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Spaceship 537: Conquest of Quetir is the 4th move in the Spaceship 537 franchise. It is a sequel to Spaceship 537: War of Quetir. It's an original movie idea by FranceSwitzerland. All characters who survived the war of Quetir will appear in this movie idea. Also, lots of new characters will appear.


After the War of Quetir, Besoux became king of Bisonuar and Daqeler became queen of Youxoter again. The surviving humans leaded by Caroline, Lauren, George, Richard, Amy and Lindsey are now living in Bisonuar. However, a new spaceship has landed on Quetir. It is called Spaceship 8484 and is much powerful than Spaceship 537. The spaceship is leaded by Justin Dunn, a very famous human who promised to completely take over Quetir. He wants to kill all the aliens on the planet and make it a planet full with humans. Caroline, Lauren, George, Richard, Amy and Lindsey are not agree with this and want to stop Dunn. They get allied by other people, such as Irish people. But, Dunn gets help by Mouqueran, a very powerful alien. She isn't Quetirian or Xyporion and wants to completely destroy Bisonuar and Youxoter. After some time, Caroline, Lauren, George, Richard, Amy, Lindsey, Besoux, Daqeler and their new allies find out that nothing can stop it.


It starts in a flashback. Somewhere on Earth lots of years ago, some people come together. There is a big device hanging in the room. It shows Quetir. All humans are located on a map. A man walks forward and shows something on the map. He says: "Welcome everybody. We will discuss about our main priority today. Quetir. The planet we have found a lot of years ago, but still, nothing is happening as it had to go. Edward Williams was the first to send a spaceship to the planet. After he was killed, multiple other spaceships also went to the planet. What have they really done? The answer is quite simple. They did nothing! Because of that, I will present you today my plan, called the Conquest of Quetir." A woman in the room says: "You want to completely take over a planet full of life?" The man says: "Exactly Avalyn. My full plan is described in this document. The Earth is overpopulated. Cities like Shanghai and Tokyo keep grewing. We have to send spaceships full of people to that planet, so they can live there. And some information for the people who aren't known about the planet. It's like 3x as big as Earth and looks very much like Earth. They are only not as developed as us. They have old cities, with the biggest ones being Bisonuar and Youxoter. We can easily conqure these cities. A man called Edwin says: "Sounds like a great idea Justin. We can start living there with a lot of other people. I'm getting tired of Earth." Justin says: "For sure we will after we have took over it. Come on, the only intelligent species on that planet are Quetirians and Xyporions. And they are way less developed as us." Avalyn says: "If this is all true what you say, then it will indeed be easy. Suddenly, a woman called Ellie says: "Are these aliens really that smart? Their names sounds pretty dumb. Justin answers: "They aren't. I can promise you that."After it, another man comes inside the discussion and says: "What about the other humans on the planet? One of them is Markus Wood if I'm right." Justin says: "Oh yes, I almost forgot about them. Good that you thought about them Jimmie. Well, they can choose. Become our allies in this war or die with the others." Avalyn says: "Wait, a minute. You say die with the others, but are you realizing that there a like millions of these Quetirians on this planet. We can't just kill them or let them leave their planet." Justin says: "We will destroy everything they care about. That will for sure make them all leave. Start with destroying both cities. All people in the room start cheering and like it. Justins says at last: "We will go to the planet in a few days and nothing will stop us!"

The logo of Spaceship 537: Conquest of Quetir appears.

After the logo, the text: 'Lots of years later' is shown. And they go to Quetir again. All Quetirs are happy again and Besoux is ruling very well. The humans have got their own part of the city. Richard and Amy are walking through the city. Richard says: "It's good to see that everybody is happy." Amy says: "Some time ago, nobody would think this." Richard says: "Yes, Besoux really did a great job. The city is really getting better." Amy says: "Even we are getting better." and she kisses Richard. Suddenly, they hear a voice screaming: "We saw it!" It's Lauren and Lindsey who have seen them. Richard and Amy laugh and walk to them. Lindsey says: "I knew there was going to happen something between you two." Richard says: "Finally you saw it." Amy says: "We weren't planning to keep it secret for you all the time." Lauren says: "Everybody can be happy now." Richard asks: "Where are Caroline and George?" Lauren says: "They are inside our house. Caroline is still sad about what happened, but you can see she is getting over it." Amy says: "Lets go to them." When they are inside, they see Caroline and George. Richard asks to Caroline: "Are you already getting better?" Caroline says: "Yes, I need to continue my life. I feel there is no other option." Lauren says: "We all should be proud of Markus. He is the hero of Quetir." Richard says: "We should make a statue of him and place it somewhere in this city." George says: "That's a good idea." Lauren says: "Lets go to Besoux and tell it to him."

They go to the castle of Besoux. He is glad to see them. Caroline asks: "How is Daqeler doing?" Besoux says: "She is fine. Sadly, we don't see each other very much." Amy says: "You can always visit her." Besoux says: "Yes, that's true. But what did you brought here?" Richard says: "I think we should build a statue of Markus and place it somewhere in the city. We came here to ask of you like that idea." Besoux says: "That's a great way to honour him. It's definetely not a bad idea, but we need to find a good place." George says: "The place doesn't matters very much." Caroline says: "What about putting it on the place where he became our hero?" Besoux says: "Yes, that's a good place." After it, a Quetirian walks inside. Besoux says: "Humans, meet Fagoux, my nephew and helper." Lauren says: "I didn't knew you had a nephew." Besoux says: "A lot of Quetirians are family of each other, so it's not very important." Fagoux says: "What do you want humans?" Richard says: "We want to build a statue of Markus." Fagoux asks: "Where?" Richard says: "On the place Markus became our king." Fagoux says: "Sure, we will do that. We have to honour him." Richard says: "Thanks, we have to show that it is important what he did." Besoux says: "Markus will see from Xylorian that we care about him." Caroline says: "Oh yes, all heroes who die go to it." Besoux says: "True, lets do it."

Meanwhile on a spaceship near of Quetir, they are having a discussion. One of the people says: 'Where are we going to land on the planet?" One of the others says: "There are two big cities, we should land near one of them." The man asks: "How are you so sure about that Joe?" Joe says: "Well, I have showed interest in this planet before we went on this travel." The other man who is called Tom, says: 'Good Joe, there is one of us who shows interest." Another man called Donny says: "It isn't that hard to find information about this planet. I also could have done that." Tom says: "That's true." A woman called Audrey says: "And what are we going to do when we reach the planet?" Joe says: 'We will make a holiday and after it, we will go back to Ireland." Another woman called Jaimy says: "Hahaha, lets first go back to Earth before we can come in Ireland again." Tom asks: "We are not going to stay here?" Joe says: "No, but you can stay here if you want that so much." Donny says: "There are a lot of humans living here. We can join them." Joe says: "Fine, we can later decide of we are going to stay here."

Caroline, Lauren, George, Richard, Amy and Lindsey are still with Besoux. Suddenly, Besoux asks: "I have actually never asked something about your planet. It is called Earth, right?" Lauren answers: "Yes, but we are already gone for more than 10 years, so everything could have happened." Besoux says: "That's sad, but is it similar to this planet or not?" Lauren answers: "It is much different. I think we are much further in everything than you." Besoux says: "Oh, so you have a lot of new things that aren't on Quetir?" Lauren answers: "Yes, much more electric stuff and others." Richard says: "Do you want to know what kind of things?" Besoux says: "Okay, but first I want to understand something. Everything is the same there, you also have lots of animals, water, cities and more. However, humans are the most intelligent species of the planet and the animals don't have a brain or something like that?" Caroline answers: "Humans are the most intelligent. We have an animal called monkeys, the humans originate from them but we are much more intelligent." Besoux says: "Interesting, we only have Quetirians and Xyporions who are the most intelligent and some other species. But, these two species overpopulate the planet, while you don't have that." Richard says: "That's true. At Earth we have only one very intelligent specie." Besoux says: "I think I understand that now." Richard says: "You want to know what things we have on our planet, you don't have?" Amy starts laughing and says to Richard: "I'm interested how he will answer." Richard says to her: "He will be very surprised and also wants it on this planet." After it, he says to Besoux: "Lets start with our vehicles. We have cars that drive you to the place you want to be." Besoux says: "So you don't have Tyquervehicles, but instead of it cars?" Richard says: "Yes and they drive on electric and other energy." Besoux asks: "What is electric?" George answers: "A kind of energy which we have on our planet. You don't have it here?" Besoux says: "No, never heard of it." Lindsey says: "Wow, then there is something we have on our planet that you don't have here." Besoux says: "Tell me more." On the moment Richard wants to tell more, the discussion gets interrupted. Besoux's nephew Fagoux comes at them. Besoux asks: "What's it Fagoux?" Fagoux says: "The statue of Markus Wood is done. It wasn't hard to create it, but that's not why I came here. There is a visitor, she is Xyporion and wants to come inside." Besoux says: "Why you didn't let here in? She is Daqeler." Fagoux says: "Oh sorry, I didn't know that." Besoux says: "I will come to her now."

When Besoux is at the gate and opens it, he sees that Daqeler isn't very glad. Besoux wants to kiss with her, but he knows it is not the right thing to do and asks: "What did you brought here?" Daqeler answers: "There is something important you need to know." Besoux says: 'Okay, lets go to my castle." When Besoux and Daqeler are with Fagoux and the humans again, Daqeler says: "There is a huge spaceship, much bigger than any other spaceship, entering the planet." Caroline says: "What's so bad about that? It are humans." Daqeler says: "The spaceships has a lot of cannons and they want to attack the planet." Besoux says: "So there are more humans coming who search for war?" Daqeler says: "I think so, but maybe you humans should talk to them." Lauren says: "Okay, we will talk with them." Richard asks: "Where do they preciously land?" Daqeler says: "They land not far of Youxoter, that's how I saw them." George says: "Okay, lets go and prevent them from starting war."

In the next scene, you see the same scene which was shown in the after-credit scene of the last movie. A man steps outside and screams something, making the other people cheer. But now, you can see their faces. Ellie asks to Justin: "And how are we going to conquir this planet Justin?" Justin says: "Honey, you think way too hard about this planet. Come on, take a look at that city? We can easily take over it." Avalyn says: "I first want to see the species of this planet, then I can share an opinion about it." Ellie says: "I agree with Avalyn, we can't underestimate them." Suddenly a new voice is heard. A woman comes out of the spaceship and says: "Where are you guys complaining about? I have to laugh very hard about this!" Justin says: "That's the spirit, we all have to think that way." The woman walks to Justin, Edwin, Ellie and Avalyn, saying: "I will conquer that city. I can't be that hard." Edwin says: "Don't be too arrogant Serena, we will help you." The woman who is called Serena says: "Arrogant? There is no reason to be arrogant. With our army we will easily defeat these suckers." Jimmie also comes to them and says: "What about the humans? Markus Wood won't let us conquer this planet" Serena says: "Markus Wood? If that idiot will stand in my way, I will easily kill him." Jimmie says: "He is really good, he killed John Shaw." Serena says: "Don't let me laugh. John Shaw was such an idiot. We are much better than him." Justin says to Serena: "I am the leader of this group, you aren't. You should know that!" Serena says: "I know Justin." Justin says: "Good, lets move to the city." Right on that moment, they see some kind of vehicle entering them. Justin says: "What the fuck is that?" Serena says: "It is Markus Wood with his other stupid humans. I think they come to surrender." Avalyn says: "Don't underestimate them. They are longer on this planet than us and know everything much better." Serena says: "Shut up." After it, the vehicles reaches them. Caroline, Lauren, George, Richard, Amy and Lindsey come out of it. They see the group of humans with their big spaceship.

When they are close enough, Justin says: "Who the hell are you?" Lauren says: "That's not very friendly, we just want to meet you." Serena says: "You lie. That's not why you came here." Richard says: "Why would we else be here?" Serena says: "There are more spaceships landing on the planet and now when we are here, you come to us." Justin says: "True, tell us why you are here." Caroline says: "Okay to be honest, we came here because we saw a very big spaceship and wanted to see who is inside." Edwin says: "Only because of our spaceship?" Lindsey says: "Your spaceship is very big, much bigger than the others." Justin says: "I don't care. You must be friends of Markus Wood. He send you to, right? Where is he?" They all don't response to it until George says: "He is death." Serena laughable says: "He is death? I thought that man was immortal." Caroline becomes angry and says: "You better take that back!" Avalyn says: "We are all humans on an unknown planets. Show some more respect please." Amy says to her: "Finally someone who understands it." Justin becomes angry and says: "They are nothing better than us. I don't know where you are talking about." Avalyn says to him: "We have to become friends with them. We can use them." Justin says: "Okay fine." Jimmie agrees with it. Ellie doesn't really cares. George says to Caroline: "Do you think we can trust them?" Caroline says: "No, they come with a very big spaceships with lots of cannons and he (pointing at Justin) looks like a man who searches for war. And I actually already want to kill the red haired girl (meaning Serena)." George says: "We have to see this a little more. I'm not completely sure." During it, Serena goes to Richard and Amy. She asks: "You two are a couple?" Amy says: "Yes, why do you want to know that?" Serena says: "I hate love. I hope one of you will die so the love will end." Richard becomes angry and hits her in the face. The men of Justin with Edwin, Avalyn, Ellie and Jimmie start attacking Caroline, Lauren, George, Richard, Amy and Lindsey. A small fight starts, stopping when Caroline says: "Stop! I don't want another fight with humans." Avalyn asks to her: "You have had one before?" Caroline says: "Yes, we had. In the same war, Markus died." Avalyn asks: "You were his lover?" Caroline says: "Yes, we were." Avalyn says: "I'm sorry." Suddenly it gets interrupted when Justin says: "Fine, show us the city you are staying." George says to him: "You are not planning to start a war, right?" Justin says: "A war? No!" George says: "Fine, but we keep an eye on you." Ellie says: "I'm tired of standing here. Lets go." Lauren says: "Okay good. Lets come." Some Tyquervehicles come and they all step in." When they are at Bisonuar, they step out of it. Edwin asks to Justin: "This is the biggest city of the planet?" Justin answers: "Yes, it can't be that hard." George says: "Okay, I, Caroline and Lauren will go inside. You will wait here. We have to ask permission for you to come inside." Serena says: "What is this for bullshit?" Caroline says to her: "Shut your mouth. You sound like a baby who doesn't knows any rule." It makes Serena angry and she wants to attack her, but the gate already closes with Caroline, George and Lauren inside. Justin says: "Now there are only three of you left." He walks to Richard and asks: "Do you trust us?" Richard answers: "We can't trust any humans anymore after what all happened." Justin says: "And what do you think of this?" Out of nowhere, he grabs Amy. He asks: "She is your girlfriend, right?" Richard becomes very angry, but he is grabbed by Edwin. Richard screams: "Get away from here!" Lindsey wants to fight back, but she is defeated by Serena and Jimmie. Justin and the others put handcuffs on them. When Richard is calm again, he says: "Very smart of you. And how are you going to come inside here now?" Justin says: "We don't need to come inside. We will take you and the two hot girls as hostages and get away." Amy asks: "Where will you take us to?" Justin says: "We will kill you if we don't get what we want." Lindsey asks: "And what do you want?" Justin says: "You still don't know? We want to conquer the complete planet!" Serena says to Justin: "We have to get away now. The other stupid humans will be back." Justin says: "Yes, lets get away."

At Besoux's castle, Caroline, Lauren and George tell Besoux, Daqeler and Fagoux about the humans. Besoux says: "I first want to see them and then I will decide." When they are at the gate again, they see everybody disappeared. George says: "What? How is this possible?" Lauren says: "Where are Richard, Amy and Lindsey?" Caroline says: "I knew we had to go inside with all of us." After it, they start searching but can't find anything. It starts getting dark. Besoux says: "We have to go inside again. We will search again tomorrow."

The Irish people are still flying. Joe says: "We are not on the right place. I knew we had to go the other way." Tom says: "I'm sorry, you were right." Another man who is called Caleb says: "Let me fly. I know the right way to the cities." Joe says: "Okay fine." Joe goes to the others. He sees Jaimy, Audrey and Donny. He asks: "How are you doing?" Audrey says: "I'm bored." Joe says: "We are almost there." Jaimy says: "This planet is very big, similar to Earth." Joe says: "True, it looks in a lot of ways to Earth." When they want to continue the discussion, suddenly the spaceship is hit by something. Tom screams: "What the hell was that?" Caleb says: "We are crashing!" After some seconds, the spaceship lands on the planet. The landing goes not very hard and they aren't injured. Donny asks: "What hit us?" Tom says: "Lets go outside and take a look." When they are outside, they see a big alien is looking at their spaceship. Joe screams: "Get away everybody!" And they run as fast as possible away.

Justin and the others are walking further and further away from Bisonuar. They have Richard, Amy and Lindsey with them. Richard says: "You don't even know this planet." Justin says: "That's not true. And I still have Edwin, he knows a lot about this planet." Amy answers on it: "Probably not enough." Serena who is walking next to her says: "Shut your mouth girl, Edwin is very good. He knows everything." Lindsey helps Amy by saying: "Not everything is known about this planet yet, so Amy is right. He can't know enough." Richard adds to it: "There are even species of animals  on this planet which the Quetirians don't even know." Jimmie asks: "What are Quetirians?" Richard says: "You don't even know that? It already says enough." Justin says: "If you are so smart, then show us the way." Richard says: "No, I won't do that." Justin says: "Okay, then I know enough. Kill her! (pointing at Amy)" Edwin says to Justin: "Should we really kill such a hot girl?" Justin says: "Oh yes, that's also true. We will damage her." Richard says: "Okay fine. I will show you the way." After some time, it is too dark to walk further. Avalyn asks to the others: "And where will we sleep? Did anyone think about that?" Justin says: "You were supposed to do that." Avalyn says: "You never told me." Richard says: "Stop complaining, I think I know a place where we can sleep." He goes into a hole in the ground. The others follow him. They come in some kind of secret cave. Amy asks to Richard: "How did you know this?" Richard says: "I just improvised, I don't even know if there is a beast living here." Ellie asks: "So during our sleep we can be attacked by a beast?" Richard says: "I will close the hole with rocks, so it won't come inside." Ellie says: "Oh okay." Justin says to Ellie: "You don't have to be scared Ellie. I will protect you."

Not very far away of them, the Irish people run from the beast that attacks them. They are all grabbed by it. Donny and Audrey get grabbed. Caleb follows. Joe wants to protect Jaimy, but they are both grabbed. Tom keeps on running, but he falls on something. He doesn't sees what happens. When they are all awaken, they see they are some kind of cave. Jaimy asks: "Where are we?" Tom says: "If I knew that, I would tell you it." Caleb sees there is an opening in the cave. He says: "Lets go this way." The others follow him. But, they see it ending at a big room. The big alien is sitting in it. It says in bad English: "Welcome humans, welcome humans." Joe asks: "Are you the species who live on this planet?" The alien says: "No, I'm not! I'm Mouqueran. One of the last Zouquexs on the planet." Donny asks: "Zouquexs, that's how you call yourself?" Mouqueran doesn't reacts to it. Jaimy answers to it: "Yes apparently." It is quite for a a lot of seconds, until Mouqueran says: "I want to kill Quetirians and Xyporions!" Tom says to her: "What prevents you from doing it?" Mouqueran answers: "I am not strong enough. I can easily destroy Bisonuar and Youxoter, but I can't kill all of them!" Jaimy asks: "Why did you capture us?" Mouqueran answers: "You shouldn't have come here. I can easily kill humans and I want to eat them." Joe says to Tom: "The alien doesn't seems to be very smart." Mouqueran says: "I heard that! I can hear everything!" Audrey says: "Please let us go. We weren't going to harm you." Mouqueran says: "I disagree. I saw you flying at my place. I won't let you go." Jaimy says to Joe: "Fine, have you any idea how are we going to escape from her?" Joe says: "No, I don't. Lets search for a way to get out of the cave." Caleb adds to it: "I saw some other routes, lets check them."

When the light is shining again outside, Caroline, Lauren, George, Besoux, Daqeler and Fagoux look outside for Richard, Amy and Lindsey but they can't find them. George says: "The stupid idiots. They kidnapped them and are going away now." Lauren says: "They don't have any experience of surviving here, so they will die soon and Richard, Amy and Lindsey will escape from them." George says: "Yes, they will easily escape from them." After he said that, he hears Besoux screaming: "I smell something!" Caroline, Lauren and George run to him and Caroline asks: "What do you smell?" Besoux says: "I smell humans." Lauren asks: "You can smell that?" Daqeler answers to it: "Quetirians can smell very good. If they use their noise very well however." Besoux says: "Lets follow it. It will lead us to your friends." Daqeler leads the front with Caroline, Lauren and George following them. Besoux says to Fagoux: "You have to stay at Bisonuar." Fagoux says: "Of course my friend." And Besoux follow the others and Fagoux goes back to Bisonuar. They step into Tyquervehicles and follow the trial.

Justin and his allies are still walking further and further. Ellie says to Justin: "Can we take a break? I'm tired." Justin says: "Of course we will if you want that." Serena interrupts it by saying: "We can't take a break! The others must be following us." Justin says: "Let them come, we will kill our three prisoners if they want to try something." Serena says: "They can attack us anytime, this doesn't is a good plan." Justin says: "Fine, we will take a route they will never expect us to take." Serena says: "That sounds better." Avalyn says: "Don't take a route that is very dangerous." Justin says: "We won't." After it, he asks to Richard: "You know a good route?" Richard says: "I don't even know where you want to go to." Justin says: "Just as far away of that stupid city." Richard says: "I know a route, but it can still be dangerous." Justin says: "Please be honest, if you lead us to a very dangerous route where we will die, you are the first to die." Richard says: "If you don't have me, you don't have your guide anymore. I wouldn't do it." Justin says: "Fine, then we will kill your hot girls." Richard says: "They are not my girls." Serena says: "You lie." Justin says: "We are done talking." After it, he throws Richard to Amy and Lindsey. Amy asks to Richard: "Where are you suppose to lead us to?" Richard says: "We are not far away of a cave. They think that the others won't find us there." Lindsey says: "A cave? That's too dangerous I think." Richard says: "This cave is not very dangerous. Maybe there are still some beasts in it, but it won't be very much. Except......." Amy asks: "Except what?" Richard says: "Markus told me about a very dangerous species who live in caves. They call it Zouquexs. But, the chance is very small. There are only a few Zouquexs left on the planet." Lindsey asks: "What if it will be there?" Richard says: "Then, we can get our chance to get away." Not much after it, they hear Justin scream: "We go further everybody!" Edwin, Avalyn and Jimmie take Richard, Amy and Lindsey. After some walking, they reach the cave. When they are at it, Richard says: "This is it." Serena says: "You want us to go in a cave?" Richard says: "You asked me to search a route where the others won't find us. This is it." Justin says: "Really good boy." Avalyn asks to Richard: "Are you sure it is safe inside there?" Richard says: "There is not much that can go wrong." Justin says to Avalyn: "We will go inside, you don't decide that." Avalyn ignores it. Justin is the first to go inside it. Serena, Edwin, Jimmie, Avalyn, Ellie, Richard, Amy, Lindsey and other men go inside. One of the other men is Danny, when they go inside, he walks to Justin and says: "That guy is tricking us. He will lead us to the death." Justin says: "Maybe, but I warned him. We can go back outside anyway." The others follow the route into the cave. It is very dark.

Much further in the same cave, the Irish people are still stuck. Caleb says: "Lets go this way." Joe asks to him: "Shouldn't someone distract the beast?" Tom says: "It won't see that we are gone." Suddenly, they hear Mouqueran screaming: "You can't get away!" They search for a way out to get out, but all roads are dead-end." Jaimy asks: "Did we already try this path?" Joe says: "Yes we did." Donny says: "Guys, there is no way outside." Caleb says: "Not true, we just have to....." Right on that moment, Mouqueran crashes through the wall. She screams: "No way outside! Get back at me!" Audrey scared asks to her: "What are you going to do with us?" Mouqueran answers: "You are my food!" Tom says: "What? We are humans, not those other aliens you eat." Mouqueran says: "Humans? I never heard of that!" Joe says: "That's because we are from another planet." Mouqueran says: "I don't remember seeing your specie before, so I think you are right." Jaimy asks: "Please let us go. We are just visitors of your planet. We don't have any bad intentions." Mouqueran says: "No, that's not how I let things happen!" Joe says: "Fine, then we will forever stay here." Jaimy says to him: "Don't lose hope too fast." After it, Mouqueran suddenly says: "Wait, I'm hearing something." Jaimy asks: "What do you hear?" Mouqueran says: "New people are entering my cave!" Joe asks: "You can hear so good?" Mouqueran ignores the question and runs away. Caleb immediatly says: "Lets search for another way to get out!"

Caroline, Lauren, George, Besoux and Daqeler come closer and closer to the end of the trial. After some time, sitting in the Tyquervehicle, they see something in the view of them. Lauren asks: "What are those rocks?" George says: "It are caves." Caroline says: "Just not caves." Lauren asks: "What's with it?" Caroline says: "Markus told me something about these caves." Besoux says: "Your fear is true. A good old friend of Ibrousax is living in that cave." Lauren says: "And that is?" Besoux says: "Mouqueran, one of the last Zouquexs." Daqeler says: "Not she, she killed a lot of Xyporions, including my father." Besoux asks to her: "Your father was killed?" Daqeler says: "Yes, he went into that cave and never came back." Besoux says: "Maybe he still lives." Daqeler says: "That happened 9 years ago, I don't think that." Besoux says: "Mouqueran is more than 300 years old, 9 years is not much for her." Daqeler ignores it  because she doesn't wants to talk about it any longer. After it, they reach the opening of the cave. Besoux says: "The trial of humans goes in the cave." Daqeler says: "Then they did go to Mouqueran." Lauren asks: "Isn't it too dangerous to go inside?" Besoux says: "Richard, Amy and Lindsey are counting on us, we have to do it." George says: "I agree, they are counting on us." After it, they go inside the cave. Caroline and Lauren are both a bit scared, but don't have another choice. Besoux trusts them that he knows the route of caves. He says: "We follow the trial and if it doesn't goes the right way, we make our own route."

Justin's group is still walking into the cave. It is very dark. Serena says: "I don't seen aywhere I'm walking!" Avalyn says: "Quiet, you could have known this." Serena angrily says: "If I remember it right, you were the one who didn't wanted to go in here." Avalyn says: "Come on, please stop complaining." Justin says: "Quiet girls. We don't know of there are beast living here." Edwin who is walking next Richard asks to him: "What animals are living here?" Richard says: "I don't know. But they can't be that dangerous." Danny says: "Not true. Obviously there are angry animals......" His voice is overruled by something big that is entering them. Richard says: "To the ground everyone." One of the man of Justin is too slow, he is grabbed. All the others are lying on the ground. Mouqueran screams: "I know you are there! I won't let you get away!" Ellie asks very quet: "How does it know our language?" Mouqueran answers to it: "I speak every language of the universe. You thought I didn't knew you humans?" Richard stands up and says: "We didn't know you lived here. Sorry for entering your cave." Mouqueran says: "You can't stop what I'm going to do. I don't want anyone to enter my cave. I don't want it! I don't want it!" She keeps on screaming that multiple times.

Caroline, Lauren, George, Besoux and Daqeler hear the scream of Mouqueran. Besoux says: "That's Mouqueran. Lets go outside before she will eat us." Lauren says: "And we will let Richard, Amy and Lindsey die?" Besoux says: "We can't save them anymore." Daqeler says to Besoux: "You can go outside. I want to kill Mouqueran." Caroline and George also don't want to go outside. Besoux says: "Fine, I can call my army anyway."

Tom, Joe, Caleb and the others try to go out but it is not possible. Tom says: "Lets go through the same as the beast went to." Jaimy asks: "Is that really that smart?" Caleb asks: "Do you know a better way?" They go throught the other way and follow the route, but they can hear Mouqueran scream. Joe asks: "Isn't there another way?" Audrey says: "Lets do this." Donny says: "I prefer to die than stay here forever." Justin and the others are all grabbed by Mouqueran, except Amy. Richard whispered in her ear that she had to go away. She did it and runned away. He sacrificed so she could get away. Justin and Serena wanted to fight against the beast but were no match. On the moment the Irish people think they can get along Mouqueran, she says: "As I told you, you won't get away." Tom says: "Oh shit." They are also grabbed by Mouqueran.

They wake up somewhere in the caves. Justin says: "Where the hell are we?" It makes everybody awake. Serena starts becoming angry and screams: "I want to get out of here!" Tom says to her: "Quiet, you won't get out of here." Richard asks: "Who are you?" Joe answers: "Also humans who are got by that beast." Lindsey says: "Oh fine." Richard says: "Lets meet each other and try to find a way to get out." Justin goes to Richard and says: "You knew this?" Richard says: 'No, I didn't." Justin says: "You lie!" He hits Richard and he falls on the ground. Lindsey goes to him and asks if he is allright. She also asks; 'Where is Amy actually? I didn't saw her." Richard says: "She got away before the beast could get her." Lindsey says: "Oh, that's great."

Caroline, Lauren, George, Besoux and Daqeler come closer and closer to Mouqueran until they suddenly hear something. It is Amy. Amy says to them: "I'm so glad to see you." Lauren asks: "Where are Richard and Lindsey?" Amy says: "I could get away, Richard and Lindsey sadly not." Besoux says: "They are got by a beast right?' Amy says: "Yes...." Besoux says: "That's Mouqueran." Daqeler says: "I really want to kill her." George asks: "The idiots who kidnapped you are also there?" Amy says: "Yes, they are." Caroline says: "Lets get them and leave this cave."

The others are still in their kind of cage. Serena screams: "I'm so done with this! I want to get out!" Jimmie says: "Is the beast even going to give food?" Richard says: "She probably will. A lot and then she will eat us. Then we are the most tasteful." Avalyn says: "That sounds logical." Justin says: "We won't let that happen." Tom says to everyone: "Thanks to all of you, before we could move more. Now we are stuck here." Joe says to him: "It doesn't matter very much. There wasn't a way outside anyway." Caleb says: "We didn't tried every way yet." Richard asks to them: "There must be a way outside. How did we came here then?" Jaimy says: "Isn't it possible that the beast let us think that there is now way outside?" After she said that, they suddenly hear something. It is Mouqueran who is screaming something. They start listening

Caroline, Lauren, George, Amy, Besoux and Daqeler are standing before the room. Besoux says: "Let me do this." Caroline says: "You will trade to get Richard and Lindsey back?" Besoux says: "I will try, but it is hard with her." Mouqueran smells a Quetirian. She screams: "Welcome Quetirian." Besoux comes inside. Mouqueran asks: "What did you brought in my kingdom? I can't accep that." Besoux says: "You have two prisoners who belong to me." Mouqueran says: "I don't have any Quetirian prisoner right now." Besoux says: "I am not talking about Quetirians. I mean humans." Mouqueran says: "Oh I didn't know you mean them. I have a lot of these aliens. What do you have to offer?" Besoux says: "Just give them to me or I will send an army of Quetirians to destroy your cave." Mouqueran asks: "Why Ibrousax himself didn't came? I would like to defeat that idiot once again." Besoux says: "Ibrousax is death. He was killed in the War of Quetir." Mouqueran says: "He is death? I can't believe it! Not possible!" Besoux says: "I am the new leader of Bisonuar." Mouqueran says: "And you come to my kingdom to trade for two humans?" Besoux says: "It is unacceptable to have humans as your prisoners. Mouqueran says: "I think the whole word is unacceptable. You are living in a rich city while I am spending all day in a dark cave!" Besoux says: "That's your own choice." Mouqueran says: "Maybe I should visit your city." Besoux says: "It is not that special." Mouqueran says: "You have four humans and even a Xyporion with you. Why are they not entering my room?" Besoux says: "They don't have to be here." Mouqueran says: "Come to me, I want to see you." Besoux gives a sign that it is allright. Daqeler and the four humans come in the room. Mouqueran laughs and says: "Welcome Daqeler, I already expected that you were the Xyporion. What did you brought here?" Daqeler says: "We are working together now. You could have known that if you wouldn't be in this cave your whole life." Mouqueran says: "Ibrousax hated you very much. Lots of thing have changed." Daqeler says: "You will pay for killing my parents!" Mouqueran says: "Oh yes, I almost forgot. I killed them easily. I wish I also killed you that day." Caroline suddenly says: "Lets go back to the topic. Give the two humans we want to us. And then we will leave." All the humans in the cage made of stones hear it. Richard says to Lindsey: "It are the others. They found us." Lindsey says: "That was fast." Joe asks to Richard: "Will they help us get out of here? Richard says: "They are trading for us. I'm not sure about you." Justin who is sitting with Ellie says: "We will get out of here. All of you idiots can stay here. Tom says: "That's not fair. We are all humans, we should work together." Justin says: "Life is not fair. Accept it." Tom becomes angry and wants to attack him, but Caleb and Joe help him to don't attack Justin." Jaimy goes to Richard and Lindsey. She asks: "Will you please help us to get out of here?" Richard says: "I will try to, as I said. I'm sorry that I can't be sure about it." Jaimy says: "It is okay." Lindsey says: "We will help all of you get out, the other idiot can stay here." Danny who is sitting next to them says: "You will stay here. You are the idiots." Out of nowhere, the cage destroys and they all fall out of it. They hear Mouqueran screaming: "Show me which two humans you want!" Besoux walks to the humans. He is surprised that there are so much. He helps Richard and Lindsey get up. After it, he says: "I want these two." Lindsey says to him: "Thanks, but can we also save some others?" Besoux says: "That will be very hard." Mouqueran says: "I am not going to give these two free to you. What do you offer?" Daqeler suddenly says: "I have something to offer you." After she said that, she attacks Mouqueran. George screams: "Get to here everyone!" All the Irish people, except Tom, run to them. Daqeler and Mouqueran are fighting, but Mouqueran is much stronger. But in the time they were fighting, all the humans could get easily away. Joe says to Tom: "Come to us." Tom says: "I will search for a way to get out." Justin and the others also keep on their place. Mouqueran angrily says: "This is unacceptable! You don't have anything to offer. Then I will visit Bisonuar!" Justin says to there: "Wait! Can we come with you?" Mouqueran says: "You will help me destroying that stupid city?" Justin says: "Why not? I hate this all." Edwin, Serena and Jimmie come after him. Mouqueran says: "Fine, jump on my back. Go under my skin." Justin, Edwin, Serena and Jimmie fastly follow them. Avalyn and Ellie hesitate but they have no other option and also come. Tom sees it all happening. He screams: "Lets go, we can get out of here." Suddenly, he is attacked by Danny who suprisingly doesn't jumps on the back of Mouqueran. Joe and Caleb attack Danny and get him. Tom jumps on the back of Mouqueran. Caleb wants to follow him. Joe is too busy with Danny. Right on that moment, Mouqueran flies away. Tom comes with them. Caleb is too late and doesn't gets on it. Jaimy and Audrey are sad that Tom is gone now. Mouqueran destroys her own cave and flies out of it. She screams: "Sunlight again! I haven't seen that for so long time! Bisonuar, you will be completely destroyed!"

Besoux, Daqeler, Caroline, Lauren, George, Richard, Amy, Lindsey, Joe, Caleb, Jaimy, Donny, Audrey and Danny see it all happening. Besoux says: "No, we can't stop this. What have we done?" Danny laughable says: "Your city will be destroyed. Hahahahaha." George angrily says: "Quiet, you idiot! We can kill you!" Danny says: "I don't care." Amy is glad to see Richard again. She says: "I'm glad to see you again." Richard says: "Me too." Caroline and Lauren go to the Irish people. Lauren asks: "You were stuck here so long?" Joe says: "Not very long, but for some time." Everybody starts talking with each other and the Irish people and the others introduce each other. Danny takes his chance. He throws a few bombs. Jaimy sees it. She says: "He is throwing bombs." George angrily walks to him. He says: "You did?" Danny says: "Listen." And two seconds later, a few explosions are heard. Besoux says: "Get out everybody!" George kicks Danny away. The explosions make the complete cave collapse. They all run away. Danny gets a stone on his head. And the complete cave collapses. It makes him die. George can get away before the stones hit him. The others also run out of it. They all save it. When they are all outside, they see that the entrance into the cave is full with stones. Besoux says: "We can't go back to Bisonuar." Daqeler asks: "Why not?" Besoux says: "Mouqueran will destroy it before we even reach it." Caroline says: "What about Fagoux and all the other Quetirians and humans? We can't leave them to die." Besoux says: "There is not other option. I have seen Zeqouxs destroying full cities. She has the ability to do that. Soon she will take over the full planet." Richard says: "With Justin and the other helping him, it will be very hard." Caroline asks: "What other option do we have?" Besoux says: "Leaving the planet and going outerspace."

Mouqueran comes closer and closer to Bisonuar. She screams: "I will completely destroy you!" All the Quetirians in Bisonuar see a Zeqoux coming to the city. A Quetirian comes to Fagoux. He asks: "What will we do?" Fagoux says: "This is not good. Who made that beast so angry?" Another Quetirian screams: "What do you want us to do?" Fagoux hesitates for some seconds, but later screams: "Abandon the city!" The Quetirian comes to Fagoux. Fagoux says: "Leave the city immediatly Ethoux." Ethoux understands it and starts running away. Fagoux looks at Mouqueran who comes closer and closer. He screams: "What do you want?" Mouqueran suddenly goes down. Fagoux says: "I guess you will wait for a bit." Mouqueran goes to the ground. She says to the humans inside here: "Go out!" Justin says: "Fine, I was getting tired of it." Serana says: "I'm dizzy, was that really needed?" Avalyn says to here: "Be glad that you are out that cave." Serena becomes angry of it but ignores it. When Justin, Edwin, Serena, Avalyn, Ellie and Jimmie are outside, they suddenly see that Tom is also with them. Edwin says: "Look who we have there." Justin goes to him and says: "You went with us?" Tom says: "Please don't become angry, I just wanted to come out of that cave." Justin says: "You are one of our prisoners now." Some other men also come outside. Jimmie looks at them. He asks: "Where is Danny?" Tom answers to it: "Oh yes Danny, he didn't made it." Justin says: "Why should I care?  Danny was an asshole." Mouqueran suddenly flies up again. Fagoux sees it happening. He is not planning to surrender. When Mouqueran is before the city, she screams: "Quetirians, you will all die! The age of Quetirians is over. I will take over this planet. To start, I will destroy your ugly city!" Fagoux speaks into a microphone: "We will never surrender to a Zeqoux! Show us what you can." Mouqueran says: "With a pleasure. If you are not going to surrender, I know enough. I will attack!"

Back at the others, Caleb says: "Outerspace? We have just come to this planet." Besoux says: "I'm sorry, but a Zeqoux is too powerful. Soon she will take over the full planet. This is not Ibrousax, much more powerful." Daqeler says to Besoux: "Are you really sure about this? Where do you want us to go?" Besoux says: "I want to go to Taceriona." Daqeler says: "Taceriona? That's insane." Caroline asks: "What kind of planet is Taceriona?" Besoux says: "It is close to this planet. There is almost nobody living on that planet anymore. There have been Quetirians on it, but they all left it because the planet doesn't has anything to offer. Mouqueran won't expect us to go it." Richard says: "It doesn't sounds bad." Daqeler says: "Taceriona also has disadvantages. The full planet is a desert. Live is hardly possible on it. There is less water on it." Jaimy says: "That's like Mars for us." Lauren says: "I guess we can't wait." Besoux says: "True, we have to go the hangar with all spaceships." Caroline says: "We will go on Spaceship 537 again?" George asks: "Is Spaceship 537 working again?" Besoux answers: "A lot of Quetirians have been working on it. It should be able to fly again." Daqeler says: "We should indeed take that spaceship. All other spaceships can be tracked by Mouqueran." Joe says: "Our spaceship is destroyed, so that is not an option." Caroline says: "Okay good, lets go now." The big group of one Quetirian, one Xyporion and eleven humans start running away.

A lot of Quetirian shoot on Mouqueran but her skin is too tough. She flies a lot of buildings broken. Lots of Quetirian and humans run out of the city. They know this war can't be won. Fagoux, however, is not going to surrender. Ethoux and the other Quetirians see that this is the last day of the city. Fagoux and some other Quetirians are still shooting on the beast. Mouqueran starts rotating very fast with her wings. It makes a fire. She shoots it on every building she sees. In a few minutes, the whole city is on fire. Lots of building totally burn down. Besoux's castle is also completely on fire. The fire is so heavy. Besoux, Daqeler and all humans can see the fire. Besoux says: "That's Bisonuar. Say goodbye everyone." Lindsey says: "Luckily I brought all my stuff with me." Richard is looking in his pockets. Amy asks to him: "You didn't left something in the city?" Richard says: "No, luckily nothing important. The only sad thing is that we only had a house for a few years." Amy says: "Luckily, none of us stayed in the city." Jaimy asks to Amy: "It was the city you lived?" Amy answers: "Yes." Jaimy says: "I feel sad for you." Amy says: "Thanks." The quiet nature of Quetir is disturbed by the fire, which totally destroys Bisonuar. One of the Quetirians says: "We have to surrender. The city is lost!" Fagoux says: "I won't surrender. The king has to die with his city." The Quetirian says: "But, Besoux is the king." Fagoux says: "Do you see him here? He abandoned us!" The Quetirians run away with some others, but suddenly a big fire is shooten by Mouqueran, which hits him totally, killing him. Fagoux walks away. He looks at all the building that are on fire with Mouqueran flying above it. He picks up an spear and with all his power he throws it in the sky. It his Mouqueran, but it doesn't wounds her. He gets her attention. Mouqueran screams: "You! Nephew of Besoux, you have to give him a sign. Mouqueran rules over this planet now!" Fagoux angrily looks on here and start shooting with his weapon. Suddenly, Mouqueran makes fire again. Fagoux can get away, but he is on fire. He starts running away. He screams: "We will never you see as king!" Mouqueran says: "I have to disagree with that." and she destroys the highest building of Bisonuar. It starts falling to the ground. Fagoux is running there somewhere. Some other Quetirians run away for it. Fagoux sees it happening. He is completely on fire now. He says: "Not possible!" And some seconds later, the building falls on him and other Quetirian who couldn't get away. Justin and the others see it happening. Edwin and Jimmie start laughing. Jimmie says: "Stupid city! It got what it deserved!" Serena says: "I hope all these aliens die." Justin says: "Now, we will rule this planet. We use the beast and when we have what we want, we kill it!" Avalyn says to him: "And how do you think we can kill it?" Justin says: "It can't be that hard." Avalyn says: "Please don't underestimate it. You know what the beast can do. When she knows what you want, one fire and you will be death." Justin says: "Fine, you are right but we will figure out how to kill her." Edwin is standing next to Tom. He asks: "Can I torture this idiot?" Justin says: "Not now, but later you can." Ellie asks to Justin: "We will rule this planet together, right?" Justin says: "Yes we will. We will be king and queen my love."

The other group is walking to the hangar with spaceships. Lauren asks: "How long is it?" Besoux says: "Not much, we will reach it before Mouqueran starts caring about us again." Richard asks: "Now we have to guess what the other humans will do." Amy says: "I hope they won't be like Jeremy Barker. He wanted to take over the planet, more people want this." Jaimy says: "I heard this Justin saying what he wants. It can't be that good." Caleb says: "Let him do what he wants. Tomorrow, we will be hopefully off this planet again." Donny says: "I don't like this planet to be honest." Audrey says: "Yes, it is too dangerous and I'm getting terrified. It's like we are in a movie." George says: "If you know how to survive here, it isn't very terrifying." Daqeler asks to Besoux: "We will return to this planet, right?" Besoux says: "Yes, we will. What Mouqueran also doesn't knows, lots of years ago, a spaceships full with weapons went to Taceriona to hide them." Daqeler says: "We can use them." Besoux says: "Right." George says: "That's great. We can return when they don't expect it and attack them." Daqeler says: "Of course we will." Caroline says: "I also don't prefer to stay forever on that other planet." Besoux says: "We won't go forever, just long enough so Mouqueran thinks we are death and forgets about us." Amy asks: "And you know preciously where the weapons are?" Besoux says: "Taceriona is not that big. We will find it." Caroline asks: "Were there people living on Taceriona?" Daqeler answers: "There were, but the planet is abandoned now, so don't expect to see anyone." Besoux adds to it: "There were Tacerions living on it, but that specie is extinct. Don't expect to see one of them." Caroline asks: "And if we still see one?" Besoux says: "Luckily, Tacerions don't hate Quetirians so they won't harm us." Caroline says: "Good, we shouldn't also start a war on that planet." Jaimy suddenly says: "Wait, now I remember this planet. It was big in the news on Earth. A spaceship was flying to Taceriona." Joe says: "Now you say it yes, it is true." George asks: "Who was their captain?" Jaimy says: "Their captain was Karl Jakobsson. He is a Swedish astronaut and was very famous the time we left Earth." Caroline says: "That sounds interesting." Richard says: "If they are still there, we can meet them." Besoux says: "We can use allies, so it's good." Lauren says: "Well, then we know for sure there are some humans on it." Amy says: "I also saw other spaceships ignoring this planet and flying further. That means something." Besoux says: "I hope for them they can survive. We will bring a lot of food and water with us, since there is not a lot on Taceriona." Caroline says: "Good, we should be prepared for that planet." 

Justin and the others are still looking to the burning city. Justin says: "It looks so good to see their stupid city burning down." Avalyn, who is standing next to him, says: "That may be the biggest difference between us. I can't look at this. You don't know how cruel this is." Serena comes close to her and says: "You voted on to conquer this planet this. Don't complain about seeing cities burn!" Avalyn responses to her: "I didn't sign to see so much people die." Ellie agrees with her and says: "It is indeed cruel that you laugh about this Just. It isn't fun." Justin says: "I don't care! We don't even know these idiots. And they deserve it!" Edwin laughable says: "I don't give a shit too." Suddenly, Mouqueran comes back at the humans. She says: "I destroyed it! The Quetirans have nothing, thanks to me! Now I want to let them extinct!" Jimmie asks: "What about the humans we face? I want to kill them!" Mouqueran says: "You can kill them. I will just keep going on with killing all the stupid Quetirians!" Justin says: "Allright. Jimmie, you will go with Avalyn back to the other humans. Kill them all!" Jimmie says: "With a pleasure." Justin says to Avalyn: "You don't want to kill aliens. So take the stupid humans who are on this planet." Avalyn says: "Fine, that's where I signed for." Mouqueran says: "Besoux, Daqeler and all those stupid humans have lost. I beat them! They will hide themself. You just have to find the place where they hide." Jimmie says: "We surely have to do that." Avalyn walks away. Jimmie follows her. Some of the agents also follow them. They take heavy weapons with them. They step in a vehicle that Justin called. Some seconds later, it drives away. Serena asks to Justin: "And what will we do now?" Justin says: "We will conquer the planet!"

Caroline, Besoux, Daqeler and all the others reach the hangar where Spaceship 537 is. Besoux says: "Here it is." Lauren says: "Good, now lets get out of this planet." Besoux says: "I have changed my mind. We shouldn't all go to Taceriona. Some of us should stay here." Lindsey asks: "Why?" Besoux explains: "We are with too much. Taceriona is a dangerous planet." Caroline says: "I will stay here." Besoux says: "Good, some of us have to join you." Joe says: "I am just arrived here and I think it is fine here. I will also stay here." Audrey says: "Me too." When it is silence for a few more seconds, Besoux suddenly says: "Caroline, Joe, Audrey, Richard and Lindsey will stay here." Daqeler interrupts him and says: "I will also stay here." Besoux is surprised and says: "Why you don't want to come with us?" Daqeler says: "I have bad memories of Taceriona. And there is no reason why I should go to it. Also, I know a good base where we can hide, so I will lead us to it." Besoux says: "Good, I agree." Richard is shocked by it and says: "I want to be with Amy." Besoux says: "It is important that you stay here. I want to have a man I can trust here." Richard is sad, but says: "Okay, I understand." Joe goes to Jaimy and says: "Good luck on Taceriona." Jaimy says: "I will be fine. I promise you." Joe says: "I believe in you." Jaimy thanks him for it. After it, they come inside the hangar and see the Spaceship 537. Lauren says: "It is long ago I have been for the last time in it." Caroline says: "Good luck in it. I hope it flies well." After it, Besoux, Lauren, George, Amy, Jaimy, Caleb and Donny say goodbye to the others. They go inside the Spaceship 537. They fly away. The others know what they have to do.

Mouqueran looks at the sky and sees a spacehip flying away. She says: "It is Besoux. He wants to get off the planet. Very good of you." After it, she starts laughing very loud.

Daqeler, Caroline, Richard, Lindsey, Joe and Audrey see the others flying away. Richard says: "And now we have to go to that secret base." Daqeler says: "Luckily it is not far away from here." Caroline says: "Are we sure that Mouqueran won't find it?" Daqeler says: "Finding it is even easier than coming in it." Joe says: "That sounds weird." Daqeler continues: "We Xyporions used it when we were in war with the Quetirians. It is hidden in the mountains and has many protections." Caroline asks: "And Mouqueran can't burn it down like she did with Bisonuar?" Daqeler answers: "I can't answer that question, but Quetirians couldn't come through it with their most heavy weapons." Richard says: "Lets go then."

The others are in the Spaceship 537 and Lauren and George look on familiar places. George says: "Now, they have spaceships that are much better than this one." Lauren says: "True, but we have been long in this one so I'm too familiar with it. George says: "I remember when John Shaw wanted to take lead and when we created our group to go against him." Lauren adds to it: "Markus and Alexander leaded us, sadly they are both death." George asks: "Are you still thinking about Alexander?" Lauren says: "Not really, it is already years ago." George says: "Good, because some people can't process the death of their lover." Lauren doesn't knows what to answer to it and Amy, Jaimy, Caleb and Donny join them. Amy asks: "Are you getting good old memories back?" George says: "Yes, we do." Caleb says: "This spaceship is old, our one was better." Jaimy answers to it: "I don't care very much." The group walks to the cockpit where Besoux is controlling the spaceship. Lauren asks: "Are you already getting used to it?" Besoux says: "This is all really weird. Our spaceships are much different." George says: "Apart from having a much different language on the buttons, what else is different?" Besoux doesn't reacts to it. They look to him and don't understand why he ignores the question. Suddenly, they see why. They see the planet of Taceriona before them. Besoux says: "That's our planet." 

Mouqueran, Justin and the others are still sitting somewhere. Serena asks: "Shouldn't we also burn that other city down?" Mouqueran says: "You mean Youxoter?" Serena says: "Yes I think I mean that one." Mouqueran says: "Later, now we have to focus on the group of Besoux." Edwin says: "Jimmie and Avalyn are going to kill them." Serena says: "These two idiots will be killed." Edwin asks: "Why do you think that?" Serena says: "Jimmie is very weak and Avalyn is dumb. She cares too much for this planet." Justin says: "And what if she will join the group?" Serena says: "It doesn't matters. We can easily kill her." Ellie doesn't likes it and says: "Avalyn is my friend. Please don't kill her." Justin says: "We will do what you say. But if she makes one mistake, I'm sorry to tell you that I won't listen to that!" Serena says: "And if she does, I would like to her." Mouqueran says: "I can easily burn down everyone. Humans are weak." Justin says: "Shut up. You are weak. How else would you be the only one left of your specie?" Mouqueran says: "I won't answer a stupid question like that." Justin says: "Fine, but we will rule together. Not only you will."

The group of Daqeler stepped in a Tyquervehicle. They come closer and closer to the secret base. However, Jimmie and Avalyn also come to them. Caroline asks: "Are we sure that we aren't followed by someone?" Daqeler says: "It doesn't matter. They won't be able to come inside." Not far away of them, Jimmie is seeing everything. He says to Avalyn and the other people on the vehicle: "I can see them. They are driving to some kind of big rock." Avalyn says: "Good, lets go after them." Jimmie says: "I think our vehicle is faster. We can pass them before they reach the rock." Another men says: "What is the plan? We are going to hit them?" Jimmie asks: "Do you have a better idea than that?" Avalyn says: "And what if we both crash?" Jimmie says: "I don't care!" Richard looks behind them and sees some kind of vehicle coming to them. He says: "I see something coming to us." Joe says: "Fine, who are in it?" Richard says: "All people we have seen before. They are leaded by Jimmie and Avalyn." Lindsey says: "Only them? We can do that right?" Caroline says: "Sure, it can't be that hard." Richard says: "We also shouldn't underestimate them. Go faster!" Daqeler says: "Their vehicle is faster, they will reach us anyway." Caroline says: "Okay, lets prepare for it." Richard says: "I think I have an idea." Lindsey asks to him: "What's it?" Richard says: "You can help me with it. We will jump off the vehicle and when the others come, we throw a bomb under it." Lindsey says: "Okay, but we don't know how they are going to reach us." Richard says: "That's why I need your help." Lindsey says: "Okay, so you will go on that side and I on this one?" Richard says: "Yes, we just have to wait for the right timing." Caroline says: "I hope you know what you are doing." Richard suddenly says: "Go now!" He and Lindsey jump out of the vehicle and throw both a bomb to the vehicle. The one of Richard doesn't hits the vehicle very much, but Lindsey was on the better side and the vehicle crashes. Jimmie screams: "Get out!" He, Avalyn and the most of the other men jump as fast as they can out of the vehicle. Some of the men die in the explosion. Richard says to the others: "Go to the base, we can handle this." Joe says: "I will help you. He also jumps out of the vehicle." Jimmie says to them: "Look who we have there. You tried to run from us?" Richard says: "No, we jumped out of it to get you!" Jimmie says: "Show me what you can!" Richard says: "Allright." He and Jimmie start fighting. Jimmie says during the fight: "Where is your hot girlfriend?" Richard says: "Not here. Sadly she can't see how you are smashed to pieces." Avalyn and the others go to Lindsey and Joe. Joe says: "Let me handle the men." Lindsey goes to Avalyn and asks: "Why are you on their side?" Avalyn says: "I'm sorry. Don't think you will get me over." Joe kills a lot of the men. Joe says: "Go back to Earth, you have no right to be here." Jimmie and Richard are still fighting. Richard says: "You are such a fool, you will never get a girlfriend." Jimmie says: "And what if I will fock her?" Jimmie suddenly hits Richard in the face making him fall on the ground. Jimmie says to Avalyn: "Come on, kill her!" Avalyn hits Lindsey making her fall on the ground. Jimmie says: "Finish it!" Joe defeats all of the men, but some of them run away and go after the vehicle with Daqeler, Caroline and Audrey. Joe goes after them. Jimmie says to Avalyn: "You can't kill her, right? That's the worst thing thing about you, you are too soft!" Avalyn grabs a bun and points it at Lindsey. She says: "Why wouldn't I be able to kill her?" Lindsey says: "Please don't. I am innocent." Richard stands up and sees everything happening. He wants to go to it, but he knows he will be too late. Jimmie says: "Do it now!" Avalyn says: "Allright!" and a shot can be heard. On the new view, Lindsey is seen but she is looking very weird. Richard goes to her and says: "Please don't die!" Lindsey says: "Luckily, I won't." With her head, she points at what she is looking at. It is Jimmie who was hit in the shot. Jimmie says: "You stupid bitch, I should have known this." Avalyn says: "You wanted me to finish this? Well, I will do it now." And she shoots once again, now right through the head of Jimmie. His death body can be seen on the ground. Lindsey says to Avalyn: "Thanks for not killing me." Avalyn says: "He was such an idiot. I should have done this much earlier." Richard says: "Does this mean you will join our side?" Avalyn says: "I don't know, but I hate Justin. He wants to destroy this planet. That's not what should happen." Lindsey says: "I guess we have to go to the base now." Richard says to Avalyn: "Come with us." Avalyn says: "Okay thanks." Joe is still following the men. He shoots at one and he falls death on the ground. He doesn't sees the other one. He screams: "Where are you?" Richard, Lindsey and Avalyn come to them. Richard asks: "Did you killed all of them?" Joe answers: "I feel like there is one left, but I don't see him anymore." Meanwhile, Daqeler, Caroline and Audrey reached the gate to the secret base. The man who survived it hides himself in a bush near to the gate. He says: "You are all going to pay for killing Jimmie!" Richard, Lindsey, Joe and Avalyn reach the gate. Daqeler is opening it. When she is done, she says: "Come inside, all of you!" When Richard, Lindsey, Avalyn and Joe reached it, suddenly the man starts shooting. Joe says: "There you have him!" Caroline says: "Get inside everyone!" The man shoots everywhere, but wants to it Avalyn. He fails to hit her. Joe goes to the man. The man shoots on Joe, but he dodges all the shots. When he is at the man, he smashes his gun out of his head. Joe says: "You will be our prisoner." He grabs the men and walks back to the gate. To his suprise, he sees that Audrey is hit. Joe throws the man down and screams: "No!" All the others are looking sad at it. Joe goes to her, but knows he can't save her. Audrey says: "I didn't made it to secret base. I'm sorry." The man sees it all happening and laughs. He tries to get away, but Joe picks his gun and shoots the man multiple times. He falls death on the ground. The others look sad to it. Daqeler closes the gate to make sure there won't come other people inside.

The other group is coming closer and closer to Taceriona. Besoux says: "We are going to land. Everyone prepare!" Lauren says: "One important question. Can we breath on Taceriona?" Besoux says: "Yes you can, but people with heart problems will have problems. None of you has that, right?" Amy says: "I don't think so." Besoux says: "Okay good, then we will land now." He puts the Spaceship 537 on the sand of Taceriona. George asks: "Does this planet completely consist of sand?" Besous says: "Yes, it is a very dry planet and closer to the sun than Quetir." Jaimy says: "So it is like Venus but less hot and can we live here?" Besoux says: "I don't know Venus, but you are probably right." Some seconds later, they are landed. Besoux says: "Welcome on Taceriona. You are the first humans to take a step on this planet." Donny says: "That feels very special." Lauren says: "Yes, I have been years on Quetir, but this feels like another new experience." Besoux says: "Lets go outside." The complete group goes outside. The humans feel weird. George says: "This planet feels different as Quetir." Besoux says: "It is hot here, so take enough water with you to don't dry out." All the humans take down some clothes. Caleb and Donny are looking at the womans. Caleb says to Donny: "Do I know what you are thinking?" Donny says: "Yes, it feels fine to have three hot womans with us." George comes to them and asks: "Where are the two of you looking at?" Donny says: "The womans are hot." George says: "I already thought you were thinking about that." Caleb says: "There are three and we are also with three. We can all take one." Lauren, Amy and Jaimy see the men looking at them. Jaimy asks: "Why are they all looking at us?" Amy says: "I think they just care about us." Lauren says: "Maybe they like to see womans who wear less clothes." Besoux sees it all happening and says: "Lets go to a better place on this planet. Here it is too hot. Follow me!" The three men and three woman follow him. Jaimy looks and sees a crashed spaceship. She says: "This has to be the spaceship of Karl Jakobsson. Who else would come here?" The group decides to take a look at the spaceship. They see a lot of bones lying on the ground. Besoux says: "These are for sure bones of humans." Lauren says: "This was probably the crew of this spaceship." Out of nowhere, they hear a voice screaming: "Welcome!" George asks: "What is that?" They see two people coming at them. The voice says: "I thought nobody would ever come this planet!" Amy asks: "Who are you?" The man show shimself. Jaimy says: "I knew it. You are Karl Jakobsson." Karl says: "You have seen that very good lady. I am not death as everyone thinks on Earth. You come from Earth?" Lauren answers: "No, we come from other planet near of here." Karl looks at Lauren and says: "Oh yes, I remember. You are one of the first who went to Quetir." George says: "I was also with them." Karl says: "Oh yes. I forgot to introduce my wife. Say hello Jennah." Jennah shows herself and says: "Hello other people. It is good to see finally other people." Besoux asks: "How long are you already here?" Karl looks surprised and says: "An alien! I have searched for it for so much years and now I finally found one." Besoux says: "Please answer my question." Jennah answers it by saying: "We don't know. It are for sure a lot of years. Time goes different here." Karl adds to it: "It is almost never dark here." Lauren asks: "How did you survive?" Karl says: "Unlike a lot of people think, there is enough food on this planet. We can show it to you." Amy says: "Okay great. I am hungry." Karl says: "We finally have visitors and then we also have to treat them well. Come with us." Without hesitating, Besoux and the others follow him.

Meanwhile, Mouqueran, Justin and the others walk to the burned city of Youxoter. They see some Quetirians getting away from it. Mouqueran screams: "Get them!" Justin, Serena, Edwin and Ellie attack the weaked Quetirians. Justin says: "You won't get away!" After some fighting, the Quetirians surrender. Ethoux is with them. Justin asks: "Who is your leader?" The Quetirians scream: "Besoux!" Mouqueran says: "He is not here. He betrayed his own people and left the city." Another Quetirian says: "Then, Fagoux is our leader. Where is he?" Ethoux suddenly says: "He is death, he didn't survived it. I'm the leader now." The other Quetirian says: "And who decided that?" Ethoux said: "I did." The Quetirians are angry, but Edwin says: "Enough, you are our hostagers now." Serena has Tom and throws him with the Quetirians. She says: "This stupid human is your food. You will have to kill him." Tom says: "Please don't kill me. I am on the good side." Ethoux says: "Quetirians don't eat human meat." Justin screams: "Then you will learn to eat it!" Mouqueran says: "You! Who calls himself the leader of the Quetirians now, help us kill the others!" Edwin says: "We sent Jimmie and Avalyn to do that." Serena says: "They are idiots and probably already killed. Have we heard anything of them?" Justin answers to it: "No, all communication is broken." Mouqueran says: "I saw Besoux flying off this planet, he probably brought all humans with them. They for sure went to Taceriona. Maybe I should think about visiting that planet and burning everything down!" Ellie suddenly says: "Wait, I got a message from Avalyn. She says that everything is fine and the other humans hide themself in a base." Serena says: "She lies, I'm sure that it is not alright. Why don't we hear anything from Jimmie?" Justin says: "It doesn't matter. They are not able to do anything. We have already conquered this planet." Serena asks to Justin: "Can I go to that base? I want to see it with my own eyes." Justin answers: "Okay fine, take Edwin with him. You can use his help. I have a spaceship on the way to it. The man inside it will help you." Serena says: "I can do this myself with an army, but okay fine, he can come with me." Edwin asks to Justin: "You will continue our plans to take over this planet?" Justin says: "Of course I will." Mouqueran asks: "What did you said? I will be queen of this planet! You are just my servants and if you will take one step to the throne, you will be burned down." Justin says: "We will see who will take the lead of this planet."

Inside the secret base, the humans and Xyporion are a bit shocked. Richard asks to Avalyn: "So now you are joining our side?" Avalyn answers: "I don't know. Justin only wants to take over the planet. He is hypocritical, arrogant and seeks too much to power. He can't lead us." Caroline asks: "How are we sure that we can trust you?" Avalyn answers: "I am alone and killed Jimmie. There is not much for me to do against you. The matter of trust to me is for you, not me." Lindsey says: "I trust you. Please come on our side. We can use you." Daqeler says: "As long as you hate Justin, it says to me that you are not on his side. Most logical would be our side then." Avalyn says: "Justin is going to send Serena, I'm sure. She will come. I will have to play that I'm still on his side. I won't bother inside here." Caroline says: "Okay good, what will our plans inside here?" Daqeler says: "We need to create an army that can fight against Mouqueran. We will have to kill that beast first. Without her, Justin can't do anything." Richard asks: "Any idea how to kill it?" Avalyn says: "I have been under the skin of Mouqueran. She for sure has some blindspots, but we will need a good weapon to come through the skin. And I don't know exactly where the heart is." Daqeler says: "My father killed some Zouquexs. I think I know where the heart is. The bigger problem is, that we don't have the right weapons here to do it. One of us has to go back to Youxoter and has to look between my father's stuff. He has a weapon where we can kill Zouquexs with. Caroline asks: "So who is going to do that?" Richard says: "I will do it." Joe asks: "Are you sure?" Richard says: "Yes, I don't want to stay so long here in this secret base." Lindsey asks: "Can I come with you?' Daqeler says: "Okay, you two will go but the others have to stay here. It can be dangerous and if you go with too much people, you will attract too much attention. The whole planet is not safe anymore with Justin on the throne. A huge chaos will break out." Richard says: "I'm the most afraid of Mouqueran, she can easily burn us down." Caroline says: "As long as you don't act suspicious, she won't even see you." Avalyn says: "Mouqueran thinks you went to the other planet and will focus on that. Justin will send Serena to us." Richard says: "Okay lets go, I think I know a route." Lindsey says: "I trust on you." They open the gate. Richard and Lindsey walk out. When they are outside, Richard says: "No humans yet, they will for sure come." Lindsey says: "How are we going to come inside again?" Richard says: "We will see it when we are back, we first will have to focus on getting the weapon." Inside the base, Joe asks to Caroline: "It is a long way back, don't you think it is dangerous for them?" Caroline says: "Richard is young, but in his behaviour he is much older. I have trust in him. Lindsey gives him that what he misses, although I think it was better to send Amy with him. Joe says: "She went to Taceriona and I see that Richard misses her. But they will see each other again." Daqeler says: "How would the others do it on Taceriona?"

Karl and Jennah show the six humans and one Quetirian their food. Besoux says: "Impressive, I didn't know there was still so much food on this planet." Karl says: "There is a lot more you don't know alien." Besoux says: "You can call me Besoux, I'm Quetirian and not an alien. I can also call you aliens." Jennah laughs about what he said. After it, they start eating from the food. Karl asks: "You are not going to stay here forever, right?" George says: "No, we will return to Quetir when it is safe again." Karl says: "Good, there is not enough food to feed so much people." Lauren asks: "You don't want to come to Quetir?" Karl says: "No, this planet is quiet and for my alone. I don't want to think about leaving it." Amy asks: "So you are the only one living here?" Karl ignores the question, but Jennah answers it: "There is another kind of specie living here. We have never thought about visiting them." Besoux is very surprised and says: "There is? I want to meet them." Karl uninterested says: "You do what you want. As long as you don't tell them that the whole planet is for them, I don't care about it." Besoux says: "I will go it right now." Lauren suddenly says: "Wait, can I come with you? It sounds interesting." Besoux says: "Okay, that's good. Karl, do you know where they are?" Karl says: "They live on the south side of this planet, where it is the coldest temperature. They are very small so it is hard to find them. Good luck with it." Besoux says: "I will try to smell them. Come Lauren, we will go." Lauren agrees with it and they walk away. George, Amy, Jaimy, Caleb and Donny stay with Karl and Jennah. Caleb and Donny can find it very good with Karl. After some hours, George, Amy and Jaimy are bored. Amy asks to them: "Shall we take a walk? I want to see some more of this planet." George says: "Good, I am tired of this guy. He acts like he is the best of all." Jaimy says: "I knew he was arrogant, but I didn't knew he was so arrogant." Amy says: "Okay, lets go." When they walk away, Caleb asks: "Where are you going to?" George answers: "We are going to take a walk." Caleb doesn't knows what to answers to it and goes back to Karl, Jennah and Donny.

Besoux and Lauren are walking and walking. It is very hot and they are tired out. After some walking, they go sit somewhere. Besoux asks: "What do you think of this planet?" Lauren says: "It is a bit what I expected. Hot and less food." Besoux says: "This is the second time I am here. The last time I was here, there were still a lot of Quetirians living here. One of my many aunts and uncles were living here. Taceriona was a rich planet where the most rich Quetirians lived. We went to it to visit my aunt and uncle. In that time, it wasn't that hot here yet. Of course, it was hotter than on Quetir, but it was just nice weather to live in. On this planet, we weren't bothered of the Xyporions. However, I didn't felt great on this planet. There was something wrong. I could see my uncle changing." Lauren asks: "What happened to him?" Besoux continues: "He wasn't the same I knew many years ago. This planet put some kind of power on him. He acted strange. I was very young then and scared. Luckily, we went back to Quetir not much later. In the following years, lots of Quetirians died on weird ways on this planet. One summer, it was very hot. A lot of Quetirians died, including my uncle. He couldn't think clear anymore and didn't went back to Quetir. The weather didn't became anything better and my aunt decided to come back to Quetir. I don't know if this coincidence, but all Quetirians including my aunt died very fast after they came back from Taceriona. That's why I don't have good memories from this planet." Lauren says: "So we also don't have to stay long on this planet?" Besoux says: "I don't want to. Keep in mind that my uncle and aunt lived like twenty years on this planet. So, it only happens when you are very long. Captain Jakobsson isn't so long here yet, but I could already see him changing a bit. And Jennah acted a bit like my aunt. Not saying much and looking very less emotional. I don't want this to happen to any of us." Lauren says: "I totally understand. I hope the others on Quetir find a way to defeat Mouqueran and we can go back." Besoux says: "I want to know why this other specie decided to live here. Lets go, I want to meet them." They both stand up and walk further.

On Quetir, Justin is starting making a plan on how to rule the planet. Ellie is with him. She wants to be queen. Justin says to her: "When the beast is gone, we will start leading the planet. Ellie says: "On what place will we do that?" Justin says: "What about that other city? It will be easy to take over. Ellie says: "Okay, but we are only with two. And I am not really a fighter." Justin says: "Who said that I don't have friends who are coming to the planet?" Of course, Mouqueran hears anything. She suddenly interrupts the conversation by saying: "I am tired of this. It all goes too slow. I will visit Taceriona and kill Besoux!" Justin says: "Do that, they should all be death." Without saying anything, Mouqueran flies away. Justin says: "Finally, she is gone. Lets wait for my friends. If they are hear, we will take over the planet. Ellie asks: "What about Serena and Edwin? They don't know we are doing this?" Justin says: "I don't care. They just work for me." Ellie disagrees with it, but asks something else: "And we are going to leave the hostages here?" Justin says: "Oh yes, he goes to the Quetirians and one human. He says: "You still didn't ate him? That's very disappointing." Tom says: "You know what's disappointing? That you are so cruel and don't care about humans. You only want to sit on the throne and have a whole planet that works on the way you want." Justin angrily says: "And how do you want to change it? You can't even do anything! That's disappointing!" Tom becomes very angry and attacks him. He and Justin start fighting. Justin says: "Show me what you have." During the fight, the Quetirians all run away. Ellie says: "They all run away." Justin smashes Tom knock out. He grabs his weapon and starts shooting on the Quetirians. He hit some of them. Ethoux can get away. Ellie asks: "Where do you think they will go to?" Justin says: "To that other city. We will also go to it and kill them when they are there." Ellie says: "Okay, but I don't want to carry this guy all the time." Justin says: "I know what to do with him. Bury him here." Ellie says: "But then he will get away when he wakes up." Justin says: "Not if I put mines all around him." He buries mines all around him. Justin laughs: "Hahahaha, this guy won't know what's going to happen to him." Ellie laughs very soft about it. Justin says: "Come, lets go to the city know."

Inside the secret base, they look outside. Caroline sees very far away of them a complete army coming to them. She says: "They are coming." Daqeler says: "Let them try. They won't come inside. This secret base could hold a complete invasion of Quetirians. Don't think a group of humans will be different." Avalyn looks in it and sees Serena and Edwin walking in the front. She says: "I knew it. Let me kill that bitch when I get the chance. I hate her very much." Caroline says to Avalyn: "You should go outside." Avalyn says: "I will." Daqeler opens the gate and Avalyn walks outside. Joe says: "Now we are only with three left." Caroline says: "I'm sure the others will come back."

Besoux and Lauren reach a cave. Besoux says: "I smell something I haven't smelt before." Lauren says: "That probably means something." Besoux says: "Karl said that these specie is very smalll. And they probably live inside this cave." Lauren asks: "Are we also on the southern part of the planet?" Besoux answers: "Yes, we are." Lauren says: "Okay, then we have to find a gate to come inside here." Besoux says: "There probably isn't a gate. Let me concentrate, then I will be able to contact with them." After some time, Besoux hears something. And it follows with a lot of crab looking animals coming out of the cave. Besoux starts speaking in Quetirian language but he fastly finds out that they don't speak that language. He sees the animals doing something with their fingers. Besoux says: "I think I know how to contact with them." Lauren looks to it, but she doesn't understands anything of it. Besoux starts using his fingers to contact with them. After some time, he says: "They call themself Wiorcupins. They came here because they couldn't live on their own planet." Lauren says: "Ask them if they want to help us kill a Zouqeux." Besoux says: "I will try, but I don't know how they will react." He tries it, but the Wiorcupins don't react that interested. Besoux says to Lauren: "I guess that's a no." Lauren says: "That's sad." Besoux says: "There is more I want to know about them. You have the time, right?" Lauren says: "Yes, I can wait." Besoux says: "Good, then I go further."

George, Amy and Jaimy are walking somewhere. They see the river where Karl and Jennah have been talking about. George says: "It is weird that on such a hot planet, there is still a river with water." Amy says: "This planet is weird on every way. I don't get it." Jaimy says: "Me neither." They decide to walk further. After some walking, Jaimy sees a high point. She says: "I want to look from that place." George says: "Okay good." They climb on it. There is a hole in the ground. Jaimy doesn't sees it. Suddenly she falls in it. Amy sees it happening. Jaimy screams and she falls down. Amy says: "We should save her." She also jumps in the hole. George doesn't knows what to do. He says to himself: "Is it really smart to jump in it?" Jaimy falls down. She falls on the ground and is hurt. Not much later, Amy also falls down. Jaimy says: "You also fell in here?" Amy says: "I wanted to save you." Jaimy says: "That's very nice, but I don't know if we can come out of here. It is very dark." Suddenly, they hear something. Amy says: "What is that?" Jaimy says: "There is someone else here." Amy says: "That's not possible. There can't live someone here." Out of nowhere, they hear a voice saying: "Who are you?" Amy and Jaimy are both very surprised. Jaimy says: "We are Jaimy and Amy. Who are you?" The voice says: "I can't believe it. I haven't seen other people for so much years. I will make a fire." When the fire is on, he says: "I'm Matt. I am stuck here for so much years." Amy asks: "How is it possible that you are still alive." Matt says: "Every once in a while, I find food and for some kind of reason, this planet keeps me alive." Jaimy asks: "How did you came here?" Matt says: "I went with my girlfriend and a few friends on a spaceship. We wanted to go to that planet like so much people." Jaimy asks: "You mean Quetir?" Matt says: "Yes, but there went something wrong. We missed the planet and flied to this one. Our spaceship couldn't handle the temperature of this planet. It started exploding. We prepared to get out. I wanted to save my girlfriend but another exploding followed. She couldn't come outside and went back into the ship." Matt starts crying. Some seconds later, he continues: "I was the only one who could come outside. I used a parachute, but I ended up in this hole. I tried everything to get out, but it failed. I have been alone so long. I'm so glad that you came here." Jaimy laughs and says: "I was so stupid to fall inside here. Otherwise we would never have come here." Suddenly, George also comes inside the hole. When he inside, he sees that there is indeed another human. George says: "You don't have to explain everything again. I have heard everything." Matt says: "So you can hear it when people talk?" George says: "Yes, I could hear it clean." Matt says: "So, they could hear everything I screamed?" George says: "I think so." Amy says: "Now, we have to find a way to get out." George says: "Lets blow up this cave." He has some bombs with him and puts it against the wall. Matt says: "I don't know if I will be able to see sunlight again." George says: "We will see." Some seconds later, the bombs explode, making an opening in the cave. They walk outside. Matt is looking very weird. Jaimy says: "Come with us, we will help you."

Justin and Ellie reach the city of Youxoter. They step out of their vehicle. Justin walks to the gate. The Xyporions look to him. He says: "You better open this gate or I will destroy your city." The Xyporion laughable says: "And why should we do that?" Justin answers: "Otherwise I will call my army which will completely destroy your city." The Xyporion doesn't wants to answer and runs away. Justin says: "I would also run away you fool. Then we will do it." He walks to the open space and makes some kind of sign. Ellie doesn't gets it. Some spaceships who are flying above the city see it and go down. When they are all landed, lots of humans come outside. The Xyporions see it happening. The army of Justin surrounds the city. Justin walks to the gate again and screams: "And what will you do now?"

Tom awakes and sees he is in the burned city of Bisonuar. He says to himself: "What the hell happened to me? This is not funny!" He fastly runs away while screaming: "NOT FUNNY!" Only an explosion can be heard after he said that.

Richard and Lindsey are in their vehicle and Richard looks in the binocular on the vehicle. He says: "No, this is not good." Lindsey asks: "What's wrong?" Richard answers: "The whole city is surrounded by an army of humans." Lindsey says: "There can only be one person who is doing this." Richard says: "Yes, will we try it or not?" Lindsey says: "This can be fun actually."

Serena and Edwin come at the place near the secret base. Fastly, they see the death body of Jimmie. Edwin says: "What the hell has happened?" Serena says: "She did this." Edwin says: "Who?" Suddenly, Avalyn comes at them and she says: "They did this." Serena says: "I don't believe you. Why couldn't you stop them?" Avalyn says: "They went away. I lost them at this place. Seeing Jimmie die was already hard enough." Serena starts laughing and says: "You really think I don't know what kind of game you are playing?" Avalyn says: "I'm not doing anything." Edwin asks to Avalyn: "How don't you know where they went to?" Avalyn answers: "Don't you see it? There can only be one place they hide themself." Serena says: "Now you think you are very smart?" The three humans walk to the big rock with the secret base inside. Serena screams: "Show yourself you idiots, you can no longer hide!" Edwin says: "If they are inside, they probably can't hear you." Serena angrily says: "I don't care. And smart Avalyn, do you have any idea how to come inside here?" Avalyn says: "We can try bombs first, but if that will fail." Edwin asks: "Then, what?" Avalyn says: "We can ask the beast to burn it down."

A very scary voice will be heard and it shows Mouqueran who reaches the planet of Taceriona. Mouqueran screams: "Stop hiding yourself stupid humans, Daqeler and Besoux! Do you really think you are save on this planet? You will never get away from me!" Karl, Jennah, Caleb and Donny are together. Karl asks to the others: "What the hell is that?" Jennah answers: "Probably nothing to be scared of honey. We have survived worse." Caleb says: "No, this is more dangerous than we had before. It is Mouqueran, a dragon like beast!" Donny screams: "No!! Hide yourself everybody!" Caleb says to him: "Quiet, you idiot. It will hear us." Karl says: "You really think a dragon is coming for us? I have to laughs of this!" Jennah says: "Hahahaha, how can you be afraid of a dragon?" Besoux and Lauren also hear the screaming of Mouqueran. Lauren asks: "It is Mouqueran, right?" Besoux says: "Yes, I remember that sound too well. It is coming for us. We should hide us." Lauren asks: "What about the others?" Besoux says: "They are too far away. There is nothing we can do from here." Besoux goes back to the Wiorcupins. He asks to them in their language: "Do you want to help us against a beats named Mouqueran?" The highest of the Wiorcupins answered: "A beat is attacking our planet? We are not going to let this happen a second time!" Besoux says to Lauren: "They are going to help us!" Lauren says: "Great, I want to know what a flying crab kind of army can do against a dragon kind beast!" Besoux laughs a bit and asks: "You compare them with animals on your planet?" Lauren says: "Yes, I do." Besoux says: "I would really like to go to your planet once, but it probably won't happen." Lauren says: "I don't think I want to go back and lets first survive this." George, Amy, Jaimy and Matt see Mouqueran coming on the planet. Matt says: "How is it possible that there happens so much on this planet now?" Amy says: "Oh no, this is not good." Jaimy says: "How can we survive an attack of Mouqueran?" George says: "We should hide ourselves." Matt asks: "Go back into my cave? Okay fine." Jaimy says to Matt: "It is way too dangerous. We are sorry." Matt says: "It doesn't matters." Amy says: "Throw stones before the opening." George, Amy, Jaimy and Matt hide themself in the cave and throws the stones before it. Meanwhile, Caleb and Donny also hide themself somewhere. Karl screams: "We are here best. Show yourself!" Caleb says to him: "You idiot! Don't call him!" Karl says: "You are an idiot. It will find us for sure." Jennah says: "Yes, we are the only people here. You can't hide yourself." Donny says: "She is big, she can't see everything, so hide yourself idiots!" The complains don't help anything, Karl and Jennah don't hide themself. After some more screaming of them, Mouqeran reaches them. Karl says: "Welcome beast. How do you think it is on my planet?" Mouqueran asks: 'Your planet? This is too funny! One human thinking this planet belongs to him!" Jennah says: "Do you see other people here? So you can easily say that!" Mouqueran says: "Where the hell are the others? I know they are here?" Karl says: "You mean these group of humans with one alien with them?" Caleb and Donny can't take anything he is saying. Mouqueran answers: "Yes, where are they?" Jennah says: "We are not sure if we can tell that. They are very scared of you." Mouqueran laughs and says: "They are? Where is the alien? I want to kill him first!" Karl says: "They went southwards." Mouqueran says: "Thanks for your co-operation." And out of nowhere, Mouqueran shoots fire on Jennah and Karl. They try to run away but Jennah fastly falls down. Karl becomes very angry and screams: "This planet is mine! You are not going to..." Karl falls down and his body totally burns down till there is nothing left of it. Mouqueran flies away southwards to Besoux. Caleb and Donny are glad it didn't saw them but they know that they aren't safe yet.

All the humans go inside Youxoter. The Xyporions have surrendered. They don't want another war. Richard and Lindsey are with them. They want to come inside the city and join the humans. Nobody thinks about the fact that they were part of the other humans group. They come easily inside. When Justin and Ellie are in the most important building of Youxoter, Justin asks: "Who is your leader?" One of the Xyporions says: "She is not here." Justin asks: "Where is she?" The Xyporion says: "We don't know." Justin becomes angry and says: "Then you will search for her!" Ellie doesn't knows what to do. When all the Xyporions are out of the building, Justin says: "Do you see it? We are on the throne of the most important city of the planet. That also means: We rule the planet!" Ellie says: "I didn't expected it to go so easily. What about the other humans?" Justin says: "They are not going to bother me. They will easily be destroyed by my army. The screen turns over to Richard and Lindsey with who happens totally the opposite. Richard says to Lindsey: "We will have to go to that building." (pointing at the building where Justin is inside). Lindsey says: "Are we sure that Justin isn't there?" Richard says: "He probably is and there is only one way to find out." Lindsey asks: "What if he will arrest us?" Richard says: "If I tell him what we want, he shouldn't stop us from doing it." When they are before the gate, they go as silence as possible inside. Richard whispers to Lindsey: "It should be inside here." Unfortunately, one of Justin's men comes inside. He asks to them: "What are you doing there?" Justin hears it and comes to it. He says: "Well well well, look who we have there. I won't forget your face. Richard is it, right?" Richard says to Justin: "We have come to borrow something from you." Justin says: "No, you wanted to steal something." Richard says: "I didn't knew you were inside here." Justin says: "What is it you want to borrow?" Richard says: "This weapon" and he grabs a heavy weapon. Justin says: "You will use it to kill me?" Richard says: "No, you totally understand me wrong. We want to kill the beast with this." Justin says: "The beast? I will be the one who kills her." Richard says: "You don't know how to handle this weapon." Lindsey says: "Only Daqeler knows how to use this." Justin totally ignores what they say and says: "You are not his girlfriend. Where is your girlfriend?" Richard says: "Not here." Justin says: "Oh yes, she is on that other planet where the beast also flew to." Richard is very shocked and says: "The beast also went to that planet? Oh no." Justin laughs and says: "You can't save her. She will burn!" Ellie says: "I hope she will stay as long as possible on that planet." Lindsey says: "She will go for Besoux." Richard says: "But Daqeler is the one who hates Mouqueran, right?" Lindsey says: "Yes, but she wants to kill Besoux so the Quetirians don't have a leader anymore." Justin says: "This all doesn't matters. I don't give a shit about these aliens and all the other humans also don't care me." Richard asks: "You also don't care about your friends? Where are they actually?" Justin says: "I send them to kill your friends." Lindsey says: "They won't come inside the secret base." Justin says: "You have a secret base? I'm not impressed at all." Ellie asks to Justin: "How do you want to come inside of it?" Justin says: "We will just have to wait. The beast will totally burn it down."

Huge explosions follow that don't succeed into anything. Serena says: "Fock, how the hell are we going to break this?" Edwin says: "Maybe just don't. They won't stay forever in this base. They need to get food." Avalyn says: "Very smart, but don't you think there is someone else who is able to break this?" Serena says: "You mean that idiot beast? I would also have come on that." Avalyn says: "Lets wait for her to come and then we can break in." Edwin says: "That will take a lot of time. Are you sure?" Avalyn says: "Do you see anything else we can do?" Edwin says: "We can break the time a bit." Avalyn says: "Okay good idea." Serena is annoyed by it and says: "Why are you two idiots actually working for Justin?" Edwin says: "You are an idiot by believing everything he says. We can make our own choices." Avalyn asks to Edwin: "So that means you also don't like Justin." Edwin says: "I think so. Why should we conquer this whole planet?" Serena gets a bit shocked and suddenly she is grabbed by Avalyn and Edwin. Serena says: "You idiots, I should have know." Out of nowwhere, she hits Avalyn. It makes her fall unconscious on the ground. Edwin fights back, but Serena is stronger and defeats him. She throws both of them before her on the ground. She starts screaming: "Do you see this people inside? I will kill them both if you don't surrender. You don't want me to kill them!" Caroline, Joe and Daqeler see it happening. Caroline asks: "What should we do?" Daqeler says: "She really thinks our base doesn't has protection?" Daqeler gets  a cannon on the side of the base. Serena says: "Oh shit. I didn't knew that." The cannon starts shooting on her. She runs away and dodges the shots. Avalyn and Edwin awake. Avalyn says: "Good that you changed from side." Edwin says: "Why would I listen to two idiots called Justin and Serena. I can do what I want."

An angry Mouqueran flies to the rock where Besoux and Lauren hide themself. Lauren asks: "What is the plan?" Besoux says: "She thinks she is so powerful, but we will show that we can fight against her." Lauren asks: "We are not going to hide?" Besoux answers: "You can hide yourself. I won't. This fight is going to happen. I can't run from it." Lauren asks: "But what if you die?" Besoux says: "I am replaceable and willing to die for my people." Lauren says: "Very good luck then." Besoux says at last to here: "Get away from this planet. You shouldn't stay longer here." Lauren says: "You are not going to come with us?" Besoux says: 'I will." After it, Lauren runs away. Besoux sees Mouqueran flying straight to him. When Mouqueran is close enough, she screams: "Besoux! You won't hide anymore. This will be our last fight!" Besoux says: "So be it!" He grabs his sword and shows it to Mouqueran. Mouqueran laughable says: "You are going to use that in the fight against me? That won't come through my skin!" Besoux says: "How are you so sure about that?" Mouqueran says: "I have fought against enough Quetirians and Xyporions to know that. They always use the same weak weapons." Besoux says: "Okay, then show me how powerful you are." Mouqueran starts shooting fire, but Besoux is too fast and jumps on Mouqueran. He uses his sword to hit here, but like she said, it doesn't comes through her skin. Mouqueran says: "You can only lose this fight you idiot." Besoux says: "Winning is never been my reason of fighting you!" Lauren runs away. She sees the place where they stayed and goes back to it. George, Amy, Jaimy and Matt see it is safe and decide to go out. Jaimy says: "Are we sure?" George says: "Mouqueran is on the other side of the planet. She is only here for Besoux." Matt says: "That beast hates him very much if she flies completely to this planet to get him." Amy says: "True, he really wants to kill him." George says: "Lets go back to the others." When they are back, they see Lauren. Lauren is glad to see them. Amy says: "I'm glad that you are still alive. Where are the others?" Lauren says: "I haven't seen them." Suddenly, they hear a voice screaming: "We are here!" And Caleb and Donny show up. Jaimy asks: "Where is Karl?" George sees two burned down bodies lying on the ground. Donny says: "They didn't wanted to listen." Lauren says: "They wouldn't have survived it anyway." George asks to Lauren: "Why do you think that?" Lauren explains: "Besoux told me about what happens when people stay long on this planet. They completely change and die fast." We should go back to Quetir. Amy says: "Yes good idea." Matt says: "I haven't been on Quetir. I thank you for giving me this chance." Lauren is surprised and asks: "Who are you?" Matt answers: "Oh, I'm Matt Sherwood. You are?" Lauren says: "Lauren Marshall. How long are you exactly if I may ask?" Matt says: "Of course you may ask. Sadly, I don't know it exactly. I think it are a few months." Lauren says: "Then, you should for sure go back to Quetir. You can't stay longer here." Matt says: "Okay good. I also wasn't planning to stay any longer on this planet." Amy says: "Lets go back on the Spaceship 537." Jaimy asks: "What about Besoux?" Lauren says: "We will try to pick him up." Besoux is still fighting against Mouqueran. Mouqueran grabs him and throws him against the rock. Mouqueran says: "And now it's time to make an end on this!" Besoux says: "No, you are not going to kill us." Mouqueran surprisingly says: "Us? Do you see your friends anywhere? They left you and don't give a shit about you!" Besoux says: "You totally forget that I made new friends!" And suddenly fron under the rock, lots of Wiorcupins appear. They start flying and go on Mouqueran. They all attack Mouqueran and annoy her very much. Besoux uses the time to get away. He sees the Spaceship 537 go up. It flies to him and lands right before him. Besoux goes inside. Mouqueran sees it all happening and goes after the Spaceship 537. Inside the spaceship, George asks to Besoux: "What are those animals?" Besoux answers: "Wiorcupins. They are helping us." Unfortunately, Mouqueran is stronger than the Wiorcupins and gets away. The Spaceship 537 also flies away. Mouqueran comes after them, but they are faster. Mouqueran hardly screams: "You all can't escape from me!"

In the space, Mouqueran attacks the spaceship 537. Amy asks: "Are we sure that she isn't going to come through the glass?" Besoux says: "I'm not sure. I don't know how strong this spaceship is." George says: "It is never tested on whether beasts like dragons can come through it." Lauren says: "Well, I guess we shouldn't try it." Caleb says: "Go as fast as you can!" George says: "We are trying." Mouqueran gives everything she can. She shoots fire and tries to burn down the spaceship. The Spaceship 537 is strong enough and can hold it. Besoux asks: "Does this spaceship have a gun?" George says: "Yes it has, I have used it to shoot down the escape pod of John Shaw." Besoux says: "You are needed here, so someone else should use it." Donny says: "I will use it." Jaimy says: "I will help you." The others stay in the cockpit. Lauren, Caleb, Amy and Matt can't do very much. When Donny and Jaimy starts shooting on Mouqueran, it doesn't hurts her much and it only makes her more angry. Mouqueran screams: "Give me Besoux and I will let you go!" Amy asks to the others: "We won't do that, right?" Besoux says: "I'm willing to surrender myself if you all survive." Lauren says: "No, you shouldn't do that." Besoux says: "The spaceship isn't going to hold it till Quetir." Suddenly, Mouqueran does a very heavy attack. She hits the spaceship totally. It makes the cannon break. Jaimy and Donny can't do anything anymore. Caleb, Lauren, Amy and Matt fall down. Caleb says: "This spaceship is too weak, of course it is not going to make it." Lauren says: "Shall we go to the escape pods then?" Besoux says: "The escape pods won't all make it. Mouqueran will destroy a few of them. And then, some of us will die." George says: "I'm willing to take that risk. Some of us will still survive it. If we stay here, all of us will die." Besoux says: "The least of us will die if I surrender and that's what I'm going to do." Amy says: "No, you won't surrender. We need you." Besoux says: "I'm replaceable. Go to Fagoux, if he is still alive. He is maybe even better than me and can also be king of Quetir. And I'm going to fly out now." On the moment Besoux wants to walk away, Mouqueran hits the spaceship another time, destroying it very much. Amy says: "We have to go outside now, we can't reach it." George says: "Well, we are reaching the atmosphere of Quetir. If I can get the spaceship inside of there, we should be able to make it." Lauren asks to George: "And what if the spaceship is going to completely explode before we reach the ground?" George says: "Fine, lets go." They all decide to go to the escape pods. On the way to it, they see Jaimy and Donny. Jaimy asks: "What are we going to do?" Lauren answers: "We will take the escape pods." Donny says: "There aren't enough. Mouqueran destroyed some of them." Amy says: "Then we will have to be with more in a single escape pod." Donny says: "I want to be in one alone." and Donny goes very fast and goes on the first escape pod and closes the door. Caleb says to him: "Open the door Donny! I want to be in the same one as you!" Donny screams: "You will all die. At least I am going to make it!" Caleb is angry and smashes on the door and takes the second escape pod. Lauren and George go inside the same escape pod. Amy and Jaimy see the last one. On the moment, Amy wants to step in, Jaimy asks: "Where is Matt?" Amy says: "There is no time to search for him. We have to go outside." Jaimy says: "We just met him. We can't leave him here. This is the last escape pod." Amy says: "Go now, the spaceship can explode every second." Amy pulls Jaimy inside the spaceship and a few seconds later, all the escape pods are shooten away. Besoux sees it all happening. He walks back to a room with a big window. He sees Mouqueran. The glass is almost broken. Meanwhile, Matt went back to a room with a lot of explosives. He picks one of them walks away and sees Besoux. Besoux asks to him: "What are you still doing here? Why aren't you in one of the escape pods?" Suddenly, Mouqueran flies away. Something else got her attention. It are the escape pods. They are shooten away. Donny's one is first. Mouqueran goes after it and grabs the escape pod. Donny doesn't knows what to do. Mouqueran flats the escape pod and throws it way. Later, the escape pod explodes. Donny dies in the explosion. Mouqueran goes after the second escape pod. It is too fast for here, but she hits it, making it change it direction. The last escape pod goes along here and Mouqueran is angry. She goes back to the window where Besoux is still standing before. Matt says: "I'm going to throw this explosive in the mouth of the beast. Perhaps it will kill here." Besoux says: "If we Quetirians or Xyporions didn't tried that already." Some seconds later, the complete window breaks. Mouqueran says: "You are mine now Besoux." Besoux says: "I already choosed to surrender so you won't hurt the others." Mouqueran says: "Good, lets come with me." Mouqueran grabs Besoux with her hands. Suddenly, Mouqueran sees Matt. She says: "You! Human! We haven't met yet. I don't seem to remember you." Matt says: "I also don't know you, but I think I know that you aren't very friendly to all the humans." Mouqueran says: "Well that is just their..." Suddenly, Matt throws his explosive in the mouth of Mouqueran. Mouqueran eats it. Mouqueran starts laughing and says: "Humans are so stupid." After it, Mouqueran throws the bomb out of her mouth on Matt. A huge explosion follows making the Spaceship 537 even more broken. Mouqueran flies away with Besoux in her hands. Not much later, the Spaceship 537 reaches the ground where it almost completely broken falls in a forest.

The escape pod with Lauren, George and Caleb also reached the ground. George says: "What happened? Where are the others?" Caleb says: "I saw the beast grabbing the escape pod of Donny." Lauren asks: "Where are Amy, Jaimy and that new guy?" George says: "Besoux didn't even went on a escape pod, right?" Lauren says: "I think so, he had a too big guilt feeling." Caleb asks: "What will we do now?" George says: "Lets go to Daqeler, Caroline and the others." Lauren says: "They shouldn't be very far away." Not very much away of them, Amy and Jaimy's escape pod also reached the ground. Amy asks: "Are you allright?" Jaimy answers: "I hope the others survived." Amy says: "They probably did. Just think on that, we can't change what happened." Jaimy asks: "What will we do now?" Amy says: "I want to go back to Richard. I miss him. Lets go to the secret base where the others are."

Richard and Lindsey are still with Justin and Ellie. Richard asks: "So how are you planning to take over the full planet?" Justin says: "I have already took over the full planet." Richard starts laughing and says: "Taking over one city is for you the same as a full planet? That's hilarious!" Justin says: "Do you see any other important cities? No! The beast destroyed the most important one!" Richard says: "You don't even know the most of the planet." Justin says: "I have seen it good enough to know that there is only one big city left!" Richard doesn't reacts to it. He is done with him. Lindsey asks to Justin: "Did the beast really went to that other planet?" Justin says: "Yes, it killed all your friends. They couldn't survive it." Lindsey says: "That's not true. They will survive it." On the moment Justin wants to react, Ellie suddenly says: "The beast is back!" They all go to a window and see far away of them Mouqueran flying. Justin says: "You see? She returned because they are all death!" Richard says: "And now she is going to kill you. She is done with you." Justin says: "No! She won't do that idiot." Lindsey and Ellie suddenly see Mouqueran changing her direction. Ellie asks: "Where does it go to?" Lindsey says: "There is something she needs to go to."

Mouqueran lands somewhere in the mountains. She throws Besoux on it. Mouqueran says: "You will stay here!" Besoux asks: "What else do you think I will do?" Mouqueran says: "The only thing you can do is jump off the mountain but I guess that's not what you want." Besoux says: "You promised me to not hurt the humans. If you are going to search for them." Mouqueran says: "Calm boy, I'm going to visit my good friends." Besoux says: "Your friends who are using you. I thought you would know better Mouqueran." Mouqueran says: "Don't worry, I'm going to burn that man when I'm done with him." Besoux says: "Just kill him how. You won't need him anymore." Mouqueran says: "Not yet!" and she flies away. Besoux stays behind.

Serena walks back to the place where she saw Avalyn and Edwin the last time. She says: "Stupid idiots. You will all die!" A lot of men are walking behind Serena. Serena angrily says: "Start the attack! Their base is probably hidden here." The men all grabs their guns. Inside the base they see it happen. Caroline says: "We won't surrender right?" Daqeler says: "No, gunshots won't come through this." Some seconds later, thye can hear the shots hitting the base. Avalyn says: "They are with too much men, otherwise we could have killed Serena." Joe says: "They have surrounded the base and shoot everywhere." Daqeler says: "It wasn't different in the war with the Quetirians." Edwin walks in and says: "This looks nice." Joe asks: "Why the hell did you brought him in? We can't trust him." Edwin says: "I have changed side. I don't want to be on Justin's side anymore." Joe asks to Caroline: "Do you trust him?" Caroline says: "No, he can't just say that he changed from side." Edwin says: "How can I convince you about it? And why do you trust Avalyn but not me?" Caroline says: "Avalyn killed Jimmie to really show it, you didn't." Edwin says to Avalyn: "Wait, you killed him? You told me that one of you did it." Avalyn says: "Sorry for the lie." Joe walks to Edwin and asks: "And how do you want to convince us?" Edwin says: "I want to kill Serena if necessary. That girl is crazy." Joe says: "If we didn't knew that yet." Caroline says: "Throw him one of the cages, it isn't worth to take the risk." Edwin says: "No, you are not going to throw me in a cage!" Avalyn says: "Calm down, it is better for you." Edwin says: "I will go outside again. There is nothing I can do here." Caroline says: "Get him." On the moment Joe wants to get him, Edwin suddenly grabs Avalyn and puts her before him. Joe picks his gun and wants to shoot Edwin, but he can't hit him. Edwin says: "This girl really means so much for you? I can easily kill her." Joe says: "I can shoot the both of you. I don't care." Avalyn asks: "What are you going to do Edwin?" Edwin ignores her question and says: "We will go outside now." Joe and Caroline follow him. When they are before the gate, Edwin says: "Do you really want me to do this? Serena will see it!" Joe says: "You idiot. You betrayed her and now you will go back on her side?" Edwin says: "I will make a much better side. With Avalyn on my side, we can reach everything. Out of nowhere, he starts kissing Avalyn. Joe comes closer to Joe and holds his gun on Edwin. Joe says: "If you love her, why do you use her as shield?" Edwin says: "That's because I don't give a shit about the world anymore. This whole planet sucks like you all do." Caroline asks: "If you hate this world, why don't you go back to Earth?" Edwin answers: "I won't make that trip anymore. All the people that I love will be death when I'm back." After it, it is quiet for some seconds again. Edwin makes some steps to the door. He says: "Now I will open it!" And he grabs the handle to open the door. Joe still holds his gun fired on him. On the moment, Edwin start opening the door, he starts shooting but Edwin can get out. Joe goes to the door and sees the army of Serena. He fastly closes the door. Caroline asks: "Did you hit him?" Joe says: "I don't know. I couldn't see it." Outside the base, a hit Edwin lies on the ground. Avalyn runs away. Serena sees an injured Edwin lying on the ground. She says: "Well well well, look who we have there. If it isn't Edwin." Edwin sees the men surrounding him and screams: "I'm Edwin! You know me!  I am your side." Serena says: "You idiot. They know what you have done." Edwin says: "I tried to come inside and open the door. Please believe me." Serena says: "Nobody believes you!" and she grabs knife and puts it in the stomach of Edwin. Avalyn sees it all happening and is shocked. Edwin tries to fight back, but he is too injured on his leg to do something. Serena grabs another knife and makes a slash in Edwin's throat. A lot of blood comes out of it. Some seconds later, Edwin is death. Serena says: "Where are you Avalyn? I will find you." Avalyn sees the whole base is surrounded by men and can't get away. Suddenly, some men see her. They say to Serena: "She is here!" Serena grabs again two knifes and holds them in both hands. Avalyn sees her coming to her. Serena screams: "And now you are going to die!"

Meanwhile, Justin and Richard are still having a discussion. Ellie and Lindsey aren't interested in it. Richard says: "You really have no idea about so much things. Why you just don't understand that you can't lead a full planet on your own?" Justin says: "This planet isn't like Earth. And......" He couldn't finish his sentence, suddenly Mouqueran destroys a wall and comes inside. Justin angrily says: "You give no shit about doors, right?" Mouqueran says: "The leader of the Quetirians is a prisoner of me now!" Richard and Lindsey react shocked to it. Justin asks: "I thought you would kill him?" Mouqueran says: 'I changed my plan. I hold him as prisoner on a secret place. All Quetirians are doomed now!" Lindsey asks to Mouqueran: "What have you done to the humans?" Mouqueran says: "I don't care about these humans. I killed a few of them, nothing interesting." Richard and Lindsey are even more shocked. Lindsey starts crying softly. Mouqueran says: "Now I want to kill that leader of the Xyporions! She is even more stupid!" Justin says: "I guess that she is in that secret base." Mouqueran screams: "A secret base? I know what you mean." Without saying anything, Mouqueran flies away again. Richard asks to Justin: "You want us to kill her right?" Justin says: "Yes, I'm tired of that stupid beast!" Richard says to Lindsey: "We have stayed here long enough. Lets go back before Mouqueran destroys the secret base." Lindsey says: "Yes, we can't wait much longer." Richard grabs the weapon Daqeler asked them to get. Justin says: "You better kill her. You should be glad that I haven't done that yet." Richard says: "You weren't going to do that anyway." Justin laughs and says: "Till the next time idiot." Richard and Lindsey go away with the weapon. They leave Youxoter and go back on their vehicle.

Lauren, George and Caleb are walking to the base that isn't very secret anymore. George says: "We are almost there." Lauren says: "Expect a big army of men standing before it." George says: "We will find out." On the same time, Serena walks with her knifes to Avalyn and holds it on her. Serena says: "I wanted to do this for so long time. Now, I finally can!" Avalyn says: "What will Justin say when you instead of the humans inside, killed me and Edwin?" Serena says: "I don't give a shit anymore about what Justin wants. I work alone now!" On the moment Avalyn wants to response to it, Serena screams: "And now, I will kill you!" Serena screams some other things, but another voice gets louder. It is George who screams: "What is happening here?" Lauren is surprised and says: "You are killing each other?" Serena smashes Avalyn away and says: "Three idiots have returned. Welcome back." Caleb says: "You are an idiot. Isn't that Edwin's body lying there?" Lauren says: "I think so. You killed him right?" Serena becomes very angry and screams: "They betrayed me!" Avalyn uses it to get away, but the men of the army of Serena see it and hold their guns on her. George laughs and says: "Why would they betray you?" Serena angrily screams something else. Caroline, Joe and Daqeler look outside and sees Lauren, George and Caleb. Caroline says: "They are back! Let them come inside." Joe says: "It won't be easy. A complete army is here." Daqeler says: "The only thing we can do is opening the gate when they are standing right before it."

On the same time, Amy and Jaimy are also walking to the secret base. Jaimy asks: "Are we sure that it is safe there?" Amy says: "I don't think so, but we don't have another option." Not very far away of them, it is silence at a crashed Spaceship 537. Suddenly, Matt comes outside. Miraculously, he has survived it. He also doesn't understand it himself. He walks away, doesn't knowing where to go to.

At the secret base, Serena is still very angry. Caroline says: "How are you actually planning to come inside the base?" Serena says: "I'm just waiting long enough when they don't have food or drink anymore. They will surrender then." George says: "And you really think there isn't a big place with food inside of there?" Serena angrily answers to it: "I don't care! And you are annoying me very much. Lets attack everyone!" All the men grabs their guns and go to Lauren, George and Caleb. Caleb asks: "What's the plan?" George says: "I think I have a plan. Come with me." On the moment, they run away, the men start shooting on them. Suddenly, George stops with running. Lauren and Caleb don't get it. Lauren asks: "Why do we stop?" The army of Serena sees it and shoots on them. However, none of the bullets hit them. One of the men says: "How the fock is this possible?" George says: "It is very simply. Your bullets aren't made for this atmosphere. They go down before they can come to us. And I was sure that none of us would hit us on this place." Lauren says: "That's great. How did you knew this?" George says: "I just found out." Serena angrily says: "If the guns don't work, then I will do it myself!" She grabs two knifes and runs to them. Lauren says: "I will handle her. You will have to kill the others." Caleb says: "Yes, that is a good plan." George and Caleb attack the men and kill a lot of them. Serena says: "You bitch! You should have died in the arms of that former boyfriend of you!" Lauren angrily says: "You know nothing about him." And they start fighting. Serena tries to hit Lauren with her knifes, but it fails. Lauren easily manages to smash the knifes out of her hands. However, out of nowhere Mouqueran shows up. She screams: "Daqeler! You are the one I came here for." Lauren, George, Caleb, Serena and the army are all shocked to see her. Mouqueran continues: "If you won't surrender now, I will burn down all the humans!" Daqeler, Caroline and Joe see it. Caroline asks: "What should we do?" Daqeler says: "I won't surrender." Joe asks: "What will you do then?" Daqeler says: "Attack Mouqueran, it is the only thing I can do. To the both of you, don't stay here. I have a feeling that Mouqueran can burn it down." Caroline asks: "How is that possible?" Daqeler answers: "Don't ask me, but you shouldn't take the risk to stay here." Joe says: "Okay, we will leave." Daqeler walks away to the door and opens it. She screams: "Here I am!" Mouqueran sees it. She screams: "You finally dare to come out of your base?" Daqeler says: "It is between you and me, don't involve the humans in this." Mouqueran says: "Okay fine, Besoux already lost against me. For you, it won't be anything different. Daqeler says: "Lets find out." and she attacks Mouqueran. The fight has started.

The others see it all happening. Joe asks to Caroline: "Are we sure that she is going to defeat Mouqueran totally on her own?" Caroline answers: "I hope, but I'm not sure." Serena and her army are scared of the dragon. It gives Lauren, George and Caleb the chance to go to the gate of the secret base. Lauren says: "It should be here." George says: "Can you hear us? Let us inside!" Serena sees it all happening and takes her chance. Caroline and Joe see it, but still they open the gate. They all step in, but Serena and some of her men also come inside. Joe and Caleb want to attack them. Serena says: "Finally I am inside!" Lauren is glad to see Caroline and Joe, but they have no time for a reunion. Lauren says: "We should go outside of here. It is not safe here." Caroline says: "I know, but we...." Suddenly, some of the men attack. There are too much of them. Lauren, Caroline and Joe try to fight back, but they are with too much. Later, they have took over the whole base. Serena opens the gate, so all of her men can come inside. Lauren asks to Serena: "And what if Mouqueran will burn down the base?" Mouqueran and Daqeler are still fighting. Daqeler uses her sword but knows that she won't be able to kill Mouqueran with it. She says: "Richard and Lindsey, where are you?" She looks and a vehicle is coming to them. She knows that it has to be them. Mouqueran asks: "What are these humans doing for you?" Daqeler answers: "You will soon find out." Mouqueran starts laughing and says: "There is nothing your friends can do against me. You are all too weak!" Daqeler sees the vehicle coming closer and closer. Daqeler says: "I wouldn't be too sure if I were you." Suddenly, she jumps on the back of Mouqueran. She hits her with her sword but her skin is too strong and it doesn't hurst her. After a few seconds, the vehicle reaches them. Richard and Lindsey see the fight. Richard says: "She needs the weapon right now." Lindsey asks: "How are we going to give the weapon to her?" Daqeler says: "Just throw it and I will catch it." Mouqueran sees it and says: "You think you can kill me with that sword?" Richard and Lindsey both grab the sword and throw it to Daqeler. On the moment she wants to grab it, Mouqueran suddenly hits her with one of her claws making Daqeler fall of her. Lindsey asks to Richard: "Shouldn't we help her?" Richard says: "I think that will be very dangerous." The special sword falls on the ground, Daqeler grabs it and puts it in Mouqueran. Mouqueran screams: "You really think it will kill me?" Mouqueran suddenly grabs Daqeler with one of her claws and smashes her a few times on the ground. She hits her totally with her nails. Later, she throws Daqeler away. The sword is still in Mouqueran, it didn't hit her on the right place and it only makes her angry. Although it hurts her, it is not good enough. Mouqueran flies up and angrily screams: "Stupid humans! What will you do if I will burn down your complete base?" Mouqueran starts breathing fire on the complete base. Everybody in the base sees it happening and know that the base won't resist the fire of Mouqueran.

Meanwhile in Youxoter, Justin and Ellie are still in the palace of Daqeler. Ellie asks to Justin: "Don't you think we should help the others?" Justin says: "No. I'm the leader and they are only my men." Ellie says: "Doesn't that makes us cowards?" Justin angrily says: "No, a real king would do the same." Ellie says: "I disagree." Justin says: "Stop being disagree with me, I'm getting annoyed of it." Ellie says: "I didn't meant to annoy you." Justin says: "That's the problem. You don't mean it, but still you are doing it." Ellie says: "Well, I will try to be less annoying." Justin steps off his throne and walks to Ellie. Justin says: "You just will have to know that things aren't the same here as on Earth. I am the king, you are just my wife, nothing more interested than that." Ellie says: "You are saying that males have more right than females here? Shut up." Justin says: "You are the wrong person who says that." And out of nowhere, Justin puts a knife in the stomach of Ellie. Ellie says: "I thought I would be queen?" Justin says: "No, there is only place for a king in this palace." Justin grabs Ellie, walks to the balcony of the palace. He holds Ellie on it. Ellie says: "How could you? I thought you loved me." Justin says: "Just know that this isn't personal." And he hits Ellie a second time and after it, he lets her fall of the balcony. She falls a long way down. When she reaches the ground, she is death. All the Xyporions see it, but they don't know what to do. Justin says: "Now I will finally start with my plans of making this city much better."

Far away, the whole secret base is burning down. Joe screams: "Everybody get out!" Serena says: "No, you are all going to die!" Caroline, Lauren, Joe and Caleb all want to get out, but George suddenly says: "Let me fight her, you can all come out before everything explodes." Lauren says: "But what about you?" George says: "I want you all be safe. And I can do this." Serena says: "So you are challenging me?" George says: "Yes, lets fight!" Serena says: "Accepted!" Almost all the men of her army stay inside. They all start attacking George. Some of them are too scared and run out of the base. Joe and Caleb start fighting them. Caroline and Lauren are the first to make it outside. Caleb and Joe are still fighting the men. Joe says: "It is good to see you again." Caleb says: "Yes it is." They kill a lot of men. Joe makes it outside. Caleb is still fighting some men until suddenly the door closes. Joe says: "No! Caleb is still inside!" Another men of Serena closed the door. Joe smashes a few times on the door, but he knows that he can't come inside again. Caroline and Lauren don't know what to do. Inside, a lot of men attack Caleb. He kills a lot of them, but suddenly he is hit by a bullet. One of the men has a gun and shoots on him. Caleb is angry and wants to attack him, but suddenly he is hit a second time. He falls and starts sitting on his knies. Caleb says: "You idiot, don't you want to come outside alive?" The man says: "No, I don't." and suddenly he shoots Caleb through the head, killing him. George and Serena are still fighting against each other. George is stronger and kills almost all of the men. Meanwhile the whole room is on fire and a lot of thing collapse. George looks and sees there are a lot of boms inside the base. The Xyporions wanted them to use against the Quetirians. George says: "I think we have to get a winner. In a few minutes, the whole base is going to explode." Serena says: "Then lets make an end on this!" The killer of Caleb and some other men wants to come to George and Serena, but suddenly a big explosion follows close to him, killing all of them. George and Serena are still fighting. George is stronger and hits Serena a lot of times in her face. He also kicks her. Serena gets a lot of blood but isn't thinking of giving up. Serena angrily screams: "At least you will also die!" George grabs Serena, who is much weaker than him. He throws her near of the bombs. Serena tries to get up and says: "Very smart and how do you think you will make it out alive?" George suddenly picks up a gun and shoots on one of the bombs. Serena gets totally hit in the explosion and completely explodes. There is nothing left of her anymore. The explosions make the full ceiling collapse. George can't do anything. Caroline, Lauren and Joe see it all happening. The whole base explodes. Lauren starts crying and says: "George is death." Caroline tries to help her, but is also very sad. Richard and Lindsey go to Daqeler. Lindsey asks: "Are you allright?" Daqeler says: "You all should find a new king for the Xyporions." Richard says: "No, we can still help you." Daqeler says: "Her nails were too strong." Richard asks: "How should we tell this to Besoux?" Daqeler says: "Tell him that I love him." After it, it is silence and after a few seconds, Daqeler dies. Lindsey starts crying. Richard helps her. Mouqueran sees it all happening. Richard is very angry. He sees the weapon lying on the ground. Mouqueran starts laughing. She sees that Daqeler is death and the whole base is exploded. Richard is very angry and grabs the sword. He asks to Lindsey: "Do you think I can hit her?" Lindsey very sad says: "You can try it." Richard says: "Lets do this." And he throws the sword. It ends into the stomach of Mouqueran. Mouqueran feels the pain and becomes very angry. Caroline, Lauren and Joe see it all happen. Mouqueran sees Richard and screams: "Stupid human! I'm a god. You are unworthy to do this!" Mouqueran uses her claws to pull out the sword. But, it made a big wounds. A very angry Mouqueran flies to Richard and starts making fire. Richard grabs a gun out of his pocket, he had there for a very long time. He shoots multiple times on Mouqueran. Before Mouqueran can breath her fire, the bullets come on the precise place the sword hit, the bullets go through the heart of Mouqueran. Mouqueran screams the pain out of here. She has never had so much pain before. Lindsey says: "Get away from there Richard!" She, Caroline, Lauren and Joe help him get away. Right on that moment, Jaimy and Amy also come to it and see everything happening. The body of Mouqueran falls down on the grass. The beast has finally killed.

Everybody is surprised by it. They all walk to the body and see Mouqueran is death. Suddenly, Richard says: "I really didn't knew that I could do this." Lauren says: "You are a hero!" Richard says: "Thanks, but it wasn't that hard." Suddenly, Amy and Jaimy also join the group. Richard is very glad to see Amy. Jaimy asks to the others: "It is death?" Joe answers: "Yes, Richard killed it." Jaimy says: "Wow, I really thought only Daqeler would be able to do that. Where are she and Besoux?" Lindsey sadly says: "Daqeler is death." The others don't response to it and look to the body lying not far away of them. Caroline asks: "How can we tell this to Besoux?" The others don't know what to answer to it. Lauren suddenly walks away. Joe asks: "Where are you going to?" Lauren says: "I'm going to search for George. We can't just leave him here." The others follow her. Suddenly, they see the men of the army of Serena who survived it. Avalyn is with them. Avalyn says: "I'm sorry about your friends who died." When the others are busy with finding a way to get inside the broken base, Avalyn asks: "Is Serena death?" Lauren answers to it: "I think so." Amy asks to Richard: "Why is she on our side now?" Richard says: "I don't know. I went to Youxoter for Daqeler to get the weapon to kill Mouqueran. I didn't knew this all would happen." Amy says: "I'm glad you survived." Richard says: "Me too. How was it on the other planet?" Amy says: "Not so good. We met a new man, but sadly he didn't survive." Richard says: "Oh, that's sad." Suddenly, their conversation gets interrupted by Lauren who says: "I think I found a way to get in." Lauren, Caroline and Joe go inside. Richard, Amy, Lindsey, Jaimy, Avalyn and the other men wait outside. When Lauren, Caroline and Joe come inside, they see that there is still fire. Also, there are a lot of death people. Joe says: "Lets search." Lauren and Caroline agree with it. They start searching through the whole base. Lauren screams and is shocked what she sees. Joe and Caroline come to her. Caroline asks: "What is it?" Lauren says on a sarcasm way: "It is the head of Serena." After it, they search further and very fast they see something. Caroline says: "It is him." They all look and see an unconscious George who has a lot of burn wounds on him. Lauren holds her hand on him and feels he is still breathing. She says: "He is still alive." Caroline says: "He really needs help. We should call the Quetirians. They can heal him." Joe says: "And how can we do that?" Lauren and Caroline both ignore his question, pick up George and walk away. Joe goes after them. When they come outside, the others are surprised by it. Lauren says: "Lets go to Youxoter immediatly." Richard says: "Wait, Justin has took over the city." Caroline says: "Then we will kill that idiot. Lets come everyone." Richard says: "Okay, but are we sure that we can just go to the city?" Lauren says: "We don't have another choice." Caroline activates something, making three Tyquervehicles coming to them. On the moment they all want to step in, one of the men of Serena's army says: "What about us?" Caroline throws the key of the third Tyquervehicle to them and says: "Help us or stay here." The men accept it and step in the vehicle. Some seconds later, they all drive away.

When they reach the city of Youxoter, they see that the humans rule it now. The Xyporions are slaves of the humans. Inside the vehicle with Caroline, Lauren, Joe and the unconscious George, they can't believe what they see. Lauren says: "This is unacceptable." Caroline says: "The idiot succeeded what he wants, but now show him that this is not how it goes here." On the second tyquervehicle with Richard, Amy, Lindsey and Jaimy they also look very bad to it. Richard says: "The last time we were here, he wasn't as far." Amy says: "I didn't even knew he could do this." Jaimy says: "He is responsible for the death of my friends Tom, Caleb, Donny and Audrey. I want revenge. Richard can you kill him for me?" Richard says: "I don't know if I want that." Amy says: "If I already see what happened to George, he should only get punished for that." In the third vehicle with Avalyn and the men, they look sarcastic to it. Avalyn says: "And this is what you have achieved Justin? It is all so miserable." One of the men says: "I guess we work for you now, right?" Avalyn says: "Yes and I want all of you to help us to kill Justin." After it, they arrive at the city. They all come together. Richard asks: "So what is the plan?" Caroline says: "Normally, Markus always did the plan. I will try to take it over." Lauren says: "Can I give an idea? Let Richard go to Justin, it also ended well last time." Lindsey says: "I and Amy can join him." Caroline says: "Good, you three will do that. Joe and Jaimy, you should take over command of the city. That's very important for taking over this city. And after it, you should give the Xyporions hope again and let them help you surrounding the whole castle of Daqeler." Avalyn asks: "What about us?" Caroline answers: "Just help killing Justin. I don't care who does it." Avalyn says: "Good, I really want to get revenge on this guy." Caroline says: "Okay, lets do this!" Richard, Amy and Lindsey go to the gate. The guards see them. Richard says: "I want to speak with Justin. Tell him that it is Richard. He knows me." The men on the guard don't react but send a message to Justin. Inside the castle, Justin, who is sitting on his throne, gets the message. He says: "That idiot is back? Let him go inside. Now, I won't make the same mistake. I will kill him." Without saying anything, they let Richard, Amy and Lindsey inside. The guards are looking the whole time to Amy and Lindsey. One of them says: "Finally hot girls are coming inside the city. Amy sees the men are looking to her. She says to Richard: "I know what to do against these men." She goes inside the tower. One of the guards says: "What are you doing here?" Another one says: "I want to fix her." But suddenly, she attacks them all. Amy is much stronger than the guards and defeats them. She activates to open the gate. All the others also come inside now. Justin looks outside the window and sees it all happening. He becomes very angry and says: "What the fock is going on here? How is this possible?" He goes to his men and screams: "Kill all these idiots who are coming in our city!" An army of men comes out of their houses. They all go to the group of invaders. Joe and Jaimy go to the command. Joe kills all of the men with his gun. Joe says: "I never thought that this was going to happen." Jaimy says: "Yes, on Earth I would never kill people." Joe says: "It feels easier here." Caroline and Lauren both take George to a hospital. Justin looks at how his army goes to the invaders, but suddenly, Richard, Amy and Lindsey come inside." Richard says: "Hello Justin." Justin is very surprised and says: "Look who we have there. You have both of your girls now with you?" Richard says: "I just thought that we could talk for a bit." An angry Justin asks: "Where is the beast?" Richard says: "It is death." Justin is even more surprised and screams: "Not possible! Only I would be able to do that! So, who did it instead of me?" Richard says: "I did." Justin is now so surprised that he starts laughing and says: "You are lying to me! And you thought I wouldn't know it! He is, right?" Lindsey says: "Richard threw the weapon we found here in the stomach of Mouqueran. It made her skin break and a few bullets were enough to kill the beast." Justin ignores it because he doesn't believes it and asks: "But why did you came here again then?" Richard answers: "Just see it as meeting. We are friends now, right?" Justin angrily says: "No, we are not!" He wants to attack Richard, but suddenly some men come inside. One of them says: "We can't hold them anymore." A lot of bullets can be heard. The men goes to Justin and says: "I'm sorry boss." Justin says: "I'm not sorry to you." and he grabs a gun and shoots the men through his head. He says: "The next one is for one of your girls!" Suddenly, a voice says: "No, the next one is for you!" It is Avalyn with some of her men. Justin starts laughing again and says: "Well well well, look who we have there. So, one of my old friends survived." Avalyn says: "That's right. Serena, Edwin and Jimmie are all death." Justin says: "And you think that I will cry because of that?" Avalyn says: "No, I just want to say that all of your men have failed." Justin says: "You betraying me was something that really came out of nowhere. Why did you do this Avalyn?" Avalyn says: "It is very simple. You just want to conquer everything, that's not how it goes on this planet." Justin says: "I know! It was sarcasm, stupid bitch." Lindsey asks: "Where is Ellie?" Justin says: "You mean that bitch who disagreed with all my master plans? I would have gone crazy if she was still here." Amy and Lindsey walk to the window and see the body of Ellie lying down on the ground. Amy asks: "You killed your own wife?" Justin says: "Why do you act like that's weird? I can do the fuck I want!" Meanwhile, Joe and Jaimy have took over the command and are with the Xyporions. Joe says: "I'm sorry for your loss, but we can all take revenge by killing that idiot who is leading your city now!" The Xyporions all agree with it and start coming out of their rooms. They help the others in the fight. The men of Justin are losing. Inside the castle, Justin knows what is about to happen. Justin says: So, what do you want to do know? You are with all against me and don't take a single action." Suddenly, a bomb falls near at Justin. He fastly kicks it to a wall. An explosion follows. The wall breaks. All the Xyporions and humans outside can see it. Jaimy and Joe see Caroline and Lauren. Joe asks: "Should we also go inside?" Caroline says: "No, I don't think that's necessary." Inside, a fight starts after the explosion. The men on the army of Avalyn attack Justin, but he kills a lot of them. He also easily defeats Amy and Lindsey. Avalyn wants to kick him out of the castle, but he smashes her away. Justin sees Richard and says: "If you really think we were friends, that was the biggest mistake you made in your life." Richard says: "You only made mistakes in your life!" And they fight further. Justin has a knife and hits Richard some times with it. He loses some blood, but Richard fights back and hits Justin in the face. He loses a lot of blood. Justin says: "Time to do something I should have done much earlier." He grabs his knife and holds it before the neck of Richard. On the moment he wants to hit Richard, suddenly Amy grabs Richard and takes him away. Justin becomes very angry and says: "Not fair! I was the one who was going to have everything, this is ashaming....." Out of nowhere, a knife hits Justin in his throat. Justin looks back to him and sees it was Avalyn who did it. Justin laughs and says: "Good girl. Now it is sure that this is your destiny." Avalyn says: "No, I just take the side that isn't you." and she steps Justin multiple times. After it, she pushes his body out of the wall that exploded. All the Xyporions and the humans see it. The Xyporions run to the falling body of Justin and totally pull the body apart. Some seconds later, there is nothing left of Justin anymore. All Xyporions start cheering and know that they have their city back. Caroline, Lauren, Joe and Jaimy are also very glad. They see Richard, Amy, Lindsey and Avalyn coming out of the castle. They all are very glad. However, there comes someone in the city. He is not a Xyporion. They all are glad to see him. It is Besoux. When Besoux comes to them, he says: "Well, it seems like I'm too late." Caroline says: "You are on the right time for the party." Besoux asks: "Mouqueran is death, right? Who did it?" Amy answers: "Richard did it." Besoux says: "I knew you could do this." Richard says: "Don't think I have achieved a world achievement. It was more lucky, than wise." After it, it is silence for some seconds. They all don't want to tell Besoux what happened to Daqeler. But after a few seconds, Besoux asks: "Daqeler is at Xylorian (Heaven for all life on Quetir), right?" Lauren says: "How do you know?" Besoux says: "She is not here and I could see on your faces something bad had happened." Caroline says: "You aren't very sad? I was very sad when I lost Markus." Besoux says: "There are worse things than the death. Lets celebrate a party now!"

Some days later, Besoux brings the body of Daqeler back to Youxoter. A funeral follows where all Xyporions and humans come on. Daqeler gets an important place on the big cemetery of Youxoter. 

All the surviving humans decide to stay at Youxoter. Most of the Quetirians also get their own places at it. However, they don't know where Besoux is working on. Some weeks later, Besoux is standing before the door of the house of Caroline, Lauren, Richard, Amy, Lindsey, Joe, Jaimy and Avalyn. Besoux says: "I want to show you something." They go outside the city and step in a vehicle. They drive to Bisonuar. Caroline asks: "Where are you taking us to?" Besoux says: "You will soon find out." And far away of them, they can see a new city being build. Richard asks: "How could you do this so fast?" Besoux says: "Quetirians are fast builders. And when they want to get a city back, they build even faster." Amy says: "This is impressing indeed." Besoux asks to Lauren: "How is George doing?" Lauren says: "The doctors said that he still needs some time, but he will come back." All the others are glad because of the news. After it, the credits appear.

Post-credit scene

The broken Spaceship 537 can be seen. Matt is still at it. He walks for days and suddenly he reaches Youxoter. He says to himself: "Finally I reached it." And his face can be seen, he looks different. The scene ends with him saying: "Lets go back to the others."

After-credit scene

Another planet appears. Some aliens can be seen. They have a big screen from a sattelite that is flying above Quetir where they see Quetir on. One of the aliens says: "This planet looks interesting. The big cities are easily taken over." Another alien says: "Perhaps we should take a visit to this planet." The other one says: "Who are these new specie?" An alien says: "They are humans and come from another planet called Earth." Another alien says: "Interesting specie. I want to get them on our planet! They look like the perfect specie!" After it, the movie ends.

Deleted scenes

Statue of Markus Wood

In this deleted scene, we can see all the humans with Besoux, Daqeler, lots of Quetirians and humans. The statue of Markus Wood gets revealed. They are all very glad of it. Besides, a scene with the statue seeing on fire when Mouqueran is flying over the city was deleted. This scene was deleted because it had no need for the plot.


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