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This article is rated R, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for readers under 17. This may contain strong sexual references, violence, language, or drug use, so readers are strongly cautioned.

Somewhere Dead in Australia is a 2021 CGI American-Australia Adult Animated Comedy Action Adventure Film directed by Brad Preyton. It will be Released by April 29, 2021. It is the first ever R-Rated CGI Warner Bros. Animated Film Ever. The Animated Film takes place in Australia.


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Brent Spiner as Coloney the Red Kangaroo - The Main Protagonist of the Movie.

Matt Stone as Bungley the Bright Orange Dingo - The Secondary Main Protagonist and Coloney's Best Friend.

Joey D'Auria as Edawrd the Wedge-Tailed Eagle - The Main Antagonist of the Movie who tries to hunt for Animals.

Jo Wyatt as Missley the Purplish-Lavender Wallaby - Coloney's Love Interest.

Kiernan Shipka as Precious the Pink Galah Cockatoo - One of Coloney's Friends.

Mary Kay Bergman as Nellie the Brown Platypus - One of Coloney's Friends.

Dave Foley as Todder the Gray Koala - One of Coloney's Friends.

Eric Idle as Gort the Black Tasmanian Devil - One of Coloney's Friends.

Trey Parker as Waldo the Tan Wombat - One of Coloney's Friends.

Simon Callow as Albino the White Quokka - One of Coloney's Friends.

Teresa Gallagher as Crispies the Spotted Quoll - One of Coloney's Friends.

Gavin Morgan as Tickles the Kookaburra - The Prankster who is befriends with Coloney and Bungley.

Parents Guide

  • Parents be warned; This Australian Animated film is REALLY NOT FOR KIDS!!
  • Sex/Nudity: Lots of it start to finish. Lots of porno magazines are seen (some are minorly detailed, others are detailed very explictly). Lots of sex usage (done 7 times) with all nudity. Very strong sex references. A couple of Kookaburra friends are gay; they can be later seen naked at one point implying sex. Very strong use of buttocks and breast flashes.
  • Violence/Gore: Some Animals died and got shotted by the Hunters and some of them are not.
  • Profanity: Fuck, Bitch, Damn, Hell, Ass, Piss, Shit, Dick, Pussy, Whore, Hoe, and Cunt are all used about +300 times (not each time, but fuck is used alot, especially Motherfucker). A total of 50 god misuses and an insult to Jews.
  • Alcohol/Drugs: the film is pretty much a stoners film; alcohol is used 8 times (though a bottle vodka is seen on a table).


Rated R for Nudity, Language throughout, Little bit of Blood and Gore, Sex, Drug References

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