Saxario is a character from Spaceship 537. He is voiced by Bill Murray.


Spaceship 537

Saxario was the highest Quetirian of the village Baynord. One day, he saw a weird specie coming to his planet. They were fighting in Baynord. When they went away, Saxario and other Quetirians got parts of Aaron Adams, the body of Daniel Davidson and the alive Markus Wood and Caroline Livingstone. They researched it. Later, Wood and Livingstone awaked and Saxario asked them a lot about Earth. They became good friends. Some hours later, they saw a spaceship called Spaceship 484 landing near the village. Xavier Conley came out of it with lots of humans. They attacked Baynord. Markus Wood and Caroline Livingstone went after John Shaw and his allies. Saxario started fighting with Conley. The humans are stronger and Saxario goes in a building of Baynord. Xavier Conley and lots of humans also go in that building. They start fighting and Saxario says: "You fool, you don't understand it. You can destroy this town and kill me, but you will never take over this planet." After that, Conley understands what he means, because out of nowhere lots of blue Quetirs come to the town. "NO!!!" says Conley very angrily and he stabs his sword through Saxario. He also beheads Saxario. The Quetirians won the Battle of Baynord, but Saxario died for it.




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