice starts saying: “Quetirian outbreak! Prepare for closing all openings out of the base!” While running back, Sebastian realizes what the voice is saying. All Quetirians are still going through the small window outside, but then out of nowhere the window gets closed. Sebastian wants to run back, but the door to the room with other species is also closed. There is no way for him to come out of the base anymore. Out of anger, he smashes on the closed door. He tries to use the device Felicia gave him once again, but the door doesn’t gets opened. Sebastian suddenly realizes that the good part is that he is fully alone with Felicia now. Without having another option, he walks back to her. She is still sitting on the ground even sadder than before. Sebastian first doesn’t sees it and says: “Those idiots closed all doors! There is no way to get out of here anymore!’ Felicia says: “What did I do? Tristan will find that I am responsible for this. He will punish me hardly for this.” After it, she gets tears in her eyes. Sebastian knows he has to help her and goes sit next to her. He says: “Everything will be alright. That motherfucking beast will never hurt you ever anymore. I will protect you forever, do you understand?” Felicia says: “I already wasn’t anything to him anymore, but now he will even hate me very much.” Sebastian says: “I am the person he hates by far the most. You don’t have to worry about that.” Felicia says: “The last two nights he hurt me under the blankets. But now he knows that I helped get those Quetirians out of here, he will probably kill me.” Sebastian doesn’t knows what to say on that anymore and leaves her alone. He walks away and goes sit in one of the cages.

It starts getting night and John, Amy, Anne, Steve, Jesse and Nena are still walking. Amy says: “We have walked enough for today. We have to find a place where we can sleep.” To Jesse and Nena, she asks: “Do you know any place where we can sleep?” Nena says: “One of my friends lives just a mile further, she has a shed with beds where we can stay.” Amy says: “Thank you Nena. You seem like the missing part of our team.” John agrees with that and says: “You are very helpful to us.” Nena says: “Thank you, I just like to help strangers like you.” During this last mile walking, Anne and Steve are walking next to each other. Steve asks to Anne: “Any ideas how I can fix Amy? Everything I am trying isn’t working.” Anne says: “Perhaps you should be more friendly to her instead of being a hunter who sees her as his prey.” Steve says: “Thanks for the tip.” Anne says: “At least I would adore it more if a boy gives you the time to let you him instead of already starting to fix me.” Steve says: “I understand. I will just wait for my chance.” Jesse grabs his chance to speak for Nena for a minute. He asks to her: “How long are we going to stay with this strangers any longer? I have the feeling they are using us.” Nena says: “Why would they?” Jesse says: “I don’t trust them. Especially that John guy, he tells you bullshit stories about Quetirians, but I wonder if he has really seen them. I hardly doubt it.” Nena says: “You should have more trust in them.” Jesse says: “You should have less trust in them.” Not much later, they reach the house with shed. Nena says: “I am going inside to say that we will stay here for a night. My friend will probably say it is fine.” In the meantime, the others already go inside of the shed. When they all claim their own bed, Jesse says to John: “You are not going to take my girlfriend outer space. I am not going to accept that.” John asks: “And you can decide that?” Jesse says: “I will probably not see her many years then. I can’t allow that.” Amy hears it all and asks: “Why you don’t join us then?” Jesse says: “I won’t ever set one step in a spaceship.” John laughs and asks: “Are you too scared to be in space?” Jesse says: “Shut up. I just don’t want it.” John says: “Then it is your own problem that you don’t want to go outer space.” Jesse says: “Actually I simply don’t trust my girlfriend to be many years with a stranger like you.” John says: “If she wants it, then you have nothing to want.” After it, Nena is back and asks: “Where were you talking about?” John and Jesse both don’t want to answer and it is Amy who says: “They were discussing about their plans to go outer space.” Nena says: “Sounds interesting.” Jesse says: “I forbid you to into space! It is way too dangerous.” Nena says back to him: “You are not going to decide that for me.” Jesse suddenly becomes very sad and says: “I simply don’t want to lose you.” John says: “We also came back. So, she will come back as well.” Jesse says: “Have you ever seen Markus Wood coming back after he went to Quetir? And if I believe it right, Caroline Livingstone was the only member of that whole group who returned on Earth. All others all died on Quetir!” Amy is surprised and asks: “How do you know that? You wasn’t even there.” Jesse says: “We hear everything on the news here.” Amy says: “Okay fine, but can we please shut up about this now? We have more important stuff to discuss.” Anne says: “I fully agree with you Amy.” John asks: “What are the plans for tomorrow?” Amy says: “We will go inside of that hangar and look if there are survivors.” Anne says: “Of course there are survivors, no doubt about that.” John says: “Yes, you can’t kill a few rockets.” Nena asks: “Who is Black God?” John answers: “The biggest motherfucker in the whole universe. You know Tristan Bentley?” Nena answers: “I have heard that name a few times, but I don’t know him personally.” John says: “Tristan Bentley and Black God are the same person.” Jesse hears everything and likes it, but he doesn’t says anything. Nena asks: “What did Bentley all do to you?” John answers: “He killed so much friends of us. When we thought he was finally defeated, he still beat us.” Nena says: “Then I understand you hate him. I want to help you to defeat him.” John says: “Thanks, only if we are a team, we can beat him.” Not much later, all of them go sleep. Although Jesse and Nena are couple, they don’t go sleep with each other. Everyone has their own bed.

That same night, Sebastian and Felicia are alone together on the only remaining room of the hangar. Sebastian looks if it is still possible that the ceiling is going to collapse, but it doesn’t seems very likely. It should already have happened then. During this, Felicia is suddenly back to him. Sebastian says to her: “We are very lucky. The ceiling of this room really should have collapsed, but nothing happened.” Felicia ignores that and says: “I have thought about the offer you gave me. I have made my choice.” Sebastian says: “You finally realize how much of an idiot he is?” Felicia says: “He never gave a fuck about me. Instead of that, he only used me to use his anger. I was his slave for the whole time. I don’t know how it is possible, but I still love him. What is this for magic?” Sebastian says: “I forgot to tell you that he is just not a person. He has very special powers that he has used on you. This magic is from a planet near of Quetir.” Felicia is very shocked and asks: “He has been there?” Sebastian says: “It is kind of complicated. Black God was there, but not Tristan Bentley.” Felicia asks: “You are saying that this person is not Tristan?” Sebastian hesitates a bit until he says: “A few months before I began on this study, me and my friends have killed the real Tristan Bentley. Don’t worry, you have never met him. The Tristan that has you in his possession for the whole time, calls himself Black God. He thinks he is a god.” Felicia is very surprised and asks: “Why you didn’t told me that in the beginning?” Sebastian says: “I was worried that you couldn’t handle that.” Felicia suddenly walks to him and gives him a hug. She says: “Thanks for telling me all of this. Without you, I would have never find out.” Sebastian says: “It is always good to see you happy again.” Felicia says: “Without you, I wouldn’t even have any hope left. You will protect me against that beast, right?” Sebastian says: “Of course I won’t ever let him touch you again.” Felicia suddenly looks to all the cages that are empty and asks: “You could have left him with him. Why didn’t you do that?” Sebastian says: “I didn’t wanted to leave you here.” Felicia says: “I don’t know how to thank you for all of this. At least you got your night alone with me now.” Sebastian says: “Yes, you understand know why I wanted that?” Felicia says: “Fuck Collin Wade. He was the one who didn’t let that happen.” Sebastian says: “Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. Collin, Erwin Holdman, Lincoln and maybe also Lydia and Gemma, are controlled by Tristan as well. They have been brainwashed even worse than you.” Felicia says: “What is miss with this world?” Sebastian says: “The world would really be a miserable place if you weren’t here.” Felicia says: “Thank you.” And suddenly she looks on his body and sees lots of wounds on it. She asks: “What happened? Who did this to you?” Sebastian answers: “Mostly Austin and David.” Felicia says: “I will also promise they won’t ever hurt you again.” Sebastian says: “Thanks, but I will get hurt again if I ever want to defeat Tristan.” Felicia says: “You said we beat him before, so we can also do that now?” Sebastian says: “Yes, together we are the ultimate team.” Felicia says: “I really like you so much. How couldn’t I know that until today?” Sebastian says: “Fucking Tristan. Responsible for everything.” Felicia says: “I am sorry that I didn’t gave you any attention.” Sebastian says: “It is alright. I am used to it." After it, it is silence for a few seconds, until Felicia suddenly asks: “Earlier today, you said that I loved someone before Tristan brainwashed me. Who was that?” Sebastian hesitates a bit and wants to answer, but Felicia is earlier than him and says: “Oh wait, I know the answer.” And suddenly, the two of them start kissing. Felicia jumps in the arms of Sebastian, while they kiss with each other. Together, they walk to one of the beds in one of the cages. They fall on it. They first take off their clothes, after it they end up under the blankets. They have sex with each other and especially a very romantic night together. They fall asleep in each other’s arms.

That same night, all the Quetirians are walking through the forests across the hangar. Nasoux is at Besoux and asks to him: “Where is Sebastian? I thought he would join us.” Besoux says: “I thought so too, but he went back to get the girl. Seems like they closed off the whole hangar, so they are still stuck in it.” Nasoux says: “That’s sad, but he will be allright.” Besoux says: “Yes he will.” Zaver is also standing with them and asks: “Where are we going to now?” Besoux says: “I want to get off this fucking planet as fast as possible.” After hearing that, all Quetirians start cheering. Besoux starts calling the Spaceship 537, which is still standing on one of the islands of the Bahamas. However, after doing that, they are suddenly under fire by a huge group of people. Lots of the Quetirians get hit by the bullets. At first, the Quetirians want to fight back, but they fastly find out that they are fully overpowered. Nasoux, Zaver, Sapoux and some others try to run away, but there are humans standing everywhere. Nasoux asks: “What should we do?” Zaver answers: “We better surrender before they kill more of us.” Sapoux says: “Why would they kill us? I think it are bullets with an anesthetic.” Zaver says: “Good point, they still want to use us somehow.” After it, one of the men suddenly screams: “Surrender all of you inferior beasts!” Nasoux, Zaver, Sapoux and all others have no other possibility than surrendering. When they have all surrendered, the same man asks: “Where is your leader? I want to speak to him!” They all look around them, but Besoux is nowhere to be found. The same man says: “It doesn’t matter. We will find him anyway. In the meantime, we will be taking care, of you!” And it is followed by all of the men starting to shoot bullets with anthestics on them. One by one, all the Quetirians fall unconscious on the ground. When they are all unconscious, the men start taking them away. From a distance, two eyes are looking to it. It is Besoux, who hide himself before all the men came. He already knew that it was a trap. When none of the men are looking, he fastly runs away.

The next day, John, Amy, Anne, Steve, Jesse and Nena are already waken up early. They take their stuff and go further on their travel to the APG hangar. Amy asks: “How much miles do we still have to walk?” John answers: “Something like 7 miles.” That morning, Nena is busy with her friend and when she is done, she returns to them with good news. She says: “We don’t have to walk anymore. My friend has a car ready in which we can drive to the hangar.” John says: “Oh well, that is really great!” Anne says: “Shouldn’t we take a route that makes us end on the back of the whole territory?” Nena says: “We will park our car close and walk to the back side.” Jesse also really likes it and says: “No stupid walking anymore. I already got rid of it.” Amy says: “I wonder what is left of the hangar itself. Perhaps it is completely destroyed.” Nena says: “My friend has spoken with someone who has seen it. He said that there was only a small part of it left.” John laughs and says: “If they are still there, it will make it easier to find it.” Nena says: “That’s true.” When they are all done, they step inside the car that has place for all six of them. Steve manages to get a place next to Amy. He asks to her: “Are you planning on staying here once we finished it here?” Amy answers: “I don’t think so. But actually I haven’t thought about the time after we have defeated Black God.” Steve says: “If you can’t get a place to live, you always may sleep at my house. I always have a bed ready for you.” Amy laughs and says: “Shouldn’t you buy a double bed then?” Steve says: “Oh yes, that’s even better!” Amy says: “You are for sure the worst tempter there is in the world.” Steve becomes sad after she said that. Amy says: “I am sorry, but you are starting to annoy me.” Steve says: “One day, I will succeed in what I want.”

Not much later, Sebastian and Felicia wake up in the hangar. Sebastian wakes up and sees Felicia laying next to him. He almost can’t believe it. A few seconds later, Felicia also wakes up. Sebastian asks to her: “How did you sleep?” Felicia says: “I can’t remember sleeping better than this.” Sebastian says: “It feels so unreal.” Felicia says: “I am glad that I could make you happy so easily.” Sebastian asks: “That motherfucker of a Black God can do what he want, but real love always survives.” Felicia says: “He told me he would kill me if I ever got very close to you again. It is worth taking the risk.” Sebastian says: “You are stronger than him. He won’t ever hurt you anymore.” Felicia says: “My life isn’t important anymore. I am glad I can still make you happy.” Sebastian says: “That’s not true. You are very important. When all of this is over, I will give you a good life.” Felicia says: “Tristan is indeed so evil, I don’t want to be the lover of a murderer.” Sebastian says: “He has used you, but now you finally know the truth about him, everything will be fine again.” Felicia says: “I hope so.” After she said that, both of them take on their clothes again and start searching for a way to get out of the hangar. After a while, they find out that there is simply no way to get out of it. Felicia becomes sad after realizing that. She says: “At least we will die together.” Sebastian says: “Help must be on the way, I am very sure about it.” Felicia says: “No help will come for me. In the end, nobody cares about you.” Sebastian says: “I had that same feeling for quite a long time.” Felicia says: “It is all my own fault. I was so stupid to fall in love with a mass murderer.” Sebastian says: “It is not your fault. Once we kill this motherfucker, everything will be fine again.” Felicia looks to him, but she has less hope.

Outside of the hangar, Tristan, Erwin, Lincoln, Lydia, Lois and Gemma are still standing together with all the remaining students. Tristan suddenly feels something with his powers. He says: “We have to get out of here, the army is coming for us.” Erwin says: “Let’s move over.” Lincoln gives a sign to Adam, who also joins the group after he has seen it. Lincoln asks to Adam: “Where is David? I haven’t seen him since we got out of here.” Adam says: “He didn’t made it.” Lincoln says: “Okay fine, we don’t need him anyway.” After it, Erwin Holdman suddenly has a crate. He and Tristan open it and multiple gas masks are laying inside of it. They grab them and give them over to Lincoln and Adam. Lincoln walks with another gas mask to Lydia and says to her: “Everything will be fine if you just take on this gas mask honey.” Lydia grabs it and fully believes it. Lois and Gemma see it happening. Lois says: “This must be a trap.” Lincoln has another gas mask and says to Gemma: “Gemma, take one as well.” Lois says to Gemma: “Don’t believe this motherfuckers. I tried to tell you this, but they are not who you think they are!” Gemma grabs the gas mask, looks on it and after a few seconds, she hardly smashes it away. The others are all surprised by it. Lydia says: “How could you?” Gemma says: “I am so done with being used by you!” After it, she asks to Lois: “What was his real name again?” Lois answers: “Black God.” Gemma fully believes in the new friend she has made and says: “I won’t ever be a puppet of the fucking Black God anymore!” Tristan hears it happening and says: “You made your choice.” And after it, Lincoln walks to her and smashes Gemma hardly in the face, making her fall unconscious on the ground. Lois screams: “You motherfuckers! Soon the whole army will be here and we will see who the real losers are!” Lincoln and Adam both grab her, while taking on their gas masks. Meanwhile, Jade, Madison, Naomi and some of the other students run to them to look what the hell is going on. Jade and Naomi are very angry, while Madison is more calm. Adam likes her very much, grabs the last gas mask (that actually belonged to Gemma) and says to her: “Take this one before it is too late!” Madison grabs the gas mask and takes it on. One second later, Tristan is shown with some kind of liquid in a jar in his hands. He throws it on the ground, making the jar break and the liquid become free. A few seconds later, all the remaining students, including Lois, Gemma and Jade, fall unconscious on the ground. Not much later, lots of men of Tristan show up there and start taking the unconscious bodies away. They put all of them in a big plane that is suddenly standing there. Tristan and Erwin are standing there and looking to the plane. Tristan says: “There is some unfinished business at the hangar. Go to there to finish it.” Erwin says: “Of course, my god.” After it, Erwin walks away. Tristan, Lincoln, Lydia, Adam and Madison walk away towards the plane.

On the same time, John, Amy, Anne, Steve, Jesse and Nena arrive at the other side of the territory where the hangar is located. John says: “Finally we are there.” Jesse says: “Yes, I was already so done with all that walking!” Amy says: “If you already can’t handle walking for two days, you indeed should never go outer space.” They pass the fence of the territory that are somehow also destroyed. John says: “Wait, the rockets have hit the hangar, how can this fence also be destroyed?” After a silence for a few seconds, Jesse says: “It seems like we are lucky.” When they are on the territory, they all realize that there is really just one room standing. Anne says: “This is exactly the room I told Lauren not to destroy. The Quetirians must be inside of here.” John asks: “Are Sebastian and Felicia also inside of here?” Anne says: “I hope so, but not sure.” Steve asks: “Any idea how to get inside of there?” Amy answers: “Let’s have a closer look.” John, Amy, Steve and Anne all start searching for a place where they can go inside, while Jesse and Nena wait. Jesse says to Nena: “Whatever happens inside of there Nena, I want to let you know that everything is going to be alright.” Nena is surprised and asks to him: “You know what’s about to happen?” Jesse answers: “It is very predictable.” And after it, the two of them walk to the east side of the room, where a closed broken window can be seen. Jesse says: “There was a window there, but the Quetirians destroyed it. So they are already out of the room. That’s also why the fence was broken. The Quetirians did that.” Nena asks: “How do you know all of this?” Jesse answers: “I am just scanning the situation.” After it, Jesse walks to the only room standing and sees a weak spot. He hardly smashes on it and an opening is created. He screams: “I found an opening!” Nena is very surprised by all of it. John, Amy, Steve and Anne come back and one by one they go through the opening. John asks to Jesse: “How did you find this?” Jesse answers: “I just scanned the situation.” Both John and Nena don’t believe him anymore. After walking through a narrow way, they end up in the room, where they see lots of empty cages. Amy is surprised and asks: “Where are they?” Steve says: “It is a trap! We have to get out of here.” After it, Steve wants to protect Amy from the coming danger. John says: “I am not leaving.” Anne says: “Neither am I.” Jesse laughs, while they all walk further inside. When they are further inside, they see Sebastian and Felicia sitting there. They are both very glad to see them. Sebastian fastly stands up and embraces John and Amy. He asks: “How did you come inside of here?” John answers: “Our new friend created an opening.” And after it, he points to Jesse, who is standing next to Nena. Sebastian asks: “Who are you?” Jesse says: “You must be Sebastian Cantrell, I heard so much about you.” Sebastian says: “Really? I didn’t hear anything about you.” Nena says: “I am Nena Houghton and this is my boyfriend Jesse Tierney. Good to meet you.” Meanwhile, Anne walks to Felicia and asks to her: “How is everything going here?” Felicia answers: “Horrible since that fucking Holdman is leading us.” Anne ask: “Where is he? He is the whole reason I came here.” After it, a very familiar voice says: “Is someone searching for me? Then I am great to tell you that I arrived here!” They all look in the direction they hear the voice telling and the man shows himself as Erwin Holdman. When you can finally fully see him, he says: “Am I destroying your reunion? Anyway, so great you are finally all together again!” Sebastian says to him: “What do you want motherfucker?” Meanwhile, Steve gets very scared and says to Amy: “We have to get out of here. This is a trap!” Amy agrees with him and they want to walk away together, but suddenly Jesse is standing there and says to them: “Where are you going to? Just like he said, we won’t let this reunion get destroyed by him.” Erwin answers to Sebastian by saying: “I came here because I found out some of our students are still here.” Anne also steps forward and says: “Erwin! Now is the time you are finally getting what you deserve!” Erwin laughs and says: “Why the fuck did you returned? Still so desperately seeking for revenge on me?” After he said that, Anne wants to attack him, but Erwin has other plans. He suddenly has another gas mask in his hands and throws it to Jesse, who is standing the most far away from him. Nena is very surprised by it and asks: “Why? How could you?” Jesse puts the gas mask on and says to her: “Like I said Nena, everything is going to be alright.” John runs to Jesse and wants to put off his gas mask, but it is too late because on the same time Erwin Holdman says: “See you later idiots.” And he has the same liquid in his hands Tristan Bentley had earlier and he hardly throws it on the ground, making it break. Sebastian sees it happening runs to Felicia and embraces her one more time. Right after it, Sebastian, Felicia, John, Amy, Steve, Anne and Nena all fall unconscious on the ground. Erwin walks to Jesse and says to him: “Very good job. Master Black God is going to give you for sure a promotion now.” Jesse says: “Of course he should.” And after that, both of them says: “Hail Black God!” It is followed by the wall getting destroyed by a van. It drives inside of the room. Lots of men come inside of the base as well. They all grab the unconscious people laying on the ground. When they are all inside of the van, the van drives out of the room again towards the plane, where the seven of them are put inside.

Lots of hours later, they all wake up inside of the plane that is flying in the sky. Sebastian is one of the first to wake up. He looks next to them, where are all of them have someone sitting next to them. He looks and sees that it is Anne who is sitting next to him. He asks to her: “Are you alright?” Anne answers: “Yes, where are we?” Sebastian says: “No idea, we are flying to somewhere.” Anne says: “Fuck Erwin Holdman! He is the whole reason we ended up here.” Sebastian says: “I will help you kill that motherfucker.” Behind of them, Amy and Steve are sitting. Amy wakes up and sees that it is Steve who is sitting next to her. After realizing that they are sitting in a plane, she says to herself: “Why I always end up next to this idiot?” Steve wakes up as well and asks: “Are you alright Amy? I was afraid they were going to hurt you.” Amy says: “It is very friendly of you to be so nice to me, but it isn’t needed. I can protect myself.” Steve says: “You don’t know where we are flying to. I will make sure they won’t hurt you there.” Amy says: “Fine, whatever you want.” In the row behind of them, John and Nena are sitting next to each other. Nena is very angry and confused on the same time. John wants to help her. He says: “We will get revenge on this motherfucker.” Nena angrily screams: “How could I live together for so much years with such a motherfucker!” John says: “You simply don’t know who you can trust anymore these days.” Nena says: “All this time I couldn’t find it out myself.” John says: “It is not your fault. He has used Black God’s powers to manipulate you. You couldn’t do anything about it.” Nena doesn’t understands what he means, but becomes more calm thanks to him. In another row somewhere else in the plane, Felicia and Lois are sitting next to each other. Lois says: “I am so glad you are alright Felicia.” Felicia says: “I am sorry to don’t believe you all this time. Luckily Sebastian made me realize what the fuck is going on.” Lois asks: “Do you know where they are taking us to?” Felicia says: “Tristan has talked multiple times about this place. It is his paradise on an island.” Lois is surprised, while Felicia continues: “He always said that he wanted to live with me together on an island. I guess we are going to that place now. Sebastian told me that with his powers he can create everything he wants. I was stupid enough to believe it was going to be a paradise.” Lois says: “I am so sorry he has used you. I wanted to let it stop, but I didn’t know what was about to happen.” Felicia says: “It is all my fault” In the cockpit of the plane, Tristan, Erwin, Jesse, Lincoln, Lydia, Adam and Madison are sitting. Erwin asks: “How long do we still have to go?” Tristan says: “Not long.” Erwin says: “The time is over. Our passengers have woken up.” Tristan says: “It doesn’t matter, there is nothing they can do.” Meanwhile, Lincoln and Adam are more busy with Lydia and Madison. They have a lot of fun together. Tristan goes to Jesse and says: “You have really proven us to be a improvement to our team.” Jesse says: “I am really glad to hear that.” Tristan asks: “Wasn’t it hard to betray your girlfriend?” Jesse answers: “Nope it wasn’t, I only had her to be together with someone for all this time.” Tristan says: “That’s how I want to hear it.” Jesse asks: “How is your girlfriend doing?” Tristan laughs and says: “Girlfriend? Fuck her, I don’t give a shit about her.” Jesse asks: “What will that promotion be about?” Tristan says: “You will become my second right-hand man.” Jesse says: “Sounds interesting. But you will promise me that I will get the money when this is all over, right?” Tristan says: “Of course you will.”

All the passengers are still stuck in their seats. They can’t open them. When they are all done with it and start becoming more and more frustrated, suddenly Tristan starts talking through a microphone. He says: “Welcome on board of the Bentley express everyone!” Out of anger, Sebastian screams: “Show us who you really are Black God!” Tristan hears it and screams back to him: “Have patience Cantrell!” Some of the other passengers are shocked to hear that Sebastian Cantrell is on board of the plane, they all have been indoctrinated that he is the biggest villain of the APG. Tristan says: “Oh yes, you didn’t knew that yet. Before I go further, let me introduce you to my best friend: the one and only Sebastian Cantrell!” Sebastian answers on it: “You are so funny! And please show to everyone now what miserable person you really are!” Tristan says: “Okay okay, what you want Cantrell.” And after he said that, Tristan says: “We as a group has discussed it and we came to a conclusion. Why fight for 10 spots in the APG, when we can all be part of this great team? Unfortunately, our base got destroyed by some horrible people, that’s why we have to move over to another location now. I wish everyone the best of luck there!” Sebastian screams: “You forget to tell us why we have to move over to this other place!” Tristan says: “Fine, what you want. So our base got destroyed and that was because both me and Mr. Holdman have been accused of something. Mr. Holdman has killed someone and I am not Tristan Bentley. From now on, no Tristan Bentley anymore. ONLY BLACK GOD!!!!!!!” Everyone is very shocked after he said that. Black God says: “I know that must be hard to accept for you, but I just want everyone to know, that this is how the world really works!” And after it, suddenly all the windows and the back of the plane open. It makes all of them fall out of the plane. All of them end up in the water, where the chains of their seats break. The waves help all of them to end up on the beach of some kind of island. Sebastian looks if Felicia is alright, John takes care of Nena who is still shocked and Steve helps Amy. Later, the whole group of them is together on the beach of the island. Or at least, that is what they think. When they are all together, they suddenly see a body floating on the beach. It is one of the female students, she couldn’t swim. Meanwhile, the plane with Black God and his allies flies away to the other side of the island. They all look to the death body and can’t accept what all happened. All of them unite, where some of the students don’t understand why Felicia and Gemma are with them. Jade asks: “Why you aren’t with those other idiots?” Felicia says: “Please let me explain something. They have also betrayed me.” Gemma comes to Felicia and says: “Hey Felicia, you have also been betrayed?” Felicia says: “Yes, after realizing who they really are, I didn’t had another choice.” Gemma says: “I couldn’t believe that Lydia was stupid enough to believe everything Tristan was saying to her.” Felicia says: “I believed in them as well.” After it, Sebastian together with John, Nena, Anne, Amy and Steve join the group. Sebastian says: “We should all stay calm and work together. Only on that way, we can beat Black God.” Jade asks to him: “You are really Sebastian Cantrell?” Sebastian answers: “Yes I am, but I am not your biggest enemy. Black God is! He has indoctrinated you that I am the biggest villain.” Jade says: “It really starts getting very complicated.” Sebastian says: “Everything is going to be fine, I promise you.” John is still with Nena, who is still very disappointed about Jesse’s betrayal. John says: “You couldn’t know about him being part of Black God’s group.” Nena says: “I thought he loved me. Why would he do this?” After it, Gemma comes to them to answer Nena’s question: “It is very simple. Black God offers very much money to work with him. I guess your friend has fell for that money.” John says: “It really shows that he didn’t loved you. I’m so sorry.” Nena says: “Choosing a lot of money over me is so disgusting, I can’t even imagine him being so idiotic.” Gemma says: “Money is always a big temptation for men. All I wonder now is how Tristan will get so much money.” Lois says to her: “Not Tristan, Black God.” Gemma says: “Oh yes. At first I thought this name was real nonsense, but in the end you were right that it is his name.” Lois says: “I thought the same in the beginning.” Amy comes to them and says: “I prefer to call him Black Motherfucker from now on.” Lois says: “Good idea.” Steve says to Amy: “Black Motherfucker is going to pay for what he did to you!” Amy agrees with him, without saying something. When everyone is silenced, Sebastian says to all of them: “Okay everyone, we have to work together to take revenge on Black God! Don’t think he brought us here to spend a holiday here. We have to let him pay for what he did!” All of the others all agree with him and start shouting. Amy says: “For Richard!”, Anne says: “For my former group!”, Gemma and Lois says: “To get Lydia!”, John says: “For what he did to Nena!” and Sebastian says: “For all our friend that have been killed by their group!” And after it, the whole group starts walking further. Not much further, they see a big banner attached on two trees saying: “Welcome on Black God’s Island!” Below of it, Felicia finds another paper with information. It says: “If you read this, it means that you have arrived on the greatest and biggest paradise on the world! Here you can spend the rest of your life peaceful while the great Black God rules over your planet! With being here, you won’t get bothered by the many shit going on in the world. Here will be always be peace! I wish all of you the best of fun on this great paradise!” Sebastian asks to Felicia: “What does it say?” Felicia answers: “It is just some propaganda about Black God, nothing useful.” Lois says: “Black God is such an egocentric figure, he always thinks so great about himself, while he is the biggest shit of the whole universe.” Felicia says: “He spoke about this island already before the APG was created. I guess he only brought us here so we couldn’t stand against him in his quest for taking over the whole world.” Sebastian says: “That is not the only reason I think.” John asks to Sebastian: “Where are the Quetirians actually?” Sebastian answers: “I set them free just before that fucking Holdman came inside the room. At least they are free again now.” After it, they walk further again, while Sebastian asks to John: “Where are Lauren and Delmar?” John answers: “It is a bit complicated. After Black God defeated you, we came in a dilemma if we should take further action against Black God or run away and live further while knowing that Black God is still there. Amy and I wanted to choose the first option, but Lauren and Delmar heavily disagreed. Amy and Lauren came in a big fight ending with Lauren and Delmar leaving us. We didn’t saw them for weeks, until we reunited very coincidently a few days ago. But it was only for a few hours plus a night, so things did not became better between us.” Sebastian says: “That’s unfortunate, because we can use every help there is right now.” John says: “I know we can do it without them.” Sebastian says: ‘Yes, that’s true.” After it, John goes back to Nena. Sebastian looks at Felicia, who is surprisingly not walking together with Lois and Gemma. He asks to her: “Already starting to feel better?” Felicia answers: “I want to help you to fix the mistakes I made.” Sebastian says: “You are very smart. I am sure you will be very useful to our team.” Felicia says: “I feel very dumb, because I didn’t know about Tristan’s dark side.” Sebastian says: “Even though you can’t remember it, on that planet of Black God, you created an amazing plan which almost made us defeat Black God. We need that again.” Felicia says: “It is hard to create a plan when you are on an island with the enemy being very far away from you.” Sebastian says: “That’s true, but I just wanted to grow your self-esteem.” Felicia asks: “Why do you believe so much in me? I am nothing more than a girl who worked together with your biggest enemy.” Sebastian says: “You are just the greatest girl I ever met.” Felicia says: “Thanks. You are pretty much the only one who still believes in me, because neither do I.”

On the other side of the island, Black God’s plane lands and all of them step out of it. A big luxurious villa with a swimming pool is standing there. Black God says: “Welcome to our paradise.” Adam says: “So, what is the plan? We will be staying here for the rest of our life?” Black God says: “Have patience, we will stay here for a while and afterwards, you will get the money.” Jesse says: “You have a big problem if you do not deliver the money.” Black God walks to him and asks: “What problem?” Jesse becomes scared and says: “You simply don’t know how much I had to give up for this!” Black God says: “So you do love the girl I gave to you?” Jesse says: “At first not, but she was so nice to me. There has never been a girl in the world who was as nice to me as her.” Black God asks: “Now you start doubting, what is more important to you: The money or the girl?” Without hesitating, Jesse says: “The money!” Black God says: “That’s how I want to hear it.” And after that, they walk inside the luxurious villa of Black God. Adam and Lincoln are very focused on Lydia and Madison, while Black God, Erwin Holdman and Jesse Tierney come together to discuss the plan. Of course you may not hear about that yet, so the focus goes to Adam and Madison. They have got their own bedroom of Black God. Adam asks: “Are you glad to be part of our group?” Madison answers: “I am not very glad of my choice, but you didn’t gave me another one.” Adam says: “I am sorry, but Gemma walked over so we needed another member on our team.” Madison says: “I understand, but I left lots of friends of me behind. This simply doesn’t feels good.” Adam says: “You doubt about master Black God?” Madison says: “No I don’t, I just have regret of betraying my friends.” Adam says: “I will make sure that you don’t doubt anymore about it.” At Lincoln’s and Lydia’s room, they talk about Felicia and Gemma. Lydia says: “Why they did not come with us? They were part of our group and will always be!” Lincoln says: “Master Black God made another choice, so be it.” Lydia becomes angry and says: “They are my friends, I don’t want to let them starve on this island.” Lincoln says: “Don’t worry, they will be fine.” Lydia says: “I hope so. Also, why did nobody tell me that Felicia was still alive?” Lincoln says: “If we would, you would have went back into that base and it was too dangerous.” Meanwhile, Black God, Erwin Holdman and Jesse Tierney are done with their discussion, they walk back outside again. Black God says: “The two of you are my most important man, see that as a promotion for your service to me. Besides the money, you also get a great holiday. Can’t be better, right?” Jesse says: “Of course of course, this was the easiest way to get what I want.” Erwin is surprised and says: “Wasn’t I already your most important man?” Black God says: “Could be, but now you are sure of it.” Not much later, they have a big dinner outside. Black God is sitting on the head of the table with Erwin and Jesse sitting the closest to him. Next to them are Lincoln and Adam, with Lydia and Madison next to them. Black God has got very luxurious food for them. They all eat and barely speak, only Adam and Madison speak to each other. Adam sees she is still not feeling very comfortable. Adam says: “Relax, everything is fine.” Madison says: “This is simply not right.” Adam doesn’t understands it, but just continues eating. When they are all almost done eating, Madison suddenly stands up. Her knife is not laying on the table anymore. She walks to the other side of the table, suddenly grabs the knife and puts it before Lydia’s throat. At first they don’t all see it, but Madison says: “Gentlemen, may I get all of your attention!” Lincoln is very shocked and wants to smash Madison away, but she stands up with Lydia right before her. When she got their full attention, Madison says: “What the hell are we doing? Don’t you have a team to create and have success with, instead of sitting here and acting like we are on holiday!” Black God laughs and says: “What are you going to do about it?” Madison ignores his question and says: “I really feel like I am betraying my own friends. This is not what I want. I want to make a trade with you.” Black God laughs once again and asks: “What trade?” Madison answers: “I want you to let my friends go. At the beginning, we never signed to end up on an island like this! For us it is like a holiday, but for them it definitely isn’t!” Erwin says: “Relax girl, for them it is even greater. As a team working on a beautiful island, that’s the best job you can get!” Madison says: “Okay fine for them, but me and my friends didn’t sign for this! I ask you to let us go!” Black God laughs even more, but for Madison it is enough and she starts using the knife on Lydia. She screams the pain out. Lincoln wants to let her stop, but Madison threatens to kill Lydia. Adam tries to let her stop by saying: “Madison, what are you doing? This is not you! You belong to the team now!” Madison says: “No, I don’t belong to you idiots!” And she uses the knife on Lydia once again. Lots of blood splashes out of it. Madison screams: ‘I will kill her!” Black God says: “Do it! We don’t need her on the team!” Lincoln becomes very angry on Black God, while Adam and Jesse have no idea what to do. Madison screams: “Last chance! Do we have a deal?!” Black God says: “Nope, we haven’t. We can use every member of the APG!” Madison says: “Okay, then I see no other solution than............” Right on the moment when Madison wanted to kill Lydia, she is shot through the head. Madison’s death body falls on the ground. After it, it is shown that Erwin Holdman was the one who did it. Lincoln immediately runs to Lydia and helps her. Black God, Erwin and Jesse all focus on Adam. Jesse says to him: “What were you thinking when you brought that girl on our team?” Adam is totally upset and doesn’t answers their questions. Black God focussed on Erwin and says to him: “Good job!” After it, Black God followed by Erwin and Jesse walks away. Adam runs to the death body of Madison and starts crying. He screams: “Why did they do this! Why did they took her from me!!!”

At the big APG group, Sebastian, Felicia, John, Nena, Amy, Lois, Anne and Steve walk in the front. After lots of walking, they see a paper hanging on one of the trees. Sebastian grabs it and reads it. John asks to him: “What’s on it?” Sebastian laughs and says: “Some nonsense about the APG again.” John also reads it and says: “So, first they only wanted to have a team of 5 males and 5 females, but why have those plans changed now?” Nena says: “Wouldn’t it be just that the more people, the better?” Sebastian says: “Could be, but I guess he wanted all of us to be together on this team for some reason.” Felicia says: “Now we are on his paradise, we don’t really have another choice.” Sebastian says: “I am sure that together we are stronger than them.” After it, they take a quick break where all of them can rest for a while. Sebastian is together with Felicia and Lois, while John is with Nena. Nena says: “I don’t have any idea where I ended up in.” John says: “As soon as you get into contact with me and my friends, weird things like this happen.” Nena laughs and says: “That’s very true. But this person we are dealing with, is he coming from outerspace?” John answers: “He was created far away from here, but we were stupid enough to bring him to Earth.” Nena says: “It is not your fault.” John says: “He lifted with us in the former girlfriend of Sebastian.” Nena is interested and says: “Former girlfriend?” John says: “That motherfucker was inside Isabelle, who was Sebastian’s lover. He killed her after he found another body.” Nena says: “But that other girl is his lover, right? Felicia is her name, right?” John says: “Not sure if it is already sure, but yes, he loves her.” Nena asks: “Is Amy your girlfriend?” John is surprised and answers: “No, she isn’t. We are only friends. She had a boyfriend before, but he was also killed by this motherfucker.” Nena says: “You are the best person I met of this group. I don’t understand why you don’t have someone already.” John gets even more surprised and says: “I guess I didn’t have time for that yet.” Meanwhile, Sebastian is together with Felicia and Lois. Sebastian says to Felicia: “You don’t have to feel sad anymore. It has happened now. You can’t change what happened in the past. You can make it right again by helping us to kill him.” Felicia says: “You are right. Now I want to kill this idiot!” Lois says: “It absolutely wasn’t your fault though.” Sebastian says: “Lets stop about it and only focus on the future from now on.” After it, Gemma comes to them and says: “The others want to go further. They think we are wasting time here.” Sebastian says: “Okay, then we will go further.” They all stand up again and start walking further. Suddenly, they see the end of the rainforest appearing. Anne says: “Is this the end of the island?” Sebastian says: “Could be, in a few steps we will find out.” And after it, most of them start running. They push away the plants and trees that are standing in their way, until they get to see where the island is actually about. A very high fence is shown to them. Sebastian, John, Amy, Felicia, Nena and all others see it and can’t believe what they see. It is just like a zoo, with animals locked up in their cages and a path walking through it where people can see and look at the animals. However, instead of having animals surrounded by fence, it are Quetirians, Xyporions and the few other species who are locked up here. Especially Sebastian thought he had freed them, but all they can do is accept that the Quetirians will always be locked when they are on Earth.

All of them walk across the whole zoo and all Quetirians look very frustrated to them. The zoo itself isn’t very big, but there is place for all Quetirians. Most of them are in the big reserve in the middle of the zoo. Sebastian walks to Felicia and asks to her: “Did he also told you about this?” Felicia answers: “No, he didn’t.” Sebastian says: “What the hell is the point of this?” A few seconds later, Black God speaks through a microphone to give them answers. He says: “Welcome everyone! You have finally arrived on the place where everything will happen! But first of all, we will make a deal! In return of getting food and drinks, I ask all of you to work as a team like the APG and maintain these aliens. If you just do everything what I ask you to do, everything will be fine. Do we have a deal?” It is silenced among all of them until Black God says: “Cantrell, by now you are the leader of the group. So do we have a deal?” They all look to Sebastian, who doesn’t knows what to say. That makes Black God says: “Let me change the deal. There is never enough food or drink for you there. If you don’t makes this deal, all of you will die in a few days. You can go for the water in the sea, but it is too salt to drink. However, if you do sign the deal, you will save your most precious Quetirians and yourself. That’s what you want, right?” Sebastian screams to him: “Okay! We have a deal motherfucker!” Black God says: “Excellent choice. I will make sure that there will be enough food and drink for all you over there. All you have to do in return for this is taking care of the Quetirians. There is enough food for all of you. I wish all of you the best of luck.” Sebastian, John, Felicia, Nena, Amy, Steve, Lois and all others are all very surprised after this. Sebastian asks: “What the hell does he wants with this?” Gemma says: “Maybe Tristan still has a good sign and wants us to be the APG.” Amy says: “Black God doesn’t gives a fuck about the Quetirians. There is something else he wants, no idea what.” Felicia says: “Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. We are stuck on this island and we have to take care of our new friends. Shall we create tasks for everyone?” Sebastian hesitates for a few seconds until he says: “Good idea. Let’s get started.” John and Nena are very surprised and don’t want to get a task, but they very fast find out that there is no other option. When all tasks are decided, they all start on that. Sebastian and John decide to first take a look inside the big Quetirians reserve. They see Nasoux and Sapoux in it, but Besoux is nowhere to be found. Sebastian asks: “Where is Besoux?” Nasoux answers very sad: “No idea, I guess he didn’t make it.” John says: “I don’t believe that. Besoux is very smart, he probably found a way to get away from the humans.” Sebastian asks: “How did you actually end up here?” Nasoux says: “Besoux was right. It was a trap to go out of there. We were overpowered by Black God’s men and they brought all of us to here.” An optimistic Sebastian says: “Don’t worry, we will find a way to get out of here.”

At Black God’s villa, they have a big room with cameras on every place of the zoo. Black God, Erwin Holdman and Jesse Tierney are looking to it. Black God says: “Everything goes exactly as planned.” Jesse says: “They will find a way to get off the island.” Black God says: “They probably will, but they can’t. I made sure there is no communication with the other side of the world. Besoux can’t call his Spaceship 537 and all members of the APG who still had a telephone can’t call anyone, except the other members of the team.” Erwin asks: “Are you sure this project is going to be successful?” Black God answers: “Of course it is. Like Cantrell himself already said, Quetirians easily give away everything when they trust you.”

Very far away of them in Tampa, the destroyed Holdman companies is shown. With lots of men, they are searching for survivors. An interviewer is shown before the companies. She says: “One day after the sudden destruction of the Holdman companies, rescue workers are still searching for survivors under the collapsed building. The chance of any survivors increases more and more, but the rescue workers don’t think about quitting. It is still unknown how many people are under the building, reliable sources say that it is about dozen of peoples.” A whole tape makes sure that no unauthorized individuals enter the place. From behind a wall, someone is looking to it. It is Besoux, who came there for Black God’s head. He doesn’t hesitates and passes the tape. Lots of police agents see it and are surprised by his arrival. They screams: “Passing this tape is forbidden! Also for Quetirians!” Besoux screams: “I don’t give a fuck anymore about what you humans want!” The police agents know that they have to stop Besoux and attack him. However, he fully overpowers the police agents and kills them on a cruel way. When Besoux finally has a free way to the collapsed building, he looks and smells for any surviving humans. He smells multiple individuals. He is very surprised about some of them. The police agents see it happening. Their officer says: “Don’t attack him! I want to see this.” And after that, Besoux starts grabbing all the humans who are still alive under the collapsed building. One by one, he throws them in the direction of the police agents. After a while, he is done and runs away again. The police agents are glad and angry on the same time. All humans are shown, but neither Lauren, Delmar nor Daniel is among them. Besoux searches for a safe place, where he puts two persons on the ground. It are Lauren and Delmar. Lauren already wakes up again and is surprised to see Besoux. She is very injured. She asks to Besoux: “Where is Daniel?” Besoux answers: “Daniel? I don’t know who he is.” Lauren stands up again and embraces Besoux. She says: “I am so glad to see you.” Besoux likes it. He says: “I am going to take the two of you to safer place. But before that, I have to ask you something. Where is Black God?” After waiting for a few seconds, Lauren says: “I don’t know. He got away again.” Besoux says: “I guess he isn’t even close of us anymore.” Lauren says: “We will find where he is.” Besoux says: “It is not only about us finding him, it is also about him not finding us this time.”

With big letters, ‘5 weeks later’ is shown on the screen.

It is a normal day on the Black God Island Zoo. Everyone is doing his task, like they do every day. They know they have to do that, because otherwise they won’t get any food nor drinks. Everyone has fully accepted it. Sebastian and Felicia are doing a task together. Felicia has become more optimistic again and less peevish. She says to Sebastian: “I didn’t know that I would like this job so much.” Sebastian says: “Seems like you were made for it.” Felicia says: “Quetirians are very nice creatures, I wish every humans like them.” Sebastian asks: “In what category do I fit?” Felicia laughs and says: “In the same category of course.” And after it, she gives him a kiss. In the meantime, John and Nena got closer and closer. They do a lot of the tasks together. Nena says: “Now thinking about it, this is actually just like what I did before, instead of cows, we take care of Quetirians.” John says: “It indeed wasn’t so bad after all.” Nena says: “I don’t care anymore about Jesse.” John says: “You also shouldn’t do that anymore.” Nena says: “Working with Quetirians, makes me not think about him anymore.” John says: “That’s very good.” On the same time, Amy together with Steve and Anne are taking care of the special one cages. Zaver is in one of them. Zaver says to Amy: “It is great to see you again.” Amy says: “We will never forget you.” Zaver says: “If the three of you keep on taking care of us, I can almost forget that I am locked up in a cage here.” Anne says: “We are doing as best as we can.” Steve helps Amy whenever he can, it has made Amy became more befriended with Steve. However, Steve still wants more than only be befriended. He has become more smarter in fixing Amy. Amy asks to him: “You like this more than your old job?” Steve answers: “Of course I do. This is much more fun than sitting behind a computer.” Amy says: “That’s good to hear.” After that, all other APG members are shown. Lois and Gemma are feeding all the Quetirians in the big reserve, while Jade and some other girls wash Quetirians. Most of the other male APG members learn the Quetirians to become physically stronger. Naomi is also shown. She isn’t doing anything and doesn’t likes to be part of the team. Lois, Gemma and Jade see it happening. Lois asks: “What’s wrong Naomi?” Naomi answers: “I am so done working here! I never choosed for this!” Gemma asks: “We are already doing this for so long time and now you suddenly find this out?” Naomi answers: “I tried to become a part of the team, but I don’t fit in. This simply does not attract me.” Jade says: “We have to find a solution for you.” Lois says: “We shouldn’t contact Black God about this, he won’t like it.” Naomi says: “Forget it! I am not going to work for this idiotic group for the rest of my life for this idiotic group any longer!” After it, Naomi runs away very fast. Lois asks: “Shall we contact Sebastian about this?” Gemma answers: “I guess that would be a good idea.” Jade says: “First we will have dinner, so we will tell him afterwards, right?” Lois and Gemma both agree with it and walk to the massive table, where all APG members are sitting and waiting for the food Black God is delivering them every day as promised. After a while and when lots of them are already done with eating, Naomi’s seat is still empty. Lois and Gemma start getting worried. Felicia sees them looking to each other like something is not alright. She asks: “What’s the matter?” Lois answers: “Naomi wasn’t feeling right today and now she doesn’t shows up here.” Felicia asks: “Any idea where he could be?” Gemma says: “She had a place where she went often to, a place of her one.” Sebastian hears it and says: “Let John and I take a look there.” Gemma points into the direction and Sebastian and John start walking to there. They very early see where they all were already afraid of: Naomi has hung herself up on a tree. Sebastian and John are very shocked when they see it. Not much later, Felicia, Lois, Gemma, Nena, Anne, Amy, Steve and a few other students also show up behind of them. They are all very shocked, some of them even start crying. Not much later, all of them are together sitting around the eating table again. Amy says: “We can’t do this any longer. You saw what I did to her, the same could happen to all of us.” Sebastian says: “I want to contact Black God and tell him that I can’t go further on this way. Our conditions really need to improve. And after that, I will tell him to fuck up!” And he angrily smashes with his fist on the table. Felicia looks to him and says: “Don’t be so angry. We won’t get beaten by this idiot.” Sebastian says: “We have been taking care of the Quetirians for weeks because we had to, but Naomi’s death made me realize that, he has been manipulating us. We can’t let this happen any longer.” John says: “He didn’t even came here once in all these weeks. If he really would have cared about this APG team, he would have looked how everything here is going.” Amy says: “He can look from a distance to everything we are doing. What’s more important is, where is he using us for?” Nena says: “Perhaps we should take a look from the perspective of a farmer. Where is a farmer doing it for? The money. So, I guess this Black God is doing this to make money out of us.” John says: “That could really be true Nena.” Anne says: “How is he making money out of us then? We are only working here and taking care of those Quetirians.” Sebastian says: “Well, I guess that’s what we have to find out.”

While the APG tries to find out what plans Black God has, the idiot and his gang themselves are still sitting at the big house in all these weeks. Every day is the same for them and especially Lincoln and Adam are completely done with it. Luckily for them, one day Black God says: “Okay everyone, we are done!” Erwin and Jesse are very interested in it. Erwin asks: “We have enough footage?” Black God says: “Yes, we only still have to make everything right and then it will be perfect.” Jesse says: “Really good, we have been long enough now. Once that is done, I demand to get my money.” Black God laughs and says: “Of course you will get it.” Jesse says: “I will give you just a few more days and after then, I want to have it!” Black God says: “You have nothing to want!” Jesse says: “Shall we fight this out and see who is the strongest of us?” Black God says: “Sure.” And after that, the two of them start having a fight. Erwin is not interested in it and walks inside the big house. He looks to the many devices there and says to himself: “What will happen if I bring this out myself?” Suddenly Lincoln is standing next to him and says: “Oh you want to get the money yourself! I always knew we couldn’t trust you!” Erwin says: “It is such a big temptation right?” Lincoln says: “No it isn’t, but we don’t need our idiotic leader to make all the success out of it.” Erwin says: “Work together with me then, we can split the profit.” Lincoln says: “Work with you? Never!” And after that, he suddenly attacks Erwin and they also have a fight. Adam and Lydia are also still inside the house and hear both the fights. Adam says: “What the fuck is going on here?” Lydia says: “I have been so stupid. I never should have joined this boyband!” Adam laughs and says: “Sounds logical since you’re a girl.” Lydia doesn’t laughs about his joke and walks away. Not much later, Black God has easily beaten Jesse in their fight. Jesse is left defeated behind. After that Black God hears the noise inside and is surprised to see Erwin and Lincoln fighting against each other. Black God says: “Why the hell are the two of you fighting?” Erwin says: “He attacked me! No idea why!” Lincoln says: “He forced me to attack him!” Black God says: “If the two of you think I am going to accept this, then the answer is NO!” And after that, the peace returns there for now. Black God walks to his devices and says: “Soon everything will be done and then we only need to find someone who can bring my masterpiece to the broadcaster and sell it for an amazing prize. Once that has succeeded, you can all take your money and leave me again.” Jesse, Erwin and Lincoln hear it and are glad about it.

Besoux, Lauren and Delmar have found a secret place in the meantime. Besoux did whatever he could to heal both of them. Lauren says: “We have to find out where that motherfucker is! He killed Daniel!” Besoux says: “My people must be freed from him, I won’t stop before I got them back.” Lauren says: “We have to find out where they are first.” Besoux says: “Already started with that, but there is no clue how to find them.” Lauren says: “I will search over the whole internet there has to be a clue somewhere. Delmar also joins them by saying: “And if we found them, what do you want to do then?” Lauren says: “I will let my complete army attack. He cheats with his powers, then we are going to do the same.” Besoux says: “We can use every help there is.” After that, Lauren starts searching and searching. She ends up on the dark web. She finds something about an unknown trade. Some man called Ben Tristley wants to trade something. Lauren says: “There is a person called Ben Tristley here, it has to be him for sure.” Delmar also sees it and laughs. He says: “His new nickname, right?” Lauren says: “He is using another name now since everybody knows that he isn’t Tristan Bentley.” Delmar asks: “Where is it about?” Lauren looks at it and sees that he asks someone to deliver something to a film industry. She asks: “Why does he want to do that?” Besoux hears it and starts getting worried. Delmar says: “Maybe that group of them wasn’t about taking care of the Quetirians at all.” Lauren asks: “But why would they make a film of the APG?” Besoux says: “I think I know it. It is not a film about the APG, but a documentary about the Quetirians.” Lauren and Delmar are both shocked when they hear that. Besoux says: “He wants to show the whole world how terrible Quetirians are.” Lauren says: “We have to stop this!” Besoux says: “Not sure if you are fully recovered already.” Lauren says: “I don’t care about that. We have been here for five weeks already! That’s long enough.” Delmar says: “Yes, we have to come in action.” Besoux says: “Okay fine. What do you suggest to do?” Lauren says: “Lets take a look if there is already someone interested in doing this trade.” After it, Lauren looks and comes on a, for them, unknown name. Lauren says: “Ben Tristley offers 1 million dollar for such an important trade. And some man called Michael Gallagos is interested in it.” Delmar says: “Lets find that Michael immediately.” Besoux says: “Wait a minute, is there a location on which they can get that documentary? All our friends might be there as well.” Lauren says: “It says that all people who are interested have to come to a location. We really have to take a look there for sure.” After it, the three of them leave the secret base and go to the location to reach the Ben Tristley asks them to be on that location.

On Black God’s island, the full APG team starts searching for a way how they can stop Black God. Naomi’s death made all of them realize that it can’t go further any longer. Sebastian is sitting in the crew room of the zoo together with Felicia, John, Nena, Amy, Anne, Lois, Steve and Gemma. Sebastian says: “We have to do something! If we don’t stop this, all of us will have the same faith as Naomi.” John says: “If you were Black God, what would you do while your whole APG is busy doing their jobs?” Nena says: “He might be closer to us than we realize.” Amy says: “Well if he really would, he would know that he has won. There is nothing we can do against him.” Steve says to Amy: “Don’t worry, we are going to win this. I know that.” Amy says: “Good of you that you still have hope left.” Anne says: “He is right, we can’t just give up.” After it, it is silence for a few minutes. Sebastian looks to Felicia, like he always does. He realizes that she is also looking to him. He asks to her: “What’s the matter? I know that look of your eyes. There is always something then.” Felicia says: “I was looking to something behind of you.” Sebastian is disappointed after she gave that answer. After it, she suddenly stands up and says: “Did anyone of us actually take a look here once?” And she walks to some kind of place on the wall. Lois laughs and says: “That’s the Felicia I know from long ago.” Felicia says: “Well, this is actually what we have to do. When there is no hope left.” And she looks on the place of the wall she has looking to. Sebastian, John and Nena all stand up and also start looking at it. Sebastian says: “Is this supposed to be something?” And after that, Felicia goes with her hand over it and finds out there is really something on the wall. She starts pulling at it and suddenly she pulls it out of the wall. Nena is the first to say: “That is a camera.” Felicia says: “That’s exactly what I already thought I was looking to.” Sebastian starts thinking and says: “Wait a minute, why would Black God need cameras to look on us when he already has powers to do that?” John says: “It is very simple. He uses them to film us.” Nena says: “Of course he wants to make money out of our group, so he makes a film about us?” Sebastian says: “A film is with actors played in it, I was more thinking about a documentary.” Felicia says: “I remember him telling about a documentary once.” Sebastian says: “And if he uses these cameras then, he can’t be far from here. Did anyone of you realize that there hasn’t been a single plane flew over the island? I think I am finally realizing it.” Anne asks to him: “What are you realizing?” Sebastian answers: “We are in some kind of world created by Black God. That’s why our telephones didn’t work and we couldn’t communicate with the other side of the world. But guess what also shouldn’t work then? His cameras.” John says: “You are trying to say that he is also on this island?” Sebastian says: “Of course he is, otherwise his cameras wouldn’t work. Black God is not as smart as he always thinks he is.” Amy asks: “What should we do now?” Sebastian says: “We have to search across the island. That motherfucker must be somewhere.” After it, all members of the APG go their own way and search across the island to find Black God. Sebastian and Felicia decide to go together. Felicia asks to Sebastian: “Are we sure about this? I am afraid one of us won’t make it.” Sebastian says: “Not if we create a good plan.” Felicia asks: “Where are you thinking about?” Sebastian says: “Black God is always one step ahead of us, now we have to be sure that we will be one step ahead of him.” Felicia says: “I think I just got an amazing plan, but I can’t tell it because Black God will also hear it.” Sebastian says: “If you have a plan, I always know it will be perfect.” And after it, the two of them start kissing once again and eventually end up under the plants.

John and Nena are also walking together. While it is long ago, Nena still wants her full revenge on Jesse. John sees that she still doesn’t got him out of her mind. John says: “We will get him. You will get your revenge.” Nena says: “I have waited long enough now.” John says: “He will be there. I wonder what he is going to say.” Nena says: “He can’t make this good anymore. I hope he won’t even try to make it right again.” After some more walking, they suddenly see the beach appearing with a big house on the horizon. John asks: “What the hell is that house?” Nena says: “It must be them.” John says: “Let’s have a closer look.” And both of them go right to come closer to the house.” When they are there, they also see Anne who was there before them. She has a small binoculars with her. Anne whispers to them: “It are them. I have already seen that fucking Erwin Holdman.” Nena asks: “Is Jesse also there?” Anne says: “Look at it yourself.” And she gives the binoculars to Nena, who immediately starts looking. She sees Black God walking out of the building together with Jesse. They are discussing with each other and don’t see them. John asks to her: “Do you see him Nena?” Nena answers: “Yes, can’t I just kill him already?” John says: “Not yet, we first have to create a plan.” Anne says: “Let’s go back to the others and make a plan.” John says: “Good idea.” Nena keeps on looking to Jesse and wants to get revenge already, but she knows that it is not the right time now.

When all of them are back at the zoo, John, Nena and Anne tell the others that they have found the location of Black God’s house. The others are all very glad of it. Steve says: “Where are we waiting for? Let’s get those idiots!” Sebastian says: “Not yet, we first have to make plans. Felicia and I have thought about something in the meantime.” And he asks to Felicia: “You want to say it?” Felicia agrees with it and says: “Black God knows that we will come. He can feel that. He can also hear what we are saying. That’s why we have disabled all the cameras here and I wrote the plan created by us on this paper.” Sebastian corrects her: “You did most of it.” The others all take a look at it. It first shows the roles of everyone. Sebastian says: “We know that they have 6 members on their team. Black God, Erwin Holdman, Lincoln, Adam, Lydia and that new guy.” John says: “Jesse is his name.” Sebastian continues by saying: “Felicia and I will go to Black God, Erwin Holdman is for you Anne but I want to help you with that, Lois and Gemma you will keep Lincoln and Lydia busy and Amy and Steve you will go for Adam. That Jesse guy is for John and Nena. Everyone agrees?” All of them agree with it. Still Amy asks: “Are we sure we will all survive this?” Sebastian says: “Of course that can’t be guaranteed, but it is that or working on this zoo for the rest of your life.” After it, they all look on the papers and prepare for the big end fight: the peace will be over on the island.

A few hours earlier, Besoux, Lauren and Delmar arrive on the location Ben Tristley gave on the darkweb. The man called Michael is also there. Lauren asks: “What should we do?” Besoux says: “Wait and look what they do.” Not much later, a private jet lands there and two men step out of it. They talk a bit with Michael and after that, the three of them step inside of the private jet. Besoux says: “This is our chance.” And he walks to the private jet and throws a tracker on it. When he runs away again, the private jet goes in the sky again and flews away. Delmar asks: “What now?” Besoux answers: “It has waited long enough.” And after that, he grabs the Spaceship 537 remote control. Lauren asks: “It was still standing on the Bahamas?” Besoux answers: “Of course it was.” After that, the three of them go to an abandoned place where Besoux can land the Spaceship 537. They step inside of it and follow the tracker Besoux has put on the private jet.

At Black God’s villa, all six of them are sitting together. Jesse says: “This takes way too much time!” Black God says: “Have a little bit more patience.” Lincoln says: “If I don’t get the money in a day from now on, I am going to make sure that you will give it to me!” Erwin interrupts them by asking to Black God: “There is something wrong. What’s it?” Black God answers: “To my calculations, it would take five weeks for them to find our location and attack us, and guess what? We are already longer on the island than five weeks.” Erwin says: “But the documentary is done, so nothing can go wrong right?” Black God says: “Of course not, our man is coming and he will bring the documentary to the film studio. We are going to be rich!” Adam asks: “How are we sure that man won’t take all the money himself?” Black God says: “I will torture him until he gives the money then.” Jesse laughs and says: “You are a man who can do anything you want with your powers. It simply doesn’t makes sense the way you are using them.” Black God angrily says back to him: “No more complaining Mr. Tierney! If you keep complaining until we get the money, I guess we would only have to split the money in 5 parts.” Jesse says: “ What would you be without those powers Mr. God? All you will be is a silly crying idiot.” Black God says: “You are going to get regret of the things you said!” And after that, Black God wants to attack Jesse, but suddenly the bell rangs. Erwin says: “Who the fuck are that?” Black God looks on one of his cameras and sees that it isn’t just a letter carrier who is going to give them a letter, but it are the one and only Sebastian Cantrell and Felicia Erickson who are standing on his doormat. Black God laughs and says: “Look who has finally arrived.” Lydia also sees it and says: “It is Felicia! Let me talk to her and explain everything.” Black God says: “No no no, no time for all of that. I will speak to them myself!” And after that, Black God walks to the door not knowing what’s about to happen.

Black God opens the door when both Sebastian and Felicia say very friendly hi to them. Black God asks to them: “What the hell brought the two of you here?” Sebastian answers: “You are still our leader. We wanted to speak with you.” Black God says: “Are you kidding me? To be honest, I don’t give a fuck about the APG anymore. I already succeeded in what I wanted.” Felicia asks: “And that is Tristan?” Black God answers: “First, my name is not Tristan Bentley. Second, the two of you are so dumb.” Sebastian decides to walk further into the villa. Felicia follows him. Erwin, Jesse, Lincoln, Adam and Lydia are sitting there. They have no idea what the hell is happening. Lydia says to Felicia: “I am so sorry Felicia. I can explain everything.” Felicia answers back to her: “You don’t have to.” Black God and Erwin are standing next to each other, when Erwin says: “Should we really let them in? They will find out about our plan.” Black God laughs and says: “It is already too late for these two idiots.” Sebastian walks into the room with all the devices with views from the cameras. He says: “Ah, this is how you knew about everything of us all these weeks.” Black God laughable says: “Those are filming cameras, not security cameras.” Sebastian looks Black God in the eyes and says to him: “So it is true, you are making a documentary about the APG?” Black God says: “Finally someone is getting a little more smarter.” Sebastian asks to him: “Were we really that interesting in these weeks or did you change everything the way you wanted it to be? That does interest me.” Black God hesitates until he says: “It is the way how the world has to see the APG and the Quetirians.” Felicia says: “I can see you are laying.” Black God wants to say something stupid back to her but he suddenly gets called. Both Sebastian and Felicia are very surprised about it. Black God takes on the phone and says a few times: “That’s very good.” to the man on the other side of the call. When he is done calling, Black God laughs and says: “Now the two of you are here, let me explain everything.” And after that Black God shows them the way outside. There, he, Sebastian and Felicia go stands before the beach. Erwin looks to them from before the villa, while Jesse, Lincoln, Adam and Lydia take their own place around the villa. Black God says to Sebastian and Felicia: “Earth is beautiful right? And overpopulated. That’s why one day all of you will thank me for my great job: getting the Quetirians off Earth again.” Sebastian says: “Wait a minute, who do you want to ridicule with your documentary? Us or the Quetirians?” Black God hardly shouts: “Both!! Nobody will know that I leaded your group for a short time. A man called Tristan Bentley did that, but oh wait a minute, he is already death for so long time.” Felicia asks: “What about your group members?” Black God says: “Oh them I have only used them for a few things. Once they get the money, our ways will separate again and Erwin Holdman will be seen as responsible for the fucking APG. The others will all be arrested as well because they worked together with me.” Sebastian says: “So everyone will be ridiculed except you? Not bad. And what will the great Black God do once this all succeeded?” Black God says: “I will peacefully live further on my island and nobody will hear about me again.” Sebastian says: “Well, you are so great. I can’t possibly believe we made this happen for you.” Black God says: “All that still needs to happen is delivering the recording with the full documentary to a film studio. Then everyone will see how the APG and Quetirians really are! And guess what? My private jet will land in a minute!” Before Sebastian can answer on that, they hear the loud noise of the private jet landing next to the house. When it is landed, the two pilots are the first to come out. After it, another person steps out of the private jet. Sebastian is very surprised to see who is it: it is not just someone, it is Michael Gallagos. Michael laughs out loud when he sees Black God, Sebastian and Felicia standing. One of the pilots says to Black God: “Here he is.” Michael focuses on Sebastian and says to him: “Seems like we met again.” Sebastian asks: “Did you find another way to get your money?” Michael says: “This was the easiest task I ever found. And you wouldn’t believe how much money I get. This is more than I earn in 5 years watching to basketball.” Sebastian says: “Seems like you made a great deal then.” Black God interrupts their talk by saying: “Oh the two of you know each other. What a coincidience.” Michael says: “I met him before he joined the APG. But anyway, give me that shit then it can be released as fast as possible.” Black God says: “Of course.” Sebastian and Felicia look to each other and don’t know what to do.” Black God grabs the CD with the full documentary out of his pocket and gives it over to Michael. Black God says to him: “Once you have delivered this to a film studio, you will get your money.” Michael laughs and says: “Of course my boss.” When Michael walks away together with the two pilots, Sebastian says to him: “Bye Michael, it was good to know you.” Michael says: “Yes I believe we won’t have the much coincidence to meet once again.” After it, Michael and the two pilots step into the private jet again and are ready to fly away again. Black God laughs and says: “You have lost Cantrell. Now might be the time to finally admit it.” After it, the loud noise of the private jet going up can be heard. During this Sebastian, suddenly hardly screams: “We are here to make sure that this documentary is never going to be released!!” And out of nowhere, he has a bomb in his hands and throws it into the direction of the private jet. When it is close enough the bomb fully explodes. The private jet loses height. Black God doesn’t understands what the fuck is going on. After a few more seconds, the propeller fully goes out of the private jet. It makes the private jet hardly go down. When the private jet reaches the ground, it fully explodes. Michael Gallagos and the two pilots are killed in this explosion. Black God laughs and says: “What an unexpectable move. Fortunately, I made another CD and I guess I will have to bring that one to the film studio myself.” Sebastian says: “Well, good luck with that.” It is followed by Black God running away. Erwin walks to him, while Black God says: “Go kill that motherfucker! I am so done with this piece of shit!” Erwin understands it and starts protecting the front door the villa. However, they don’t know that they are suddenly surrounded by an army of people. Jesse, Lincoln, Adam and Lydia are still sitting outside. They have no idea what to do. Suddenly, Lydia and Lincoln have Lois and Gemma standing next to them, Adam has Amy and Steve standing next to him, while Jesse is confronted by John and Nena. Of course Anne joins Sebastian to face up against Erwin. They all know that they have to fight until death against these big motherfucker who made sour of their lives for so long time. It is payback time now.

Lydia is surprised by the sudden arrival of Lois and Gemma and says to them: “Please, I can explain everything.” Gemma says: “It is much too late for that.” Lydia says: “It is all Lincoln’s fault! I am seriously in love with him and that’s how I can’t think normal.” Lincoln hears everything and says to Lydia: “Shall we go away? We have to talk.” Lois says: “No, stay here.” Lincoln says: “You think that I will do what you say Inferior piece of shit!” Lois says: “Okay come here and show me what you can.” Lincoln screams: “You will never become a part of us!” And after it, the two of them start fighting. Gemma and Lydia see everything happening. Lydia says to Gemma: “Please Gemma, I have been used. It is all Lincoln’s fault!” Gemma says: “Did you think we liked it to work for so much weeks on this island while you and Lincoln were just sitting here and doing nothing?” Lydia says: “I’m sorry, I didn’t even know what Tristan was planning on doing with all of you.” Gemma says: “You are wrong. Lincoln hasn’t used you, Black God has used you!” And after it, she grabs Lydia and start hurting her.

Amy and Steve go to Adam, who doesn’t knows them. He asks to them: “Who the fuck are you?” Amy says: “Oh yes, seems like we haven’t met yet. I am Amy and this is Steve.” Adam asks: “What is such a hot girl doing here?” Amy says: “The better question is: what is such a smart boy doing here working for such a motherfucker called Black God?” Adam says: “I really don’t know what the two of you want. To be honest, I am only doing this because he offered me a lot of money. And I was the best student.” Amy says: “Oh you were? So we are also dealing with an arrogant boy here.” Adam says: “I am so sorry if I did something wrong beautiful Amy, I am not here to harm anyone.” Amy says: “You already did that by joining him.” Adam says: “Well, how could I know.” Steve laughs and says: “You all felt so powerful but when it really comes to it, you are just a group of silly idiots together.” Adam says: “You are the silly idiot here!” Amy says: “Wait, calm down Adam. We can talk this out.” Adam says: “Of course we can honey.” Amy says: “Do you even know what he has already done?” Adam answers: “I have really no idea. All I know is that idiot of a Erwin Holdman killed a girl I loved. Since then I hate him.” Amy says: “The lover of me was also killed by Black God.” Adam says: “Oh, I feel so sad for you. So both of us are single now. Do you want me?” Amy answers: “I am not here to get a new boyfriend, we are here to get revenge!” And after it, she suddenly attacks Adam. Steve doesn’t know if he has to help. Amy says to him: “Go help someone else. I got this.” Steve hears it, but keeps looking to Amy’s fight.

Jesse, who is still full with anger, is sitting alone on his place. Suddenly, he hears a very familiar voice screaming to him: “Jesse! Can we talk?” Jesse stands up and looks behind him and sees Nena standing. Jesse is very shocked when he sees her. Jesse says: “I am so sorry for what I did honey.” And he wants to hug her, but she pushes him away. Nena asks to him: “What the hell were you thinking?” Jesse says: “I am so sorry for choosing money over you. I never knew that I would have to work with such a few idiots as these ones!” Nena asks: “In all these weeks where you didn’t saw me, did you thought about me?” Jesse hesitates a bit until he answers: “The longer I was with these idiots, the more I desired you again.” Nena says: “Wrong answer!” And out of anger, she hits Jesse in his face. Jesse fastly stands up again and grabs her and also wants to hurt her, but then suddenly John is standing behind him and smashes him away. Jesse falls on the ground once again. When he sees that it was John who did it, he says: “Oh look who we have there again!” John asks: “Do you even realize what you did?” Jesse laughs and answers: “Of course I do, I wanted to get some serious cash and return to Nena again after I got it.” Nena is very surprised and asks: “You really thought that after what you did, I would want to return to you again?” Jesse says: “I could always try it.” John says: “You don’t realize what you did to her.” Jesse interrupts him by saying: “Nena shall we go to another place? I want to speak with you alone without this motherfucker!” Nena says: “No, there are no words to make it right what you did to me.” Jesse is very surprised and asks to Nena: “He made you make that decision?” Nena answers: “No of course not, John helped me whenever he could. And where were you? Gone!” Jesse becomes very angry and asks to John: “What have you done to her?” John says: “You are the one that hurt her!” Jesse asks: “Do I sense love here? This is how it feels like when a hot chick chooses a cockroach over you!” After it, John and Jesse are both done talking and start fighting against each other. Nena helps John whenever she can.

Sebastian and Erwin Holdman see each other in the eyes. Erwin laughs and says: “After all these weeks, you suddenly show up. Wasn’t working with Quetirians what you wanted Sebastian?” Sebastian screams: “Not for a motherfucker as you!” Erwin laughs and says: “You are already way too late. Master Black God has already put the documentary together and soon the whole world knows what a bad person Sebastian Cantrell is! Then there is no escaping for you!” Sebastian says: “And what will happen then if I show the world prove that Erwin Holdman is murderer?” Erwin doesn’t reacts on it and suddenly Anne shows up as well. Sebastian says: “Oh well I guess the two of you know each other even better than me.” Erwin laughs and says: “You simply can’t get over it Anne?” Anne says: “As long as you are alive not!” Erwin asks: “You want to fight? I won’t get beaten by two kids!” After it, the three of them start fighting. Erwin Holdman is stronger than them, but Sebastian and Anne are together and fight back against him.

Black God is sitting inside his villa and enjoying all the fights. He laughs and says: “These idiots really showed up. And how ironic, they came one day too late!” After it, Black God laughs louder than he ever did before. Suddenly Felicia is standing next to him. Black God is surprised to see her once again. He asks to her: “What do you want from me?” Felicia asks: “Why did you use me?” Black God says: “The world is way too big for you girl to understand all of this.” Felicia angrily screams: “You even made me fall in love with you! You are so cruel!” Black God laughs and says: “You want to know why I really brainwashed you? To make Sebastian get on the APG team so I could show with his documentary how bad person he is!” Felicia becomes calm again and says: “So, that’s it? That is your plan? This is where you worked on for all these years?” Black God says: “It is hard to make a girl like you impressed. What do you think?” And after it, he grabs her and wants to hurt her. Felicia is again not impressed by it. Black God says: “Now you are so close to me again, I understand it that my greatest antagonist loves you so much. You are indeed very lovely.” And after it, he starts kissing her. When they are done, Felicia says: “Look around you, your whole team is falling apart. What will the great Black God do against it?” Black God says: “You see this CD?” And he shows a CD to her. Black God continues: “I am going to deliver this to a film studio so everyone sees how bad the Quetirians and Mr. Cantrell are. Nobody can stop me. You want to join me?” Felicia hesitates for a few seconds until she says: “No……….NEVER!!!” And she hardly smashes Black God in the face. After it, she runs away again as fast as possible. Black God screams: “You little bitch! Next time you are going to DIE!!!!!”

Outside, Lincoln sees what they are doing with Lydia. He screams to her: “We have to get out of her! Fuck the money!” Lydia fully agrees with it, hits Gemma hardly once and manages to get away together with Lincoln. Lois goes after them immediately. They end up at a shed, where Black God has put a motor inside. When Lincoln and Lydia arrive there, Lincoln sees that Lois is coming after them. Lincoln says: “Go inside, I will kill this bitch!” Lydia doesn’t likes it and says: “No come with me, we can still escape from this.” After it, Lincoln gives Lydia one kiss and says: “This is just a silly girl all alone, she won’t stand a chance against me.” Lydia promises on his words and goes inside the shed. Lincoln and Lois face each other. Lincoln screams: “You fucking bitch! The only thing you ever wanted was to destroy our friendship. You succeeded at that at Felicia and Gemma, but you won’t get Lydia!” Lois says: “Don’t you understand it? Black God is the one who destroyed everything!” Lincoln says: “I disagree so much with you on that!” And after that, Lincoln walks to the wall of the shed where lots of spikes are attached on. He suddenly has a spike gun, grabs the spikes and start shooting on Lois. Lois screams during it: “Stop it Lincoln! What would your friends say if they hear that you killed me?” Lincoln suddenly stops with shooting for a few seconds and says: “Soon the whole world will know what for bitch you are and then nobody cares!” After it, he suddenly shoots again and hits Lois in her leg. Lincoln laughs and says: “Oh, did I hurt you? I feel so sorry for you.” It is followed by Lincoln coming closer to her. He says: “Now let’s finish off this bitch! Something I should have done much earlier.” Lincoln grabs his spike gun and points on Lois and wants to shoot, however, out of nowhere Lincoln suddenly has a spike inside of his head. Lincoln looks to the direction it came from and sees Gemma who threw it on him. Lois manages to stands up again and grabs Lincoln. Lots of blood comes out of his head. Lincoln tries to strangle Lois, but he is not strong enough. Gemma helps Lois pulling up Lincoln. They hardly push him against the wall of the shed. An almost dying Lincoln screams: “You fucking bitches!” Unfortunately for him, Lois has another spike in her hands and puts it through the throat of Lincoln, killing him. They leave Lincoln’s body behind attached on the wall of the shed. Lois says to Gemma: “Thank you for saving me.” Gemma says: “Actually, I was already standing there for a few minutes.” Lois says: “Oh great.” Gemma asks: “Where is Lydia?” Lois answers: “She is inside the shed.” And both of them go inside of the dark shed, where no light is. Gemma looks on the left side of the shed, Lois on the right side. After some looking, Lois suddenly sees a gun lying on one of the tables inside the shed. She decides to take it with her. Not much later, the light suddenly goes on and Lydia with a knife in her hands stands before Gemma. Lydia screams: “I know you killed Lincoln! Both of you are going to pay for that!” Lois is surprised and says to Lydia: “Lydia, please calm down. We can do this on the normal way.” Lydia says: “You killed Lincoln, then it is my turn to kill Gemma now!” Gemma says very scared: “Please Lydia, we are friends. Why would you kill me?” Lydia screams: “We are no friends anymore! And now, everything is going to end for the both of you. Once I finished both of you off, Felicia is going to die as well!” Lois gives Lydia one final chance by saying: “Lydia, surrender now and let us talk this out!” Lydia hesitates a few seconds, until she says: “No, bye bye Gemma!” And on the moment Lydia wants to put her knife in the throat of Gemma, she shit shot by Lois. A very surprised Lydia falls on the ground. Lois runs to her and says: “I am so sorry. I simply didn’t have another choice.” With her last powers, Lydia says: “I finally understand it. It is all Black God, he has taken over my mind. Please kill him for me.” Gemma says: “We will.” After it, Lydia dies. Lois and Gemma are both shocked and start crying.

Amy and Adam are still fighting with each other. During the fight, Adam says: “I don’t want to hurt you.” Amy says: “Me neither, but I feel like I have to.” Meanwhile, Steve starts looking for a weapon he can use for the battle. He looks around the villa and sees an axe attached on wood. He grabs it out of the wood and runs back to Amy and Adam. Their fight gets more aggressive. Amy hurts Adam by hitting him on his weak spots. Adam says to her: “You want to play it on this way? Okay, then we will!” And after it, Adam becomes very aggressive and starts big attacks on Amy. Amy says back to him: “You are just a big arrogant man, who wants to be the strongest while you simply aren’t!” Adam asks: “How the fuck do you know?” Amy says: “My friends told me a bit about my opponent.” Adam laughs and says: “The big Sebastian was too scared to go against me? And instead of him, you came? This can’t be more hilarious!” Amy asks to him: “You are disappointed? Then let me prove you wrong!” And the fight continues. After lots of more fighting, the two of them end up on the beach where Adam smashes Amy in the sand. She fastly stands up again, but Adam is still too strong and throws her towards the water, where she is hit by the waves of the ocean. Adam says: “I have wasted enough time! Let’s finish off this beautiful woman!” And after it, Adam start kicking Amy until she is fully defeated. He kicks her towards the water to let her drown. When she is good enough on the water, Adam pushes her down under the water. Adam shows no mercy. However, Adam suddenly hears a voice from behind saying: “Adam! What do you think about this?” And right on the moment Adam wants to look back who says all of this to him, Adam gets very hard hit in his face by an axe. He is hit so hard that he falls back into the water, next to Amy. Of course it Steve who has hit him. Adam looks back and laughs when he sees Steve with the axe in his hands. Steve screams: “You won’t ever hurt her again!!” And after it, he starts smashing with his axe on the head of Adam. He smashes, smashes and smashes, until Adam’s face is completely deformed. Adam dies during the smashing. When he has hit him lots of times, Steve puts the axe into the belly of Adam. He goes to Amy, grabs her out of the water and puts her on the beach. Amy asks to him: “What happened?” And right after that, a big wave comes and pulls Adam’s death body on the beach. Amy sees it and says: “Wait, you saved my life? He was just about to kill me, that was the last thing I remember.” Steve laughs and says: “There is nothing left of his goddamn face.” After it, Amy suddenly grabs Steve. When they are close enough together, Amy starts kissing Steve. Steve is very surprised, but knows that he has finally succeeded in what he wanted all the time.

Now there are only three rats left, Black God decides to call Erwin and Jesse back to him. However, both of them are still busy fighting. Black God angrily screams: “Return to me immediately, you fools!” Meanwhile, Jesse is still fighting against John and Nena. He knows that he is not going to win it. During the fight, he suddenly says to John and Nena: “Well guys, I have to go again.” And after it, he runs away as fast as possible. John says: “Let’s go after him!” Nena fully agrees with it and they go after him. They end up before the door of the villa, where Erwin, Sebastian and Anne are also fighting. Felicia is also with them, but she does not participate in the fight. Sebastian goes to her and says to her: “I am so glad you are back.” After it, the two of them embrace each other. Erwin suddenly sees Jesse and asks to him: “Where the hell are the others?” Jesse says: “Not sure, but our god wants us back in the villa.” Erwin screams: “I am not going to surrender to these two idiots!” After it, Jesse goes inside the villa where Black God is very shocked after finding out someone has found their base. Jesse asks to him: “What’s wrong?” Black God says: “Someone found us!” And after that, Black God grabs the best weapon he can find and runs outside. Jesse decides to follow him. When Black god comes outside, Erwin, Sebastian and Anne have already stopped fighting. They all look western of them, where suddenly a very familiar spaceship lands. Black God starts shooting with his weapon on it, but the spaceship has a shield and does not get hit by the bullets. A few seconds later, the door of the spaceship opens and Besoux, Lauren and Delmar walk out of it. Sebastian, Felicia and Anne run to them immediately. Sebastian says to them: “Great timing!” Besoux asks: “What can we do?” Sebastian says: “Go to the Quetirians and free them all.” However, Black God, Erwin and Jesse are suddenly standing next to them. John and Nena are also there and join Sebastian’s group. Black God says: “Well well well, all idiotic people I ever met in my life are now here on my island. What a coincidience!” Sebastian says to him: “We are going to make an end of your reign!” Black God says: “Show us what you can Cantrell!” John and Nena are very focused on Jesse. Jesse says to them: “Shut up John! This is between me and Nena, not you!” Nena says to John: “It is okay, let me talk to him. If it takes too long, you can come.” John says: “Okay, I am just afraid that he will hurt you.” Nena says: “I am sure he wants that, but I won’t let that happen.” John promises on Nena’s words and lets the two of them go inside Black God’s villa. Besoux focuses on Black God and screams to him: “You will pay for what you did to my people!” Black God laughs and says: “What are you going to do about it? Soon the whole world knows how terrible the Quetirians really are! There is nothing you can still do about it!” Besoux does not know about anything and asks to him: “And how are you going to do that?” Black God answers: “I made a documentary in the last 5 weeks about your people, and of course I will show the most brutal scenes I got from you.” It makes Besoux very angry, but he knows that freeing his people first is more important. Besoux says to Sebastian: “Please kill this motherfucker for me and all the Quetirians. I know you can do that.” Sebastian says: “Don’t worry, we have a plan.” After it, Black God says: “I will make sure now that the whole world will see my documentary! In the meantime, have fun with Mr. Holdman!” Erwin Holdman says: “With a pleasure.” After it, Lauren asks to Sebastian: “Are you sure you can do this?” Sebastian says: “John, Anne and Felicia will help me, so you don’t have to worry. You have to free the Quetirians. They are not far from here.” Delmar says: “I will do whatever you say.” And after that, Besoux, Lauren and Delmar run away in the direction of the zoo where all the Quetirians and other species are locked. Sebastian and Anne focus on Erwin Holdman again. Sebastian says to Anne: “We should let him waste too much of our time!” Anne says: “Yes, let’s kill him as fast as possible!” After it, Sebastian runs to Erwin and attacks him. A very big fight starts between the two of them. Of course, Erwin is still very arrogant and very sure that he can beat both of them.

During the fight, Besoux, Lauren and Delmar arrive at the zoo. All the remaining APG members there and other Quetirians are very glad to see them. Besoux is very shocked to see what they have done with his people in all these weeks. He immediately says to everyone there: “We are going to make an end of this place!” However, during the destroying of all cages, a whole army of Black God suddenly shows up. All his men have arrived on the army and want to prevent the Quetirians from escaping. Lauren sees it happening, runs to Besoux and says to him: “Black God has send a whole army to us. What are we going to do about that?” Besoux answers: “We are going to fight for our freedom!” When all cages have been destroyed, all the Quetirians come together and start attacking Black God’s army.

Before the villa of Black God, Sebastian and Anne are still fighting against each other. Erwin say: “Surrender you idiots, you will never beat me!” Sebastian says: “We won’t ever surrender to such a motherfucker as you!” Erwin screams: “Then you will die!” Inside the villa, Jesse and Nena are together. Jesse apologizes as much as he can to his former girlfriend, but she does not accept it. Nena says: “You have to do more to make me trust you again.” Jesse says: “I will do everything I can to win your trust back.” Nena asks: “Can we leave this place? I don’t like it here.” Jesse says: “I will do whatever you want.” Outside, John is waiting for them. He asks to the both of them: “Is everything alright again?” Jesse says: “Leave us alone, you idiot!” Nena says: “Calm down Jesse, no need to be so angry on him. He really helped me in the time you weren’t there.” Jesse says: “I don’t give a fuck.” John says: “How do you ever want to get on the right way again? You are just a scrawny kid who does everything for the money.” Jesse screams: “You will regret of saying that!” Nena comes between them and says: “The two of you should make a walk to find a solution for your problems.” John says: “Okay, I’m fine with that.” Jesse hesitates a few seconds until he also agrees with it. Before they walk away, Nena whispers into John’s ear: “Please kill him for me.” John agrees with it. Jesse is only focused on Nena and says to her: “See you later Nena.” Nena reacts on him with a lot of sarcasm: “I hope that after your talk, you will already be better again.” Jesse says: “I promise I will.” After it, Jesse and John walk away together.

Sebastian and Erwin are very aggressive towards each other, while Anne gets more and more out of the fight. Sebastian says: “You will pay for what you did to her group!” Erwin laughs out loud and says: “That the two of you gave so much about that fucking team! The only reason why I started with it was to make a lot of money out of it! Unfortunately, dear Anne is still alive. I wish the whole team would be death!” Anne hears it and becomes very angry on Erwin. She runs to him and screams: “You will pay everything you did!” Erwin sees her come and when they are close enough, he smashes her hardly away. Now the fight goes completely between Erwin and Sebastian. Sebastian says: “You were never meant to lead over a group students, the only thing you care about is money!” Erwin says: “Students are only there to make money out of!” Sebastian says: “The most hilarious part is actually, that in all this time, Black God has used you so much!” Erwin screams: “I have never been used by anyone!!” And he becomes even more aggressive and smashes Sebastian on the ground. After that, he starts hitting Sebastian more and more. During this, Sebastian asks to him: “Wait, doesn’t wants Black God to kill me himself?” After it, Erwin suddenly hesitates a bit after he asked the question and this gives Sebastian just enough time to grab the knife he has been holding him with him all the time. Out of nowhere, he stabs Erwin with it. Erwin is very surprised. Sebastian manages to stand up again and stabs Erwin one more time. He falls very injured on the ground. Sebastian says to him: “I have wasted enough time in you!” And after it, he kicks Erwin hardly away in the direction of Anne, who is looking to the fight. Sebastian walks inside the villa together with Felicia, who waited for him the whole time. Anne walks to Erwin and says to him: “How does it feel to lose?” Erwin says: “Lose? I will never lose!” But out of nowhere, Anne has a big stick in her hands and smarts smashing with it on Erwin. She screams: “This is for all E.B.A.F. members who you have killed! This is for all innocent people you have killed! And this last one, is simply because I hate you so much!” And after she has hit him that time, Erwin’s whole head explodes and his brains are lying everywhere on the path inside the villa of Black God. One of the biggest traitors and biggest murderers of all time has finally been killed.

Meanwhile, John and Jesse are walking around a part of the island where they both haven’t been before. At first they don’t say a word to each other, but Jesse suddenly asks: “So how the hell are we going to speak this out stupid idiot?” John laughs and says: “I guess you are the one who has to explain a lot of stuff.” Jesse says: “Don’t worry, Nena still loves me. In a few weeks, we will be the happiest couple in the world again.” John says: “I hope that for you.” It is followed by them walking further. Suddenly, Jesse starts walking further away from him. John doesn’t recognizes it yet. And out of nowhere, suddenly a secret door opens under John’s foots. It leads to a room under him with only spikes in it. John managed to hold his hands on the ground before falling to his death. Jesse laughs out loud and screams: “This is exactly how we are going to be the happiest couple in the world again! Once you are death, she will give me the full attention again!” And after it, Jesse starts stamping on John’s hands, hoping he will fall down in the spikes. However, John is much smarter than him, grabs his feets and pulls him down. Jesse is so surprised by it that he falls completely down but manages to hold himself up to John. John tries to smash Jesse off him, while Jesse screams to him: “Fine, if I can’t have her, none of us will have her!” John moves with his legs hoping that Jesse will fall of him, but he manages to keep holding on him. John says: “You just have to accept that she doesn’t loves you anymore.” After he said that, Jesse becomes very angry and screams: “I have been replaced by a loser called John Woodward, this is the biggest shame ever!” John says: “And now please fuck off.” Finally, John manages to hit Jesse in his face. He is so surprised by it that he can’t hold his hands on John anymore and falls down. Jesse’s whole body gets fully squashed by the spikes. Jesse screams the pain out and a few seconds later, he dies on a horrific way. John pulls himself up again and manages to escape, but one of the biggest idiots of all has finally died all alone.

Sebastian and Felicia walk inside the villa, where the last rat is sitting. Black God hears them coming and says: “Thank you so much for killing all of my allies! Now I don’t have to share the profit of my documentary with all those idiots.” Sebastian says: “You will never get that profit! The game is over Black God!” Black God laughs and says: “Killing all of them isn’t even an achievement, if you want to save yourself, you will have to kill me!” Felicia says to Black God: “Please, if you really want to be successful, you will have to give a good image of some of us.” Black God laughs and says: “Look who we have there, dear Felicia, who I said I would kill the next time I would see her! Well guess what, this is the next time!” Sebastian says: “Listen to what she says, it is a good tip.” Black God screams: “I don’t give a fuck about what you want!” Sebastian says: “Well, if you want to release that documentary, you will have to fight your way against us!” And after that, the two of them start fighting. They go through the whole villa and start destroying everything. Black God grabs all of his devices and throws them to Sebastian. He manages to dodge all of them. During the throwing, Black God screams: “I don’t need all this stuff anymore!” After a while, he also starts throwing stuff on Felicia. Sebastian says to her: “Go away, I got this.” Felicia doesn’t trust him, but she knows that it is better for her own safety to go away. After lots of more fighting, Black God suddenly stands before a window and goes outside. Sebastian suddenly sees something burn behind him and also jumps out of the window. A few seconds later, the whole villa explodes. A very big fire starts after that. Sebastian looks if Felicia is alright and not much later he sees her. However, Black God is there again to fight with him. He uses all of his powers he has and hurts Sebastian very much. Lots of blood comes out of him. Black God says: “Now you finally see the real me. How powerful I am!” Sebastian says: “I am very impressed.” And after he said that, Black God smashes him away on a hill next to the villa. There, they fight further. Black God is still much more powerful since he uses all of his powers. Sebastian doesn’t stands a chance against him but he does not surrender. When Sebastian almost doesn’t has any powers left, Black God says: “It is time to do something I should have done much earlier. I won’t make the same mistake as I did last time.” Sebastian fights back against him, but Black God suddenly makes a knife with his powers and stabs Sebastian with it. Black God says: “You see? Nobody can stop the reign of Black God!” Sebastian screams: “You will never get the Quetirians again! All I was doing is wasting your time so the others could free them.” Black God becomes very aggressive again and screams: “YOU WILL DIE FOR THAT!!!” And after it, he stabs Sebastian one more time. He falls down in the grass of the hill. Black God says: “Let’s have a look what the fuck is going on, on my island!” And he runs away. Immediately after that, Felicia arrives to see if Sebastian is alright. He says to her: “Go away Felicia, you can still make it.” Felicia starts crying and says: “You are dying. I shouldn’t have let you take on Black God all alone. You needed the help of the others!” Sebastian says: “It is alright. I have given my life for the Quetirians. It was the least I could do in return for them.” Felicia starts crying even more and says: “You are my everything. I don’t know what I should do without you.” Sebastian says: “Go as far away from here. You have to make it.” After it, Felicia and him kiss one final time. Sebastian says: “I love you.” Felicia keeps on crying and doesn’t knows what to say anymore. It is followed by Sebastian dying in his arms. Even he didn’t stand a chance against the powers of the almighty Black God.

Further on the island, a big fight is still taking place. The Quetirians leaded by Besoux fight for their freedom. Besoux, Nasoux, Zaver, Lauren and Delmar come together to make a plan. Nasoux says: “We will never beat all of them. They are with too much!” Besoux says: “We can still beat them with a great plan.” Lauren asks: “Do you have something in your mind?” Besoux answers: “Well, it is now or never, so we will just give everything we have!” When the big fight continues, Black God suddenly shows up. He takes a look how everything is going. Zaver says: “That motherfucker is still alive!” Besoux sees it and says: “They didn’t succeed in doing that? Let me help them.” Lauren says to Besoux: “No stay here, they need you here more than there. I will go help them.” Besoux knows that she is right and accepts it. Delmar follows Lauren and they go into the direction of Black God, who suddenly goes back again.

John returns to Nena, who is very glad to see him. Nena says to him: “Thank you very much!” John says: “I did what I had to do.” Nena says: “I am so glad that I am finally rid of him.” John says: “You won’t ever see that disgusting child ever again.” Nena asks: “How did you end him?” John answers: “Actually, he first wanted to end me, but I made him fall in his own trap. He is now fully squashed by a spike.” Nena laughs and says: “Now I wish I saw him die.” before coming on that by saying: “No, just kidding. I loved him for so long time, I couldn’t kill him or see him die.” John asks: “What are your plans after we finally got off this island?” Nena answers: “I want to return to my farm and dog. I didn’t have any more plans.” John says: “But then you will have to live all alone there.” Nena is surprised by his reaction and says: “I can indeed use some company.” John asks: “Where is your dog now? Please tell me she isn’t still alone in your house.” Nena laughs and says: “Don’t worry, she is with a friend of mine because I already knew it would take some time for me to come back.” John says: “Oh, that is really good.” After it, they suddenly hear loud noise. Both John and Nena decided to run in the direction of the noise.

Meanwhile, Black God returns to the hill where he killed Sebastian. Felicia, John, Nena, Amy, Steve, Anne, Lois and Gemma are all standing there when Lauren and Delmar join them. Black God positions himself on the highest place of the hill. He shouts to all the people who are looking to him: “Everyone! Your most beloved leader and friend, Sebastian Cantrell has been killed by me! I guess this does really prove that none of you won’t ever stand a chance against me! That’s why I decided to give you a choice. The Quetirians are fighting right now against my army, but soon they will lose and then everything will be back to normal. Go back to them immediately and take care of them like you already did for numerous weeks or I will kill every single one of you!” John is very angry and wants to fight against Black God, but Nena says to him: “Please don’t do that, I want your company at my farm one day.” John thinks about it and does what she says. The others are all very angry on Black God, but they know they won’t stand a chance against him. After a silence, Black God shouts: “Then I guess you will all be going for option one! Oh and by the way before you go away, I still have that CD right here.” And he shows his CD to all of them. Black God continues: “Now since the man I had for that has been killed, I will have to do that myself. I hope you will all be glad with your part in the documentary! In a few days, I might even show it to you!” And Black God laughs out loud after he said that. Delmar hardly screams to him: “That’s not funny you motherfucker!” Black God stops laughing and screams: “Now go back to your zoo all of you before I kill someone. Especially you Felicia, should be glad that I didn’t kill you yet!” Felicia does not response on him because she is still very sad. Together with all the others, they walk away and move back to the zoo. When all of them are long gone and can’t be seen anymore, Black God laughs once again with the CD in his hands. He says to himself: “Let me now finally release this!” And he makes himself ready to teleport to the film studio. However, it doesn’t works. The first time it fails, Black God just tries it a second time, but after three times, he is very shocked. He hardly screams: “Not possible!” And completely out of nowhere, Black God is suddenly stabbed in the back. He turns his head around and sees that it is Sebastian who has stabbed him. Sebastian asks to him: “Where are your powers almighty Black God? Now you are suddenly not so powerful anymore, right?” Black God is very very surprised and asks to him: “How the hell did you do this?” Sebastian says: “It is very simple.” And after that, a flashback starts to explain it. We go back to the scene where Felicia was inside the villa of Black God. Just a few seconds before Black God and Felicia kiss is shown. Sebastian says: “Smart Felicia had something in her mouth when the two of you kissed. Remember that cure we also used on you on your planet? It was pretty similar. Oh and she also licked your tongue, as we found out that your powers are very sensitive to saliva from someone else’s mouth. And once she got that, she became the source of your powers, just like Matt Sherwood. But instead of keeping it long, she gave it over to me when you thought you killed me (the scene where Sebastian dies is showed with Felicia and him kissing). And that made me got this.” The screen returns to them, where Sebastian with Black God’s powers is shown. Black God is even more confused. Sebastian continues: “You knew you couldn’t hold the powers forever. Once it finds out the person is holding them isn’t doing something useful with it, it tries to get its way out of the body. Seems like exactly that has happened with you now.” Black God is still very speechless, but suddenly he screams out very loud: “YOU WILL NEVER BECOME AS POWERFUL AS ME!!!” Sebastian answers on him: “No, but I don’t even want to be as powerful as you.” And after that, Sebastian makes another sword with his left arm and cuts off Black God’s head. Black God’s body falls down off the hill to a lower place. Sebastian still has Tristan’s head in his hand, but he decides to throw it away. The psychopathic mass murderer who made sour of all their lives for so long time, is finally death.

At the big fight, all of Black God’s army suddenly become normal people again and don’t understand what the fuck has happened to them. Some of the Quetirians are so angry that they keep killing them, but Besoux realizes something has happened and says: “Everyone, stop fighting!!” All the Quetirians of course listen to him. Besoux says: “You might not realize it yet, but we have won!” And all the Quetirians are very glad. Nasoux goes to Besoux and asks to him: “What has happened?” Besoux answers: “All this humans are not under the control of that motherfucker anymore, that means that he is death!” One of the humans goes to Besoux and says to him: “I’m so sorry for what happened. It seems like we have been controlled by someone.” Besoux says: “Get off here before we kill much more of your kind.” The man understands it and calls others off. They all walk away. Zaver joins Besoux and Nasoux and says to Besoux: “You saved us!” Besoux says: “Well, I think the good humans did the most for that.” Nasoux asks: “What are we going to do now?” Besoux answers: “There is only one thing we can do.”

John, Nena, Felicia, Lois, Anne, Amy, Steve, Lauren and Delmar are still walking back to the zoo when Felicia suddenly hears something. She stops walking and start listening. Lois sees it and asks to her: “What’s wrong?” Felicia answers: “I have to go back. Something has happened.” Lois says: “But that Black Motherfucker will kill you if you return.” However, Felicia doesn’t listens to her and runs back. The others all hear it and decide to go after her. When Felicia comes back to the hill, she sees Sebastian sitting on it. Felicia is very surprised and screams: “You are still alive!” After it, the two of them embrace each other. Felicia says: “I really thought you were dead. This wasn’t part of the plan.” Sebastian says: “I am so glad to see you again Felicia. But actually, this was part of the plan. I am sorry if I scared you a lot.” Felicia says: “The relief makes it all good.” And after it, they kiss. When they are done with that, Sebastian says: “Oh and I think that none of us wants to see this.” And he shows the last remaining CD to her.” Felicia says: “No, please destroy it.” Sebastian pulls the CD apart and throws it away. He says: “And I am sorry to tell you, but I am not sure if I can ever live normal again. This powers are the only thing keeping me alive.” Felicia is suddenly shocked again and says: “There has to be a way to get you totally back.” After it, the others are suddenly there again. They are all very happy to see that Sebastian is still alive and that Black God finally got what he deserved. John asks: “How did you do this?” Sebastian answers: “Thanks to Felicia, I stole his powers.” Felicia is surprised and asks: “I helped you with doing that? I thought I didn’t do anything.” Sebastian asks: “Remember our kiss before I died? It kept me alive.” Felicia laughs and says: “You are just saying that because you want to kiss me lots of more times.” Sebastian says: “You became the source of the powers when you went into Black God’s villa. Just like that guy called Matt Sherwood, you had to give them over to someone else to let them work.” Delmar says: “I wanted to see his face when he died!” Sebastian says: “Yes, that was the best part about it. He was so surprised. You don’t even know.” After it, they are joined by Besoux, Nasoux and Zaver. They are also so glad. Besoux asks to Sebastian: “How did you do it?” Sebastian answers: “I took over his powers and killed him with it!” Besoux says: “In the name of all Quetirians, I thank you for killing this idiot who ridiculed our people for so long time.” Sebastian says: “I want to use this powers for something useful now. But not sure what will happen if I keep using it.” Nasoux says: “There is a chance you can end up like that Black Motherfucker.” Besoux says: “That’s true, when you use it, it takes you over and you only want more and more of it.” Sebastian looks to Felicia and says to her: “I want to reverse the brainwashing he did on you.” Felicia says: “It is okay, I am got used to the idea of not remembering anything. I don’t want to lose you for it.” Sebastian says: “But that means that you will never know again what it was like before he did that on you.” Felicia says: “It is worth it if I can save you with that.” Sebastian says: “Okay, then please take this powers from me. I don’t want to be the next Black God.” Besoux says: “I might know a way to take the powers away from you.” Amy says: “Might, that sounds convincing.” Besoux says: “I meant that I am not fully sure, but it is worth trying it.” Sebastian says: “Just do it, I want to keep on living.” Besoux agrees with it and he starts saying proverbs to unleash the powers from Sebastian. When he is done with it, the powers want to move over the Besoux, but he fastly grabs something and puts it inside of them. When he is done, he says: “It won’t go anywhere.” Sebastian says: “Thank you very much Besoux.” Besoux says: “Well, this is the least I could do in return for what you did for my people.” It is silenced for a few seconds, until John says: “Wait a minute, why did we never use that proverbs before?” Besoux says: “It wouldn’t work if a person is already fully taken over.” John says: “We should have tried it on Black God.” Nena says: “How long have you been dealing with this freak? And you didn’t thought of using it.” Sebastian says: “It doesn’t matters anymore. Black God is killed. We have won guys!” All of them start shouting after it. Sebastian says: “And now let’s get off this goddamn island!” However, Besoux suddenly interrupts it by saying: “My friends, there is something I have to tell you before you all go your own way again.” All the others are fully focused on him again. Besoux continues: “If there is one thing we have learned in the many months we have been here now, is that Quetirians do not fit on Earth. We only cause a lot of trouble and none of us is positive about Earth anymore. That’s really not your fault, of course is the fault of that Black Motherfucker. But because of all what happened here, we have decided to leave Earth again and go to another planet where we will fit better. I hope you all understand it.” Lauren is the first to say: “Wise choice Besoux!” The others also all agree with it. Besoux says: “I will take this with me.” And he shows the jar where he has put the powers of Black God inside of.” Not much later, all the Quetirians including Besoux, Nasoux, Zaver and Sapoux are ready to leave. Sebastian says to Sapoux: “It was fun doing some tricks with you, but now it is time to go home.” Sapoux says: “I’m sorry if I ever didn’t listened to you. I didn’t know how big hero you were.” Sebastian says: “It is okay.” Amy says goodbye to Nasoux and Zaver: “I will miss you.” Zaver says: “We simply don’t belong on Earth. It is better this way.” Amy says: “I fully understand.” Besoux, Lauren and Delmar are also together for their final moments. Lauren is crying and says: “You are the last person I had from the very beginning on Quetir.” Besoux says: “You will always be remembered as a hero at our people. You were amazing Lauren.” Lauren says: “I don’t even know how a life without Quetirians would be for me.” Besoux says: “We will meet again. This is not the end.” After it, Besoux and all the other Quetirians, Xyporions and other species step into a new very big spaceship. Delmar helps Lauren by embracing her. A few minutes later, the spaceship goes up and flies away from them. The surviving humans remain behind, who all have to get used to the idea now of a life without Quetirians.

On the final scene is shown how all of them go their own way. Jade, Carmen, Alice, Madison and all other APG members can be seen shortly. They all go their own way once they are back in Tampa. Lauren and Delmar are back at Delmar’s house. Lauren says: “My life was only about Quetirians. No idea what I have to do now once they are all gone.” Delmar says: “You should be glad about that. You can do everything you want now.” Lauren says: “Good idea, let’s discover the world.” The screen moves further to Amy, who keeps being in contact with Steve, who returns to his job. Steve texts her that he need help to get his job back, Amy doesn’t hesitates and helps him with that. Anne can also be seen returning to her family and taking on her life again. Lois and Gemma get over what happened to Lydia and help each other a lot with it. Of course they also stay in contact with Felicia. John and Nena return to the farm where Jesse and Nena used to life. Nena is very glad to see her dog again, who is brought back by a friend of her. John asks to her: “What further plans do you have in your life?” Nena laughs and says: “I still want to go outer space. That would be so cool.” John says: “If I ever go to there again, I will of course contact you.” Nena says: “Why don’t you stay here? I will become very lonely if I have to run this place alone.” John says: “Okay, I will do whatever you want.” Last but not least, Sebastian and Felicia are shown. They are very happily together. They are having fun for a night, until Felicia comes with a serious question: “Didn’t you want to bring your former girlfriends back to life with those powers?” Sebastian says: “No, you were everything I ever asked for in my life.” Felicia says: “You can easily take advantage of the fact that I can’t remember anything from my past.” Sebastian says: “Don’t worry, I will tell you everything.” Felicia says: “I don’t know much I have to thank you for all of this.” Sebastian says: “You being with me is already the biggest gift you could give back to me.” And after it, they start kissing while the credits start appearing.

Post-Credit Scene

Somewhere in space, far away from Earth, the spaceship with all the Quetirians is flying. Besoux is leading the spaceship together with Nasoux and Zaver. Zaver asks to him: “Is everything going as planned?” Besoux says: “We are getting closer to our destination. Nothing goes wrong luckily.” However, very ironically, a signal suddenly goes on. Besoux looks on it and sees that one of the doors of the spaceship is suddenly opened. He and lots of other Quetirians decide to take a look there. When they arrive there, a bomb suddenly goes off and creates a way bigger hole. All the Quetirians including Besoux are smashed into the space. While Besoux can barely realize how it happened, suddenly another spaceship is flying next to their spaceship. A door inside of that spaceship opens and some people from an unknown specie come out of it. They come closer and closer and start shooting. When one of them is very close in the screen, the scene ends.

After-Credit Scene

Sebastian and Felicia are one night together with John and Nena. They are watching a romantic movie Felicia and Nena wanted to see. On the end of the movie, the man and woman kiss each other and are finally together and then the movie ends, very typically for a romantic movie. Sebastian says: “They think they are the happiest couple in the world now, but we are even more happy together than them.” Felicia likes it and they start kissing. John and Nena see it all happening. Felicia sees them looking and asks to them: “Do you want to stay here? It is already very late.” Sebastian says: “You will have to share a bedroom then, because there is only one left.” John says: “Don’t worry, it will be fine.” Felicia laughs and whispers to Sebastian: “Hopefully they will finally be a couple now.” Not much later, Sebastian and Felicia decide to go upstairs to their bedroom. They take off their clothes, fall on the bed and start kissing each other. John and Nena hear it happening and go to their bedroom. John is very jealously looking to all of it when Nena suddenly asks to him: “Do you also want to have fun?” John says: “Yes, of course. That will be great.” They close the door and Nena goes sit on the bed immediately. She starts taking off her clothes. John feels uncomfortable about it. But he also takes off his clothes without looking to much. When he and Nena are both laying in the bed, Nena suddenly comes closer to John. When she gets too close, John grabs her and they move in the bed. Nena says: “You are much better than fucking Jesse ever was.” John asks: “Did you ever had fun with him?” Nena answers: “No, he never wanted this.” And after that, they both suddenly take off their underwear and start kissing. It is followed by the screen showing both rooms with Sebastian and Felicia kissing and John and Nena kissing. Finally, the screen moves out of their house and shows a last view over the city until it ends.


  • Jeremy Irvine as Sebastian Cantrell
  • Tony Oller as John Woodward
  • Hera Hilmar as Felicia Erickson
  • Danielle Campbell as Amy Watkins
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Lauren Marshall
  • Diego Boneta as Delmar Norris
  • Halston Sage as Lois Field
  • Nathalia Ramos as Anne Withthrop
  • Cody Christian as Black God
  • James McAvoy as Erwin Holdman
  • Unknown actor as Jesse Tierney
  • Unknown actress as Nena Houghton
  • Gavin Fink as Adam Parsons
  • Daryl Sabara as David Nicholson
  • Tyler Neitzel as Daniel Hancock
  • James Maslow as Lincoln Jordan
  • Liam Aiken as Austin Hicks
  • Anna Margaret as Lydia Thurston
  • Sophie Cookson as Gemma Healy
  • Liv Hutchings as Jade Doyle
  • Sadie Calvano as Carmen Neal
  • Gatlin Kate James as Alice Gentry
  • Unknown actress as Madison Rollins
  • Unknown actress as Naomi Loomis
  • James Marsden as Collin Wade
  • Unknown actor as Josh Rowe
  • Unknown actor as Michael Gallagos
  • Unknown actor as Tim Arnold
  • Unknown actor as Ashton Hooper
  • Dominic West as Besoux
  • Unknown voice actor as Zaver
  • Unknown voice actress as Nasoux
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