Something borrowed something new is an upcoming 2020 animated film


Baby and the gang thought they can have the perfect vacation until a new threat arrives.


The movie starts with Circus baby and her friends, Funtime freddy, Funtime foxy, ballora and bon bon performing on stage in the famous kids restaurant “Circus baby’s pizza world” (”Circus baby’s pizza world performance“) after the restaurant closes baby and the gang go on the best vacation yet in their favorite place: Summer hill.


  • Emma stone as Circus baby
  • Tom Kenny as Funtime Freddy
  • Akwafina as ballora
  • Scarlett johansson as Funtime foxy
  • Anne Hathaway as bon bon
  • kelly clarkson as Lolbit
  • Dwayne Johnson as yenndo
  • Justin Timberlake as bonnet
  • Frank welker as William afton
  • Mariel Sheets as Elizabeth afton
  • Sarah stiles as spinel
  • Tara strong as Funtime Chica
  • Eddie Murphy as Music man
  • Troy Baker as El chip
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