Sombra is an action science-fiction crime thriller film idea made by EeveeBoi87. It is a spinoff to the Blizzard Entertainment game Overwatch.


The Omnic crisis was a huge deal, especially in Mexico. But when a computer-loving girl becomes addicted to hacking after receiving a dare in a chat room, she must learn the ways of becoming a master hacker before a powerful corporation takes the better of the country.


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.


  • Carolina Ravassa - Isabel Reyes (Sombra)
  • George Lopez - Comisionado Rivera
  • Selena Gomez - Lupita Sanchez
  • Gabriel Iglesias - Mr. Ramirez
  • Michael Peña - Miguel Reyes
  • Paula Garcé - Margarita Rivera
  • Brigitte Kali Canales - Alejandra
  • Luis Guzmán - Guillermo Portero
  • Fred Tatasciore - Jack Morrison (Soldier 76)
  • Keith Ferguson - Gabriel Reyes (Reaper)
  • Salma Hayek - Lt. Maria Estrada


  • This is the first film to be based on Overwatch, and the first film to be entirely focused on an Overwatch character.
  • The film's story reveals many secrets about Sombra like her real name, how she became the master hacker she is, and how she took down Lumerico.
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