Smaug Also Known As Smaug 2020 In Japan Is A American Science Fiction/Fantasy/Disaster Film Directed By Colin Trevorow. It Is The First Instalment Of The Godzilla And Smaug Connected Universe, The Smaugverse.



110 Years Ago, A Dragon Was Born, His Name, Smaug. His Family Of Dragons Was Wiped Out During WWII. Now, Smaug Will Go On A Invasion And Conquer The World. But Will He Be Stopped By The Military?


• Smaug Has The Same Design And Voice Actor From The Hobbit Trilogy, But The Film Is Theorized To Be A Sequel To The Hobbit Films, But Colin Trevorow Confirmed That It Is Unconnected To The Hobbit Films, And Is A Completely Different Story. 

• In A Post Credits Scene, A Bunch Of Military Forces Stumble Upon A Cave Painting Of Godzilla And Smaug At Odds, Witch Is A Prediction To A Future War, And Also Leads To The Sequel, Godzilla Vs Smaug: Dragon Wars.

• In The Climax Of The Film, Smaug Destroys The Military Forces And Says His Iconic "I Am Fire, I Am Death!" Line, But Flies To The Ocean


"He Is Fire, He Is Death..." - American Tagline

"He Is Coming....." - American Tagline

"Mankind Will Burn" - Japanese Tagline

"Who Will Prevail, Life, Or Fire?" - Japanese Tagline

"The Golden Demise Has Come" - British Tagline


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