Sony has the legal rights to Spider-Man in movies and the Disney Company owning Marvel tried to buy the rights. There's the Sony Marvel Universe. Also there should be the Sinister Six in movies. There are ideas for 3 MCU Spider-Man films to which sony should get the credit and not Disney/Marvel and without any mentions of most of the Marvel Comics characters and trademarks. Also there's Apple trying to buy Sony.

There is the idea for limited comic book series of the MCU Sinister six film prelude. Those are ideas for prelude comics to the future Avengers movies, Spider-Man: Sinister Six and Heroes for Hire movie. There should be in the Spider-Man 3rd solo movie prelude the Prowler Aaron Davis to when he started out with Mark Raxton as the new Molten Man. He defeats him but is. Molten Man is killed by Mysterio on the road to the Sinister Six movie in books or comics in the MCU. Those are earlier issues to then origin of Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly when he started out.  There should be prelude comics still with Ben Reilly starting out as Scarlet Spider defeating Flint Marko as the Sandman. Mysterio killing Molten Man and the Prowler defeating Molten Man are shown in flashbacks.

There could be origin novels to the villains of the Defenders movie and Heroes for Hire movie like there were books that were roads to the Avengers Infinity War. Also there could be in a comic book prelude of the Defenders movie when Uncle Ben was killed by Dennis Carradine and the Punisher killing Dennis Carradine. The Punisher killing Dennis Carradine is shown in flashback and Scarlet Spider defeats the Sandman with water but he survives.

Eli Rumsford, Harry Dumont and Cyclone work for Gustav Fiers before the Sinister Six. Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly, Sam Wilson as Captain America, and Jessie Drew now the Black Widow battle those gangsters. They knock into unconsciousness. Steve Rodgers dies of old age.

There should be Puma vs. Wil O’ The Wisp. The Prowler Aaron Davis vs. White Rabbit. Daredevil vs the Jester. They take on mob guys and those who survive are arrest. Maybe in those comics Matt Murdock is the defense lawyer for Spider-Man. MCU Man-Wolf is defeated by Spider-Man and turns back into John Jameson in between Spider-Man Serenity Now and Sinister Six. They should be the MCU version of the astronaut. In the very end Kraven the Hunter just before springing other defeated super villains from prison kills Puma. This is what should take place in between Spider-Man: Far From Home and Spider-Man Back Home/Sinister Six. There should also be prelude comics to when Deadpool and Spider-Man team up against Black Talon and Hit Monkey. They defeat those villains.  Black Talon and Hit-Monkey are hired by Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman just before forming the Sinister Six and that Kraven the Hunter killed Puma. That’s when Deadpool and Peter Parker as Spider-Man team up. The heroes all go their own ways. This could be 4 to 5 issues. Maybe even 3 issues depending on how to go. Deadpool defeats Black Talon in a sword fight while Spider-Man defeats Hit-Monkey in the final prelude. This is just before Spider-Man meets up with the FBI doing the investigation of Quentin Beck’s crew. 

·      Spider-Man: MCU Sinister Six (Spider-man Homecoming part 4)

Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter are rumored to be villains in the 3rd solo Spider-Man film. Maybe then there's a sequel with the Sinister Six roll call as Kraven the Hunter, Chameleon, Mysterio (Daniel Berkhart with talks that he killed Mark Raxton), Phineas Mason as the Tinkerer, and Scorpion. the Prowler as redeemed villains team with Spider-Man against the Sinister Six. Gwen Stacy is kidnapped by the Sinister Six. Chameleon was to frame Spider-Man for killing J. Jonah Jameson. She-Hulk Jennifer Walters could have cameo appearances. Norman Osborn is not shown by a target of the Sinister Six to be killed along with Harry Osborn. He’s a target of the Sinister Six by Gustav Fiers/the Gentleman. Gwen Stacy is with Peter Parker this time. Peter Parker/Spider-Man had the defense from Murdock and Nelson and unaware of Matt Murdock as Daredevil. Jennifer Walters went working for Murdock and Nelson who’s the She-Hulk. Maybe Jennifer Walters is working for Nelson and Murdock as they were at the defense of Spider-Man knowing he’s Peter Parker.

Spider-Man could be in the beginning with the FBI going after Quentin Beck’s crew. They are Guterman, William Ginter Riva, Janice Lincoln and Victoria Snow. There are others from Spider-Man Far From Home. Spider-Man points them to the feds.  He talks of his attorneys. Quentin Beck’s crew is arrested by the feds nearby the college that Peter Parker is attending. There is talks of the drones misfiring accidentally killing Quentin Beck and he was replaced by Daniel Berkhart as Mysterio. There could be flashback of Doug becoming Chameleon in a gun fight with Dmitiri an agent and killed him. All those villains from previous movies are working for Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman. Gustav Fiers had risen as a businessman in truth crime boss known as the Gentleman after the defeat of the Kingpin and was in secret working for Wilson Fisk the Kingpin.

Peter Parker and Harry Osborn are good friends in college. Peter Parker in college tours Ben Reilly around the college. They are in classes with Deborah Whitman.  Gustav Fiers known as the Gentleman is plotting to kill business man Norman Osborn and recruits Doug now known as Chameleon. Adrian Toomes after doing prison time is talked of working for Norman Osborn. Cloak and Dagger in those years had come to New York City are villains There are super villains freed by the Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman as Mysterio and Shocker took the offer but Adrian Toomes is the Vulture. Kraven is back but Adrian Toomes had redemption. Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly could appear in this Spider-Man film and help Spider-Man against the Sinister Six. Peter Parker meets Gwen Stacy the daughter of police captain George Stacy of the NY PD. There could be Daredevil cameo too in this film from him fighting the Sinister Six. The Osborns aren’t shown but talked of owning a business. This was to be taken over by The Gentleman with the Sinister Six. Doug talks of when he became Chameleon he killed Dmitry Smerdyokov in a gun fight. Kraven the Hunter is enemies with his half brother Dmitri who was a secret agent. So maybe then Doug as Chameleon is arrested later on by NY PD. The Sinister Six is noticing Gwen Stacy with Peter Parker this time. She is kidnapped and held hostage at the Daily Bugle. From there Gustav Fiers talks of working for the Kingpin Wilson Fisk until defeated to the Sinister Six. Chameleon, Mysterio, Scorpion, Kraven the Hunter, Shocker and the Tinkerer as there are villains talking of before being defeated by Spider-Man. There it’s talked of Aaron Davis and then after serving prison time Adriane Toomes both had redemption.

Scarlet Spider goes Inside the Daily Bugle building is Chameleon posing as Spider-Man in an attempt to kill J. Jonah Jameson. Scarlet Spider detects an imposter with his spider sense. Chameleon pulls out his gun. Scarlet Spider webs Chameleon’s gun. Scarlet Spider and Chameleon battle it out. Scarlet Spider takes on Chameleon. Spider-Man takes on Mysterio. Cloak takes on the Tinkerer in his machine or gadgets. She-Hulk takes on Scorpion. Dagger takes on the Shocker. Maybe She-Hulk vs. Scorpion and The Sinister six is defeated NY PD officers arrest Gustav Fiers/the Gentleman. Kraven swings knives at the Daredevil.  Daredevil jumps out of the way avoiding the attack. Daredevil strikes Kraven with his billy clubs. Spider-Man at the Daily Bugle sign fights Mysterio. Dagger takes on the Shocker. Daredevil strikes Kraven the Hunter with billy clubs while She-Hulk slams Scorpion. Shocker shoots waves at Dagger. Dagger with light strikes the Shocker. There’s mist shot at the Prowler by Mysterio. Spider-Man kicks Mysterio. Spider-Man and company defeat the Sinister Six and they are webbed together by Spider-Man to be arrested. He webs them to the Daily Bugle rooftops with the with everyone teleported out by Cloak as of on the bottom with Chameleon tied up by Scarlet Spider with Gwen Stacy rescued. Spider-Man webs up Mysterio with the hunter Kraven, Shocker the Tinkerer and Scorpion who was defeated by him. The Sinister Six is arrested shortly before The Gentleman. Jean DeWolf as a lt. with Captain George Stacy arrest Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman at Madison Square Garden.  Venom brings Peter Parker into the universe next door. Venom isn’t shown.  It’s not shown by NYPD SWAT team takes away the Sinister Six with them all webbed up at the Daily Bugle by Spider-Man. Venom is not shown by brings Spider-Man into the Sony Marvel Universe. In the end Cloak and Dagger talk with Captain George Stacy of rescuing his daughter Gwen and Spider-Man had given up.  Also if Dmitri is not Chameleon in the MCU the MCU Chameleon should be Doug and won’t be arrested by NYPD and FBI. for conspiracy charges. If Dmitri turns bad becoming Chameleon then it’s Doug arrested by the FBI. Mysterio is kind of leader of the Sinister Six. It should maybe in prelude comics be Dmitri in a gun fight with Doug now calling himself Chameleon to how Dmitri is killed if no room for Dmitiri. There should be in flashback then shown in the movie Dmitri in a gun fight with Chameleon and killed by him. Then Chameleon poses as Dmitri in meeting up with Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman. Spider-Man could meet with Jean De Wolf and George Stacy. Kraven the Hunter learns of his brother killed by the Sinister Six member Chameleon and posed as him.

For the Sinister Six showdown

Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly vs Chameleon

Spider-Man vs. Mysterio

She-Hulk vs. Scorpion

Cloak vs. The Tinkerer Phineas Mason

Daredevil vs. Kraven the Hunter

Dagger vs. the Shocker Herman Shultz

This should be a 2023 movie and take place in 2025. If Quentin Beck is dead and killed by accident then Daniel Berkhart is the new Mysterio. He’s the one that killed Mark Raxton the real Molten Man. It could turn out Quentin Beck faked his death in framing Spider-Man for murder with the drones.  This version of Adriene Toomes as the Vulture is a person to be redeemed. This should take place after Peter Parker graduated. Daredevil defeated the Kingpin around the time of the events of the third MCU solo Spider-Man movie to how he’s also the defense lawyer for Peter Parker. Maybe Peter Parker could learn that Daredevil is Matt Murdock after the defeat of the Sinister Six and Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman is taken down.  

There should be legal rights for this in the MCU as many petitions have been signed. 

 If the Sinister Six is defeated in the 3rd solo Spider-Man film then there’s a new Sinister Six in the 4th for one more of Tom Holland making a movie in the MCU after the 2021 Spider-Man movie. There could be prelude comics with villains having bad luck. Doug is Chameleon. The Spider-Man 4 of the MCU still begins with Quentin Beck’s crew taken down by the FBI with Spider-Man’s help. Doug has a flashback still of killing Dimitiri. Max Dillon is Electro with Flint Marko being the Sandman. Doctor Connors is the Lizard. Daniel Berkhart as the new Mysterio. It could then be who killed Puma Roderick Kingsley becoming Hobgoblin. There are rumors of the   Sinister Six in the 3rd solo Spider-Man film. That should consist of the Prowler, The Vulture, the Tinkerer, Shocker, Mysterio and Scorpion. They could be defeated by War Machine, Spider-Man and even Daredevil with the help of Silver Sable. If not The Vulture and the Prowler took redemption.

Daredevil vs. Electro

She-Hulk vs. Hobgoblin

Cloak vs. Sandman

Dagger vs. The Lizard as she gives the serum to him.

Scarlet Spider vs. Chameleon

Spider-Man vs. the new Mysterio

Sandman and The Lizard take redemption. Sandman had bad luck and Dr. Connors back to human is given a prosthetic arm while Electro, Chameleon, Mysterio and Hobgoblin are arrested. Cloak with his powers defeats the Sandman. The Sandman would then be reference of Spider-Man 3 that Tobey MaGuire starred in. Jean DeWolfe and George Stacy together of the NY PD arrest Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman. She Hulk could on the Daily Bugle rooftop slam the goblin glider. Electro, Mysterio, Hobgoblin and Chameleon are webbed up villains.  

·         Secret Wars Movie

There could be in prelude comics Baron Mordo defeated by Captain America while Black Widow defeats Umar. Also prelude comics there’s Echo vs. Bombshell to when she defeats her while there’s Ironheart vs. Supergiant an alien woman. Also Daredevil defeats Death Stalker and team with the help of Spider-Man and Shang Chi. Shang Chi takes on Bird Man and Spider-Man takes on Cat Man. Those villains are defeated in the prelude comics. Also to not appear in the movies but villains for the Prelude comics are Venom Mac Gargan, Bullseye, Noh Varr and Ares as Ares hires those villains. Hercules takes on Ares but teaming with him are Silver Surfer, Firestar and The Hulk. Silver Surfer vs. Noh Varr  Firestar vs. Venom the dark Spider-Man  The Hulk vs. Bullseye  The heroes defeat those villains. They should be 3 to 4 issues. There should be in the prelude comics Harry Osborn drinking the goblin formula. He transforms into Green Goblin. There he takes on Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine of Shield. There’s Crossfire working for Dr. Doom.  He’s in battle with another Shield agent named Clay Quartermain in a gun fight. He ends up killing him. Batroc is on parole and violating his parole he meets with Norman Osborn the Iron Patriot and the villain Dr. Doom. Green Goblin and Crossfire report that they killed a couple of SHIELD agents.

Still Sam Wilson as Captain America and Harley Kenner joins the United States Army. He defeats him but is brought in by the Beyonder. There should be a beginning battle when Sam Alexander of the Nova Corp is in battle with Diamondhead. Next comes Luke Cage Bill battling Amora the Enchantress. This should be the Captain Marvel sequel and proposed Dark Avengers film. Luke Cage defeats Amora and meets up with the Beyonder. Others on the team are Daredevil, Shang Chi, Hellcat, Echo (Maya Lopez), Captain Marvel, Iron Heart, Captain America, Black Widow, Wonder Man, Captain Britain and Black Knight. Jessica Drew is still the Black Widow. Hellcat and Luke Cage of the Defenders team join the Avengers in the battle against the Dark Avengers and Dr. Doom. Daredevil also joins the Avengers in this tale. Crossfire is William Cross hired by the Dark Avengers team. There was a time Victor Von Doom was a scientist working for Norman Osborn. After the break up of Matt Murdock and Karen Page he starts to date Echo. Her father was killed by the Kingpin and the Kingpin is in prison for the rest of his life.

Somewhere else in the state of New York at the former headquarters of the Chaste is Maya Lopez going by Echo is deaf. He has the Dark Avengers and Masters of Evil with him. On the Dark Avengers are Titanium Man, Batroc who is out of prison and calling himself the Leaper, Toxie Doxie the evil version of Scarlet Witch, Daken the evil version of Wolverine, Crossfire a master of evil and Gorgon. The Exterminator is one of those villains in league with Dr. Doom. Moonstone is one of those villains. Titanium Man is in charge of the Dark Avengers and other super villains Dr. Doom hired. It’s either Charles Barton (the evil brother of Clint Barton) or Buck Chisholm as Trickshot on the team. Screaming Mimi is part of the team like the Masters of Evil. The Gorgon in league with Dr. Doom is Tomi Shishido on the Dark Avengers team. The true leader if Norman Osborne the Iron Patriot of the Dark Avengers with his son Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin. Deborah Bertrand is known as Diamondback working for Dr. Doom and on the Dark Avengers team.

Over this time Karen Page and Matt Murdock broke up. Matt Murdock is in love with Maya Lopez who’s also Echo in this time.

There is the Offenders and Dark Avengers team forming the Masters of the Evil. That battle is in upstate New York. The Beyonder transports them to there. There’s a major battle in the Secret Wars just as The Dr. Doom is defeated by Echo the deaf woman with martial arts moves. Sam Alexander as Nova defeats Gorgon Tomi Shishido without killing him. He’s the dark version of Wolverine. Hellcat defeats Toxie Doxie. Screaming Mimi is defeated by Black Widow. US Agent defeats Crossfire. Captain America defeats Batroc the Leaper while Iron Heart defeats Titanium Man. Shang Chi defeats Daken. The Exterminator is defeated by Daredevil. Moonstone is defeated by Captain Marvel in battle with their powers. Black Night and Captain Britain defeat the Melter and Trick Shot. Luke Cage defeats Diamondback. It was Red Skull back to the living who was killed by Captain Britain talked of. All those villains are arrested. Amora the Enchantress in redemption defeats Lady Death just as she might’ve brought some villains back to life while some villains have escaped prison. Lady Death could bring Amora back to life if she dies. She’s about to kill those defeated villains. Amora stops it by defeating Lady Death. Elsewhere the Beyonder is taken into New York City with Captain Marvel turning him over to Shield agents. He throws him off of the Empire State building. SHIELD agents arrest the Beyonder as he can’t be killed from the fall off of the roof. SHIELD agents aren’t seen.

There are talks of the Beyonder arrested.

Other fans could write in ideas with this one as well to help in ideas for the writers for a living. This is to take place in modern times. This should take place in 2028. This is an Avengers film. Dardevil, Luke Cage and Hellcat. Daredevil and Luke Cage talk of developing a new Defenders team like bringing the Defenders back. The villain team is a mix of Masters of Evil, Dark Avengers and the Offenders all in one. If there’s room with legal rights to Spider-Man characters and trademarks cameos by Scarlet Spider, Miles Morales Spider-Man, Norman Osborn as the Iron Patriot and Harry Osborn as Green Goblin. Scarlet Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin while Spider-Man vs. Iron Patriot. The Spider-Man battle the Osbornes after the defeat of Dr. Doom just before the Beyonder is arrested. There could be talks that Victor Von Doom had scientist experience for OsCorp talked of in this as he a bit worked for Norman Osborn. 

·    Ultimate Spider-Man Movie Sony in the MCU

There should be a prelude comic book when Miles Morales faces Dr. Octopus. He defeats him. This is when Dr. Connors was transformed into the Lizard. Joystick and Speed Demon are in league with Doc Ock. The Lizard in redemption takes on Joystick while Sandman another villain redeemed takes on Speed Demon. Those villains are defeated.

This the solo Spider-Man movie with Miles Morales being Spider-Man.  He first faces Mr. Negative’s gang. Somehow long ago The Jackal got the DNA of Peter Parker and cloned him some time after coming back to life. Mister Negative/Martin Li a crime boss is the main villain of the story along with Jason Maceldine as Hobgoblin. Tarantula is working for Mr. Negative. In the beginning Spider-Man fights the villain Mr. Negative’s gang and he defeats them. Spider-Man takes on Mr. Negative’s gang. After the defeat of Mr. Negative’s thugs the Sinister Seven lead by Jason Maceldine is formed as he’s known as Hobgoblin. Mr. Negative, Tarantula, The Beetle Abner Jenkins, The Jackal, the female Electro Francine Frye and Hydro Man Morris Bench. There should be some villain origins in cameos. Miles Morales as Spider-Man learns of the Sinister Seven being formed. He teams with Ben Rielly and meets up with his Uncle Aaron. He defeats them. The Peter Parker clone is calling himself Scarlet Spider. He colored his hair blonde and goes by Ben Reilly. They join forces to take down the Sinister Seven. Scarlet Spider takes on Tarantula while the new Spider-Man takes on Mr. Negative. Spider-Man defeats Mr. Negative while Scarlet Spider defeats Tarantula. Aaron Davis is the Prowler helping Miles Morales defeat the Sinister Seven. Spider-Man Miles Morales later on defeats Hobgoblin. There’s The Vulture cameo to when he captures the Jackal and the Beetle. Spider-Man defeats Electro and Mr. Negative web lining them while the Vulture Adrian Toomes take on Hobgoblin. The Prowler defeats Hydro Man without killing him. The Vulture defeats the Hobgoblin. Adrian Toomes in redemption talks of being the assistant to Talos after the death of Dimitri Smerdyakov. He was half brother of Kraven the Hunter but are not aligned. Sergei Karvenoff was abusive to Dmitri Smerdvakov before becoming Kraven the Hunter and growing up.

·           Scarlet Spider Movie that should be a Marvel Cinematic Universe film to turn to Sony Marvel Universe by Sony Other wise MCU without talks of those who Marvel has the legal rights to completely.

There should be prelude comics to when Scarlet Spider faces Lightmaster and he defeats him. Lightmaster is arrested. Terrax the Tamer is joining forces with Lightmaster. Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly and Johnny Storm the Human Torch are joining forces facing those villains. The Human Torch defeats Terrax when Light Master is defeated by the Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly.

Silvio Manfredi is either the son or grandson of Joey Manfredi. He’s now the mob boss. He runs Maggia. His daughter Alisha is part of his gang. There’s the Italian Mafia of then. The Scarlet Spider takes on Maggia. Peter Parker and Michelle Jones got engaged and just had Mayday Parker after getting ack together. Gwen Stacy is dating Flash Thompson this time.  Ben Reilly is now a scientist. In the beginning battle Scarlet Spider takes on Hammerhead. He had rammed into Captain George Stacy and Detective Neil Garrett. He turns out to be to be an enforcer for Silvermane as those 2 cops he attacked arrest him. Jessica Carradine is the replacement photographer for Peter Parker at the Daily Bugle. She’s the daughter of the late crook who killed Uncle Ben Parker. Scarlet Spider takes on the mob guys and webs them and also takes on Alisha Manfredi. He webs her to walls. The NY PD veteran cop Neil Garrett arrests Silvermaine in the end after Scarlet Spider defeats his daughter Alisha. This could end with Scarlet Spider swinging off into the city.

 ·      Sinister Six Sony Marvel Universe movie

This should be the team up to end the series. Anti-Venom and Morbius team up against the Sinister Six. With them are Hybrid, Toxin and Spider-Gwen. Eddie Brock had become Anti-Venom in over those years following the defeat of Carnage and team. He has the colors opposite of before. Doc Ock is the main villain of this film. He killed Spencer Smythe and Alistair Smythe in the Sony Marvel Universe just as HobGoblin Harry Osborn killed Alistair Smythe and Doc Ock killed Spencer Smythe an aging business man.  Dr. Octopus leads the Sinister Six. On the team are Speed Demon, Hobgoblin, The Beetle, 8 Ball and Hydro Man Morris Trench. Also teaming against the Sinister Six is the Prowler/Hobie Brown. This should be the sequel to Silver Sable movie, Black Cat movie and Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen. Harry Osborn of this universe if the Hobgoblin that’s the son of Norman Osborn an industrialist.

Anti-Venom/Eddie Brock vs. Dr. Octopus/Otto Octavius

The Prowler/Hobie Brown vs. 8-Ball

Morbuis vs. Harry Osborn Hobgoblin

Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen vs. Hydro-Man

Toxin/Patrick Mulligan vs. Speed Demon

Scott Washington/Hybrid vs. Leila Davis/The Beetle

Those 2 cops symbiotes arrest the Sinister Six after defeating them.

There are Neil Garrett and George Stacy as NYPD taken hostage by the Sinister Six. Spider-Gwen rescues her own father without him knowing she’s the Sony Marvel Universe Spider-Girl.

(Other fans could write in other ideas)

In the Sequel to the Sinister Six film Green Goblin is the leader of the Sinister Six. It's the Sony Marvel Universe version of Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin. On the team are the Sony Marvel Universe versions of a woman named Elaine Coll in a Scorpion costume, Tombstone, The Spot, Boomerang and Delilah a woman. It should be Gwen Stacy as Spider-Girl vs. Norman Osborn the Green Goblin. Silver Sable vs .Tombstone Black Cat vs. Delilah. Nightwatch vs The Spot. Silke vs. Scorpia. Molten Man vs. Boomerang melting his deadly boomerangs. Green Goblin is defeated by Iron Spider and he is revealed to be Norman Osborn.

There should be in the Sinister Six film in this universe that Dr. Otto Octavius is a long time employee of Norman Osborn. He became Doctor Octopus while Harry Osborn came to working for his father and became Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin should be co leader of The Sinister Six. In the sequel to many of those films Norman Osborn becomes Green Goblin and leads the new Sinister Six.

Now come the ideas for Mavel Cinematic Universe 2099 in the MCU.  

 ·           World of Tomorrow Movie should be a 2031 release

Tiberius Stone should be the main villain of the story. Fiona is working for him. Mutagen is one of the villains of the story. There are Alchemex robots. Miguel O’Hara had become Spider-Man. There could be prelude comics to when that Spider-Man defeated the Hobgoblin of his time. There is now John Eisenhart is the Hulk of that time. Roberta Mendez had become Captain America in that time. Also teaming with them is Sonny Frisco the Iron Man of that time. They defeat those villains. Captain America takes on Fiona and she defeats her. The Hulk defeats Mutagen while Spider-Man and Iron Man of that time defeat robots. Spider-Man with his webs captures Tiberius Stone and he’s arrested. The heroes each go their own ways. This should start out on New Year’s Day in 2099 as of the beginning of that year.

 ·           Secret Wars 2099 movie  that should be 2032 release

There’s the beginning of the Avengers formed in that year. Spider-Man Miguel O’Hara joins the team. Iron Man and Captain America of that year get back together. Tanya becomes Black Widow. She also joins the new Avengers team. They are at war with the Chain Gang. The main villain of that film should be the alien Avataar who came to Earth and met with the Chain Gang. Also there is the Board of directors for Alchemex. They defeat those villains. Black Widow defeats Avataar while the Iron Man and Captain America defeat the Chain gang and Spider-Man defeats Scorpion of that time and the rest of the team take on the Board of directors after defeating those villains. There are talks of a person becoming Daredevil of that time who was a warrior in the Order of the Crane Mother. This is the descendant of the Kingpin that’s Samuel Fisk. Spider-Man goes his own ways.

 ·        Spider-Man 2099 Movie  Should be a 2033 release

This is to conclude the MCU before rebooting it. Miguel O’Hara is almost half a year of being Spider-Man. There’s a woman Sarena Patel going by Dr. Octopus working for Alchemy. The owner is Walker Sloan. Spider-Man of then takes on those villains and the company. Fear Master is one of the villains that Spider-Man defeats after defeating the Doctor Octopus of that time. Those villains with Walker Sloan all go to prison as there are good cops that arrested Walker Sloan.  

In the Spider-Verse films in the later 2020’s to early 2030’s Alistair Smythe could be the main villain with the Spider Slayers both alien models and tri spider slayers that the Spider-Man take on. There could be in the last Spider-Man Spider-Verse film Sin Eater and Gog as the villains. One of those early 2030’s Spider-Verse films comes John Jameson from the MCU being Man-Wolf that is defeated by Spider-Man before the battle against either Gog or Smythe while there’s one of them a beginning battle against Overdrive. There should be in this live action Spider-Verse the Tobey MaGuire Spider-Man defeats Sin Eater while Gog is defeated by a Mary-Jane Watson as Iron Spider. The Andrew Garfield Spider-Man defeats Alistair Smythe with the help of Tom Holland Spider-Man from the MCU in defeating spider slayers also. Maybe the Amazing Spider-Man universe it's Mary Jane as Iron Spider after believing that Spider-Man was dead. The Smythes are arrested. Maybe in beginning battles there is Overdrive defeated by MCU Spider-Man Peter Parker played by Tom Holland while Tobey MaGuire Peter Parker/Spider-Man defeats Man-Wolf John Jameson. There should be Iron Spider Mary Jane Watson from another universe who defeats Gog in the final battles. MCU Spider-Man defeats Sin Eater. Andrew Garfield Peter Parker/Spider-Man defeats Alistair Smythe with help from Tobey MaGuire Spider-Man.  

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