(The movie begins with the famous restaurant “Circus baby’s pizza world”. A title pops up on top on the restaurant Called “Something borrowed something new” the camera then zooms in during opening credits. After the camera zooms in it shows the gang on stage getting ready to perform. The gang are now to perform “Circus baby’s pizza world performance”)

  • Circus baby: [spoken] Hello, everybody! You ready to have a good time? I know I am! [singing] 'Cause it's...
  • Together: Circus baby’s pizza world! For kids, it's number one!
    Circus baby’s pizza world! Where fantasy meets fun!
("Fun not actually guaranteed")
  • Circus baby: [spoken] Well, let's meet the band! [singing] My name is Baby, I'm the singer in the band, got a red pigtails and cute green eyes!
    I'm a Clown alright, but don't be scared, I'm a real fun-lovin' gal!
  • Funtime freddy: Freddy’s my name, I have bon bon along, with her floppy ears and her cotton tail!
    My Microphone is blazin', My rabbit's "Hare"-raisin'!
  • Bon bon: Just listen to me wail!
  • Funtime Freddy: [spoken] Take it, Bon bon!
  • Bon bon: [electric guitar riff]
  • Together: Circus baby’s pizza world! You get yer pizza by the pound!
    Circus baby’s pizza world! Where all the kids are safe and sound!
("Circus Entertainment offers absolutely no guarantees regarding guest safety.")
  • Funtime foxy: [spoken] Hey, I'm Foxy! [singing] The lady of the group, my singing is a treat!
  • funtime Freddy: [spoken] So sweet!
  • Funtime foxy: But keep an eye on your pizza, [yells excitedly] 'CUZ I'M SOME FOX WHO LIKES TO EAT! NOM NOM NOM NOM!
  • Ballora: Finally, I’m ballora! A dancer who can twirl and spin!
    I hang out over in My gallery!
  • Circus babyNow you've met all the members of the band!
  • Together: [spoken] WOO-HOO!!
  • Together: Circus baby’s pizza world! the fun just can't be beat!
  • Together: Circus baby’s pizza world! It's time for us to eat!
  • Advertiser 1: [spoken] For the next hour, add meat to any kids' pizza for just a dollar!
  • Advertiser 2: [spoken] And if your parents really love you, they'll buy you a thirty-two ounce Circus Fountain drink!
  • Advertiser 3: [spoken] And don't forget: All the popular kids sign up for our mailing list.
  • Together: [spoken] And get free stuff on their birthday!
  • Advertiser 1: [spoken] Circus baby’s pizza world!
  • Together: [spoken] Where fantasy meets fun! [singing] Circus baby’s
    Circus baby’s
    Circus baby’s pizza world!
    Circus baby’s
    Circus baby’s
    Circus baby’s pizza world!
    Circus baby’s
    Circus baby’s
    Circus baby’s pizza world!

(Time skip. The restaurant then closes while the animatronics are turned off. After everybody left circus baby looks around and then realizes that all the humans are gone)

Circus baby: All clear!

(The gang then turn on and go outside)

Funtime foxy: welp time to go on our best vacation ever!

(the gang then go to Summer hill to relax)

Bon bon: *sighs* Don’t know how it could get any worse?

all: *Sighs relaxly*

Funtime freddy: *notices dark clouds* umm? Guys? I don’t think clouds are suppose to look like that.

Circus baby: what are you talking abo-Huh!?

(A strong wind blows in and an ominous shadow is casted over the hill. The Gang look up at the cloudy sky and spot a strange Injector-like ship lowering from the clouds. It looms over Summer hill and points towards the hill. Just then, a silhouette is seen at the top of the ship.)
??? Hey! Are you Circus baby?!
Circus baby Um... Yeah duh.
??? Perfect.
(The silhouette's finger transforms into a giant horn, and she blows it. Legs and a pointed drill then emerge from the bottom of the ship.)

Funtime foxy: LOOK OUT!

(The Gang begin running from the ship as the ship's legs grip the sides of the hill. The ship then thrusts itself forward, driving the drill into the ground of the hill as Baby and the gang gasp in shock.)


(A pink liquid inside the ship begins to gurgles, as it cruises down the drill and into the ground. The figure on the top of the ship before jumps down to the bottom, revealing to be a pink cartoony-looking Gem, with a gem shaped like an inverted heart in her chest. Her gem flashes as she cackles and glares down at the Circus baby and the gang.)
Pink Gem Well, well, well, well, well. Lemme get a look at the menagerie. *shapeshifts her hand and eye into a telescope* You must be Foxy. You must be Freddy and Bon bon. You must be ballora. And Elizabeth’s clown Circus baby. Wow, she took you with her. Isn't that just... *grits her teeth* swell?!

Bon bon: could it even be?

Pink Gem *laughs* Oh, but it can be, and it is. I got a new style and a few new toys that are gonna put an end to your "happily Little Life" once and for all!
Funtime foxy Whoa, whoa. This has gotta be a misunderstanding. In case you didn’t know, we’re the mascots of the-
Pink Gem Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard! I've had your little show to the universe... ON LOOP!
(The pink Gem extends her leg and kicks Funtime foxy in the face, knocking him backwards. The others promptly pose their battle poses in preparation for battle.)
Pink Gem I just love that part, where Elizabeth afton spends the rest of her times on this... nowhereplaypalace... *chuckling* With... a bunch of... nobodies!
(The pink Gem uses her arms to spring herself down and bounces on the ground, as she begins to sing "Other Friends".)
Pink Gem That's right, I heard the story,

Over and over again,
Gee, it's swell to finally meet her other friends!
That's right, I heard the story,
Don't really like how it ends,
Gee, it's swell to finally meet her other friends!

(The pink Gem, with her flexible body, easily dodges every single attack by Baby and the gang.)
Pink Gem What did she say about me?

What did she say?
What did you do without me?
What did you do?
Did you play games without me?
What did you play?
Did you think all this time that I wouldn't find out about you?!

(The pink Gem, with her rubber-like limbs, begins tauntingly playing with the Gang and intimidates Circus baby.)
Pink Gem Oh, that's right, I heard the story,

Over and over again,
Gee, it's swell to finally meet her other friends!

(The pink Gem then extends her limbs to grab each of the gang and slam them together, before jumping atop the lighthouse to glare down at Baby, ballora, Funtime foxy, Funtime Freddy and Bon bon menacingly.)

Funtime Freddy: God that’s gonna hurt!

Circus baby: Is she serious right now!?

bon bon: I really can’t stand this torture!

Funtime foxy: Me too I mean who even is she!?

Ballora: Don’t know. I’ll ask her. *yells* Hello! Can you please tell us who you are?

(The pink Gem becomes more enraged by Ballora’s apparent ignorance and continues to sing her song.)
Pink Gem Who am I?

Who am I?
What are you even saying?
I'm the loser of the game you didn't know you were playing!
Let's play another game,
This time I get to win!
Lives on the line, winner takes all,
Ready or not, let's begin!

(The pink Gem pulls a scythe-like weapon out of her gem, jumps off the lighthouse and begins sticking it at the Gang.)
Pink Gem Oh, that's right I heard the story

Over and over again,
Gee, it's swell to finally beat her other friends!

(The pink Gem begins extending her body all around the Injector ship and the lighthouse, stretching her body to a tremendous degree. The Gang charge towards her as the pink Gem begin unwinding her body.)
Pink Gem Oh, that's right, I heard the story,

Don't really like how it ends
Gee, it's swell to finally beat her other,
Other friends!

(With great accuracy, the pink Gem slashes all three Gems with the scythe, injuring baby and the gang in one fell swoop. Circus baby then snaps at the gem.)
Circus baby That's enough! *Gets ready for battle*

Ballora: Get her baby!

Pink Gem Aw, what's the matter, Circus baby? Miss your friend already? Well, don't worry. You're rightbehind 'em!
(Jumping into the air, the pink Gem slashes downward at Baby, breaking one of her pigtails in half. oil circuitry spreads around her body briefly due to her injurie, until she successfully shakes it off. She looks at her body, seeing that nothing is happening to her and that she is not her soul, and ballora then laughs proudly.)
Ballora That was nothing!
Pink Gem *snickers* Then I guess you won't mind if I do it again!
(The pink Gem begins slashing wildly at Circus baby with the scythe while cackling maniacally. Pained, Circus baby grabs hold onto the weapon and struggles against the Gem's grasp.)
Circus Baby Cut it out!
Pink Gem You don't poof, do you? Hmm, figured as much. Just wait! You and your friends won't stand a chance against my Injector. Not after what I just did to you~!
Circus baby *grunting* What are you talking about?
Pink Gem You weren't always a playful robot, were you?
(As the pink Gem lets out one last maniacal laugh, Baby wrests control of the weapon and swings it at her, cleaving her physical form in half and poofing her instantly. The tired Circus baby collapses to her knees and shakes off the oil on her body, before setting the weapon down on the ground and reaching for pink gem.)

Ballora: What was that?!

Funtime Freddy: I dunno, but I’m glad she’s gone.

Bon bon: We need to take the gem with us to the basement before something bad happens

[Trans. Int. Basement]

Circus baby: what now?

Bon bon: well the important question is..why does this gem want to go after us? I mean what did we do wrong?

Ballora: I don’t know. But more importantly we Don’t want the bad guy to win!

Bon bon: It’s a girl, Ballora.

Ballora: I know but still.

Funtime Freddy: More importantly what do we do about this gem?

Funtime foxy: I don‘t kno-

(The pink heart gem begins to regenerate. Floating into the air, its pink glow engulfs the room, while Baby and the gang get ready for battle.)
Circus Baby Get back! Huh?
(The gem rotates upright into a proper heart shape, as the reforming Gem laughs playfully. She ropes her rubber-like arms around Circus baby and launches herself toward her for a hug. Once finished reforming, the pink Gem, looking entirely different from before, looks at Baby with a bright smile.
Pink Gem Yippee! I'm so excited to meet you!
Circus baby Wait a minute. Y-You're not mad?
Pink Gem Mad? Why would I be mad at my best friend!
(The words "BEST FRIEND!" appear above the pink Gem, as she lets out a giddy laugh while doing a goofy dance.)

Ballora: Waaaahh?

Funtime foxy: *Looks at who is this gem? device* It appears that she’s a.....Spinel?

(Circus baby then angrily points at her.)
Circus baby YOOOUU!! *grabs and shakes Spinel rapidly* What have you done to us?!?
Spinel *giggles and boops Baby’s nose* Boop! Now, it's your turn!
(Missing her point entirely, Spinel wraps her arms around Baby and starts to shake her rapidly in midair while laughing.)
Circus baby W-W-W-Would you cut that out?!
(Spinel stops shaking Baby, whose eyes rattle around cartoonishly, dizzy.)
Circus baby Please?
(With a silly face, Spinel lets go of Circus baby, who falls face-first onto the floor. Spinel, meanwhile, points at Ballora, Funtime foxy, Funtime Freddy and Bon bon with curiosity.)

Circus baby: yep that’s my friends.

Funtime Freddy: Wait a minute, guys we need to do something about the injector.

Bon bon: He’s right, I mean if we don’t do something about this it’s the end of the world as we know it!

Ballora: Right, I mean we can’t let our precious earth get destroyed.

Bon bon: Ballora, you might have a good point.

Circus baby: Well, *her and the gang goes outside the house*

All (except spinel): Let’s go!

(The gang starts running off, but Spinel grabs Circus baby’s hand.)
Spinel Don't forget your best friend, Spinel!
Circus baby Oh, right. Spinel, you stay here, and we Promis we’ll be... right back.
(Circus baby lets go of Spinel's hand, who instantly reacts in a fit of anger.)
Spinel NO!!
Funtime foxy *flinches in shock* O-Okay. Let's go all together?
(Spinel's anger quickly subsides, returning her back to her gleeful personality.)
Spinel Yay!

Bon bon: *to Spinel while grinding her teeth* I hate you...(!)

[Trans. Int. The desert)

Circus baby: Ok all we need to do to save the world is to find a way to turn off the injector without getting her memories back.

Bon bon: I think you should get her memories back, Every time she squeezes me my heart is in my mouth, although despiting the taste of might be my lower intestine.

Funtime Freddy: But Bon bon, if she gets her memories back, She’ll kill us all.

Bon bon (Squeezed): I Still think we should!

Circus baby: *Sighs and looks at the map*

(Spinel creeps up from behind Baby and pokes at her shoulders.)
Circus baby Hmm? What? Where'd she-
(Spinel pops up from behind Circus baby, startling her.)
Circus baby Aah!
Spinel Surprise! *laughs*

Bon bon: I freaking hate you.

(Time skip as they are in the forest)

Bon bon: *Collapses and falls off Funtime Freddy’s hand* [Rasping] I'm not gonna make it, Guys. You're gonna have to continue without me.

(Spinel leaves Bon bon making Bon bon more angry)

Bon bon: WAIT!!!!!

(Spinel then comes back)

Bon bon: Spinel I never said leave me behind. I meant you're gonna do the rest off the walking, get some form of wheel-based transportation, and come back to get me. [Coughs] Also, I want a burrito.

Circus baby: Bon bon, I know this is hard, but we need to do this. I mean you never complained your tiering when we passed Ontario.

Bon bon: Wait a minute..*to spinel* are you saying we're in Minnesota right now?!

Spinel: Come on.

Bon bon: No! Forget this! Forget you! Forget Minnesota! Forget everything!

(Bon bon then realizes her rudeness and looks at Spinel, as she runs away in tears, feeling rejected.)

Bon bon: Spinel wait I’m sorry!

Ballora: C’mon!

(The follow spinel. Time skip as they are in their house again. as they arrived, a glow shines from within the conservatory.)

Circus baby: Stay in the living room.

All (except baby): Ok!

(Steven slowly peeks into his conservatory from the doorway.)
Circus baby Spinel? What's wrong?
(Baby finds Spinel keeling on the warp pad inside. She approaches her, and she turns to face Baby, sobbing frantically. Circus baby flinches in surprise at the depressed Gem.)
Spinel *crying* I just... started getting these feelings flooding back to me...!
Circus baby That's- That's good! I need you to remember. If you don't, something really bad will happen to me and my home. Please, think! Do you remember a-a garden or...(?)
Spinel The garden?
Circus baby Is anything coming back to you?
(Remembering her past, Spinel briefly smiles, looking back on her happy memories... before degrading into a destroyed frown.)
Spinel NO!
(In anguish, Spinel slams her fists into the warp pad, activating it, and it warps her and Circus baby away.)
Circus baby Spinel, where are we going!?
Spinel Back... to where I never left...
[Trans. Int. The afton garden]
(The duo arrives on a warp pad in the middle of a desolate garden. Spinel looks around at her surroundings, gasps in epiphany and runs off the warp pad.)
Circus baby Spinel! *follows after Spinel*
Spinel This was our garden! A special world, built just for Elizabeth and I.
(Spinel begins flashing back to her happy memories, with Spinel playing hide-and-seek with Elizabeth afton, as she surprised her with funny faces, making Elizabeth laugh.)
Spinel in her home, Elizabeth was so lonely and sad, but not here! Here, we would play for hours. Every day was so much fun.
(Spinel juggled some bubbles, making Elizabeth afton laugh and clap, but she then sighs a bit when she notices her father, William afton, talking on the phone.)
Spinel At least... That's what I thought.
Circus baby Did something happen?
Spinel Her father wanted a Job, more than anything.
(Another flashback plays, with Elizabeth afton standing by William who is standing while on the phone, talking to Henry, while Spinel listened nearby.)
Spinel One day, his wish came true! Henry gave William his very own job - Circus baby’s pizza world! I was so excited! A brand new place to play!
(Spinel happily bounced around an excited William afton, who is becoming more irritated by Spinel's antics.)
Circus baby So, why didn't you go with her?
(As Spinel tried to follow Elizabeth to the warp pad, William afton halted her to stay back, but she continued following then while Elizabeth should do something about her father and his annoyance. Spinel then stopped Elizabeth by holding onto her hand. Elizabeth sighed knowing what to do to make her father unannoyed, as Spinel begins to sing "Drift Away", voicing Elizabeth afton’s words.)
Spinel (Elizabeth) "Here in the garden, let's play a game,

I'll show you how it's done;
Here in the garden, stand very still"

(Elizabeth Looks at her confused father and booped Spinel’s nose, instructing her to stand very still.)
Spinel "This'll be so much fun!"

And then she smiled, that's what I'm after,
The smile in her eyes, the sound of her laughter
Happy to listen, happy to play,
Happily watching her dri-i-ift away

(After Spinel complied, Elizabeth, while sorrowfully, warped away with her father, mother and her two brothers, Kenny and Terrence afton, leaving her obliviously behind.)
Spinel Happily waiting, all on my own,

Under the endless sky
Counting the seconds, standing alone,
As thousands of years go by

(Several years went by, Spinel continued to stand still as the vegetation around her grew wildly.)
Spinel Happily wondering, night after night,

Is this how it works? Am I doing it right?
Happy to listen, happy to stay,
Happily watching her dri-i-ift away

(As Spinel sings, she slowly recalls her painful memories, and her expression slowly becomes more bitter.)
Spinel You keep on turning pages

For people who don't care,
People who don't care about you;
And still it takes you ages
To see that no one's there,
See that no one's there,
See that no one's there,
Everyone's gone on without you

(Spinel leads Circus baby through the deserted garden, showing her the dead vegatation around as she sings about her pain.)
Spinel Finally something!

Finally news
About how the story ends:
She doesn't remember now,
She now Loved her clown,
And all of her brand new friends!

(After 6,000 years, a frayed Spinel, still standing still, watched Elizabeth afton with circus baby, who turns on her scooper while Elizabeth was not looking, and came to a horrific realization due to her realizing Elizabeth’s fate.)
Spinel Isn't that lovely?

Isn't that cool?
And isn't that cruel?
And aren't I a fool, to have,
Happily listened,
Happy to stay,
Happily watching her dri-i-ift,

(Breaking away from the stems grew wildly around her legs, a devastated Spinel ran up to the Elizabeth trying to save her but it was too late, just as the Circus baby scooped Elizabeth, killing her. Heartbroken and crushed, Spinel collapsed onto her knees and broke down crying. With all her memories back, the flashback ends as Spinel begins glow and reform.)
Spinel Dri-i-ift,


(Spinel's gem turns around into an upside-down heart, and she reforms back to her current self. Back with her hateful demeanor, Spinel glares back at Circus baby.)
Circus baby S-Spinel, you've- you've got your memories back! I can't believe I actually did that to her. *pauses* Actually, I can totally believe it. You're not the only friend she ha-
(Circus baby approaches Spinel to try to console herself, but reactively pushes her away, pinning her to the ground.)
Spinel *growls* Yeah, you must know all about her life without me! Rub it in, why don't ya?! *prepares to punch Circus baby*
Circus baby No! It's not like that! I may be responsible for her death but I didn’t meaned it..And I’m Sorry!
(Spinel roars in anger and swings her fist at a picture of Elizabeth afton with her family holding a Circus baby plush, instead of destroying it. She then sighs in defeat, kneeling down sadly to the ground.)
Circus baby Spinel, come back and save the Earth with me. You can start over there, make new friends.
(Circus baby offers her hand to Spinel, who looks away in distress, and she begins to sing "Found".)
Circus baby Someday, somewhere, somehow,

You'll love again,
You just need to find someone

(Circus baby walks up to Spinel and sits down beside her, who continues to look away. Circus baby offers her hand to Spinel again. Spinel reluctantly accepts her hand and joins in the song)
Circus baby & Spinel Someday, somewhere, somehow,

You'll/I'll love again,
You/I just need to find someone~

(Baby stands Spinel up and begins to lead her out of the garden.)
Circus baby & Spinel Someone who treats you/me better,

Someone who wants you/me around,
Someday, somewhere, somehow,
You're/I'm gonna feel found...

(Baby and Spinel step on the warp pad and warp back to the conservatory.)
Spinel Today, right here, right now,

I already feel found...

(Concluding Baby’s song, Spinel breaks out into tears of joy and follows her into her house.)
[Trans. Int. House]
(Inside the house, Funtime foxy, Funtime Freddy, Ballora and bon bon anxiously waits for Baby.)
Ballora Don’t worry guys, If she finds her, she'll come back, right?
Circus baby *walking down the stairs* Guys! Guess who's back?! *turns to Spinel in his room* Come on down!
Spinel Won't they all be... not exactly incredibly thrilled to see me like this? *points at her face*
Circus baby We just have to talk to them. *holds Spinel's hands and leads her downstairs* Ta-da!

Funtime Freddy: *Gasps in horror with Funtime foxy and bon bon while ballora faints* WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!

Circus Baby *holds out her hands* Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Funtime Freddy relax! Spinel got her memories back, but she's not gonna hurt us. Everything's chill.

Funtime Freddy: oh, ok.

Circus baby Whew... Okay. Spinel, can I ask you a favor?
Spinel Are you kidding? Anything!
[Trans. Summer Hill]

Circus Baby: Well, we’re here.

(Spinel approaches her Injector, turns her finger into a horn and blows into it. The Injector begins to retract its legs and drill, removing itself from the Earth's crust. Everyone cheers at this development.)

Ballora: Our world is saved!

Funtime Freddy *sighs in relief* Thanks, Spinel. *shakes Spinel's hand*
Spinel Aww, gee. What are friends for?

Circus baby: ok now that we cleaned the mess, now we need is to cure the earth and our job is done!

Ballora: Right!

All (Except Spinel): Lets go!

Spinel What about me...?
Bon bon Huh?
Spinel Is that all you needed me for? To turn off my Injector?
Circus baby No! Well...

Ballora: Yes! If baby was correct then yes!

Circus baby: *Grinding her teeth* Ballora!

Ballora: what!? I can’t lie.

Spinel Well, what now? I-I-I did what you wanted. That's it?
Circus baby Well, yeah. We can just... forget this whole thing ever happened.
Spinel How you gonna forget with me around? I'm the source of all your problems. Don't pretend you want me here. What's your plan for me, huh? You gonna put me somewhere? You gonna leave me, somewhere? You gonna leave me alone?!
Circus baby Spinel...
(Before Circus baby can console Spinel, she smacks her away, knocking her back opening her stomach revealing a dead Elizabeth afton in her stomach.)

Circus baby: Uuuhhhhhhhuuuuuu! It not what it *tries to close her stomach but it’s unsuccessful* seeemsss *looks at dead body as it falls out of circus baby’s stomach while closes her stomach* umm....

Spinel "We can just forget this ever happened"? You mean, I can just forget this ever happened! *begins laughing hysterically* Wow! What a plan! I turn off the Injector, and then the moment my back is turned, Bam! Presto! Change-o! Problem solved! Well, think again. You're not getting rid of me that easy...!
(Spinel turns her finger into a horn and blows into it, commanding the Injector once more as it hovers on Baby and the gang.)

Ballora: RUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

(Everyone runs away as the Injector reactivates and plunges itself into the Earth's crust, scattering the ground around it. Baby is knocked onto the ground, coughing from the dust cloud caused, as Spinel stands menacingly before her.)
Spinel I'm not letting you get one over on me, Circus baby!
Circus baby It Was just an accident I didn’t mean to make, Spinel.
Spinel You expect me to believe that you want me like this?!

Bon bon: HEY! Leave her alone!

Circus baby: Bon bon! DON’T!

Spinel Looks like we've still got an audience. How about a front-row seat?
(Spinel pulls Bon bon towards her, coiling her arms around her body as she holds her hostage.)
Funtime Freddy BON BON!
Spinel You know, this is pretty twisted, but I'm a little flattered that you liked the old me: innocent, loving, stupid. If that's your thing, why don't you leave her like this?
Circus baby Get away from her! *Get’s ready for battle*
Spinel Oh, you're so protective of your real friends, and you're so careless with your fake ones!
Circus baby Stop it!
Spinel Then stop me! You wanna attack me. Just admit it. Or better yet, just try it!
Circus baby No!
Spinel Why not?

Circus baby: *gasps*

(the three silhouettes are revealed to be yenndo, Lolbit and bonnet)

Bonnet: if you want them, you’re gonna go through us!

Funtime Freddy: It can be!

Funtime foxy: it’s them!

Spinel No... Stop! Don't you dare!
(Spinel tries to hurl a boulder to crush The three, to no avail as Lolbit uses a shield that says LOL.)

Circus baby: guys! Oh, it’s my fault. I killed a child and now we’re gonna die!

lolbit: it’s ok! I mean it’s not your fault! There are problems we have and no matter what you need to be unbreakable (she then sings “unbreakable”)  There's always gonna be someone tryna tear you down Mocking you for your mistakes, oh There's always gonna be someone messing your head around Watching you to see you break, so

(Lolbit helps Baby up to her feet, as she continues to sing. She gazes towards Spinel, and she momentarily loses her will to fight.)

Lolbit:  Don't you let em call you out Brush away the shame and doubt Remember what you're all about and then

(Filled with rage again, Spinel lunges forward, and Lolbit blocks her with her LOL armor, Lolbit then continues to sing.)

lolbit: Show 'em who you are Show 'em that you're strong Show 'em that you know where you belong Open up their eyes, force 'em all to see Let 'em know you are and you'll always be Unbreakable, unbreakable Unbreakable, unbreakable, yeah

(Spinel tries to attack the Gang, who evade her attacks. Lolbit, holding onto Yenndo’s legs, who is holding onto bonnet’s ear, swings Bonnet towards Spinel and kicks her away in this combined attack. Lolbit then continues to sing.)

Lolbit: There's always gonna be someone saying you're something less Let 'em talk, you know your heart, oh  There's always gonna be someone calling you second best Shut 'em down, don't fall apart, no Don't you let 'em in your head Doesn't matter what they said Get up on your feet instead, and then

( She gazes towards Spinel and fights her with her lol sword, bow and arrow. She then continues to sing.)

Lolbit: Show 'em who you are Show 'em that you're strong Show 'em they've been seeing you all wrong Open up their minds, throw away the key Tell 'em that you are and you'll always be Unbreakable, unbreakable, yeah

(Lolbit and the others then embrace each other in a hug as she continues to sing.) You define yourself, oh (Hey, yeah) You and no one else Show 'em who you are Show 'em that you're strong Show them that you've known it all along

(Spinel lands on one of the Injector's legs and propels towards Circus baby like a spring to hurt her. Lolbit catches her legs in time, and Yenndo and bonnet grab onto her arms. The Three stretch Spinel and flings her towards the Injector, hitting her head on it. lolbit then continues to sing.)

Lolbit: Open every door, own your destiny Live as if you are what you were And you've been and you'll always be Unbreakable, unbreakable Unbreakable, unbreakable Unbreakable

(Undefeated, a grinning Spinel bounces to the top of the Injector, turns her hands into a massive horn and blows into it. The Injector instantly drains all the poison inside, causing fissures all around and flooding Tendril City in the poison. All the City citizens begin to flee, as the poison splashes everywhere.)

Lolbit: We need to stop her!

Yenndo: C’mon!

Bonnet: Hurry!

Circus baby: Wait you guys rescue others. I'll deal with Spinel.

Bon bon: WHAT!?

Funtime foxy: But, she’ll kill you

Circus baby: I know, But I can still talk to her. Please, hurry.

Yenndo: ok. Let’s go!

(Inspired by her friends' effort, Circus baby begins to climb the Injector.)

Circus baby: Spinel...if you can hear me.....we can talk this through.......and....I hope you won’t hold it against us.

(Everyone watches Circus baby with concerns as she struggles to make her way to the top of the Injector.)

(With much preservation, Circus baby finally reaches the top of the Injector and she collapses in exhaustion. As the song concludes, she spots Spinel standing up ahead, facing away from her. She quickly picks herself up and approaches her.)
Circus baby Spinel, come on. We can talk this out.
Spinel I don't wanna play anymore...
Circus baby *sighs* Spinel... This isn't A GAME!!
(Baby suddenly receives a punch in the face by Spinel.)


... Huh?!
(Spinel delivers a second stronger, wound-up punch into Baby's face, sending her flying towards the edge of the Injector and giving her a oily nosebleed. She then extends her arm to grab Baby's arm and dangle her over the edge. She looks at Circus baby, an expression of pure hatred on her face)
Spinel You know, I came here to take my anger out on a bunch of strangers, but now that I know you, I wanna kill you even more.
(Spinel begins letting go of Baby one finger at a time. The latter panics, looking down at the city and at Spinel, before crying out in anguish.)


Spinel Huh?


I don't want it to happen again. There was something bad... inside of me! I was broken. I couldn’t be fixed. I couldn’t be myself. I...wasn’t myself. Why did this happen?! All of those memories was the story of my life!!
(In reaction, Spinel lets out an almost mocking cackle.)
Spinel Wow! I knew that I was gonna set you back, but this is how you started? The legend, of A famous robot and it’s friends? *laughs* You gotta be kidding me. How did powerless losers like you become some stupid mascots?!


*epiphanizes* I wasn’t always a robot...I was a child Elizabeth’s age. I was then killed and given new life as a robot. I would now dance, sing, equipped with a built-in helium tank, inflating balloons right at my fingertips, take song requests. I would even dispense ice cream. Oh my gosh. It's my past as a human child I've forgotten. All of this "happily little life" stuff has made me forget the memory I ever had: My past!
(Baby then begins to glow as her memories slowly return. Unimpressed, Spinel drops Baby to fall to her demise. However, Baby graps the edge and stands up. A triumphant Circus baby, now remembering Who she is, She wipes the oil from her nose and begins to sing “Make the better”

Circus baby: I can make the better, I can be the best, I can change the actions. If I live a memory, it would make the better to heal this coldened pain!

(Standing before Spinel, Baby begins engaging her in battle, blocking her attacks. An enraged Spinel then turns herself into a spinning top and attacks Circus baby in all direction, which she blocks successfully, before leaping up into the air.)



*lands on her legs safely* Listen to me Spinel! I understand! *Gets up* After everything you've been through, you must be in a lot of pain!
Spinel No. NO! *hits herself on the head* You don't understand! You can't change the way I feel!
(Reacting to Spinel's approach, Baby Spins, she then stops only to be seen her wearing boxing gloves, which she uses to parry Spinel's wild blows.)


That's right! Only you can!
(Annoyed, Spinel enlarges her hands to grab, spin, and toss Circus baby up into the sky. She then bounces herself like a spring after her high up in the skies, as Baby continues singing.)

Circus baby: you make the better, you can be the best, you can change the actions. We’ll both change our sins. Our past may be hard, but we can CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNGGEEEEE! We’ll open the forgiveness door, make our destinies, We will fix what we had done and Have the CHANGE OF HHHEEEEEEAAEAAEAAAAAARRRRTTTT! We’re Unbreakable, unbreakable Unbreakable, unbreakable We’re Un...breaka..ble.....

(Unmoved by Baby's song, the wayward Gem grits her teeth, and enlarges her hand, coiling her arm around into a giant, spring-mounted fist.)
Spinel Just can it, won't ya?!
(Cocking her fist, Spinel aims her fist down at Baby.)
Spinel You can't just make everything better by singing SOME... STUPID SONG!!!
(Spinel punches down at a surprised Baby, sending her careening down onto the Injector's top, with the impact strong enough to shake the earth and damage the machine. As Spinel descends from the sky, she sees Baby unharmed from the blow, bearing her memory shield inside a crater from the impact.)
Spinel All that stuff's easy for you to say! When you change, you change for the better. When I change, I change for the worse!
(Spinel lunges at baby, who easily defends her blows with her shield.)
Spinel I used to be just not good enough! Just not good enough for her family, but now- NOW... I'M NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!
(Growing her fists to a ridiculous size, Spinel slams them down on Baby's shield, further cracking the Injector's surface. Spinel then starts laughing frantically, as she collapses to her knees and breaks down.)
Spinel *crying* That's funny, r-right? A-At least you found me entertaining. You actually... liked me, didn't you? What am I doing? Why do I wanna hurt you so bad? I'm supposed to be a friend. I just wanna be a friend.
(Baby, in a show of sympathy, slowly dispels her shield, letting down her defenses to talk with a startled Spinel.)


(Before Baby can comfort a sobbing Spinel, the Injector begins to explode from the damage it had sustained. Only capable of looking at each other, Baby and Spinel are engulfed in an earth-shattering explosion, which everyone watches in shock and horror and begin panicking from the safety of the outskirts.)

Ballora: (Yelling, echoing.) Nooooooo!!!!!!

(Debris falls everywhere from the skies. As the smoke clouds clear, Circus baby and Spinel descend, surviving the explosion inside a source bubble. Baby floats down into the crater from the explosion, sets Spinel down on a rock, and looks around at her surroundings.)
Circus baby Goodness....
Spinel Oh, no, no, no, no, no. What did I do? I've wrecked everything!
Circus baby Well, that's... one way to get rid of your Injector.
Spinel But what about the poison? What about the planet? What about your "happily Little life"?
Circus baby There's no such thing as happily Little life. I'll always have more stuff to catch up.
(Feeling guilty, Spinel looks down at the ground. Circus baby smiles as she offers her her hand, which she accepts, and she helps Spinel up on her feet.)
Spinel I'm sorry...


Circus baby: Guys? *gasps* Guys! *to Spinel briefly* I'll be right back. For real.

Ballora: ♪Oh, Baby, I can’t believe you’re gone!♪ (Circus baby then runs to her friends while Ballora continues to sing, not noticing.] ♪How could have anyone be so--♪

[Ballora turns around, facing Baby. She then screams in shock and covers her eyes.]

Ballora: A ghost!

Circus baby: IIIIII’mmmm not a ghost.

Ballora: But-but, Baby, we saw a-a-a fist and explosion and-How!?

Circus baby: IIIIIt’s a long story.

Funtime Freddy: Yay! You're OK, You're OK. oh I could kiss ya! *Funtime Freddy Smooches Circus baby* Yuck! Yuck! Poison! *spits in disgust*

Bon bon: You're a bear of embarrassment. Do ya know that?

(Meanwhile, a dejected, teary-eyed Spinel watches from afar, longing for another friendship and carrying immense guilt.)

Funtime foxy: Glad that you stopped evil.

Circus baby: well actually....huh?

(Baby and the gang notices Spinel walking away and runs over to her.)
Circus Baby Spinel, wait! I really was going to come back.
Spinel I know...
Ballora Then where are you going?
Spinel I've got work to do. Friendship isn't going to be easy for me. I'm gonna have to work at it. You make me wanna try, but... *sighs deeply* I've already messed up bad with you. I wish I could just start from scratch with somebody.


Spinel, I- Huh?
(Baby and others then notice the Posh Pizzeria gang.)
Spinel *shocked* WHAAAAA?!

Music man: Yo what up?

El chip: Ay caramba! What happened to this place?(!)

Funtime Chica: I mean Jeez! Talk about a fixer upper.

Circus baby: hey guys.

Music man: Yo baby, what happened here?

Circus baby: Nothin’ just in the middle with.....

El chip: Qué?

(Spinel steps out and joins Baby before the posh pizzeria gang.)
Circus Baby El chip, Music man, Funtime chica! This is Spinel!
Spinel My Frie...nnds.
(Spinel zig-zags her arms to make the great posh diamon shape, which the three react with stunned surprise. Funtime chica gasps audibly and holds her hands to her face.)
El chip Elizabeth’s playtime pal?
Music man One of Elizabeth's lost toys.
Circus baby She left her on a floating garden in space.
Funtime chica You poor thing.
Spinel Hah, it was only 6,000 years. I could do that standing on my head!
(Fittingly enough, Spinel does a handstand and claps her squeaky shoes together. In response, Yellow bursts out in laughter.)
Music man UuAAAahahahahahahahahahahaha! Only 6,000 years!! Hahahaha! It's true! That's no-o-thing! Ahahahahahahaha, and that goofy handstand... *wipes off tear of joy* Ahahahahaha... I like this Gem.
El chip She's adorable, and so much like Elizabeth.


Spinel, I- *clears her throat* Baby, since We always wanted a fourth member, we'll just take Spinel to our place with us, and you can stay here.
Circus baby Really?!
Spinel Huuuh!?
(The posh pizzeria gang begin to sing “you got a friend in us”)

El chip: You've got a friend in us You've got a friend in us When the road looks rough ahead And you're miles and miles From your nice warm bed

Music man: You just remember what your old pal said girl, you've got a friend in us Yeah, you've got a friend in us

Funtime chica: You've got a friend in us You've got a friend in us You've got troubles, I've got 'em too There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you We stick together and we see it through Cause you've got a friend in us You've got a friend in us Some other folks might be A little bit smarter than I am

El chip: Bigger and stronger too Maybe

music man: But none of them will ever love you The way I do it's me and you, girl

The posh pizzeria: And as the years go by Our friendship will never die You're gonna see it's our destiny You've got a friend in us You've got a friend in us You've got a friend in us

Circus baby You think you could handle them? They're not exactly easy to get along with.
(Spinel's longing and solemn expression slowly changes to a warm smile, as she starts bouncing on the stop and joins the Posh pizzeria in their song, using her harmony from "Found" as counterpoint.)
Spinel Today, right here, right now

I'll love again;
I've already found someone...

posh pizzeria You got a friend in us...
Spinel Today, right here, right now

I'll love again;
I've already found someone...

Posh pizzeria (overlapping) (Together) You've got a friend in Us

You've got a friend in us When the road looks rough ahead And you're miles and miles From your nice warm bed You just remember what your old pals said

(Finding newfound love, Spinel slowly steps forth towards the posh pizzeria gang. She makes a heart shape with her arms and accepts El chip’s hand.)
Spinel Yes I know that one of you are not her, and I was hers,

But you know what it meant to love her,
And you remind me so much of her

(with the posh pizzeria gang, Spinel perform different tricks to their amusement, while happily singing.)
Posh pizzeria Today, right here, right now,
Spinel & Posh pizzeria We'll/I'll love again;

We've/I've already found someone

(As the Posh pizzeria gang leave the team, a contented Spinel gives Baby and her gang a peace sign, as the four leave.)

Circus baby: Welp, back to our stuff.

(The team then go back to their restaurant.)

Funtime foxy: man what a heck of adventure.

Bon Bon: yeah, i’m glad we had that adventure.

Ballora: Lots of life lessons there.

Funtime Freddy: Yep and lots of cool times.

Circus baby: Yep, incredible.

(They then get back on stage and are ready to perform tomorrow. The movie ends with the camera zooming out of the pizzeria, the “Something borrowed something new” title card appears and the credits begin to roll. A post credit scene then comes in.) 

Unkown: Hi circus clown. It’s me.....[in demon voice] YOUR NEW NIGHTMARE.

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