Richard Rooker (he known nickname as Silky or Silk) is a supposedly old friend of Bond who owns a nightclub in Bangkok, Thailand.


Forced out of numerous cities including Saigon, Athens, Ibiza and Johannesburg for his illicit dealings, Silk moved his operations to Bangkok, Thailand prior to the events of Blood Stone. There he owns and operates the Tassels nightclub.

Supposedly an old friend of Bond, he is approached by the spy for information on the location of a man named Rak. Initially reluctant to just give away such precious information without compensation, he is persuaded by the protection money he could stand to save if Rak was dead.

He reveals that Rak has a secret boathouse on the Chao Phraya River, but bets Bond will never make it there alive. 007 is happy to take the bet, asking Silk to add it to the money he owes him from the previous time. As Bond leaves, Silky makes a phone call, informing an unidentified individual that an Englishman is heading to see Rak and orders them not to let Bond succeed.

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