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Spaceship 537: Reaching new Planets is the 5th move in the Spaceship 537 franchise. It is a sequel to Spaceship 537: Conquest of Quetir. It's an original movie idea by FranceSwitzerland. All characters who survived the last movie will appear in this movie idea. The main focus of this movie will be on other planets than Quetir. The sequel to this movie idea was Spaceship 537: The new Quetir.


After Justin and Mouqueran were both killed, a new specie called Volorians got their eyes on Quetir. They found out about the many different species living on the planet. However, they are the most interested in humans. They see the human as the most intelligent specie. Cirophaa, the leader of the Volorions, wants to have from many different specie a male and a female on his planet. On that way, all species can survive. Also, he is working on a weapon where he wants to destroy all other planets with. He wants Volorion to be on the only planet in the world where all species can live peaceful together. Cirophaa's most loyal man, Apouivour, is send to go to Quetir. He kidnaps Amy and brings her to Volorion, the home planet of the Volorians. Richard is furious and really wants to get her back. He and the others decide to go in groups to Volorion. Meanwhile, George gets his own suit where he can live with. Also, Matt comes back and joins the group on the trip to another planet, but they fastly find out that not everything is right with him.


On a planet far away from Quetir, they are preparing for something. Their leader, who is called Cirophaa, oppresses the population of the planet. He is sitting in his luxurious palace. Outside the palace, everybody is poor and most of them are slaves. Cirophaa is walking in his castle and sees his right-hand man, called Apouivour. They start speaking in a very weird langauge to each other. Cirophaa asks: "How is the construction going?" Apouivour says: "Everything is going as it should go.' Cirophaa asks: "How is the collection going?" Apouivour says: "You should ask Zopumop for that. She know everything about it." Cirophaa walks to another very big room where a lot of cages are hanging on the wall. Cirophaa and Apouivoor see Zopumop, she is watching over the cages. Cirophaa says: "We are still missing some of them." He takes a look at the cages and sees some empty cages. Cirophaa asks: "What species are we missing?" Zopumop says: "A Bewocor, a Hazuix and a human." Cirophaa screams: "There are more empty cages!" Zopumop says: "We can't have every species. Most are too far away!" Cirophaa says: "I don't care. We should have all." He takes a look once again and looks at the humans. Only a man is sitting in it yet. Cirophaa says: "A female human. That should be possible." Zopumop says: "The Earth is too far away from us." Cirophaa asks: 'How did we get that male version of it then?" Zopumop says: "He entered our planet. We killed all others and left only him alive." Cirophaa says: "No females?" Zopumop says: "Not that I can remember." Cirophaa screams: "Apouivour!" Apouivour asks: "Yes, my boss?" Cirophaa says: "You will go to Earth and get a human for me!" Zopumop says: "Wait, there are humans on Quetir. That planet is less far away." Cirophaa says: "Okay, then you will go to Quetir. Get the most healthy female humans you can find." Apouivour asks: "Only for one stupid human to Quetir?" Cirophaa says: "Don't complain! You do what I tell you!" Apouivour says: "Okay fine. I will go." And after it, he leaves the room. 

Some years later,

Somewhere in a house in the city of Youxoter. All the humans are sitting together. Lauren says: "Hopefully we don't have to go on another adventure again. I have seen enough." Richard says: "Yes, it's good to have holiday for now. But these adventures are fun." Joe says: "We have lost very much friends. Only Jaimy and I are still there from our old group." Caroline says: "That's sad, but luckily you made new friends." Jaimy says: "This planet is special for so much reasons. I can't say how, it has some power what makes things happening how it wants them to happen." Richard says: "Maybe that's just your feeling." Amy says: "I think that at least there might be some coincidence in all our adventures." Joe says: "I still don't know how you suddenly came to us Avalyn." Avalyn says to it: "I was dumb when I worked for Justin." Joe says: "I mean the way how you came to us. That also fits in the story." Caroline says: "Lets see of there are some adventures again today." And when they all decide to go out of the house and take a walk through Youxoter, they suddenly see Besoux. Lauren asks: "Besoux? What are you doing here?" Besoux says: "I just came here to see you. And that is, because I want to how you something." Richard asks: "You mean the Bisonuar?" Besoux answers: "Yes, it wasn't hard to predict. The city is almost done again. I would like to show it to you." Caroline says: "We want to check if George is doing better again." Besoux says: "I heard that he can leave the hospital today." Lauren says: "Really? That's very good news." Besoux says: "He is wearing some kind of suit, because he doesn't looks good. But at least he survived it." Amy says: "That's the most important." Lauren says: "Lets go to the hospital. I want to see George." They all go to the hospital, where they see George who is conscious again. Especially Lauren and Caroline are glad to see him again, but of course the others also. Lauren asks: "How are you doing?" George says: "I feel weird. I don't know anything that happened." Lauren says: "It is fine. Good to see you again." George asks: "Where are Justin and Mouqueran?" Joe answers: "They are both death." George surprisingly says: "Mouqueran too? I thought it was impossible to kill her." Amy says: "Richard found a way to do it." George says: "I really missed a lot, I see." Richard asks: "Are you ready for another adventure?" George says: "No please not. I think I am done with all of it." Besoux says: "Then you are probably glad with what I am going to show all of you." They all go outside the city and step in a vehicle. Jaimy looks and sees a man sitting at the wall of Youxoter. Amy walks next to her. She asks: "Who is that?" Amy says: "Probably not someone we know." Suddenly, the man also sees them. He stands up and comes to them. Richard asks to Amy and Jaimy: "Why are you not coming in the vehicle?" Jaimy says: "Someone comes to us." When he comes closer and closer, Jaimy says: "It is Matt. He survived!" Richard asks: "Who is Matt?" Amy answers: "Someone we met on Taceriona. We thougt he died." When Matt is close enough, he says: "Finally I see you again." Jaimy says: "We thought you was death." Matt says: "I surprisingly surprised. I'm sorry about your spaceship. It is broken again." Jaimy says: "It doesn't matter. Come with us. We are going to the other city." They all step in and some seconds later, Besoux drives away. Lauren sees Matt and asks: "Who are you?" Matt says: "I'm Matt. We met on that other planet." Lauren asks: 'Why haven't we seen you earlier?" Matt says: "It took me some time to get here." Jaimy says: "Good that you survived." Matt asks: "What happened to the beast?" Richard says: "Death." Matt says: "Okay good."

Some time later, they reach Bisonuar. All the humans are impressed by how big the city is. Caroline says: "It is so modern. Good to see that you know about technology too." Besoux says: "Of course the city couldn't become like the old one again." When they walk in the city, they see that it is still very empty. Besoux says: "It is not totally done yet. When it is, I will tell all the Quetirians that they can return." Lauren says: "Good, I'm sure that they want to live here again." Richard asks: "How did you got all these stuff to create this city?" Besoux says: "I got some help." Richard asks: "By who?" Besoux says: "Humans." Richard says: "That explains a lot." Lauren says: "Can't we meet them? It is impressive what they achieved." Besoux says: "Of course we can. We will go them right now." They go in some kind of techonology room. They see that there are a lot of people in it. One of them asks: "Who are all these people?" Besoux says: "I want to introduce you to Caroline, Lauren, George, Richard, Amy, Lindsey, Avalyn, Joe and Jaimy." Jaimy says: "You forget Matt." They all ignore it until another man asks: "Aren't you the humans who saved this planet so much times?" Lauren says: "Yes, we are." The man says: "It's a honour to meet you." The other man says: "They should also know what we achieved Sebastian. Don't be so honorary." Sebastian says: "Without them, we couln't even do this Jace." Jace says: "Oka, it is fine. Lets meet each other. I'm Jace Combs. Leader of our research team. These are Sebastian, Aiden, Yorrick, Toby, Elissa and Kylie." Richard says: "Good to meet you. It is impressive how you helped to build this city." Jace says: "When this city got destroyed, we also lost our life place. We formed a team to build it again." Caroline says: "Good to meet you. Actually all the humans on this planet should come together." Aiden says: "There are a lot of us, so that will be hard." Sebastian says: "It should be easily possible to be all together in this city." Jace says: "We also weren't talking about these kind of amounts." Sebastian says: "I'm sorry." Kylie asks: "You will also start living in this city, right?" Caroline answers: "We also did before it got destroyed. Perhaps you do not know, but Lauren, George and I and some others were the first humans on this planet." Jace says: "That says nothing." Sebastian says: "I told you that it was a honour to meet them. They are the first who were here." Jace angrily looks to it, but he doesn't says anything. It is quiet for a few seconds, until Yorrick asks: "Why are you wearing such a ridiculous suit? (pointing at George)" George says: "My face is totally burned down. You don't want to see it." Yorrick says: "I want to see it." George says: "Fine." and he removes his mask. Sebastian says: "You look like someone from a movie." George says: "Is that meant to be a compliment?" Lauren says: "I think so."

Meanwhile, outside a spaceship lands near the of Bisonuar. It is Apouivour, he reached Quetir. He sees the city of Bisonuar ahead of him. He says: "Finally I arrived. All humans should be scared by now!" He looks with his big eyes and sees a lot of lifes in the city. He says: "Great, there are female humans inside that city." He also sees how healthy they are. He looks at the most healthy one and says: "That will be my target!"

Inside Bisonuar, they see some signal. Jace says: "That's not good." Lauren asks: "What's it?" Elissa says: "A signal that an enemy is near of us." Besoux asks: "What could it be? Doesn't your useful device says that?" Jace angrily responses: "We can just find this out on the regular way." He walks outside and the others follow him. He looks in a binoculars and sees it. He says: "What the fock is that?" Besoux says: "Let me take a look. I know a lot of species." Jace lets Besoux look, but he also doesn't knows what it is. He says: "I have never seen this before. What is it doing here?" Caroline asks: "You didn't thought the same when you saw a human for the first time?" Besoux ignores the question and goes out of the city to the unknown specie. Richard asks: "Should we follow him?" Yorrick says: "No, Besoux will look at it." When Besoux is near of Apouivour, he says: "Welcome to Quetir. May I ask what you want to do here?" Apouivour says: "None of your business." And with some kind of special power, he smashes Besoux hardly away. He is injured and sees Apouivour walking to Bisonuar. He speaks in some kind of device and says to the others: "Everybody hide yourself! Unknown specie is dangerous!" The others hear it. Jace says: "Don't do what he says. We are not cowards." Richard asks: "All women should hide themself. The men can fight this out." Elissa says: "Don't say women can't fight. I will help you." Lauren says: "Okay fine, if you want to help, go help." Jace disagrees with it, but the womens all go away. Amy and Jaimy are still with Matt and see that he is a little weird. Jaimy asks: "Are you feeling allright Matt?" Matt answers: "I feel fine." Jaimy asks: "Are you going to help the other men?" Matt says: "He would easily beat me." Amy says: "Okay lets come with us." Meanwhile, Apouivour walks in the city which doesn't has a protection yet. He sees Jace, George, Richard, Elissa and the other men. He screams: "Not the one I am searching for." He sees the men coming at them. Apouivour says: "If you want to fight, okay lets fight." Jace says to the others: "Let me show you how to defeat an unknown alien." Out of nowhere, Jace attack Apouivour but he is not impressed by it. Jace says: "Who the hell are you? Go with your ugly face out of my city!" Jace fights against him for some time, but later he is defeated. Yorrick, Aiden, Toby and Elissa are all very surprised by it. They decide to run away. George attacks Apouivour, but he grabs his suit and throws him against a wall. After it, Apouivour is done with fighting and he fastly runs further the city in. Richard and Joe look where he goes to. Richard says: "We should protect the women against him." Joe agrees and runs after him. Apouivour comes closer and closer to his target. Jaimy and Amy are still with Matt. Jaimy says: "Come Matt. I can see it coming at us." Matt says: "Don't worry. I will protect you." They run further, until they see Caroline, Lauren, Lindsey, Avalyn and Kylie going in a house. On the moment they also want to go inside the house, Apouivour comes at them. Apouivour sees a male and two female. He says: "Interesting." Matt says to Jaimy: "Go inside. I will fight him." Jaimy says: "Please don't. He will kill you." After it, Matt suddenly closes the door. Jaimy and the others disagree with it, but they can't do anything. Outside, Amy is angry because she couldn't come in. She says: "Why did you close it? I want to get in." Suddenly, Apouivour uses some kind of power. Matt focusses on Amy and says: "You should come with us." Amy is very surprised and says: "What happened to you?" Suddenly, Matt hits her very hard and she falls on the ground. Apouivour goes to her, picks her up and throws her in some kind of bag which is attacked to his body. Amy screams: "Please. I am innocent." Apouivour closes the bag. Matt is completely taken over by him. Richard and Joe can see Apouivour and Matt. Apouivour says: "You are too interesting for me. Lets come my son." Apouivour grabs Matt and throws him in another bag. Meanwhile, Richard and Joe see it all happening and come to Apouivour. On the moment they want to attack him, Apouivour runs as fast as possible away and in a few seconds he is out of the city. Jace, George, Elissa, Yorrick, Sebastian and Toby see it all happening. Apouivour goes as fast as possible in a spaceship and flies away. All the women inside see that the unknown specie is gone and come outside. Lauren asks to Richard and Joe: "What happened? Where is that beast?" Joe says: "We saw him picking up Matt and going away." Meanwhile, Besoux runs as fast as possible to the spaceship and throws a tracker. After it, Besoux grabs a weapon and start shooting on the spaceship. Besoux says: "And go forever away from my planet!" Suddenly, Besoux sees the petroleum tank. He starts shooting on it. He can hit it a few times before the spaceship flies away. He runs after the spaceship and sees that it made a hole which makes the petroleum leak. Besoux says: "You won't come far with that spaceship." Inside Bisonuar, all the humans come together. Jace says: "So he picked up that weird guy and went away? We shouldn't even be sad for that." Jaimy says: "How can you be so cruel." Suddenly, Richard looks and sees that Amy isn't with them. He starts crying. Lindsey asks to Richard: "What's wrong?" Richard says: "Amy is gone." Caroline and Joe also hear it. Caroline says: "Yes, where is she? I haven't seen her." Joe says: "Maybe she ran away as fast as possible?" The others also hear it. Yorrick says: "You mean that hot girl? Lets search immediatly for her." The following hour, they all search for Amy but nobody finds her. Richard can't take it anymore. He says: "How could I be so stupid and don't protect her?" After some time, they all give it up and come together again. Caroline says: "Has nobody seen her?" Jaimy says: "The last time I saw her she was with me and Matt." Caroline says: "Then, I fear the worst." Suddenly, they see that Besoux comes back to the city. Lauren says: "Lets hope that Besoux has good news." George says: "He always knows how to solve every problem." They all go to the gate of the city, except Richard. He feels too bad. Lauren asks to Besoux: "Do you have good news for me?" Besoux says: "Well, I have some good news, but I'm not sure it is where you are searching for." Jace says: "We have a boy who can't take it anymore. His girlfriend is missing." George angrily says to Jace: "Do you think this is funny?" Jace answers: "No, why would I think that?" Besoux says: "Can I say my good news?" Lindsey says: "Yes, I want to make Richard happy again." Besoux says: "Okay. I followed the spaceship, threw a tracker on it and started shooting on its petroleum tank. They won't come far anymore with that spaceship." Lauren asks: "You didn't saw Amy and Matt?" Besoux says: "They are kidnapped by that beast?" Lauren says: "We think so." Besoux says: "Oh, that's not good. I think I know where this guy is from. Lets go inside and search it on our devices." On the walk to it, Lindsey asks to Besoux: "What do you think it is?" Besoux says: "I have a feeling that he works for who we call the gatherers. Over the years, there have been different cases of these group kidnapping random people. Most well known was the kidnap of the Quetirians. Lots of years ago when you weren't on this planet yet, a female and male Quetirian have been kidnapped. And at the Xyporions there has happened the same." Lauren says: "But why do they kidnap people?" Caroline says: "If they kidnap from every specie a male and a female, maybe they are gathering all species?" Besoux says: "Lets find out." Not much later, they come along Richard who is still sad but joins the group again." They go inside and Besoux starts searching. He types in all known things about the specie they just saw. All of them come to one specie: Volorions.

George asks: "What would a specie from so far away do here?" Richard says: "Why did he had to get Amy? She is innocent and has never done anything bad." Yorrick says: "Don't worry, we will help you finding your hot girlfirend." Jace says: "Exactly. Besoux, you put a tracker on it, right?" Besoux says: "Yes, I did." Jace says: "Okay, Aiden, Yorrick, Ellisa, Sebastian, Toby and Kylie, lets go. We will do this." Richard says: "No, I want to save her." Aiden says: "This time we will do it. We are an excellent team and can do it. Please trust us." On the moment Richard wants to response, George says: "Okay, you can try it first. If you fail, we will go." Jace says: "Of course we won't fail. We are the best team ever." Caroline says: "Then show that to us." Jace says: "Everybody, ready to go?" Aiden says: "That's why I am here." Elissa says: "We can do this." Yorrick says: "For a hot girl, I would do everything." Sebastian says to him: "Please don't forget that it is Richard's girlfriend, not yours." Yorrick doesn't reacts to it. Toby and Kylie both also says yes and aren't very sure yet what they can expect, but they come with them. After a few seconds, the team leaves the room and goes to their spaceship. When they are gone, Joe says: "What an arrogant idiot." Besoux says: "It is kind of true that they are a very good team, but I agree that he says it too much." Richard says: "We will also go, right?" Besoux says: "I want to know more of this specie. You can come with me." Lauren says: "I guess the Spaceship 537 won't be a good idea." Besoux says: "We are working on fixing it again, but it is indeed not done yet." George says: "We will go in your spaceship?" Besoux says: "That seems like the right idea." Jaimy suddenly says: "We shouldn't forget to also save Matt." Joe says: "We don't know him very well. He seemed a little weird in my opinion." Avalyn says: "I agree." Caroline, who is standing next to her, asks: "You will also come with us?" Avalyn says: "I would like to help you. And being alone on this planet becomes boring, I guess." Besoux says: "Lets make a plan. My spaceship has a secret smaller spaceship hidden inside it. Richard and some others should go in that and follow the tracker which leads to Amy." Lauren asks: "And the others?" Besoux says: "We will get the leader of the Volorions. He probably has many different species. But for the spaceship we will have to follow now, it won't go too far and has to make a stop on another planet. That will be the right place to get that idiot." Richard asks: "Where is the tracker now?"

To answer that question, the screen turns over to the spaceship of Apouivour. One of the Volorions comes to Apouivour and says in Volorion language: "We have a problem." Apouivour angrily asks: "What?" The Volorion says: "The Quetirian hit our petroleum tank. It leaks petroleum. We won't make it to Volorion." Apouivour curses something in Volorion language. After it, he says: "Lets make a stop at the closest planet." They look on some kind of screen and see a planet not very far away of them. On the screen, the name Bruiphonium is shown. Apouivour says: "Good, there we can fix the spaceship."

On Quetir, they look on the device and see the spaceship changing it course and going to the planet of Bruiphonium. Besoux says: "That was pretty predictable." Avalyn asks: "Do the others know this?" Besoux says: "They also follow the track and will reach it earlier than us." Richard says: "Lets go immediatly to it now. Amy can't wait on us."

Inside the spaceship of Apouivour, Amy is throwed in a big cage. She doesn't knows what all happened. There are some other aliens inside the cage too, but they all look very ugly. She looks outside the cage and sees Apouivour talking to some of the same specie. They speak in some weird language, she doesn't gets anything of it. Suddenly, another alien comes close to her and says something weird. She answers to it: "I'm sorry, I don't speak your language." It makes another alien saying: "Are you a human?" Amy answers: "Yes, I am surprised that you speak English." The alien comes closer to her and says: "I speak thousands of languages in the whole galaxy." Amy says: "Wow, you are smart." The alien says: "I'm Zaver, a Viuron from a planet far away. Who kidnapped you?" Amy answers: "That idiot over there." And after it, she points at Apouivour. Zaver says: "That's Apouivour from Volorion." Amy says: "I don't really care about who he is. Do you know where they will bring us too?" Zaver says: "I spoke to that guy overthere. He says that we will be added to a collection of the leader of the Volorions." Amy says: "Oh, that doesn't sounds very good. But why do they kidnap people?" Zaver says: "I guess that they choose the most healthy and smart people of each specie." Amy says: "I don't think I'm very smart, so I'm the most healthy?" Zaver says: "All I know is that they took me because I was very smart." Suddenly, they see a big light coming. It is het planet of Brouphonium. Zaver says: "We will land on that planet." Amy asks: "What will do there?" Zaver says: "You wasn't here yet. On Quetir the spaceship was under fire and petroleum tank has been hitted. We will land there, so they can fix the ship." Amy asks: "How do you know?" Zaver says: "I don't know for sure, but why would we would land here otherwise?" In the front of the spacehip, Apouivour is still speaking in Volorion language. He says: "Don't make this stop too long. Cirophaa will be angry if he come back too late." Another Volorion says: "We will just fix the ship and fly away again." Apouivour says: "Allright then, I don't want to stay too long on the motherfocking planet."

Not very far away of them, another spaceship is flying. Aiden is flying the spaceship. Jace is sitting next to him as co-pilot. Yorrick, Elissa, Sebastian, Toby and Kylie are standing after them. Yorrick asks: "Are we still going in the right direction?" Jace answers: "Of course we are still going on the right direction." Aiden sees something appearing on the radar. He says: "They are going to a planet." Jace starts laughing and says: "Exactly like we expected." Elissa says: "We will get them there!" Sebastian asks: "What can we expect of that planet?" Toby says: "Just another dumb planet." Aiden gives a better answer by saying: "There live very much people on that planet. It is a pure chaos there." Jace says: "The Bruiphons won't be standing in our way, they won't annoy us." Kylie asks: "How can we be sure about that? They live with like thousands on the planet." Jace says: "Bruiphons aren't very strong. And most of them are very poor." Sebastian asks: "Are there also humans on that planet?" Jace answers: "I have never heard spaceships going to that planet. So, don't expect to see any humans." Yorrick says: "Everyone focus. We aren't there to go on holiday. We should kill that idiot and get back the hot girl of Richard." Toby says to him: "Maybe if you save here, you can fuck with her." Yorrick laughs and says: "That idiot of a Richard is too soft. He doesn't deserves such a hot girl as her." Jace says: "Stop talking about girls you fools. They aren't important." Elissa says: "Yeah, I'm much hotter than her." Jace says: "Oh god, please let it stop." Kylie says: "Yes, please don't speak so about girls." Yorrick says: "You really can't have anything."  Jace says: "Just stop or I will let you stop!" After it, they all stop.

The others are also in the spaceship of Besoux now. Lauren says: "This looks really great." Besoux says: "Actually this spaceship used to be of Ibrousax. I took it after he died." Richard asks: "Where is the tracker going to?" Besoux says: "They are very close of Bruiphoium. I told you that they would land on a planet. Brouphonium seemed the most logic." Joe says: "The others are also there." Besoux says: "I didn't put a tracker on their spaceship, but let them try it first." Lindsey asks: "Isn't it the most logic if we work together? I miss Amy and we would be the best team if we work together." George says: "They choose to go their own way. We can do it without them." Besoux says: "We will probably see the other team again fast enough." Avalyn says: "The other team didn't looked bad. Only that leader Jace, he is such an idiot." Besoux says: "I actully have to laugh a bit that you hate Jace. I still remember him landing on our planet. I saw a new Markus in him, but of course he is too arrogant and thinks he can achieve everything." Caroline says: "Well if he really thinks he can achieve everything, then this should be easy for him, right?" Richard says: "I hate it that they are faster than us. I don't trust Jace and for sure that other guy too. His name is Yorrick, right?" Besoux says: "I guess we aren't very much behind them, so we can just wait and see what they will do." George says: "We had a plan, right?" Besoux says: "It is still the same. The Volorion is for me, you can search for Amy."

Meanwhile, the other team reaches Bruiphonium. Jace says: "We are there. Prepare yourself for an ugly and dirty planet. It is all waiting for us!"  Some seconds later, they land on the planet. Aiden says: "We need to go in Eastern direction. We shouldn't land too close because that would make it all a too big coincidence." Sebastian says: "Now, lets see of it is really what you say." They open the gate out of the spaceship and see a sandy ground with a lot of waste lying everywhere. Toby says: "They could make a big dump area with all theser stuff." Jace says: "Very funny, now focus again." Kylie says: "This direction is Eastern, right?" Yorrick says: "Of course it is." They all start walking through the slibbery sand and all the rubbish. After some walking, they can see a spaceship in the front of them. Jace says: "There you have it." They come closer and closer to it and see how big it actually is. They also see a lot of Bruiphons across the ship." Elissa asks: "What are they doing?" Sebastian says: "I think they try to get in or try to get off some useful stuff of the spaceship." Yorrick says: "Why did they had to land on such a poor planet?" Jace says: "It's all better, we won't attract attention." Aiden says: "We should find a way to get in now." They search, but there is no way to come in. All windows of the spaceship also can't be seen anymore. Aiden asks: "So what will do now?" Jace answers: "I will call Besoux." He picks up some special telephone that has connect with people over the space. When they have contact, Jace says: "We are standing before that spaceship right now. But we don't know how to get in." Besoux can be heard over the telephone saying: "Do you know where that Volorion is?" Jace says: "There is nobody here." Besoux says: "Search him, he can't be far away from you." Jace says: "That guy can be everywhere." Besoux says: "I see that there is a city not far away from you. He for sure went to to it to heal his spaceship. Also go to that city." Jace says: "Okay, but what if we miss it and it gets away again?" Besoux says: "Just go to it. We will see it further later." Jace says: "Fine, we will look at the city." After it, they stop the telephone contact. Jace says to the others: "We will go to a city near of it. They should be there."  Yorrick says: "But that hot girl is probably here. We had as mission to save her." Jace says: "But, do you know how to save her without getting that idiot?" Elissa says: "We have to walk some more to this stupid sand? I'm done with it!" They ignore what she says. They start walking further until they suddenly see the Volorions. Yorrick asks to Jace: "Isn't that him?" Jace says: "Quiet idiot. We shouldn't get too much attraction. Just walk further." They walk to the waste and see the Volorions walking back to their spaceship. Elissa says: "I guess we don't have to walk to the city anymorte." Sebastian asks: "Shouldn't we do something? He will go away." Jace says: "Do you have any idea what to do?" Suddenly, Apouivour starts looking at them. Apouivour laughs and grabs something in his hands. Jace says to the others: "Hide yourself!" And suddenly a bomb is thrown to them. It explodes near of them, but they all can get away fast enough. One of the Volorions asks to Apouivour: "Why did you throw that bomb?" Apouivour says: "That were the same people we saw on Quetir. They are here to get their friend back." Jace sees them get away. Jace says: "Fock, don't let them get away! He looks besides them, but he doesn't sees the others. Kylie and Toby fastly wake up and return to Jace. Yorrick and Aiden also fall next to each other. Sebastian doesn't returns. They don't think about him and go after Apouivour. Sebastian wakes up but he is the only one who is hit by the bomb. He feels pain. He can stand up, but he feels some pain on his right leg. He starts walking in some direction. He asks: "Where are the others?" He sees a lot of Volorions but his friends are nowhere. He looks everywhere, but doesn't sees them. They already got away. He has too much pain to walk a lot. He sees a lot of Bruiphoniums running in a direction. He decides to follow them. But suddenly a lot of Bruiphoniums come after him and push him on the ground. He falls on the ground. He watches left to him and sees the Bruiphoniums disappearing. After they are all gone, he sees someone sitting on the ground. He stands up once again and goes to it. To his own surprise, he sees that it is a woman. She doesn't looks good. He asks: "Are you allright?" The woman reacts very softly: "I am going to die." Sebastian asks: "Do you want some water?" The woman says: "Yes." And he gives her some water he had left. When she has drunk, he asks: "What is your name?" The woman says: "I'm Isabelle. Thank you very much. Without you, I would have died." Sebastian says: "I'm Sebastian. Come with me, I will save you." 

The others run back to the spaceship and see Apouivour and his men walking back to the Spaceship. Jace says to the others: "Stop! Let him think we are death." They hide behind some rubbish shit. Yorrick asks: "What is the plan?" Jace says: "They won't leave the planet. They still need to fix their ship." Elissa says: "But we have to take action. Standing here will only get use lose time." Jace says: "Fine, lets try something." Jace stands up and the others follow him. They walk to the other side of the spaceship, where Apoivour and his henchmen can't see him. Apouivour is watching how his henchmen fix the ship. He says: "We still need to get some more petroleum. We won't reach Volorion with this." One of the Volorions asks: "Should we do that?" Apouivour says: "No, I will do it myself. These humans want to get their specie back. And since they have seen me, I grab too much attention at this spaceship. Also, let that other human outside. He can mislead the humans." After it, Apouivour walks away. His most loyal henchmen follow him. Jace, Yorrick, Elissa, Toby and Kylie see it happening. Toby says: "Seems like they need to have something else." Yorrick says: "Guess what?" Jace says: "It doesn't matters why they are leaving, this will give us another chance to get in." Meanwhile, the other Volorions go back in the spaceship. They walk to a single cage where Matt is sitting in. Matt screams to them: "What the hell do you want with me! Let me out right now." The Volorions ignore him. But they open the cage and put handcuffs on his arms. Matt asks: "What are you going to do with me?" The Volorions walk with him out of the spaceship and go in the direction of the city. The other humans also see that. Yorrick says: "That's another human!" Kylie asks: "Shouldn't we save him?" Jace says: "No, we are only here to save the girl." Yorrick says: "Okay, I don't care about him." Toby says: "I guess that is the human who was also kidnapped by that guy." Jace says: "You are right. I don't care about him. Let him die." Yorrick says: "Yes, lets go find that girl." Jace says: "It's time to make a plan. Yorrick and Kylie will go try get in the ship. The others come with me. We will go after that alien." Yorrick asks: "Can I fuck that woman after I saved her?" Jace says: "You do what you want. Good luck with it."

In the space, Besoux, Caroline, Richard and the others also see the planet appearing. Lauren asks to Besoux: "Have you ever been before on this planet?" Besoux says: "No, I didn't. It will all come as a surprise to me." Joe asks: "Have we heard anything of the other team?" Besoux says: "No and I guess we also won't hear anything." Joe says: "I knew that they wouldn't succeed in this." Richard says: "I wonder how it is going with Amy." Lindsey says: "Just trust that she is allright." Richard says: "Let hope for it." After it, they land on the planet. When they all walk out of the spaceship, they see how big mess it is on the planet. Besoux says: "I really wasn't expecting this. I knew that Bruiphonium isn't a very rich planet, but I didn't knew that it would be full of trash." Richard asks: "On which direction is the spaceship with Amy?" Besoux says: "It should be this direction" and he points at the north.

Sebastian and Isabelle are sitting next to each other. Sebastian asks: "How did you came on a planet full with trash?" Isabelle answers: "I was on the first group that went to this planet. When we wanted to land, our spaceship was hit by something. All of us died except me. I don't know exactly what happened. I waked up in the broken spaceship. I saw lots of Volorions and hide me here. I can barely walk and feel really bad." Sebastian says: "I feel sorry for you." Isabelle says: "Everybody, including my boyfriend is death, I think." Sebastian asks: "I can try to search for him." Isabelle says: "No, your leg is too bad for that. Please, stay at me." Sebastian says: "Okay, I will do everything you want." Isabelle asks: "Are you also alone here?" Sebastian says: "No, my friends are busy with something I don't really care about. Saving you is much more important for me. After all, they don't need me." Isabelle says: "That's sad to hear." Sebastian says: "One of them is Jace. He really thinks he can decide everything of us. I'm done with it." Isabelle says: "I really want to get off this planet. Do you know another planet we can go to?" Sebastian says: "I know a planet, but of course we won't come there without a spaceship." Isabelle says: "Maybe I just would like to die like all the others." Sebastian says: "No please don't. We just met. I will trust you that I will find a way to get off from here." Isabelle says "I want to get away from this place. Are you able to walk again?" Sebastian says: "Sure, but it still hurts." They both stand up and start walking. Sebastian asks: "Shall we walk to that city?" Isabelle says: "Okay, maybe we can get a spaceship there."

The group of Besoux, Caroline and Richard reaches the spaceship of Apouivour. Richard asks: "This is it?" Besoux says: "Yes, I'm completely sure of it. It looked exactly like this when I saw it on Quetir." Lauren asks: "How do we can get in?" Jaimy says: "Seems like the others also couldn't get in." Avalyn asks: "Where are the others actually?" Joe says: "Maybe they aren't even alive anymore." But suddenly, Yorrick and Kylie come to them. Yorrick says: "Look who we have there. You didn't trusted us enough and also came to overhere?" Besoux says: "It took too much time." Yorrick says: 'You didn't even gave us a chance!" Kylie says: "Calm down Yorrick. They can help us." Lindsey says: "Finally someone who understands it. Lets just work together." Besoux asks: "Where are the others?" Yorrick says: "They followed that alien who went into the city." Besoux says: "Allright, we will also go to him." Richard says: "I will stay here." Besoux says: "Okay, you and Lindsey can stay here. The others should come with us." Jaimy says: "I'm fine with that." Yorrick says to Richard: "Shall we both try to get her? And who gets her first, can have her." Richard says: "No, you have no right to be thinking about that." Lauren and Lindsey are standing next to each other and Lindsey says to Lauren: "He is really angry. I want it to end." Lauren says: "He is worried about Amy. The only way how this can end is with getting her back." Joe asks to Besoux: "Shall we go now? The only time we waste here, the faster they will be back." Besoux says: "Yes, it is time to finally kill that idiot. Lets show him humans are stronger than he thinks!"

Jace, Aiden, Elissa and Toby follow Apouivour and reach the city. They see some the henchmen with Matt coming with them. Aiden asks: "What are they going to do with him?" Jace says: "I don't care about him." Elissa says to Jace: "Do you really think it was smart to let Yorrick go on that spaceship without us?" Jace says: "He has Kylie with him." Elissa says: "She isn't even strong enough for all of this. She should have stayed on Earth." Toby says: "Don't be so tough. What would you think if we talk the same about you?" Elissa says: "At least I can save myself. She is too young and weak!" Jace says: "Stop the two of you. There is no reason for having a discussion now. If Yorrick and Kylie fail, I don't care. Yorrick was annoying me. That's why I let him go." Aiden says: "I hope he will die. I don't care about him." Elissa says: "Oh and he can talk about Yorrick this way?" Jace says: "We can say what we want." After it, Toby says: "We are losing them. We have to be faster." Suddenly, a lot of Bruiphonums come between them, making their view on them disappearing. Jace says: "It won't be hard to find them again. All others look the same." After it, they start searching in the big city.

Not far away of them, the group of Besoux and Caroline also reaches the city. Besoux says: "These are the cities on this planet? It looks really weird." Lauren says: "They probably aren't very rich." George says: "The good thing is that we can easily surrounder it." Joe asks: "So what is the plan?" Besoux says: "George is right. There are only a few ways to get in this city. If we send some of us to all sides, the Volorion can't come outside." Carolinje says: "That would exactly be like a rat in a fall." Besoux asks: "What is a rat?" Lauren laughs and answers: "An animal on Earth." Besoux says: "Oh, that explains a lot." Jaimy says: "The other team is inside, so they can kill him right?" Besoux says: "No, they don't know where they deal with. Lets make groups now. Joe and Jaimy will go to the northern entrance of the city, Lauren and Avalyn to the western entrance and Caroline and George pick the Eastern entrance." Caroline asks: "What about the southern entrance?" Besoux says: "I will do that one." Caroline asks again: "But you will go inside the city?" Besoux says: "Trust me, I have a plan." Avalyn asks: "So we have to stay at these gates all the time?" Besoux says: "I didn't came on that yet. I was thinking about closing all the gates, so there will be no way for him to come out." Jaimy asks: "How will we do that?" Besoux says: "I will tell the Bruiphoniums to close the gates." George says: "So now you know how to contact with this specie?" Besoux says: "I still don't know how to do that. But I know how I can force them to close the gates. And with that, I mean firework. It will also scare the Volorion." George says: "Okay, I guess this is a good plan." Avalyn says: "Yes, lets go now." After it, they all go to to their own entrance of the city.

Sebastian and Isabelle also see the city getting closer. Sebastian asks: "Are you feeling well?" Isabelle says: "I still don't feel very good." Sebastian says: "I'm sorry that I can't do more." Isabelle says: "I hope that at this city they have something that will make me get better." Sebastian says: "I will search for the others. At the spaceship, we will have something."

Richard, Lindsey, Yorrick and Kylie are still looking for a way to get in. Richard starts looking at the place where they saw Volorions get out. Yorrick says: "You idiot. Do you really think they will just open that gate?" Richard says: "No, I look if there is any way to get it open." Suddenly, Kylie and Lindsey see another gate opening. Lindsey says: "Another gate has opened!" Yorrick hears it and runs as fast as possible to it. The Volorions are very surprised when they see him. He attacks them and easily defeats them. Yorrick says: "I knew it would be easy to come inside here, but so easy...." Richard also comes to it. He ignores him and they walk inside the spaceship. They see that it is very big and they have multiple ways to go to. Lindsey says: "Which option will we choose?" Richard says: "Lets all go choose one." Yorrick says: "I didn't expect you to want that. What if I come earlier at here?" Richard says: "I don't care." After it, they all decide to take another way and see which one will lead to Amy.

The group of Jace finds after some searching where the Volorions are. Aiden says: "They are buying petroleum." Jace says: "We should have known that." Elissa asks: "What is the plan now?" Toby says: "What about attacking? They think we are death." Aiden says: "And what if it easy slaughters us?" Toby says: "Do we have another option?" Jace says: "I have to be agree with Toby for once." Aiden says: "Fine, we will attack." Toby says: "Good, please don't be a coward." Elissa asks to Jace: "Shouldn't we ask Besoux for help?" Jace says: "No, we can do this our own." Toby asks: "So we will attack now?" The others don't react, but they all start attacking. Apouivour and his men who are busy with putting petroleum in some kind of yerrycan see it all happening. Apouivour says in Volorion langauge: "Bring this to the spaceship. I will kill these shit my own." The other Volorions go away and Apouivour sees the man coming to him. Jace is the first to attack, but the others come fastly after it. Meanwhile, Besoux also comes inside the city. He looks and sees a lot of Volorions. He grabs some firework he brought with him. He puts it on the ground. He activates some kind of button and the firework is shot in the sky. All the Bruiphoniums are very scared by it and run away. They think the war has come to them. Also on that same time, all the other groups are inside the city. Apouivour, Jace and the others also see the firework. Apoivour gets very angry and starts fighting better. He defeats Jace and the others and runs to the exit of the city. He sees the Volorions who carry the petroleum, but suddenly he is attacked by a Quetirian. Apouivour laughs and he starts fighting the Quetirian. Apouivour says in his own language: "What do you want piece of shit? Do you want your friends back? Do whatever you want, you won't get them back!" Besoux says: "Do you think that is what I want?" Apouivour says: "I don't see any other reason for you to attack me!" After it, Apouiviour knows that he won't come out of the city on this way. He runs to the western entrance of the city. But, he sees two female humans standing there. When he sees them coming at him, he runs to the northern entrance. He sees again two humans coming at him. He knows that there is only one option left: the eastern entrance. But to his own surprise, there are also humans there. He curses a bit in Volorion before saying: "Lets kill them!" Caroline and George attack him. George uses something in his new suit to shoot on him. Apouivour knows there is no option left. He smashes Besoux away and runs the city in again. Besoux says: "Follow him!" All the humans come together again and run after Apouivour. They see Apouivour running in some kind of house. George is the first to come after him. He starts shooting some rockets. One of them hits Apouivour. He is hurted but fastly stands up again. One for one, all the humans attack him. He fastly defeats a lot of them, but there fastly come others so he keeps on fighting the whole time. When he defeated all of them, Besoux is back again. They fight for some time until Apouivour says: "I think I start to understand it. You want to get that girl back! And you was that idiot who made us land on this planet!" Besoux says: "Exactly, it is good that you found that out now." Apouivour says: "You all don't give a shit about that man right?" Besoux asks: "Who the hell do you mean?" Apouivour says: "That says enough. At least my master will get that girl and...." Apouivour couldn't finish his sentence. Besoux put a swords in his head. Besoux says: "Go back to your hole!" and he removes the sword again, making Apouivour's death body falling on the ground. Lauren says: "Good Besoux. Lets go to the spaceship again." On the moment they walk out of the house again, Jace and the others come to them. Jace says: "Very good of you. Following us and doing something we should do. Very good!" Besoux says: "I said that if it takes too long, we will come. We hold us on that." After it, they decide to walk together out of the city.

On the same time, Sebastian and Isabelle also come in the city again. It is still a chaos in the city. Sebastian asks: "What is happening here?" Isabelle says: "Seems like they are all very scared of something." Sebastian says: "We should find that other group. I don't want to see my group again." Isabelle asks: "Why?" Sebastian says: "I don't want them to know that I am still alive. Jace will kill me when he finds out that I left the group." Isabelle asks: "He will really kill you?" Sebastian says: "At least he will be very angry." Isabelle says: "I won't let him kill you." Sebastian says: "He won't, trust me."

Richard walks in the big spaceship. He looks but he doesn't sees or hears anything. After some time, he sees the way ending in nothing. Richard is very angry and fastly runs back. Kylie is very scared and hears some aliens screaming something. When the sounds get too loud, she fastly runs back again. Yorrick thinks he hears something, but of course he doesn't gets away. Yorrick says: "Stupid idiots! Give the girl to us." No reaction, he runs further until he is suddenly in the cockpit of the spaceship. All the Volorions look to him. Lindsey can only hear some fighting and screaming. She walks straight to some cages. To her own surprise, she sees Amy sitting in one. Amy screams: "Lindsey, I'm here!" Zaver asks to Amy: "Who is she?" Amy answers: "She is a friend of mine. She comes to save us!" Unfortunately, some Volorions come and attack Lindsey. She fastly runs away. Lindsey screams: "Richard Richard Richard! I saw Amy!" Richard hears her screaming something, but he doesn't understands anything of it. He thinks she screams for help. Richard runs fastly to her. When he comes closer, he hears her screaming that she has seen Amy. Richard gets very excited of it, but on the moment he wants to run to it, he sees some Volorion entering him. Yorrick is fighting against the Volorions in the cockpit. He fights back, but there are too much of them. He is defeated by them. They grab him and start torturing him. Yorrick screams all the pain out. The Volorions keep on torturing him. Meanwhile, Kylie runs out of the spaceship. She is very scared. When she looks, she sees some Volorions that are done with filling the spaceship. After it, the go back in the spaceship again. A few seconds later, the door closes. Kylie is shocked and knows that the others can't come outside again. Inside the spaceship, they also find out. The spaceship goes in the air again. Richard and Lindsey know that they are stuck in it and let them get prisoned. Inside the city, they also see the spaceship flying away. They can't do anything about it.

Jace says to Besoux and the others: "And now you have it. We killed that alien, but the spaceship flies away." Lauren says: "But Richard and Lindsey were at that spaceship, right?" George says: "If they are inside, we need to help them." Elissa says: "Yorrick and Kylie were also there." Toby says: "Yorrick is for sure on that spaceship." Besoux says to Jace: "You, Elissa, Aiden and Toby will go to it and look what happened. Caroline and Avalyn, you will go with them." Caroline asks: "What are you going to do?" Besoux says: "I, Lauren, George, Jaimy and Joe should take a better look on this spaceship." Aiden suddenly interrupts the conversation by saying: "You will search for that other man?" Jaimy asks: "You mean Matt?" Aiden says: "I don't know his name. I just mean that guy who was also kidnapped. We saw him and other aliens being brought to this city." Jace says to Aiden: "Why do you care about that guy?" Aiden says: "They want to save him. Let him get a fair chance." Jaimy says: "We can't leave Matt here." Besoux says: "Okay fine, we will search for him." Jaimy asks to Aiden: "Did you saw where they brought Matt to?" Aiden says: "We didn't gave much attention to him. But I think they were going to sell all worthless species." They look and see a big building. Lauren says: "I guess we should take a visit to that building." Besoux says: "Jace and Caroline, you will lead the other group. Go to the place, look if the others are there and follow the spaceship." Caroline says: "Didn't they found the tracker?" Besoux says: "It's good camouflaged on the spaceship." After it, he gets some device and shows it to Caroline. He says: "It is still on it." Caroline grabs it and they walk away. The others walk to the building. When they are inside, they see it is very busy there. A lot of Bruiphonums are inside the building. They look on a stage where they see many different species standing. Next to them, they see Volorions. Joe asks: "What is happening here?" Besoux says: "I think I understand it totally now. Lets explain it when it is less busy. You can barely talk here." After it, they see some species getting seld to a Bruiphonum. After it, suddenly Matt appears. Jaimy says: "That's Matt!" George says: "Are we supposed to buy this guy? We barely know him." Jaimy says: "So we should let him get seld to some Bruiphonum?" Besoux says: "Lets do this on the other way. Follow me!" They run and push a lot of Bruiphonums away. The Volorions on the stage see it happening. They scream in their own language: "They are not buyers, get them out of here!" The Bruiphonums and some Volorions start fighting the humans and Quetirian. A big fight starts. All the humans fight the Bruiphonums and some Volorions. Besoux jumps on the stage and attacks the Volorions. Jaimy gets to Matt and tries to open him.

Meanwhile, the others arrive at the place where the spaceship of the Volorions was standing. They see it is gone and only one person is sitting there. Aiden asks to Kylie: "What the hell has happened? Kylie says: "The spaceship flew away. The others are inside of it." Jace says: "Why the hell didn't you went inside?" Kylie says sad: "I was too scared." Jace is angry, but Elissa says: "Calm down Jace." Caroline says: "Then, I guess we should go in your spaceship and go after them." Avalyn says to Caroline: "Are you sure we should do this?" Caroline says: "Besoux said we should help Richard and Lindsey. Lets do that." Behind them, they hear Toby asking: "What the hell happened to Yorrick?" Jace says: "I will be surprised if this guy is still alive." Aiden says: "Don't be so tough, he can do this."

The screen turns over to the space where they Richard and Lindsey are thrown in a cage. They look all around them. Richard asks: "I thought you said Amy was here?" Lindsey says: "Not in this cage. The cage where she is in, is in the back of this room." Richard is angry and says: "Fine, now we are also trapped. Guess what they will do with us?" Lindsey asks: "Why they have separate cages for us?" Richard says: "Maybe we are less important than the others?" Lindsey says: "Lets find a way to get out of here." In the other side of the spaceship, Yorrick is still tortured. When they are done with him, he is thrown in the same cage as Richard and Lindsey. Richard asks to him: "What the hell happened to you?" Yorrick says: "The idiots got me! Have you seen Amy?" Lindsey says: "I did, she is not far away from us." Richard says: "Lets work together from now on to get him." Lindsey asks: "Where is Kylie?" Yorrick says: "I haven't seen her." Richard says: "Lets hope she is still alive."

On the planet of Bruiphonum, Sebastian and Isabelle are walking to the city and searching for the others. They hear a very loud fighting. They walk to it. Isabelle asks: "What is happening there?" Sebastian says: "I guess they are fighting against each other." Isabelle asks: "Are the others there?" Sebastian says: "I hope so." Isabelle says: "Lets take a look." Sebastian says: "I won't be surprised to see the others fighting there." Isabelle asks: "Are they able to do that?" Sebastian says: "They are the best in that. All I hope, is that Jace and those other idiots aren't there. But, I am willing to take that risk for you." Isabelle says: "Thank you." After it, they walk inside the building and see terrible things happening.

Besoux, Lauren, George, Joe and Jaimy are much stronger than the Volorions and Bruiphoniums. After some time, the Bruiphoniums stop attacking them and the Volorions are defeated. Besoux says: "Give us the human and we go away." None of the others responses. After a few seconds, the Volorions throw Matt away and run as fast as they can out of the building. Sebastian and Isabelle need to get away so the Volorions won't hit them. Outside the building, the Volorions laugh loudly and run away. Lauren asks to Besoux: "Shouldn't we go behind them?" Besoux says: "It doesn't matters where they go. The spaceship is already gone." Suddenly, they hear a loud voice saying: "You just arrived on this planet and you are already making a big mess of it. For years it was quiet here, until you came." George asks: "Who the hell are you?" After it, the man walks tot hem and shows himself. He says: "I'm Morris Bentley, the first human on Bruiphonium." Joe says: "Great to meet you. We are....." He gets interrupted by a scream saying: "Don't think I like to meet you. You only causes lots of problems to this planet." Besoux says: "Oh, then it's good that we are going to leave this planet again in a few days." Morris asks: "What specie are you? I have never seen your specie one-eyed man." Besoux says: "I'm a Quetirian from Quetir. You don't know that planet?" Morris says: "Never heard of it." Besoux says: "It's not very far away from here. And how did you came here?" Morris says: "We went with a spaceship to here. I was with a few friends. Our spaceship ended up on that garbage place. There was almost no food. I have did things that were needed to survive until the Volorions came on my spaceship and I could finally escape. Since then they don't give a shit about me and are only scared of me." Lauren asks: "You killed your own friends?" Morris says: "As I said, I did what was needed to survive." Suddenly, the hear a voice saying: "That sounds dramatical." They all look to it and see that it is Sebastian. Besoux says: "Sebastian? Why aren't you at the others?" Sebastian says: "The others think I'm death. They left me at that garbage place." Morris interrupts the discussion by saying: "How many of you are on this planet?" George answers to him: "Not with how much you think." Sebastian says: "What else did I miss except that you met this guy." Morris says: "I'm Morris, first human on this planet. Show a little more respect." Joe ignores him and says: "You didn't miss much, except that we killed that Volorion." Sebastian says: "Oh good job. Have you already got that girl again?" Jaimy says: "No, sadly not." After it, Isabelle walks to the others and says: "Hi, I'm Isabelle. I heard Sebastian was good friends with you." Lauren says: "Oh hi, I'm Lauren. These are Besoux, George, Joe and Jaimy. You two met each other here?" Sebastian says: "I found her and saved her life." Joe says: "So, you found her after the others thought you were death?" Sebastian says: "Yes, maybe this is a bit coincidience. But it has happened, and I want to take her with us back to Quetir." Jaimy says: "Okay, I'm fine with that." Besoux says: "Okay, lets go out of here. We are done here." On the moment they want to walk away, Morris says: "I forgot to ask you. What the hell actually brought you on this planet?" George says: "That's a long story and since we don't have very much time, don't think that we are going to say that." Morris says: "Okay fine, then I will go with you." The others are a bit shocked of what he says. Morris says: "I have been long enough on this planet. It is time to go now." Lauren says: "Okay allright, you can come with us." The others don't say anything and Morris comes with them. They walk out of the building back to their spaceship.

The others go in the spaceship of Jace. Jace laughs very loud and says: "The idiots don't found our tracker!" Aiden says: "It are just some aliens. Of course they aren't smart." Elissa says: "At least they were smart enough to fix their spaceship." Caroline and Avalyn are sitting next to each other and don't really say anything to the others. Avalyn says: "What if the planet is very strong protected and we can't come on it?" Caroline says: "We can't know that." Avalyn says: "We don't know where we are dealing with yet." Jace walks to Kylie and says: "Don't disappoint me once again." Kylie says: "You should be glad. The others will probably be killed. You don't like me to be still here?" Jace says: "No, I'm just expecting more from you. I choose you over some other candidates. Don't let me get angry of my own decision!" Kylie says: "You gave indirectly an answer to my question." After it, Kylie walks angrily away. Aiden asks to Jace: "What the fock is wrong with her?" Jace says: "She acts strange and scared. On the training, she never did so." Avalyn walks to the others and asks: "You had a training before you went outerspace?" Jace says: "Yes, we only wanted the best of us to go outerspace." Avalyn says: "If you look how it goes now, everybody can afford it to go outerspace." Elissa says: "That's very bad. Lots of not trained people." After it, Toby suddenly says: "It looks like the tracker is going to the next planet." Jace looks on the device and says: "What? I thought they would go straight to their planet now!" Avalyn asks: "Isn't that their home planet?" Caroline who is standing behind them now, says: "I don't think so. That planet is very thinly populated and there is almost nothing there. They don't have any reason for visiting that planet." Aiden asks: "Is there even life possible on that planet?" Jace says: "It doesn't matters. Maybe they want to get away from us." Avalyn says: "And what if it is a trap?" Jace ignores it and says: "Prepare for landing on that planet!" 

On the Volorion spaceship, one of the Volorions says in their own language: "They are still following us." The highest Volorion the spaceship says: "They put a tracker on our spaceship. The one-eyed Quetirian did it when he attacked our spaceship on Quetir! That's how they could follow us all the time." The other Volorion asks: "What are we going to do?" The highest Volorion says: "Show how dumb humans are." Inside the cage of Amy and Zaver, there doesn't happens very much. Amy asks: "What will they do with other humans on the spaceship?" Zaver says: "They will use us for their collection and the others in the other cage, I'm not sure but don't think they will make it out alive." Amy says: "My friend Lindsey was there. I hope they won't kill her." Zaver says: "She is here for you?" Amy says: "Yes, she came here to save me." Zaver says: "They put huge risks to save you. No one came to save me." Amy says: "I wonder how their planet will look like." Zaver says: "I am wondering something else. I haven't seen their leader since we took a stop on that planet." Amy says: "Maybe he didn't survived it." Zaver says: "I think so." Amy says: "But he isn't the leader of that planet, right?" Zaver says: "I don't know his name yet, but don't expect him to be very friendly." In the other cage, Richard, Lindsey and Yorrick are still sitting and doing nothing. Lindsey says to Richard: "We will get her. We are so close and will make it out alive." Richard says: "I just hope they won't harm her. She is just innocent. Why are they doing this?" After it, they see two Volorions walking across their cage. They walk to the gate and open it. Yorrick says: "What the hell will they do?" A very wounded Yorrick can't do much. The Volorions pick him up. Lindsey asks: "Shouldn't we do something?" On the moment they stand up and want to help Yorrick, another fat Volorion walks inside and stands before them. They know they can't do anything against him. Yorrick screams: "I didn't do anything wrong! This is not fair!" After it, Richard and Lindsey can't hear him anymore. They feel stupid that they couldn't do anything. The Volorions walk across the cage of Amy and Zaver. Zaver asks: "Do you know him?" Amy says: "No, I don't know him." Yorrick sees a brown haired girl sitting in the cage. Yorrick screams: "Are you Amy?" Amy is surprised and says: "Yes how do you know me?" Yorrick screams very loud: "I FOUND HER!!!" It is so loud that Richard and Lindsey can hear it. Richard stands up but knows that he can't do anything. Yorrick tries to fight against the Volorions, but they are too strong. They walk to another small spaceship inside a big hangar. A lot of Volorions come inside the hangar. Yorrick screams: "What the hell are you stupid aliens going to do with me? You know that we are going to get the girl, nothing can...." Out of nowhere, a big sharp object goes right to the stomach of Yorrick. After it, his death body is thrown in the small spaceship. After it, some of the Volorions step in the spaceship. Another one puts the tracker on the small spaceship. The fat Volorion also steps inside the spaceship. Some seconds later, the spaceship flies away. The highest Volorion sees it all happening in the cockpit. He says: "Lets wait for your response humans."

On Bruiphonium, the group walks out of the city. Matt is also with them. Everybody gives less attention to him, except Jaimy. Jaimy goes to him and asks: "How are you feeling?" Matt says: "I feel fine. Thanks for saving me." Jaimy asks: "Have you seen Amy?" Matt says: "I didn't see her sadly." Jaimy asks: "What did they actually do with you?" Matt says: "The alien got me and put me in his cage. When we landed on this planet, they didn't wanted to have me and were going to sell me. Luckily, you did something against it." Jaimy says: "I'm glad that you are still alive." Joe looks to Jaimy and Matt and is jealous. He doesn't understands why she gives so much attention to him. Joe asks to George who is walking next to him: "Do you trust that guy?" George says: "I don't trust it. Why would they let us get him so easily?" Joe says: "Exactly, this went way too easy. Shall we kill him on the right timing?" George is surprised and says: "Kill him? That goes a bit too far." Joe says: "He will only give us problems. We can better kill him before it is too late." George doesn't fully agrees with it. Besoux asks to them: "What were you two discussing?" Joe says: "We were discussing about that new guy." Besoux asks: "What about him?" Joe says: "We just don't trust him very much." Besoux asks: "Who do you mean? Morris or Matt?" Joe says: "I actually meant Matt." George says: "I don't trust Morris." They all look and see Morris together with Lauren walking in the front. Lauren asks: "How long are you on this planet?" Morris says: "Very long. I forgot about the dates." Joe asks to Besoux and George: "What about that new girl? I think Sebastian gets tempted by her appearance." George says: "It is a bit too coincidence that he found her on this planet." Joe says: "Yes, I agree." Sebastian and Isabelle can hear their names being said. Isabelle asks: "Your friends don't like me very much yet, right?" Sebastian says: "Don't take it too personal. It takes some time before people trust you." Isabelle says: "Okay, I'm sorry if I am acting strange." Sebastian says: "You aren't. I'm glad that you are here." Isabelle says: "Thanks, it is long ago that I had a good friend like you." Sebastian doesn't reacts for some seconds, he is a bit disappointed by it. After it, he says: "That's good to hear." 

The group of Jace lands on the planet. They see that the other spaceship has just landed on the planet. Jace says: "We will get them now. I don't want to fail once again." Caroline says: "I really don't see any reason why they would lands here. Are you sure this is not a trap?" Jace walks to here, shows his device and says: "You see? The tracker landed here. The tracker says it is here, so it is here! Is it so hard to understand that?" Elissa says: "Lets just take a look. It is worth to take the risk." Avalyn says: "Maybe you will think different if something bad will happen here." Jace says: "I don't give a fuck about what Besoux thinks about us anymore. We do our own thing, deliver that girl again to him and return to Quetir." Caroline says: "I still don't get what he sees in you." Jace angrily answers: "It would be ashamingly of him if he doesn't sees anything in us." Avalyn asks: "Have you ever done a task like this?" Jace says: "I have survived worse. You wanna know about it?" After it, Aiden says: "Guys stop. Every second we waste here is in their advantage." Toby says: "Finally someone says something good." Jace says: "Fine, lets go." They walk to the place where the tracker is. The planet is very cold and they should keep on moving. When they are close enough, they see that the tracker is in some kind of place inside." Avalyn asks: "What would they do inside of there?" Jace says: "Maybe they just hide for us there? Don't be so dumb. You stupid womens are way too scared. Just return to the spaceship and stop annoying us." Avalyn and Caroline look each other in the eyes. Caroline says: "Okay fine, we will go back to the spaceship. Your team is good enough to do this. You don't need us. If it is still a trap, don't say that I didn't warn you." Jace, Aiden, Elissa, Toby and Kylie don't react on it and walk away. They open the base where the tracker's location is. Toby asks: "What is this for dark place?" Kylie says: "Seems like they don't need lights or something." Jace grabs a flashlight and shines inside. He sees a spaceship standing. Jace says: "I knew it, stupid womans who always think they are right." Because it is too dark, they can't see that the spaceship is much smaller than before. The full group walks to the spaceship and Jace shines with the flashlight on it. Aiden says: "Lets go inside and get the girl." Jace says: "Of course." They all start grabbing the door and try to open it. After something time it succeeds. They already see it is all very different. On the moment Jace and the others step inside, to their very big surprise they see the death body of Yorrick! Jace screams: "What the hell?" Elissa runs inside and says: "Yorrick! No, he is death!" Kylie is shocked and starts crying. Toby says: "I told you he wouldn't survive it." Elissa says: "Don't be so tough." Jace screams: "The spaceship isn't much bigger than this! How the hell is this possible?" A few seconds later, they hear a very loud voice saying in English: "Humans! How does it feel to see your friend been slaughtered? You didn't expect that. Like we didn't expect you to kill our leader! This will be our payback!" Aiden screams: "We didn't do it! The one-eyed Quetiriand did it!" The Volorion asks: "Where the hell is he?" Jace says: "He is not here, but I can assure you that I know how to bring him to you." The Volorion says: "No, you are all gonna die! The humans ally the Quetirians! They should all die!" Kylie and Elissa are scared and hide in the spaceship. The Volorion continues: "How does it feel to be powerless? Knowing that you are gonna die?" Aiden becomes angry and screams: "You are such a weak specie! There is no reason to be scared of you!" Toby says: "Calm down Aiden. Screaming doesn't makes it anything better." Aiden says: "I don't care! These idiots just should know that they are not the most powerful specie in the universe." Elissa says: "Hide yourself in the spaceship. They can't come inside here without us knowing it." Aiden says: "I am not going to surrender to this stupid specie! They should know that we are not afraid of them!" And not much after it, Aiden is suddenly grabbed by something and pulled in the darkness. The only thing they can hear is him screaming. Kylie screams: "No Aiden!" Jace and Toby become angry, grab their weapons and start attacking the Volorions. Outside, Caroline and Avalyn can hear everything. Avalyn says: "This is their punishment for not listening to us." Caroline says: "But how are we going to find the spaceship now?" Avalyn says: "Lets just start searching for it." They walk back to the spaceship while the others fight against the Volorions.

In the space, Richard and Lindsey are still stitting inside the cage. Richard says: "I can't take it anymore that we are just sitting here and we can't do anything." Lindsey says: 'I am willing to deliver myself to give you Amy. Shall we try it?" Richard is very surprised and says: "No, please don't do that. I also care about you." Lindsey says: "All my former friends died. Or if you could call Mike and Sophie my friends. I don't think anyone would care it very much if I am in some collection." Richard says: "Please don't think like this. I care very much about you." Lindsey says: "I know you do, but Amy and you should be together. If I can make you glad with that, I want to do it." Richard says: "But there was a reason why they took Amy. I don't think they want to get you instead of her." Lindsey says: "We can try it out." After it, Lindsey starts screaming: "Hey Volorions. Can we make a deal?" They don't hear any response. Lindsey screams even louder: "Do you hear me?" To their surprised, they hear someone screaming back but it are not Volorions. They hear someone screaming something, but they can't hear what she says. Richard stands up and screams: "Are you that Amy?" They can hear very soft someone saying: "Richard I can hear you!" Richard screams: "We are here to save you!" Amy screams: "You can't come closer to me?" Lindsey screams: "We are sitting in a cage, just like you." After it, they hear another voice screaming: "You are other humans?" Lindsey screams: "Yes, we are!" Richard asks: "Who are you?" The voice says: "I'm Zaver, you are sitting in that other cage, right?" Richard says: "Yes, we are!" Zaver screams: "That cage is much weaker than our one and easy to open." Lindsey asks: "How can we open it?" Zaver says: "The wall isn't very strong and isn't made of a very tough resource. On the right place you might be able to break it open." Lindsey asks: "How do you know all of this?" Zaver says: "I just feel there is something not good of that cage of you. It is very cheap because they don't care about you." Richard walks to the wall and searaches for a blindspot and starts pushing against the wall. Lindsey starts helping him. The other prisoners see it but don't do anything." Richard starts giving a sign that they should help. Very slowly, the other prisoners come and starts helping them. After some pushing, the cage breaks down. They all go as fast as possible outside, but too their own disappointment, lots of Volorions come to them. Lindsey says to Richard: "Come with us!" Richard says: "We should get Amy first! I don't want to leave her once again." But after a few seconds, there are too much Volorions. Richard tries to fight them, but he is overpowered by them. Lindsey fastly grabs him and they can get away with the other prisoners. After some running, they come to a window. All they can see is a volcano planet. They all are very shocked by it. The Volorions come to them. Richard and Lindsey can't go any way and are overpowered by the Volorions.

The group on Bruiphonium reaches the spaceship. They look to the signal of the tracker. Besoux says: "They landed once again on a planet?" Lauren asks: "Why would they do that?" Matt says: "Maybe they have again a problem?" They all look to Matt and ignore his answer, until Jaimy says: "I don't think they are as dumb that they have again problems with their spaceship." Besoux says: "I can also see a signal of Jace's spaceship. They are already on that planet." Joe says: "Well, with Jace you never know it. He fails hopefully or....." George says: "We should also take a look on that planet." Besoux says: "Agreed, we will go to it right now." Morris says: "Wait, you know we are dealing with Volorions?" George says: "Yes, of course we know that." Morris says: "This is a cold planet. Volorions live on a planet full with volcanoes." The others are all surprised. Lauren asks: "How do you know that?" Morris says: "I have heard stories about that planet." Sebastian says: "You mean volcanoes with real lava?" Morris says: "I can't say that for sure." Sebastian says: "At least we know where we are dealing with now." Isabelle says: "But how is it possible that this planet is so hot?" Besoux says: "It is very near to a sun and consists of many different plates." Lauren says: "Lets first go to that other planet. Maybe we can still get Amy before getting stuck on a volcano planet."

Jace and Toby are still fighting against the Volorions. They kill a lot of them, but they keep on coming. Some of them also go inside the spaceship. Elissa tries to fight back, but they are too strong and she and Kylie are easily defeated. Jace and Toby keep on killing lots of Volorions, but suddenly the very fat one comes. Another Volorion is walking behind him. He screams: "Kill all these idiots!" Jace and Toby fight against the fat Volorion, but they can't find a way to kill it. It is much stronger and Toby gets defeated by it. Jace fights back, but the other Volorion also attacks him and pushes him on the ground. The Volorion says: "Now you will get your punishment for killing our leader, you idiot!" On the moment the Volorion wants to put a knife in Jace's head, a shot can be heard. The Volorion falls death on the ground. Jace looks and to his own surprise, other humans come and help them. They attack the fat Volorion, shoot on him with many bullets. Not much after it, the fat Volorion falls death on the ground. Jace and Toby are very surprised. The Volorions that are inside the spaceship also get shooten to death. Kylie says: "Thank you very much!" Elissa is also very glad and wants to thank them. They come outside the spaceship and see death Volorions lying everywhere. Jace and Toby are still surprised by it. Elissa says: "I want to thank you for this. Without you, we would have died." One of the humans suddenly asks: "What the hell are you doing here?" Jace says: "None of your business." The human grabs his weapon and points it to Jace. Elissa says: "Calm down! We are humans and should work together." The human says: "I'm very angry about what is happening on this terrible world." Toby ignores it and asks: "Where is Aiden?" Jace and him walk away and look and see the body of Aiden lying on the ground. His body is totally pulled apart by the Volorions. Another human says: "I'm sorry that we couldn't save him. I'm Anouk by the way." The other human says: "Don't say your names yet. We don't know if we can trust these humans." Jace says: "I asked myself the same about you." The human says: "You came from western direction. Have you been on a planet called Bruiphonium?" Jace says: "Yes, what about it?" The human asks: "Have you seen this girl?" After it, he shows a photo. Toby says: "I have never seen that girl." Elissa and Kylie also take a look but find out that they don't know the girl. The human says: "Her name is Isabelle. She is my girlfriend." Elissa says: "That's very sad. You must be missing her very much." Kylie says: "We will help you find her." The human says: "That's very nice. I'm sorry that I didn't trust you right from the beginning. I'm Bryan. These are Kenji and Anouk." Kenji asks: "Who were these specie you were fighting with?" Toby says: "They are Volorions. We search for a girl." Bryan asks: "You also search for a girl?" Toby says: "Yes, we do. But she isn't as important to me as your girlfriend." Elissa asks: "Are you sure that she is on Bruiphonium?" Bryan says: "We flew over that planet and decided to take a stop. However, all these Bruiphoniums wanted to get our spaceship, so we wanted to go as fast as possible away. They throw with everything they had on our spaceship. I wanted to protect Isabelle, but an explosion following with she falling out of our spaceship. She fell meters to the ground. I know she is still alive." Kylie asks: "But how did you came on this planet?" Bryan continues: "We flew as fast as possible away and because our spaceship was broken, we had to land. We couldn't fix our spaceship and now it is taken over by the ice." Kylie says: "We have a spaceship and can go back to Bruiphonium to get your girlfriend." Jace angrily says: "We have another mission Kylie. We can't do this." Bryan says: "I expect something back because we saved you." Elissa asks: "How long ago did this all happened?" Bryan says: "Just a few weeks ago, I think." Anouk asks: "You really haven't seen her on Bruiphonium?" Toby says: "No, we didn't." Jace says: "We lost a friend of us on Bruiphonium. His name was Sebastian." Toby asks: "Are we sure he is death?" Elissa says: "I actually don't think so." Toby says: "True, he probably survived that explosion and we just left him there." Bryan says: "So you are trying to tell me that this guy is now also alone on that planet?" Jace says: "Yes, we think so." Bryan says: "If he comes with one hand on my girlfriend, I will torture him for like a week and cut off every part of his body." 

At the spaceship, Caroline and Avalyn hear the fight has ended. Avalyn asks: "Are they killed?" Caroline says: "I don't think they will let any of us alive after we killed their leader." After it, Caroline and Avalyn hear something. Avalyn asks: "Who is that?" Caroline looks on a device and says: "Two humans are entering our spaceship." Avalyn says: "Humans? Are it two of them?" Caroline says: "They look different." Avalyn says: "Let them go on board. This sounds interesting." Caroline says: "Okay, I will let them go on board." She opens the door and two humans who are very glad come inside. One of them says: "Finally a spacehip!" Avalyn comes to them and asks: "Who are you?" The male human says: "I'm Julian and this is Nina." Avalyn says: "Good to meet you, I'm Avalyn and the other woman on this spaceship is Caroline. How did you came here?" Julian says: "Our spaceship crashed and it came under the ice. We couldn't fly with it anymore and since then we are stuck." Caroline also comes to them and says: "Hi, I'm Caroline. You are with only you two on the planet?" Nina says: "No, we are with five." Avalyn asks: "Where are the others?" Nina says: "They went inside that mountain." Caroline says: "Some of us also went inside there." Julian says: "That's because they went there to save your friends." Avalyn says: "They should have let them die. We don't need them." Nina says: "That's sad. We can use every people. Sadly one of us died." Caroline asks: "How?" Julian says: "An explosion happened when we flew over that planet (pointing at Bruiphonium) and she fell out of our spaceship." Avalyn says: "That's coincidience, we have just been on that planet." Nina asks: "Have you seen a brown haired woman?" Avalyn answers: "No, sadly not. Another coincidience is that we are also searching for a brown haired girl. She got kidnapped by some aliens." Julian says: "I can't imagine that happening to one of us." Caroline says: "If you don't mind, we don't have very much time and some others are also there. We can't wait." Julian says: "No, we should get the others on the spaceship." Nina asks: "What's the name of your lost friend?" Avalyn answers: "Her name is Amy." Nina says: "That's sad. I would like to help you getting here. We don't have anything else to do." Julian says: "Come on, lets go to the others." After it, they all walk out of the spaceship. On the moment they are outside, Avalyn asks: "Shouldn't one of protect the ship?" Caroline says: "I will do that." After it, she goes back in the spaceship again.

When the others come in the cave again, Avalyn sees that the others are all alive except Aiden. Julian says: "They have a spaceship, we can finally leave this planet!" Bryan says: "That's very good. Lets finally leave this god damn planet." Avalyn asks to Jace: "It was a trap, right?" Jace says: "I won't admit anything to you bitch." Avalyn walks to the spaceship and sees the body of Yorrick lying in it. She asks: "They put the tracker on this?" Kylie says very sad: "Yes, now Yorrick and Aiden are both death." Toby says: "It doesn't matter, at least we have killed this idiots." Kenji asks: "You don't care that your friends died?" Toby says: "I didn't liked them." Kenji looks with a face if we he also likes it. Kenji walks to Bryan and whispers something in his ears. Anouk goes to Nina and says: "They have been on that other planet. They didn't saw Isabelle, but we can find her." Nina says: "I know, but they want to save another friends. Maybe we should respect that and after it we can search for Isabelle." Bryan angrily reacts: "I don't let that happen to my girlfriend. She is much more important than that other stupid girl." Avalyn says: "You say that about someone you don't even know." Bryan ignores her. Jace says: "We have wasted enough time here. Lets go now!" Bryan says: "For one time I agree with you." Jace says: "You want to take the lead from now on? Then you are on the wrong place boy." Bryan says: "No, I lead my team, you lead yours." Avalyn says: "I don't get lead by him." Bryan says: "Don't annoy me anymore. I have enough things on my head. I miss my girlfriend so much and maybe some guy is touching her!" Avalyn asks: "Why do you think that?" Bryan says: "They talked about some friend of him who was also left on Bruiphonium." Avalyn asks: "And you believe everything they say?" Jace angrily says: "Shut up girl, you don't have any right to to say things." Nina says: "That's because she is a girl?" Jace says: "No, Elissa and Kylie also have the right to say things. It's not about gender." Kylie says: "I don't really feel that, but okay." Jace says: "Then you just don't." Bryan says: "Lets make the plan now. We will go to that other planet again and get my girl. There will be enough time left to save that woman you are talking about." Avalyn says: "No, she is got by aliens. Your girlfriend is just save and well on that planet. There is a huge difference between that." Bryan says: "I am the leader, you listen to what I say!"

On the same moment, Caroline sees another spaceship landing on the planet. She says: "That's our spaceship." After it, she runs outside and sees the spaceship landing on the ground. Some seconds later, she sees Besoux, George and the others coming outside. They are glad to see each other. Also on that moment, Bryan, Jace, Avalyn and the others walk outside the cave. They all see that a second spaceship has landed on the planet. Bryan asks: "And who are that?" Avalyn says: "That are my friends! They came to help us." When they come closer and closer, they see all humans coming out of the spaceship. Bryan looks and looks and to his very big surprise, he sees a man walking next to his girlfriend out of the spaceship. He becomes very very angry and curses a lot of things. After it, he starts running and running. The others see it happening but don't do anything about it. George says: "Calm down man!" Lauren asks: "Who are you?" Besoux wants to stop him, but Bryan is too fast and attacks Sebastian. Sebastian says: "What is your problem?" Bryan screams: "You will DIE!!!" Joe asks: "Does anyone know this man?" Isabelle is very surprised and says: "I know him." After it, she says: "Stop it Bryan! He has done nothing wrong!" Bryan says: "He will punish for touching you!" Sebastian says: "I save her." When Besoux sees that Bryan is planning to kill Sebastian, he grabs a weapon and shoots with it on Bryan. When it hits Bryan, he falls unconscious on the ground.

The Volorion spaceship lands on Volorion. Richard, Lindsey and the other prisoners are put on some rope by the Volorions. Lindsey asks: "What are they going to do with us?" Richard says: "I don't know." Not much later, they are the firsts who get out of the spaceship. Richard, Lindsey and the other prisoners see on what kind of terrible planet they have landed. The Volorions don't say anything. They just have to walk further. Meanwhile, Amy, Zaver and the others are still in their cage. Amy asks: "Are they going to kill my friends?" Zaver says: "I think so. They don't have any need for them." Amy asks: "Is there any way for them to escape?" Zaver says: "I don't know." Amy says: "It is very sad that they are going to die only because they wanted to save me." A few seconds after it, some Volorions are standing before the cage. When Zaver sees them, he asks: "Where is Apouivour?" The Volorions ingore his question and say in their own language: "You will all come with us! Cirophaa will add you to his collection." Zaver asks in Volorion language to them: "What is your leader going to do with his collection?" The Volorion says: "You all should be glad for this." After it, they open the cage and one for one all the prisoners are handcuffed and get out of the spaceship. When they are outside, Amy gets frighted of all the volcanoes. Zaver says to her: "Don't worry. Most of these are only sleeping volcanoes." After it, they walk for a while until they reach the palace of Cirophaa. Amy asks to Zaver: "Is this the palace of their leader?" Zaver says: "Yes, Cirophaa is their leader. They talk about him all the time." Amy says: "He must be very powerful." Zaver says: "We will soon find out."

On the cold planet, the groups are back together. Lauren asks to Caroline: "Did everything go well here?" Caroline says: "One of them was killed and we met some new people." Besoux asks to Julian: "How did you came on this planet?" Julian says: "Our spaceship was stranded here. It came under the ice and we couldn't leave the planet anymore." Besoux says: "How did you stranded here?" Julian says: "We got some damage on that other planet by the Bruiphoniums." Besoux says: "Okay, I know enough." George asks to Jace: "How did everything go here?" Jace says: "It was a trap by the Volorions. They wanted to kill all of us." Joe who is standing next to George asks: "You don't have a lot of luck, do you?" Jace says: "Shut up, you also didn't knew that this would be a trap." After it, Jace goes to Sebastian and says: "Look who is still alive. I thought you were death." Sebastian says: "You guys just left me without hesitating that I was alive. That wasn't very nice." Jace says: "You didn't thought of returning to us. That says a lot about you." Jaimy asks to Avalyn: "I am glad that you are still alive." Avalyn says: "I was almost killed because of this trap. Luckily it all ended well." All of the new ones are with Sebastian and Isabelle. Anouk says: "I am very glad that you are still alive Isabelle." Isabelle says: "I don't know anything what happened. I forgot everything." Anouk says: "There will be enough time to tell you everything." Nina says: "The most important is that you survived all of this." Kenji looks to Bryan and is angry that they made him become unconscious. He and Julian come togther. Kenji says: "What will be our plan?" Julian says: "We should come on that planet." Kenji asks to Besoux: "How long will he be unconscious with that?" Besoux says: "Just a few hours." After it, Jace says: "Since we don't have much time left, we should make plans. We only have two spaceships with three groups. How the fock are we going to do this?" Kenji asks: "You wanna fight for a spaceship?" Morris says: "Calm down you two, we should do this on a friendly way." George says: "I agree with Morris. There is no reason for us to fight against each other." Anouk says: "We want our own spaceship." Caroline says: "Then you are wrong girl. We have our own spaceships. You can come on one, but don't get one." Nina says: "I don't care on which one our group will be. All I want is to get off this planet." Sebastian sees that Isabelle is now standing with her own group again. He is sad of it. After it, Besoux says: "Okay, since we don't have a lot of time left, I will make groups. One of the groups will get Richard, Amy, Lindsey and Yorrick and the other one will get the leader of the Volorions and let him pay for what he is doing." Elissa says: "Yorrick is death, so only the other three." Lauren asks: "How do you know?" Elissa says: "We found Yorrick death on that spaceship." Besoux says: "My group will focus on getting Richard, Amy and Lindsey. Who want to come on my team?" Caroline says: "I want it. I am done with the others." Besoux says: "Okay, everybody who wants to come with me, come to me." Caroline, George and Joe are the first to walk to him. Joe says to Besoux: "It wouldn't be very smart if I come on their team." George says: "For me the same." Morris also goes on that team later. Besoux says: "This is taking too long. Okay, I, Caroline, George, Joe, Morris, Jaimy and Matt will go on my team. The others will be on the other team. Jace says: "What? I don't want all these idiots on my team." Kenji says: "Thanks for calling us idiots." Sebastian says: "I won't care anymore what he thinks about me." Julian says: "I don't agree with these teams." Besoux says: "Respect these teams. They won't be changed." Kenji becomes angry and says: "Shall we fight for these spaceships?" Besoux says: "No, we won't." After it, Besoux and the others run in the spaceship. Kenji wants to follow them but it is all too late and the door closes. Jace says: "Idiots, I hope they will all die." Anouk asks: "Who were these people?" Lauren says: "You know that I was with them?" Nina says: "Oh yes, you and the other blonde haired girl changed from side. I'm Nin and you are?" Lauren says: "I am Lauren. It is good to meet each other." Avalyn says: "Shall we leave this planet?" After it, the other spaceship flies away. Sebastian says: "Good idea." They all step in the spaceship. Sebastian goes to Nina and says: "You forgot that I also changed from side." Nina says: "Oh yes, it's good to meet you too." Sebastian sees Isabelle with Julian and Anouk. He is a bit angry about it and walks with Nina inside the spaceship.

Amy, Zaver and the others come at Cirophaa. When they are all standing before them, some Volorions come to them and give something that is meant to be headphones to them. Zaver says: "Don't worry, this will be because we all speak different languages." Amy understands it and takes on her headphones. After some seconds, Cirophaa starts speaking English. He says: "Welcome welcome welcome, to my palace. You have the big honour to make a visit to my palace. Not much people are good enough to come here. Only the best two of each specie can come her. You should feel very honored. But come on, let me show you my palace." After it, they all start walking through the palace. Cirophaa gives lots of useless information until they reach their rooms. When they are there, Cirophaa says: "We have now reached the place where you all go sleep. But first, you will meet the others of your specie. Soon you will both be the last of your kind!" Amy is shocked and asks: "Is that their plan?" Zaver says: "That's what I expected, right?" Amy asks: "But how? They can't let all others extinct." Zaver says: "We will see what will be the plan of this guy." After it, some Volorions come and push the prisoners to their room." When Amy comes inside, she sees a man sitting inside the room. The man is surprised to see a woman joining him. The man says: "Hi, I'm Benjamin. And you are?" Amy says: "I'm Amy, nice to meet you." Benjamin says: "Soon, we two will be the only humans left. How do you think about that?" Amy says: "I don't know what to think about that idea." Benjamin says: "Don't worry, we will make children and the humans won't extinct." Amy surprisingly says: "Children?" Benjamin says: "Yes, get used to that. We will have to do it." Amy says very sad: "But I already have a friend." Benjamin says: "Forget about it. You will never see him again. I also had friends before I came here, but I haven't seen them for years, so I had to forget about them." Amy asks: "They didn't tried to get you back?" Benjamin says: "They didn't cared enough about me to save me." Amy goes sit on her bed and says: "I will earlier commit suicide than doing all these things." Benjamin screams: "No! Without you, the humans will extinct. We have to be together."

On the spaceship of Besoux, they are glad that they are done with the others. Joe says: "Shouldn't we have had Lauren and Avalyn also with us?" George says: "They can watch on the others." Caroline says: "I am glad that I am not with these idiots anymore." Morris says: "Do you even know them long?" Joe says: "No, but good enough that they are not good enough." Besoux says: "Well, they have had some good missions, but it seems like that Jace is angry all the time and can't take the mission serious." Jaimy and Matt are sitting together. Jaimy asks: "How are you feeling?" Matt says: "I'm fine, just glad that you are helping me so much." Jaimy says: "When this is all over, we will return to Quetir and you can live peaceful there." Matt says: "I am looking forward to that." Jaimy says: "There is enough space to make your dreams come true there. But first we need to save Amy." Matt asks: "She is that hot girl who was with you when you first saw me?" Jaimy says: "Yes? You forgot about her?" Matt says: "There are just too much names. I can't know them all." Jaimy says: "Okay, I understand." George asks to Besoux: "Are we getting closer to that planet?" Besoux says softly to George: "If we can trust Morris, this should be the right planet." George says: "You can say things in your own language. My suit gives me the ability to understand many different languages. Besoux says in Quetirian language: "I know, I added that function to your suit and thought that it might be useful." George says: "For sure one of Morris or Matt can't be trusted. Maybe we can't trust them both." Besoux says: "We will find out in the following time."

The others spaceship is flying after the one of Besoux and is just following them. After some time, Bryan wakes up. Julian, Anouk and Isabelle are with him. Bryan asks: "What happened?" Julian says: "The one-eyed alien made you unconscious." Bryan says: "Let him pay for that." Julian says: "He will." Isabelle goes to Bryan and says: "I am so glad to see you again." Bryan says: "I am very glad you are still alive my girl." After it, they embrace each other. Julian and Anouk look at each other and don't like it very much. Bryan says: "Call Kenji and Nina, I want to discuss something." At the cockpit, Jace, Elissa, Kylie, Toby, Lauren and Avalyn are sitting together. Lauren asks: "Are we just following the others?" Jace says: "I have never been here before. And the others know what to do." Elissa says: "And if we are there, we will just go to that leader and kill him?" Avalyn says: "Does anyone have an idea what we can expect?" Lauren says: "I guess not, because nobody of us has ever been on that planet." Inside a room, Bryan's group comes together. Sebastian doesn't totally understands why they are going to have a discussion. He tries to hear what they are saying. He hears Kenji saying: "So why did you all want us to come?" Bryan says: "We need to make plans against everyone here." Anouk says: "But, most of them are all in the cockpit. They won't bother us." Julian says: "But that other men can be walking around the whole spaceship." Bryan says: "Exactly, we have to make a plan against him. We will go sleep in like a hour. We have to get rid of him." Isabelle asks: "Why? He isn't even harming us." Bryan says: "You shouldn't come close to that idiot my love. I need someone else to handle him. Who would you vote for?" Anouk says: "Definetely Nina." Nina says: "What do you want me to do with him?" Bryan says: "Very good choice Anouk." Isabelle says: "I can also handle him." Bryan says: "No, you should stay with me!" Nina says to Isabelle: "I can do this. You need to be at Bryan." Isabelle says: "That's true." After it, Julian says: "Everyone, it is time. It will still take a while before we reach the planet so we should go sleep." Bryan says to Nina: "Don't let him come at my room. You can do everything you want with him, except letting him touch Isabelle with one finger." Nina says: "It won't be that hard." After it, Sebastian hears that they are going to leave the room and walks away. He goes to his room and sit somehwere. Bryan and Isabelle go to their own room. Sebastian can see it happening. He becomes very angry. All others also go to their own room. On the moment he is completely done with, Nina is suddenly standing before his door. Sebastian asks: "What do you want?" Nina says: "There aren't enough rooms in the spaceship. I need to sleep at you." Sebastian knows in his mind that there are enough rooms in the spaceship, but still he opens the door. He says: "You and Isabelle are the only one from your group who I would let in my room." Nina says: "I thought you wanted to have some campany on your room." Sebastian says: "That's very nice, but can I ask you something?" Nina says: "Of course you can." Sebastian says: "What's the plan of your group? You aren't telling us everything." Nina says: "I don't know what you mean." Sebastian says: "I heard a few things that were said on your secret discussion." Nina asks: "How do you know we had a discussion?" Sebastian says: "I saw you going to it." Nina ignores it. Sebastian says: "Please tell me. I know that Bryan send you to keep an eye on me." Nina says: "I'm sorry. I have to do what he wants. Otherwise he will..." Sebastian says: "What will he do?" Nina says: "I don't want to die." Sebastian says: "I can protect you against that idiot." Nina says: "Are you sure?" Sebastian says: "If you promise to say your plan, I can protect you. Is that a deal?" Nina says: "You will also save Isabelle from him?" Sebastian says: "Does she even know your plan?" Nina says: "No, she lost some parts of here memory." After it, it is silence for some seconds until Nina goes lie on Sebastian's bed. Sebastian says: "You know that's my bed?" Nina says: "I want to sleep in this bed." When Sebastian comes closer to her, she suddenly starts kissing him and they both fall on the bed. Nina says: "This is also in exchange for the information." Meanwhile, Bryan and Isabelle are also lying in bed with each other. They are naked and Bryan is kissing Isabelle. On the other room, Sebastian and Nina are both naked and kissing each other. Sebastian says: "If this is part of protecting you, I will of course sign for it." Nina says: "I will tell you everything you want to know." After it, they keep on kissing each other and Nina tells Sebastian everything off-screen.

Amy and Benjamin wake up. Benjamin wanted to touch her that night but Amy didn't wanted it. When Amy wakes up, she sees that Benjamin is still sleeping. She gets out of her bed, takes on some clothes and goes sit somewhere. She really doesn't knows what to do. After some time, Benjamin wakes up. He asks to her: "Have you slept well?" Amy says: "No." Benjamin asks: "Can I help you with that?" Amy says: "No, I am just not feeling very good." Benjamin says: "But I can help you to feel better." Amy says: "No, you can't." After it, Benjamin comes closer to her and says: "Please change your behaviour. We need each other. One day you will love me and we will be the last humans." Amhy says: "It says a lot about you that you believe in this bullcrap." Benjamin screams: "It is the future! And we can't change it!" During the screaming of Benjamin, they hear Cirophaa saying: "Everyone, come out of your rooms. It is time to show you all something." Benjamin is surprised and says: "Show us something? That has to be something very special." Amy asks: "What does he normally say?" Benjamin says: "Just that we have to come and we have time for ourselves on the planet." Amy says: "He really treats us like we are his children." Benjamin says: "We are his collection and should be glad that we survive." Amy ignores him and walks outside. When she comes outside, she sees Zaver. Zaver says: "How was it with your male congener?" Amy says: "I really hate him." Zaver says: "Oh that's sad to hear. Maybe you can ask if he can get replaced?" Amy says: "How can I say that? I don't speak their language." After it, the female Viuron comes to them and says: "You can only get a replacement when the person is death." Amy says: "Hi, you must be the female Viuron." The female Viuron says: "Yes, I'm Zaveria." Amy asks: "All of you have similar names?" Zaver says: "We don't have names. We are all Zaver or Zaveria with a number." Amy says: "That sounds ridiculous, I am glad we don't have that. What is your number?" Zaver says: "My number is 2573." Amy says: "Good to know, but there are more important things now. So I should kill him?" Zaveria says: "No, if you kill him, you will get a very hard punishment." Amy asks: "What else can I do?" Zaveria says: "You should let a male of your specie kill him. He will easily take his place." Amy says: "But I can't just call my friend. I don't know where he is." Zaver says: "He was that man who screamed to us on that spaceship, right?" Amy says: "Yes, he was." Zaver says: "He will get killed sadly, but maybe he can survive." Amy looks sad but still has hope in it.

The screen turns over to another place on Volorion, where Richard, Lindsey and the other prisoners are brought to a volcano. Richard asks: "They are going to throw us in a volcano?" Lindsey says: "I think so." Richard starts screaming to the Volorions: "Why are you doing this? There are people who will pay a lot of money for us." A Volorion with something blue in his head says in English: "We don't care. In the end, you will still die." Lindsey says: "He speaks English. That surprises me a lot." The Volorion comes to them and says: "You thought I wouldn't understand your stupid language human?" Lindsey says: "Well, most of you only speak your own language." The Volorion says: "Think about this when you are death." After it, he activates something and the floor starts moving. All the prisoners are send into a volcano. Richard says: "You really think we will let this happen?" He runs to the Volorions and starts attacking them. All the Volorions react angrily and jump on the moving floor. All the other prisoners also run back. A big fight starts. Richard smashes a lot of Volorions knock out who end up in the volcano. He sees the Volorion with blue on his head going on the moving floor to Lindsey. She is attacked by a lot of Volorions and comes closer to the magma of the volcano. Richard helps her, but the Volorion with blue in his head attacks him. He says: "You really think Cirophaa would care about some death Volorions?" Richard says: "No, I'm just doing whatever to survive." After it, Richard realizes that he still has a knife in his pocket. He grabs it and stabs the Volorion with blue in his head with it. Richard says: "Then it's ashamingly that I care about having you death. The Volorion becomes angry and tries to take Lindsey with him in the volcano. Richard cuts of his hands and grabs Lindsey. The Volorion falls in the volcano and burns to ashes. Richard, Lindsey and most of the other prisoners can get off the moving floor. When they are there, they let the floor stop moving. All the Volorions who survived are thrown in the volcano. Richard says to everyone: "Lets go to their leader and kill him!" Lindsey asks: "How do we know where their leader is?" Richard says: "Lets just try the biggest palace on this planet. Amy also must be there." Lindsey says: "I hope we are not too late."

The spaceship of Besoux is getting closer to Volorion. After they all went sleep, they are back on their places. Besoux says: "I think that we reach the planet in a few hours." Caroline says: "Good, the others can use our help." Morris says: "If this is not the right planet, then it's not my mistake but yours. I am sure that the Volorions come from this planet." George says: "We will see it." Joe goes to Jaimy and Matt. Matt isn't feeling very well. Joe asks: "What is wrong with him?" Jaimy says: "He doesn't feels very well." Matt says: "There is some kind of power on that planet. It is dangerous." Joe says: "Weird that only he has it." Jaimy says: "Shouldn't we call Besoux? Maybe he knows what's wrong." Inside the cockpit, Joe says: "Besoux we need your help with something." Besoux says: "Okay, can you two take over the ship?" Caroline and George agree with it. Besoux goes to Matt and sees that he is feeling very weird. Besoux says: "How do you feel?" Matt says: "Just like something is trying to get control over me." Besoux says: "No, this is not good." Matt asks: "But why am I the only one who has this?" Besoux says: "That's because you have been for some kind on that planet. Instead of dying, it gives you other weird things." Matt says: "Please just kill me when I lose full control over my planet." Besoux says: "No, we don't have to kill you." Joe says: "But you know what they are able to do?" Besoux says: "I will search for another way." Jaimy says: "Please don't kill him. He doesn't deserves this." Joe says: "Also not when he loses full control?" Besoux says: "That's most likely not going to happen. Only for some time, but he can come back."

On the other spaceship, everybody sleeps longer. Jace and Elissa slept together, Kylie and Toby slept together and Lauren and Avalyn. They go normally out of their bed and back at the cockpit, they see that not much has changed. Jace says: "This is boring. I wish we would have been on the planet already." Elissa says: "And what if it is very dangerous on that planet?" Jace says: "I don't care. Everything is better than being on this boring spaceship." Avalyn says: "Can you promise us Jace?" Jace asks: "What should I promise?" Avalyn says: "We stay together and work as a group." Jace says: "Fine, I know even that less about this planet as you, so that won't be very hard." Lauren asks: "What about the others?" Avalyn says: "I don't think we can trust them." Toby asks: "Why do you think that?" Avalyn says: "There is something not true about their story, but I don't know what." Toby says: "Let me speak to them. I will try to make clear that we should work together." Jace says: "You do what you want Toby." Kylie asks: "You won't disappoint us Toby?" Toby says: "Of course not." The others are still lying in bed. Bryan just waked up and is still in bed with Isabelle. Isabelle liked it, but there is something that annoys her. Isabelle says: "You have changed." Bryan says: "I think it is just because you haven't seen me for a long time." Isabelle asks: "You tell me everything, right?" Bryan says: "Of course I tell you everything. Why wouldn't I do that my love?" Anouk, Julian and Kenji come together. Anouk asks: "Are we getting closer to Volorion?" Julian says: "I think so." Kenji says: "Good, can't wait to be there." Anou says: "They asked us to kill Cirophaa right?" Julian says: "Yes, they really think that." Sebastian and Nina are still lying with each other in bed. Sebastian says: "Thank you for everything." Nina says: "Bryan is going way too far. He was a nice guy when we were still on Earth, but after it he started changing." Sebastian says: "Be careful and don't tell them anything about what happened." Nina says: "I will help getting Isabelle on our side." Sebastian says: "Thanks, I would really appreciate that." Nina says: "I really need to go now." Sebastian says: "I understand. If you want to sleep somewhere, you are always welcome at me." Nina says: "Thanks, I will never forget this night." After it, she goes away. When she comes at the others, Bryan and Isabelle are already standing with them. Bryan asks to Nina: "How did it go?" Nina says: "Very good, it was a quiet night. Seems like he isn't very interested in girls." Isabelle looks Nina in the eyes and can already see that she lies. Luckily Bryan falls in it and says: "Good, when we are on the planet you should also stay with him." Nina says: "I am not going to stay with him all the time, so don't think about that." Bryan says: "I only mean for the following time. We will kill that idiot on Volorion." Nina says: "You do what you want with him, I don't really care." After it, Toby comes to them. Bryan asks: "What do you want?" Toby says: "I want to join your club." Kenji says: "Good job man." Toby says: "I hate all the others. Jace is such an idiot. The other girls are all whores." Meanwhile, Sebastian comes out of his room and hears them talking. He decides to walk to the group. When he is there, he asks: "How are you doing?" Bryan says: "Fine. And go away now. We are discussing something." Sebastian says: "But you (meaning Toby) are also not part of their group?" Bryan says: "It is important for him to be with us." Sebastian says: "I don't see a reason why he should be with us and I not." Bryan says: "You are such an idiot. That's the reason for it." Sebastian says: "You really feel very good that you have such a group with you. But in fact you are nothing better than the others." Bryan says: "You want to fight this out?" Isabelle says to Bryan: "Stop Bryan, just leave him alone." Bryan says: "I decide what happens here." After it, he suddenly starts attacking Sebastian. They start a fight. All the others look to it and don't do anything. After some fighting, Isabelle says: "Stop you two! Now it is enough!" Bryan says: "He wanted this fight. And now I gave it to him." Julian walks to Bryan and whispers in his head: "We will kill him where Isabelle is not with us. She cares too much about him." Bryan whispers back: "Good plan, lets do it on the planet." Sebastian says: "I don't know if you know it, but I can hear everything you say." Bryan angrily turns his back and says: "That's fine for you." After it, he and the others walk away. Sebastian goes to the cockpit where he sees Lauren, Avalyn, Jace, Elissa and Kylie. He says: "There is something I have to tell you." But, they all ignore Sebastian and look on something they are getting closer to. They see the planet is full with volcanoes. Lauren says: "We could have predicted something like this." The others are all very surprised and keep on looking to the planet.

Cirophaa shows his face at the people in his collection. He says: "Welcome everyone. I can finally say that my collection is complete. You should all feel honorable that you are in here. While Cirophaa is speaking, Benjamin goes to Amy and goes stand next to her. Cirohaa continues: "You will be the last survivors of your specie. Of course this won't be the end for you. You will get new children and Volorian will be the only planet in the whole universe. I will be the most powerful person in the world. Now, I want you to introduce me to one my helpers. She is called Zopumop. I will give her the word now." Zopumop says: "Hello everyone, it's Zopumop here. You are all part of this big collection now. In details: we posses over 30 different species. They are the most smart and best in the universe. You will form the new population of the world. All species will be living peacefully together." After it, Cirophaa continues by saying: "Now I want to show you something as promised. Lets go to another room." All the different species including Amy, Benjamin, Zaver and Zaveria walk to another room where they see a screen with a big weapon on it. Cirophaa says: "With this weapon, Volorian will become the planet of the universe. Using this weapon on planets will cause the extinction of all life. Let me show you that." The weapon gets used and they see a planet. Cirophaa says: "This is only a thinly populated planet. Soon we will start with the more populated planets." Meanwhile, they see the weapon causing the planet to become very hot. All the aliens on the planet burn to ashes and everything disappears. After a minute, the whole planet is a desert. Cirophaa says: "My weapon easily destroys the most populated planets. Nothing can stop his." After it, Benjamin says to Amy: "You see it? He is unstoppable! Be wise and don't behave bad. We as humans can't use that." Amy answers: "Look to yourself. You are way too naive. There must be a way to stop this machine. I and Zaver will be working on it." Benjamin says: "Don't be so stupid! There is no possible way to stop all of this. You are already too late." After it, Cirophaa continues: "All you have to do is having sex with each other and give me children. I don't want any of you to extinct. Today you will be doing that. If you won't, it will mean that your specie extincts and we can't use you. Tomorrow, we will check all females if they are pregnant. If not, we will throw you in a volcano! You all understand that?" Benjamin says: "Now it is finally time for it." Amy doesn't wants to look to him and is feeling terrible by the idea that she has to have sex with this man." Cirophaa says: "And now go back to your rooms! You will hear from us tomorrow." After it, all the species go to their own rooms. Amy asks to Zaver: "What shall I do? I don't want to have sex with him!" Zaver says: "Just don't have sex with him. The mens will be punished for not making the womens pregnant." Amy says: "Okay, I will try it." Amy goes to the room where she sees Benjamin who is ready for it. Amy says: "You know that we are not going to do this?"

Richard and Lindsey come to the biggest palace of the planet. Richard says: "Lets hope Amy is alive and well." Lindsey says: "Okay, lets discuss the plan. When we come there, I will take the place of Amy and you both will return to Besoux." Richard is shocked and says: "No, I don't want to lose you!" Lindsey says: "It is the only possible way for you to be reunited." Richard says: "No, we will wait for Besoux and the others. He will know a way to kill that idiot." Lindsey says: "There is no time for that. They are probably still in the space." Meanwhile, they come at the palace and walk around it. They see a lot of guards around the palace. Richard says: "Lets first find Amy, we can discuss the plan after it." Lindsey says: "No, I know my destination." Richard becomes angry: "You will stay here. I will go alone to Amy." Lindsey says: "Fine." After it, the two both take their own way. Richard walks to the guards and says: "Hi, how are you doing today?" On the moment the guards want to attack him, he says: "Oh you probably doesn't understand my language." He attacks them. After a fight, the guards are defeated. Richard says to himself: "Not very much guards for this. It seems like they don't care that much." He destroys a window and goes inside. He sees lots of rooms. Luckily for him, on all the rooms there stand which species is there. He walks to the room with "Humans" on it. On the same time, Benjamin attacks Amy, gets her and starts taking off her clothes. When he has done that, he pushes her on the bed. He jumps on her. On that moment, a knocking on the door can be heard. Benjamin says: "Who the hell is that?" Amy says: "Open the door, this can be important." Benjamin walks to the door and opens it. To his very big surprise, a human stands before the door.

The spaceship of Besoux lands on the planet. When they all walk outside, they see that it is very hot and they take on as less clothes as possible. Caroline says: "How the hell are we supposed to find Richard, Amy and Lindsey?" Morris says: "I know where the leader is. He is there." Morris points on a big palace far away from them. George asks: "Couldn't we land closer to that?" Besoux says: "That might be too dangerous." Suddenly, some Volorions come to the spaceship. Besoux says: "Let me speak to them." The Volorions say in their own language: "What do you want on our planet?" Besoux answers: "Take back something that doesn't belongs to you." It makes the Volorions angry and they start attacking Besoux. But he grabs his sword and beheads two Volorions. He also kills the the others. After it, he returns to the group. He says: "They just should know that they can't take everything they want." Caroline says: "Lets go to that palace before it is too late." Joe asks: "The plan was to get Richard, Amy and Lindsey right?" Besoux says: "I know, but there is a 80% chance that they are locked in that palace." Joe says: "Then where are waiting for?" Besoux says: "You can start walking, I need to hide this spaceship on a better place." George says: "Good, we will see you." Besoux steps in the spaceship. Matt only starts feeling worse and worse. Jaimy asks: "Can you walk Matt?" Matt says: "I feel like I am losing the control over my body. It can happen every moment." Jaimy asks to the others: "Shouldn't we do something about it?" Joe says: "Is there anything we can do?" Matt says: "There is nothing you can do. Please kill me before it goes wrong." Meanwile the others already walk away. Jaimy asks: "What shall we do now?" Matt says: "Kill me." Jaimy says: "I can't." When the others are already away, Jaimy goes sit on the ground and loses hope. She sees Matt getting even worse and after some time, he fully changes. Jaimy asks: "Matt?" Matt stands up and walks away without saying anything. Jaimy stands up and goes after him.

On that time, the other spaceship also lands on the planet not far away from the others. But they choosed the wrong place to land. Lots of Volorions come to the spaceship and want to take over it. Jace says: "This is not good." Lauren says: "Fly away again!" But it is already too late. The door is opened and lots of Volorions come inside. Sebastian says: "Get off the spaceship!" He runs to the group of Bryan and says: "You all should get off." He sees Isabelle and Nina standing next to each other. He says to them: "Come with me. I don't want you to die." Bryan says: "What is wrong boy? Scared of some Volorions?" Sebastian says: "I wasn't talking to you." After it, the Volorions come in the room and they start attacking them. Bryan grabs a weapon and kills a lot of them. Bryan says: "You took the wrong spaceship idiots." When Bryan, Sebastian, Isabelle, Nina, Anouk, Julian and Kenji are all outside, they see even more Volorions going inside. Sebastian says: "We should wait for the others." They see that the spaceship starts flying away. When the motor gets started, they see the others. Sebastian says: "Lets help them." Jace and Lauren are the firsts to come out of the spaceship. The spaceship get too high and they have to catch the others. Avalyn, Elissa and Toby can get out. Unfortunately, Kylie is too late and she is too scared to jump out. The spaceship flies away and the door closes. She is too late. The others are all sad except for the ones who don't really care about it. Inside the spaceship, Kylie is very scared and tries to hide her. There are too much Volorions and they see her. One of the Volorions says: "There is one human inside!" He runs to Kylie and grabs her. He asks: "What shall we do with it?" Another Volorion grabs a sword and says: "I will kill it!" And he stabs Kylie with the sword. A lot of blood falls out of Kylie. He stabs her a second time, killing her. After it, the Volorions start eating from her. The others are sad. Sebastian says: "We could have saved her." Elissa is also sad and she says: "She should never have went on this mission." Toby says: "I knew she would die, so I am not very sad of it." Elissa says: "You can't say that!" Bryan says: "It's very sad that we lost the spaceship. But we don't need it anymore." Avalyn asks: "You care even more about the loss of this spaceship than Kylie?" Bryan ignores her question and conintues: "Luckily, a friend of mine is here on Volorian. He has a secret base here where we can stay." Lauren says: "The plan was to go to the leader of the Volorians and kill him." Bryan says: "We will do that after we have went to the base. He has weapons and we need that." Sebastian says: "Okay fine." After it, Sebastian asks to Nina: "Can we trust that man?" Nina says: "He is for sure smarter than Bryan." Sebastian says: "Okay, that's good to hear." Lauren says: "Lets go now, before we are too late." After it, they start walking.

Inside the palace, Amy is very glad and says: "You have found me Richard!" Richard runs inside the cage and embraces Amy. Richard says: "I am so glad that you are still alive!" Benjamin asks: "You know each other?" Amy says: "He is my lover." Benjamin becomes angry and says: "He can't be here. If they find out there are two males here, they will kill one of us." Benjamin walks to Richard and says: "I was here first you idiot! Go away, or otherwise I have to kill you." Richard says: "You really think I will just leave her here?" Amy says: "Kill him Richard!" Benjamin says: "You whore. I will also kill you." Benjamin becomes very agressive and starts attacking Richard. They fight. Amy cheers for Richard. Benjamin is stronger than Richard and smashes him on the ground. He starts hitting him in the face. But Richard kicks him back. He grabs the matrass of the bed and puts it between them. Benjamin starts hitting the matrass and tries to smash it away. Benjamin says: "You really think that was smart?" Richard says: "You are on the wrong side of the matrass." Richard grabs the knife out of his pocket and puts it inside the matrass. After it, Benjamin smashes the matrass away. They continue the fight and Benjamin throws Richard against the wall. Benjamin says: "Now time to kill me. There is not much time less. I have to fuck with that girl of you or we are going to die." On the moments he wants to grab him by the throat, Richard puts the matrass again between them and pushes the whole knife through it. It ends up in the stomach of Benjamin. Benjamin screams the pain out. On the moment Benjamin wants to fight back, Richard goes to him and gets the knife. A wounded Benjamin tries to hit him, but Richard is faster and stabs him in his throat with the sword. A lot of blood comes out of it. Richard puts the knife completely in him. After a few seconds, the death body of Benjamin falls on the ground. Amy is a bit shocked of how hardly he killed him. Richard says: "I did this for you. You wanted this right?" Amy says: "Yes of course. But there is something else I also want." Richard asks: "And that is?" Ater it, Amy comes to Richard and starts kissing him. A few seconds later, the fall on the bed and take off each other clothes. They start having sex with each other.

The group of Bryan reaches some kind of mountain. Lauren asks: "This is not a volcano?" Bryan says: "Maybe it has been a volcano, but as long as I know it is not a working volcano." Sebastian says: "There is something I don't really understand. You told me that you were just stranded on that other planet but now you are going to say that you know someone on this planet and have a secret base here?" Nina looks to Sebastian and smiles to him. Isabelle says: "He is making a point. How is this possible Bryan?" Bryan says: "Before we stranded on that planet, we have been on this planet. I forgot to tell you that." Sebastian says: "And why you didn't told us that?" Bryan says: "I am just not telling you idiots everything." Sebastian says: "But you also didn't told it to Isabelle. So she is an idiot too?" Bryan says: "She was with us on this planet. I didn't know that she forgot about this." Sebastian says: "Fine, I know enough about you." After it, they go inside some secret entrance. They come inside a secret base. They see one man sitting inside the base. Bryan says: "Everyone, let me introduce you to John. He is a good friend of me." John says: "You brought friends with you?" Bryan says: "Yes, we met them on a planet not far away from here when our spaceship was broken." John says: "That explains why you were so long gone." Nina goes to John and says: "It's good to see you again." Isabelle says: "I can't remember you, but it is good to see you." John asks: "You don't remember me Isabelle?" Isabelle says: "I lost my memory when I was lost on Bruiphonium." John says: "There is a lot you can tell me." Sebastian goes to John and says: "Hi, good to meet you." John asks: "You are?" Sebastian says: "I'm Sebastian." John says: "Good to meet you." Sebastian says: "Can I ask you something in private?" John says: "Of course." After it, they walk to another room in the secret base. Bryan sees it happening. He says to Nina: "Let these two stop talking." Nina says: "Of course." When they are totally alone, Sebastian asks: "What was your group doing here on this planet?" John says: "At the beginning, we wanted to see this planet. But we met these species called Volorians. We were the first humans he saw." Sebastian asks: "Who do you mean with he?" John says: "Cirophaa, their leader." Sebastian asks: "You started working for them?" John says: "Yes, he wanted us to help him." After it, Nina comes to them. Nina asks: "And is he telling the same as me?" Sebastian says: "Yes, I know enough now. Bryan is a big idiot. He lies to us!" John asks: "He didn't told about our co-operation with the Volorians?" Sebastian says: "Yes, he didn't told us that." Nina says: "That's because you want to save someone from the Volorians but we work with them." Sebastian says: "It is time to show Bryan that this can't go on." John says: "If Bryan starts lying to you, then I am in." Sebastian says: "I will tell Lauren, Avalyn, Jace and Elissa about it." We should start a group to go against Bryan.

Besoux, Caroline, George, Joe and Morris see Matt coming back. Caroline asks: "Are you feeling fine now?" Matt says: "Yes, I feel even better than before." Goerge says: "This is not good." Besoux says: "You feel worse than before." On the moment he wants to make Matt unconscious, Matt uses some kind of power and smashes Besoux hardly away. The others are very surprised. Matt says: "I need to go the master now." Joe says: "You are taken over by them. Fight against it!" Matt says: "You are such an idiot. There is no way to stop this." After it, he goes to Joe and smashes him hardly away. Some seconds after it, Jaimy comes to the group and says: "Matt stop! This isn't you." Matt looks to her and doesn't knows what to do. Caroline says to George: "We have to do something." They both run to Matt. Matt grabs George and smashes him on Caroline. George shoots something with his suit, but Matt is too powerful and makes it stop. Matt walks to Jaimy and says: "You have to give a sign to the others." After it, he grabs Jaimy hurts her very much. Jaimy looks Matt in the eyes and sees him changing into a monster. It is followed by Matt throwing Jaimy hardly away. Matt sees all the people lying on the ground. He says: "See this as a sign that we are unbeatable!" The others see Matt walking away. Meanwhile, Cirophaa and Zopumop see a sign of Matt on their device. Cirophaa says: "Just like Apouivour told us. We can get the ghost out of him and then no one will be able to beat us." Zopumop says: "Is he coming to us?" Cirophaa says: "Of course he is." Zopumop says: "Let me take a look at it." All the others are still lying on the ground. Besoux and George are the first to stand up again. Joe goes to Jaimy and sees that she is very injured. Joe asks: "Are you allright?" But Jaimy is unconscious. Joe screams: "She needs help! Otherwise she will die!" The others come to it. Besoux says: "We don't have the right things to heal her here. Joe bring her back to the spaceship. We have something there." Joe says: "Of course." But on the moment he grabs Jaimy and wants to walk away, some kind of vehicle comes to them. He shoots at Joe. Joe fastly throws Jaimy but he gets hiot himself. The others can see that some Volorians are sitting on it. One of the Volorians steps off the vehicle and says: "I am Zopumop. You will all come with me." Besoux says to her: "Let them all go. You can have me, but let the others go." Caroline asks: "Are you sure about this?" Besoux says: "Yes, only me needs to come at their leader." George says: "One of us has to bring Joe and Jaimy to the spaceship. They are both injured and need help." Zopumop says: "Fine, we don't care about all these humans. But we want you one-eyed Quetirian. We know that you killed one of us." Besoux says: "I was counting on that." On the moment George wants to grab both Joe and Jaimy with his suit, the Volorions go to Joe and Jaimy and grab them. Zopumop says: "The plans have changed. We need all of you." On the moment the Volorians want to grab Joe, he wakes up and says: "I don't need to get carried." Zopumop says: "The girl got injured by the one, right?" Caroline says: "If you mean Matt with that, then yes you are right." Zopumop says: "Good, we sure have something for that." Joe asks: "You mean that he can get her better?" Zopumop says: "Of course, he put some power on her. Only he can remove it again." After it, they all step in the vehicle and it drives to the palace of Cirophaa.

Richard and Amy wake up and lie naked in the bed next to each other. Richard asks: "Have you slept well?" Amy says: "I have slept very well." Richard says: "That's good to hear." After it, they suddenly hear a voice saying: "Very cute how you two lie with each other in bed." Richard and Amy are shocked but see that it is Lindsey who is sitting on the other bed. Richard says: "Wait, have you here been all the time?" Lindsey says: 'I waited a lot of time, but you didn't came back. Of course I wasn't thinking of staying the whole night outside. I went here inside, saw a body lying on the ground and went sleep in the other bed. Of course I saw you two laying in the other bed. Amy says: "It's good to see you again Lindsey." Lindsey asks: "Shall I take your place now?" Richard says: "That won't be possible anymore." Lindsey asks: "Why not?" Richard says: "I have killed the other man, I have to stay here." Lindsey says: "Then, I will stay here together with you?" Amy says: 'No, I will stay here." Lindsey says: "Okay, fine." Amy says: "We have to hurry. Today will be the big day. Everything is going to start." Richard asks: "What will start exactly?" Amy says: "They will start with destroying all the other planets." Richard asks: "And how are they going to do that?" Amy says: "With some kind of weapon." Richard says: "We can stop it." Lindsey asks: "What do you want me to do?" Richard says: "Try to search Besoux. He has to know about this weapon. And how can we destroy it?" Amy says: "It's just a weapon. There should be a way to destroy it." Lindsey says: "Maybe Besoux knows how to deal with these kind of weapons?" Richard says: "Go to him now!" Lindsey asks: "But how do I know where he is?" Richard says: "Just try to find him." Lindsey says: "Okay, I will go now." After it, Lindsey opens the door and runs away. Richard and Amy take on their clothes and fastly after it, they hear Cirophaa saying through the speakers: "Everyone, the time has come together and see the life in the universe decrease." Richard and Amy look at each other and when they are done they go to it.

Sebastian, Nina and John come back to the group. Sebastian goes to Lauren and Avalyn. He says: "Bryan is lying to us all the time. We should do something against it." Lauren says: "I knew something wasn't right with him." Sebastian says: "He and the Volorians are working together. They are planning to kill all of us." Avalyn asks: "What are we going to do against it?" Sebastian says: "I will try something." Sebastian walks to Bryan and says: "The game is over. We know it." Bryan says: "Finally you know it. And who told you that?" Sebastian says: "It was easy to find it out myself." Bryan says: "So you are going to say that Nina and John shut their mouth?" Sebastian says: "Yes, that's true." Isabelle asks: "What game are you playing Bryan?" Bryan says: "I am not playing a game. This guy wants to create some drama." Isabelle walks to Sebastian and asks: "What do you mean?" Sebastian says: "He is working together with the Volorians." Bryan angrily screams: "He lies! Have you any proof for this?" Sebastian says: "Lets ask it to the Volorians." John goes to Bryan and asks: "Why are you lying to this people?" Bryan says: "If they would have known it, they wouldn't have trust us." John says: "Now you have it, they hate you because you lie." Isabelle says: "I don't really get it anymore. What all happened?" Sebastian says: "Come with us. We can't trust him." Bryan angrily asks: "You want to fight this out?" Sebastian says: 'Fine." After it, they start fighting. Kenji and Julian want to help Bryan, but he says that he can do it alone. Isabelle goes to Anouk and asks: "On which side are you?" Anouk says: "On Bryan's side of course." Isabelle says: "I don't know what I should do." Bryan and Sebastian keep on fighting until Bryan smashes Sebastian on the ground. Bryan says: "I am not gonna kill you. It is enough now." Sebastian says: "Might be one of your biggest mistakes ever." Bryan says: "We will go away now. You and your team can get killed by the Volorians. We don't care." After it, Bryan, Julian, Kenji and Anouk walk away. Bryan sees that Isabelle doesn't comes with them. Bryan screams: "Isabelle come!" After it, he and Julian run to her and grab her. Sebastian says: "Now it is really enough." But on the moment he wants to attack them, Kenji stands in his way. Kenji says: "Shut up man." After it, it is really enough for Sebastian, Nina, John, Lauren and Avalyn. They start attacking the others. However, Bryan, Julian and Anouk can get away. Isabelle says: "I am done with you. I don't want this anymore." Bryan says: "You bitch!" After it, he smashes her hardly on her hand and smashes her away. He screams: "You whore! I hope you will die here!" Jace, Elissa and Toby look at each other and don't know what to do, but Toby says: "Bye idiots, I hope I won't see you again." Elissa is very surprised and says: "You will take their side?" Toby says: "Of course, I will." Jace is very angry and goes after him. He says: "Now I am done with you. I am going to finish it before it is too late!" Sebastian and Kenji are still fighting. Nina says to John: "Blow up this base." John says: "Okay, we probably won't need it anymore." Lauren says: "We will go after Bryan." John puts bombs everywhere in the base so no one else is going to find it. Kenji is better than Sebastian and easily defeats him. They are still in the base while the others are outside. Kenji says: "Now it's time to finish you." He picks up a gun and starts shooting. One of the bullets hits one of the bombs, making big explosions follow. Sebastian runs as fast as he can out of the base. Kenji goes after him. Nina helps Sebastian to come out. Kenji doesn't manages to come out and ends up under the base. A few explosions follow. Nina asks: "Is he death?" After it, a person comes out of the broken base. Kenji screams: "I survive everything!" John says: "Lets see of you also survive this old friend." After it, the ground totally collapses and lava comes out of the ground. Kenji sees it happening, but he can't do anything. All the ground under him goes in the lava. When he comes close to the lave, he starts burning down. Sebastian says to Nina: "Don't look at it. This is going to be heavy." John likes to see it and sees Kenji totally burning down to ash. Some parts of his body even explode because of the heath. All the parts end up in the lava and later there is nothing left of him. Sebastian goes to Isabelle. She is still laying on the ground. Sebastian asks: "Are you alright?" Isabelle says: "That stupid idiot. I should have know it." Sebastian says: "I am sorry that I couldn't stop him from doing this to you." Isabelle says: "It's fine, you shouldn't feel so responsible for everything." Sebastian helps Isabelle to stand up and after it, they see that Bryan, Julian and Anouk could get away. When they are all together again, Lauren says: "I am sorry. They were too fast." Toby is also too fast for Jace. Sebastian says: "Lets just go after them." They start running and not far away from them they see Bryan, Julian, Anouk and Toby going inside some kind of palace. John says: "That's the palace of Cirophaa, leader of the Volorians." Nina says: "This should be the place." Isabelle says: "I want to get revenge." Sebastian says: "What will be the plan?" Avalyn says: "Today is different, there seems like something big is going to happen." Lauren says: "All we can do is going back to Besoux and lets stop this." Sebastian says: "Bryan is such an idiot. Lets see what this guy will do inside of there." John says: "He wants to take the lead over the weapon." Nina asks: "What weapon?" John says: "I have seen him using it. It completely heaths a planet, making all life disappear." Sebastian says: "Then I know why he is on this planet." During the walk, the weapon gets installed and all the people at the collection come together, not knowing what's about to happen.

When Besoux, Caroline, George, Joe and Jaimy are in the palace of Cirophaa, Zopumop brings them to Cirophaa. Besoux says to Zopumop: "You only need me, the others have no need to be here." Zopumop says: "The one wants to see them." Besoux says: "You said that he only wanted to see me." Zopumop says: "As I said, the plans have changed." Besoux asks: "And what plans are they part of?" Zopumop says: "Showing our collection what we do with invaders." After it, they come in a big room where Cirophaa is sitting. They step out of the vehicle with some kind of handcuffs and Cirophaa comes to them. He walks to them and sees lots of humans, a Quetirian and one in some kind of suit. He goes to George and says: "Take off your suit." George says: "I wish I could, but sadly it's not possible." Cirophaa becomes angry grabes him at his stomach and says: "I want to see your face!" George says: "Fine." After it, he removes his suit at his face and a completely burned down face can be seen. Cirophaa says: "You look terrible. Did you got lava on your face?" George says: "It was fire." Cirophaa says: "Fire and lava, it is all the same for me." Cirophaa walks further and stops at Besoux. Cirophaa says very angrily: "It was you who killed my right hand." Besoux says: "You have seen that very good." Cirophaa asks: "What made you get into contact with my business?" Besoux says: "You stole one of us. We came here to let you pay for that." Cirophaa says: "I know you came from Quetir, but where the hell are there humans on Earth?" Besoux says: "They were only on a visit at our planet, you had no right to kidnap one of them." Cirophaa says: "We did. Apouivour was only there to save here. You should have been glad for that!" Besoux says: "You should have told us about it, now it looked like you were commiting a crime." Cirophaa says: "Lets us continue our discussion here. We don't need the others." Zopumop says: "We will do with them as planned, right?" Cirophaa says: "Of course we will." Zopumop gets Caroline, George and Joe and sees that Jaimy is still unconscious. She asks to Cirophaa: "What will we do with her?" Cirophaa says: "Keep her here." Zopumop agrees with it and throws Jaimy on the table. After it, she walks away with the others. Not much after it, Matt walks inside the room. He is now fully taken over by Cirophaa. Matt asks: "How is she going?" Cirophaa says: "You can make her better again." Matt says: "I can do that? Tell me how!" Cirophaa says: "You will care less about her. Try to look in her head, you will see why." Matt does it and says: "I see a lot of angriness. She wants to payback on me." Cirophaa says: "Lets find out." Cirophaa controls Matt and uses him to make Jaimy conscious again. When she is conscious again, she asks: "Where am I?" Matt says: "I am here with you." Besoux who is still standing in the room says: "Bring her to the others. She has no reason to stay here." Cirophaa becomes angry and says: "You will stay here and shut your mouth." He controls Matt and he shoots something on Besoux. After it, Besoux falls unconscious on the ground. Jaimy is shocked by it. Cirophaa says to her and Matt: "You two should talk this out. Let me take a look at my wonderful collection." Cirophaa walks to a door, opens it and comes on a stage. When he is there, he sees his collection, including Amy, Richard, Zaver and Zaveria. Richard asks to Amy: "Is that him?" Amy says: "Yes, he is." Cirophaa says: "Welcome everyone. Today is the big day. We will first start with destroying all other planets and after it I will check if all the womens are pregnant. We don't have much time left, so everyone prepare for the extinction of most the world!"

Bryan, Julian, Anouk and Toby are inside the palace and hear Cirophaa speaking on the background. Bryan says: "Lets return to our master." Toby says: "I would really like to meet him." Julian says: "He doesn't knows about you yet, but we know that you will be a good replacement for Kenji." Toby says: "Of course, I will kill Jace to prove your trust in me." Bryan says: "Do that after we have met our master." After some walking through the palace and seeing some Volorians who are glad they have returned, they reach the room where they see that Cirophaa is gone. They only see two humans. Bryan asks to them: "Where is Cirophaa?" Jaimy asks: "He is busy with things." Matt sees Bryan, Julian, Anouk and Toby and says: "Look who are back. And by the way, you can speak through me." Jaimy is surprised and says: "I knew there was something wrong with you." Matt says: "There is no Matt anymore, only Cirophaa." Jaimy says: "I need to get Matt out of you." Matt laughs and says: "That's impossible!" Anouk asks to Jaimy and Joe: "What happened to his guy?" (pointing at Besoux). Matt says: "He is sleeping for a while." Bryan asks to Matt: "So if you are Cirophaa, what's the plan?" Matt says: "I am currently doing the last preparations. You can help me by killing all the humans who are entering my palace. Toby says: "Time to finish Jace." Bryan says: "Of course master, we will do whatever you want."

Lauren, Avalyn, Jace, Elissa, Sebastian, Isabelle, Nina and John enter the palace. Lauren asks: "How do we know what we can expect here?" Jace says: "We will see it ourselves." Isabelle says: "Lets go to Bryan. He lied about everything." Sebastian says: "Of course we will kill that idiot." Jace says: "Let me get Toby. I can't believe that one of my own team would betray me." On the moment they step inside the base, they see a girl entering them. Jace says: "One of us get her!" Lauren says: "Don't do that, she is one of us!" When they are too close, Lauren and Avalyn see that it is Lindsey. Lauren asks: "What are you doing here?" Lindsey says: "I am so glad to see you." Avalyn asks: "Where are Richard and Amy?" Lindsey says: "They are inside. They are part of that collection." Jace says: "We came here to kill the Volorian leader, not to save Amy and Richard. Besoux would do that." Lindsey says: "You went in two groups?" Lauren says: "We don't have time to discuss everything. Go inside!" They run inside. John says: "Wait, I know the way to the room of Cirophaa." Lindsey asks: "How do you know that?" John says: "I have been here before." Nina says: "Same for me." Sebastian says: "Okay, you two will be our guides."

Inside the biggest room of the palace, Cirophaa is done with his preparations. Cirophaa says: "Before we will start destroying all the other planets, I first want to show you something." A light goes on and shows another stage with three humans on it. One in a suit, the others just standing there. Richard and Amy are very surprised, it are Caroline, George, Joe and another man. Zopumop is standing with them on the stage. Cirophaa says: "All invaders on our planet will get punished. Let this be a sign to you: you will be the last persons in the universe, there is no place for others." Behind the three humans, an elevator shows up. Cirophaa says: "Everyone who stands in my way, or ignores what I want, will be send into the elevator. This elevator will lead right into a volcano located next to my palace. There will be no way of surviving it." On the moment Zopumop leads Caroline, George, Joe and Morris into the elevator, George uses something in his suit and shoots it at Zopumop. She gets smashed away. On the moment Cirophaa gets very angry, the collection and Caroline, George and Joe know that the war has started.

The other group of humans is still walking through the palace. John says: "We are almost there." Isabelle says: "How is it possible that I can't remember all of this?" Nina says: "I'm sorry for not telling you this earlier, but it wasn't an accident that you ended up on that planet." Isabelle is very surprised and asks: "How?" Nina says: "You disagreed with Bryan's plans and he removed your mind." Isabelle says: "Even a bigger reason to get that idiot." Lauren says: "You will get Bryan, Anouk and Julian, Jace and Elissa go for Toby and we will go for the leader." John says: "It is not very smart if you two go against him. We need more people to make a chance against him." Sebastian says: "Maybe the others are also here." Avalyn says: "Lets hope on that." Not much after it, they reach the room. They see Bryan, Julian, Anouk, Toby and two other humans inside the room. Bryan and the others aren't even surprised to see them, they immediatly atttack the others. Two big fights on the same time have started.

All the different species of the collection try to climb on the stage and attack Cirophaa and the other Volorians. Cirophaa makes his stage going higher in the air, so they can't reach it. On the moment Caroline, George, Joe and John want to go to Richard and Amy, Zopumop stands up again and attacks them. Zopumop says: "So pointless of you to let the destruction of all planets happen a few minutes later." Caroline answers to it: "We should do something against it." Zopumop says: "You will die anyway!" They start fighting. George says to Joe and Morris: "Go to Richard and Amy." Joe agrees with it and he goes off the stage to them. Caroline and Zopumop are still fighting against each other. Zopumop is stronger, picks up Caroline and throw her in the opened elevator. On the moment she wants to push on the button to let it close, George shoots with one of his cannons on his suit making Zopumop also going inside before the door closes. Caroline and Zopumop look each other in the eyes. Zopumop says: "Seems like your friends don't care about you." Caroline says: "It is worth it to prevent all planets getting destroyed." An angry Zopumop becomes even more aggresive and wants to completely smash Caroline knock out. She fights back and after some seconds they reach the place where the elevator opens itselves to make the people inside fall in the lava. Zopumop says: "It is time to say goodbye." After it, the elevator opens itselves. Caroline gets a bit worried because she doesn't knows what to do, but after some time a rope comes to her and grabs her. Zopumop tries to hang on the wall, but it fails and she falls in the lava. Her body totally burns down until there is nothing left. George lets the rope come back to him and makes Caroline coming back in the palace. Caroline says: "Thank you." George says: "That's the advantage of having such an ugly suit." After it, they go off the stage and see Joe, Morris, Richard and Amy. Richard says: "I am so glad to see you." Caroline says: "Me too, otherwise this travel would have been useless." George says: "Lets now get their leader." Cirophaa sees it all happening. He says: "The plans have been changed. Kill them all!" The Volorians agree with it while Cirophaa goes to another room to let the weapon start. The others see it happening. Joe says: "Of course that bastards has to run. He can't do something else." Morris says: "Let me finish this. I have knowledge about Volorians." George says: "Okay this is the plan, Caroline, Morris and I will go after him and Joe, Richard and Amy will disable the weapon." Zaver, who is standing next to him, says: "We and the others will take over the palace." Zaveria and all the others agree with it. Richard looks around him and asks: "Where is Besoux?" Caroline says: "He is in that other room, I wonder how everything is going there."

The screen turns over to the other room where Sebastian, Lauren, Jace and the others see Bryan, Anouk, Julian and Toby with Matt and Jaimy. Sebastian says: "There is no way you can run from us. It is over Bryan!" Bryan says: "You are wrong about that. Everything is just started. All of us are together now. That's what I call party." Lauren says: "You are only with 4 against all of us. You better surrender." Matt says: "You forget about me." Jace says: "Oh yes did we forget you?" Dude, we don't even know you!" Matt start walking to Jace and says: "You better take that back. I am a king you are talking to." Jace asks to the others: "We can't take this guy serious, right?" The others don't know what to say until Matt uses some of his special powers and smashes Jace hardly away. Matt says: "Who is next?" Sebastian says: "All together!" And after it they all start attacking Matt, Bryan, Anouk, Julian and Toby. Elissa goes to Toby and says: "We were friends for so long time, now you just forget about that?" Toby says: "We were never friends. I am just going over to the winning group." Jace, who has stand up again, says to Toby: "The winning team? Are you serious?" Toby says: "You are all idiots. There is no reason for me to be with idiots like you." After it, Jace and Elissa start fighting with Toby. On the same time, John goes to Julian and says: "I thought you would have been smarter than this." Julian says: "You have no fricking idea what's going on here. Come back to us, Sebastian and Isabelle are two soft idiots and Nina is a traitor." John answers to it: "That sounds very convincing to me." Julian says: "So be it!" On the moment he wants to attack John, Lauren and Avalyn join the fight and attack him. Avalyn asks: "We can help you, right?" John says: "Of course." Meanwhile, Isabelle and Nina go to Anouk. Anouk says: "Finally we are reunited as three friends." Nina angrily says: "What has Bryan done to you? He has taken over your mind!" Anouk says: "That's not true. I choose what's the best for the universe. And I don't give a shit about Earth." Isabelle says: "Nina is right. I remember you as my best friend back on Earth. How is this possible?" Anouk says: "I will tell you why bitches." And after it, they start fighting each other. Sebastian sees it happening, but he goes to Bryan. Bryan sees him coming to him and says: "Isn't it terrible what has become of you? I only know you a few days now but I guess everything was different before you met her." Sebastian says: "Where are you talking about? You are the one that removed her mind and threw her all alone on a planet." Bryan says: "Oh yes, Nina told you that. I wish I would have done the same to that bitch. She will die second, after you!" After it, they start fighting. Jaimy is looking at everything and doesn't knows what to do. She sees Matt who likes to see all the fights. Jaimy asks to him: 'Where is Matt?" Matt says: "He is gone. You don't understand it? He has a secret power inside of him that is very fragile. Easy to take over." Jaimy says: "Matt, I will get you out of this beast!" Matt says: "This really shows what love can do to someone." Lindsey, who sees where Jaimy is going through, says: "Kill him, maybe we can get him out of Matt then." Suddenly, Jaimy sees a gun lying on the table and she grabs it. She asks to Matt: "What if I shoot you through the head with this?" Matt says: "You really think that will kill me?" Jaimy says: "I do." And after it, she shoots Matt through the head. Matt says: "You dumb idiot. Now you killed him. I told you that I would survive." Jaimy is shocked and now gets regret of what she has done. Matt says: "Time to finish such an idiot." With his last powers, Matt grabs a knife and wants to kill Jaimy, but before he reaches her, a sword goes right through his stomach. It is Besoux, who is conscious again. He says: "You won't harm anyone anymore." Matt looks him in the eyes, laughs and after it some kind of spirit goes out of the body. Besoux says: "This is not good." Jaimy grabs Matt and sees he is dying. Matt, who is now himself again, says: "You don't have to feel sorry. There was no way to stop this. That other planet where I have been on, that has done everything." After it, Matt dies. Jaimy is very sad and start crying. Lindsey decides to help her. Besoux sees the spirit going away. He goes after it, but on that moment he sees Cirophaa. Cirophaa says: "Thanks for freeing the spirit from that stupid body. It belongs to me." Cirophaa grabs some kind of bottle and the spirit goes in it. On that moment, Besoux attacks him and the bottle falls on the ground. They start fighting each other.

Meanwhile, Richard, Amy and Joe have taken over the room with the others. Zaver, Zaveria and the others have helped them with it. Zaver says to Joe: "I am Zaver, it's good to meet you." Joe says: "Same for me. I am Joe, but we can better introduce us to each other later." Caroline, George and Morris go on the stage that is taken over and run in the room. They hear a fight going on. When they come closer, they see that it are Cirophaa and Besoux who are fighting. Inside the other room, the fights are still going on. Jace and Elissa are fighting against Toby, who is too strong for them. Jace says: "Surrender now idiot, you aren't strong enough for us." Toby says: "What does that matter to me?" After it, Toby suddenly has a sword. Jace says: "You think that you can win the fight with that?" Toby says: "At least I can do this!" And after it, he suddenly goes with his sword against the back of Elissa. Elissa screams the pain out. Jace becomes very angry and says: "I won't let you take her from me!" Jace becomes very angry, attacks Toby and hits him a lot of times. Jace grabs the sword out of his arms and says: "It's time give up now!" Toby says: "No, it's not." And he grabs a knife out of one his pockets and puts it in the stomach of Jace. Elissa sees it and wants to stop Toby from killing Jace, but Toby says: "I have another surprise for you." And he grabs a gun and shoots Elissa through the head. She falls death from the ground. Jace sees it happening. He says: 'You are going to pay for that!" Toby stands up and says: "No, you don't!" And he grabs his sword again and stabs Jace once again. Jace spits the blood out of his mouth. Toby says: "Finally, the dictator of our spaceship is gone." To finish it, Toby puts the sword also in the head of Jace throwing his body on the ground. Toby sees the two bodies lying on the ground. He walks away from them. Meanwhile, John, Lauren and Avalyn are still fighting against Julian. He know that he can't win the fight and tries to get away. He walks to a window and says: "Come on, get me!" Lauren is done with and grabs a gun. She starts shooting on him. The bullets miss him, but the window gets broken. John says: "Let me finish this." He goes to Julian grabs him and says: "Bodyguard of Bryan, what are you going to do know?" Julian tries to grabs a knife, but it is too late and John grabs him. Lauren and Avalyn help him to get him up. They throw him against the broken glass. He hangs there for some seconds, but an almost death Julian wants to get away. Lauren says: "The game is over." And she shoots another time on him, now succesful. Julian's death body falls out of the window on the ground. Avalyn says: "I wonder what Bryan thinks of that." Sebastian and Bryan are still fighting. Bryan is not as strong as he thinks he is and after some fighting, Sebastian defeats him. Sebastian says: 'I don't want to kill. You have to suffer for what you have done." Bryan says: "Good boy, everyone knows there is something good inside of you." Isabelle and Nina are still fighting against Anouk. They go to another room where a swimming pool is located. Nina says: "A swimming pool? Serious?" Isabelle says: "I guess the Volorian leader also wants to have a place where he can relax." Suddenly, they are attacked again. They fight besides the swimming pool. Anouk smashes Nina away and starts fighting alone against her former best friends. When Nina stands up, she sees some kind of buttons against the wall. Anouk says to Isabelle: "You are such a whore. You know why Bryan left you in the first place? Only because you wouldn't survive anyway!" Isabelle says: "You are the one who wouldn't survive it." Anouk grabs a knife and wants to kill Isabelle with it, until Nina starts saying: "Throw her in the swimming pool!" Anouk says: "Very funny, now you want to swim with me?" Nina and Isabelle start pushing her until she falls in the swimming pool. Isabelle says: "This is funny but we have to kill her right?" Nina says: "That's what I want to try." On the moment Anouk wants to get out of the swimming pool, Nina starts pushing on the buttons. She makes the water become very hot. Anouk is too late to get out of it and dies because of the heath. Isabelle is a bit sad, but Nina says to her: "She deserved it." Isabelle says: "Yes I agree." After it, they return to the group where they see Sebastian, John, Lauren, Avalyn, Jaimy and Lindsey with Bryan. Sebastian says: "He will surrender!" Isabelle says: "That's good, should we now go that Volorian leader?" John says: "Yes, lets now finish this." After it, they run away to the other room and leave a defeated Bryan alone in the room.

Cirophaa and Besoux are still fighting against each other. Caroline, George and Morris see the fight. They see that Cirophaa wants to get the bottle. Morris says: "That bottle, why is it so important to him?" George says: "Lets destroy it." George uses it suit and flies to Cirophaa and Besoux. He uses something and grabs the bottle. Cirophaa says: "Idiot, it is too powerful for you." George says: "What would you think if I destroy it?" Besoux suddenly says: "Don't destroy it! The spirit what was in Matt is inside of it." Cirophaa says: "Finally someone who is smart." After it, he smashes Besoux away. Cirophaa says: "Give it back!" Right on that moment, Caroline and Morris come and attack Cirophaa. Caroline says: "Go away with it George." George says: "Okay." and he flies away. Cirophaa is too strong and pushes Caroline next to Besoux. Morris keeps on fighting against Cirophaa. Cirophaa asks: "Have we met before?" Morris says: "No, but I know what your specie has done!" Cirophaa asks once again: "And that was?" Morris asks: "I was on Bruiphonium, where your specie comes too often. You thought you could do whatever you want there!" Cirophaa says: "You shouldn't care anymore. Soon all planets except Volorian will be gone." After it, he hits Morris with something and he falls defeated on the ground. Meanwhile, George wants to fly with the bottle to the other room but suddenly he sees a lot of humans entering them. When they are close enough, he asks: "Who the hell are you?" Lauren sees that it is George and says: "It are us!" George says: "I am sorry, I didn't saw you. And I didn't knew that you were still with so much." Suddenly, Cirophaa is back and grabs George. Cirophaa says: "Give it back, or I will destroy you completely!" Sebastian asks: "Shouldn't we do something?" John says: "Yes of course." After it, he, Sebastian, Isabelle, Nina, Lauren, Avalyn, Jaimy and Lindsey attack Cirophaa. Lauren asks to George: "What do you have in your hands?" George says: "Something he shouldn't get!" Avalyn says: "We will keep him busy, get away now!" The humans are with too much, Cirophaa can't defeat them. Sebastian says: "Idiot beast, this is your punishment!" Nina asks: "Can we kill him?" Isabelle says: "I guess we don't have something better to do." Suddenly, after some time, Volorions come and start helping Cirophaa. With the help of them, all the humans get defeated. One of the Volorians asks: "What should we do with them?" Cirophaa says: "Nothing, get the bottle with my power! The human with suit has it!" The Volorians agree with it. Cirophaa goes back to his stage where all the Volorians are defeated. He sees his collection including Richard, Amy, Joe, Zaver, Zaveria and the other species. Cirophaa says to all of them: "I am sorry for all the interruptions. But now I'm done and we can finally start our plan." Richard asks to Amy: "What is he saying?" Amy says: "He will start with his plan now." A few seconds later, a wall disappears and the weapon of Cirophaa is shown. Cirophaa continues: "I will start now destroying the other planets!" Besoux, Caroline, Lauren, Avalyn, Jaimy, Lindsey, Morris, Sebastian, Nina, Isabelle and John stand up and see it happening. Lindsey says: "We have to stop this!" Morris asks: "What's the plan?" Besoux says: "Let me finish him. He has enough reasons to be put down." Sebastian asks: "Shall we help that man in that suit?" Besoux says: "Yes. Caroline, Lauren, Avalyn, Lindsey and Jaimy come with me. You can help the others get ouf of here. I will kill that idiot." They all agree with it and go their own way.

On that same time, George flies and reaches the room of Cirophaa. On the moment he gets in, he sees a bomb coming to him. One second later, an explosion follows and he falls injured on the ground. He sees a human coming to him and says: "That bottle belongs to me." It is Toby. George doesn't knows what to do. Toby looks and wants to open the bottle. On the moment he is trying to do it, he hears Bryan saying: "It belongs to me!" Toby says: "No, I am not going to be your henchman. I want to do this myself!" Bryan stands up and asks: "You want to fight for it?" Toby says: "So be it." After it, they start fighting but the fight fastly gets interrupted by Volorians who enter the room. Bryan and Toby stop fighting. Toby asks: "What the hell do you want?" One of the Volorians says: "That bottle belongs to our master." Bryan says: "Not true!" The Volorians know what to do and attack the two humans. After some fighting, another Volorian says: "More filthy beasts entering the room!" All of them look who it are and Bryan and Toby see Sebastian, Isabelle, John, Nina and Morris entering the room. Bryan says: "Exactly who I wanted to see!" Nina says to Sebastian: "I knew we should have killed him." Sebastian says: "True, I made a stupid mistake." Isabelle walks to Bryan and asks: "What are you going to do with that bottle Bryan?" Bryan says: "Soon all the power will be for me. And you and I will be together again." Isabelle says: "Never!" and on the moment she wants to attack Bryan, he smashes her away. Sebastian looks if she is allright. The Volorians don't know what to do and look at it. Morris walks to Toby who still has the bottle in his hands. Morris says: "Give it to me. You don't know what it is." Toby says: "Fine, everyone wants to have it! Now nobody will have it!" And out of nowhere he throws the bottle hardly on the ground, making it break. Bryan says: "Idiot, what have you done!" Toby says: 'You idiot, your mind gets taken over by that thing." Bryan says: "Don't call your leader an idiot." Toby says very angrily: "You are not my leader!" After some more screaming at each other, they see that the spirit is coming back. Bryan and Toby both run as fast as to it. They are followed by the Volorians and Morris. Sebastian helps Isabelle getting up. Nina and John look to it and know that they are too late. George also wakes up again. Toby is the fastests at the spirit and sees it coming in it. Bryan says: "You idiot, I told you that it belongs to me!" Toby says: "I have now all the power! Nothing can change that!" Bryan completely disagrees with it, grabs a gun and shoots Toby through the head. Toby falls death on the ground. The Volorians think it is their chance now, but Bryan is the fastest and grabs the head of Toby. He puts his arm on it. The Volorians attack him, but Bryan kills them all with his new powers. After some time, Bryan has full control over it. He says: "You see? I have no all the power!"

On the other side of the palace, Cirophaa goes to another room to set up the locations for the first planets he wants to destroy. He is with some Volorians. He says to the others: "Lets destroy Earth first. I have really started hating this planet because of those focking humans!" He puts in the location of Earth and starts clicking on buttons to start the weapon. Richard, Amy, Joe, Zaver and Zaveria see it happening. Amy asks: "Shouldn't we do something?" Zaver says: "Lets climb on the stage and stop this!" On the moment they want to do that, they suddenly see Caroline, Lauren, Avalyn, Lindsey and Jaimy come to them. They are glad to see each other, but there are other things more important first. They embrace each other. Amy can see Zaver already going to the room of Cirophaa. When the weapon is completely done, Cirophaa wants to start it, but suddenly Besoux stands in the room. Cirophaa says: "Of course that stupid Quetirian come back to us. Kill him!" The other Volorians attack Besoux, but he easily kills them. During it, Cirophaa says: "Lets change the location to Quetir. What do you think about that?" Besoux angrily says: "Your weapon won't work. It will be disabled before it reaches Quetir!" Cirophaa says: "Stupid one-eyed Quetirian. This is for Apouivour!" And Cirophaa and Besoux starts fighting against each other once again. Cirophaa wants to let the weapon start but Besoux makes sure he doesn't succeeds it. They fight with their swords against each other. After some fighting, Cirophaa hits Besoux and makes him fall on the ground. Cirophaa is glad and wants to click on the button to activate the weapon, but right on that moment he gets a knife in his back. Cirophaa screams the pain out. Never has a weapon like that hit him. He watches behind him and sees that Zaver has done it. Zaver says to him: "This knife was on my room all that time. Now it finally hit it's target!" Cirophaa says: 'You idiot!" With his last powers, Cirophaa activates the button. Besoux stands up again. He grabs his sword and stabs Cirophaa with it. Besoux says: "This is the same sword where I killed your beloved Apouivour with. I will call it the Volorian slayer now." Cirophaa laughs to Besoux, but on that moment he hits him one more time now on his head. A next shot is seen where Cirophaa's death body falls on the ground. Besoux says to Zaver: "Thank you. How can I call you?" Zaver says: "It is Zaver. It is an honour to meet you king of Quetir." Besoux pushes the body of Cirophaa away. He asks to Zaver: "Do you know how to stop this weapon?" Zaver says: "Let me try something." Zaver activates some button and destroys a few things and after it, the weapon stops sending some kind of beam to Quetir. Besoux says: "Thank you once again. Without you my planet would have been gone." Zaver says: "It was pretty easy." After it, the other humans and some of the other species also come inside the room. Lauren is one of them and asks: "Have we won?" Besoux says: "Yes, we did." After it, they see the death body of Cirophaa and all the different species start cheering.

On the other side of the palace, Bryan looks like a god now. Isabelle says: "There must be a way to stop him." Bryan says: "There is no way to kill me! I am invincible to everything!" Sebastian asks to John: "Any ideas?" John says: "Maybe there is a way." Nina says: "Do I know what you mean or not?" John says: "Depends on what you think." Sebastian asks: "You don't mean that weapon where the Volorian leader has been talking about?" Nina and John both say: "Yes!" Isabelle asks: "Isn't that very dangerous?" Bryan says: "Don't waste your time! Nothing can stop me!" Morris becomes very angry and says: "Lets just do this the easy way!" Right after it, he jumps to Bryan, grabs knife and wants to put in his throat. But Bryan is too fast and grabs him by his throat. Bryan lets him suffocate. Bryan says: 'You idiot. You really thought that you could stop me!" After some time, Morris is completely grey from the spirit and you can see all his bones. When all his skin is disappeared, Bryan throws his death body on the ground. Sebastian says to Isabelle: "Don't look at it." Isabelle asks: "Is this some kind of bad horror movie?" John says: "Maybe it is Halloween today?" Nina says: "I forgot about the dates, but maybe yes." Bryan says: "I don't laugh about your jokes! Lets now get my darling, and kill these two traitors and the biggest idiot of the whole universe." Isabelle says: "You still think that I love you?" Bryan says: "If I get you, I will make you love me again!" Isabelle says: "Okay then get me!" After it, Isabelle runs away. Sebastian says: "If you want to kill the biggest idiot in the whole universe, then get me!" He also goes away. John says: "Traitors have to be payed for what they did. Then where are you waiting for?" Nina says: "Prove us that you are our worst nightmare and get us!" Bryan says: "This is only making your lifes a bit longer! Now let me get these idiots!" It is followed by the Halloween creature going after his darling, the biggest idiot in the whole universe and the two traitors.

On the moment Besoux, Caroline, George, Lauren and all the others think that everything is over, they see something coming to them. Joe asks: "What the hell is that?" Besoux looks but can't really see what it is. Caroline says: "Is that what I think it is?" All the different species get afraid and most of them run as fast as they can away. Besoux says: "Prepare yourself." After some time, they see four humans coming at them. Sebastian says: "We need your help with something." Zaver asks to him: "What is that?" Sebastian doesn't knows what to answer until Nina says: "Do you think it looks like  a Halloween creature?" Zaver asks: "What is Halloween?" John says: "We can explain that to you later, he is coming!" Besoux asks: "What do you want us to do?" Sebastian says: "We need to get the weapon used on him." Besoux says: "We can't do that. It is way too dangerous." Isabelle asks: "Do you know any other way to stop that beast?" After it, they hear Bryan screaming: "I am not a beast, I am your worst nightmare!" Besoux says: "You should all go away, we will handle this." Sebastian says: "No, we want to do it. He is our enemy and we want to finish this." Besoux says: "Okay fine. All other should go away from here." Lauren says: "But that weapon makes life destroy from all planets, how can we use it to stop him?" After it, Bryan starts attacking. He uses some of his powers. All the others go away, except Sebastian, Isabelle, Nina and John. Bryan says: "Good, you are the four idiots I really have to kill now!" Sebastian says: "Where are you waiting for? Take your chance!" Bryan asks: "How will you feel when I kill both of your lovely girls?" Sebastian says: "You for sure won't kill one of them." Bryan becomes very angry and grabs Isabelle. He screams: "You think I still love that bitch? Lets finally do what she deserves!" Sebastian runs as fast to Bryan and pushes Isabelle away. Bryan becomes angry and says: "Fine, lets kill the others first!" Nina says: "You mean us? Well, here we are!" Sebastian says to Isabelle: "This is our chance." Isabelle says: "That hurted." Sebastian helps Isabelle to stand up and after it, they go to the buttons of the weapon. Sebastian looks and sees how to activate the weapon. Meanwhile, Nina and John can get away from Bryan. Bryan looks to Sebastian and screams: "You really think you can kill me with that weapon?" Sebastian says: "To be honest, that was indeed our plan. How did you find out?" Bryan uses all his powers and shoots everything on the weapon. The power of him in combination with the weapon makes a huge explosion. Bryan gets hit very hard with it. He falls on the ground. Bryan starts screaming some things. Sebastian says to him: "That wasn't a smart move." Isabelle walks to Bryan and says: "Give up Bryan. Your game is over." Bryan becomes even more agressive and says: "You will all die!" With his last powers, he shoots everything on the weapon. All the heath inside of it starts exploding. John says: "Lets get out of here." Sebastian walks to Bryan. Bryan wants to stand up and kill him, but Sebastian is faster and puts a knife in his throath. Isabelle, Nina and John see it. Nina puts a knife in his belly, John in the heart and Isabelle puts one in the head. Bryan is dying, but the powers keep him alive. After it, they all run as fast at they can away. Bryan sees the weapon exploding more and more. Bryan knows that he can't do anything. After some time, the weapon completely explodes. All the heath goes on Bryan and after some time a huge explosion follows.

Sebastian, Isabelle, Nina and John come back to the group. Lauren asks: "Is he death?" Isabelle says: "Lets hope so." Besoux says: "We should get the hell out of here now. The planet is lost." Amy asks: "What about the remaining Volorians? We can't punish them for having a bad leader." Besoux says: "I feel sorry for them, but we can't save everyone." All the other species all take go their own way. Most of them steal spaceships from the Volorians. Only Zaver and Zaveria go with the humans and quetirian.  Joe asks: "Do we know where our spaceship is?" Besoux says: "Just follow me." After it, another big explosion follows. After it, they can see some kind of spirit coming on. Sebastian says: "Oh no, this is not good." A few seconds later, a bigger version of Bryan appears and he completely destroys the palace of Cirophaa. After it, the keeps on screaming: "SEBASTIAN, ISABELLE, NINA AND JOHN!!!!!!!!!!" Lindsey answers on it: "Wow, this guy really hates you." Nina says: "Always when you think you are done with him, it seems that you aren't done with him." It is followed by some volcanoes that start burning out. The biggest one of the planet also starting bursting out." Zaver says: "We won't make it to the spaceship if that volcano bursts out." George says: "I can delay that volcano for some time." Caroline asks to him: "Are you sure?" George says: "Yes, someone should do it. Otherwise we are all going to die." Lauren says: "But we can't miss you." George says: "It doesn't matters. I am done wearing this suit. It is only a temporary thing for me. I want to thank you for all the great adventures." Caroline and Lauren both get tears on their eyes. Meanwhile Bryan, with the spirit inside of him, comes to the group. Sebastian says: "He really pissed me off now." John says: "It is time to finish this once and for all." Nina says: "I think that Bryan is already death. The only thing keeping him alive is that spirit. It has the power over the body and keeps using it." Besoux says: "All the others, come with me." George flies to the biggest volcano on the planet. Sebastian, Isabelle, Nina and John go to the spirit controlling Bryan's body. After some time, Bryan reached them. He screams: "This will be the end for all of you!" Sebastian says to him: "You shouldn't have died overthere. What you really want is not going to succeed!" Bryan says: "You will be the first to die! That's all I am asking for!" Sebastian says: "Okay fine." Isabelle is a bith shocked and asks: "Are you sure about this?" Sebastian says: "We will distract him. John and Nina, you should get him. Hitting the heart is useless. Just completely destroy his body!" John says: "There isn't something I want to do more than that right now." Sebastian and Isabelle walk to Bryan and Sebastian says: "Take me. You are too powerful. I will accept that now." On the moment Bryan wants to grab him, Isabelle says: "What are you doing Bryan? This is not how you are." Bryan screams to her: "There is nothing left of Bryan inside of her. I am the god of pure evil!" Isabelle says: "Even if you are our worst nightmare, you can't do something like this!" Bryan disagrees with it once again and John and Nina know that their plan isn't working. They attack Bryan with everything they have. On that time, Besoux, Caroline, Lauren and all the others step into the spaceship. George is still delaying the volcano from bursting out. Caroline says to Besoux: "Lets go to George, he can't wait any longer!" Avalyn asks: "What about the other four? That beast can kill them." Besoux says: "We will get them after George." On that time, Sebastian and Isabelle also start attacking Bryan. John puts a lot of bomes on Bryan. He lets them explode. Bryan's body starts becoming more ugly and ugly. After some time, the heart of the spirit starts appearing. Sebastian sees it and he knows what to do. He grabs the last knife he has. He says: "It's time to finish this once and for all. Isabelle, Nina and John, keep distracting him!" Nina says: "Okay, do you have a plan?" Sebastian says: "Not really, but I want to try something." Bryan says: "Try whatever you idiots want. I am invincible, nothing can touch me!" Sebastian says: "I have never been good at throwing something." After it, the throws the knife. It comes very far but reaches Bryan's body on the wrong place. Bryan starts laughing very hard and says: "You motherfuckers can't even listen to any........." Isabelle puts another knife in the heart of the spirit. Bryan looks behind him and sees that she has done it. He says: "How could you." Isabelle says: "I can earlier ask you how could you." After a few seconds silence, Bryan screams: "You still belong to me!" He tries to grab Isabelle, but Nina and John come between it. He uses all his powers and is to strong for them. But Sebastian comes, smashes off Bryan's arms and gets Isabelle. Bryan keeps on laughing, but Nina and John both throw a bomb on him. An explosion follows and Bryan's body completely explodes. Meanwhile, the volcano completely bursts out and George is very heavily reached by it. Everyone on the spaceship sees it happening. They are too late. George in his suit starts crashing to the ground. The spaceship goes as fast as they can to him and grab him. They land on the ground. Lauren and Caroline go outside and immediatly get him inside the spaceship. Sebastian, Isabelle, Nina and John see the spaceship and run as fast as they can to it. The spirit is still not done with them and goes after them. It grabs Nina. Sebastian sees it happening and knows he has to do something. He attacks it and screams: "Shut up now!!!" The spaceship goes up again and flies to them. Sebastian can get away of the spirit. When the spaceship is close enough, it lands again and they all go on it. They go as fast as they can away again and the spirit can't reaches them. Besoux puts the spaceship on the highest speed he can. When they are far away enough of the planet, all volcanoes start bursting out and after some time there are only volcanoes left on the planet. It is just a lava planet and all life is destroyed. Together with multiple other spaceships, they fly away. Everyone on the spaceships knows that it is over.

Inside of the spaceship, Caroline and Lauren look immediatly how it is with George. They put off his suit. They see he is dying. Lauren starts crying and says: "I don't want to lose you." George says: "It is okay. I already escaped from the death, that is not going to succeed a second time." Besoux and Zaver also come to them. Zaver says: "He got too much heath on him." Caroline asks: "Isn't there anything we can do?" George says: "Thank you all for the great adventures." Lauren says: "We can't do this without you. There should be something we can do!" Besoux says: "I'm sorry." George says: "It's fine. Don't feel sad Lauren." Lauren and Caroline both cry and the others are also sad. After a few seconds, George dies. For a lot of time, everyone on the spaceship is sad. Sebastian, Isabelle, Nina and John are sitting together and are glad that they survived. Sebastian says to the others: "I know this is sad, but why does it look like we have lost? We have won! That stupid Bryan finally got what he deserved!" Richard, Amy and Lindsey come to them. Richard says: "You four are heroes. Without you, we wouldn't have won this." Isabelle says: "Thank you, but you should thank Sebastian." Sebastian answers to it: "No, we did this together." Amy says: "I have to thank you all. I would not have been able to survive this without all of you." Nina asks: "Where are we actually flying to?" Lindsey says: "Quetir, that's the planet we are from." Nina says: "Oh, I thought you came from Earth, but that might also be too far away from here." Sebastian says: "Quetir is a beatiful planet. I am sure that you are going to like it. Sadly, I am the last remaining of my group." Nina says: "You have now us as friends." Sebastian says: "Of course I have." John says: "Okay, I will see where we will go to." Isabelle asks: "How long is it till that planet?" Richard says: "For sure a few days." Amy says: "Lets get some sleep." The spacehip has multiple rooms. Richard goes together with Amy to a room while Sebastian, Isabelle, Nina and John are also together on a room. Isabelle says to Sebastian: "I really mean what I just said. You saved me multiple times and helped me seeing that Bryan was the enemy." Sebastian says: "It all wasn't that hard." Isabelle says: "For me it was everything." After it, they both start kissing each other. After some kissing, Sebastian looks behind him and sees Nina and John looking at them. Sebastian says: "You really like this moment, don't you?" John answers to it: "You falling in love with each other was the most expectable thing ever." Nina says: "Wow John, you only see them together for like a day and you already know that?" During it, Sebastian and Isabelle continue their kissing. After some time they fall on one of the beds. On the moment they want to take off their clothes, John says: "Okay, I really don't want to see this." After it, the walks out of the room. Nina doubts and also want to walk out of the room, until Sebastian says: "Why don't you join us Nina?" Nina says: "That sounds like an amazing idea." Sebastian asks to Isabelle: "Do you care about this?" Isabelle says: "No, I don't." It is followed by Nina also jumping on the bed Sebastian has to girls for him. Meanwhile, John looks to the door and sees it happening. He laughs and after it he walks away.

Caroline and Lauren are still sad of their loss, Avalyn tries to help them. Jaimy is also still a bit sad and Joe is sitting with them. Besoux, Zaver and Zaveria control the spaceship while Richard, Amy and Lindsey are also together the most of the time. The next morning, Sebastian, Isabelle and Nina wake up in the same bed. To their big suprise, John is sitting on the bed and has sleeped next to him. Sebastian asks: "Wait, you have been here all the time?" John says: "I'm sorry, there weren't more bedrooms on this spaceship." Isabelle and Nina both laugh about it and don't really care.

After a few days of flying, the spaceship reaches Quetir. When they reach it, Besoux immediatly sees there has something changed in the time they were gone. Besoux asks: "What happened in the time we were gone?" The screen turns over to Bisonuar, that is inhabited again. The palace of Besoux has completely changed and other Quetirians are inside of it now. One of them looks on a device and says: "A spaceship is entering the planet." Another Quetirian says: "That's the spaceship of Besoux. Shoot it down!" The other Quetirian asks: "Are you sure?" The Quetirian says: "Yes, use the aloctrocution weapon." The other Quetirian says: "As you wish leader." On that time, everyone on the spaceship is glad that they are back. They all see Quetir. Isabelle says: "This is very beautiful." Sebastian says: "The funny thing is that it looks pretty much like Earth." Besoux says: "There is something not right." He looks outside and sees some kind of beam entering them. Besoux screams: "Some kind of beam is hitting us! Everyone get down!" The beam completely goes inside of the spaceship. All the humans and the three Quetirians are hit by it. After some seconds, the spaceship completely explodes and by some kind of power all the parts of the spaceship are thrown on a random place on the planet.

The credits start appearing.

Post-Credit Scene

The Quetirians inside of Bisonuar look at their device where they see the explosion of the spaceship. The highest Quetirian says: "Good job, this is exactly how I wanted it. Now, Besoux is never going to know what the heck is going on here." The Quetirian says: "As our scanners have seen, there were a lot of humans inside of that spaceship. I am not sure if the aloctrocution completely worked on them." The highest Quetirian says: "Doesn't matters, they won't be able to stand a feet against me anyway!" The scene ends with an overview at Bisonuar where you can see how the city has changed in the last weeks.

After-Credit Scene

Somewhere on the other side of the planet, a part of the spaceship has ended up. Four humans are inside of it. The screen turns over to Sebastian, who wakes up. He looks around him, is a bit shocked but sees Isabelle, Nina and John lying among him. He screams: "What the hell has happened?" Nina also wakes up and asks: "Did we reach the planet?" John and Isabelle also wake up. Isabelle sees Sebastian and is glad to see him. John says: "There is only one way to find an answer on that question. He opens the door of the part of the spaceship and looks outside. Sebastian, Isabelle and Nina follow him. They all look around them and see that all the others are gone. Isabelle asks: "This is Quetir, right?" Sebastian says: "Yes it is, but it is not how it was used to be." The camera goes higher and shows how Sebastian, Isabelle, Nina and John ended up in the middle of nowhere. After it, the movie ends.


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