Silvio Manfredi is an American crime lord who heads the Manfredi branch of the powerful Maggia crime family. He is portrayed by Charles Dance and George McKay.


Silvermane has slicked back white hair and his in his mid 70s to early 80s. He always wears expensive suits- usually grey-green with pinstripes with an open jacket and a waistcoat and a tie underneath.


Murdering His Father

Silvio murdered his father Joseph- who was the leader of the old Maggia when Silvio questioned Joseph's previous actions in fleeing Maggia and allowing the criminal empire to fall. Silvio killed his father via stabbing a letter opener into his father's neck.

Building the New Maggia

Silvio rose to power in the criminal world and formed his new Maggia with the help of Soviet Joseph "Hammerhead" Pavlovich and Italian Count, Luchino Nefaria. The empire spread like wildfire since its creating in the mid 70's and operated throughout Europe and the US. Silvio got the nickname "Silvermane" when he grew older and his hair became whitish silver. Each central family of Maggia operated in a different region of their reign: Silvermane operated out of Los Angeles and later New York; Nefaria operated out of Catanzaro,Italy; and Hammerhead operated out of Chicago.

Fall of the Manfredi Branch

Silvermane's operations in Los Angeles were shut down because of interference from Johnny Blaze- The Ghost Rider. Johnny attempted to capture Silvermane's soul for Mephisto, however; SIlvermane managed to get out alive. Nefaria and Hammerhead lost respect for Silvermane when his branch of Maggia crumbled to dust.

Operations in New York

Silvermane rose his branch again, this time in Manhattan, in 2015. He was under the radar for almost three years before he felt that he had achieved enough strength to rise out of the shadows.



On your knees.

- SIlvermane to Danny Rand  

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