Semjase is the Deuteragonist of the film, Starseeds. She is played by Cara Delevingne.


Semjase was born on the planet Erra and was educated there as well as her brother, Yukata and sister, Pleja. Her father, P'taah is a soldier of Ashtar Galactic Command. As she older, she and her siblings joined the Command. During a mission on Alpha Draconis to capture the Reptilian tyrant, Drago, she learns that he's in hiding and was taken to a Dungeon where he meet Orion. The Galactic Command came to rescue her along with Orion and Zorgon, and they took them to her home planet, Erra.


Telepathy: Pleiadians can read minds and they communicate with each other using their minds.

Energy Generation: Pleiadians can create visible energy.

Energy Manipulation: Pleiadians can control visible energy.

Light Healing: Pleiadians can create light energy and use it to heal wounded humans.

Mental Healing: Pleiadians can heal themselves with their minds.



  • P'taah - Father
  • Yukata - Brother
  • Pleja - Sister


  • Orion - Fiance
  • Zorgon - Friend
  • Lord Ashtar - Commander


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