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This article is rated R, meaning it contains content that may be inappropriate for readers under 17. This may contain strong sexual references, violence, language, or drug use, so readers are strongly cautioned.

SLASHER (halloween style)

Movie Poster based off of the Halloween poster. Art by Leostales.

Slasher is a 2018 horror-superhero movie by leostales.


After over-agressive police tactics, mob bosses head to the suburbs to celebrate the holidays, but are targeted by a serial killer going by the name of Slasher.



Excessive violence. Although not too much gore is shown, the violence is brutal and excessive

Drug Use

Frequent smoking, and drinking with some references to drugs.


F-words, S-words, and B-words are frequently used by villains. Although heroes generally don't use them.


There is some nudity, although nothing a 16-year old shouldn't see. There is some references to sex, although nothing graphic and no sex scenes.


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